Inventory of the goods of William HAYDON
Millwright of Dorchester - deceased

who departed this life 8th February 1685/6

İTranscribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester January 2011
Source: Dorset Archdeaconry Inventories 1687 Event Record 25

An Inventory of such things as William HAYDON of Dorchester millwright junior, Dyed [died] posed [posessed] of who dyed [died] the Feb 8th 1685/6.

Impremis: His wearing apparell ---£5

In a Legasy [legacy] given him by James PALFRY'S Will of Dorchester £10

More his part of a Legasy [legacy] that came to him by the death of his brother Nathaniell HAYDON £2 - 10s - 0d

In money owing to him 18s.

Sum total £18 - 8s - 0d

Dated 19th Aprill 1688

Genealogical Notes:-

(1) William the son of William HAYDON was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 9 Feb 1685/6

(2) Hopefully more information can be added as transcriptions progress

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