Inventory of the goods of Joseph PURCHASE deceased

Buried Holy Trinity 22nd March 1681/2 - Proved 22nd April 1682

İTranscribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester January 2012

A True and Perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels of, were of, Joseph PURCHASE late of Dorchester in the County of Dorset vent [inventory] taken this present one and twentieth day of April in the year of our Lord Christ 1682 by us whose names are hereunder now written -vitz-

In the roome over the shop: 1 Couch : 1 Chest Drawers: 1 box ---0-12-06

In the Cockloft over the Parlour Chamber: one table ---0-2-6

In the Cockloft over the shop: one trundle [or truckle] bedstead ---0-1-0

In the Chamber over the kitchen: one tymber [timber] Chayre [chair]; one lether [leather] chayre [chair] one Rush chayre [chair]; pares [pair] of Doggs [i.e. firedogs] and a pithoze? ---0-5-0

In a Dark Place called the Grinterne: trundle [or truckle] bedstead ---0-1-6

In the Cockloft over the Hall: 1 Trunk; 1 pannell and a bushell of oates ---0-6-0

In the Hall: a fire pan; tonges; 1 fire grate; shovel; a tosting iron; Bellows ---0-2-6

In the Parlour: two Joynt Stooles; two little tymber stooles ---0-2-6

In the Parlour Chamber: 2 tymber Chayres [timber chairs]; Rush Chayre; 1 pithoze?; one fforme one box ---0-4-0

    More in that room: 2 new pillowes; 1 carputt [carpet] ---0-6-0

In the passage going into the Parlour: one round table; 1 cage ---0-4-0

Total ---2-7-6

In the Shop: 1 Compler?; one box; 1 Cheese plate; one pasty board; one meale box; one Canne; one pewter Basme?; a larch S:Runlitts and strong waters ---4-7-0

In the Celler: 3 hoggsheads of beere; one hogshead syder [cyder] ---5-0-0

In the Mault House: Malt ---10-0-0

    Other old lumber there ---0-6-0

In the Brewhouse: Coales ---0-18-0

    a press - 48 Ffaggotts -3 ---0-7-0

In the yard: a stone trough ---0-5-0

In the tallett?; Hay ---0-5-0

    Two Piggs ---1-5-0

In the Kitchen: plates 1 doz ---0-9-0

    2 paire brass candlestikes ---0-2-6
    2 paire of pewter candlesticks ---0-2-0
    a brass pann ---0-15-0
    a cubboard ---0-2-0

Total ---24-4-6 (+ 02-7-6)

The total of the appraisment made by us amounts unto in the whole £26. 12shillings

Signed: John GILBERT and John SNOOKE


Ms : the day and yeare on the other side mentioned I Lawrence PURCHASE Administrator of the said Joseph PURCHASE doe acknowledge to have of the said Joseph estate six pounds of lawfull English Money since his death and I believe there are ffive pounds good debts

Exhibitum fuit hoi Inverisud 22do die mensis Aprilis 1682 autenoias admirator P

[This inventory was exhibited [before the Court] this 22nd day in the month of April 1682 by the administrator ]

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Joseph PURCHASE was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester on 22 Mar 1681/2

(2) Both Joseph & Lawrence PURCHASE signed the oath of Loyalty to Charles II on 31st August 1681

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