Inventory of the goods of Henry BUSHROD deceased

who departed this life 29th June 1687

İTranscribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester Nov 2011 from Dorset Archdeaconry Inventories 1687 Event Record 26

An Inventory of ye goods chattels of Hinery [Henry] BUSHROD of Dorchester who departed this life the 29th of June 1687 in the parish of St Peters.

In the Hall:

    One tabell board & 4 stoles (i.e. 1 tableboard and 4 stools) £0-7-0d
    One settell, a bad chaire & small cubard (i.e. 1 settle, a chair in poor condition, & a small cupboard) £0-5-0d
    2; Crokes one kettell & 3: skilletts (i.e. 2 hooks, 1 kettle & 3 skillets) £0-17-0d
    Pter dishes a chamber pott a condelsticke (i.e. pewter dishes, a chamber pot and a candlestick) £0-6-0d
    Littell Barells a small horse & a rack (i.e. little barrels, a small stand and a rack) £0-5-0d
For the Hall Chamber:
    an old standing bedsted and a trundell bedsted (i.e. 1 old high standing bedstead with a trundel bed that slid underneath it) £0-8-0d
    two old flock beds with the beding apetainig (i.e. 2 old flock beds and bedding belonging to it) £0-12-0d
    one chest one trunk one box one old chaire £-0-6-0d
    two pair of shetts one board cloth 4 napkins (i.e. 2 pairs of sheets, 1 tablecloth & 4 napkins) £0-8-0d
    a pair of andirons & tongre & peke ( i.e. a pair of andirons & tongs & peke?) £0-2-0d
    two old kine (i.e. 2 old cows) £4-5-0d
In the Outhouse:
    some old lallett? of timber some tubs & other lumber £0-5-0d
    In mony In house and debts owing £1-10-6d
    Sum totall £9-16-6d

Taken by us whose names are heare subscribed
William HAYDON


27th Aprilis 1688 - Approved by the Court

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Most Inventories arise as a result of the person named having died Intestate and the next of kin having to apply to the Court for a Letter of Administration to distribute the estate.
(2). Henry BUSHROD was buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 29th June 1687
(3). Henry BUSHROD is referred to in the Will of Anne EDWARDS Spinster of Dorchester who was buried at Holy Trinity Church Dorchester 22nd Oct 1680 as a friend and was a witness to her Will

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