Dennis BOND (1588-1658)

[Also spelt Denis or Dionis Bonde]

Woollen Draper, MP and Mayor of Dorchester in 1635

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Dennis BOND (1588-1658) came from an old Dorset family which settled in the County during the reign of Henry VI (i.e.1422-1460).1   He seems to have had great pride in his descent, for he drew up in 1636 and had engrossed on vellum an elaborate account of his own pedigree18. Bonds chronology notes the arrival in Dorset in 1453 of an ancestor from Somerset just before the fall of Constantinople to the Turks. Thereafter family births, marriages and deaths follow thick and fast and in the original version of the chronology a large proportion of the entries were of this kind. Bond later added many entries dealing with civil wars and revolutions. Like most men of his position Dennis Bond was anxious to establish the antiquity of his family and be accepted as a gentleman. He jotted down genealogical notes on the Bonds and various related families, and when the heraldic Visitation of the county took place in 1623 he registered the family pedigree and paid the fee. He retained a healthy scepticism however adding "I believe it not" when he acquired a fraudulent pedigree tracing the Bonds all the way back to the eleventh century. The mendacious source he was quick to note was a 'popish fellow'21. I do not presently have access to this pedigree which is at the Dorset Record Office and would no doubt add much, if only in verification of the following account which I have restricted to descent from his grandparents .

His grandparents were Dennis BOND (1500?-1560) of Lutton near Steeple in Dorset and Alice SAMWAYS (1517-1595) of Toller Pocorum2 which is situated about 8 miles north east of Bridport. Lutton was the largest farm within the parish of Steeple7. They married in 15323 and raised a large family at Lutton, of which I have located the following children most of which were baptised at the nearby parish church of Steeple 4 & 7 :-       

    The church of St Michael and All Angels at Steeple

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  1. Robert BOND (? – 1582) the eldest son married on 8th October 1565 to Avis the daughter of Robert CLAVELL of Winfrith Newburgh but died without surviving male heirs5 Robert being buried in Steeple on 18 Oct 15824. Avis remarried on 8 Dec 1585 to William GOULD of West Holme4.

    1. Dennis BOND (1566-1587 ) Baptised at Steeple on 19 Feb. 1566 4: Buried at Steeple 28 aug 15874
    2. Elizabeth BOND ( 1569- ?) Baptised at Steeple on 1 Oct 15694
    3. Mary BOND (1575- ?) Baptised at Steeple on 1 July 15754
    4. Roger BOND (1577- ?) Baptised at Steeple on 5 Apr 15774
    5. Jane BOND (1579-?) Baptised at Steeple on 20 January 1579/804

  2. Edith BOND (1548-?) Baptised at Steeple 29 June 15484 she married Peter BALE a gentleman in Steeple on 13 Sept 15684 but he died and was buried there the following year on 3 April 15694. She soon remarried (now recorded as Edith Bale a widow in the registers) to Robert MOOR on 29 January 1571

  3. William BOND (1554-1636)2 their third son 3 was baptised at Steeple on 21 June 15544. He married Anne the daughter and co-heir of Richard LONGE of Glassenburie [Glastonbury] in Somerset in 1588 by whom he had six children as detailed below. They lived at Blackmanston on the Isle of Purbeck2&7 and Anne was buried at Steeple on 2nd May 16024 whilst William survived another 4 years being buried on 16 July 16364 in his own aisle on the south side of Steeple Church. As can be seen the three boys all died in infancy so in their ample possessions were divided between their three surviving daughters.8

    1. Edith BOND baptised at Steeple on 1 Apr 15894 she married there on 17 Nov 1613 to Sir White BECKINGSHALL Knight of Moyles Court in Hampshire a gentleman.2,4,7 The eldest of their two daughters, Alice, married in 1637 to John Lisle, of the Isle of Wight, who afterwards became a member of Cromwell's House of Lords, and one of the commissioners of his great seal. She was cruelly condemned to death by Judge Jeffries on the pretended charge of high treason for feeding and hiding two refugees after the Battle of Sedgemoor. She was beheaded at Winchester 2nd September 1685. This judgement was afterwards reversed by act of parliament. (See State Trials.)" 3
    2. William BOND  who died an infant being buried on 24 Nov 15914
    3. Francis BOND bapt 28 July 1593 died at the age of 5 and was buried at Steeple 15 July 15984.
    4. Edward BOND bapt and buried on the same day 21 Aug 15944
    5. Jane BOND bapt 30 Aug 15964 she married in Steeple on 20 Nov 1616 to Barnabe LEWIS of Wincanton Somerset a gentleman2,4,7.
    6. Elizabeth BOND bapt 18 Dec 1599 she married in Steeple on 6 Oct 1619 to William STOCKMAN a gentleman. 4&7

  4. John BOND (1555-1632) Their 4th son3 was baptised on 28 October 15554, he was the father of Dennis BOND (1588-1658 see below

  5. George BOND (1556-)baptised 22 January 15564

  6. Henry BOND (1559-) baptised 1st October 15594
His grandfather was buried in the churchyard at St Michael and All Angels church in Steeple4 & 7 on 18th February 1560/1. His grandmother Alice however lived into old age and was well respected as the parish registers record her death:-

“Buried on 24th October 1595 Alice BOND widow aged about 70 [actually 78] - In her 35th year of widowhood, a pious chaste woman who carried out all kinds of good and charitable works for the relief of the poor and sick”.

John BOND (1555-1632)

His father John BOND (1555-1632) the third of their children3 was born into a rich merchant trading family with extensive connections in continental Europe. He was introduced to the business from an early age and taken with them to France and Spain in particular and there brought into close contact with the bitter conflicts over religion that were ravaging Europe. When he was 17 and still an apprentice he was involved in an incident in Rouen in 1572 when he narrowly escaped with his life from the St Bartholomew massacre.15 Fearing for their lives, the English merchants took as hostages the wife and children of one of the leading citizens. As Denis (his son) recalled hearing the story from his father, they marched them up to the roof of the house in which they were besieged, telling the mob 'that if they did meddle with the English' the hostages would be killed. Such experiences and tales woven around them remind us how deeply embedded Protestantism had become in the national mythology22.

He married Margaret PITT (1567-1631) the daughter of Richard PITT in Melcombe Regis on 12 July 1583.6 In 1588 at the time of the expected invasion of the Spanish Armada he was appointed as Captain of the Isle of Portland with 100 men. The Bond family had for a long time held the estate of Lutton as lessees but John Bond purchased the fee simple from Edward Earl of Hertford Lord of the Manor of Povington on 1st November 1615. He was already in possession of the immediate beneficial interest under a subsisting lease and from him the estate has passed to his eldest son Dennis and from there down the line through the Rev Nathaniel Bond of Creech Grange7. He is said to have been elected Mayor for Weymouth four times and the last of these appear to have been in the year 162010.

The quarter Sessions held at Beaminster in October 162714 record that Jane WOODS a servant to Mr John BOND of Lutton became pregnant and was discharged by Bond. She returned to Corfe Castle where she was born but was evicted by the mayor. A dispute then arose between the parish of Steeple and the town of Corfe Castle as to who was responsible for her care. The case was heard by Sir Arthur Ashley who ordered Corfe Castle to receive and care of Woods for the time being as "she is like to be delivered of child under a hedge". At the sessions at Blandford in January 1628 Corfe Castle appealed to recover costs of her lying in and the burial of the child which had died. As John Bond had taken £5 and a bond for a further £5 from Edward Tombes of Steeple who was the reputed father of the bastard child, he was ordered to pay marks from the original £5 to Corfe Castle and to repay the balance of 5 nobles to Tombes together with the bond for £5.

Margaret his wife was buried in Steeple on 17 March 1631 6 John Bond soon followed his death being recorded in William Whiteway's diary15 as 1st February 1632/3 with his burial at Steeple on 7th February 16324,7. A copy of his will is available at the National Archives.9   
Dennis and Margaret had the following children11:-

  1. Alice BOND (1584-1584) b. & d. 1584

  2. Sarah BOND (1586-1642) b.15 Oct 1586; she married on 24 Aug 1607 in Steeple4 to Henry WALTHAM of Weymouth MP

  3. Dennis BOND (1588-1658) b. 30 Aug 1588 at Lutton Dorset and is said to have been baptised on 1st September at Melcombe Regis 6. Son & heir see below

  4. Abigail BOND (1591-1643) b. 6 Sep 1591; she married (30 July 1620 in St Marys Melcombe Regis) Henry ALBINE of Upton in the Parish of Batcomb12; d.25 May 1643

  5. William BOND (1593-1601 )  Bapt 26 Jan 1593; buried Steeple 29 June 1601

  6. Elias BOND (1596-1680) Bapt 8 Aug 1596 ; MP for the Borough of Wareham he married twice. Firstly to Bridget CHADECOT on 3 Oct 16366. She was buried at Steeple on 25 Dec 16704. Seciondly in 1672c to Joan GERRARD. Elias was buried 15 Nov 1680 Wareham

  7. Alice BOND (1599-1643) Bapt 10 June 1599 4 ; she married (1635) Jonathan PENNY of Bradford [presumably Bradford Peverell] ; Buried 20 Aug 1643 6

  8. Mary BOND (1601-?) b.4 Dec 1601; she married (23 Sep 1636) Rev Nicholas PAUL of Berkley

  9. Hester BOND (1607-?) b. 1st Apr 1607 Bapt 5th April at Steeple Dorset. 4 ;she married in Steeple (22 Apr 163015) William BORDE [Bourd or Boorde] of Batcomb; buried 2 Aug 1680

  10. Onesiphorus BOND (1612 -1635) Born 26 Dec 1612; Bapt 27 Dec 1612 Melcombe Regis. He became a merchant in Dorchester and petitioned to become a Freemen of the town in 1633 but does not appear to have been admitted then7. He rode with William WHITEWAY (1599-1635) the diarist and his brother Samuel WHITEWAY (1614-bef.1640) from Dorchester to Oxford, Windsor and London between 20th to 30th October 163415. He died unmarried and was buried 26 January 1635 6  

Dennis BOND 1588-1658

I have not been able to trace a formal education at any of the usual universities and this is probably because, like his father before him, he spent much of his youth in France and Spain where he no doubt experienced Catholic rule at first hand and developed his puritan beliefs. He is known to have been in St Malo for six weeks in 1603 when he was still only 15 years old and to have lived at Cadiz between 1605 and 160715. He quickly established a successful trade as a woolen merchant before settling down into marriage at Lutton in 1610 which brought to him a farm at Swanage and additional property in Weymouth21. King James I was in the eighth year of his reign then and on 26th June 1610 by letters patent he appointed for the Government of the borough two bailiffs and fifteen burgesses styled the Capital Burgesses & counselors of the borough. Dennis Bond still only 22 years old, along with John Gould and Sir Frances Ashley, was listed among the fifteen magistrates13.

As such the burgesses were at the centre of efforts to restore Dorchester after the great fire of 1613 and he went so far as to estimate the total costs including business stocks, furnishings and the rebuilding at £80,00021. He continued to be closely associated with the running of the town being appointed Constable of Dorchester during 1618/20 15 and Bailiff on 6 October 1623. In that year the scheme to marry James heir Prince Charles to the infanta of Spain collapsed and when Buckingham returned to England in October blazing with anger at their treatment in Madrid joyful celebrations occurred all over England. At Dorchester as in other places the bells were rung and Dennis Bond had the town cannon dragged outside the walls to fire a salute.18

A severe and resolved puritan he had much in common with the Rev. John White who became a close friend, investing in the Dorchester Company in 162421. By 1625 he was listed as one of the four main clothiers in Dorchester along with John Gould the elder, Richard Blachford and Joseph Patie14. He supported many of the charitable deeds of John White and the borough including the betterment of the free school which they enlarged and improved in 1625 and the distribution of grain to the poor in November 1630 at subsidized prices when the harvests failed. He was appointed bailiff again that year. His role as a Capital Burgess was confirmed on the 22nd December 1630 by Charles I when he issued a new charter to the borough. In this capacity he was elected in Oct 1631 with other burgesses to the board of management for the living of the parsonage of Beer & Seaton, which had been purchased to go towards the maintenance of the Ministers of the town22.

1633 was a momentous year for Dennis as his father had died in February and he formally inherited the estate at Lutton. This brought him a country house ( although its furnishings, which included a pair of virginals, were worth only a quarter the value of the contents of his house in South Street Dorchester), another good-sized farm, and a flock of sheep valued in 1636 at close to four hundred pounds21. In 1635 he had the honour of being elected Mayor of Dorchester and was returned as its MP in 1640 when he served with Denzel HOLLES.1&22  

In 1641 he bought another two hundred acres of land at Chaldon Herring from the Earl of Suffolk letting half of it to his Dorchester friend Edmund Dashwood21. During the Civil War he joined the side of parliament and rose high in the favour of Cromwell , and had the confidence of parliament to such an extent that his name was listed as one of the commissioners nominated by Act of the Commons (6th January 1648/9) to try the King for high treason. He was not however one of those who signed the warrant of execution, nor is he mentioned in the list of commissioners present on any of the days (from 20 to 27th January) during which the trial was in progress.

At the commencement of the civil war he along with Sir Thomas Trenchard, Sir Walter Erle and John Browne Esq gave security for a loan of £1,300 from John Fitzjames for the fortification of Dorchester13. Parliament gave another £800. He sat on the committee for Dorset, and was on the council of state from 14th February 1648 being re-elected every year until 1653. During this period he must have led a busy life as the records show that he sat on many of the committees into which the council divided itself for the efficient despatch of business. The most important of those were the committee for trade and foreign affairs and the admiralty committee. He was also from time to time a member of minor committees such as 'disposing of the prisoners taken at Worcester'; 'considering how best to prevent the exportation of coin, or raising money to pay the judges.

He represented Weymouth and Melcombe Regis in the short-lived parliament of 1654, and was returned by the same constituency in 1656. A more detailed account of his political career is given in the new version of the Dictionary of National Biography.

Marriages & Children

Dennis BOND married twice, firstly on 19 January 1610 to Joan the daughter of John GOULD (1588-1620) of Dorchester by whom he had 5 children as detailed below. The marriage meant that Dennis was now related to the diarist William Whiteway through both his mother and his first wife. As a result it is not suprising to find a close association with Dennis among other things acting as Godfather to William Whiteways daughter Eleanor in 1633 and as a witness to William Whiteway Seniors will. His wife Joan however died young being only 32 years old when she was buried on 17 Oct 1620 6
  1. John BOND MA (1612-1676)1,2,17,20 According to the Dictionary of National Biography he was born in Chard in Somerset which I have some reservations about as his entry in Chalmers Biographical Dictionary points to some confusion over his university records and I am not aware of associations at Chard. He is said to have been baptised on 12 Apr 16126 but no location is given. He was educated at Dorchester under the guidance of the Rev. John White22 and as the eldest son inherited the family estate at Lutton in 1658.

    He was actually educated at St Catherine's University in Cambridge which he entered in 1628 at the age of 16 obtaining his BA there in 1631 and being made a fellow of the university in 1634. He went on to obtain his MA the following year and was nominated LL.D 1645 which he completed in 1646 while he was yet a member of the society. Although he took his doctors degree in law he was by profession a divine and had before this preached for some years first as a lecturer at Exeter and frequently afterwards before the long parliament at Westminster. Some of his sermons still survive which show him to have been a fiery preacher indeed.

    In 1643 both he and his tutor the Rev John WHITE were chosen to serve on the assembly of divines and in June that year John White fled from Dorchester at the approach of the Royalists who had reached Blandford, and was given the rectory of Lambeth until it was safe to return, which he did in 1645. Dr Bond succeeded him as Minister of the Savoy and on the 11 December 1645 he was made master of the Savoy hospital. In the same year, Selden having declined the mastership of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Dr Robert King LL.D. was chosen by the fellows; but parliament interposed on behalf of Bond and he was elected on 7 March 1646. Three years later he was made professor of law at Gresham College London and in 1654 became assistant to the commissioners of Middlesex and Westminster for ejecting scandalous ministers and schoolmasters. He was also appointed Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University in 1658 but lost his preferment's at Cambridge and London on the Restoration when he was ejected from both for his adherence to the politics by which he had obtained them.

    He never married and retired to Dorset in 1660. He died at Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck20 but was interred at Steeple, Dorset, July 30 1676 4 with no monument by his express wish.

  2. Joan BOND (1613-1614) Bapt 11 Nov 1613; Buried 31 Jul 1614 6

  3. Joan BOND (1615-1620 )Bapt 15 Jun 1615; Buried 17 Oct 1620 6

  4. William BOND (1617-1669)2 Bapt 4 Aug 1616 6; of South Bestwall [or Bentwall] who achieved no particular distinction and died 7 Sept 1669 without male issue

  5. Sarah BOND (1618-?)2 Bapt 2 May 1618 6
Dennis BOND married a second time on 17 Mar 1622 at 7 o'clock in the morning to Mrs Lucy FLEA (1595-1651 ) the widow of Mr FLEA the Minister and daughter of William LAWRENCE of Winterborne Steepleton in Dorset15 where she was baptised on 1 Apr 1595.  Dennis & Lucy had the following children:- 6
  1. Samuel BOND MA (1623-1673) 2,20 Bapt 2nd June 1623 he followed his step brother John to Cambridge University where he entered St Catherine's College in 1639. He was awarded his BA there in 1642 and his MA in 1646 becoming a Fellow of the University from 1646 to 1649. In 1642 he was admitted to the Inner Temple where he became a barrister in 1648. He was elected MP for Poole in 1659 and Melcombe Regis in 1660 and was Recorder for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis: Although I have not located his marriage the children (2.23) shown below were baptised at St Peters Church in Dorchester and Esther the wife of Mr Samuel Bond was buried at St Peters Church on 8th Oct 1671. Samuel was also buried there on 31 May 1673 but I have not been able to locate a Will or Letter of Administration..

      (1.1) Dennis Bond born on the 3rd and baptised at StP church on 11th Feb 1657/8
      (1.2) Elizabeth Bond born the 20th baptised at StP the 21st Ffebruary 1659
      (1.3) Lucy Bond baptised StP 7th May 1662

  2. Mary BOND (1624-) Bapt 5 Feb. 1624; buried 30 May 1645

  3. Elizabeth BOND (1626-1627) Bapt 10 Aug 1626; buried 15 Nov 1627

  4. James BOND (1628-1638) Bapt 13 May 1628; buried 7 Feb. 1638

  5. Onesiphorus BOND (1630-1697) Bapt 11 May 1630; buried at Steeple on 6 Aug 16974

  6. Sir Nathaniel BOND (1634-1707)1,15 &20 Bapt 14 June 1634; He was educated at All Souls College Oxford but initially matriculated on 14 Nov 1650 at Wadham College. He became a fellow of All Souls in 1648 and graduated B.C.L. on 14 Dec 1654, having on 14 April the same year been admitted a student of the Inner Temple. Incorporated at Cambridge 1659 he was called to the bar in 1661. He represented Corfe Castle in parliament 1679-81 and was returned for Dorchester in 1681 and 1695/8.  He became Sergeant-at-law 2 May 1689, and Kings-Sergeant 1693, being then knighted and appointed recorder of Weymouth in 1699. On the accession of Queen Ann he was not summoned to the usual ceremony of taking the oaths and consequently lost his rank of serjeant. In 1660 he bought from his elder brothers John & William, the Lutton estate and in 1686 from John Lawrence the reversion of the adjoining estate of Creech Grange which fell into possession in 1691 and has ever since been the seat of the family.The Bond Family at Creech Grange - Dorset Life Article He married (1) Elizabeth CHURCHILL youngest daughter of Rev. John CHURCHILL (1603-1682) rector of Stinsford and Steeple on the 21 Dec 1667. 4 She died without issue and was buried at Steeple on 21st Oct 16744 (2) Mary daughter of Lewis WILLIAMS Esq of Chitterton Dorset by whom he had two sons Dennis and John. He died in 31 Aug 1707 and university records say he was buried at Steeple. His wife died and was buried in the same place on 13 Aug 17274.

    Dennis BOND was buried on 30 Aug.16581 the 'windiest day' says Wood 'that had before happened for 20 years being then tormented with the strangury and much anxiety of spirit; the vulgar talk being that the Devil came to take away Cromwell at the same time on his death bed who was not prepared to go; " he gave Bond for his future appearance, and on 3 September made good his promise".22 He was buried in Westminster Abbey but his body was exhumed in September 1661 and like those of other parliamentarian leaders transferred to a common grave in the churchyard of St Margaret's close by. Among other things he left an inventory of his private library.

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