Dorchester - Holy Trinity

1851 Census Enumerators Districts 5 & 6

Transcribed by Michael Russell, OPC for Dorchester & Fordington - January 2010

NOTE:- The 1851 Census was taken on the 31st March 1851 for the night of 30/31 March, using methods similar to those for 1841. However the questions asked make this census considerably more useful than the earlier one.

Name of Street, Place or Road: Most enumerators inserted the name of the street at the start of the page and when the name changed rather than for each household. In some cases it may be necessary to page back to locate it if viewing originals. Workhouse, schools or institutions often only give details on the first page.

Names: Christian & Surname of each person that spent the night in that household. Sometimes a second Christian name or an initial is given.

Relation to head of the family: Essential genealogical information but beware of assuming that a person's relationship to the head of the family is the same as the relationship to his wife. The man may have married twice, in which case his wife may be stepmother to some or all of his children.

Condition: Whether that individual was Married (M), Unmarried (U), Widower (W) or Widow (W)

Age : Shown in two columns, one for males, the other for females. Verbal Returns were sometimes misheard. Again ages were not always correctly stated

Occupation: As for 1841. Children being educated were shown as "scholar"

Where born: Parish and County if in England or Wales, but the Country only if in Scotland or Ireland. 'Foreign Parts' if abroad. Verbal Returns by illiterates were sometimes misheard

Whether blind, deaf and dumb, imbecile or lunatic: self explanatory

Parish of Holy Trinity Dorchester - Enumerators Schedule for Districts 5 & 6
The whole of the tything of Froome Whitfield including Damers Barn in Fordington Field, The farm house and cottages at Whitfield Froome House and the cottages at Hollis Froome, now known as Hennings Froome, and the Farm House and cottages at Cokers Froome now known as Culls Froome (except the cottages called the Compasseswhich are within the boundary of the borough of Dorchester included in the last preceding district.

Street or Road Given Name Surname Relation Condition Age Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born
Damers Barn - Page 1 Thomas Hodder Head Married 62 Agricultural Labourer Thorncombe, Dorset, England
Mary Hodder Wife Married 62 Broadwinsor, Dorset, England
Harriett Hodder Daughter Unmarried 24 Dressmaker Broadwinsor, Dorset, England
Dan Hann Visitor [Blank] 5 Scholar Broadwinsor, Dorset,
Froome Whitfield - Page 2 James Woodsford Head Married 32 Agricultural Labourer Chidcock, Dorset, England
Jane Woodsford Wife Married 48 Longbredy, Dorset, England
Froome Lodge - Page 3 James Danniel Head Married 45 Gardener Moreton, Dorset, England
Sarah Danniel Wife Married 46 Laundress Abbotsbury, Dorset, England
Ann Danniel Daughter Unmarried 17 Housekeeper Warminster, Wiltshire, England
Froome Lodge George Coombs Head Married 42 Coachman Haychurch, Dorset, England
Ann Coombs Wife Married 43 Easter Compton, Dorset, England
Sarah Ann Coombs Daughter [Blank] 14 Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
George John Coombs Son [Blank] 12 Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
Edwin Coombs Son [Blank] 10 Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
Selina Coombs Daughter [Blank] 8 Scholar Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
Albert Coombs Son [Blank] 5 Scholar Fordington, Dorset, England
Emily Coombs Daughter [Blank] 3 Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
Sebina Coombs Daughter [Blank] 1 Holy Trinity; Dorchester, Dorset, England
John Ellis Head Married 34 Shephard Not Known, Dorset, England
Mary Ellis Wife Married 32 Wareham, Dorset, England
George Ellis Son [Blank] 11 Kimeridge, Dorset, England
Mary Ann Ellis Daughter [Blank] 9 Kimeridge, Dorset, England
William John Ellis Son [Blank] 7 Scholar Kimeridge, Dorset, England
Emily Ellis Daughter [Blank] 6 Scholar Kimeridge, Dorset, England
John Ellis Son [Blank] 3 Kimeridge, Dorset, England
David Ellis Son [Blank] 1 Hollis Froome Dorchester, Dorset, England
Hollis Froome - Page 4 Henry Wills Head Married 23 Agricultural Labourer Hollis Froome Dorchester, Dorset, England
Martha Wills Wife Married 23 Frampton, Dorset, England
John Argyle [Blank] Unmarried 36 Agricultural Labourer Fordington, Dorset, England
John Barter Head Widower 73 Dairyman Glanvills Woolton, Dorset, England
William Barter Son Unmarried 30 Dairyman South Perrott, Dorset, England
Jane Barter Daughter Unmarried 25 Dairymaid farm servant West Compton, Dorset, England
John Barter Son Unmarried 20 Dairyman West Compton, Dorset, England
William Brine Head Married 33 Farm Bailiff Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
Elizabeth Brine Wife Married 33 Tarrent Keynstone, Dorset, England
Elizabeth Jane Brine Daughter [Blank] 5 Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
Mary Ann Wills Servant Unmarried 19 General Servant Hollis Froome Dorchester, Dorset, England
Hollis Froome House William Lewis Henning Head Married 56 Magistrate & Farmer 256 acres emp 11 labourers  Hollis Froome, Dorset, England
Ann Rose Henning Wife Married 46 Wornish, Surrey, England
Marid Rose Henning Daughter Unmarried 45 Beanley, Surrey, England
Eliza Rosa Henning Daughter Unmarried 38 Fordington, Dorset, England
Louisa E Lindone Visitor Unmarried 22 ??? Profit? Fund Holder Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Sargent Servant Unmarried 45 General Servant Bere Regis, Dorset, England
Ann Baker Servant Unmarried 23 General Servant Sydling, Dorset, England
Sarah Gillard Servant Unmarried 19 General Servant Milborne, Dorset, England
Mary Ann Gillard Servant Unmarried 43 General Servant Milborne, Dorset, England
Hollis Froome House - Page 5 James Almond Servant Unmarried 26 Footman Great Bentley, Essex, England
Emma Shrubs Servant Married 33 Visitors Servant Great Bealings, Suffolk, England
Hollis Froome George Davis Head Married 39 Agricultural Labourer Piddletown, Dorset, England
Eliza Davis Wife Married 24 Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
Frank Frederick Davis Son [Blank] 10 Agricultural Labourer Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
James Bridle Head Married 42 Agricultural Labourer Holles Froome Darchester, Dorset, England
Charlotte Bridle Wife Married 46 Sydling, Dorset, England
Edward Bridle Son Unmarried 20 Agricultural Labourer Sydling, Dorset, England
Richard Bridle Son Unmarried 18 Agricultural Labourer Sydling, Dorset, England
John Bridle Son [Blank] 15 Agricultural Labourer Sydling, Dorset, England
Thomas Bridle Son [Blank] 12 Scholar Bradford Peverell , Dorset, England
George Bridle Son [Blank] 8 Acholar Bradford Peverell , Dorset, England
David Bridle Son [Blank] 6 Bradford Peverell , Dorset, England
Charles Bridle Son [Blank] 4 Bradford Peverell , Dorset, England
Daniel Barrett Head Married 44 Agricultural Labourer Frampton, Dorset, England
Ann Grace Barrett Daughter Unmarried 18 Piddtstown, Dorset, England
Ruth Barrett Daughter [Blank] 15 Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
Mary Barrett Daughter [Blank] 13 Piddlehinton, Dorset, England
Ann Nobbs Housekeeper Unmarried 43 House Keeper Cattistock, Dorset, England
Cokers Froome - Page 6 Charles Hellyer Head Married 34 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
Rebecca Hellyer Wife Married 32 Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
Richard Tom Hellyer Son [Blank] 10 Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
Henry Hellyer Son [Blank] 8 Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
Eli Charles Hellyer Son [Blank] 5 Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
William Alfred Hellyer Son [Blank] 1 Froome, Dorset, England
Sarah Gillham Mother-in-law Widow  70 Osmington, Dorset, England
Harriet Gillham Wifes sisters daughter [Blank] 9 Buckland Newton, Dorset, England
Cokers Froome House James Cull Head Married 61 Farmer 824 acres emp 36 labourers Tolpuddle, Dorset, England
Frances Cull Wife Married 42  Margate, Kent, England
James Cull Son [Blank] 15 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Wm Watts Cull Son [Blank] 13 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Henry Cull Son [Blank] 11 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Mary Gn Cull Daughter [Blank] 9 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Alice Ruperta Cull Daughter [Blank] 7 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
James E Cull Daughter [Blank] 5 Scholar Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Arthur Kennard Cull Son [Blank] 3 Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Sophia Cull Daughter [Blank] 10 Months Froome Dorchester Dorset England
Louisa Hayne Servant Unmarried 25 House Servant Weymouth, Dorset, England
Harriet Squib Servant Unmarried 20 House Servant Dorchester, Dorset, England
Cokers Froome House - Page 7 Elizabeth Mathews Servant Unmarried 17 House Servant Symondsbury, Dorset, England
Cokers Froome  James Croad Head Married 51 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras, Dorset, England
Elizabeth Croad Wife Married 50 Thornford, Dorset, England
Mary Croad Daughter Unmarried 24 Alton Pancras, Dorset, England
Susan Croad Daughter Unmarried 21 Dewlish, Dorset, England
James Croad Son Unmarried 19 Agricultural Labourer Cattistock, Dorset, England
Richard Croad Son [Blank] 16 Agricultural Labourer Closworth, Somerset, England
John Croad Son [Blank] 14 Agricultural Labourer Ryme Intrinseca, Somerset, England
George Croad Son [Blank] 7 Scholar Alton Larnral, Dorset, England
Charles Symonds Head Married 29 Dairyman Portisham, Dorset, England
Mary Symonds Wife Married 23 Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England
William Symonds Son [Blank] 2 Longbredy, Dorset, England
Maria Symonds Servant Unmarried 23 Dairymaid farm servant Portisham, Dorset, England
George Symonds Servant Unmarried 19 Dairymaids assistant Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England
Lazarus Legg Head Married 45 Agricultural Labourer Corscombe, Dorset, England
Ann Legg Wife Married 48 Lowers Closworth
George Legg Son [Blank] 16 Groom Rampisham, Dorset, England
Joseph White Head Married 61 Agricultural Labourer Hilton, Dorset, England
Phillis White Wife Married 68 East Chinnock, Somerset, England
Joseph White Son Unmarried 23 Agricultural Labourer Charminster, Dorset, England

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