The Will of Edith BUNN Widow of Fordington
6th October 1654

©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington 2009

NOTE: The will is also mentioned in the Calendar of Dorset Wills and Administrations in the Salisbury Probate Court but for the year 1660 Ref 1.1 P15/1. For the Will I have used modern spelling to make it easier to read, but quoted full text for the inventory followed with a translation in modern English.

The Last Will and Testament: of Edith BUN Widow living in Fordington in the County of Dorset made the 6th day of October 1654.

Imprimis: [In the first place] I give to Philip BUNN (2) 4 pounds of lawful money of England to be paid in half a year after my decease.

Item I give to Elizabeth BASKUM [BASCOMBE?] the wife of William BASKUM 20 shillings to be paid in half a year after my decease.And to the poor of the same Parish the sum of six shillings and eight pence to be paid within convenient time

Item To Mary SAMWAYS (3) the wife of John SAMWAYS 10 shillings to be paid in half a year after my decease

Item To my son William BUN (4) 40 shillings to be paid in half a year after my decease.

Item To Elizabeth BASKUM the daughter of William BASKUM five pounds of lawful money to be paid in half a year after my decease.

Item To Alice WEECH the daughter of John WEECH ten pounds of like lawful money to be paid at her day of marriage

Item To Ruth WEECH (5) the daughter of John WEECH (6) ten pounds to be paid at her day of marriage.

Item To Mary WEECH the daughter of John WEECH ten pounds to be paid at her day of marriage.

Item My mind and Will concerning the last mentioned thirty pound is that it shall be thus disposed vizt if either of them die before the time of payment that part or portion shall be equally distributed to such as shall survive.

Item I give to William BASKUMís son, & to Robert BASKUM, John BUN, Deborah BUN, Edith BUN, Margaret BUN & to William BUN son of William BUN, to Samuel BUN and Jane BUN, and to William SAMWAYS son of John SAMWAYS, to each of them one lamb apiece .

All the rest of my goods ungiven I give and bequeath to my son John BUN whom I make my whole and sole executor. Robert BUN son of Robert BUN I make overseer of this my last Will and Testament

The mark of Robert BUN Overseer [R]
The mark of Mary MATES Widow [?]
Jo [John] LODER

Signed  Fordington Edith BUNN 1654 Vol
Portius 1660

An Inventorie: of ye goods chattels & household of Edeth BUN late of ffordington deaseassed [deceased] taken and praised ye second of November 1654 by William COLLENS and Henry HOLMAN as followeth:-

Imprimis: Six pewter platers, two potingers, two candelsticks, one bole, and one salt praised at } x s
    [ In the first place: 6 pewter platters, 2 potingers, 2 candlesticks, 1 bowl, & 1 salt appraised at 10 shillings]
Itm: one warming pan, three bras pots, one skillett, one skimmer, one mortar, and one brass butte & praised at } £1. xii s
    [ Item: 1 warming pan, 3 brass pots, 1 skillet, 1 skimmer, 1 mortar and 1 brass butt appraised at £1.12s 0d.]
Itm: one spitt, one Andier, one paire of tonges , one firedogg, woth sum other old things praised at }v s

    [ Item: 1 spit, 1 andier, 1 pair of tongs, 1 firedog, with some other old things appraised at } 5 shillings]
Itm: ffoure joyne stooles , one little sqore stoole, one side table bord, two sithes, one hogsed, one renge one surey one butter pumpe & one fatehors praised at:- xij s x d
    [ Item: 4 joined stools, 1 little square stool, 1 side table board, 2 scythes, 1 hogshead, 1 range, 1 surey?, 1 butter pump & 1 fatehorse appraised at} 12 shillings & 10 pence ]
Itm: one Standing Bedsteed, one feather bed, two Balsters, two feather pooles, one paire of Blankets, & two coverleds praised at:- iij s x d
    [ Item: 1 standing bedstead, 1 feather bed, 2 bolsters, 2 feather pillows , 1 pair of blankets, & 2 coverleds appraised at} Three shillings and ten pence].
Itm: three paire of sheetes two table cloaths one halfe dozen of nepkens one carpitt & two paire of pillowties praised at:- ij l vi s viij d
    [Item: 3 pair of sheets, 2 table cloths, 1 half dozen napkins, 1 carpet, & 2 pair of pillowties appraised at} 2 pounds six shillings and eight pence].
Itm: her wearing apparrell praised as:- iij l
    [ Item: her wearing apparel appraised at} Three Pounds]
Itm: two trendols one fate one bouell two pailes one cheesswane one friing pan two old fatehorsses & sum malt praised at:- xvj s viij d
    [ Item: 2 trendols, 1 fate, one bowl, 2 pails, 1 cheeswane?, 1 frying pan, 2 old fatehorsses & some malt appraised at} Sixteen shillings and eight pence
Itm: the Wheate: Barly sethed & hay praised at:- xxxj l vj s viij d
    [ Item: The wheat: barley scythed & hay appraised at} Thirty One Pounds six shillings and eight pence.
Itm: two horsses two sine three heypher bease & one hogg praised as:- xviij l
    [ Item: 2 horses, 2 swine, 3 heifer beasts and 1 hog appraised at} Eighteen Pounds]
Itm: one & fiftie sheepe praised at} xvij l
    [Item: One and 50 sheep appraised at seventeen pounds]
Itm: six acres & halfe of wheat newlie sowne and one hundred of reade praised at} ij l xv s viijd
    [ Item: 6 acres and a half of Wheat newly sown and 100 of reed appraised at two pounds fifteen shillings and eight pence]
Itm: sum timber & other old wood praised at} iiij s vj d
    [ Item: some timber and other old wood appraised at four shillings and six pence]
Sum Total [amount illegible]

Genealogical Notes:-
(1). All Parish Registers for the period 1640 to 1663 inc have not survived.
(2). A Phillip BUNN husbandman of Fordington died and left a will 29th September 1662 which has also been transcribed on this site.
(3). John SAMWAYS married Mary BUNN 10th May 1631 St Georges Church Fordington
(4). A William BUNN of Fordington was buried at St Georges church 12th Nov 1688
(5). A Ruth WEECH subsequently married a Nicholas TAPP in Fordington on 17th October 1678.
(6). A John WEECH married Edith BUNN on 26th November 1639 and would have raised a family during the period (1640-1663) when records for Fordington are missing. Alice, Ruth and Mary are therefore possibly their daughters.

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