Will & Inventory of Tamsine [Thomazine] WINDSOR
20th March 1649

©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington from CLDS Film 1067158 May 2008.

In the name of God Amen the 20 day of March in Anno Domine [In the year of Our Lord] 1649 I Tamsine WINSOR of Ffordington in the Countie of Dorset Widdow being in perfect memorie thanks be to God the same doo make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form ffollowing

First: I comit my soule into the hands of Almighty God my creatour and to Jesus Christ my only Saviour and redemer by hose [whose] death and passion I hope to be saved

    And my body to be buried in the Parish Churchyard of Fordington by [i.e. alongside] my husband
First: I give unto the church five shillings

Item: I give to the poore there five shillings to be distributed amongst them at my funeral

Item: I give unto my son John WINSOR my Furnes Pan, my Bruing [Brewing] vat and hors he standeth uppon [a horse i.e. a vat stand, then called a fatehorse] and longe [long] Iron dell

Item: I give to his sone John and Tamsine his eldest dafter [daughter] each of them a silver sheep

Item: I give to his other to [two] dafters [daughters] to each of them a lamb

Item: I give to Tamsine HUNT Ten Pounds in moneie [money] the bed I livth uppon and all the apurtinances there to be longing my second bras [brass] pot my best rettell my best goune [gown] my best peticote my best wascote my best tabbell [table] cloth and halfe [half] a dusson [dozen] of napkins and my Ambry provided that shee marid [married] not contrarie [contrary] to her ffather and mothers will

Item: I give to Jhon [possibly Joan?] WHITE her sister one bullock of too [two] yeares age and to [two] yous [ewes]

Item: I give to younge Ambrose HUNT my bigger bras [brass] pot, my cubbard, my table bord [board] and the Joyn stooles then to be-longing and the rest of my goods God hath blest me withall with-out and with-in to be equally devided be-tween my sone in law Ambrose HUNT and his to [two] sons: Ambrose HUNT, William HUNT them I make full and sole executors to-gether of this my Last Will and Testament in witness thereof I have put my hand and seal the day and yeare above written

The Mark of Tamsine WINSOR

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of
The mark of William [L] LINNINGTON
Margaret [M] RASKER marke
Christopher RASKER

An Inventory of all the Goods and Chattles of Thomazine WYNZER of Fordington

Impr: [abbreviation for Impremis - In the first Place] In the Lodging Chamber one father bed one Bolster one Rugg two Pillowtyes one Lynning tester cloth and Bedsteed one pare of sheete praised at £3. 8s. 0d

Item: In the lower chamber one Truckle Bedsteed one Dust bed pre [pair] of sheete one pre [pair] of Blanekette one father [feather] pillowe one Dust Pillowe one coverlid one chest one coffer one box --£1. 1s. 0d

Item: for the Lynnen in the same chamber is £1.6.8d

Item: her wearing atppell [apparel] in the same chamber three Gowns & six coate two waistcoate one fleece coate three whittels one green apron & 2 hatte [hats] £7.16.8d

Item: In the Hall a cupboard one Ambry one table board one side board fower [four] joyne stooles three Chaires eight platte and five candle dish three aboles [bowls] and three cushions £2.17.8d

Item: for the Roome [room] w’hin [within] the hall, one Dust bed w’h [with] the Bedding one ffurnace pann two kettles three Brass pots one M???t one table board two Bowells [bowls] one long trondele one brewing vate [vat?] one vatehoop one wymowing shet, two Baggs one Skryne [screen] and other lumber. £4 15 0d

Item:for the Backside and stable one merie, two colts, two kyne [cows] be one heifer one calfe and two Pigge £16 0 0d

Item: for the Backside one Wheat Reeke [Rick] and 100 (acres?) of Reed £2 6 0d

Item: for the ffield 29 Sheepe 20 lambs 7 acres of wheat 8 acres of Barley one acre of witrhs [probably withes which were willow or osier wood used for binding bundles] £15.0. 0d

Notes:- Ambrose HUNT senior signed the Parish Registers of St George’s Church as churchwarden in the year 1630 and died in Fordington in 1662. Ambrose HUNT Junior also became a church warden as he signed the Parish Registers in the year 1672. He died in Fordington in 1681. Margaret RASKER a widow died in 1691

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