An Inventory of the Goods and Chatttels of Katherine Bascombe
16th June 1675

©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington from CLDS Film 1067158 in May 2008

NOTE:- This inventory can also be found under the Calendar of Dorset Wills and Administrations in the Salisbury Probate Court: under Ref Nov 1675 2 34: and the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives Ref P15/23 where it also lists a will. If anyone has a copy of this will i would like to add a transcription of it to the Inventory given below.

An Inventory of the goods & chattels of Katherine BASCOMBE of Fordington in the County of Dorset widow lately deceased valloued [valued] and praised [appraised] by us William BUNN and Robty [Robert] WAGLAND this sixteenth day of June Anno Domini [In the year of our Lord]1675

Imprs [Imprimis:- Latin for ‘in the first place’] her wearing apparill [apparel] £01.01.0d

Itm: [Item:] one rugg and pair of sheets £00.09.0d

Itm: [Item:] one iron pott one brass pott £00.10.0d

Itm: [Item:] one kettle one skillett £00.13.4d

Itm: [Item:] three leather dishes £00.02.6d

Itm: [Item:] one bedstead and chest £00.15.0d

Itm: [Item:] one table board £00.03.4d

Itm: [Item:] one bond? 6 pounds £06.00.0d

Itm: [Item:] one chattle lease? £10.00.0d

[Sum Total] £19.14.2d

William BUNN
Rob: [Robert] WAGLAND

[This document also has an endorsement at the bottom in a different handwriting which I can’t decipher although the date of 19th June 1675 and the name Sarah Bascombe is clear:-] 19th dai of Junii et 1675 of Sarum BASCOMBE


Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Although burial records for 1675 have survived for St Georges Church in Fordington those for 1763 & 1674 have not. Her burial is not listed in the NBI (Feb 2011) so the likelyhood is that she died at the end of 1674 in Fordington and the Inventory was carried out later.

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