St George's Church Burials 1706 - 1709

© Transcribed from BT's by Michael Russell in 2007 from CLDS film 1279496
[Transcribers comments are in brackets in italics - 58 Records]

Last updated November 2011

Burial ground behind St George's Church - Fordington

(1) The original file transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts was updated in Aug 2010 with entries from the National Burial Index (NBI) and has now (Nov 2011) been rechecked against the Parish Registers (PR) held at the Dorset History Centre. These are more comprehensive and additional names and information such as relationships have been added to the transcription.

(2) “Mr” or “Mrs” which is used several times in this Register was a courtesy title for any person of respectable status within the community. 

(3) Readers are reminded that each year started on 25th March not the 1st January [up until the year 1752] so January and February Christenings for example will appear at the end of the year

(4) At the request of the Church of Latter Day Saints Image ref numbers have been added to the transcriptions to aid researchers relocate original documentation in the Bishops Transcripts

1706 A true copy of the Register of ye Parish of Fordington in ye County of Dorset Anno Dm 1706 [CLDS Image 2169]


Agnes WILLIAMS May 19th

Elionor HUNT May 22nd

    [ NOTE:- NBI has her Christian name as Eleanor; BT's as Elener: BT's also show wid: for widow -Eleanor HUNT Nee CHUBB was the 2nd wife of Ambrose HUNT IV (1624 - 1680/1) of Fordington - Link to more information about the Hunt Family and an Image of her Will with a Transcription]

Elizabeth wife of John BUNNE June 29th

Christopher MUDFORD Sept 3rd

    [BT's Signed] William INNS Vicar
    William SEAGER & John SEAGER Churchwardens [End of CLDS Image 2169]

Ursula TAPP a widow buried January 4th (added from the PR)

Mary LIMBRY a widow buried January 23rd (added from the PR)

Elizabeth the wife of James FRAMPTON buried February 2nd (PR)

Alice BUNNE widow buried February 26th (PR)

Cassandra daughter of John PEARSON buried February 27th (PR - Note Bap Fordington 21st Jan 1706)

Mary daughter of Amos & Joan DENNIS buried March 13th (PR)

1707 A Copy of the Register of ffordington
    Buryed [CLDS Image 2170]

1707 June 1 = George son of Edward WILLIAMS [Note:- baptised 24th April 1707]

August 11 Int -: William INNS Vicar of ffordington [Note William INNS BA was appointed Vicar of Fordington St George's Church 28 Nov 1701. The burial register gives his date of death as 7th August]

August 13 = Jane daughter of Ellinor [Elianor in PR] MUDFORD Widow buried

August 23 = Robt: [Robert] LINNINGTON buried [PR has surname as LINNENTON and date as 29th August]

    [Note not signed] [End of CLDS Image 2170]

William son of William PARKER buried September 7th (PR)

William son of William & Mary FREKE buried September 22nd (PR)

Thomas BUNNE buried October 1st (PR)

Margaret wife of Robert TAPP buried October 15th (PR)

Edward son of Susan MEADER buried October 19th (PR)

Dennis LINNENTUN buried October 30th (PR) [Note:- Correct family name is LINNINGTON - BT's have LINNERTON ]

Prudence KNAPTON buried November 29th (PR also records death as 21st Nov 1707)

Joseph WINDSOR buried December 23rd (PR)

Edith daughter of Christopher COLLINS buried January 8th (PR - Note baptised 31st Oct 1707)

Mary MILBORNE January 14th buried (PR) [See Wills Index 1708]

Robert son of William BIRD buried January 17th (PR)

Richard son of Thomas DILLER buried January 20th (PR)

    Register Note:- "Mr Latimer CROSSE was instituted to ye Vicarage 27th January

Grace daughter of Giles LUCCAS buried February 8th (PR)

    Buried [Start of CLDS Image 2171]

1708 A True and Perfect Register of all Baptisms, Marriages & Burials which have been solemnized in ye Parish of Fordington in ye County of Dorset & in the peculiar jurisdiction of the Reverend Dr YOUNGER Deane of Sarum for ye year 1708

Rachel D [daughter] of Thomas & Mary FREKE buried April 11 [Note baptised April 6th PR]

Mary D [daughter] of John & Hannah WHITE buried May 11 (PR)

Hester [PR has Esther] ye wife of Mackias RASKER buried June 13 (PR)

Edith ADAMS [BT's also have - Widow] buried June 27 (PR has date 23rd June)

Samuel ye son of Samuel NELSON July 8 (PR) [Note: Bap May 23 1708]

Mary ye wife of William RASKER July 23 (PR) [Note:- NBI incorrectly has family surname as RUSKER]

Mary ye wife of William SCOTT Aug 31 (Note:- PR has Mary ye wife and Thomas ye son of Thomas SKUTT)

Margaret ye wife of Thomas BUNN Sep 2 (Note:- PR has surname BUNNE and date of September 23rd)

Mr Simon BEAL Buried Oct 26 [Note ex churchwarden - also recorded as BEAL; BALE or BALES - PR and NBI has Surname as BELE ]

William MEADER Buried Dec 14 (PR)

Hannah ye D [daughter] of John & Patience WELLS Jan 5 (PR) [End of CLDS Image 2171]

Richard TRASK Jan 9 (PR) [Start of CLDS Image 2172] [Note:- NBI incorrectly has family surname as TRESKE]

Henry ye S [Son] of Thomas & Mary DILLER Jan 12 (PR)

Susanna ye D [daughter] of Thomas & Mary DILLER Mar 2 (PR)

    Latimer CROSSE Vic
    Will: [William] COLLINS
    John SEAGER [End of CLDS Image 2172]

1709 A True Copy of ye Register of ye Parish of Fordington in ye County of Dorset & peculiar
jurisdiction of ye Reverend ye Deane of Sarum for ye yeare 1709

    Burialls [Start of CLDS Image 2173]

William Son of Mrs INNES April 19 (BT) [Note Mrs Inns is the widow of the last Vicar who died 1707 - The PR actually says William son of Mr William INNS late Vicar]

Anna ye wife of James HACKAM April 21 (PR)

[Note:- omitted in error by vicar from Bishops Transcripts :- John CHURCHILL April 24th] [See Churchill Family History for mor information] {Parish Register actually says John CHURCHILL Esq. died at London]

Joane [NBI has Joanna] WHITE Widow May 1 (PR)

Anne ye wife of Wm [William] BIRD May 8th (PR)

Mary BELLMAN Widow May 17 (PR)

Thomas COSINS May 19 (PR) [NBI has surname as COUSINS]

Jane wife of Mr John SEGAR May 23 (PR)

Mr Wm [William] SEGAR May 25 [Note previously a churchwarden] [See Wills Index 1709]{PR says died 22nd buried 25th May]

Mary & Elizabeth daughters of Wm [William] CHANNING Jul 24 (PR)

Mr William COLLINS Nov 20 [PR has date of 2nd Nov and NBI 2nd Dec]

Elizabeth wife of Robert SCOTT Nov 20th (BT) (PR and NBI have surname as SCUTT)

Mary wife of John FRANCIS November 26 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has date 26th Dec] [End of CLDS Image 2173]

Elizabeth CLARK of Dorchester Jan 18th [Start of CLDS Image 2174] [NBI has no surmane] (PR states buried Elizabeth wife of -----------CLARK of Trinity Parish Dorchester Jan 18)

Henry CROOME Jan 26 (PR) [NBI incorrectly has surname as GROOME]

Seth LOVELESSE [i.e. Loveless as per NBI] of Dorchester Jan 31 (PR states Seth LOVELESS of All Saints Parish in Dorchester 31 Jan)

James son of & Elizabeth daughter of James BUNNE of Dorchester Mar 6 (PR also states from the parish of St peters Dorchester)

    [Only Signature]
    Latimer CROSSE Vic [End of CLDS Image 2173]

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