St George's Church Burials 1626 - 1639

© Transcribed from BT’s by Michael Russell 2007 from CLDS film 1279496

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Window in St Georges Church
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Some Latin words or phrases are still in use. e.g. “Eodem die” meaning “the same day” which has been abbreviated here sometimes to “eode die”. Also “vid” abbreviated from” vidua” meaning widow.

 It should be noted that Jone is a variant of Joan and much more common than Jane pre 1650 but it is often very difficult to tell the difference in old faded or damaged documents

 Readers are reminded that each year started on 25 th March not the 1 st January [ up until 1752] so January and February Christenings for example will appear at the end of the year

1626 ffordington [CLDS Image 2107]

A true copy of the names of all persons christened, married or buried in the parish of Ffordington Anno Dm [in the year of our Lord] 1626


Burials 1626 [Very badly water damaged image]

Aprill ? [2 illegible lines] was buried

Aprill ? [2 illegible words] daughter of Roger GREGORY was buried

May ? [2 illegible words] widow was buried

May ? [illegible line] was buried

June ? [illegible line] was buried

June ? Elizabeth ? the daughter of Thomas WINSOR was buried

July 6 John PAGE? was buried

July 8 [illegible word] the daughter of Rich: [Richard] WARREN was buried [Note: Warren genealogy has ‘Christian’ as the daughters name and records her as the 5th child of the marriage of Richard Warren to Eve in Fordington on 12 Oct 1591]

22 July E [illegible word] FACY was buried

August 13 Margret INGRAM widdow was buried

24 August John the son of John ASHE was buried

October 1 [illegible word] the son of widow MARTIN was buried

October 1  Alice ? the wife of John PAGE was buried

October 5 Ann the wife of Robti [Robert] HUNT was buried

January 4 Grace the wife of Michaell WHITE was buried

January 9? Anthony CLARKE was buried [See comments about this Family via this link at the marriage of Anthony CLARKE to Catherine SAVAGE at Fordington on 15th June 1607]

January 24 Thomasin the daughter of Thomasin WINSOR widow was buried

February 12 William HUTTON was buried

February 15 Roger DENNISE was buried

March 1 Jone the wife of Wm [William] LUCKAS was buried



Edw [Edward] PELE Minister

Wm [William] LAURENCE } Churchwardens


1627 A transcript of all Christenings, Marriages, & Burials within the year of Ffordington [CLDS Image 2108]

in the year 1627


March 26 Elizabeth the daughter of John PAGE was buried

Aprill 2 Margret VINCENT widow was buried

Aprill 5 Jane the wife of Amias POT was buried

May 31 Avice LUCCAS widow was buried [Note:- Avis [Avice] ROSE is mentioned in Sir Francis Ashley's casebook prior to her marriage to James LUKES [or LUCAS] in Holy Trinity church Dorchester 15 Sep 1617. They had 1 child Mary LUCAS bap 13 June 1619 who is buried below 15th Dec 1627]

June 16 Mary the daughter of Henry MINTERNE was buried

October 4 Robte [Robert] the son of John CLIMONT was buried

December 15 Mary the daughter of James LUCCAS was buried [Note daughter of James & Avis LUCAS bap 13 June 1619 - see comments above]

January 16 Elizabeth WINSOR widow was buried

ffebruary 10 Thomasin the wife of Roger HEYDON was buried

ffebruary 12 Elizabeth WHITE was buried

March 20 Anne the wife of John FFORD was buried



Edw: [Edward] PELE vicar

Anthony EAMES } Churchwardens

Wm [William] LINNINGTON }

1628 A transcript of all Christenings, Marriages, & Burials within the Thith [Tithing] of Ffordington Anno Domi [in the year of our Lord] 1628

Ano: 1628 [CLDS Image 2109]


Aprill 7 Thomas the sone of Thomas ROSE was buryed [Note Baptised in Fordington on 19 Dec 1619, the son of Thomas ROSE and Anne EAMES - See also see Biography of Anthony Eames, the younger brother of Anne EAMES]

Aprill 23 Priscilla the daughter of Steven BRINE was buryed [Note: baptised April 14 th 1628 - same return]

May 14 Agnes the wife of Anthony BARNES was buryed

May 19 John ASHE Senior was buryed [Note:- See biographical notes on the John ASHE Family]

November 3 Grace the wife of Thomas SANSOME was buryed

November 6 John MOGG Senior was buryed

February 2 John WINSOR junior was buryed

February 5 Jone the wife of John ENGLAND was buryed

March 5 John HUNT was buryed [Note: John HUNT (c1598-1628) son of John HUNT (d.1604) by his wife Joan RASKER (d.1609) See Wills Index for 2 May 1629 and marriage 1591 FStG ]

March 14 Jane the wife of John DILLY was buryed

March 23 Robert BIDGOOD sonne of Robert BIDGOOD was buryed [Note: See Wills Index for 1631]


Robert TURCHIN Minister

William COLLINS Church Wardens

signed John WINSOR Senior

1629 Missing

Ffordington The names of all the Christenings, weddings and burials for the year [CLDS Image 2110]



March 31 Agnes NEARE? vid [vidua = widow] was buried

Aprill 12 John BRINE was buried

May 2 Robert the sonne of Samuell BELLMAN was buried

May 22 Christian the daughter of Christopher PARKE was buried

June 11 Audrey the daughter of John PAGE was buried

August 12 Robert RASKER was buried

August 18 Phillip the sonne of Richard BISHOP was buried

September 15 Thomas WINSOR was buried

November 5 Margaret GAWDIN vid [vidua = widow] was buried

December 30 James the sonne of ffranncis GAPE was buried

February 2 Thomasin the wife of John MOGGE was buried

February 7 Emma WINSOR the wife of Roger WINSOR was buried


Robert TURCHIN Curate

Owen WALLIS } Churchwardens

Ambrose HUNTE }

1631 Register of all the Christenings Marriages and Burials in the Parish of Fordington Anno Domini 1631 [CLDS Image 2111]


March 29 William the sonne of Robert BRINE was buried

Aprill 2 Nicholas the sonne of Richard WILLS was buried

Aprill 10 Mary the daughter of Hamnet CONDITE was buried

Aprill 12 Lydia the daughter of Thomas ROSE was buried [Note:- Baptised in Fordington on 5 Mar 1625/6, the daughter of Thomas ROSE and Anne EAMES - See also see Biography of Anthony Eames, the younger brother of Anne EAMES]

Aprill 29 Agnes the daughter of Thomas POUNCY was buried

June 30 Mary BATSCOMBE spinster was buried

August 5 Robert the sonne of Andrew KEAT [KEATE] was buried

August 7 Edith BELLMAN vid [widow] was buried

August 20 Samuell the sonne of Robert TURCHIN cler was buried [Note: “cler” stands for clerk as in cleric- Robert Turchin was the curate of Fordington and completed and signed this return]

August 23 Elizabeth SPEAR vid [widow] was buried

September 4 William the sonne of Wm [William] CHURCHILL was buried [Note:- baptised FStG 1st Jan 1620/1 see baptism for more information]

September 5 Morgane REEVES was buried

September 12 William CHURCHILL was buried [Note:- Father of William buried 4th Sep and daughters Elizabeth and Jone (Jane) below see baptism 1st Jan 1620/1 for his son Wm for more information]

in eode die [12] Elizabeth the daughter of Wm [William] CHURCHILL was buried [ Note:-see baptism 1st Jan 1620/1 for her brother son Wm for more information]

September 14 Jone [Jane] the daughter of Wm [William] CHURCHILL was buried [ Note:-see baptism 1st Jan 1620/1 for her brother son Wm for more information]

September 24 Elizabeth the daughter of Edward SPRAKE [i.e. SPRAGUE] was buried [Note she was the 1st known child of Edward Sprague and Johan [Joan] Warren - her father Edward Sprague is mentioned in Richard Warrens Will - Elizabeth was baptised in Fordington 1 May 1627]

October 20 Judeth the daughter of Ambrose WHITE was buried [Note:- 4th known child from the marriage of Ambrose WHITE to Elizabeth RASKER at Fordington on 5th July 1614 who was Baptised at Fordington 18 April 1624]

October 26 John the sonne of Katherine CLARKE vid [widow] was buried [See comments about this Family via this link at the marriage of Anthony CLARKE to Catherine SAVAGE at Fordington on 15th June 1607]

October 29 John the sonne of William MARTINE was buried

October 31 Betteris [variant of Beatrice] BRINE was buried

November 6 Katherine the daughter of Steven BRINE was buried

November 30 Elizabeth the wife of John PAGE was buried

December 29 Joseph READ was buried

January 9 Richard the sonne of Owen WALLIS was buried

March 22 John the sonne of John WINSOR was buried



Robert TURCHIN Curat (Curate) ihdn?

Anthony Eames} Churchwardens


1632 Missing [See Wills - Philip FEARE Husbandman is likely to have died this year]

1633 A register of all the names of such as have been Christened, Married [CLDS Image 2112]

Ffordington and Buryed in the Parish of Ffordington Ano Dom [Anno Domini - In

the year of our Lord] 1633


Aprill 3 William CHONNT [Chounte] buried

Aprill 5 Jone ALLEN buried

May 13 Margaret daughter of Robert BUNE buried

May 20 Robert HUTTON buried

June 8 Dorothy BARNES wid [widow] buried

June 19 Edyth HUTTON wid [widow] buried

July 6 Richard the sonne of Robert BUNE buried

August 6 Edyth BASCOMBE wid [widow] buried

August 16 Richard the sonne of John COSSEN? buried

August 30 Jone the wife of Thomas WINSOR Junior buried

September 7 William FRANCIS buried

October 4 Mary BUNE vid [widow] buried

November 2 Thomas SEAGER buried

November 9 Richard BISHOP buried [Note: See Wills Index for 1634]

January 10 Hamnet WHITE buried [Note: See Wills Index for 1634]

February 17 Sarah the daughter of John SEAGER buried

February 31 Roger BURKE buried

    [Note In "William Whiteway of Dorchester, His Diary 1618-1635" published by the Dorset Record Society there is an entry under the date 22 June 1634 which states " Richard VEALE and his wife Mary bare penance openly for an obscene abuse offered to BUCKE of Fordington, who died shortly after it. She had been a moneth in Bridwell for it, and was well whipt there. An account of this incident is given in “Fire from Heaven by David Underdown”]


Rob [Robert] TURCHIN Curate

Robert SEAGER Churchwarden

1634 Missing

1635 A transcript of the Register for the year [CLDS Image 2113]



Alice WHITE widdow was buried March 26th

Samuel the son of Hamnet CONDUIT was buried March 29th

John DILLY was buried March 30th

Mary the daughter of Anthony INGRAM was buried April 9th

John WEECH was buried May 7th

Elizabeth LEGG widdow was buried May 11th

John DOWEL the son of Richard DOWEL was buried June 10th

Tamsin SEAGER widdow was buried June 13th

Dorothy the daughter of Philip TUCKER was buried August 2nd [Note Baptsied 21st June 1635]

An [Ann] the daughter of Steven BRINE was buried November 23rd [Note Baptised 7th June 1635]

Elizabeth BRINE was buried January 14th

William CURTIS? was buried February 8th

Ruth the daughter of Alice WEECH was buried February 10th

Jane LYNSINNTON? [Linnington?] was buried March 12th

Elizabeth READ widdow was buried March 19th



Renaldo KNAPTON } Church Wardens

John EAMES }

1636 Missing

Fordington Anno Dm 1637 [Document very badly water damaged particularly on left side] [CLDS Image 2114]


--- FFORDE was Buried

--- SEAGAR was Buried

--- [very faint might be Katherin?] BELLMAN widd [widow] was Buried

--- the son of Edward COMBE was Buried

-- [very faint but might be Richard WARREN see transcription of His Will dated 5th Dec 1636 with probate granted on 3rd May 1638] was Buried

--- was Buried

--- the sone of Ambrose WAY was Buried

--- Joseph the son of Henrie READE was Buried [Note Baptised 29th Dec 1633]

--- the daughter of the widdow BRINE was Buried

--- Peter? the son of Peter GAWDIN? was Buried

--- the daughter of Thomas HUNT was Buried [Probably Jane baptised earlier same year]

--- wife of Robert COSENS was Buried

--- widdow was Buried

--- CONDIT the son of Hamnet CUNDIT was Buried [Probably same child as Baptised this year]

--- was Buried

--- the daughter of Anthony INGRAM was Buried [probably baptised same year]




John BRAGGE Church Wardens

1638 A transcript of the Register of the Parish of Fordington Anno 1638 [CLDS Image 2115 & 2116]




Robert CLARKE was buryed April 13 [See comments about this Family via this link at the marriage of Anthony CLARKE to Catherine SAVAGE at Fordington on 15th June 1607]

Mrs. RADDEN [or Rodden] April 18 [Note:- This death is referred to in the book 'John White Founder of Massachusetts by Rose-Troup published 1930 Page 453' as Mrs RODDEN and being buried in Fordington on the 18th April 1638 - the implication being that she was the wife of William ROYDON one of the 119 investors in the Dorchester Company

Sarah the daughter of Christopher PARKE April 20

Fflorence MARTIN April 23

Sarah the daughter of Morgan WINSORE June 15

Martha the daughter of Renaldo KNAPTON July 6 [Note Gentleman and Churchwarden in 1635 and keeper of the Dorchester Goal - See references to him in the Biography of Thomas Devenish ]

Anne the daughter of Henry CROOME July 13

Richard WOOD July 27

Elizabeth BARTLET August 13

John COLLINS August 21

Anne the wife of Thomas BUN August 21

Katherine BITHGOOD August 28

Wm [William] BARTLET Septem: 4

Anne the daughter of Thomas BUN Septem: 4

Wm [William] GAULER Septem: 11

Joane the wife of Anthony DIGGE Septem: 14

Nicholas INGRAM Septem: 17

Roger BUNNE Octob: 25

Richard the son of Philip BUN Novem: 10

Steven the son of Steven EDWARDS Novem: 18

Joane the daughter of Alice LUCCAS Novem: 21

Mary the daughter of Isaake [Isaac] BARRET Decem: 18

Elizabeth the daughter of Wm [William] MARTIN Decem: 21 [End of CLDS Image 2115]

Margaret FFORD Decem: 27 [CLDS Image 2116]

Elinor the daughter of Philip CLEMENT Decem: 31

Robert the son of Samuel BELMAN Ffeb: 4

John SALISURY Ffeb: 5

Henry the son of Henry READ Ffeb: 12

Elizabeth the daughter of Richard LOCKE Ffeb: 14

Agnes INGRAM Ffeb: 19

Ema? NORRIS Ffeb: 22

Henry WHITE March 19

John the son of Richard CHOUNT March 20 [End of CLDS Image 2116]



Wm [William] STRONG Curate [Note:- Link to more information about the family of Rev.William Strong curate of St Georges Church Fordington]

Wm [William] COLLINS

William BARNES

1639 A Register for the Parish of Fordington for this year 1639 [CLDS Image 2117 & 2118]



Marie the daughter of Walter BOLES Buried May 1st [CLDS Image 2117]

Richard WILLES Buried May 17th

Marie the daughter of John BRAGGE Buried Julie [July] 26th

An the wife of Richard DOWLE Buried August 17 th

Robert BUN Buried Septem: 30th   [Note: See Wills Index for 1639]

John READE Buried Octob: 18th

Martha the daughter of Ffrancis BARNES Buried Octob: 22nd

Guy the son of Guy CHAPPLE Buried Nov: 24th [CLDS Image 2117]

Elizabeth the daughter of Morgan WINSOR Buried Decemb: 28th [CLDS Image 2118]

Edward & John the sonnes of Christopher JOHNSON Buried Jany: 7th

Thomas DOWLE was buried Jany: 11th

Elizabeth the daughter of William WINSOR Buried Jany: 27th

Alec WILLES Buried feb: 21st

Christian COOMBE Buried March 2nd

Charles? COSENS Buried March 14th

Richard CORBAN Buried March the 17th [CLDS Image 2118]



John MARSHE Cur: [Curate]

Robert SEAGAR } Churchwardens


NOTE: 1640 to 1663 inclusive are Missing but some Wills survive for this period See Wills Index

The following entry is in the St Peters Church Burial Register:-

9th Jun 1655 John MILLER dyed in this parish and was buried at Fordington

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