Parish of Wyke Regis

MARRIAGES 1701 - 1782
Volumes II, III & IV

Transcribed from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages"  Volume V,  edited by W P W Phillimore & Edmund Neville, published in 1910.

Transcribed by Barbara Hunt



Vol II Is a  parchment book, 121/2in by 71/2, consisting of Burials from April 1738 to May 1802.

Containing on one page the entries of Marriages from March 30th, 1752, to March 21st, 1754.

Condition, good. Binding, limp parchment.


Vol. III Consists of 16 parchment leaves and half a plain in parchmentleaf in the forefront, with

one marriage, the first two entries consisting of the Banns only. Size of book, 13in by 101/2in.

Condition, good, but loosening very much. Binding, stamped calf,  with Wyke Regis on cover.

Period from June, 1754, to December, 1764


Vol IV  Jan., 1765-Sept.,1782.  This volume consists of 2 parts - a Register of Banns published

and a Register of Marriages solemnized. The Marriage portion consists of 24 paper leaves, and

there are also 2 entries on a plain page at the end. Sixe, 141/2in. By 10 in. Condition, good.

Bound in Boards.


Edward DUNNING & Elizabeth DARBY of East Lulworth married 06-May 1701

Robert WILLIS A Clergyman & Anne COMPTON of Witchampton married 27-May 1701

William LANE & Martha ATWELL of Weymouth married 08-Jun 1701

Richard AVIES & Christian NOWN of Weymouth married 12-Jun 1701

John FEARER & Joane STEPHENS married 24-Jul 1701

Joseph WILKINS & Edith VINCENT of Weymouth married 28-Aug 1701

Thomas MURREY & Virtue KEEVER of Coom Kaines married 06-Oct 1701

Joseph MANDERS & Hannah MINTERN of Weymouth married 11-Dec 1701

Thos. DYER & Grace COOK of Weymouth married 22-Dec 1701

Ralph IRONSYDE & Mary SYMONDS of Long Brody married 08-Jan 1701

James GALE & Elizabeth GREEN married 25-Jan 1701

George PITCHER & Elizabeth BOYT married 29-Jan 1701

Thomas GAUDEN & Catherine HARRISON of Weymouth married 05-Feb 1701

Francis CARTER & Honour RANDLE of Weymouth married 09-Feb 1701

John GOLDING of Netherbury & Jane PITT of Weymouth married 23-Apr 1702

[Entries are consecutive and in the same handwriting]

John ROUNSIVAL & Damaris BIRD of Weymouth married 21-Apr 1703 by Licence

John DOSSEN & Elizabeth CRANE of Weymouth married 21-Sep 1703

John SAMWAYS of Portland & Mary ANDREWS married 26-Sep 1703

Thomas BUFFIELD & Elizabeth WALL of Weymouth married 20-Oct 1703

Robert COOMES of Little Brody & Elizabeth ZELWAY of Melcombe married 18-Nov 1703 by Licence

William PHILIPS & Anne FIELD Wimbourn married 21-Nov 1703 by Licence

William KAMES & Elizabeth CARTER of Weymouth married 29-Dec 1703

Henry TREVES & Elizabeth TREVES of Little Waddon married 03-Jan 1703

William WOOD & Elizabeth COLE of Chickerel married 12-Jan 1703

William SEARES & Elizabeth COURLONG of Weymouth married 19-Mar 1703

Willis PALMER & Joane WATTES [WALLIS?] married 03-Jun 1704

Richard ROBERTS of Alton & Phillis BARTLET of Sydling married 06-Jun 1704 by Licence

Robert DAMMIN & Mary DEEKER married 09-Jul 1704

Anthony CRISDE & Susanna BAKER of Chaldon married 23-Jul 1704 by Licence

Abraham FOSTER & Martha SYMONDS of Weymouth married 26-Jul 1704

John MARTIN & Elizabeth COOK of Weymouth married 05-Sep 1704

James MAGNEUX[?] & Mary TAYLOR Widow of Weymouth married 07-Oct 1704 by Licence

Peter CORNELIUS & Elizabeth MARSHALL married 06-Nov 1704

William ELLIOTT of Portland & Elizabeth DURRANT of Weymouth married 29-Nov 1704 by Licence

Robert ARBUTHNOT & Sarah BEER of Weymouth married 30-Nov 1704 by Licence

Richard MATTICKS & Jane STREET of Weymouth married 04-Dec 1704

Thomas CRANE & Frances WHITE of Weymouth married 10-Dec 1704

Ralph FEN & Joane CRANE of Weymouth married 12-Dec 1704

Robert CROSSMAN & Margaret COLLOCK of Weymouth married 12-Dec 1704

Philip NEWMAN of Melcomb & Sarah COOK of Weymouth married 29-Jan 1704

Gabriel BURROD & Mary MANDERS of Weymouth married 31-Jan 1704

[Entries are consecutive]

John ANDREWS of Upwey & Hannah HARDY Rodden married 09-Jan 1705 by Licence

John SAMWAIES & Jane COLLOCK of Weymouth married 26-Mar 1706

Robert WADE & Susanna BELLET of Weymouth married 05-May 1706

 and this par

William FELTEN of Collard Farnham & Elizabeth BARTLET Rodden married 13-May 1706 by Licence

George WOOLLEY of Axeminster & Elizabeth FOOKS Portesham married 05-Jul 1706 by Licence

John WHICKER & Joane ALLEN married 15-Sep 1706

Samuel GREEN & Sarah ANDREWS married 24-Nov 1706

John LODER & Sarah MACKEREL married 25-Nov 1706

Joseph FOWLER & Anne PAUL married 25-Dec 1706

Richard LANER & Susanna ATWOOL married 02-Jan 1706 by Licence

John WATTS & Judith COLLIER married 15-Jan 1706

Patrick COURTNEY & Catherine HEMAN married 06-Feb 1706

John CHEDDAM & Grace FOWLER married 17-May 1707

James MARSHALSAY & Mary SMART married 09-Jun 1707 by Licence

Robert GAUDEN & Thomasine WAY married 12-Jun 1707

Thomas CHILD & Agnes HIND married 01-Jul 1707

Nicolas MITCHEL & Jane WEEKS married 07-Jul 1707 by Licence

Edward TOBY & Elizabeth WHITE married 07-Aug 1707

George BROADBERRY & Martha HARDY married 21-Aug 1707 by Licence

John DEEKER & Catherine ALLEN married 07-Sep 1707

Jonathan BOLT & Abigail PORT married 26-Dec 1707 by Licence

John DEANE & Elizabeth WARCUP married 14-Dec 1707 by Licence

Philip MORRIS & Mary JORDAN married 24-May 1708 by Licence

Robert WOOD & Catherine SLADE married 24-May 1708 by Licence

David DARLINGTON & Mary ALLEN married 17-Jun 1708 by Licence

John HARDY & Sarah GREGORY married 15-Sep 1708 by Licence

John THEDDAM & Elisabeth ALLEN Widow married 09-Nov 1708

Ralph RUTTER & Martha FOSTER Widow married 16-Dec 1708

Thomas SANSON & Bridget COWSE(?) married 21-Dec 1708 by Licence

John ANDREWS & Sarah NOLBURY married 23-Dec 1708

John BROWNE & Margaret SPEAR married 03-Feb 1708

Giles LAWRENCE & Elizabeth ROUNCIVAL married 16-Feb 1708 by Licence

Richard VINCENT & Margaret NORRIS Widow married 16-May 1709

James ALLEN & Elizabeth WHITE married 16-Jun 1709

John HARDY & Jane CARVER Widow married 08-Aug 1709 by Licence

Thomas BRAINE & Mary LAWRENCE married 08-Sep 1709 by Licence

John HENDY & Elenour NOSSITER married 04-Oct 1709 by Licence

Robert HYGGINS & Sarah SANFORD married 06-Oct 1709

Gideon ELBY & Martha GANNAWAY Widow married 23-Oct 1709 by Licence

John BARTLETT & Lucy BENNETT married 17-Nov 1709 by Licence

John FORD & Elizabeth GRAY married 19-Dec 1709

Richard WARCUP & Elizabeth SAMWAYS married 27-Jun 1710 by Licence

Jonathan COOK & Anne ADDAMS married 24-Jul 1710

Thomas DARE & Sarah PAINTER married 17-Sep 1710

William LINGIN & Sarah CRANE married 29-Nov 1710

John RICH & Susanna ALLEN married 26-Dec 1710

James COOPER & Mary ELLIOTT married 12-Feb 1710 by Licence

Walter WELDIZ[?] & Christian BAYLEY married 23-Apr 1711

George PAYNE & Esther WAY married 07-May 1711

John BARTLETT & Phillis SCRIVEN married 08-Jun 1711

John STEVENS & Joane BOWDEN married 17-Jul 1711 by Licence

Thomas BISHOP & Sarah HARDY married 01-Aug 1711 by Licence

John WALDRON & Sarah SMITH married 04-Sep 1711 by Licence

Joseph EVANS & Deborah COLLECK married 12-Sep 1711

Robert HAMMELL & Anne WALLIS married 23-Sep 1711 by Licence

John TUCKER & Anne PAYNE married 16-Oct 1711 by Licence

Jacob CROOME & Elizabeth KELWAY married 17-Nov 1711 by Licence

Richard GREEN & Catherine BLANCHARD married 22-Nov 1711 by Licence

John KEATE & Elizabeth HAMMEL married 05-Feb 1711 by Licence

John BAYLEY & Margaret CHAPPEL married 29-Jun 1712 by Licence

Tristam SPRAGE & Mary ROUNSIVAL married 15-Aug 1712 by Licence

Henry YOUNG & Mary FOSTER married 16-Sep 1712 by Licence

Jonathan EDWARDS & Rebecca SIBLY married 30-Sep 1712 by Licence

William LAMBARD & Agnes COOPER married 23-Nov 1712

Robert PITMAN & Grace GILL married 10-Feb 1712 by Licence

George CORRINGTON & Judith CARTER married 05-Mar 1712 by Licence

Jacob JACOBS & Hagar COMBEAN married 09-Mar 1712 by Licence

Edward VARLON & Mary CAKE married 13-Apr 1713

Hugh MARGARY & Rebecca ABBOTT married 03-Jun 1713

Francis LISTER & Edith BEERE married 17-May 1713 by Licence

Edward BAYLEY & Catherine JERARD married 07-Jul 1713

Squib RANELS[?] & Hanah FEAVER married 19-Jul 1713

Henry WITHERS & Deborah EVANS married 07-Nov 1713 by Licence

Nicholas EARS[?] & Elizabeth CLARK married 09-Nov 1713

John HALLET & Catherine MAYNARD married 02-Mar 1713 by Licence

John HENNING & Grace WATTS married 21-Mar 1713 by Licence

[No entries for 1714. A very small blank space left. Writing changes.]

John ADAMS & Gertrude WICKER married 26-Dec 1715

Joseph COMBEAN & Mary JERRARD married 02-Jan 1715

William WOOLER & Ann POND married 14-Jan 1715

[No entries until 1721. The halves of two pages left blank. Writing changes]

Charles FAVOR & Jane HARDY married 22-May 1721 by Licence

[A blank space of three in. left between here and the next entry which may be 1722 0r 3.

The writing the same] & married

Richard HARDY & Elizabeth FLETCHER married 15-May 1722or1723

Richard JORDAN & Elizabeth HARDY married 03-Jun 1723 by Licence

[Remainder of this page and top 3 in of the next left blank; no entries until 1725]

William PAINTER of Portland & Sarah STONE of Portland married 01-May 1725

James TURMIN & Margaret PARMISTER married 03-May 1725

John SLY & Mary HALLET married 03-May 1725

Charles WHITTLE of Portland & Rebecca PEARCE of Portland married 05-Jun 1725

William POTT of Shaston & Edith AYLES of Portland married 18-Jun 1725 by Licence

John ANDREWS & Rebecca ATTWOOL of Portland married 19-Jun 1725

John TAYLOR & Susanna BAEVIS married 09-Sep 1725 by Licence

Nicholas PARKER & Elizabeth BAKER married 19-Sep 1725

[Written after Bayley erased]

Thomas LODER & Elizabeth READ of Portland married 20-Oct 1725

Joel STOODLEY of Portland & Sarah PITCHER of Weymouth Regis married 01-Jan 1725

George COMBEN & Jone ATTWOOL of Portland married 10-Jul 1726 by Licence

Thomas FRANKLYN & Martha HARDY married 14-Jul 1726 by Licence

John HALLET & Mary HALLET married 01-Aug 1726 by Licence

David LAURENCE & Mary LONG married 23-Oct 1726

William DARBY & Susanna RICH married 14-Nov 1726

Henry POPE & Jane TYZARD married 26-Dec 1726

John DAY of Bencomb & Grace FERRAR married 05-Nov 1726 by Licence

[sic out of order]

Samuel TEMPLEMAN & Elizabeth EDWARDS married 26-Jan 1726

Hugh BARTLETT & Grace GREEN married 02-Feb 1726

James GREEN & Mary HEYDON married 18-May 1727 by Licence

Tunstall TYZARD of Melcomb Regis & Elizabeth GILBERT of Portland married 28-Aug 1727 by Licence

Giles GOODWIN & Elizabeth BAYLEY married 10-Sep 1727

John SEYMOUR of Whitby c. York & Sarah SEYMOUR of Melcomb Regis married 28-Apr 1728 by Licence

Michael SYMONDS & Mary DEED married 13-May 1728 by Licence

Harvest BEASANT & Providence BRYAN married 19-May 1728

Mitchell FOWLER & Mary WHICKER married 27-May 1728

Robert BARTLETT & Catherine BELLIT married 31-May 1728 by Licence

Peter WILSON of Wells co Norfolk & Elizabeth ALLEN married 14-Aug 1728 by Licence

Richard PROWSE of Melcomb Regis & Anne CRISDE of Weymouth Regis married 16-Aug 1728 by Licence

Jacob ROBINSON Sailor & Elizabeth ANSTEAD of Weymouth married 05-Nov 1728 by Licence

Aldrey ROSE of Langton & Hannah ALLEN of Fleet married 17-Dec 1728

John NOWNE & Mary DARLINGTON married 06-Feb 1728

Robert JANSEN & Rebecca VINCENT married 29-Mar 1729

John MITCHELL of Falmouth & Thomasine MATTICKS of Weymouth married 26-Dec 1729 by Licence

William CROSSMAN & Mary SANDFORD married 21-Jan 1729

Nicholas MILLER & Sarah BURD married 12-May 1730

Robert HUGHSON & Mary FLETCHER married 21-May 1730

John WALLIS & Catherine TURNER married 29-Sep 1730 by Licence

William ORCHARD & Edith ROWNE married 19-Nov 1730

Robert NEWTON & Elizabeth JONES married 21-Dec 1730

Jeremiah COBEY & Elizabeth SUTTON married 28-Dec 1730

John ABBOTT & Mary BIRD married 31-Dec 1730 by Licence

Thomas GIBBS & Jone GILBERT of Portland married 05-Jan 1730 by Licence

Giles SERJEANT & Periham LODER married 14-Jan 1730

William GILBERT of Portland & Mary BOYT married 17-Jan 1730 by Licence

James DEED & Susanna ALLEN married 10-Feb 1730

James HEYDON & Anne HOPE married 07-Feb 1730 by Licence

[sic out of order]

John WALLIS of Portland & Elizabeth BOYT married 28-Feb 1730

Thomas DARLINGTON & Margaret CULLIN married 18-Apr 1731

Philip DAVIS & Ann BENNETT (DENNETT) married 22-Apr 1731

Willi [Omitted] of Evershot & Sarah LODER married 13-May 1731

Edmond TALBOT & Patience GARDENER married 18-May 1731

James ALLEN & Susanna PAINTER married 11-Jun 1731(?)

John BARRETT & Sarah SPEED married 11-Oct 1731

William PALMER & Joan WEY married 19-Oct 1731 by Licence

Francis MACNAB & Martha COOPER married 02-Nov 1731

Honest(?)Harvest(?) BEASANT & Elizabeth SPEARING married 04-Nov 1731

(The entries for 1731 are in an illiterate hand)

Nicholas SUFFIELD & Mary STEPHENS married 03-Jun 1732

John CHURCHOUSE & Catherine BUNTING of Chickerell married 01-Jul 1732

John JACOB of Frome Vanchurch & Mary WRAY of Weymouth married 03-Oct 1732 by Licence

John CROME & Susanna ALLEN married 09-Nov 1732

John CHILD & Elizabeth JOHNSON of Dorchester married 26-Dec 1732

Mark HINE & Martha DEAR married 26-Jun 1732

[sic out of order]

Henry HELLIER of Bucklandnuton & Mary DAMANE married 02-Jul 1733

Thomas GILLGREST Sailor & Elizabeth ROBINSON married 04-Jul 1733

John BARTLETT & Sarah DEEKER married 21-Oct 1733 by Licence

Stephen GREEN & Mary GOTHAM married 20-Nov 1733

Giles BIRD & Jane WELLSTED married 25-Nov 1734

Thomas REYNOLDS & Elisabeth VINCENT married 14-Mar 1734 by Licence

Uriah HARRIS & Joan ANDREWS married 15-May 1734

William BEER & Martha SADLER married 03-Jun 1734 by Licence

John DARLINGTON & Mary SLADE married 26-Sep 1734

Thomas TIZARD & Alice ANDREWS married 23-Jan 1735

John LODER & Elizabeth WHITE married 12-Jun 1735

John CHICK & Anne CARTER married 22-Jun 1735

Joseph WARREN & Martha WALL married 01-Aug 1735 by Licence

John BOYTE & Betty DAMON married 15-Sep 1735

William HARVEY Mariner of St. Ives in Cornwall & Hester PITCHER of Melcomb Regis married 27-Apr 1736 by Licence

Thomas CARTER & Elizabeth HARDY married 07-Jun 1736 by Licence

Thomas LODER & Damaris COMBIN married 05-Aug 1736

William BIGNALL & Jane HOBBS married 09-Aug 1736 by Licence

Samuel COUSINS & Jenny WARCUP married 24-Aug 1736

Nicholas DAMON & Elisabeth KEATE married 26-Aug 1736

Robert DECKER & Martha THOMAS married 17-Sep 1736

Thomas DEAR & Sarah GEAL married 18-Nov 1736

James MITCHEL & Dorothy SPRAGG married 16-Dec 1736

Thomas SMART & Elizabeth SMARTFOOT married 09-Jan 1737 by Licence

William WELLSTOOD & Betty DECKER married 18-Jan 1737

Thomas ALLEN of Chickerell & Anne PITMAN Widow married 24-Feb 1737 by Licence

John BRETT of Melcomb Regis & Mary DURANT married 24-Feb 1737 by Licence

John HICKMAN & Mary GREEN married 28-Feb 1737 by Licence

Thomas TOWNSEND & Elisabeth BEER married 20-Apr 1737 by Licence

Thomas BARRETT & Grace ROLLS married 30-May 1737

Robert THEDDAM & Catherine POND married 11-Jul 1737

Richard CROMME & Catherine GAUDEN married 20-Oct 1737

James STEARES of Melcomb Regis & Joan BOYTE married 23-Oct 1737

Daniel BURT of Ramesham & Edith HARDY married 21-Nov 1737

Richard THORNE of Melcomb Regis & Anna BAYLEY of Weymouth married 28-Nov 1737 by Licence

Joseph FOSSY of Meriot in Somerset & Mary HENDY married 29-Dec 1737

Thomas ROSE of Langton & Mary WATTS married 22-Jan 1738

Thomas DIER & Rebecca LATIMER married 12-Feb 1738

Barter HAWKINS & Laetitia PRICE married 14-Feb 1738 by Licence

John FINN & Agnes MINIKIN married 09-Mar 1738

Thomas ALLEN & Susannah WARD married 22-May 1738

William FORD & Mary GOLD married 17-Aug 1738

John BELLEY & Hannah WARD married 03-Sep 1738

John SLAUGHTER & Mary LODER married 17-Nov 1738

John BAYLEY & Mary POLLARD of Chickerell married 31-Jan 1739 by Licence

Benjamin ROGERS & Joanna RADCLIFFE married 25-Mar 1739 by Licence

Robert AMY & Mary BRADFORD of Stafford married 01-Apr 1739 by Licence

Edward RATCLIFFE & Anne WHITE married 26-Apr 1739

Stephen PERRY & Elizabeth LAKE married 29-Apr 1739

Philip TIZARD & Mary BOWNE married 24-May 1739

Richard GAWDEN & Sarah CLARE married 13-Jun 1739 by Licence

Thomas ROSE of Langton & Rebecca COSINS married 19-Sep 1739

George KNIGHT & Dorothy ANDREWS married 22-May 1740

John TUCKER & Sarah MANSEL married 17-Aug 1740

John ALLEN & Susannah DEED married 08-Sep 1740

Peter WATTS & Mary HARVEST married 09-Oct 1740

William COOPER & Joan JENSON married 15-Oct 1740

John CHILES & Elizabeth GAUDEN married 23-Oct 1740 by Licence

John HANSFORD of Lower Loders & Joan WARREN married 18-Nov 1740 by Licence

 [written under ASHFORD erased by pen]

Joseph PEIRS & Margaret GREEN married 19-Aug 1741

Robert HOOKE & Eleanor SLATTER married 21-Dec 1741

William READ & Mary JAMES of Portland married 31-Dec 1741

George POLLARD of Fleet & Joice KAISER married 22-Jan 1742 by Licence

Henry DRYER & Joan MITCHEL of Portland married 04-Feb 1742

Joseph STONE & Susanna DAMEN married 25-Feb 1742

Abel SWEET senr of Portland & Martha HANSFORD married 29-Jun 1742

Joseph REYNOLDS & Grace GERRARD of Melcomb Regis married 01-Jul 1742 by Licence

Thomas COMBIN of Portland & Mary COSINS married 28-Jul 1742 by Licence

Thomas CHICK & Elisabeth RUSSEL married 06-Oct 1742

John DECKER & Mary KEAT married 06-Oct 1742

Samuel CRISDE & Elizabeth UDELL married 25-Nov 1742 by Licence

William CHILD & Susanna ALLEN of Portland married 27-Dec 1742

Samuel LEGG of Bridport & Frances COSINS married 29-Jan 1743

Thomas MITCHELL & Jone STONE of Portland married 05-Feb 1743

Edward BARTLETT of Radipole & Israel OTTILAR married 31-Mar 1743

John COLE & Hannah GILLINGHAM of Sandwich married 05-Apr 1743

John WARD & Joan BARTLETT of Melcomb Regis married 22-May 1743

John JERRARD & Sarah PEARSE married 22-Aug 1743 by Licence

Robert LODER & Sarah DEERING married 04-Sep 1743 by Licence

Thomas CHAVENEY & Margaret GIBBS of Portland married 09-Sep 1743 by Licence

Robert PENNY & Mary de QUITEVILLE of Melcomb Regis married 12-Sep 1743 by Licence

William MUDDLE & Anne SCHOLLAR of Portland married 30-Oct 1743

Isaac ROD & Jane MITCHEL of Portland married 04-Nov 1743

John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth COLLIER married 17-Dec 1743

George SOMERS & Sarah GREEN married 30-Dec 1743

Thomas MARTYN & Fruit THOMAS married 02-Jan 1744

Robert TOWELS & Mary FARR married 27-Apr 1744

Matthew AKERMAN of Burton & Margaret LOWMAN married 03-May 1744 by Licence

William PITMAN of Abbotsbury & Betty GREEN married 06-Jun 1744 by Licence

John MITCHEL of Melcomb Regis & Sarah COOPER married 29-Jun 1744

Robert FOWLER & Betty HEARN married 09-Jul 1744

Thomas HICKMAN & Frances CORLINE married 09-Sep 1744

Thomas PENNY & Mary JERRARD married 08-Nov 1744 by Licence

John SHARPLESS & Mary HART married 03-Dec 1744

John KEATE & Molly WESTON married 01-Jan 1745 by Licence

Jonathan COMBEN & Margery ATTWOOL married 01-Jan 1745

Francis MACNAB & Elizabeth DEANS married 06-Jan 1745 by Licence

John HENDY of Fleet & Elizabeth BAKER (BATER?) married 10-Jan 1745

John TURNER & Anne NEWTON married 17-Jan 1745 by Licence

Joseph WEBB & Elisabeth LODER married 24-Jan 1745

Samuel SLY & Anne WALL married 05-Feb 1745

William PEARSE & Elizabeth TOBY of Portland married 06-Apr 1745 by Licence

Mr John WAY of Bridport & Miss Elizabeth WAY of Melcomb Regis married 10-Apr 1745 by Licence

John HOLLAND & Catherine WALLIS married 26-Apr 1745 by Licence

John MABB & Margaret DEERING married 07-Jun 1745

Thomas FORD & Jane DORDEN married 15-Jun 1745

Flower RUSSEL & Elisabeth PEARCE married 21-Jul 1745 by Licence

John ANDREWS & Jane COMBIN of Portland married 30-Jul 1745 by Licence

Cyprian THOMPSON of Whitehaven in Cumberland & Anne CARTER of Weymouth married 12-Sep 1745 by Licence

Thomas ALLEN & Jane COMBIN married 27-Dec 1745

William Oasley ATTWOOL & Susannah FLEW of Portland married 01-Jan 1746 by Licence

William COCKS of Melcomb Regis & Catherine COWARD married 02-Jan 1746

William HIND & Hester COMBIN of Portland married 03-Jan 1746 by Licence

Thomas COLLIER & Sarah LODER married 12-Feb 1746

Capt. John FRIEND of Melcomb Regis & Miss Mary BULL married 24-Feb 1746 by Licence

Abraham LAWRENCE & Anne BRAIN of Ellworth married 07-Apr 1746

Edward COMBIN & Sarah WHITE of Portland married 23-Apr 1746

Timothy SCRIVEN of Melcomb Regis & Catharine BATTER married 21-May 1746

John COLINS & Anne SKIPLAND married 24-May 1746

William HARDY & Betty OTTILAR of Abbotsbury married 28-May 1746 by Licence

William PEARSE & Elizabeth GEORGE of Melcomb Regis married 07-Jul 1746

Robert NEWTON & Joan COOPER married 10-Jul 1746 by Licence

John HASKELL & Elizabeth MASTERS of Portland married 29-Aug 1746

Thomas GREEN & Hester PAIN married 18-Sep 1746

Thomas ROPER of Portland & Martha HICKMAN married 08-Dec 1746 by Licence

William POTTS & Mary WOOD of Portland married 10-Mar 1747 by Licence

Robert JENESON & Mary AVERY married 29-Jun 1747 by Licence

Thomas MESHEM & Susanna DEPREE married 03-Jun 1747

Thomas MURRAIN & Mary CHILES of Portland married 02-Nov 1747

William PALMER & Elizabeth GILLCREST married 02-Jan 1748

Thomas JOLLIFE & Mary DECKER married 05-Jan 1748 by Licence

William COCKS & Hester HARVEY married 18-Feb 1748 by Licence

Richard DUNSTERVILLE & Edith POMEROY married 24-Feb 1748

John ANDREWS & Edith PEARSE married 06-Jun 1748 by Licence

John COOMBE & Hannah ANDREWS married 03-Aug 1748 by Licence

William BENNET & Anne ELBY married 17-Aug 1748

Nicholas WOOD of Abby & Betty BOYTE married 03-Sep 1748 by Licence

George DOUGHEITY & Susannah CROMEY married 26-Feb 1748 by Licence

Andrew HALGAN & Elizabeth SMIRKE married 06-Oct 1748

Philip HOLLAND & Deborah CHILES of Portland married 31-Oct 1748

Robert BOND & Elizabeth BASHAM married 28-Nov 1748 by Licence

John Ously ATTWOOL & Susannah WHITTLE married 30-Dec 1748

William Ousley ATTWOOL & Agnes PEARSE of Portland married 02-Jan 1749 by Licence

John CARTER & Fruit MARTYN married 01-Feb 1749 by Licence

William BAYLEY & Sarah HICKMAN married 02-Feb 1749

William THORNE & Edith BUSSEL married 16-Mar 1749 by Licence

William DENNIS & Sarah KETTLE married 26-Mar 1749

John SPEARS & Elizabeth GREY married 02-Apr 1749 by Licence

William TOPLING & Catharine HOLLAND married 03-May 1749 by Licence

William SANSOM & Mary BENFIELD of Portland married 06-May 1749

William BENNET & Anne BUCKLER married 08-May 1749

John STURGEON & Elizabeth ROBINSON married 09-May 1749 by Licence

George BAYLEY & Mary BRETT married 11-May 1749

Edward ATTWOOL & Grace PEARSE married 15-May 1749 by Licence

Richard BARTLETT & Martha BRETT married 11-May 1749 by Licence

Robert PEARSE & Mary HEWSON married 05-Nov 1749 by Licence

Bartholomew COMBIN & Sarah ATWELL of Portland married 22-Nov 1749 by Licence

Robert ELLERY & Elisabeth WEBB married 30-Nov 1749 by Licence

John AYLES & Alice ANDREWS of Portland married 01-Jan 1750 by Licence

James MACKENZIE & Betty WILLIAMS married 19-Jan 1750 by Licence

John JAMES & Mary SINGLE married 06-Mar 1750

Samuel MANSELL & Martha DOVE married 09-Mar 1750 by Licence

Thomas ELLIOTT & Martha Wall AYLES of Portland married 01-May 1750 by Licence

John BEST & Elizabeth BARTLETT of Burton married 25-Jun 1750 by Licence

Samuel LANE of South Perrot & Dorothy COLE married 16-Jul 1750

William FLEW & Jane DYER of Portland married 11-Sep 1750 by Licence

Owen TOWNSELL & Jane BYAT of Portland married 11-Sep 1750 by Licence

John ROBBEN & Anne HIGGINS married 14-Nov 1750 by Licence

John WINSOR & Elizabeth CAMEL married 11-Jan 1751 by Licence

Joseph THOMPSON & Mary COOPER married 18-Feb 1751

Richard GROSS & Leah OATLEY married 06-Apr 1751

John KAJIER & Martha DECKER married 24-Jul 1751

Edward DOLLEN & Jane GREY married 05-Aug 1751 by Licence

William STOREY & Jane MILLER married 06-Oct 1751

Edward RUSSEL & Mary ORCHARD married 17-Jan 1752

Thomas TREEP & Betty HEWSTON married 20-Jan 1752

Volume III

William STONE & Agnes STONE married 30-Mar 1752 by Licence

Edward GOSS & Mary STONE married 16-Apr 1752 by Licence

Thomas BANGER & Elisabeth TEALL married 17-May 1752 by Licence

John ESWORD & Anne FAR married 10-Jul 1752

William BATTER & Avis BARNES married 24-Dec 1752 by Licence

Daniel SHEPARD of Portland & Anne BROWN of Allington married 05-Feb 1752 by Licence

Thomas GREEN & Jane POPE married 04-Mar 1752

Stephen GOSS & Mary EUSTON married 20-Jun 1752 by Licence

Richard NOTTER & Mary WILLIAMS married 11-Sep 1752

Robert WALKER & Elizabeth ROWLES married 08-Oct 1752 by Licence

Joseph COLLINS & Mary JACOB married 12-Oct 1752

Henry HELLIER & Hannah JERRARD married 01-Nov 1752

William HOLLAND & Susannah White SWEET of Portland married 07-Jan 1754

Jasper GUTHERIDGE & Rebecca LOADER married 16-Jan 1754

John BISHOP & Mary BASHAM married 21-Feb 1754 by Licence

William BEAZANT & Anna Maria KINGSBURY married 14-Mar 1754 by Licence

Thomas DURDEN & Elisabeth WELLSTED married 21-Mar 1754

Robert POWILS of Weymouth & Martha SNOOKES of Poole married (banns only)

James RANDALE Mariner of Weymouth & Sarah THOMAS of Melcomb married (banns only)

John WILLIAMS & Esther GREEN married 26-Jun 1754

John PALMER & Sarah MABB married 21-Aug 1754

Alexander Pearce ANDREWS & Edith ANDREWS married 15-Sep 1754 by Licence

Harris BEAZANT of Melcomb Regis & Sarah WEBB Spinster W.R. married 09-Oct 1754 by Licence

William CROSSMAN Bachelor & Martha WARREN Widow married 17-Nov 1754 by Licence

Samuel DAVIS Bachelor & Anne WATSON Spinster of Abbotsbury married 19-Dec 1754 by Licence

Augustin ELLIOTT of Portland & Sarah MURREY Spinster of Portland married 24-Dec 1754 by Licence

Daniel WHITE Bachelor of Melcomb Regis & Patience FLOWER Spinster of Weymouth married 28-Dec 1754 by Licence

Abraham PETERS [signs PETTERS] Bachelor of Portland & Grace MITCHEL Spinster of Portland married 19-Mar 1755 by Licence

Thomas BAGG Widower of Melcomb Regis & Rebecca DEANS Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Apr 1755

James DAVIS Bachelor & Sarah DURDEN married 15-Dec 1755

Robert ADAMS Bachelor & Sarah GODWIN married 11-Mar 1756

John GREEN of Melcomb Regis & Elizabeth LODER Widow of Weymouth married 27-May 1756 by Licence

Simon JENKINS of Weymouth & Love SAXON Widow married 26-Sep 1756

John GREY signs GRAY Bachelor & Mary JOLLIFFE Widow married 21-Apr 1756 by Licence

John STEVENS & Mary WATERS married 15-Jun 1756

Richard COX of Weymouth & Rosanna BARRET of Weymouth married 14-Jul 1756 *signs Rosannah BARRETT

William LODER of Weymouth & Elizabeth SANDS of Melcombe Regis married 31-Jul 1756 by Licence

Richard WILLIAMS Mariner Under Age of Weymouth & Mary RANDAL Under Age of Weymouth married 05-Aug 1756 by Licence

Thomas JERRARD Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sarah BISHOP Spinster of Weymouth married 18-Aug 1757 by Licence

Robert FOWLER Bachelor of Weymouth & Grace ARNOLD Spinster of Abbotsbury married 08-Sep 1757

William WILLIAMS & Martha HAMS married 27-Sep 1757

Richard NEWMAN of Weymouth & Jenny ROWLES signs ROLLS of Weymouth married 03-Oct 1757 by Licence

Thomas TOLLIDGE & Joan BIRD married 02-Feb 1758

Thomas FLOWER of Melcombe Regis & Letty LODER W.R. married 06-Feb 1758

Robert KETTELL Seaman & Mary NOWN[sic] married

Thomas ANDREWS Mariner Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Elizabeth CROWNE [signs CROWN] Widow of Weymouth married 14-Aug 1758 by Licence

Robert FLEW Bachelor of Portsmouth Common & Grace FOWLER Spinster of Weymouth married 13-Sep 1758 by Licence

William LEWIS Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary BANTON Spinster of Weymouth married 17-Sep 1758 by Licence

 & [signs] BUNTON married

William SPECK Mariner Bachelor & Mary ELLIOTT Spinster married 30-Nov 1758

Thomas TIZARD aet 20 of Melcombe Regis & Katherine THEDDAM of W.R. married 21-Dec 1758 by Licence

John MARSHALLSAY aet 27 of W.R. & Rachel JEANESS of Radipole married 21-Mar 1759 by Licence

Henry Mans TOWEL [signs TOWILLS] Bachelor of W.R. & Mary BUSSELL married 19-Apr 1759

William BARTLETT & Sarah CHAPPEL married 09-Jun 1759

Edward BARRETT [signs BARRATT] & Anne CROSSMAN married 30-Jul 1759

Michael COMINS of Weymouth & Rebecca BESANT of Weymouth married 01-Sep 1759

Mark HINE of Weymouth & Grace HOPKINS of Weymouth married 04-Oct 1759

John NEWTON Mariner Widower of Weymouth & Mary BEST Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Oct 1759

William TOPLING Widower of Weymouth & Mary SHINER Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Nov 1759 by Licence

Edmund TUCKER of Axminster Devon & Susanna de JERSEY of Weymouth married 08-Jan 1760 by Licence

John WALLIS & Elizabeth TREVES married 25-Jan 1760

Thomas DAAR Mariner & Mary HICKMAN Spinster married 27-Jan 1760

Thomas ARNOLD Mariner & Mary GREEN married 28-Jul 1760

Cornelius HENDY Cooper of Melcombe Regis & Elizabeth PARKER Spinster of W.R. married 31-Aug 1760

James BLANCHARD [aet upwards of 21years] of Weymouth & Elizabeth ROGERS of Weymouth married 15-Dec 1760

William SKINNER Shepherd Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Martha ELBY Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Mar 1761

John KINGSBERY Mariner of Weymouth & Sarah BISHOP Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Mar 1761

John FLISHER Mariner of Weymouth & Sarah LODER Spinster of W.R. married 25-May 1761 by Licence

Thomas AYLING & Christabell GREENWAY married 28-May 1761 by Licence

William BRENCLE Mariner & Mary CROSSMAN Spinster married 23-Jul 1761

Thomas ROBERTS Mariner of Weymouth & Martha BESS Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Aug 1761

Thomas KING Mariner of Weymouth & Jenny HUGHSON Spinster of Weymouth married 09-Sep 1761

George MANNING Mariner & Mary BESS Spinster married 07-Oct 1761

Richard BUCK of W.R. & Sarah MAUNDERS [signs MANDERS] Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Jan 1762

William NEVILL Mariner of Sturmister Marshall & Margaret CROSSMAN of the Chapelry of Weymouth in (or belonging to) the parish of W.R. married 07-Jul 1762 by Licence

William MILTON Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary FARR Spinster of Weymouth married 26-Aug 1762

Wiliam COOPER Mariner of Weymouth & Jane WHITE of Weymouth married 05-Sep 1762

Robert BAGG Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sarah GREY Spinster of W.R. married 09-Dec 1762

William TIZARD Mariner of Weymouth & Katherine MITCHEL of Weymouth married 29-Dec 1762

John MABB of Weymouth & Sarah BAKER of Weymouth married 19-Jan 1763

Samuel M KELVEY Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary BUSSELL Spinster of Weymouth married 28-Jan 1763 by Licence

Henry CHICK Bachelor of Weymouth & Anne HARDY of Weymouth married 08-Feb 1763

Matthews COLLINS Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Anne DEERING [signs DEEREN] Spinster of Weymouth married 13-Feb 1763 by Licence

Isaac OAKLEY Mariner Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary COMBES Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Apr 1763

Patrick HODGE Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna SLY Spinster of Weymouth married 14-Apr 1763 by Licence

Charles ARLFORD Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary AFFORD Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Apr 1763

William WALLIS Bachelor & Mary GOVER Spinster married 04-May 1763

Stephen FERMIGE Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary KNIGHT Spinster married 04-May 1763

John WILSON 0signs WILLSON] Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary BAYLY Spinster of Weymouth married 27-May 1763 by Licence

James SPEAR Shipwright Bachelor of Gosport co. Southampton & Jane CROSSMAN Spinster of W.R. married 15-Jun 1763

Samuel MILLER of Melcombe Regis & Mary STEARS of Weymouth married 23-Jun 1763

Walter MILLER Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary WELLSTOOD Spinster of Weymouth married 10-Sep 1763

Richard SAMWAYS Mariner Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sally DAVIE [signs DAVE] Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Sep 1763 by Licence

John SLAUGHTER Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary TIZARD Spinster of Weymouth married 14-Nov 1763

Jonathan BUSSELL of W.R. & Elizabeth BISHOP of Weymouth married 01-Jan 1764 by Licence

Mitchell FOWLER Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth SQUIRE [signs SWYLER] Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Mar 1764

John BAKER Mariner of Weymouth & Ann WITHERS Widow of Weymouth married 03-May 1764 by Licence

John CORBET of Weymouth & Elizabeth REYNOLDS Spinster of Weymouth married 09-May 1764

Richard COOPER Mariner of Weymouth & Ann BENNETT Widow of Weymouth married 21-May 1764 by Licence

Trevet PAINTER of Weymouth & Sarah HYNE of Weymouth married 07-Jun 1764

John WILLIAMS & Martha FORD married 05-Jul 1764

William ISWARD of Weymouth & Sarah PAINTER of Weymouth married 17-Jul 1764

Joseph PARTRIDGE of W.R. & Jane WELLSTOOD Spinster married 06-Aug 1764 by Licence

George BELLOWS of Wareham & Sarah RANDAL [signs RANDELL] of Weymouth married 11-Aug 1764

Robert MITCHELL of Weymouth & Christian PALMER of Weymouth married 26-Aug 1764

John MATTHEWS of Weymouth & Charity POLLARD of Weymouth married 26-Aug 1764

George WHITE of Weymouth & Susanna DOVE of Weymouth married 20-Sep 1764 by Licence

Edward DOLLEN of Weymouth & Amey LEWIS of Weymouth married 11-Oct 1764 by Licence

John TOLLEDGE Mariner & Elizabeth DECKER Spinster of W.R. married 24-Nov 1764

Thomas STONE Bachelor & Mary BARRET Spinster married 24-Dec 1764

Thomas AYLES Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth BISHOP Spinster of Weymouth married 20-Dec 1764

[out of order]

Robert WILLS Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann ALLEN of Weymouth married 26-Dec 1764

Robert GOOD of Weymouth & Mary RADCLIFF of Weymouth married 27-Dec 1764

[The following marriage is entered on a plain parchment half leaf at the beginning of the book]

William HUNTER of Weymouth & Katherine PALMER of Weymouth married 29-Dec 1764

Volume IV

Robert SWARTRAGE of W.R. & Elizabeth BUSSELL Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Jan 1765

James BURT Mariner of Weymouth & Ann WITHERS Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Feb 1765

George NEWTON Widower of Weymovth & Mary BEACH Spinster of Melcombe Regis married 07-Apr 1765 by Licence

Richard HIEND [signs HINDE] of Melcombe Regis & Mary COOK of Weymouth married 22-May 1765

James CALLINS [signs COLLINS] Widower of Charminster & Joanna PAINE of Weymouth married 02-Jun 1765

George KEMPSELL Mariner of Weymouth & Ann GOODEN of Weymouth married 16-Jun 1765

Joseph HARVEY Mariner of Weymouth & Elizabeth HARDEY Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Jun 1765

William PALMER Bachelor of Weymouth & Lucy BROWN of Abbotsbury married 16-Jul 1765 by Licence

James DAVIS Mariner of Weymouth & Mary LOVELL of Weymouth married 04-Aug 1765

Gabriel STEWARD Gent of Melcombe Regis & Rebecca TUCKER Spinster of W.R. married 17-Aug 1765 by Licence

Peter CREY[signs Gray] & Elizabeth GREEN married 02-Sep 1765

John VOSS of Weymouth & Elizabeth MAUNDERS of Weymouth married 09-Sep 1765

John KETTLE of W.R. & Sarah STEVENS of Weymouth married 02-Sep 1765

[out of order]

Charles WEST Mariner of Weymouth & Mary COOPER Spinster of Weymouth married 03-Nov 1765

George BARTLETT Mariner of Dibden co Southampton & Amy DOLLING Widow of W.R. married 12-Mar 1766 by Licence

Thomas PEANNELL [signs PANNELL] Mariner of W.R. & Mary DUNCOMBE of Weymouth married 17-Mar 1766

Thomas BUCK Mariner of W.R. & Mary BISHOP of Weymouth married 07-Apr 1766

Henry BUCK Mariner & Mary SLAUGHTER Spinster married 23-Apr 1766

Thomas HARRIS & Lettuce STONE married 22-Jul 1766

Richard ROUNSIVELL of Weymouth & Martha ROBERTS Widow of Weymouth married 14-Aug 1766 by Licence

Richard COMBES of Wimbourn Minster & Jenny RUSSELL of Weymouth married 20-Aug 1766 by Licence

John INGRAM of Weymouth & Joan ELLOT of Weymouth married 06-Nov 1766

Wm HUSSEY of Melcombe Regis & Elizabeth ALLEN of Weymouth married 21-Jan 1767

John WILLIAMS & Mary BUCK married 06-Feb 1767

John Jerrard FRANKLYN [signs FRANCKLIN] of Weymouth & Mercy CRISBE Spinster of Weymouth married 05-Feb 1767

[out of order] &

John BAYLE [signs BEALL] of Weymouth & Mary HITCHCOCK Spinster of Weymouth married 25-May 1767

John WARREN Bachelor of Weymouth & Catherine BARTLETT Spinster of W.R. married 17-Sep 1767 by Licence

Francis PENVER Widower of Weymouth & Frances LANGRISA Spinster of W.R. married 27-Dec 1767

Joseph KEEPING Bachelor of Weymouth by residence & Ann TUCKER Spinster of Weymouth married 13-Jan 1768 by Licence

John SWATRIDGE Bachelor of Weymouth & Rebecca BROWNSEA Spinster of Weymouth married 15-Jun 1768

Robert HUSTROON Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth BEZANT Spinster of Weymouth married 01-Sep 1768

John CROMEY Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann HAWKINS Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Oct 1768

John FOOKS Bachelor of Weymouth & Joan LANGRISH Spinster of Weymouth married 31-Oct 1768

William THEDDAM Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann ALLEN Spinster of Weymouth married 03-Aug 1769

Henry CHURCHILL Mariner of Weymouth & Mary SPARKS Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Sep 1769 by Licence

Joseph REYNOLDS junr Mariner Widower of Weymouth & Sarah BAGG Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Nov 1769 by Licence

James BALLAY Bachelor of Weymouth & Molly BARTLETT Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Nov 1769

Patrick HODGE Widower of Weymouth & Lucy DUNSTERVILLE of Weymouth married 10-Jan 1770

William SCHOLAR Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah WILLIS Spinster of Weymouth married 12-Jan 1770 by Licence

George REYNOLDS Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary HAWKINS Spinster of Weymouth married 19-Jan 1770 by Licence

Samuel MANDERS Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary ARNOLD Spinster of Weymouth married 05-Feb 1770

Peter OLIVER Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann PAINTER Spinster of Weymouth married 23-May 1770

William HELBEN Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth EAMS Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Sep 1770

William WILMSHURST Widower of Weymouth & Rebecca BAGG married 13-Sep 1770 by Licence

John HICKMAN Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth ALLEN Spinster of Melcombe Regis married 11-Nov 1770

Alexander BENNETT Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah TALBOT Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Nov 1770

Thomas BARTLETT Bachelor of Weymouth & Betty HAWKINS Spinster of Weymouth married 06-Dec 1770 by Licence

Thomas ANNING Widower of Musburie Devon & Ann CLARKE Spinster of Weymouth married 16-Dec 1770 by Licence

Thomas FROOM Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary McKELVEY Widow of Weymouth married 19-Dec 1770 by Licence

John BARRAT Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha FOWLER Spinster of Weymouth married 27-Dec 1770

John CHURCHILL Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary STURMEY Spinster of Weymouth married 05-Jan 1770

David PARSELL Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna CARTER Spinster of Weymouth married 16-Jan 1770 by Licence

William REYNOLDS Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth BENNETT Minor of Weymouth married 06-Feb 1770

John FLANN Bachelor of Weymouth & Laetitia HAWKINS Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Feb 1770

Robert LODER Bachelor of Weymouth & Anne DUNSTERVILLE Spinster of Weymouth married 11-Feb 1770

Martin BILES Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah FLISHER Widow of Weymouth married 12-Feb 1770 by Licence

Thomas GEAR Widower of Melcombe Regis & Jane JERRARD Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Mar 1770 by Licence

William ALLEN junr Bachelor & Elizabeth BARTLETT Spinster married 20-Jun 1770

John HELYAR Bachelor & Mary GRAY Spinster married 18-Jul 1770

William ALLEN senr Bachelor & Elizabeth BUCK Minor married 01-Aug 1770

William SOUTHWOOD Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah BELLEWS Widow of Weymouth married 12-Aug 1770

John MAJOR Bachelor of Weymouth & Catherine COOPER Spinster of Weymouth married 26-Aug 1770

William JOHNS Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Ann SLAUGHTER Minor of Weymouth married 13-Oct 1770 by Licence

William WELLSTOOD Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna HALLET Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Oct 1770

Charles BUCK Bachelor & Elizabeth ALLEN Spinster married 07-Nov 1770

John DEEKER Bachelor & Ann WESTON Spinster married 13-Nov 1770

Matthew VOSS Bachelor of Weymouth & Anne BENNETT Spinster of Weymouth married 30-Dec 1770 by Licence

Samuel MARDER Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary BRETT Spinster of Weymouth married 22-Jan 1772 by Licence

Peter WESTON Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sarah MARSHALSAY Spinster married 16-Mar 1772 by Licence

James MATTHEWS Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann LEGG Spinster of Weymouth married 20-Apr 1772

John WYATT Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha ROUNSIVILL of Weymouth married 04-May 1772

John SIMS Bachelor of Weymouth & Jane COMBS of Weymouth married 28-May 1772 by Licence

John STONE Bachelor & Mary HELYAR Spinster married 24-Jun 1772

Richard WOOD Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sarah REYNOLDS Spinster of Weymouth married 02-Jul 1772 by Licence

Thomas BARTLETT Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary RIDEOUT Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Jul 1772

Harrist BEZANT Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth SAXTON Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Jul 1772

Robert HALLETT Widower of Melcombe Regis & Sarah STURMEY Spinster of Weymouth married 01-Aug 1772

John Marshalsay WESTON Bachelor & Elizabeth BALSTON Spinster married 10-Sep 1772

Matthew SPRATLING Bachelor & Elizabeth BARRAT Spinster married 25-Oct 1772

Thos TUPPER Mariner Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary ABBOT Spinster of Weymouth married 18-Nov 1772 by Licence

John BROWN Bachelor & Elizabeth HICKMAN Spinster married 26-Nov 1772 by Licence

John SPRECK Bachelor of Weymouth & Jane BYATT Spinster of Weymouth married 07-Dec 1772

John BOYER Bachelor of Weymouth & Christian BEST Spinster of Weymouth married 09-Dec 1772

William STONE Bachelor & Martha MELBURN Spinster married 19-Jan 1773

William SKINNER Widower of Weymouth & Unity LAGG Spinster married 20-Jan 1773

William HARDING Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna JAMES Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Feb 1773

John ALLEN Bachelor & Susanna BYATT Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Apr 1773

James POOLE Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary HINE Widow of Weymouth married 12-May 1773

Wiliam PARKER Bachelor of Chaldon Dorset & Mary STONE Spinster married 31-May 1773

John PERRY Widower of Melcombe Regis & Margt. BROWNE Spinster of Weymouth married 03-Jun 1773

William POND Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann FOWLER Spinster of Weymouth married 07-Jun 1773

Joel VAUGHN[sic] Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah GROVES Minor and with the consent of the minor's mother a widow of Weymouth married 20-Jul 1773 by Licence

John MORGAN Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah CARTER Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Jul 1773 by Licence

John GRIFFITHS Bachelor of Weymouth & Susannah LACON Spinster of Weymouth married 23-Jul 1773 by Licence

Thomas CARTER Bachelor of Weymouth & Hannah BAYLY Spinster of Weymouth married 03-Aug 1773 by Licence

Morgan WALLIS Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Susannah SLY of Weymouth married 19-Aug 1773 by Licence

Joseph MATTHEWS Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth BEAMONT Spinster of Weymouth married 02-Sep 1773

John LESTER Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha POLDON Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Sep 1773

William CHRISTOPERS [signs CHRISTOPHERS] Bachelor & Mary GOOD Widow of Weymouth married 29-Oct 1773

Frederick OAK Bachelor of Weymouth & Jane STOREY Spinster of Weymouth married 01-Dec 1773

Edward BAYLY Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth WELDEN Spinster of Weymouth married 20-Feb 1774 by Licence

John MARTIN Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Sarah COLLIER Minor of Weymouth married 28-Feb 1774 by Licence

John TREVERS Bachelor of Bradford Peverel Dorset & Elizabeth STEVENS Spinster of Weymouth married 01-Mar 1774

Gilbert TULLY Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth THORNE Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Apr 1774

William FERRE Widower of Weymouth & Mary HALLET Spinster of Weymouth married 27-May 1774 by Licence

James TALBOT Bachelor of Weymouth & Joan TREVESS Spinster married 15-Aug 1774

Robert DEEKER Bachelor & Ann MARSHALSAY Spinster married 08-Sep 1774 by Licence

Thomas PUSHMAN Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah SOMERS Spinster married 05-Jan 1775

Joseph BROOKS Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth NORTHOVER Spinster of Weymouth married 06-Feb 1775

William GOVER Bachelor & Elizabeth BARTLETT Spinster married 28-Feb 1775

Henry BARTLETT junr Bachelor of Brodeway Dorset & Mary ROSE Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Jun 1775 by Licence

Edmund CARTER Bachelor & Judith CARTER Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Sep 1775

Henry ROWE Bachelor of Weymouth & Rachel KEMP Spinster of Weymouth married 19-Nov 1775

Philip DENNISS Bachelor of Weymouth & Alice BOYTE Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Dec 1775 by Licence

John COX Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah LEGG Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Jan 1776

Martin LODER Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth PEARCE Spinster of Weymouth married 31-Jan 1776

James BUSSELL Bachelor of W.R. & Sarah DENNIS Minor of Weymouth married 11-Feb 1776

Richard JERRARD Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth MARTIN Spinster married 19-Feb 1776 by Licence

Jonathan NEWMAN Widower of Weymouth & Lydia COOPER Widow of Weymouth married 11-Mar 1776 by Licence

Joseph GARLAND Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Grace TONKINS Spinster married 21-Mar 1776

Barter HAWKINS Widower of Melcombe Regis & Edith CROMEY Widow of Weymouth married 06-Jun 1776 by Licence

Jenkins THOMAS Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary MITCHEL of Weymouth married 05-Aug 1776

John RYAL Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary WHEELER Spinster of Melcombe Regis married 07-Aug 1776 by Licence

James MABB Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary BASKEEM Spinster of Weymouth married 07-Aug 1776

Edward CHICK Bachelor & Elizabeth ADAMS Minor married 18-Nov 1776

Robert RYALL Bachelor & Mary HARDY Spinster married 19-Jan 1777

William CLARK Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary POOLE Widow of Weymouth married 19-May 1777

John MILBOURN Bachelor & Ann BUSSELL Minor married 18-Jun 1777

James FERRE Bachelor & Jane RYALL Spinster married 18-Jun 1777

William COLLINS Bachelor & Jane WILLIAMS Spinster married 24-Jul 1777

Henry GODDING Bachelor of Portland & Rebecca STAIRS Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Sep 1777

Bernard GOVER Bachelor of Chichester Sussex & Patty AKERMAN Minor of Weymouth married 18-Sep 1777 by Licence

John ADAMS Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary WINZAR Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Sep 1777 by Licence

Samuel SIMMONS Bachelor of Tincleton & Elizabeth RANDALL Spinster married 17-Oct 1777

William BIRD Widower of Weymouth & Frances CREECH Widow of Weymouth married 03-Jan 1778 by Licence

Robert ANDREWS Bachelor of Portland & Ann DEEKER Widow of Weymouth married 05-Jan 1778 by Licence

David RUTHERFORD Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah HENDEY Minor of Weymouth married 28-Jan 1778

Joseph DUNSTERVILLE Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann WEBB Spinster of Weymouth married 05-Feb 1778

James WILLSHER Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Ann WEYMAN Spinster of Weymouth married 08-Feb 1778

Elias TULLIDGE Widower of Chickerell & Ann TOLLIDGE Spinster married 17-Feb 1778

William FERRY Bachelor of Abbotsbury & Mary JERRARD Spinster of Weymouth married 09-Apr 1778 by Licence

David HARRIS Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna MITCHELL Spinster of Weymouth married 22-Apr 1778

Samuel SOMERS Bachelor & Isabella DEEKER Spinster married 14-May 1778

Joseph OLD Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Ann BEZANT Minor of Weymouth married 15-May 1778

Christopher BEZANT Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna SEXTON Spinster of Weymouth married 21-May 1778

John BILES Widower of Weymouth & Mary DEEKER Spinster W.R. married 27-May 1778

William Payne FOX Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth GAPE Spinster of Weymouth married 27-May 1778

Thomas RICHARDSON Bachelor of Weymouth & Jane BRENSTON Spinster of Melcombe Regis married 23-Aug 1778 by Licence

William BIRD Bachelor & Mary BURDEN Spinster married 20-Sep 1778

Philip TIZARD Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth PIERCE Widow of Weymouth married 27-Sep 1778

Robert JENESON Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha HICKMAN Spinster of Weymouth married 10-Dec 1778 by Licence

Alexander HAMSON Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Elizabeth MORRIS Spinster married 07-May 1779 by Licence

James HOATH of the West Kent Militia Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha STORY Minor of Weymouth married 13-Jun 1779

Alexander SKEEN Bachelor of New Windsor Berks & Sarah MITCHEL Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Jun 1779 by Licence

John MABB Bachelor of Weymouth & Peggy RUTTER Minor of Weymouth married 23-Aug 1779

Robert KELLOWAY Bachelor of Weymouth & Sarah CROSSMAN Minor or Spinster [sic] of Weymouth married 23-Aug 1779 by Licence

Nicholas MITCHEL Bachelor of Portland & Elizabeth BAILY Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Sep 1779

John JACKSON of the South Lincoln Militia Bachelor of Appleton Yorks & Mary CRITCHES Spinster of MelcombeRegis married 17-Oct 1779 by Licence

Joseph TOPHAM Militiaman Widower of Weymouth & Jane STORY Widow of Weymouth married 19-Oct 1779

Edward BARRETT Widower of Weymouth & Sarah ANDREWS Spinster of Weymouth married 21-Oct 1779 by Licence

Christopher BOLT Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary GIFFORD Spinster of Weymouth married 25-Oct 1779 by Licence

John LEUN[LEAN?] of the South Lincoln Militia Bachelor & Elizabeth GREEN Widow married 08-Nov 1779

William CARTER Bachelor & Elizabeth CARTER Spinster married 20-Nov 1779

Joseph WILSON Bachelor of Weymouth & Susanna STONE Spinster of Weymouth married 30-Nov 1779 by Licence

Samuel WESTON Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Mary WILLIS Minor of Weymouth married 19-Jan 1780 by Licence

James HAMILTON of Melcombe Regis & Esther STODDARD Spinster of Weymouth married 16-Mar 1780 by Licence

Joseph LONG Bachelor of Mintern Magna Dorset & Mary CHURCHILL Widow of Weymouth married 26-Mar 1780

William FOKES of the Devon Militia Minor of Weymouth & Ann MACKENZIE Minor of Weymouth married 27-May 1780

William DUNMAN Bachelor & Elizabeth [signs Martha] HARRIS Spinster married 08-Jul 1780

William CARTER Bachelor & Mary NOTTER Spinster married 11-Jul 1780

Thomas GREEN Bachelor & Mary SOMERS Spinster married 23-Nov 1780

Jacob Boyte STURMEY Bachelor of Weymouth & Martha FOOKS Spinster of Weymouth married 13-Nov 1780

 [out of order]

Christopher DAY Bachelor of Melcombe Regis & Catherine SMIRKE Spinster of Weymouth married 16-Dec 1780 by Licence

Thomas CADY Bachelor of Weymouth & Mary SINNECK Spinster of Weymouth married 19-Jan 1781 by Licence

John BARTLETT Bachelor & Ann POKE Spinster of Little Bredy Dorset married 08-Feb 1781

William BIRD Widower of Weymouth & Mary MANSELL Spinster of Weymouth married 14-Jun 1781

William WILLIAMS junr. Bachelor & Susanna STONE Spinster married 19-Jun 1781

William TIZARD Bachelor of Weymouth & Rebecca HALLET Spinster of Weymouth married 04-Jul 1781 by Licence

Naper ROPER Widower of Upwey & Katherine DAWE Spinster of Weymouth married 03-Sep 1781

William DAWE Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann MATTEWS Widow of Weymouth married 03-Sep 1781

Martin Stafford SMITH Clerk Bachelor of Weymouth & Gertrude WARBURTON married 09-Oct 1781 by Licence

James DAVIS Bachelor of Weymouth & Hannah SOMERS Spinster of Weymouth married 05-Nov 1781 by Licence

John BROWN Bachelor of Weymouth & Jane FORD Minor of Weymouth married 15-Nov 1781 by Licence

Samuel THURMAN Bachelor of Weymouth & Deborah AKERMAN Minor married 27-Feb 1782 by Licence

Edward CARTER Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth GREEN Minor of Weymouth married 28-Apr 1782 by Licence

William FINDLEY A Soldier Bachelor of Weymouth & Joan JENKINS of Weymouth married 02-May 1782

Thomas MARCH Bachelor of Sturminster Newton Dorset & Hannah IRONSIDE married 08-Jun 1782 by Licence

Joseph LANE Bachelor of Weymouth & Catherine BANE Spinster of Weymouth married 09-Jun 1782

William BLAKE Bachelor of Whitehaven Cumberland & Isabella CARTER Minor of Weymouth married 07-Jul 1782 by Licence

William NOTTING Bachelor of Weymouth & Elizabeth HUNT Spinster of Weymouth married 29-Jul 1782

Joseph MORRICE Bachelor & Mary WALLIS Minor married 31-Jul 1782

William WALLER Bachelor of Weymouth & Ann COOPER Minor married 08-Aug 1782 by Licence

[These two following entries on a plain sheet]

Henry BARTLETT Bachelor of East Lulworth Dorset & Sarah PUSHMAN married 02-Sep 1782 by Licence

William GIBBONS Bachelor of Weymouth & Phillis WATKINS Spinster of Weymouth married 13-Sep 1782