Rectors at St Mary, St Cuthberga & All Saints

From 1298-1830 information extracted from Hutchins “History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset”, including patrons. After 1830, information transcribed from the plaque in the church by Kim Parker

Rectors Date of Institution Patrons
William HADDON, chaplain Oct 1298 John MAUTRAVERS
Hugh FILLIOL, clerk6 May 1332 John de MAUTRAVERS, knt
John le ARCHER, prebenderSep 1332
Martin BOLTE, prebender16 Feb 1348 Wentilana, relict of John MATRAVERS, knt
Gilbert WARYN 
Robert GERVAYS25 Feb 1379 Robert ROUS
William DURANT or DURAND10 Jun 1421 Ranulph ROCHEFORT, knt, & Richard DURANT, knt, patrons hac vice
John PHYN, chaplain4 Aug 1422
Peter PROVOST, clerk1437 William SAYNT GEORGE, knt
William TAYLOR, clerk29 Aug 1439 William WALTON, citizen of London
William HAYNES, clerk27 Nov 1440
Richard STAUNTON, B.A.27 Jul 1443
Thomas WROTH(E)22 Mar 1456William, Earl of ARUNDEL
Walter BALLET or BOLET, prebender20 Oct 1479
Walter ROWLE or ROLL, prebender 21 May 1505Robert NEWE of Sarum
Ninnianus BORREL, prebender, doctor in decrees2 May 1521 William, Earl of ARUNDEL
William BUSBY, M.A.6 Dec 1538
Thomas HALL1546
Henry WALSHE1548
William LYLLINGTON1562
Richard MEAKIN1573
John LOWE1577
Morgan JONES1587
Christopher TAYLOR 
Andrew BREWER1662
John CLARK1670
Thomas ANSTEY 
Robert WILLIS M.A.20 Sep 1699 Nicholas INGRAM of Blandford, gent.
Thomas DEAN M.A.6 Apr 1727 Mrs DEAN of Freefolk, co. Hants
John PEARSALL27 Jul 1754 Thomas DEAN
Edward HOLME13 Apr 1756 Richard FLEMING, esq
Richard PARRY, D.D.5 Dec 1757 Elizabeth HALL, widow, and William GASCOIGNE, esq
Roe KING junior, M.A.11 Oct 1780 William GASCOIGNE, esq
Charles Edmund KING, M.A.1 Aug 1817 Mary KING, of Witchampton, co. Dorset, widow, later of Axminster, co. Devon
Charles KING, B.A.12 Sep 1827
Carr John GLYN, M.A.13 May 1830H. C. STURT of Crichel House
Cyril Poynder WIX, M.A.1896 
Earnest Wheatstone BAKER1908 
Ernest Harry Iden HART1935 
Edwin Mighell COX, L. Th., H.C.F.1948 
With Long Crichel and Moor Crichel from 1948  
John WANSEY, M.A.1949 
Charles P. de CANDOLE, chaplain R.N. (ret.)1962  
Geoffrey Elmer WALTON, Archdeacon of Dorset1982  
Philip ELSTON, R.D., M.A., R.N.R.2000 
Victor BARRON2005 
Lorelie FARMER, M.A., Ed. D2008 


By the Return to Parliament in 1801, the parish of Witchampton contained two uninhabited houses; and 62 habited houses, occupied by 85 families, consisting of 193 males and 181 females, in all 374; of whom 79 were chiefly employed in agriculture, and 42 in trade, manufactures, or handicrafts.

In 1851, this parish contained 108 houses, and a population of 504; in 1861, 129 houses and 588 persons.

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