Burials 1900 to 1908

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ros Taylor

Date NameAbode AgeOfficiating MinisterNotes
6Jan1900Emma DAVISWitchampton 51Oswald M. Aeid. Deacon 
23Feb1900Elizabeth DANS Witchampton83Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
1Mar1900George CHRISTOPHER Witchampton73Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
18Apr1900Ann FRIPP Witchampton84Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
4Aug1900James FORWARD Witchampton19Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
1Sep1900Mildred Louisa GULLIVER Wimbledon4y 6mCyril P. Wix. Rectorstaying at Witchampton
5Nov1900Jemima COBB Witchampton43Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
29Jan1901Edward FRIPP Witchampton86Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
5Feb1901Philip YOUNG Witchampton78Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
2Apr1901Annie Bessie CHRISTOPHER Witchampton5 weeksCyril P. Wix. Rector 
10Apr1901George DUKE Witchampton61Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
4Jun1901Annie FRIEND Hinton Martel40Cyril P. Wix. Rectorlate of Witchampton
24Dec1901Caroline BURT Salisbury93Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
10Jan1902Thomas OLBALDSTONE Witchampton80Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
3Apr1902Eli OSMAN Witchampton53A.H.Baverstock . Rector of Hinton Martel
17Jun1902Elizabeth KENT Witchampton80Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
8Sep1902Jasper DOWN Witchampton78Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
22Oct1902Elizabeth HOMER Hemsworth71Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
26Dec1902George Fredrick HOLLOWAY Witchampton1 MonthCyril P. Wix. Rector 
24Jan1903Ethel YOUNG 12 Ducie Street, Brixton27Cyril P. Wix. Rector staying at Witchampton
3Mar1903Caroline DANIELS Witchampton80Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
20Apr1903Henry St George FOLEY 10 Curzon St, London37Cyril P. Wix. Rectordied in Nordrach, Germany
16May1903Humphry N. SHORT 38 Portland Square, London13 daysCyril P. Wix. Rector  
22Jun1903Lewis Charles Webber N GALE Witchampton1 monthCyril P. Wix. Rector 
1Jul1903George Samway BUSHROD Witchampton75Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
15Aug1903Annie Elizabeth ANGEL Witchampton46Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
19Sep1903Charlotte Ann SAUNDERS Dean Farm, Witchampton71Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
19Dec1903Charlotte SAUNDERS Dean Farm, Witchampton48Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
22Feb1904Henry Gerard Baron ALINGTON Chrichel House78Cyril P. Wix. Rector & R.H.Noges Rec of Crichel
14Mar1904Walter ROBERTS Witchampton39Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
19Mar1904Ellen CAILES Witchampton27Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
2Sep1904Charles CULL Witchampton79Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
28Sep1904Augusta ALINGTON Crichel House Cyril P. Wix. Rectorburied at Crichel 7 Jul 1888, re-interred
24Dec1904Maria MARTIN Witchampton61Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
13Feb1905William George YOUNG Witchampton6 weeksCyril P. Wix. Rector 
25May1905Mary Ann BROWN Witchampton80Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
4Nov1905Edwin Charles FUTCHER Witchampton15 monthsCyril P. Wix. Rector 
16Dec1905Fredrick CHRISTOPHER Witchampton56Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
3Feb1906Fanny STEVENS St Nicholas Hospital Salisbury87Cyril P. Wix. Rector late of Witchampton
5Mar1906Charles COBB Witchampton69Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
28Apr1906Henry DREW 45 Lincoln Ave, Bournemouth72A.G.H.Lindrum, officiating Minister late of Witchampton
1Jun1906Jane SMITH The Union Workhouse, Wimborne81Cyril P. Wix. Rector  
4Oct1906Joseph JOY Witchampton68Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
15Oct1906Eliza Rose WELSTEAD Witchampton22Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
31Jan1907Edith Kate Scott ANDREWS Dean Farm, Witchampton9 mthsC.H.James, officiating Minister
9May1907Mary Ann DOWN Witchampton78Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
10May1907Frank BUDDEN Witchampton61Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
22Jun1907Elizabeth ADAMS Poole31Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
12Dec1907Amelia HOLLOWAY Witchampton33Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
6Jan1908William ADAMS Uddens, Wimborne81John Lyned, curate 
27Feb1908John FORWARD Newtown, Witchampton27John Lyned, curate 
21Mar1908Isaac FREEBORNE Witchampton79E.W.Baker. Rector 
1Apr1908Lily Mabel HARLY Witchampton22Cyril P. Wix. Rector 
11Aug1908Anna Elizabeth HAWKESWORTH Stanley Villa, Manor Farm Rd., Southampton26E.W.Baker. Rector  
18Aug1908Mildred BAKER The Rectory, Witchampton16Frank Baker, curate in charge Christ Church, Dartford
19Aug1908Alfred GALE Manswood66E.W.Baker. Rector 

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