Burials 1790 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by
Ros Taylor

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

26Jun1790Henry REDMAN 
18Jan1791Thomas DOMINY 
11Feb1791Susanna THOMAS 
8Mar1791Mary WHITE 
12Mar1791Elizabeth LAWS(an infant)
21Mar1791Abel HALL 
22Mar1791Charles FRAMPTON 
25July1791Jane MIEL 
25Oct1791George HISCOCK(an infant)
8Nov1791John YOUNG(clerk of this parish)
19Nov1791Rebecca PRINCE 
23Nov1791Elizabeth RIDOUT(Deans Leaze)
9Dec1791Ann PAUL 
27Jan1792Richard DEWEY 
5Mar1792Hannah DIBBEN 
12Mar1792Sarah YOUNG 
2May1792Mary HINE 
19May1792Mary BURT 
23Jun1792Ann KAIL(an infant)
27Jun1792Samuel HINE 
11Feb1793David KENT 
7May1793John HARVEY 
19Jun1793Hannah KAIL(an infant)
7July1793Ayne BURT3 years old. Was drowned.
19Sep1793Jacob YOUNG 
4Nov1793Robert TUBBS 
23Oct1794Ann KENT 
22Mar1795Robert FREEP 
10Aug1795Thomas WHITELOCK(an infant)
11Nov1795Elizabeth ROGERS 
14Dec1795John YEATMAN 
31Jan1786William ADAMS 
4Feb1796James ADAMS 
1Mar1796Sarah KAILE 
21Mar1796David KENT(an infant)
17Apr1796William MITCHELL 
29May1796William ROGERS 
10Jun1796John MITCHELL 
5Feb1797Charles ADAMS(an infant)
3May1797Charles BURT(an infant)
18Jun1797James FOYLE(an infant)
21Jul1797William MAN 
5Apr1798Jane LOVELL(an infant)
9Jun1798Jane KENT 
13Dec1798Alice ROGERS 
3Jan1799Ann PALMER 
27Apr1799Ann HART 
7May1799William FONE 
2Jun1799Hannah PAUL 
4Jun1799Elizabeth ADAMS 
18Jun1799William YOUNG 
3Jul1799Charles BEST 
9Aug1799William YEATMAN 
23Aug1799William TOPP 
13Jan1800Elizabeth KAIL 
18Jan1800Sarah FOYLE 
25Jan1800John MITCHELL 
27Jun1800Bethia MITCHELL 
19Oct1800Elizabeth BUNDY 
4Dec1800Martha YOUNG 
27May1801Betty HAWES 
8Jul1801William MIEL 
20Jul1801Jane BARBER 
8Nov1801Sarah Rabbets HICKLEYage 4
4Dec1801Ann HICKLEY 
12May1802Mary FOYLE 
6Jun1802Joseph JAMES 
18Jul1802Hannah OATS 
30Sep1802Abraham FOYLE 
7Dec1802William OATS 
18Mar1803Sarah BURDEN 
29Mar1803William DIBBEN 
19Apr1803Sarah BREWER 
22Apr1803John WHITE 
8May1803Hannah WHIFFEN 
9May1803Mary RICHMOND 
25May1803James BUNDY 
4Jun1803Jane COOMBS 
6Jul1803Stephen BURT 
14Dec1803Elizabeth PALMER 
29Mar1804Rachel FRANCIS 
15May1804Elizabeth WHITE 
12Oct1804Philip HIBBERDage 9
15Oct1804William Joseph STURTON 
13Jan1805Mark HISCOCK 
7Feb1805Hannah WEST 
16Feb1805John FELTHAM 
19Feb1805Maria PARRY 
4Aug1805Mary BURT 
2Jan1806James STENT 
22Jan1806Mary Ann FOYLE 
26Feb1806Love TRIM 
22May1806John SWEETAPLE 
29Jun1806Charles GEARETT 
23Jul1806Elizabeth BUNDY 
18Aug1806Samuel BREWER 
30Jan1807Susana LANCE 
5Feb1807John SAVAGE 
21Mar1807Rachel RABETTS 
2Apr1807Sarah TRIGGLE 
4Apr1807Elizabeth JAMES 
17May1807Mary FOYLE 
28Aug1807Thomas FELTHAM 
30Aug1807Ann ROSE 
26Sep1807Harriet WHITE 
24Dec1807Mary RABETTS 
23Feb1808Martha ELTON 
19Mar1808Mary YOUNG 
30Mar1808William BREWER 
14Apr1808Isaac RABETTS 
21Apr1808John SHINNER 
5May1808Richard WEST 
6Jun1808Mary JAMES 
23Jul1808Betty JAMES 
7Aug1808John HAWES 
4Sep1808Jane JAMES 
3Dec1808Edward TRIM 
8Dec1808Henry PAUL 
19Mar1809Mary FRAMPTON 
26Apr1809Robert AVERY 
2Jan1810Reuben BUNDY 
25Feb1810George TUBBS 
5Mar1810Sarah NICHOLS 
11Mar1810Abraham Foyl FREEP 
12Apr1810Thomas Barber FRAMPTON 
6May1810Noah DEWFALL 
12Jun1810Jane PRINCE 
19Aug1810Alice YOUNG 
29Sep1810Fredrick BALLARD 
15Oct1810William Henry BURT 
12Jul1811Charles BEST 
10Sep1811Fanny BARRETT 
26Sep1811William DEWFALL 
26Jan1812Mary BARRETT 
29Mar1812Sarah FREEP 
23Apr1812Isaac WIFFEN 
8Sep1812William BUNDY 
4Oct1812Frances FREEP 
29Nov1812Joseph HINE 
13Dec1812Hannah KAIL 

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