Burials 1730 to 1774

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by
Ros Taylor

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

11Apr1730Elizabeth TUBBS 
11Apr1730Mary HARVEY(an infant) daughter of George & Jane
20Apr1730William UDALE(an infant) son of Thomas & Mary
5May1730Lawrence BASTARD 
19May1730Daniel DOMINY 
15Jun1730Sarah KAILEwife of George
21Jun1730Anne PRINCEdaughter of Stephen & Elizabeth
24Jun1730Sarah SAVAGEwife of Thomas
2Sep1730Lucy BARRET(Moor Crichel)
16Nov1730William BOWN 
10Apr1731? PRINCE 
20Aug1731Thomas ROGERSson of Thomas & Sarah
11Sep1731James UDALEson of Thomas & Mary
14Nov1731Hannah BASONdaughter of Henry & Mary
2Aug1732Jane HOLMANwife of John
23Aug1732Hannah BUSH(Blandford) daughter of John
23Aug1732John BUSH(Blandford) son of John
7Dec1732Hannah SAVAGEdaughter of Thomas & Hannah
23Dec1732Martha DOMINYdaughter of Daniel & Martha
2Mar1733Thomas GOMER 
11Mar1733Betty ROBBINSdaughter of Aaron & Margaret
22May1733Anne PRINCEwife of William
27Aug1733Hannah LUCASdaughter of Thomas & Sarah
21Sep1733Elizabeth MONNdaughter of William & Elizabeth
7Oct1733Anne LOVELLwife of John
7Nov1733Mary CORBAN(Gussage) daughter of James & Mary
23Nov1733Luke REDMAN(Wimborne)
28Nov1733Jane CLEVERLY 
15Jan1734John ALNER 
9Apr1734Mary FRIPPwife of Robert
6Jul1734Sarah LANEdaughter of William & Mary
31Oct1734Henry JAMES 
19Dec1734Thomas LAMBERT 
27Dec1734Jane ROBBINSdaughter of Aaron & Margaret
12Jul1735John ROGERSson of John & Mary
18Sep1735Nath FORDson of Nath & Mary
2Nov1735Thomas UDALE 
24Dec1735Anne GILBERTwife of John
19Feb1736John MILLERbase born son of Mary COURTNEY
7Apr1736Anne HOLMESwife of John
12Sep1736Mary REDMAN(Hinton Martel) daughter of Henry & Mary
13Jan1737Fanny YOUNGdaughter of Robert & Anne
30Jun1737William DOMINYson of Walter & Mary
20Aug1737Mary TUBBSdaughter of James & Mary
20Nov1737Edward DOMINYson of Thomas & Elizabeth
29Nov1737John COLE 
2Dec1737Simon BARNS 
20Dec1737Martha PINCHARD(St Giles) wife of John
24Dec1737John BLACHFORDson of Daniel & Hannah
1Feb1738Joseph YOUNG 
16Feb1738Mary DOMINYdaughter of Daniel & Martha
4Mar1738Elizabeth MAIDMENTdaughter of John & Elizabeth
16Mar1738Anne WILLISdaughter of The Rev Mr Robert Willis & Anne
9Apr1738Mary KAILEwife of George
4Jun1738William YOUNG 
19Sep1738William SAVAGEson of Thomas & Hannah
22Feb1739Mary ALLINGHAMwife of Peter
9May1739William ? 
12Jun1739Eliza BURT(Shapwick) wife of Owen
26Jun1739Thomas LUCAS(an infant from Gussage All Saints) son of Thomas & Sarah
?Jun1739Hannah ?wife of Robert
2Apr1740John MILLERson of Sam & Anne
3 entries undecipherable
24Jun1740William HARVEY 
3Mar1741Mary ROGERSwife of Henry
19Apr1749Anne YOUNG 
9Jun1749Mary THOMAS(widow)
20Oct1749Betty HUTCHINSdaughter of Martin & Elizabeth
5Jan1750Martin HUTCHINS 
20Feb1750John ROBINSson of Joseph & Mary
23May1750Mary TUBBSwife of James
20Dec1750James TUBBS 
22Dec1750John HARVEYson of John & Sarah
30Dec1750Hannah SOMERS 
22Apr1751Anne MILLERwife of James
25Apr1751Thomas MILLERson of James & Anne (above)
21Oct1751Martha DAVISwife of Richard
13Nov1751Mary LOADER(widow)
19Dec1751Joan ALNER(widow)
11May1752Thomas BENNETson of William & Anne
18May1752Mary UDALE(widow)
20Jul1752William HICKLEYson of Thomas & Susanna
29Dec1752John TUBBSson of Thomas & Mary
30Jan1753Ann HUTCHINSdaughter of Martin & Elizabeth
27Mar1753Thomas LOVELL 
22Jun1753Sarah PORTERwife of William
4Oct1753Henry LEAF 
10Oct1753Mary BOWN(widow)
15Mar1754William YOUNGson of William & Mary
4Aug1754John BENNETson of William & Anne
5Aug1754John DURDEL(Winterborn)
1Sep1754Thomas BESTson of William & Hannah
2Oct1754John LOVELLjnr.
19Nov1754William BISHOP(Ringwood)
9Dec1754Robert FRIP 
25Jan1755Anne PLUMMER(Moor Crichel) wife of John
27Jan1755Martha STURNEYdaughter of William & Mary
15Mar1755Jane HARVEYwife of George
8May1755Love STURNEYdaughter of William & Mary
6Aug1755William KENT 
8Aug1755Mary TUBBSwife of John
23Feb1756William STURNEY 
29Feb1756Anna Catherina STENTdaughter of James
29Feb1756Anna STENTwife of James
24Mar1756John LOVELL 
15Oct1756Reuben SMALL 
19Feb1757Samuel HAISOM 
28Jul1757William POTTEL 
10Oct1757George TOPEson of William & Elizabeth
22Jan1758Anna YOUNGwife of John
3Jan1759Stephen JAMES 
28Jan1759Elizabeth HARVEY 
10May1759Joseph ROGERS 
23May1759Elizabeth TOP 
3Jun1759Elizabeth HARVEY 
26Aug1759Mary PARKINS 
26Apr1760John SAVAGE 
? 1760Elizabeth KENT(child)
15Jan1761Mary DOMINY 
3Feb1761John HOMER 
9Mar1761Richard DAVIS 
12Apr1761William YOUNG(an infant)
17Jun1761Mary YOUNG 
11Sep1761Ann BENNET 
14Oct1761Martha YOUNG 
9Dec1761Susanna BERT 
30Jul1762Richard BURDEN 
11Sep1762John CLEVERLY(Wimborne)
17Apr1763William MON 
9May1763William MARSH 
11May1763Anny YETMANdaughter of John & Ann
16May1763William BENNET 
9Jul1763Henry HAYSOM 
14Sep1763Mary ROGERSwife of John
5Oct1763William BILES(an infant)
7Oct1763Mary ROBBINS 
24Jan1764John ROGERS 
26Jan1764Joseph HODGES 
2Feb1764Mary TRIMwife of Edward
30Mar1764John FORD 
3Jun1764John COLEson of The Rev Thomas & Sarah Cole
13Jun1764Richard Cummings COLEson of The Rev Thomas & Sarah Cole
2Aug1764Margery BOWN(widow)
30Nov1764Mary GODDARDdaughter of William & Jane
25Dec1764Mary YOUNGwife of Thomas
7Feb1765Anne TOPdaughter of William & Jane
7Mar1765Mary STENT(widow)
26Oct1765Anne FRIPP 
7Nov1765Betty FRIPPdaughter of Robert & Anne
16Dec1765Mary YOUNGwife of John
8Jan1766Isaac KAILEson of George & Ruth
12Jan1766Pricilla SMALLbase born daughter of Mary
14Apr1766William GODDARDson of William & Jane
15Apr1766Mary PAYNE(widow)
27Dec1766Henry REDMAN 
1Feb1767James KAILEson of George & Ruth
21Apr1767Elizabeth TRIMdaughter of Thomas & Mary
16Jul1767? PALMERdaughter of ? & Betty
3Aug1767Mary DAVIGEwife of Thomas
13Sep1767Mary REDMANwife of William
19Sep1767Mary KENTdaughter of David
25Sep1767Elizabeth STENTdaughter of James
13Oct1767John TOPPson of William
18Nov1768Ruth BELLOWSwife of Robert
21Jan1769Thomas BURT 
13Mar1769Ann SAVAGE(widow)
17May1769James FOYLEson of John & Betty
26Jul1769Richard BEZANT 
3Oct1769Mary TRIMwife of Thomas
22Oct1769John COWARD 
4Nov1769John FOYLE 
15Nov1769Elizabeth MONK(widow)
1Mar1770Samuel MILLER 
13May1770Thomas TUBBS 
7Aug1770Elizabeth KAILE 
28Oct1770William GODDARDson of William & Jane
31Dec1770Mary BILES(Blandford)
1Jan1771Ann DAVIS(Hinton Martel)
5Jan1771Mary BEST 
30Apr1771Jane HOMER 
28May1771Jacob YOUNGson of Jacob & Sarah
8Aug1771Betty PRINCE 
2Jan1772Mary CLEVERLY(Wimborne)
25Mar1772Mary HANNEYwife of Robert
25Mar1772Elizabeth DAVIDGEwife of Thomas
26May1772Benjamin BILES 
2Jul1772Ann PARKER 
2Jul1772Simon YOUNG 
30Aug1772Luke PIKE 
16Jan1773Henry WESTson of Richard & Mary
15Feb1773James PERKINS 
15Mar1773William REDMAN 
9Apr1773George HARVEY 
1Jun1773Joseph KAILE 
6Sep1773Hannah SAVAGE 
3Nov1773William BUNDYson of William
17Nov1773John PRICHARD 
20Dec1773William BEACH 
20Dec1773Joseph YOUNG 
7Jan1774George KAILE 

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