Burials 1849-1860 & 1869-1900

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ros Taylor


Date buriedName Abode Age Minister  
21 Apr 1849John HISCOCKWitchampton 72Carr John Glyn 
27 Aug 1849Maria BUTLERWitchampton 43Carr John Glyn 
12 Oct 1849George BUTLERWitchampton 68W. W. Blanford 
30 Dec 1849William HUNTWitchampton 33Carr John Glyn 
22 Jan 1850Mary WITTWitchampton14 W. W. Blanforddied of Fever
18 Apr 1850Susanna Jemima HILLWitchampton 20Carr John Glyn 
18 Jun 1850Edward PORTERHorton69 Carr John Glyn 
11 Jul 1850Eliza ADAMSWitchampton 25Carr John Glyn 
14 Sep 1850G? FRIPPWitchampton73 Carr John Glyn 
19 Mar 1851Mary SPEARINGWitchampton 24W. W. Blanford 
1 Aug 1851Elizabeth FRAMPTONWitchampton 81W. W. Blanford 
26 Aug 1851Frederic PORTERWitchampton 19W. W. Blanford 
1 Oct 1851Jane CUTLERWitchampton 3W. W. Blanford 
8 May 1852Henry DIBBENWitchampton 36W. W. Blanford 
8 Jun 1852Brice GRAHAMLondon37 Carr John Glyn 
3 Jul 1852Robert PORTERWimborne19 Carr John Glyn 
2 Oct 1852Sarah WHITEWimborne65 W. W. BlanfordUnion Workhouse
16 Oct 1852Elvina FRIPPWitchampton 22W. W. Blanforddied of fever died this day at 3am
27 Oct 1852Sally YOUNGWitchampton 50Carr John Glyndied of fever
1 Nov 1852Henry READWitchampton18 W. W. Blanforddied of fever
6 Nov 1852Elizabeth FRIPPWitchampton 9 monthsW. W. Blanforddied of fever
22 Nov 1852Anne YOUNGWitchampton 17Carr John Glyndied of fever
29 Jan 1853David SPEARINGWitchampton 10 monthsW. W. Blanfordtwin
8 Feb 1853Charles SPEARINGWitchampton 10 monthsW. W. Blanfordtwin
12 Feb 1853Edward WITTWitchampton 20W. W. Blanford 
15 Feb 1853Elizabeth SCAMMELLWitchampton 73W. W. Blanford 
22 Feb 1853Jefre Albert JOYWitchampton 9W. W. Blanforddied of fever
28 Feb 1853Stephen BURTSpettisbury 66W. W. Blanford 
7 Mar 1853Emma MANNWitchampton2 W. W. Blanforddied of fever
16 Apr 1853William SCAMMELLWitchampton 74J. Whytt 
30 Apr 1853Sarah PARSONSNewtown60 Thomas Batchelor 
20 Jun 1853George COOMBESWitchampton 16Thomas Batchelor 
2 Jul 1853Jane TROWBRIDGEMoor Crichel 12 monthsThomas Batchelor 
16 Jul 1853George OATSWitchampton 6 monthsThomas Batchelor 
3 Sep 1853Anne TROWBRIDGEWitchampton 35Thomas Batchelor 
1 Mar 1854David BACHELORWitchampton 7L. Rich 
29 Aug 1854Henry DIBBENWitchampton 77Carr John Glyn 
21 Nov 1854Ann TUBBSWitchampton67 J.Hadfield curate 
28 Feb 1855Ann PARSONSWitchampton 72J.Hadfield curate 
10 Mar 1855Arthur FRAMPTONWitchampton 86J.Hadfield curate 
22 Mar 1855Frank BESTWitchampton 10 monthsJ.Hadfield curate 
31 Mar 1855Fanny YOUNGPoole15 months J.Hadfield curate 
20 May 1855George HUTCHINSWitchampton 6J.Hadfield curate 
30 May 1855Carrbie KAILPoole55 Carr John Glyn 
25 Jun 1855Charles BACHELORWitchampton 20Carr John Glyndied of consumption
4 Jul 1855Henry JOYWitchampton45 J. Hadfield curate 
10 Sep 1855Harriet FOYLEWitchampton 85J. Hadfield curate 
19 Sep 1855William HARWOODWitchampton 48Carr John Glyn 
29 Nov 1855George FRIPPWitchampton 51J. Hadfield curate 
29 Dec 1855John LEWISWitchampton 35Carr John Glyn 
23 Jan 1856Sarah JAMESWitchampton 56J. Hadfield curate 
5 Mar 1856Sarah BESTWitchampton41 Carr John Glyn 
13 May 1856Charlotte COBBWimborne 45Carr John Glyn 
14 Jun 1856Edward FRIPPWitchampton 85J. Hadfield curate 
1 Jul 1856Jane JAMESWitchampton80 J. Hadfield curate 
12 Nov 1856Ann JOYWitchampton76 Carr John Glyn 
17 Nov 1856Mary Anne BUDDENWitchampton 2J. Hadfield curate 
17 Jan 1857Mary POPEWitchampton50 Carr John Glyn 
26 Jan 1857Charlotte READWitchampton 48Carr John Glyn 
20 May 1857William MAIDMENTWitchampton 41J. Hadfield curate 
12 Aug 1857Richard Henry BARTLETTShapwick 33Carr John Glyn 
22 Sep 1857Anne YOUNGWitchampton 39J. Hadfield curatewife of George died of fever
5 Oct 1857Ann GEATINANWitchampton 93J. Hadfield curate 
26 Oct 1857Sarah KIMBERWitchampton 83Carr John Glyn 
18 Dec 1857Joseph YOUNGWitchampton 73J. Hadfield curate 
23 Dec 1857Sally FRIPPWitchampton 79Carr John Glyn 
12 Jan 1858William CHRISTOPHERWimborne 93J. Hadfield curateUnion Workhouse
16 Feb 1858Dinah YOUNGWitchampton 70J. Hadfield curate 
12 May 1858William TRIMWitchampton 68Carr John Glyn 
22 May 1858Henry Charles BURTWitchampton 8 monthsCarr John Glyn 
8 Jun 1858Hester FRIPPWitchampton 78J. Hadfield curate 
24 Jul 1858Sarah HUNTWitchampton 60J. Hadfield curate 
15 Sep 1858Mary CHRISTOPHERWitchampton 83J. Hadfield curate 
30 Sep 1858Mary PARRYWitchampton 88J. Hadfield curate 
16 Oct 1858Sarah HIBBERDChristchurch 3 monthsJ. Hadfield curate 
11 Dec 1858Sarah COOMBSWitchampton 89Carr John Glyn 
7 Jan 1859Henry KAILWitchampton61 J. Hadfield curate 
13 Jan 1859Mary BROWNWitchampton 4J. Hadfield curate 
29 Mar 1859Dinah JOYWitchampton45 J. Hadfield curate 
16 Apr 1859Job BUDDENWitchampton 15 monthsJ. Hadfield curate 
19 Apr 1859Tim Arthur GILBERTWitchampton 2y 9mJ. Hadfield curate 
14 May 1859Elizabeth BUDDENWitchampton 3Carr John Glyn 
6 Jun 1859Jane TRIMMWitchampton69 Carr John Glyn 
17 Jun 1859Eliza BRIDLEKingdown, Wimborne 48Carr John Glyn 
4 Aug 1859Augustas COBBWimborne13 J. Hadfield curate 
12 Dec 1859Elizabeth MONKWitchampton 77J. Hadfield curate 
18 Feb 1860Gertrude Ellen BURTWimborne 22Carr John Glyn 
14 Mar 1860Fanny HARWOODWitchampton 10 monthsJ.Hadfield curate 
23 Mar 1860Anne Elizabeth DEWFALLWitchampton 3 monthsJ.Hadfield curate 
14 Apr 1860Sarah HARVEYWitchampton 69Carr John Glyn 
11 May 1860Ellen COXWimborne2 J. Benwell 
31 May 1860William BURTWitchampton 72Carr John Glyn 
1 Jun 1860Mark SCOVELLWitchampton 1 monthCarr John Glyn 
2 Aug 1869Ely DIBBENWitchampton65 J Smith 
13 Aug 1869Louisa MANNWitchampton 22Carr John Glyn 
30 Sep 1869Henry Charles HOLLOWAYWitchampton 4J Hadfield 
8 Oct 1869Betsy HEBDITCHWitchampton 12 monthsJ Hadfield 
12 Nov 1869John DAVISWitchampton 12 MonthsJ Hadfield 
1 Jan 1870Fred David KENTWitchampton 22J Hadfield 
11 Mar 1870Job BUDDENWitchampton 70J Hadfield 
24 Mar 1870George ELSWORTHWitchampton 64J Hadfield 
2 Apr 1870Mary HISCOCKWitchampton 92Car John Glyn 
27 Apr 1870Anne MAIDMENTWitchampton 3J Hadfield 
30 Apr 1870John KENTWitchampton84 J Hadfield 
2 Jun 1870Thomas AVERYWitchampton 78Car John Glyn 
9 Jun 1870Jethro ELSWORTHWitchampton 27Car John Glyn 
15 Jun 1870Martha FRIPPWitchampton 61Car John Glyn 
19 Sep 1870Mary YEATMANWitchampton 77Car John Glyn 
3 Dec 1870Sarah Eliza WHITEWitchampton 18J Hadfield 
21 Dec 1870Benjamin CARTERWitchampton 26Car John Glyn 
24 Jan 1871Anna WILMINGTONWitchampton 55J Hadfield 
10 Apr 1871Louisa M.A.BAGNELLWitchampton 5J Hadfield 
9 May 1871Humphrey KINCHINTONWitchampton 16Car John Glyn 
4 Jul 1871Selina FRIPPWitchampton 4Car John Glyn 
29 Jul 1871Austin BROWNWitchampton 2y 9mJ Hadfield 
18 Sep 1871Charles BUNGAYWitchampton 68J Hadfield 
12 Oct 1871Fanny JOHNSTONWitchampton 18 monthsCar John Glyn 
25 Oct 1871Jane HIBBERDWitchampton 71Car John Glyn 
27 Oct 1871Ellen CUSTARDWitchampton 14 daysJ Hadfield 
1 Nov 1871Harry WHITEWitchampton 2Car John Glyn 
17 Nov 1871Elizabeth RIGGSWitchampton 5J Hadfield 
10 Dec 1871Mary JAMESWitchampton 80J Hadfield 
3 Jan 1872Harry DAVISWitchampton 71J Hadfield 
8 Feb 1872Jane BUDDENWitchampton 68J Hadfield 
15 Feb 1872Arthur E.YOUNGWitchampton 4 monthsJ Hadfield 
16 Apr 1872Betsie CARTERWitchampton 2J Hadfield 
22 Apr 1872Harry DAVISWitchampton 4 monthsJ Hadfield 
11 May 1872Jessy AVERYWitchampton 3 monthsCar John Glyn 
4 Sep 1872Thomas AVERYWitchampton 3Car John Glyn 
19 Mar 1873William HALLWitchampton 12J Hadfield 
9 Apr 1873Charles Edward AMANSWitchampton 11 monthsJ Hadfield 
16 Apr 1873James GILBERTWitchampton 50J Hadfield 
1 May 1873Sarah DIBBENWitchampton 55Car John Glyn 
2 May 1873Louisa Mary HOLLOWAYWitchampton 5 weeksJ Hadfield 
1 Jul 1873Susan HEBDITCHWitchampton 53J Hadfield 
26 Jul 1873Elizabeth HALLWitchampton 40Car John Glyn 
20 Aug 1873Isaac DIBBENWitchampton 94Car John Glyn 
2 Oct 1873Charles TAYLORWitchampton 1 dayJames King 
2 Oct 1873Myra Constance TAYLORWitchampton 2 daysJames King 
2 Oct 1873Annie COOMBESWitchampton 75J Hadfield 
8 Oct 1873Sarah CAMIEWitchampton 35Car John Glyn 
9 May 1874Mary YOUNGWitchampton52 J Hadfield 
21 Jul 1874George HAYWARDWimborne 2Mark Rolingon 
24 Jul 1874Kate DHOLANDWitchampton 2Mark Rolingon 
29 Jul 1874Ada Sophia TAYLORWitchampton 3 daysCar John Glyn 
24 Aug 1874Augusta FRENCHWimborne 37Car John Glyn 
19 Sep 1874William MAIDMENTWitchampton 2 daysCar John Glyn 
23 Nov 1874Charlotte SCOVELLWitchampton 74G.H.Billington 
30 Nov 1874Arthur DEWWitchampton 15 weeksCar John Glyn 
2 Jan 1875Fredrick BURTSouthampton 41Car John Glyn 
5 Jan 1875Henry HOUSEWitchampton 72H.Beamish 
16 Jan 1875Martha HIBBERDWitchampton 57Car John Glyn 
28 Jan 1875Jonas AMOSWitchampton 23Car John Glyn 
25 Feb 1875Joseph DIBBENGaunts Common 48H.Beamish 
2 Apr 1875James BARFOOTWitchampton 31H.Beamish 
3 May 1875Roe REEKSWitchampton77 H.Beamish 
17 May 1875Harriett PULTONWitchampton 73Car John Glyn 
19 May 1875Sophia ADAMSWitchampton 47Car John Glyn 
18 Jun 1875Elizabeth GRAHAMNewtown 81E.W.Collinson 
19 Jun 1875Mary KENTWitchampton79 E.W.Collinson 
27 Jul 1875Thomas BROWNNewtown78 E.W.Collinson 
1 Sep 1875Fanny KERLEYWitchampton 2Car John Glyn 
30 Oct 1875Mary Jane FORDVerwood 32Car John Glyn 
1 Jan 1876George KAILWitchampton 83Car John Glyn 
12 Feb 1876Charles COBBWitchampton 76Car John Glyn 
20 Mar 1876Mary Ann HOLLOWAYWitchampton 35T.Stringer 
29 Apr 1876Frank LEWISWitchampton 21E.W.Collinson 
6 May 1876Mary ADAMSWitchampton87 E.W.Collinson 
13 Jun 1876George COOMBSWitchampton 64E.W.Collinson 
28 Jul 1876John HALLMoor Crichel 57E.W.Collinson 
9 Aug 1876Elizabeth HOMERWitchampton 13Car John Glyn 
19 Aug 1876Mary KENTWitchampton71 Car John Glyn 
18 Sep 1876Christopher George CONEYWitchampton 18J. Havery 
9 Dec 1876Henry KINGCrichel70 E.W.Collinson 
24 Jan 1877Charles KENTWitchampton 83Car John Glyn 
5 Feb 1877William JAMESWitchampton 83Car John Glyn 
26 Mar 1877Emma Eda DANIELSWitchampton 16 monthsE.W.Collinson 
8 May 1877Elizabeth HEBDIGEWitchampton 50T.Stringer 
4 Jul 1877Annie Jane DAVISWitchampton 2A.Bailey 
21 Jul 1877Clara Emily COBBCrichel 12 monthsCar John Glyn 
20 Sep 1877Jane NEBBITSWitchampton 61Car John Glyn 
3 Nov 1877Infant child of Francis & Janette MITCHELL Witchampton3 weeksCar John Glyn 
3 Dec 1877Will BYRMANWimborne5 Car John Glyn 
29 Dec 1877Ely DIBBENWitchampton 87Car John Glyn 
16 Jan 1878John ROBINSONWitchampton 75Martin Alford 
26 Mar 1878Juliet JOHNSONWimborne 78Martin Alford 
13 Apr 1878Albert Henry BUTLERWitchampton 7Car John Glyn 
13 Apr 1878James BARLOWWitchampton 23Martin Alford 
9 Sep 1878Mary ROBERTSWitchampton 79Martin Alford 
20 Sep 1878James ADAMSWitchampton 92Martin Alford 
17 Oct 1878Sarah DEWWitchampton76 Martin Alford 
6 Nov 1878John BLICKWimborne59 Martin Alford 
24 Dec 1878Ann KINGDorchester71 Martin Alford 
23 Jan 1879Charles BUTLERWitchampton 74Car John Glyn 
20 Mar 1879Ellen LEWISWitchampton 25T.Austin 
4 Oct 1879Mary AVERYWitchampton78 Martin A.Knapp 
29 Nov 1879Ann JAMESWitchampton55 Martin A.Knapp 
10 Jan 1880Susan HOLLOWAYWitchampton 60Martin A.Knapp 
19 Jan 1880John HEDDITCHWitchampton 71Martin A.Knapp 
18 Mar 1880Harriet Peninah BROWNWitchampton 9 monthsMartin A.Knapp 
11 Jul 1880Charles KENCHINGTONWitchampton 64Martin A.Knapp 
19 Jul 1880Mary Maria DANIELSWitchampton 8Martin A.Knapp 
1 Sep 1880Alice AVERYWitchampton 2Martin A.Knapp 
6 Nov 1880Elizabeth RABBETSWitchampton 61Martin A.Knapp curate 
11 Dec 1880Elizabeth EVERETTWitchampton 68Martin A.Knapp curate 
13 Jan 1881Eliza CUSTARDWitchampton 56Martin A.Knapp curate 
19 Mar 1881Elizabeth BUDDENWimborne 57Carr John Glyn 
4 May 1881Thomas POULTONWitchampton 64Martin A.Knapp curate 
9 Jul 1881Ann ORMANWitchampton70 Martin A.Knapp curate 
16 Aug 1881Thomas SHETTLEReading 87G.H.Billington 
8 Sep 1881Sophia Louise COLLINSONBournemouth 65G.H.Billington 
7 Jan 1882Charlotte SPEARINGWitchampton 72Martin A.Knapp curate 
28 Jan 1882James BROWNWitchampton 59Martin A.Knapp curate 
9 Feb 1882Jane SHINERWitchampton 66Martin A.Knapp curate 
11 Feb 1882Catherine BARTWitchampton 96Carr John Glyn & M.Knapp 
9 Mar 1882Eliza SUMNERWitchampton 48Carr John Glyn 
18 Mar 1882George JAMESWimborne93 Martin A.Knapp curate 
15 Apr 1882Elizabeth BATCHELORDeans Leaze, Witchampton 59Martin A.Knapp curate 
6 Nov 1882Eliza HENDERSONWitchampton 58Carr John Glyn 
15 Dec 1882Emma CHAMBERLAINWitchampton 64Carr John Glyn 
17 Mar 1883Ann KITCHINGTONBredon’s Norton, Worcestershire 69Carr John Glyn 
27 Mar 1883Jane BURTWitchampton81 Martin A. Knapp curate 
12 Apr 1883Eliza MILESWitchampton 19Martin A. Knapp curate 
18 Apr 1883Mark SIMSWitchampton68 Martin A. Knapp curate 
6 Jun 1883Eliza NEWMANWichampton 80Martin A. Knapp curate 
24 July 1883William George BILESChristchurch 31Martin A. Knapp curate 
12 Oct 1883Mary Jane MANNWitchampton 64Martin A. Knapp curate 
29 Jan 1884Sarah BUSHWitchampton 29Martin A. Knapp curate 
6 Feb 1884Samuel JOHNSONWimborne formerly of Old Lawn 85Martin A. Knapp curate 
13 Mar 1884Edgar KIMBERWitchampton 5Martin A. Knapp curate 
14 Oct 1884Henry William DANIELSWimborne 27Martin A. Knapp curate 
2 Jan 1885Stephen STURMEYWitchampton 75Martin A. Knapp curate 
5 Mar 1885Douglas Harry POLEDENWitchampton 9 monthsMartin A. Knapp curate 
24 Mar 1885James RENDELLWitchampton 56Martin A. Knapp curate 
30 Apr 1885Mary AVERYWitchampton 90Martin A. Knapp curate 
7 May 1885Ada Kate BARTLETTWitchampton 14G.H.Billington 
20 Aug 1885Henry BALLWitchampton 76Martin A.Knapp curate 
22 Aug 1885Sarah GILBERTPrimrose Hill, Witchampton 61Martin A.Knapp curate 
7 Oct 1885George YOUNGWitchampton 72Carr John Glyn 
17 Nov 1885Annie Blanche DANIELLSWitchampton 10 weeksMartin A.Knapp curate 
7 Dec 1885Robert KIMBERWitchampton 66Martin A.Knapp curate 
9 Dec 1885John RABBITTSWitchampton 69Martin A.Knapp curate 
2 Mar 1886Unnamed Infant son of John & Sarah WARREN Hemsworth1 dayMartin A.Knapp curate 
30 Apr 1886Ada Emily DOMONEYWitchampton 20 monthsMartin A.Knapp curate 
8 May 1886Robert THORNEWhite Farm, Witchampton 77Martin A.Knapp curate 
10 May 1886Mary GOODFELLOWNewtown 82Martin A.Knapp curate 
24 Jun 1886Katherine Jane SEYMERWitchampton 75Carr John Glyn 
30 Aug 1886Charles AVERYWitchampton 45C.Burn curate 
3 Feb 1887Herbert John RABBITSWitchampton 5 monthsM.G.McCausland curate 
18 Feb 1887Jane THORNEWitchampton 70C. Burn curate 
26 Feb 1887Henry Herbert LAMBERTWitchampton 2 daysM.G.McCausland curate 
11 Mar 1887Stephen BUDDENWitchampton 59C. Burn curate 
18 Mar 1887Emma RABBITSWitchampton 42M.G.McCausland curate 
9 Apr 1887Eliza Beatrice BUDDENWitchampton 2 monthsC. Burn curate 
5 May 1887Anne HARRISWitchampton 80C. Burn curate 
2 Jul 1887George HOLLOWAYWitchampton 67C. Burn curate 
22 Jul 1887Elizabeth BUTLERWitchampton 78M.G.McCausland curate 
6 Sep 1887Anna GLYNWitchampton76 “ & C. Burn 
22 Dec 1887Mimmi Bessie WIGHTMANWitchampton 6 months“ & Carr John Glyn 
18 Feb 1888George Frederick FRIPPWitchampton 44Carr J. Glyn & C. Burn 
16 Mar 1888Ann OATESWitchampton68 M.G.McCausland curate 
5 Apr 1888John DIBBENWitchampton 27 daysM.G.McCausland curate 
26 May 1888Isaac FOYLEWitchampton 69M.G.McCausland curate 
26 May 1888Ann KAILGaunts85 C. Burn curate 
2 Jun 1888Henry Charles BURTWitchampton 60Carr John Glyn 
11 Jun 1888Mary FRIPPWitchampton 73C. Burn curate 
4 Jul 1888Abraham FRIPPWitchampton 78M.G.McCausland curate 
18 Jul 1888Jane WATTSWitchampton 84M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
29 Oct 1888Ann RUCEWitchampton83 M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
3 Nov 1888Luanna FRIPPWitchampton 82M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
10 Nov 1888Charles James PARSONSWitchampton 28M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
14 Nov 1888Jane DEWWitchampton49 Carr John Glyn 
17 Dec 1888Hannah SIMSWitchampton 71M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
30 Mar 1889Albert Edward GURDWitchampton 5 daysM.Y.Mc Causland curate 
12 Apr 1889David SPEARINGWitchampton 82M.Y.Mc Causland curate 
16 Apr 1889Sidney George DANIELSWitchampton 5 weeksP.H.Badcock curate 
18 Sep 1889Sibyl Comelia STURTCrichel 15Carr John Glyn 
19 Nov 1889Daughter of J GALTONWitchampton 17 daysP. Jones curate 
28 Nov 1889Beatrice Jane CUTLERWitchampton 17 monthsP.H.Badcock curate 
13 Dec 1889Frances Lilian TILLBradford 22 monthsP.Jones curate 
20 Jan 1890Emma BAVERSTOCKCorscombe 32P.H.Badcock curate 
24 Jan 1890Ernest Charles DOMINYWitchampton 2P.Jones curate 
28 Mar 1890Thomas MARTINHemsworth 15P.H.Badcock curate 
5 May 1890Eva Annie DOMINYWitchampton 20 monthsP. Jones curate 
8 May 1890Robert BURTWitchampton 67P. Jones curate 
21 May 1890James NEWMANColehill86 P.H.Badcock curate 
7 Oct 1890Alfred HEBDITCHNewtown 45P. Jones curate 
10 Dec 1890George Henry ADAMSWitchampton 64P.H.Badcock curate 
19 Dec 1890Victor Augustus COBBWitchampton 18 monthsP.H.Badcock curate 
10 Feb 1891Bessie GAULTONWitchampton 2 monthsP.H.Badcock curate 
2 Mar 1891Robert YOUNGWitchampton 62P.H.Badcock curate 
4 Apr 1891Theresa COBBAlms Houses Witchampton 76A.H.Halley curate 
5 Jun 1891James CUSTARDWitchampton 82A.H.Halley curate 
13 Nov 1891Alice VARLEYWitchampton 41E.Collinson 
26 Nov 1891Mary HISCOCKWitchampton 71A.H.Halley curate 
2 Feb 1892Ann STURMEYWitchampton 72R.Boyer curate 
13 Feb 1892Annie Louisa COBBWitchampton 12 monthsR.Boyer curate 
7 Mar 1892Thomas Foyle BROWNWitchampton 25R.Boyer curate 
30 Mar 1892Louisa HOLLOWAYWitchampton 73R.Boyer curate 
15 Jun 1892Edward WELSTEADWitchampton 49A.H.Halley curate 
28 Nov 1892Harriet Kate WILLSWitchampton 23R.Boyer curate 
27 Dec 1892Patience AVERYWitchampton 55A.H.Halley curate 
4 Jan 1893Amelia Beatrice Eva BUGLERWitchampton 3 monthsA.H.Halley curate 
19 Jan 1893Eliza CUTLERWitchampton 70A.H.Halley curate 
26 Apr 1893Laura Bessie COBBWitchampton 14 monthsA.H.Halley curate 
13 Jun 1893William John OGBORNE  24A.H.Halley curatedied at Cornelia Hospital Poole
25 Aug 1893Anne KINGWitchampton58 R.Boyer curate 
4 Jan 1894Charlotte Louisa NICOLBYBournemouth 83R.Boyer curate 
30 Apr 1894Hannah KIMBERWitchampton 74R.Boyer curate 
9 Jun 1894Catherine BROWNWitchampton 19R.Boyer curate 
18 Sep 1894Frances Godwin BALLWitchampton 75John Elliott curate 
12 Nov 1894Lewis AMOSHinton Martell 79John Elliott curate 
7 Dec 1894Cecilia HARTWitchampton 77John Elliott curate 
17 Dec 1894William DEWWitchampton 23R.Boyer curate 
14 Feb 1895Cecil Augustas Edwin SPICERHinton Martell 8 monthsJ.M.Sangar 
6 Mar 1895Pharey KERLEYWitchampton 41John Elliot curate 
11 Apr 1895Henry HUMBERWitchampton 54R. Boyer curate 
25 May 1895Georgina St Leger NICOLBYClifton Bristol 80John Elliott curate 
28 May 1895Ruth KENTWitchampton63 R.Boyer curate 
25 July 1985Emily Alice ANGELLWitchampton 32John Elliott curate 
21 Aug 1895Charles AVERYWitchampton 91John Elliott curate 
22 Oct 1895John BALLWitchampton47 H.W.Eales 
30 Oct 1895Charles GILBERTWitchampton 73John Elliott curate 
28 Nov 1895Bessie Maria OSMANWitchampton 18John Elliott curate 
13 Dec 1895Harriett Louisa BROWNWitchampton 46H.W.Eales 
3 Jan 1896Mabel STREETWitchampton 16 monthsJohn Elliott curate 
4 Jan 1896Kitty FOOTBradford49 John Elliott curate 
16 Jan 1896Mary OSBALSTONEWitchampton 75H.W.Eales 
29 Feb 1896Lillian Phyllis YOUNGWitchampton 3John Elliott curate 
19 Mar 1896Walter CHRISTOPHERWitchampton 45H.W.Eales 
17 Apr 1896Ellen Jane STARRWitchampton 31John Elliott curate 
2 May 1896Louisa BURTWitchampton 72L.B.Roberts 
16 May 1896George HIBBERDWitchampton 84John Elliott curate 
4 Sep 1896Mary Susan PARSONSWitchampton 36Valentine Faulkner 
29 Oct 1896Carr John GLYNWitchampton Rectory 97Edward Carr Glyn& E.W.Collinson
14 Nov 1896John ADAMSWitchampton 85Valentine Faulkner 
24 Dec 1896Henry SPEARINGWitchampton 55Valentine Faulkner 
5 Jan 1897Mary Jane CHRISTOPHERWitchampton 53Cyril P.Wix Rector 
19 Feb 1897Annie Ellen BURKWitchampton 28Cyril P.Wix Rector 
28 Aug 1897Joseph BATCHELORWitchampton 76Cyril P.Wix Rector 
15 Sep 1897Ellen JAMESWitchampton 7P.W.WilliamsCurate of Moor Crichel
4 Oct 1897David PICKFORDWitchampton 83Cyril P.Wix Rector 
5 Oct 1897Edith Sarah STICKLANDWitchampton 24Cyril P.Wix Rector 
7 Dec 1897Mary HOUSEWitchampton84 Cyril P.Wix Rector 
20 Dec 1897Harriett YOUNGWitchampton 75Cyril P.Wix Rector 
18 Jan 1898Dorothy Margaret CARTERMoor Crichel 15 monthsCyril P.Wix Rector 
23 Feb 1898Martha EVERETTWitchampton 81Cyril P.Wix Rector 
4 Jul 1898Elizabeth PICKFORDWitchampton 80Cyril P.Wix Rector 
21 Jul 1898Jane CHRISTOPHERWitchampton 75Cyril P.Wix Rector 
5 Aug 1898James HARTWitchampton88 Cyril P.Wix Rector 
9 Aug 1898Alice STREETWitchampton 10Cyril P.Wix Rector 
15 Oct 1898Richard BROWN 34 Cyril P.Wix Rectordied at Laverstock, Wiltshire
11 Feb 1899George BUDDENWitchampton 76Cyril P.Wix Rector 
18 Feb 1899Ann BUDDEN 78 Cyril P.Wix Rector(wife of above)
23 Feb 1899Olivia STURT38, Portman Sq, London 1 weekCyril P.Wix Rector 
25 Feb 1899Emily MAIDMENTWitchampton 39Cyril P.Wix Rector 
16 Mar 1899Joseph DEWWitchampton 55Cyril P.Wix Rector 
2 Apr 1899Ann YOUNGWitchampton79 Cyril P.Wix Rector 
6 May 1899George Brown HENDERSONWitchampton 77Cyril P.Wix Rector 
10 Jul 1899George BUSHWitchampton 72Cyril P.Wix Rector 
9 Oct 1899William DEWWitchampton 72Cyril P.Wix Rector 
5 Jan 1900Child of Harry FRIPP  7Cyril P.Wix Rectorunbaptized, special service at grave side
6 Jan 1900Doris Clara KERLEYWitchampton 3 monthsOswald M.Sturt Deacon 

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