Burials 1774 to 1782

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ros Taylor

31Jan1775William PARKER 
18Sep1775Jane TOPPwife of William
2Jan1776Jane HARVEYwife of Roger
8Jan1776Mary SMALLwidow
20Feb1776William ROGERS 
25Mar1776Isaac FOIL 
4Jun1776George TUBBSson of Robert & Anne
17Jun1776Ann TUBBS 
3Aug1776Elizabeth STURNEY 
7Aug1776Sarah COMESdaughter of Thomas
18Aug1776Mary VINCENT 
25Aug1776Lucy BUNDY 
3Sep1776William LODDER 
13Sep1776Elizabeth LODDER 
18Sep1776Catherine HAWES 
31Oct1776George HARVEY 
11Jan1777Charles TUBBS 
11Jan1777George BURDEN 
15Apr1777James MAIDMENT 
22Apr1777Thomas DAVIDGE 
8May1777Roger HARVEY 
4Aug1777Elizabeth FRIPP 
26Aug1777George MONDONson of John and Mary
18Nov1777Hannah FRAMPTONdaughter of Jeptha & Mary
2Dec1777James HIBBERD 
23Jan1778Jane RUGLIP 
5Mar1778Ruth HIBBERD 
16May1778John KYSOM 
26Nov1778Elizabeth DOMONY 
17Mar1779John FELTHAMson of John & Susanna
3Mar1779John HARVEY 
13Apr1779Mary FELTHAMson of John & Susanna
3May1779Robert KERLEY 
5Sep1779Mary HUTCHINS 
26Sep1779Joseph PRINCE 
28Sep1779Benjamin PRINCE 
4Nov1779Clarissa MITCHEL 
26Nov1779Mary JAMES 
27Nov1779Mary ROBINS 
17Jan1780Walter DOMONY 
5Jul1780Susanna PRINCE 
25Jul1780George PRINCE 
20Oct1780Rebecca POPE 
2Jan1781John KAIL 
18Feb1781Thomas YOUNG 
18Feb1781Mary FRAMPTON 
2Apr1781Rebecca PRINCE(infant)
27Sep1781Jane KENT(infant)
1Oct1781Charles DEW(infant age 1 year)
1Dec1781Robert PALMER 
19Dec1781George TUBBS(infant)
14Feb1782Jane REDMAN 
30Mar1782Mary TRIM 
29Nov1782Mary BURT 
8Dec1782John TUBBS 

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