Burials 1656 to 1730

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Ros Taylor

A typical early entry of burial was worded like this (I have kept the same spelling):

Anno Domini 1680 October 28 Anne Tuffin, an infant, was buried being wrapt up in sheeps woolen only. Whereof Affidavit was made by Elizabeth Marsh and Anne Bason, November 5, before William Okeden Esquire and by him certified.

Phrases such as “a poor maid”, “an ancient maid” or “ancient widow” were often used to describe the deceased.

27Oct1656MaryHIGHMOREdaughter ofJames & Ann
27Mar1657Thomas TUBBS  
19Apr1657Dorothy TUBBSdaughter ofThomas (above)
17Jul1657Richard BENNETT  
5Aug1657Ann HIGHMOREdaughter ofJames & Ann
30Aug1658Elizabeth SHAWdaughter ofWilliam
27Sep1658Elizabeth MAIOWdaughter ofThomas
27Sep1658Henry DOMINYson ofHenry
25Jan1662Josiah LEWES  
13Feb1662Charles SAVAGE  
14Feb1662Thomas TOOGOOD  
17Feb1662John MALOW  
30Jul1662Christopher TAYLOR  
30May1662Bridgett COLEdaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth
22Aug1662Mabella COLEdaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth
26Mar1663John NEWMAN  
6May1663John HOWLET  
19May1663Robert LOWEN  
12Jun1663John THOMAS  
12Dec1664William HARTE  
16Jan1665Ann STRANGEWAYSwife ofGeorge
11Oct1678Elizabeth De LAUNCEwife ofRichard
13Oct1678Elenor BENETTwidow ofRichard
3Feb1679Ann BASONwife ofThomas (junior)
22Feb1679Martha THOMASwife ofThomas
29Mar1679Joan MAINwife ofJohn
11Jul1679Arthur TUFFINson ofWilliam
22Jul1679Robert TAYLOR  
24Dec1679John MANIE  
10Jan1680William BESANT  
12Jan1680John CARRINGTON  
21May1680William BREWER  
28Oct1680Anne TUFFIN(an infant) 
2Jan1681Mary LOADER  
20Jan1681Anne MEAD  
6Feb1681Elizabeth TUFFINwife ofWilliam
21Feb1681Alice TUBBS  
5Mar1681Bridget HAINSwife ofThomas
8Apr1681Jane TOOPwife ofThomas
23May1707Martha POTTELLdaughter ofWilliam
29Jul1707Anne CLEVERLY(Hinton Martell) 
7Sep1707Anne SCOVELL  
22Oct1707Anne BASONwife ofThomas
8Nov1707Anne BOWNwife ofWilliam
23Nov1707Mary DILLY(a base born child) 
25Dec1707Mathew SAMWAYS  
13Feb1708Robert JOLLIFE  
2Mar1708William HOMER(Wimborne Minster) 
13Aug1708Mabella COLEdaughter ofJohn
21Sep1708Jane PELLYwife ofSamuel
12Oct1708Walter HARBORLON(a traveller) 
25Jan1709John HAGGETT  
25Feb1709Robert MEREson ofRichard
12Apr1709Christopher REDMAN(Holt) 
14Jun1709Richard STICKELY  
23Aug1709William ALLENGAMEan infant 
15Sep1709Susanna YOUNG  
9Oct1709Joshua HEWLETTson ofJohn
11Dec1709Jane YOUNG  
11Jun1710William COLEson ofJohn
10Jan1711Mary CLEVERLY(Wimborne Minster) 
31Jan1711Thomas BASONSnr 
27Feb1711Elizabeth PRINCE(widow) 
4Apr1711Mathew HUTCHINS  
26Apr1711Mary HARRISdaughter ofJohn
3Aug1711Elizabeth LAMBERT(widow) 
26Sep1711Elizabeth SAMWAYS  
27Sep1711Lily DILLY  
2Oct1711Thomas PINCHARD  
4Oct1711Miriam GOBY(Blocksford) 
1Nov1711John HARRIS  
2Nov1711Ruth HOILEwife ofThomas
16Nov1711Thomas BASON  
21Nov1711John THOMAS  
25Nov1711William LANE  
28Nov1711Hannah STICKLEYwife ofRichard
10Dec1711Mary THOMASwife ofJohn
11Dec1711John HUTCHINS  
12Dec1711William HUTCHINS  
6Jan1712William BREWER  
8Jan1712John HARRIS(an infant) 
17Jan1712Thomas BASON  
21Jan1712Mary HOILE(an infant) 
24Jan1712Stephen BURT  
24Feb1712Joseph DILLY  
11Apr1712Mary MAYE  
22Apr1712Mrs MaryJOLLIFE 
14Jul1712John CLEVERLY(Wimborne) 
13Aug1712Mary REDMAN  
27Sep1713Anne DAVISdaughter ofJoseph & Anne
23Oct1713Joan POWELLwife ofWilliam
2Jan1714Thomas UEDALE(an infant) 
9Feb1714William POWELL  
25Apr1714Dorothy HAINwidow 
16Feb1715Mary BEZZANTTwife ofClement
6Mar1715Alice STINT(an infant) 
31Jul1715Hannah LONNING  
4Aug1715Anne WILLISwife ofJob
18Aug1715Clement BEZZANTT  
5Oct1715William BOWN  
17Oct1715Anne EDRIDGE  
4May1716William YOUNGson ofWilliam
9May1716Grace TUBBSdaughter ofJames
19Sep1716Alice DILLY  
20Dec1716Martha TUBBS  
8Feb1717Elizabeth PRINCEdaughter ofWilliam
15Nov1717Henry REDMAN(Holt) 
2Mar1718John CLEVERLY(Hinton Martell) 
11Mar1718John RABBATSan infant(Shapwick)
11Aug1718Elizabeth TUBBSwidow 
1Mar1719Jane HEWLET  
11Aug1719Sarah LAMBERT  
14Aug1719John BERT  
8Dec1719Thomas YOUNGson ofWilliam & Mary
3Mar1720Richard PINCHARD  
20Sep1720Alice BESTwidow 
26Sep1720Martha POTTELL  
27Dec1720William GILBERT  
7Jan1721Robert BEST  
3Feb1721Mary GILBERT  
15Apr1722Mary FOYLE(a girl) 
25Apr1722William SADLERalias James (a boy) 
17Jan1723Mary HOWLET(an infant) 
7Mar1723Susannah LANNON  
20Mar1723Stephen BOWN(an infant) 
28May1723John BOARDON  
28May1723John LOADER  
19Feb1724Grace PRINCE  
9Aug1724Nicholas BAUMONT(Wimborne) 
16Jan1725Thomas SAVAGE  
12Feb1725Anne ROGERS  
17Nov1725John HEWLET  
  1726Peter ALLINGHAM  
4Nov1726Mary & Martha ROGERSdaughters ofWilliam & Ann
23Nov1726Christopher THOMAS  
14Feb1727Robert WILLIS  
14Mar1727Elizabeth THOMAS(Shapwick) 
10Aug1729Thomas FOYLE  
28Jan1730Mary LOADER(widow) 
  1730John VINCENT  
6Feb1730Henry BASON  
23Feb1730Mary HENNINGdaughter ofWilliam & Mary
26Feb1730Martha DOMINYwife ofJames
3Mar1730Mary PRINCEwife ofWilliam
11Mar1730Anne ?(Bradford) wife ofWilliam
16Mar1730William HENNING  

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