1901 Census - RG13/1975
Enumeration District 4

Transcribed by Johanna Miller

Witchampton, Wimborne, East Dorset                  
Enumeration District 4                  
Enumerator: Charles Colborne                  
Comprising the whole of the village of Witchampton, Newtown, Witchampton Common, Primrose Hill, Deans Leaye Farm and Cottages, Haggotts, Samways, Further Hemsworth [Hansworth?],
Abbey Farm, Roberts Farm, White Farm, The Paper Mill and Flour Mill, Hilda Cottages and Sheep House. Also a formerly detached part of Shapwick viz. Walls Cottages and Dean Farm Lower Hansworth.
No of Schedules 130                        
Houses 134 1 Absent, 3 Uninhabited                  
Males 238                        
Females 300                        
Sched Rms Location Forename SURNAME Rel to Hd Mar Cond Age Occupation Emp/Worker At Home Born County Disability Ref
1   Witchampton Flour Mill Fred HOPKINS Head M 49 Miller and farmer Employer   Bothewood     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Flour Mill Ellen HOPKINS Wife M 48       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Flour Mill Eva HOPKINS Daughter S 23       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Flour Mill Laura HOPKINS Daughter S 21       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Flour Mill Alice HOPKINS Daughter S 9       Witchampton     f50/pg1
2   Witchampton John CAVE Head M 53 Gardener (domestic) Worker   Parkstone     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Emily CAVE Daughter S 22 Housekeeper to Father Worker   Longfleet     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Ethel CAVE Daughter S 16 General Servt (domestic) Worker   Canford     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Percy CAVE Son S 14 Garden Boy (domestic) Worker   Canford     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Hilda CAVE Daughter   7       Canford     f50/pg1
3   Brook Cottage Walter STICKLAND Head Wid 27 Gardener (domestic) Worker   Chester     f50/pg1
    Brook Cottage Walter STICKLAND Son   8       Gillingham     f50/pg1
    Brook Cottage Harold STICKLAND Son   6       Barford S. Martin     f50/pg1
    Brook Cottage Ella STICKLAND Sister S 15 Living with brother     Blandford     f50/pg1
4   Witchampton Herbert John YOUNG Head M 35 Cycle? Insurance Agent Worker   Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Emily YOUNG Wife M 30       Sherborne     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Dorothy Lena YOUNG Daughter   9       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Ella Emily YOUNG Daughter   6       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Bertha Olive YOUNG Daughter   4       Witchampton     f50/pg1
    Witchampton Herbert Alan YOUNG Son   2       Witchampton     f50/pg1
5   The Abbey House Elinor WILLIAMS Head Wid 68 Living on own means     Chisledon Wiltshire   f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Nelly Beatrice WILLIAMS Daughter S 36       Longfleet     f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Maud G.G. WILLIAMS Daughter S 28       Longfleet     f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Arthur C. WILLIAMS Son S 23 Land Auct Agent Worker   Longfleet     f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Kate COX Servt S 27 Cook (domestic)     Gussage All Sts     f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Ellen DAVIS Servt S 24 Parlour Maid (domestic)     Moreton     f50/pg1
    The Abbey House Annie YOUNG Servt S 18 Housemaid (domestic)     Haggoth, Witchampton     f50/pg1
5   Males 9, Females 18                        
6   The Rectory Cyril P. WIX Head M 45 Clergyman, Ch of England     Littlebury Essex   f50/pg2
    The Rectory Constance E. WIX Wife M 45       Brighton Sussex   f50/pg2
    The Rectory Dorothy M.K.B. WIX Dau   8       Brighton Sussex   f50/pg2
    The Rectory Irene C.N. WIX Dau   6       Moor Crichel     f50/pg2
    The Rectory Francis A.C. WIX Dau   3       Witchampton     f50/pg2
    The Rectory Margaret C.G. WIX Dau   6m       Witchampton     f50/pg2
    The Rectory Emily A. CABBLE Servt S 26 Nurse (domestic)     Kinton Somerset   f50/pg2
    The Rectory Martha F. CABLE Servt S 22 Cook (domestic)     Maudeville, Wimborne     f50/pg2
    The Rectory Alice M. STRATTON Servt S 28 Housemaid (domestic)     Moor Crichel     f50/pg2
    The Rectory Grace A. LEE Visitor S 40       Hanover F***t   f50/pg2
7   Witchampton Amelia YEATMAN Head S 53 Laundress, wash own acct at home Holtwood     f50/pg2
8   Witchampton John SUMNER Head M 63 Shoe Maker own acct at home Bowde? Wiltshire   f50/pg2
    Witchampton Jane SUMNER Wife M 62       Wimborne     f50/pg2
9   Witchampton William J. DAVIS Head M 42 Police Constable     Charminster     f50/pg2
    Witchampton Louisa A. DAVIS Wife M 31       Kingstone Somerset   f50/pg2
    Witchampton William G. DAVIS Son S 16 Gardener Worker   Lambeth London   f50/pg2
    Witchampton Beatrice R. DAVIS Dau S 13       Dorchester     f50/pg2
    Witchampton Reginald J. DAVIS Son   10       Horton     f50/pg2
    Witchampton James R. DAVIS Son   7       Branksome     f50/pg2
    Witchampton Alma L. DAVIS Dau   4       Witchampton     f50/pg2
    Witchampton Alice J.E. DAVIS Dau   2       Witchampton     f50/pg2
    Witchampton Allen A. E. DAVIS Son   1       Witchampton     f50/pg2
10 2 Witchampton Louisa YOUNG Head Wid 58 Charwoman Worker   Wimborne     f50/pg2
11   Rose Villas Henry W. HOLLOWAY Head Wid 58 Gardner, Labourer Worker   Pamphill     f50/pg2
    Rose Villas Harry H. HOLLOWAY Son M 30 Miller’s Carter Worker   Witchampton     f50/pg2
    Rose Villas Amelia HOLLOWAY Dau-in-law M 26       Nether Cerne     f50/pg2
    Rose Villas Ellen M. HOLLOWAY Gd Dau   4       Witchampton     f50/pg2
6   Males 9, Females 18                        
12   Rose Villas Arthur CHRISTOPHER Head M 30 General Labourer Worker   Moor Crichel     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Kate CHRISTOPHER Wife M 28       Moor Crichel     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Mabel B. CHRISTOPHER Dau   9       Moor Crichel     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Alfred J. CHRISTOPHER Son   2       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Edward B. CHRISTOPHER Son   2m       Witchampton     f51/pg3
13   Rose Villas Charles COBB Head Wid 64 Farm Labourer Worker   Holtwood [or Hollwood]     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Bertie COBB Son S 15 Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Ethel COBB Dau   13       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Victor COBB Son   7       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Eva COBB Dau   4       Witchampton     f51/pg3
14   Rose Villas John DEWLAND Head M 62 Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Hinton Martel     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Elizabeth DEWLAND Wife M 68       Bishops Caundle     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Mary NEATE Dau M 31       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Charles DEWLAND Son S 25 Bricklayer     Witchampton     f51/pg3
15   Rose Villas Sidney JOY Head M 32 Groom (domestic) Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Minnie A. JOY Wife M 28       Hardwick Gloucester   f51/pg3
    Rose Villas Reginald G. JOY Son   7m       Witchampton     f51/pg3
16   Ivy Cottage Charles MAIDMENT Head M 44 Sailor own acct at home Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Ivy Cottage Anna MAIDMENT Wife M 45       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Ivy Cottage Beatrice G. MAIDMENT Dau   13       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Ivy Cottage Edwin MAIDMENT Son   11       Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Ivy Cottage Lillian MAIDMENT Dau   8       Witchampton     f51/pg3
17 4 Witchampton James DUKE Head M 29 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Horton     f51/pg3
    Witchampton Alice DUKE Wife M 25       Dean Leaye [Witchampton]   f51/pg3
18 4 Witchampton Mary A. DEW Head Wid 48 Laundress, wash     Moor Crichel     f51/pg3
    Witchampton Harry C. DEW Son S 19 Gardner, Labourer     Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Witchampton Maria A. DEW Dau S 16 Nurse (domestic)     Witchampton     f51/pg3
    Witchampton Lottie M. Kimber Niece   10       Rushton     f51/pg3
7   Males 14, Females 14                        
19   Witchampton Henry J. CAILES Head M 50 Carter on Estate (tg horse?) Worker   Woodlands     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Eliza S. CAILES Wife M 56       Holtwood     f51/pg4
    Witchampton William J. CAILES Son S 24 Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Holtwood     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Bessie CAILES Dau S 21 Cook (domestic)     Holtwood     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Walter H. CAILES Son S 13 Labourer at Paper Mills Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg4
20   Vine Cottage William COBB Head M 51 Bricklayer Worker   Hollwood     f51/pg4
    Vine Cottage Georgina COBB Wife M 57       Almer     f51/pg4
    Vine Cottage Walter COBB Son S 29 House Painter (tc) Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Vine Cottage Clara COBB Dau S 21       Manswood     f51/pg4
21 4 Witchampton Samuel SCOVELL Head M 35 Farm Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Charlotte SCOVELL Wife M 36       Long Crichel     f51/pg4
    Witchampton John MASTER Boarder S 48 Farm Labourer Worker   Piddlehinton     f51/pg4
22 4 Witchampton Charles CHRISTOPHER Head M 27 Labourer in Woodland Worker   Wimborne     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Mary CHRISTOPHER Wife M 31       Wimborne     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Harold CHRISTOPHER Son   1       Wimborne     f51/pg4
23 3 Witchampton Charles CULL Head M 75 Carpenter Worker   Hinton Martel     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Martha CULL Wife M 71       Witchampton     f51/pg4
24   Witchampton Charles YOUNG Head M 48 Dairyman (tg Cattle) Worker   Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Helena YOUNG Wife M 46       Stockbridge Hants   f51/pg4
    Witchampton MariaK. HORSLEY Niece S 16       Stockbridge Hants   f51/pg4
25   Witchampton Alfred KENCHINGTON Head M 69 Carpenter Worker   Bicton Hants   f51/pg4
    Witchampton Mary A. KENCHINGTON Wife M 66       Fontmell     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Anna KENCHINGTON Dau S 25 Dress Maker own acct at home Fontmell     f51/pg4
    Witchampton Elizabeth KENCHINGTON Dau S 24       Fontmell     f51/pg4
26   Post Office Stephen YOUNG Head Wid 78 [illegible] Post Master     Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Post Office Emily BILES Dau Wid 51 Houskeeper to Father     Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Post Office Lizzie YOUNG Dau S 38       Witchampton     f51/pg4
    Post Office Ida M. BILES Gd Dau S 21 Post Office Clerk Worker   Hinton Hants   f51/pg4
    Post Office Frank BILES Gd Son S 18 Postman Worker   Hinton Hants   f51/pg4
    Post Office Margaret L.H. YOUNG Gd Dau   6       S. Lambeth London   f51/pg4
8   Males 14, Females 16                        
27   The Lodge Edwin COBB Head M 56 Carpenter Worker   Holt     f52/pg5
    The Lodge Edith GILBERT Niece S 16 Drapers Assistant Worker   Hinton Martel     f52/pg5
28 3 Uninhabited                       f52/pg5
29 4 Witchampton Mary A. KING Head Wid 52 Needlewoman (Shirt) Worker   Hinton Wiltshire   f52/pg5
30   Witchampton John ROBERTS Head M 44 Wheelwright Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Mary N. ROBERTS Wife M 40       Dorscombe     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Morgan P. ROBERTS Son   11       Witchampton     f52/pg5
31   Witchampton Andrew MAIDMENT Head M 61 Engine Driver Steam [illegible] Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Catherine MAIDMENT Wife M 62       Crichel     f52/pg5
32   Witchampton David KIMBER Head M 49 Woodman on Estate Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Sarah KIMBER Wife M 56       Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Alice KIMBER Dau S 16 Housemaid (domestic)     Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Rose KIMBER Dau S 15 Housemaid (domestic)     Witchampton     f52/pg5
33   Witchampton Frank HOLLOWAY Head M 39 Gardener (not domestic)     Crichel     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Louisa HOLLOWAY Wife M 37       Woolavington Somerset   f52/pg5
34   Witchampton Thomas WOOLFRIES Head M 54 Grocer, Shopkeeper     Broadmayne     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Anne WOOLFRIES Wife M 54             f52/pg5
    Witchampton Frances S. WOOLFRIES Dau S 16 Shop Assistant (grocer)     Witchampton     f52/pg5
35 2 Alms House Caroline DANIELS Head Wid 79       Blandford     f52/pg5
    Alms House Ann Eliza WELSTEAD Dau Wid 56 Nurse to Mother     Blandford     f52/pg5
36 2 Alms House Isaac FREEBORN Head M 72       Moor Crichel     f52/pg5
    Alms House Ellen FREEBORN Wife M 70       Moor Crichel     f52/pg5
37 1 Alms House Mary BATCHLER Head Wid 71       Almer     f52/pg5
38 2 Alms House Emma RANDELL Head Wid 71       Hinton Martel     f52/pg5
39 2 Alms House Elizabeth KENT Head S 78       Witchampton     f52/pg5
40 2 Alms House Mary Ann FOYLE Head Wid 78       Witchampton     f52/pg5
41   Witchampton Henry J. JOY Head M 37 Baker & Grocer own acct at home Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Annie J. JOY Wife M 35       Manswood     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Albert A. JOY Son   3       Witchampton     f52/pg5
    Witchampton Ronald O.J. JOY Son   2m       Witchampton     f52/pg5
14 1un Males 11, Females 18                        
42   Witchampton Joseph JOY Head M 62 Journeyman Miller Worker   Hinton Martel     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Harriett JOY Wife M 61       Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Clara JOY Dau S 29 School Teacher Elementary   Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Laura JOY Dau S 25       Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Walter JOY Son S 22 Paper Finisher (P Mill) Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Hilda BAVERSTOCK G. Dau   12       Longburton     f52/pg6
43   Pound Hill Henry DEW Head Wid 67 Gardener (General) Worker   Manswood     f52/pg6
    Pound Hill Ada M. DEW Dau S 20 Housekeeper to Father Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg6
44   Pound Hill Elizabeth M. CAKEBREAD Head S 40 School Mistress Ch of E     Brixton Surrey   f52/pg6
    Pound Hill Amelia J. SNOOK Boarder S 50 Asst Schl Mistress Ch of E     Winterborne     f52/pg6
45   Downley Cottage William J. CUSTARD Head M 53 Police Pensioner     Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Downley Cottage Anne CUSTARD Wife M 53       Congrove     f52/pg6
    Downley Cottage Clare M. CUSTARD Dau S 31 Dress Maker own acct at home Witchampton     f52/pg6
46   Witchampton Henry ROUND Head M 82 Farmer Employer   Christchurch Hants   f52/pg6
    Witchampton Mary ROUND Wife M 78       Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Emma MORGAN Servt S 54 General Servt (domestic)     Horton     f52/pg6
47   Witchampton Henry J. ROSE Head M 47 General Labourer on Estate Worker   Horton Heath     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Sarah A. ROSE Wife M 43       *** kenshaw?     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Frank ROSE Son S 14 Painters Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Fred ROSE Son   12       Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Minnie ROSE Dau   11       Witchampton     f52/pg6
48 4 Witchampton Jasper DOWN Head M 74 Boot Maker own acct at home Hill Butts [Pamphill]     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Mary A. DOWN Wife M 71       Burley Hants   f52/pg6
49 4 Witchampton Harry WHITE Head M 27 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton Alice WHITE Wife M 34       Edington Somerset   f52/pg6
    Witchampton Hilda WHITE Dau   5       Witchampton     f52/pg6
    Witchampton John WHITE Son   2       Witchampton     f52/pg6
8   Males 11, Females 16                        
50 4 Witchampton Albert JOY Head M 40 Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Emily L. JOY Wife M 34       Lydlinch     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Percival J. JOY Son   4       Broadway     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Cecil A. JOY Son   11m       Witchampton     f53/pg7
51 3 Witchampton Walter J. HOWE Head M 35 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Melcombe Horsey     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Emma HOWE Wife M 28       Nether Compton     f53/pg7
52 4 Witchampton Thomas DOMONEY Head M 42 Bricklayer Worker   Iwerne     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Anna M. DOMONEY Wife M 44       Wells Somerset   f53/pg7
    Witchampton Grace DOMONEY Dau S 13       Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Margaret J.B. DOMONEY Dau   11       Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Frederick C. DOMONEY Son   9       Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Ada L. DOMONEY Dau   8       Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Thomas H. DOMONEY Son   5       Witchampton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Harry DOMONEY Son   3       Witchampton     f53/pg7
53   Witchampton Eliza JOHNSON Head Wid 65       Tarrant Hinton     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Ellen CASH Dau Wid 31 Cook (domestic)     Witchampton     f53/pg7
54   The Hive Blanche O.D.H. LLEWHELLIN Head Wid 48 Living on own means     Wurzburg? Germany   f53/pg7
    The Hive Elinor POLLICK Mother Wid 86       Roseburgh Scotland   f53/pg7
    The Hive W.G. LLEWHELLIN Dau S 21       Bengal India   f53/pg7
    The Hive J.L. SCHAEFFLE Visitor S 72       Wortenberg Germany   f53/pg7
    The Hive Annie MOYLE Servt S 32 Parlour Maid (domestic)     Falmouth Cornwall   f53/pg7
    The Hive Edith SMART Servt S 26 Housemaid (domestic)     Gloucester Gloster   f53/pg7
    The Hive Edith HISCOCK Servt S 18 Cook (domestic)     Spettisbury     f53/pg7
55   Witchampton Charles ELLIOTT Head M 41 Carter on Farm (assistant)       Dorset   f53/pg7
    Witchampton Elizabeth ELLIOTT Wife M 42       Hinton Martel     f53/pg7
56 2 Witchampton John BLAKE Head M 24 Waggoner on Farm (tg horse) Worker   Long Crichel     f53/pg7
    Witchampton Elizabeth BLAKE Wife M 24       Gussage All Sts     f53/pg7
7   Males 10, Females 17                        
57   Witchampton Geo. W. WHITE Head M 37 Labourer on Farm Worker   Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Honor J. WHITE Wife M 37       Castle Cary Somerset   f53/pg8
    Witchampton Bessie M. WHITE Dau   7       Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Ida K. WHITE Dau   5       Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Elsie H. WHITE Dau   3       Witchampton     f53/pg8
58   Witchampton Jane GILBERT Head Wid 75 Retired Laundress (wash)     Blandford     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Violet BUTLER G. Dau S 16       Paddington London   f53/pg8
    Witchampton Cyril BUTLER G. Son   10       Paddington London   f53/pg8
59   Roberts Farm Sarah KERLEY Head Wid 46 Laundress, wash Worker   Shapwick     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Henry KERLEY Son S 18 Dairyman on Farm (tg cattle) Worker   Shapwick     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Eliza KERLEY Dau S 17       Shapwick     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Betsy CUFF Mother Wid 77       Shapwick     f53/pg8
60   Roberts Farm Robert DOWLAND Head M 51 Carter on Farm (tg horse)     Rockington     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Thirza DOWLAND Wife M 53       Hinton Martel     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Ada DOWLAND Dau S 21 Gen Servant (domestic)     Cutler Farm     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Nellie DOWLAND Dau S 16 Gen Servant (domestic)     Cutler Farm     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Katie DOWLAND Dau S 13 Gen Servant (domestic)     G****k Farm     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Winnie DOWLAND Dau S 11       G****k Farm     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Alice DOWLAND Dau   6       G****k Farm     f53/pg8
    Roberts Farm Edward DOWLAND Son   4       G****k Farm     f53/pg8
61   Witchampton Frederick CHRISTOPHER Head M 50 Farm Labourer Worker   Gussage     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Annie CHRISTOPHER Wife M 48       Horton Heath     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Harry O. CHRISTOPHER Son S 16 Farm Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Lewis G.C. CHRISTOPHER Son S 13 Errand Boy (domestic) Worker   Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Ernest CHRISTOPHER Son   9       Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Martin A. CHRISTOPHER Son   7       Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton George JAMES Nephew   6       Witchampton     f53/pg8
    Witchampton Edwin CHRISTOPHER Bro S 34 Farm Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f53/pg8
5   Males 12, Females 16                        
62   Witchampton Charles GALLOP Head M 37 Woodman on Estate Worker   Sturminster Marshall     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Janet GALLOP Wife M 36       Woodlands     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Herbert GALLOP Son S 16 Woodman on Estate Worker   Tarrant Rushton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Frank GALLOP Son S 14 General Labourer Worker   Tarrant Rushton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Harry GALLOP Son S 12 Shepherd Boy on Farm Worker   Tarrant Rushton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Edith GALLOP Dau   9       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Winifred GALLOP Dau   6       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Alice GALLOP Dau   1       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Lilian GALLOP Dau   6m       Witchampton     f54/pg9
63   Witchampton (absent)                       f54/pg9
64   Abbey Farm Charles ROBERTS Head M 46 Farmer Employer   Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Abbey Farm Annie ROBERTS Wife M 54       Portsmouth Hants   f54/pg9
65 4 Witchampton Daniel BENNETT Head M 52 Farm Labourer Worker   Dorchester     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Jane BENNETT Wife M 48       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton May BENNETT Dau S 16 General Servt (domestic) Worker   Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Elsie BENNETT Dau S 15       Witchampton     f54/pg9
66 4 Witchampton David ROBERTS Head M 77 General Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Ann ROBERTS Wife M 77       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton William ROBERTS Son S 42 General Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f54/pg9
67   Witchampton William GALE Head M 37 Dairyman (tg Cattle) Worker   Bowerstock     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Elizabeth GALE Wife M 34       Bringsty Worcester   f54/pg9
    Witchampton Gertrude GALE Dau   11       Didlington     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Edith GALE Dau   9       Crichel     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Charles GALE Son   6       Crichel     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Ethel GALE Dau   4       Crichel     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Reginald GALE Son   2       Crichel     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Elsie GALE Dau   5m       Witchampton     f54/pg9
    Witchampton Joseph BROWN Boarder S 25 Carter on Farm (tg horse) Worker   Horton     f54/pg9
5   Males 12, Females 15                        
68   Witchampton Charles KERLEY Head M 53 Woodman Worker   Shapwick     f /pg10
    Witchampton Harriet KERLEY Wife M 51       Witchampton     f /pg10
    Witchampton George KERLEY Son S 26 Postman Worker   Witchampton     f /pg10
    Witchampton Lilly KERLEY Dau S 15       Witchampton     f /pg10
69   Witchampton Walter ROBERTS Head M 36 Farmers Brother Worker   Witchampton     f /pg10
    Witchampton Rose ROBERTS Wife M 29       Witchampton     f /pg10
    Witchampton Ellen ADAMS G. Mother Wid 81       Manswood     f /pg10
70   Newtown Edwin PAYNE Head M 42 Gardener (domestic) Worker   Harminster Wiltshire   f /pg10
    Newtown Martha PAYNE Wife M 43 Dressmaker own acct at home Woolhope Hereford   f /pg10
71   Newtown (uninhabited)                       f /pg10
72   Newtown Stephen HISCOCK Head M 59 Foreman at Paper Mill Worker   Wimborne     f /pg10
    Newtown Jane HISCOCK Wife M 59       Hinton Martel     f /pg10
    Newtown William MILES Son-in-law Wid 30 Paper Miller, Paper Mill Worker   Hinton Martel     f /pg10
    Newtown Albert H. MILES G. Son   9       Hinton Martel     f /pg10
73 4 Newtown Henry J. TWINKLE Head M 34 Dairyman (cattle) Worker   Puddlehinton     f /pg10
    Newtown Fanny TWINKLE Wife M 33       Swanage     f /pg10
    Newtown Percy TWINKLE Son   8       Hinton Martel     f /pg10
    Newtown George TWINKLE Son   6       Hinton Martel     f /pg10
    Newtown Hilda M. TWINKLE Dau   4       Hinton Martel     f /pg10
74 4 Newtown Edwin J. PARSONS Head M 61 Coachman (domestic) Worker   Whiteparish Wiltshire   f /pg10
    Newtown Ellen G. PARSONS Wife M 60 Laundress, wash own acct at home Teffont Wiltshire   f /pg10
    Newtown Mary BAILEY Sis-in-law S 64 Laundress, wash own acct at home Teffont Wiltshire   f /pg10
6   Males 11, Females 10                        
75   Newtown William BURT Head M 45 Paper Manufacturer Employer   Witchampton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Maria E. BURT Wife M 49       London     f55/pg11
    Newtown Ethel BURT Dau S 20       Hinton Martel     f55/pg11
    Newtown Mathilda LAY Sister S 54 Living on own means     London     f55/pg11
    Newtown Edith M. ROTTER Sister M 39       Weymouth     f55/pg11
    Newtown Winifred BURT Dau   10       Hinton Martel     f55/pg11
    Newtown George C. BURT Son   3       Witchampton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Elizabeth J. RIDOUT Servt S 23 Cook (domestic)     Allweston     f55/pg11
    Newtown Sarah E. FARWELL Servt S 19 Housemaid (domestic)     Church Knowle     f55/pg11
    Newtown Kate A. SQUIBLE Servt S 17 Nursemaid (domestic)     Holt     f55/pg11
76 4 Newtown Stephen READ Head M 47 Engine Driver Paper Mills Worker   Horton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Caroline READ Wife M 46       Horton     f55/pg11
77 4 Newtown Henry J. BENNETT Head M 32 Carter Paper Mills Worker   Dean Handley     f55/pg11
    Newtown Fanny BENNETT Wife M 32       Gussage     f55/pg11
    Newtown Harry BENNETT Son   5       Witchampton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Charles BENNETT Son   2       Witchampton     f55/pg11
78 4 Newtown Louisa COBB Head Wid 52 Paper Carter, Paper Mill Worker   Holtwood     f55/pg11
    Newtown Maud COBB Dau S 23 Paper Carter, Paper Mill Worker   Horton     f55/pg11
79   Newtown John F. DICKSON Head M 46 Mechanical Engineer, Paper Mill Worker   Berwick on Tweed Northumberland   f55/pg11
    Newtown Maria J. DICKSON Wife M 47       Witchampton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Louisa J. DICKSON Dau S 16       Witchampton     f55/pg11
    Newtown Alfred H. DICKSON Son   7       Witchampton     f55/pg11
5   Males 8, Females 14                        
80   Newtown Henry G. TUBBS Head M 41 Machine Minder Paper Mill Worker   Chalbury     f55/pg12
    Newtown Bessie TUBBS Wife   41       Woodlands     f55/pg12
    Newtown William J. TUBBS Son S 22 Labourer on Farm Worker   Chalbury     f55/pg12
    Newtown Elizabeth W. TUBBS Dau S 13       Chalbury     f55/pg12
    Newtown Henry G. TUBBS Son   10       Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Ethel M. TUBBS Dau   9       Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Charles TUBBS Son   7       Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Alice M.M. TUBBS Dau   4       Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Walter G. TUBBS Son   2       Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Francis J. TUBBS Son   2m       Witchampton     f55/pg12
81 3 Newtown James GOUGE Head M 68 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Invalid     Fordingbridge Hants   f55/pg12
    Newtown Sarah GOUGE Wife M 58 General Servant (Domestic) Worker   Horton     f55/pg12
82   Newtown Eli OSMAN Head M 58 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Colehill     f55/pg12
    Newtown Elizabeth OSMAN Wife M 57       Chilbridge     f55/pg12
83   Newtown Charles INGRAM Head M 55 General Labourer Worker   Holt     f55/pg12
    Newtown Emma INGRAM Wife M 63       Hinton Martel     f55/pg12
    Newtown Alice INGRAM Dau S 21 Housemaid (domestic)     Hinton Martel     f55/pg12
    Newtown Edith TUBBS Visitor S 18 Cook (domestic)     Chalbury     f55/pg12
84   Newtown Henry J. HAWKER Head S 24 Blacksmith Employer     Ireland   f55/pg12
    Newtown Mary A. BROWN G. Mother Wid 77 Housekeeper     Witchampton     f55/pg12
85 2 Newtown Edwin KERLEY Head M 24 Carpenter Worker   Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Ellen KERLEY Wife M 23       Holtwood     f55/pg12
86   Newtown Harry FRIPP Head M 49 Pulp beater, Paper Mill Worker   Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Harriett FRIPP Wife M 55       Manswood     f55/pg12
    Newtown George FRIPP Son S 17 Labourer at Paper Mill Worker   Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Sydney FRIPP Son S 15 Carter boy at Farm Worker   Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Katie FRIPP Dau   13 General Servant (Domestic)     Witchampton     f55/pg12
    Newtown Frank FRIPP Son   11       Witchampton     f55/pg12
87   Uninhabited                       f55/pg12
88   Uninhabited                       f55/pg12
7 2 Males 15, Females 13                        
89   Newtown Elizabeth F. COCKRAN Head M 47 Living on own means       Scotland   f56/pg13
    Newtown Hester COCKRAN Dau S 25         Scotland   f56/pg13
    Newtown Agnes D. YOUNG Sister S 42 Living on own means       Scotland   f56/pg13
    Newtown Christina McKENZIE Servt S 28 Cook (domestic)       Scotland   f56/pg13
    Newtown Kate HALLETT Servt S 18 Parlourmaid (Domestic)     Fordingbridge Hants   f56/pg13
    Newtown Annie KIMBER Servt S 19 Housemaid (Domestic)     Witchampton     f56/pg13
90   Newtown Edwin TIBBS Head M 36 Painter (General) Worker   Cerne Abbas Worcester   f56/pg13
    Newtown Rose TIBBS Wife M 36       Wimborne     f56/pg13
    Newtown Winnie TIBBS Dau   7       Branksome     f56/pg13
    Newtown Percy TIBBS Son   6       Branksome     f56/pg13
    Newtown Olive TIBBS Dau   4       Newtown, Witchampton     f56/pg13
91   Newtown Hedley J. RIGGS Head M 39 Carpenter own acct at home Portsmouth Hants   f56/pg13
    Newtown Anne RIGGS Wife M 50       Stratton     f56/pg13
    Newtown Reginald J. RIGGS Son S 16 Paper Worker, Paper Mills Worker   Chesilbourne     f56/pg13
    Newtown Percival A. RIGGS Son S 13       Chesilbourne     f56/pg13
92 4 White Farm William TRIM Head M 42 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Moor Crichel     f56/pg13
    White Farm Edith TRIM Wife M 35       Long Crichel     f56/pg13
    White Farm Dorothy TRIM Dau   6       Witchampton     f56/pg13
93 4 White Farm George DAVIS Head Wid 54 Labourer on Estate Worker   Witchampton     f56/pg13
    White Farm Bertie DAVIS Son S 21 Journeyman Baker Worker   Witchampton     f56/pg13
    White Farm Louie DAVIS Dau S 17 Housekeeper to Father     Witchampton     f56/pg13
94   Primrose Hill Henry O. ANGEL Head Wid 41 Clerk on Estate Worker   Shaw Wiltshire   f56/pg13
    Primrose Hill Bruce O. ANGEL Son   8       Crichel     f56/pg13
    Primrose Hill Emily R.W. ANGEL Dau   5       Crichel     f56/pg13
    Primrose Hill Annie C. ANGEL Sister S 45 Housekeeper to Brother Worker   Shaw Wiltshire   f56/pg13
    Primrose Hill Eleanor M. ANGEL Neice S 19 General Servant (domestic)     Durham Gloster   f56/pg13
95   Primrose Hill Eleanor BUTCHER Head S 37 School Mistress ( Worker   Norton Bradley Wiltshire   f56/pg13
    Primrose Hill Elizabeth BAILEY Boarder S 27 Asst School Teache Worker   Holt Wiltshire   f56/pg13
96   Primrose Hill Eliza GILBERT Head S 37 General Servant (domestic)     Moor Crichel     f56/pg13
8   Males 10, Females 19                        
97 4 Primrose Hill William BARTLETT Head M 73 Stud Groom Worker Worker Pimperne     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Ellen BARTLETT Wife M 62       Verwood     f56/pg14
98   Primrose Hill Thomas OSBALDSTONE Head Wid 79       Horton     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Mary OSBALDSTONE Dau S 42 Dressmaker own acct at home Crichel     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Albert OSBALDSTONE G. Son S 16 Labourer on Farm Worker   Paddington London   f56/pg14
99   Primrose Hill George BUSHROD Head M 73 Bricklayer Worker   Broadmayne     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Harriett BUSHROD Wife M 69       Puddletown     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Alice BUSHROD Dau S 45 Dressmaker own acct at home Moor Crichel     f56/pg14
100 4 Primrose Hill Charles SHEASBEY Head M 28 Coachman (not domestic) Worker   Rugby Warwickshire   f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Ada SHEASBEY Wife M 26       Handley     f56/pg14
101   Primrose Hill George LEWIS Head Wid 53 Gardener (not domestic) Worker   _ London   f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Alice LEWIS Dau S 22 School Teacher Worker   Witchampton     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill William JOY B-in-law M 48 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Handley     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Mary JOY Sister M 51 Housekeeper to Brother Worker   _ London   f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Frank JOY Nephew S 19 Labourer on Farm Worker   Witchampton     f56/pg14
    Primrose Hill Alice DONYMEAD Visitor   12       ??     f56/pg14
102   Witchampton George WADHAM Head M 75 Woodman Worker   Witchampton     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Leah H. WADHAM Wife M 71       Witchampton     f56/pg14
103   Witchampton Henry GULLIVER Head M 55 Carpenter Worker   ?? Westmoreland   f56/pg14
    Witchampton Louise M. GULLIVER Wife M 56       Shapwick     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Lydia M. GULLIVER Dau S 20       Crichel     f56/pg14
104   Witchampton Thomas ELSWORTH Head M 65 Woodman on Estate Worker   Crichel     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Mary A. ELSWORTH Wife M 64       Crichel     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Frank ELSWORTH Son S 29 Labourer (General) Worker   Crichel     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Arthur ELSWORTH Son S 23 Labourer on Farm Worker   Crichel     f56/pg14
    Witchampton Alice ELSWORTH Dau S 20             f56/pg14
    Witchampton Kate E. ELSWORTH G. dau   9             f56/pg14
8   Males 13, Females 14                        
105   Witchampton Common Alfred DOMONEY Head M 47 Bricklayer Worker   Iwerne Minster     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Selina DOMONEY Wife M 44       Crichel     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Arthur G. DOMONEY Son S 22 Bricklayer Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Herbert DOMONEY Son S 19 Bricklayer Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Edwin F. DOMONEY Son S 15 Grocers Shop Assist Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg15
106   Witchampton Common Charlotte SHEARING Head S 68 Retired at ??     Parkstone     f57/pg15
107 3 Witchampton Common Alfred GALE Head M 59 General Labourer Worker   Powerstock     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Dinah GALE Wife M 60       Beaminster     f57/pg15
108 4 Witchampton Common Simeon COOKER Head M 32 Wood Carter Worker   Litton Cheney     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Alice COOKER Wife M 32       Holwell     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Arthur COOKER Son   6       Tarrant Launceston     f57/pg15
    Witchampton Common Winifred COOKER Dau   1       Tarrant Launceston     f57/pg15
109   Deans Leaye Farm Thomas A. BUTLER Head M 60 Farmer Employer   Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Farm Eliza BUTLER Wife M 60       Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Farm George H. BUTLER Son S 34 Farmers Son Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Farm Frank A. BUTLER Son S 32 Farmers Son Worker   Wimborne     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Farm Kathleen DUNCAN Visitor S 24       London Middlesex   f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Farm Bessie HISCOCK Servt S 16 General Servant (domestic)     Tarrant Crawford     f57/pg15
110 4 Deans Leaye Francis CHRISTOPHER Head M 33 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Moor Crichel     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Ellen CHRISTOPHER Wife M 35       Little Hinton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Beatrice M. CHRISTOPHER Dau   8       Long Crichel     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Dorothy N. CHRISTOPHER Dau   4       Long Crichel     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye William G. CHRISTOPHER Son   2       Long Crichel     f57/pg15
111 4 Deans Leaye Harry CUTLER Head   44 Wood Hurdle Maker Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Alice CUTLER Wife   44       Monckton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Annie CUTLER Dau S 17 Housemaid (Domestic)     Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Beatrice CUTLER Dau   11       Witchampton     f57/pg15
    Deans Leaye Hilda CUTLER Dau   9       Witchampton     f57/pg15
7   Males 13, Females 15                        
112   Deans Leaye William CARTER Head M 26 Worker     Crawford     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Ellen A. CARTER Wife M 24       Kingston Deverell Wiltshire   f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Gertrude E. CARTER Dau   5       Tarrant Keynston     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Mabel F. CARTER Dau   3       Tarrant Abbey     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Charlie N. CARTER Son   1       Tarrant Abbey     f57/pg16
113   Deans Leaye George HISCOCK Head M 52 Cattle Gen. Mgr? on Farm Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Mary HISCOCK Wife M 51       Wimborne     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Emily HISCOCK Dau S 13       Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Katie HISCOCK Dau   10       Witchampton     f57/pg16
114   Deans Leaye Charles JAMES Head M 36 [illegible] Agricultural Labourer Worker   Shapwick     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Harriett JAMES Wife M 35       Hinton Martel     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Mabel JAMES Dau   12       Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Mildred JAMES Dau   8       Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Charles JAMES Son   4       Deans Leaye     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Nellie JAMES Dau   2       Deans Leaye     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Norah JAMES Dau   1m age-under 1 mth     Deans Leaye     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Mary WHITLOCK Visitor M 37       Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Deans Leaye Ethel WHITLOCK Visitor   3       Gussage All Sts     f57/pg16
115   Haggoth Elisha WHITE Head M 58 General Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Caroline WHITE Wife M 58       Manswood     f57/pg16
    Haggoth William WHITE Son S 35 General Labourer Worker   Newton, Whpton     f57/pg16
116   Haggoth John YOUNG Head M 61 Woodman on Estate Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Elizabeth YOUNG Wife M 57       Stobe? Suffolk   f57/pg16
    Haggoth Archie YOUNG Son S 35 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg16
117   Haggoth Frank BUDDEN Head M 54 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Tarrant Rushton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Emma BUDDEN Wife M 56       Manswood     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Frances BUDDEN Dau S 22 Cook (domestic)     Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Annie BUDDEN Dau S 20       Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Albert BUDDEN Son S 18 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Witchampton     f57/pg16
    Haggoth Winifred BUDDEN Dau   10       Witchampton     f57/pg16
6   Males 11, Females 19                        
118   Haggoth Charles SCOVELL Head M 67 Agricultural Labourer Worker   Handley     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Sarah SCOVELL Wife M 66       Horton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Mary SCOVELL Dau S 32 General Servant (domestic)     Witchampton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Fredk W. WELSTEAD Son-in-law M 24 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Tarrant Monkton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Charlotte WELSTEAD Dau M 22       Witchampton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Gladys M. WELSTEAD G. dau   10m       Witchampton     f58/pg17
119   Haggoth George DUKE Head M 60 Blacksmith on Farm Worker   Corfe Mullen     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Ann DUKE Wife M 51       Wimborne     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Lizzie DUKE Dau S 23       Haggoth [Witchampton]     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Harry DUKE Son S 17 Agricultural Labourer     Haggoth [Witchampton]     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Frank DUKE Son S 13 Carter Boy on Farm (ag horse)     Haggoth [Witchampton]     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Nellie DUKE Dau   9       Haggoth [Witchampton]     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Elizabeth GILBERT M-in-law Wid 78       Horton     f58/pg17
120   Haggoth John BUGLER Head M 45 Labourer on Farm Worker   Beaminster     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Caroline BUGLER Wife M 47       Sturton Candle     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Eli g. BUGLER Son S 21 Labourer on Farm Worker   Charlton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Ernest BUGLER Son S 19 Labourer on Farm Worker   Charlton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth William BUGLER Son S 17 Labourer on Farm Worker   Piddle Hinton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Arthur BUGLER Son S 15 Labourer on Farm Worker   Bincombe     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Robert BUGLER Son S 13 Shepherd Boy on Farm Worker   Witchampton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Frank BUGLER Son   11       Witchampton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Charles BUGLER Son   9       Witchampton     f58/pg17
    Haggoth Thomas BUGLER Son   5       Witchampton     f58/pg17
121   Dean Farm John SAUNDERS Head M 70 Dairyman Employer   Great Toller     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm Charlotte SAUNDERS Wife M 69       Great Toller     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm Charlotte SAUNDERS Dau S 46 Dairymans Daughter (ag cattle) Worker   Rampisham     f58/pg17
122 4 Dean Farm Bennett WELSTEAD Head M 52 Carter on Farm (ag Horse)     Winterborne Kingston     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm Martha WELSTEAD Wife M 52       Woodcutts     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm George B. WELSTEAD Son S 30 Carter on Farm (ag Horse)     Minchington     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm Edith R. MUSHRATT G. dau   9       Wich, Newton Stoney     f58/pg17
    Dean Farm Ethel MUSHRATT G. dau   2       Pilton     f58/pg17
5   Males 17, Females 14                        
123   Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood John FORWARD Head M 47 Gardener (domestic) Worker   Sutton Waldron     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Esma FORWARD Wife M 42       Witchampton     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood John FORWARD Son S 21 Ordinary Agricl Labourer Worker   Paddington London   f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Thomas FORWARD Son S 16 Gardener (domestic) Worker   Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood William FORWARD Son S 15 House Boy (domestic) Worker   Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Mary FORWARD Dau S 13       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Fred FORWARD Son   12       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Susan FORWARD Dau   10       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Frank FORWARD Son   8       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Edward FORWARD Son   7       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Nellie FORWARD Dau   3       Hansworth     f58/pg18
124   Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood George RICHARDS Head M 45 Shepherd on Farm Worker   Charmington     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Winifred RICHARDS Wife M 33       Whiteparish Wiltshire   f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Seth RICHARDS Son   8       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Emily RICHARDS Dau   6       Hansworth     f58/pg18
    Walls Cottages, Lower Hanwood Sidney RICHARDS Son   2       Hansworth     f58/pg18
2   Males 10, Females 6                        
    The ? ? On                        
    Schedules 120, 121, 122, 123, 124,                        
    are situated in the Ecclesiastical                        
    Parish of Shapwich Sth                        
    Bartholomeus (part of)                        
125   Further Hansworth Farm John S. HOMER Head M 65 Farmer Employer   Martinstown     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Farm Mary S. HOMER Wife M 35       Hansworth     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Farm Elizabeth F. JAMES Servt Wid 72 Cook (domestic)     Wimborne     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Farm Annie BAILEY Servt S 34 Housemaid (Domestic)     Verwood     f59/pg19
126   Further Hansworth Farm Thomas MARTIN Head M 57 Groom (domestic) Worker   Hungerford Berkshire   f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Farm Maria MARTIN Wife M 59       Hungerford Berkshire   f59/pg19
127   Further Hansworth Thomas *. ELLIOTT Head M 32 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Barrick     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Alice ELLIOTT Wife M 32       Houghton     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Alick G ELLIOTT Son   10       Tarrant Rushton     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Winifred M. ELLIOTT Dau   8       Hansworth     f59/pg19
128   Further Hansworth Henry C. HISCOCK Head M 46 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Tarrant Gunville     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Eleanor C. HISCOCK Wife M 40       Langton     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Harry N. HISCOCK Son S 16 Under Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Tarrant Launceston     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Eva E.V. HISCOCK Dau S 13       Tarrant Launceston     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Nellie B. HISCOCK Dau   6       Hansworth     f59/pg19
129   Further Hansworth William J. BUSH Head Wid 38 Cowman on Farm (ag Cattle) Worter   Hinton Martell     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Jane BUSH Mother Wid 72       Horton     f59/pg19
    Further Hansworth Winifred JAMES Niece   9       Witchampton     f59/pg19
130   Samways Robert FOYLE Head M 46 Engine Driver (Tractors?) Worker   Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Jane FOYLE Wife M 37       Upwey     f59/pg19
    Samways Willim E.B. FOYLE Son S 16 Shepherd Boy on Farm Worker   Upwey     f59/pg19
    Samways Charles S. FOYLE Son S 14 Carter Boy on Farm (ag horse) Worker   Upwey     f59/pg19
    Samways Ada M.E. FOYLE Dau   12       Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Harold B. FOYLE Son   10       Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Reginald C. FOYLE Son   8       Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Sarah A.M. FOYLE Dau   6       Witchampton     f59/pg19
131   Samways Elijah COBB Head M 53 Timber Cutter Worker   Hollwood     f59/pg19
    Samways Mahala COBB Wife M 48       Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Ernest C. COBB Son S 17 Baker (Breadmaker) Worker   Witchampton     f59/pg19
    Samways Bessie COBB Dau   12       Witchampton     f59/pg19
7   Males 14, Females 16                        
132   Hilda Cottages Rober J. MULLINS Head M 36 Stud Groom Worker   Long Crichel     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Deborah MULLINS Wife M 30       Corley Lincoln   f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Cyril H.E. MULLINS Son   4       Manswood     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Constance M. MULLINS Dau   3       Witchampton     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Reginald C.J. MULLINS Son   1m       Witchampton     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Henry KIMBER Boarder S 26 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Moor Crichel     f59/pg20
133   Hilda Cottages Samuel STREET Head M 41 Shepherd on Farm Worker   Homington Wiltshire   f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Elizabeth STREET Wife M 40       Combe Bissett Wiltshire   f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Edwin STREET Son S 16 Gen Labourer on Estate Worker   Combe Bissett Wiltshire   f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Annie STREET Dau S 14       Brixton Deverll Wiltshire   f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Edith STREET Dau   11       Witchampton     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages John STREET Son   9       Witchampton     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Beatrice STREET Dau   6       Witchampton     f59/pg20
134   Hilda Cottages William FUTCHER Head M 45 Game Keeper Worker   St. Giles     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Sarah FUTCHER Wife M 35       St. Giles     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Frank FUTCHER Son S 15 Shepherd Boy on Farm Worker   Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Harry FUTCHER Son S 14 Cow boy on Farm (ag Cattle) Worker   Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Dorothy FUTCHER     12       Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Ivy FUTCHER     8       Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Ralph FUTCHER     6       Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Arthur FUTCHER     4       Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Alice FUTCHER     3       Gussage All Sts     f59/pg20
    Hilda Cottages Kate FUTCHER     7m       Witchampton     f59/pg20
135 4 Sheep House Edwin STARR Head Wid 46 Carter on Farm (ag Horse) Worker   Sturminster Marshall     f59/pg20
    Sheep House Lavinia STARR     22 Housekeeper to Father Worker   Chilbridge     f59/pg20
    Sheep House Henry STARR     13 Labourer on Farm Worker   Chilbridge     f59/pg20
    Sheep House James STARR     11       Chilbridge     f59/pg20
    Sheep House Fred STARR     7       Chilbridge     f59/pg20
4   Males 16, Females 12                        


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