Register or Baptisms for the Parish of Monkton from October 1st 1783
p7  'Such or like memoranda will in time, perhaps, become considerably interesting to the parishioners of the succeeding century,
whilst making the entry cannot be considered as troublesome, even by the most indolent'
[Preface to the Register]
A simple printed form register
Page Date Aged Name of the child Names of the Father and Mother Register Notes My notes
8 1781 May the 4th __ days John Smith son of John Smith, labourer, and Mary his wife formerly Mary Evans printed example
1784 March 21 Hannah Stroud daughter of John and  Ann Stroud
May 9th Benjamin son of Benjamin & Mary Gould
May 23rd Jenny daughter of John &  Mary Orchard
1785 March 6th Richard son of Richard & Mary Gale
May 15th Mary Jane daughter of Henry and Jane Keatone
May th Betty  daughter of George  & Betty Trives One box. Day of month missing
July 6th Philip son of James & Ann Rendall One box
9 July 6th Rebecca daughter of John &  Grace Tizard
July 31st Martha daughter of John & Mary Low
Novr 20th Wm son of Wm & Eliz Fudge
1786 Mar 26th Martha daughter of John & Mary Orchard
Sepr 17th Thomas son of John and  Susanna Trevors
Decr 25th Benjamin son of James & Martha Mitchel
10 1787 Mar: 11th William son of George and Betty Trevett
April 1st Anne daugr: of Benjamin and Mary Gould
Augst 12th Martha daugr: of Henry and  Martha Dennis of the Parish of Came
1788 April 27th Elizabeth daugr: of William & Jane Leake
Sepr: 7th John son of John and Mary Orchard
1789 Jan 18th Jane Daugr of George and Betty Trevett
Visitation May 10th 1789
11 1790 March 12th George son of George & Betty Trivet
Novr 7th Robert son of Robert & Mary Bascombe
Novr 7th harlotte Daugr of John  and Mary Orchard
1791 Visitation June 22d 1791
Augst 21st Elizabeth Daugr: of James and Mary Churchill
1792 Feby 12th William son of Benjamin and Mary Gould
       12th William son of George & Betty Trevors
Visitation July 25th 1792
12 1793 Mar: 3d John son of George & Elizabeth Trevett
Mar: 10th Robert son of John & Mary Debben
Visitation July 15 1793
July 21st Mary Daughter of Micael & Mary Wallis
July 21st Harriot Daugr of John & Mary Orchard
1794 Mar: 10th John son___ of James & Mary Churchill
June 22d Robert Tizard son of Robert & Elizabeth Roper
[13 & 14 appear to have been missed by Clerk]
15 June 29 John son of Robert Gillingham and Mary his wife
1795 May 26 Susannah of Robert & Mary Gillingham
June 7 Charles of Joseph & Ann Gover
June 9 Sarah of James &  Mary Churchill
Decr 25 Ann of John & Mary Dibben
1796 Feby 21 John of John & Mary Dibben
Ap 26 Elizabeth of Thomas & Elizabeth Andrews
16 1797 April 7 John of James & Mary Churchill
May 19 Ann of Edwd Williams Esq & Ann his wife
Octr 20 Virtue of John & Elizabeth Slade
1798 March 18 Sarah of Thomas & Jane Hooper
May 9th Mary of Mesech & Sarah Trevett
Visitation 9th June 1798 The Bishop
17 June 24th: George of George & Betty Treveze
Sept 16th: Richard of John & Elizabeth Vincent
Novr 29th: John base-born, of Mary Keats
Decr 5th: James Wilmot of Edwd Williams Esq & Ann his wife
1799 Jany 13: Richard of John & Jane Wallis
Dec 29: Ruth of John & Jane Wallis
18 1800 Feby 23rd: Sarah of Meshech & Sarah Trevett
Sept 21st: Thomas son of Thomas & Ann Allen
Octr 17th Jane d of Edward Williams Esq & Ann his Wife
1801 Jany 25 Mary d of Thos & Mary Abbott
Visitation May 5th The Bishop
1802 Feby 21st Sarah d, of William  & Sarah Read
Visitation May 26th
Sept 26 Amelia d of William & Mary Meager
19 Novr 14 Sarah d, of George & Betty Treavers
1803 March 6 William s, of Meshech & Sarah Trevett
April 28th: Elizabeth d, of Thomas & Mary Abbott
April 28th: Ann d, of Thomas & Mary Abbott
May 8th: James s, of James & Elizabeth Norman
Augt 14th: Frederick s, of William & Mary Meager
Octr 17th: Jemima d, of Edward Williams Esqr.  & Ann his Wife
20 Octr 30th: Susanna d, of Thos & Ann Allen
1804 April 1st Henry s, of George  & Betty Trevers
Novr 18th Elias s, of William & Mary Meager
Novr 25th: Thomas Humprey s, of Thomas & Mary Abbott born Sept 2nd 1804
1805 Feby 7th: James s, of Richard & Susanna Wallis born July 7th 1804
March 30th: Susannah d, of William & Ann Hunt
21 May 5th: Elizabeth d, of Meshech & Sarah Trevett a twin
May 5th: Ann d, of Meshech & Sarah Trevett a twin
Augt 5th: Robert s, of James & Martha Cake Illegible note in margin
Augt 5th: John s, of James & Martha Cake Illegible note in margin
Octr 13th John s, of James & Sarah Sanders
Novr 17th John s, of Richard &  Rebecca Mayers Twins
Novr 17th Robert s, of Richard & Rebecca Mayers Twins
Visitation 21st of May 1806
22 1806 May 2nd Priscilla d, of William & Mary Meager
June 29th Charles s, of George & Betty Travers
Oct 13 1806 George s, of Thos & Mary Abbott
Visitation July 8th 1807
1807 Sep 5 Henry s, of Richd & Rebecca Mayers
1808 Octr 23rd Harriet d, of Joseph & Charlotte Read
1809 March 30 Thos s, of Thos & Mary Abbott
23 April 23 Hannah d, of Meshach & Sarah Trevett
July 1 Geo: s, of Thos & Eliz Day
Visitation ___: the Bishop
Sept 12th William s of Richard & Rebecca Mayers
Decr 25th James s, of Philip & Elizabeth Bishop
1810 * Ap: 22nd Jane d, of John & Jane Woodsford
May 20th Elizabeth d, of Joseph & Charlotte Read
Visitation July 4th 1810
* Feby 21st Helen d, of Thomas & Mary Abbott
24 1811 Feby 10th James son, of Thomas & Rebecca Keats
March 31st Levi son of Thomas & Elizabeth Day
May 12th: Edmund son, of William & Mary Meager
Visitation May 28 1811
July 21st:  William s, of John & Jane Woodsford
Augt 4th Diana d, of James & Ann Roberts