RG13/2000 Dorchester
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Civil Parish: Winterborne Monkton (part of)
Eccelsiastical Parish: Winterborne Monkton St Mary Magdalene entire
The village of Winterborne Monkton including the Turnpike Gate house and Rectory
Civil Parish: Winterborne Monkton (part of)
 Ecclesiatical Parish: West Fordington Christchurch (part of)
The cottages belonging to Castle Farm immediately outside the boundary of the Borough of Dorchester; and the cottages belonging to Middle Farm; near Martinstown Corner
Enumerator: William Ricketts Rogers
Winterborne Monkton 1 5 1 1 Maiden Castle Farm CHURCHILL Geo: Head M M 52y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Compton Vallence
CHURCHILL Annie Wife M F 54y DOR Broadwindsor
CHURCHILL Bessie Dau S F 25y Laundress Own account at home DOR Camel Court
DOVE William Gson S M 4y DOR Cattistock
RAWLINS Jesse Lodg S M 75y Agricultural Labourer Worker WIL Market Leighton
2 Maiden Castle Farm IRONSIDES Thomas Head M M 60y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Martinstown
IRONSIDES Sarah Wife M F 57y DOR Burton
IRONSIDES James Son S M 23y Agricultural Labourer Worker DOR Bradford
IRONSIDES George Son S M 19y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Bradford
IRONSIDES Fred Son S M 14y Carter Boy Worker DOR Bradford
IRONSIDES Arthur Son S M 10y DOR Stratton
WAY Herbert Lodg S M 23y Brewer's Labourer Worker DOR Milborne
3 Middle Farm GALE Charles Head M M 39y Fam Labourer Worker DOR Bere Regis
GALE Esther Wife M F 42y DOR Puncknole
HARTWELL Ralph Scard Sson S M 20y Farm Groom Worker DOR Puncknole
GALE Tom Son S M 15y Carter Boy on Farm Worker DOR Sherborne
GALE John Son S M 13y Carter Boy on Farm Worker DOR Sherborne
COX Bessie Vis S F 27y DOR Puncknole
HOWE William J Vis M M 43y Shepherd Worker DOR Chesilborne
HOWE Joseph Jas. Crax X Vis S M 18y Shepherd Worker DOR Whitchurch X middle name? 
4 Middle Farm BOWERING Henry Head M M 34y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Martinstown
BOWERING Bessie Wife M F 29y DOR Clapton
PENNY George Board S M 20y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Rushton
WELLMAN Charles Board S M 16y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Dorchester
PALMER Alfred Board M M 31y Shepherd Worker DOR Maiden Newton
End of Ecclesiastical Parish of West Fordington, Christchurch (part of)
5 2 5 Winterborne Monkton WILLCOX Alfred Head M M 38y Shepherd on Farm Worker DOR Coombe Keynes
WILLCOX Eliza Maria Wife M F 38y DOR East Stoke
WILLCOX Ethel Dau S F 14y DOR East Lulworth
WILLCOX Percy Arthur Son S M 11y DOR East Stoke
WILLCOX Kate Louisa Dau S F 9y DOR East Stoke
WILLCOX Harry Son S M 7y DOR East Stoke
WILLCOX Alfred Son S M 5y DOR East Stoke
6 Winterborne Monkton ELMES Ambrose Head W M 71y DOR Povington
ELMES Francis Son S M 35y Shepherd on farm Worker DOR East Stoke
ELMES Caroline Dau S F 30y Housekeeper At home DOR Wareham
7 Winterborne Monkton PENNY William Head M M 44y Carter on Farm Worker SOM West Camel
PENNY Sarah Wife M F 56y DEV Upottery
PENNY William Son S M 19y Labourer on farm Worker SOM West Camel
PENNY Elizabeth Dau S F 17y Servant (Domestic) SOM Yeovilton
PENNY Jane Dau S F 13y SOM Yeovilton
8 Winterborne Monkton SMITH Frank Head M M 49y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Marshalsea
SMITH Jane Sro. Wife M F 49y DOR Askerswell
WELLMAN Elizabeth MotL W F 81y DOR Kingston Russell
9 Winterborne Monkton BURT John Head M M 51y Cowman on farm Worker DOR Hillfield
BURT Harriet Wife M F 51y DOR Rampisham
BURT William Son S M 19y Carter on Farm Worker DOR Monkton
BURT Susan Harriet Dau S F 14y DOR Monkton
BURT Ernest George Son S M 12y DOR Monkton
BURT Percy Reginald Son S M 3y DOR Dorchester
0 Winterborne Monkton U
10 Winterborne Monkton SMITH Samuel Head M M 29y Gardener Worker DOR Askerswell
SMITH Alice Wife M F 22y STS Rushell
11 Winterborne Monkton SYMONDS George Head M M 69y Farmer Employer DOR Broadwindsor
SYMONDS Mary Lowman Wife M F 65y SOM Curry Rivel
SYMONDS Mary Dau S F 42y DOR Symondsbury
6 3 SYMONDS Frances Dau S F 31y DOR Monkton
GREY Frances Servnt S F 20y Housemaid (Domestic) STS Wolverhampton
TREVETT Alice Servnt S F 19y Cook DOR Charminster
12 Winterborne Monkton STRANGE Robert Head M M 47y Groom & Gardener Worker DOR Broadmyane
STRANGE Ellen Wife M F 47y SOM Wayford
WEBBER Jesse Nephew S M 14y Ploughboy DOR Dorchester
13 Winterborne Monkton YARD James Head M M 26y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Puncknole
YARD Mary Wife M F 28y DOR Frampton
KERSLAKE James Fa-Law W M 74y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Mapperton
0 U
14 Winterborne Monkton AMEY Charles Head M M 54y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Poxwell
AMEY Louisa Wife M F 43y DOR Yetminster
AMEY Charles Albert Son S M 11y DOR Monkton
AMEY William George Son S M 7y DOR Monkton
15 Winterborne Monkton ROSE Eli Head M M 56y Labourer on Farm Worker DOR Beaminster 
ROSE Jane Wife M F 46y DOR Buckland Newton
16 Winterborne Monkton 3 HUDSON Henry Wm Head M M 41y Carpenter Worker SSX Hartfield
HUDSON Elizabeth Wife M F 33y DOR Dorchester
HUDSON Henry Wm Son S M 9y DOR Dorchester
HUDSON Lizzie Mary Dau S F 7y KEN Woolwich
HUDSON Reginald Victor Son S M 3y KEN Woolwich
HUDSON Arthur Joseph Son S M 9m DOR Portland
17 Winterborne Monkton BARNES William Miles Head W M 61y Clergyman (Church of England) DOR Dorchester
BARNES Ethel Emily Dau S F 32y DOR Monkton
BARNES Constance Emily Dau S F 29y DOR Monkton
BARNES Laura Liebe Sister S F 71y Living own means WIL Mere
GREEN Edith Mary Visitor S F 47y Living own means DOR Steepleton
LE BOUTILLIER Elizth Servnt S F 71y Housemaid (Domestic) JSY
MATHFORD Eliza Ann Servnt W F 56y Cook (Domestic) DEV Okehampton
LOVELESS Clara Ellen Servnt S F 18y Housemaid (Domestic) DOR Winfrith
End of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Winterborne Monkton