Winterborne Kingston

St NICHOLAS CHURCH  - Winterborne Kingston

The following information has be extracted from a framed hand written list of curates
That hangs on the wall of this church [1998]

I have added some [marked with a *] that are missing and would welcome any others not listed to fill in the gaps
Jill Morley


Parish Church of St Nicholas Winterborne Kingston

This Church dating back to the 14th century was a chapel of ease belonging to Bere Regis

The first recorded Chaplain at Kingston was Richard BRONHILL appointed 1408

and was succeeded by John ALLAYNE in 1411

*1593 William ARNOLD Minister

[Buried 15 July 1593 in the churchyard, husband and cousin of Repentance ARNOLD]


The Curates of more recent times -

1774   Robert MAURICE

1775   James LEWIS

*1786 Thomas WILLIAMS [vicar of Bere Regis]

1779   William SEYMOUR

*1802 Thomas WILLIAMS

*1813 and 1816    S. L. MARGARY [Minister]

*1824    John SERV?

*1828    G. DOWLAND [Minister]

*1829    E. S. STUART

*1829    James WILSON

*1832    Carrington LEY

*1848 Rev. Carrington LEY, MA [incumbent]

*1848 Rev. Edward PICKARD, Cambridge, BA Curate.

*1859 the Rev. Carrington LEY

*1840 Edward A. DAYMAN [Minister]

1852   Samuel JESSOP

1857   Richard BENISHE

1862   Thomas STUDHOLME

1864   R. T. WATSON

1865   W. E. CDE

1867   H. Marriott DODDINGTON

1870   Frances T. WHITE

1873   F. W. CARRE

* 1875 Rev. Francis William CARRÉ B. L.L.B. [curate]

1879   G. Edwin WATKINS

1880   Rev. Henry Charles LAMBERT [curate]

1883   Percival TALBOT

*1885 - 1886 Rev. John Frere LANGFORD

*1886 Rev. William FARRER M.A.

1887   Charles F. L. SWEET

1894   Sidney ROGERSON

1896 and 1898 Rev. Clement BELLAIRS [curate]

1903   William Arthur NEWMAN [curate]

1907   James D. WARREN

1908   D. G. SCOTT

1913 - 1919   Denis M. CANN


From 1919 the vicars of Bere Regis dedicated in Kingston once every Sunday they were

1919   Montague A. BERE [appointed 1900]

*1920 Rev. B. Cuthbert Vere HODGE

1923   Percy Wolryche TAYLOR

19…    Roland C. HERRING

1961   Paul T. W. TRANTER


The benefice was expanded by being united with Almer, Bloxworth, Charborough
and Morden to form the Parish of Red Post in 1971 the vicars were

1976   Raymond J. FORBES

1984   Hugh I. M. MADDOX


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