Register of Baptisms,/ Winterborne Came Parish / May 18th 1781
Note: pages are not numbered Notes
Page Year Baptism date Christian name Father Mother Surname Exact transcription
The Archdeacon Visitation was held at Dorchester May 18 1781
p1 1782 6 Jan James Henrey Mary Dennass James the son of Henrey and Mary Denafs was Baptized the Sixth Day of January 1782
The Archdeacon Visitation was held at Dorchester June 14th 1782
15 September John Willm.  Elizabeth Dine John the son of Willm. And Elizabeth Dine was Baptized the Fifteenth Day of September 1782
1783 9 February Elizabeth William Mary Parker Elizabeth the Daughter of William and Mary Parker Was Baptized the Ninth Day of February 1783
The Archdeacons Visitation was held at Dorchester July 25 1783
27th July  Elizabeth Henrey Mary Dennass Elizabeth Daughter of Henrey & Mary Dennafs was Baptized the 27th Day of July 1783
19th October Jane Henrey Mary Diben Jane the Daughter of Henrey and Mary Diben was Baptized the 19th October 1783
to be transcribed
p7 1799 30 March Elioner John Elioner Woodman Elioner the Daughter of John and Elioner Woodman/ was Baptized the 30th Day of March 1799
14 April Rachel James Jane Vacher Rachel the Daughter of James and Jane Vacher/ was Baptized the 14th Day of April 1799
Visitation June the 1799. A copy delivered [no day in the month is written]
26 October Richard Richard Mary Hallett Richard the son of Richard and Mary Hallett was/ Baptized the 26th Day of October 1799
29 December John Mathew Jane Critchell John son of Mathew and Jane Critchell was/ Baptized the 29th Day of December 1799
1800 5 January Caroline Willm. Elizabeth Voss Caroline Daughter of Willm. And Elizabeth Vofs/ was Baptised the 5th Day of January 1800
Visitation June 11th 1800
15 June Joram William Elizabeth Foot Joram son of William and Elizabeth Foot was/ Baptized the 15th Day of June 1800
1801 March 12 Joseph Richard Lucy Groves Joseph the son of Richard & Lucy Groves/ was Baptized March 12th 1801
Visitation May 5th 1801. the Bishop. 
p8 20/29 September Joseph George Mary Hutchings Joseph son of George and Mary Hutchings was/ Baptized the 20/29th Septr 1801 [can't tell which]
4 October John John Elionar Woodman John son of John and Elionar Woodman was/ Baptized the 4th of October 1801