HO107/286 Dorchester
Civil Parish ED Folio Page House Address House Inhabited Surname Forenames X Sex Age X Occupation X CHP Place of birth X Dis. W Notes
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County of  Dorset
Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of  Culliford Tree
Parishes Whitcombe Came
Superintendent Registrar's District Dorchester & Cerne
Registrar's District Dorchester
No of Enumeration District 8
Description of ditto Parishes of Winterborne Monkton, Herrington, Winterborne Came and Whitcombe.
From Monkton Turnpike Gate to Monkton, thence to Ridgeway Hill thence to Cullingford Tree, thence to Whitcombe, thence to Came Parsonage House, thence to Herringston Dairy House and from thence to Monkton Turnpike Gate
Winterborne Came 8 4 7 Came Farm House 1 TUCK John 75y Ind. No
        Phoebe 70 Ind No
        John 50 Yeoman No
        Elizabeth 45   DOR
      NECKLIN William 25 M.S. No
      KEBBER Elizabeth 20 F.S. DOR
      PARKER Sarah 14 F.S. DOR
      1 WRIGHT William 30 Ag lab DOR
        Martha 20   DOR
        Eliza 8   DOR
        David 4   DOR
        Albert 1   DOR
      1 EDWARDS George 40 Ag lab DOR
        Hannah   11     DOR
        Job   9     DOR
        Emma   3   DOR
      1 FRAMPTON James   40   Ag lab DOR
        Sarah 45   DOR
        William 15   DOR
        John 15   DOR
        Ruth 13   DOR
        Mary 10   DOR
      1 CAKE David 40   DOR
        Maria 40   DOR
        William 20   DOR
Winterborne Came 8 4 8 Came Farm Cottages   George 15   DOR
        John 11   DOR
        Caroline 9   DOR
        Martha 6   DOR
        Emma 4   DOR
      TUCKER William 20 Ag lab DOR
        Anne 20   DOR
      1 STUCKEY Elizabeth 45 Pauper DOR
        George 15   DOR
        Willilam 5   DOR
        Jane 4   DOR
      1 TUCKER Thomas 45 Ag lab DOR
        Mary 45   DOR
        James 20   DOR
        Edward 20   DOR
        Elizabeth 13   DOR
      1 CRITCHELL Mathew 25 Ag lab DOR
        Hannah 30   DOR
        Jane Birt 3   DOR
      RICHARDS Richard 31 Ag lab DOR
        Eliza 25   DOR
        Richard 7   DOR
      1 VATCHER John 65 Ag lab DOR
        Elizabeth 60   DOR
        Thomas 8   DOR
Winterborne Came 8 5 9   1 MARSH Georg 25 Ag lab No
        Jane 15   DOR
  Cripton 1 Now separately returned        
    1         X [The details of the inhabitants are crossed out]
  Came 1 CRAFT Elizabeth 45 Scool Mistress DOR
      VOSS Maria 44 Assistant DOR
        Caroline 35 Assistant DOR
        William 17 Shoe M DOR
      BLACKLORD Susanna 83 Ind. DOR
      FOOT Mary 28 F.S. DOR
Winterborne Came 8 5 10 Came 1 CHRISTOPHER Mary 57 Ind. DOR
      SANSOM Fanny 8   DOR
    Came 1 PAUL William 48 Ag lab DOR
        Martha 45   DOR
        Levi 19   DOR
        James 17   DOR
        Eliza 15   DOR
        Susan 13   DOR
        Harry 11   DOR
        John 8   DOR
        Richard 6   DOR
        George 1   DOR
    Rectory 1 ENGLAND Wm 45 Clergyman DOR
        Elizabeth 40   DOR
      TANSUD? Elizabeth 35 F.S. DOR
      ANDREWS William 40 M.S. DOR
      COSH John 15 M.S. DOR
      HIGHES Ellen 19 F.S. No
      1 VOSS Thomas 46 Blacksmith DOR
        Ann 44   DOR
        George 18   DOR
        Mary 13   DOR
        Cornelious 11   DOR
        Caroline 8   DOR
        Joseph 6   DOR
Winterborne Came 8 6 11     Susan 4   DOR
    Came Dairy House 1 POPLE John 48 Dairyman DOR
        Charlotte 43   DOR
        Jepe 14   DOR
        Christiana 12   DOR
        Moses 10   DOR
        Charlotte 7   DOR
      1 HOPKINS George 35 M.S. No
        Harriet 40   No
    Came Mansion House 1 DAMER Hon. Mrs N. or M. 35 Ind. DOR
        Miss Georgina 12   DOR
        Miss Blanch 10   DOR
        Miss Evelyn 5   DOR
        Miss Constance 4   DOR
        Master Seymore 9   DOR
      Rennand or Rennard Sophia 35 F.S. F
      Haslehurst? Margaret 50 F.S. DOR
      Christen or Christeu Rose 50 F.S. F
      READY Ann 28 F.S. DOR
      COOK Sarah 20 F.S. DOR
      STUCKEY Harriet 18 F.S. DOR
      KENNET Elizabeth 30 F.S. DOR
      AITCHES Ann 30 F.S. DOR
      MUGREDGE Mary 23 F.S. DOR
      OROM Jane 10 F.S. DOR
Winterborne Came 8 6 12   ANDERSON Maria 14 F.S. DOR
      SCHUMAN Christian 30 M.S. F
      COOK Francis 30 M.S. DOR
      PERRET James 30 M.S. DOR
      LEE William 14 M.S. DOR
      STUCKEY John 14 M.S. DOR
      POSSE or TOSSE Adele 15 F.S. F
      BYRAM Bethey 22 F.S. F
      MORRIS George 30 M.S. DOR
      PINCHIS Charles 14 M.S. DOR
      PAUL Charles 25 M.S. DOR
      DAWSON Hon. Wm 46 Ind I
        Hon. Mrs Louisa 35   DOR
        M. Livia? Lawson? (female) 11   DOR
        Master Lionel 8   DOR
        Master William 5   DOR
        Hon. Lionel 48 Ind. I
      Salmary or Lalmary Martha 21 or 27 F.S. DOR
      GOOD Eliza 26 F.S. DOR
      1 QUICKFALL Ann 73 Ind No
      WYATT Sarah 25 Ind No
      POPE Susan 16 F.S. DOR
      1 MARTIN George 33 M.S. No
        Harriet 30 No
        George 9 No
Winterborne Came 8 7 13 Came   John 7 No
        Thomas 5 No
        Harriet 3 No
        Jane 2 DOR
        Charles 2m DOR
Winterborne Came (Part of)
Tything and Hamlet of Cripton see note x
x In the Popn Vols of 1811 & 1831 Cripton is called a Tything in Culliford Tree Hundred. 
Carlisle, however, calls it a hamlet in the Liberty of Frampton and only locally situate in Culliford Tree Hundred
It is returned in the latter as heretofore
Winterborne Came (Part of) 8a 1 Cripton 1 CRITCHLE Thos X M 50y Ag Lab No Z X Spelled CRITCHELL in original Came return and noted as being born in Dorset. Possibly enumerator got confused when re-entering information in new sheet, as the person at the top of the sheet was not from Dorset - two entries above Thomas. 
Harriet F 50y DOR
Chas M 20y Ag Lab DOR
Thos M 15y DOR
Jane F 13y DOR
Harriet F 12y DOR
Jas M 10y DOR
Carne. F 7y DOR
Eliz F 5y DOR
Eliz F 30y DOR
Chas M 5y DOR
1 COSH Jas. M 45y X DOR X Noted as Ag Lab in original Came return
Sarah F 45y DOR
Mary F 13y DOR
Martha F 10y DOR
Levi M 7y DOR
I = Ireland
F = Foreign Parts
No = Born outside Dorset and elsewhere in England or Wales