Wimborne St Giles, St Giles's Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

62ALLSOPP Anthony Victor George1914 15Internal
58ASHLEY Edith Florence1913  Internal
72ASHLEY Julia1907  Internal
56ASHLEY Anthony Maurice William1855  Internal
21ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1886  St Giles Church
21ASHLEY-COOPER Harriet1898  St Giles Church
54ASHLEY-COOPER Mary Charlotte1861  Internal
59ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony   Internal
60ASHLEY-COOPER Cawley1831  Internal
61ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1961  Internal
63ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1811  Internal
67ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1885  Internal
68ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony William1877  Internal
70ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1771 61Internal
73ASHLEY-COOPER Anthony1712  Internal
79ASHLEY-COOPER Francis1652 19Internal
4BALZY Susannah1838 70St Giles Church
6BARKER Frederick1908  St Giles Church
6BARKER Phoebe Susanna1903  St Giles Church
78BARKER Richard Vincent1914 34Internal
4BLAZY Abraham1851 71St Giles Church
75BOUQUET John Alexander1971  Internal
2CHARMAN Mary1956  St Giles Church
65CLEMENT Anthony   Internal
29COLES Thomas1833 78St Giles Church
29COLES Catherine1835 77St Giles Church
29COLES Catherine1879 69St Giles Church
3COLES John1866 87St Giles Church
50COLES Catherine1801 67St Giles Church
51COLES Thomas1801 23St Giles Church
22CONEY Charles1883 75St Giles Church
22CONEY Jane1884 73St Giles Church
23CONEY Thomas1797 23St Giles Church
24CONEY Thomas1801 57St Giles Church
24CONEY Mary1801 55St Giles Church
25CONEY Thomas1805  St Giles Church
25CONEY Methuselah1824  St Giles Church
25CONEY Jane1837 52St Giles Church
28CONEY Elizabeth1842 24St Giles Church
28CONEY Elizabeth1844 73St Giles Church
52CONEY Kevin   Internal
65COOPER Christopher   Internal
55CORRY Harriet Anne1868  Internal
69CORRY Harriet Anne1808  Internal
65COUSINS Sidnay   Internal
65CUTLER Arthur   Internal
44DACOMBE Elizabeth1798 51St Giles Church
44DACOMBE Elias  65St Giles Church
65DOWNES Thomas   Internal
30DURRANT Mary1730 29St Giles Church
3GEE William Godfrey1837 33St Giles Church
52GLOVER Maurice   Internal
53HARKNESS Robert1886  Internal
53HARKNESS Elizabeth   Internal
52HASKELL Bertram   Internal
65HENNING Anthony   Internal
65JAMES Ernest   Internal
1JANSON-SMITH Alice Anna1945  St Giles Church
1JANSON-SMITH Edgar Janson1948  St Giles Church
44JEANS Jesse1832 46St Giles Church
14JOY Frederick1823 53St Giles Church
15JOY Thomas1798 50St Giles Church
15JOY Sibyl1820 76St Giles Church
16JOY Stephen1802 30St Giles Church
80KILFORD Frederick Charles1970  Internal
19KING Saul1768 63St Giles Church
19KING Elizabeth1750 36St Giles Church
65LOADER Daniel   Internal
65LOADER Frank   Internal
65LOCKYER Herman   Internal
65LONNEN Frank   Internal
42MARLOWE Anthony   St Giles Church
43MARTIN Mary1833 3St Giles Church
43MARTIN Henry John1837 11St Giles Church
43MARTIN Charles1850 17St Giles Church
46MARTIN Eleanor1865  St Giles Church
46MARTIN Thomas1871 81St Giles Church
47MARTIN Martha1862 28St Giles Church
8MILES Mary1768 74St Giles Church
8MILES Charles1802 10St Giles Church
9MILES Charles1783 72St Giles Church
10MILES Charles1794 39St Giles Church
10MILES Christian1804 48St Giles Church
77MOORE Robert1865 80Internal
77MOORE Sophia Elizabeth1867 65Internal
55NEELD Caroline1869  Internal
7OSMOND John  34St Giles Church
34PARDY Henry1894 66St Giles Church
35PARDY Kezia1884 79St Giles Church
36PARDY Henry1858 67St Giles Church
37PARDY Emily1851 18St Giles Church
38PARDY Bessie1866  St Giles Church
39PARDY James1870  St Giles Church
40PARDY George1874  St Giles Church
12PARK Sarah1821  St Giles Church
12PARK John   St Giles Church
13PARK David1837 74St Giles Church
65PARSONS Isaac   Internal
32PERRY Joseph1787 32St Giles Church
33PERRY Andrew1787 63St Giles Church
65PINHORN George   Internal
65REED Albert   Internal
65RENYARD James   Internal
65RICHARDS Edward   Internal
11RICHARDSON Elizabeth   St Giles Church
11RICHARDSON Jane   St Giles Church
13RICHARDSON Sarah1826 85St Giles Church
65RYMAN Hector   Internal
57SHAFTESBURY Constance Emily1872  Internal
31SHEPARD Emma1892 78St Giles Church
45SHEPARD Richard1842 74St Giles Church
45SHEPARD Sophia1855 75St Giles Church
48SHEPARD Richard1803 63St Giles Church
48SHEPARD Alice1825 83St Giles Church
49SHEPARD Catherine1739  St Giles Church
66SIBELL Constance1957  Internal
71SIBELL Mary1936  Internal
65SIMMONS George   Internal
65SLATER George   Internal
18SLEAD John1662  St Giles Church
65SNELLGROVE Frank   Internal
65SNELLGROVE Fred   Internal
74SPENCER Victoria Elizaberth1927  Internal
65SPRAKE John   Internal
5SYMES Ellen1863  St Giles Church
76TALBOT Rev Charles1823 53Internal
76TALBOT Somerset Charles1816  Internal
76TALBOT Arthur Belius1815  Internal
76TALBOT John Somerset1818  Internal
76TALBOT Sophia ?1819  Internal
76TALBOT Elizabeth1852  Internal
65THORN David   Internal
17WARNER Thomas1657  St Giles Church
20WARRENDER Ethel Maud1945  St Giles Church
27WARVELL John1778 81St Giles Church
41WHETER John1694  St Giles Church
26WISEMAN Elizabeth1756 83St Giles Church
64WOOSTER Frederick John1956  Internal


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