Wimborne St Giles,
 All Hallows New Cemetery

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

31ASHTONThomas Henry1917 
31ASHTON Winifred Lucy1917  
80ATKINS James Alfred1936 74
8ATTWELL Blanche1974  
48ATTWOOD Mo Eliza1936 73
48ATTWOOD Richard1936 85
48ATTWOOD Maud Bailey1969  
57ATTWOOD Clarence1966 67
57ATTWOOD Gordon1967 30
57ATTWOOD Nell1978 74
23AXFORD Edward1935  
28BARTLETT Tom1930 61
83BEACH George1919 76
83BEACH Jane1930 87
40BELCHER Elizabeth1908 60
93BENNETT Mary Ann1924 57
62BROWN David1903 49
70BROWN Nathaniel1908 79
70BROWN Sarah Jane1918 83
97BROWN Ann1947 72
76BUDDEN William1922 85
76BUDDEN Sarah Ann1932 79
105BURNLEY George1945 77
112BURNLEY F. Blanche1953 86
55BUTLER Louisa Jane1967  
37CADY Olive Beatrice1962  
113CARTER Mabel Lily1959 71
47COFFIN Charles Robert1942  
47COFFIN Clara1931  
74CONLY Edwin Charles1907  
7CONWAY Noel1973 62
33COOKMAN Fred John1922 64
22CUTLER Francis1918 56
22CUTLER Louis William1918 40
24CUTLER Edith1945 88
24CUTLER Horace1922 41
32CUTLER Martin J1923 89
11DALHOUSIE Margery Phyllis1977 77
68DANKS Ada Jane1965 78
89DENNETT Annie1921 52
100FRAMPTON Fred1940  
100FRAMPTON Mary Ann1943  
101FRAMPTON James Fred1938 48
27FROUD Joseph1929 60
27FROUD Mary Ann1950 83
29FROUD Albert Henry1950  
9FRY Jesse George1975 82
13FRY William Waygood1982 88
26FRY Sidney Charles1968 72
26FRY Fanny Sarah1977 83
34FRY Elizabeth Anne1924 57
98FRY Edwin1936 59
16GALLOWAY Keith1974  
16GALLOWAY Gladys1978  
30GIRGAN Charles1976 72
25GLOVER M.C.1942 23
104GOULDEN Edith1940 76
4GREEN Ernest James1969 76
50GREEN Eli Frank1937 80
50GREEN Mary1938 84
67GREEN Henry Samuel1965 81
67GREEN Elsie May1977 85
85HAVARD Hannah1918 77
85HAVARD James1922 80
54HAWKINS Robert John1967 76
96HAWKINS Tom1932 66
1HAYTER Anthony Walters1914 77
39HAYTER Gerald B.M.1918 36
39HAYTER Anne1960  
106HENNING Frances Mary1961  
106HENNING Anthony Arthur1984  
106HENNING Edward1945  
88HENNINGS Elias1927  
88HENNINGS Sarah1968  
52HINTON William James1955 73
52HINTON Ethel1975 90
84HISCOCK Ellen1929 76
38JELLY Mabel1924 26
36JOYCE Janet Herbert1933 85
71KEEPING Georgina1909 63
71KEEPING George H1923  
107KILFORD Rebecca1946  
107KILFORD Frederick Charles1970  
102KNOWLES Georgine Josephine1967 83
108LAVERTON Herbert Curling1923 46
118LAWES Harold John1964 58
61LE BARBIER Elizabeth1905 60
53LOADER Clement1934 77
53LOADER Mary1933 73
87LOCKYER Joseph1917 74
87LOCKYER Sarah1939 97
77LONNEN Thomas1917 62
77LONNEN Frank1917 32
77LONNEN Hannah1950 96
117LOUDON Marcus Geoffrey1956 64
117LOUDON Lilian Maud1969 72
114LOWRY George Thomas1960 68
82MAIDMENT Mary Ann1916 64
82MAIDMENT Andrew1934 82
90PAHOLKA Mathilde1920  
43PANK Elizabeth1946  
43PANK Charles E1953  
111PARK Tony1962 17
10PENNY Henry John1975 76
12PENNY Kate Vera1977  
63PERRY Mary Jane1905 61
64PERRY Ada Violet May1905  
104PERRY Rosa1941 74
116PERRY William1955 88
116PERRY Maria1969 92
59PINHORN Mary Ann1906 60
59PINHORN James1912 67
78POOLMAN Henry1912 64
5POTTER Daisy1970 70
5POTTER Walter1976 82
3READ Frances Edith Mary1969 35
79REED Mary Jane1916 54
79REED Albert J L1915 21
94RENYARD George1926 74
94RENYARD Alice Ann1935 79
75REYNOLDS Charles Harold1907 19
35RICHARDS Isabella1928 69
35RICHARDS Edward George1918 29
44RIDOUT Francis1926 75
44RIDOUT Jane1927 64
92RIMAN Henry1951 70
92RIMAN Sarah1973  
95RIMAN Harry1924 64
95RIMAN Hector1918 33
95RIMAN Emily1936 78
95RIMAN Arthur C1978 79
110RIXON Harry1959 79
110RIXON Elizabeth1971 89
20SAUNDERS Gerald Graham1959 65
20SAUNDERS Ethel Martha1962 62
21SAUNDERS Alfred Joseph1918  
21SAUNDERS Georgina1949 82
6SCOTT Arthur Frank1973  
65SCOTT George1903 67
65SCOTT Ellen1926 82
103SCOTT William1945 68
103SCOTT Edith Mary1965 79
109SCOTT Louisa Jane1956 66
109SCOTT David1965 82
120SELBY Fre4dertick Charles1964 61
45SHEPARD Rose Ellen1929 54
45SHEPARD Robert M1952 82
99SIMMONS Alfred1947 82
99SIMMONS Thirza1955 84
51SMART John1908 d 89
69SMART Daisy1910 24
51SNOW Maud Eugenie1936  
56SNOW Henry Robert1957 62
41SPARKES Elizabeth Ellen1960 88
46STAINER Frederick George1932 41
46STAINER Bunnie1961 66
60TAYLOR Isabella Young Stuart1905 50
60TAYLOR James1911 54
81TILLER Thomas1916 67
81TILLER Julia1926 75
91TOZER Hugh Hartwell1919 49
91TOZER Nellie1920 45
119TURMEY Selina Mabel1964 54
119TURMEY Charles1976 65
66WALKER Joseph1902  
1WAY James Frederick1975 87
2WAY Reg W1968 73
2WAY Adelaide1983 80
14WAY Gertrude M1978 81
15WAY Cecil Arthur  84
49WAY Frederick Thomas1943 79
49WAY Elizabeth Mary1954 88
72WAY George1908 64
17WILSON Sylvia Ethel1979 70
42WILSON Frederick1957 73
42WILSON Florence Bessie1976 92
18WOOSTER Freda Mary1981 79
19WOOSTER Winifred Mary1965 63
73WOOSTER Frederick1905 31
73WOOSTER Emily1968 93
115YOUNG Alice Jane1949  
115YOUNG Reginald James1967  


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