War memorial
Transcribed by Stephen Royce-Rogers from the plaque within Wimborne Minster.

Remember The Men Of Wimborne
Who Gave Their Lives In The Great War 1914 – 1918
In Whose Honour the Churchyard Cross is dedicated

W Abraham G Dymott C T King C F Samways
A G Allen G Eaton T W Lane E G Samways
H Amey G A Ellis R C Legg W Seeviour
G Angell S Emmett C H Loader C Selby
H Angell F H Evamy W G Loader F J Selby
R Angell N Farwell W Lockwood U Selway
B F Baker F C Forward A Long F W Shepherd
F Barrow F R G Forward C F Longman W Shergold
F W Barrow W H Foster A C G Lonsdale W Slade
L A Bartlett W H Galpin F E Lovell W A Small
T F Batterbury W F Gibbs A C D Lynes A Smith
F Beaumont F A J Guy A H Maidment E C Smith
F W Beaumont J Guy F Martin F J Smith
T Bell G H Hall G J Mead G Smith
F W Benison V Hammett F E Miller E C Snell
W Bennett A Hann J L Moloney W G Snell
W J Blandford F Hartnell E F Moore W Squibb
E Bracher A Harvey A Moores R Sparkes
M V Britten W Harvey W Moores H Stockley
P R W Brown A H Hayter S Moorehouse S Stokes
F G Brown C Herridge W W Morgan T S Stone
W H Buckler W Herridge V F Mullett H G Sumption
C Budden H St J Hewitt G D Munckton S Sumption
W Carshore P Hodgson D J Northover H Tee
H P Cave E M Horder E H Northover W G Torvell
J J Christopher F G Horder W Old C Trickett
E G Clarke E House S E Orchard G P Trickett
S H Cobb G W Hoxston A Osman A W Upshall
C Coffin P Hurt J S Osman G G F Wakeford
P Cole W T Hyde H J Page H C Wareham
R Cole J Issac F Pearce W G Way
C J Collins R L Issac A Pitcher W W Webb
B W Cornick F A James H Pitfield P G Welsman
E W Cuff Fdk A James F Plomer W Wesley
F Cull S H Jenvey W H Poore E G Whiffen
J Cutler H J Jewer W J Portnall E C White
W C Cutler A D Jones C H Pottle F White
W G Dean T B Joyce M Randall G Willis
B Dunford W J Joyce A J Ross B Wren
W H Coombes R King E R Rossiter E H Targett

Grant Them O Lord Eternal Rest

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