Melcombe Regis

St Mary's
Marriages 1649 - 1687

Transcribed from the Parish Register by Rachel Kent
Dorset History Centre Ref: PE/MCR/RE 1/2 [Microfilm MIC/R/593]


Unless otherwise specified the bride or groom lived in Melcombe Regis

do = daughter of, so = so of

No entries for 1649 – 1652



Thomas COX, so Thomas Cox of Chesicke (Chiswick) Middlesex and

Sarah WAYMAN, do Thomas Weyman.
Banns published 4, 11 and 18 Dec 1653



Edmond PRATT, so Edmond Pratt of Newton parish of Clifton, Warwickshire and
Joane HOLLAND, do John Holland – deceased.
Banns published 25 Dec 1653 and 1 & 8 Jan 1654

Thomas PLACKER , whose guardian is John NEWMAN and
Margaret KNAPLOCKE, do Richard Knaplocke – deceased
Banns 25 Dec 1653 and 1 & 8 Jan 1654

John HUTCHENS, so Richard Hutchens and
Elizabeth PARMITER, do Thomas Parmiter of Weymouth – deceased
Married 11 February 1653/4

Jeffrey PUCKETT, so Thomas Puckett, husbandman of Abbotsbury Dorset and
Sarah COTTEN, widow of Weymouth.
Banns 5, 12 and 19 Feb 1653/4

Thomas HUTCHENS, so John Hutchens, deceased mariner of Weymouth and
Alice REIGHNOLDS, do John Reighnolds, mariner
Married 30 March 1654

John CASWAY, so Thomas Casway, deceased cooper and
Sarah REIGHNOLDS, do John Reighnolds, mariner
Married 13 March 1653/4

William HOLLEY, so William Holley, deceased mariner of Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire &
Sarah KINGE, do John Kinge, mariner
Banns 12, 19 and 26 Feb 1653/4

Thomas FOOKES, so Thomas Fookes, deceased mariner and
Christian SANDERS, do of Robert Sanders, mariner
Married 3 Apr 1654

Henry MORRIS, so Henry Morris, seaman of Bristol and
Mary NOWELL, do William Nowell, seaman
Married 3 Apr 1654

John TULLEDG, so John Tulledg, deceased husbandman of Langdon Dorset and
Elizabeth STONE, do John Stone of Limerick Ireland, deceased husbandman
Banns 12, 19 and 26 March 1654

James HOLLAND, so John Holland, deceased mariner and
Rebekah HODDER, do Edward Hodder, deceased mariner
Banns 9, 16 and 23 April 1654

Francis COMFREY, so William Confrey, deceased merchant taylor and
Amey GIBSON, do Henry Gibson, deceased barber surgeon
Banns 9, 16 and 23 April 1654

Edward BOLTE and Elinor LINNINGTON
Married 7 May 1654

William LUMMON, so Edward Lummon of Piddletown Dorset and Dorothy GEORGE, do Richard George
Married 8 May 1654

Capt. John ALLEN and Rebeca BRUMELL
Married 11 May 1654

John LAMPRE, so John Lampre of Banbury Oxfordshire and Grave VINE, do Thomas VINE
Married 26 May 1654

No entries for 1655, a gap between Register Boooks.




Henry ROSE, blacksmith, son of Richard Rose of Langton Herring Dorset and Joune COURTIS, of Fleet Dorset
Banns 15, 22 and 29 April 1656

Christopher WAREHAM, joiner of Southampton, so George Wakham and Elizabeth JAMES, do Mary James, widow
Banns 27 Apr, 4 and 11 May 1656

William TOUPE, of Compton Abbas Dorset and Joan ADAMS, do Captain Thomas Adams of Radipole
Married 1 July 1656

George WISE, shipwright of Poole and Jesse JESSOP, widow
Married 16 June 1656

Josua HARDY, of Preston and Abigail DOWLING
Married 1 July 1656

James DANIELL, shearman of Sherborne and Joane EDWARDS
Married 27 Oct 1656

Barnard THORNMAN, seaman of Burton and Priscilla BYTHEWOOD, widow
Married 27 Oct 1656

Ansell NOWELL, seaman and Elizabeth HUNT
Banns 26 Oct, 2 and 9 Nov 1656. Married ....blank

John BISHOPE, of Radipole and Dorothy HOPKENS
Married 31 Nov 1656

Mr John PENNY and Anne HOLMAN
Married 27 November 1656




John LIM and Christian BISHOPE, do Christian SMITH
Married 9 March 1656/7

Henry CUTTANCE, so Capt. Roger Cuttance and Elizabeth GYRE, do Mr Robert Gyre
Married 27 January 1656/7

Mathew JOHNSONE, seaman and Kathren LONGE, widow
Married 19 January 1656/7

Nicholas TAYLOR, surgeon and Edyth DANIELL, do Thomas Daniell
Married 16 March 1656/7

John LEETE, of the Isle of Guernsey and Elizabeth VEY, do Thomas Vey, cryer of this town
Married 17 March 1656/7

Nicholas WEYMOUTH, mariner and Johana RUSSELL, do Mistress Christian Russell
Married 21 April 1657

James CASWAY, so Mathew Casway, cooper and Mary GEORGE, do Richard George
Married 30 March 1657

Bryant CHUBB, mariner and Mary MINTREN, do Henry Mintren, clothier of Fordington
Married 25 June 1657

Richard BAYLY, so of Richard Bayly, free mason and Mary COX
Married 24 June 1657

Erasmus HOLLAND, shoemaker and Elizabeth BARNES, do William Barnes, builder
Married 23 July 1657

Mathew CUDDEFORD, mariner of Plymouth and Dorothy BOND
Banns 2,9 and 16 August 1657. Married ...blank

Thomas TUNSTOLL, mariner and Hannah COMFREY, do Aves Comfrey, widow
Banns 30 Aug, 6 and 13 Sep 1657

Peter NEDEN (or Weden) seaman and Amy WHITT, do Jane Whitt
Banns 30 Aug, 6 and 13 Sep 1657. Married ...blank

John SYMES, shipwright and Jane BROWNE
Married 30 Sep 1657

Bartholomew BEER, so Thomas Beere, of Halstock Dorset and Sarah SENIOR, do John Senior
Banns published in the market place and married 2 Dec 1657

Nicholas POTTER, mariner of Heth (Hythe?) Hampshire, so John Potter and Rachel TROBLEFIELD
Banns 13, 20 and 27 Dec 1657




William DOUTEN, house carpenter and Rebecca SHATTOCKE, do William Shattocke
Married 10 Jan 1657/8

George BLADEMORE, mariner of Sutton Poyntz Dorset and Elizabeth WOODE
Married 23 Jan 1657/8 by Mr Steven EDWARDS, bailiff of this town

Edmond LOCKE, of Weymouth and Elinor BARTLETT, of Weymouth
Married 22 Jan 1657/8 by Bailiff Edwards

William CHIPP, of Weeke (Wyke) parish and Grace COX, of this town being cald home at Weeke
Married 5 Feb 1657/8 by Bailiff Edwards

Elias WALTHAM, gent and Rebecca GIER, do Mr Robert Gier, Alderman
Married 10 March 1657/58

John STREET, so Henry Street, mariner and Hannah MANSELL, do William Mansell, mariner
Married 22 March 1657/8

Thomas BOWDEN, of Weymouth and Widow STICKLAND
Married 8 April 1658

Henry GREGORY, seaman and Mary THORNE, of Wareham
Married 31 July 1658

John HILL, mariner of Plymouth and Rebecca POOPE
Married 22 Sep 1658

Christopher COLLYER and Mistress Joane WHITT, widow of Weymouth
Banns 15, 22 and 29 August 1658 and married ....blank

John MARSHALL, seaman of Langton, Isle of Purbeck and Tamsen HUTCHENS
Married 28 Sep 1658

John EDWARDS, mariner of Yarmouth, Isle of Wight and Frances FRAMTON
Banns 26 Sep, 3 and 10 Oct and married ......... blank

Richard WALLES, mariner and Kathren CLATWORTHY, do Mr Alexander Clatworthy
Married 2 Dec 1658

Thomas BROWNE Esq., the only so John Brown Esq. and Mistress Mary WILLIAMS, of Shitterton, Bere Regis,
only do Lewes Williams Esq. deceased
Married 21 Dec 1658

Mr Francis BENNETT, merchant of Warminster Wiltshire and Edyth SWEETMAN, do Mr John Sweetman, Alderman
Married 23 Dec 1658

Robert WILLIAMS Esq., of Shitterton Bere Regis, son and heir of Lewes Williams Esq. deceased and Mistress Margery BROWNE,
only do John Browne Esq Married 23 Dec 1658

Gregory CASWAY, shipwright and Mary HUNT
Married 23 Dec 1658

James GROUT, mariner and Elizabeth WINTER, do Thomas Winter
Married 30 Dec 1858



George HUMPHRY, of Stourton Caundle Dorset and Elizabeth FLORY, do Judith BUCKDEN, widow
Banns 2,9 and 16 Jan 1658/9

William LEPTHORNE, mariner of Plymouth and Alice COX, do Jone AVRY
Banns 2,9 and 16 Jan 1658/9

Richard HATHERGEE, mariner of Plymouth and Kathren EDWARDS, do Henry Edwards, mariner
Banns 16,23 and 30 Jan 1658/9

John WILLIAMS, ship carpenter and Margrett SAMWAYES
Banns 23, 30 Jan and 6 Feb 1658/9

John BUCK, tailor and Cesly NEWMAN
Married 23 March 1758/9

Francis DUCK, so George Duck, seaman of Swanage and Alis HOMES, do Joseph Homes
Married 29 May 1659

John WECKS and Rebecca GARDNER
Banns 4, 11 and 18 June 1659

Mr Thomas DEARINGE and Mistress Presilla RUSSE, of Pascandle (Purse Caundle) Dorset
Banns 19, 26 June and 2 July 1659

James HARVEST, seaman and Mary LAVER
Banns 4,11 and 18 Sep 1659

Peter ANDREWES, seaman of Dover and Mary MOCHER
Banns 4, 11 and 18 Sep 1659

Thomas SOUTHECOTT, seaman of Exeter and Judith TUNSTRELL
Banns 18, 25 Sep and 1 Oct 1759



William GODFRIE, seaman of Lower Sainte Culum (St Columb Cornwall?) and Ussella HUSSI, do John Husi
Banns 14 Jan 1659/60

Thomas FLOWER, seaman and Eadeth BRIGHT
Banns 5 Feb 1659/60

Nicholas FUNNELL, seaman of Dover and Elizabeth POLARD
Banns 5,12 and 19 Feb 1659/60

Robert CALY and Elizabeth CASWAY
Married 22 March 1659/60

William KINGE and Mary BARAT, do Rebecca Barat, widow
Banns 30 March, 7 and 13 April 1660

James GROWET and Elinor GARDINER
Married 12 June 1660

no entries for 1661 and 1662



Robert WATES and Ellen THOMAS
Married 3 April 1663

Jonathan SEGER and Frances HINDE
Married July 1663

John WATES and Jone TURNER
Banns 7,20 and 27 Sep 1663



Mr Simon ORCHED, of Chideock and Mrs Elizabeth SWUELL
Married 18 Feb 1663/4

Robert POUNTOLE and ´blank´
Married 25 July 1664



18 Jan Andrew EBORNE and Susan CROSEN

6 Apr Robert HEOLE and Margaret WILSHEERE

6 Apr John HARDI and Alse BAKER

15 May John COBYE and Anis NEWMAN

16 May Robert ELBEE and Camson VYE

18 May Mr William COLBERNE and Mrs Mary PLAY


no entries for 1666 to 1670



6 Dec Richard MALLOCK and Ann LODIER



23 Mar Thomas DANIELL and Rachel CORBIN

16 Oct  John FERY and Ann RICH.



21 Apr  Jonathan COOKE and Susanna WITHERBETT

4 Aug   Henry FIGHTER and Maud CLARKE

13 Aug James FORD and Mary BROWNE



26 Feb  William BILES and Agnes STONE

19 Mar Noel Jorge SEZEN and Sarah BROWNE

19 Mar Charles COGAN and Sarah PIERCY

1 Jun John MEADES and Anne CAKE

27 Sep  John CURTIS and Elizabeth MINOR

4 Oct John HOLMEADE and Ruth EDWARDS

5 Nov   Robert COSSINS and Mary ROBERTE

29 Nov Samuel PALMER and Mary EDWARDS

28 Dec George SCOTT and Rose MAYNE



7 Jan John RUSSELL and Anne HOUNSELL

2 Jul   William STICKLAND and Alice BAGG

19 Jul   John FRIEND and Elizabeth BAILY

29 Jul   John JORDEN and Joan MORTIMER (Joan replacing Mary deleted)

7 Oct John SAMWAIES and Mary MYTERNE

4 Nov   Jonathan SANDERS and Ann WALLIS



30 Mar William SIBLEY and Rebecca ALLEN

4 Apr Thomas CURTIS and Jone MOTTOCKE

27 Apr  Edward ARNOLD and Magdalen HOLMAN

4 May  Robert REYNOLDS and Elizabeth COZENS

28 May Richard WARCOP and Jane CLARKE

22 Jun  John THORNE and Sarah HOLMEADE

8 Oct Henry YOUNGE and Nem CAKE

4 Dec John WADE Jnr and Elizabeth HOUNSELL

5 Dec Giles HOUNSEL and Edith KEECH

24 Dec Jeffrey STROUD and Rabena TUNSTOLL

27 Dec Leonard MOTHER and Margery BYTHIWOOD



10 Jan  John PIERCY and Elizabeth MYNTREN

28 Jan  James DYER and Margaret MUNDY

8 Feb Andrew MUNDY and Elizabeth LANGMAN

21 Feb  John TALBOTT and Elizabeth DYER

22 Feb  Robert WALL and Elizabeth DEVNESH

28 Mar Richard HUSSEY and Mary JURDEN

8 May  John BAYLY and Mary COX

13 May Daniel JACOB and Jone LAWFULL

27 Jun  John OLIVER and Maud BAKER

15 Aug Joseph ATKINS and Hannah DAW

6 Sep George KERLY and Elizabeth WARR



25 Jan  Thomas COOKE and Margaret MALLETT

3 Feb Daniel CLEMENCE and Christian BRIDGES

5 Feb Thomas GARNETT and Elizabeth DANIEL

5 Mar   Ralph IMBER and Mary WATTS

20 Apr  William HALLETT and Mary STANSFORD

25 Jun  Thomas SAMWAIES and Jane EDWARDS

16 Sep  Mark BOYER and Avis BLANCHARD

23 Sep  John PROWSE and Elizabeth MIHELLS

8 Oct Peter DYER and Tabitha NEWMAN

2 Dec John DAGWORTHY and Elizabeth BRIGHT



27 Feb  George GILBERT and Elizabeth MYNTREN

28 Apr  Walter EVERETT and Perham GODDEN

8 May  Joseph DUDLY and Mary HOLWAY

19 May Richard BILES and Edith WALLIS

30 Jun Joseph VOULER and Katherine MICHEL

23 Jul John PALFREY and Agnes VINSON

24 Jul George POPE and Martha CHUBB

25 Aug Francis MEECH and Sarah THOMAS

8 Sep Henry SCRIVEN and Margaret BAKER

30 Oct  William HOLMAN and Bathsheba SANSUM



11 Apr  Robert MEADER and Elizabeth BAGG

26 Jul   Samuel PALMER and Hester LYNINGTON

18 Aug Francis HAMLEN and Sarah DEYLY

30 Nov Nicholas FARR and Margaret MILLETT



5 Feb Robert MUNDAY and Joane LANGMAN

13 Feb  Richard WILLSON and Rose BYLES

3 Apr James LOTIMER and Mary KNAPLOCK

3 Apr John NEWMAN and Martha STICKLAND

28 Apr  John HOLMEDE Snr and Judith LEE

23 May William DEVNESH and Abigail PARRETT

23 May John FEVEN and Deborah BATTEN

2 Jun John THOMAS and Jane HOLMAN

12 Aug Edward LOTTIMER and Elizabeth ROSE

15 Sep  James SANDFORD and Jane FARR

15 Sep  John ALLEN and Ann DEVNESH

3 Oct John FEVEN Snr and Welthian CARTER

20 Oct  Malachi WHICKER and Alice WADE

5 Dec John GREENE and Elizabeth ATWOOL

26 Dec Thomas HART and Mary BYTHIWOOD



15 Feb  Edward HAWELL and Sarah NEWMAN

17 Apr  Joseph SEAGER and Dorothy HELLIER

28 Jun  Daniel TERREY and Elinour PRINCE

23 Jul   John CLARKE and Mary HALLEY

3 Aug   Michael TIVETO and Jane TIZERD

4 Sep George BRADBURY and Rebecca BRIGHT

26 Oct  Jonathan CRIBB and Sarah TULLIDGE

30 Oct  Richard COLLINS and Mary BATTRICKE

23 Nov John PARKER and Elizabeth JONES

7 Dec Cornelius FISHER and Amy HOLMAN



9 Apr John INGRUM and Mary HOLMEDE

16 Apr  Joseph HENDY and Mary BELMAN

12 May Bernard THURMAN and Amy ROSE

27 Aug John HOLMEDE and Sarah KIMBER

10 Sep  John TOLE and Clemence AVARY



21 Feb  John JEANES and Margaret GODDEN

30 Mar Nicholas THOMAS and Frances FISHER

27 Apr  John DAVIS and Frances SPRINGE

28 Apr  Charles TANER and Elizabeth BURD

4 May  Richard BRICE and Rose BARTLETT

11 Aug Timothy SCRIVEN and Mary TRENCHARD

22 Sep  Henry FARR and Katherine BOLT

25 Sep  Markes SERGENT and Elizabeth HOLLY

8 Oct Chrispian HOUNSELL and Marsey JERRETT

21 Oct  Robert OAKSHOTT and Jane WADE



26 Jan  Jos: UDALL and Eliza: JEANES

14 Jul   Peter JOLLIFFE and Amey CHUBB

26 Aug Edward SKINNER and Mary MICHELL

6 Oct Henry SCRIVEN and Agnes BRIDLE

19 Nov Thomas DAUBNAM and Phillis GOULD

1 Dec Richard FRY and Alice LOCK

18 Dec Chr: WADE and Sarah JERRETT



5 Apr Benjn: KELLWAY and Mary GRIGORY

25 May John MUSSELL and Mary WELLMAN

13 Jun  John SAMWAIES and Lyddy GREENE

17 Jun  Jona: BOLT and Ellinour GREENE

27 Jun  James TIVETOE and Ellinour ANDREWS

5 Jul   Edward MORRISH and Mary SEAGER

8 Nov Tho: BEACH and Mary CAUSWAY

24 Dec Henry YOUNG and Eliza: SAMWAIES

28 Dec Richard FORSEY and Widow Righton



12 Jan  John PULLEN and Ruth JORDAN

3 Feb John BRICE and Grace BARTLETT

6 Feb Tho: PERSONS and Mary CAKE

20 Feb  Abraham ADAMS and Eliza: MINTERN

26 May Wm:  GILLETT and Sarah PWEST (´P´ partly erased)

9 Jun Roger ROSE and Mary BAYLY

27 Jun  Jerem: BEALE and Eliza: GUNDRY, married at Radipole

11 Jul   Ananias TOMSON, of Poole and Kath: CHUBB

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