Melcombe Regis

Post Office 1859 - Commercial A - H

Transcribed from the Directories at Dorset History Centre by Jennifer Dando

ABBOTT Elizabeth (Miss) Dress & mantle maker St Albans row
ABBOTT Frederick Coffee & dining rooms Cresent street
ABBOTT George Blacksmith & agriculteral implement maker Maiden street
ACUTT John Confectioner 71 St Mary street
ALLEN James Draper 1 Cresent street
ALLEN Jane (Mrs) Lodging house 3 East street
ANDERSON Thomas agent to Sir Frederick John William Johnstone bart 16 St Mary street
ANDREWS George solicitor & notary, registrar of county court, joint clerk to Weymouth waterworks company, & perpetual commisioner East street
ANSELL William academy 2 Frederick place
ARCHER David Bookseller, printer, bookbinder, stationer & proprietor of Royal library & reading rooms Esplanade
ARDEN Charles Frederick solicitor 8 St Mary street
ARDEN George solicitor & clerk to borough magistrates 8 St Mary street
ARNOLD Edward veterinary surgeon 6 East street
ARTHUR Pierce civil engineer & architect 4 Bellevue mews
ASHMAN Louisa Keziah (Mrs) Lodging house 4 Bellevue
ATTFIELD James boot & shoe maker St Albans row
AYLES Sarah (Mrs) milliner 6 St Mary street
AYLESBURY William Thomas tailor 3 York buildings
AYLING Joseph & son grocers & teadealers 50 St Mary street
BANGER Edward greengrocer 25 St Thomas street
BARLING Thomas dispensing chemist &c 67 St Thomas street
BARRETT George plumber & sign painter Lower Bond street
BARRETT George plumber, glazier &c. 6 St Thomas street
BARRETT William registrar of births deaths & marriages for Weymouth district St Edmund st & Rodwell road
BARTER Sarah (Miss) Lodging house 7 Cresent
BARTLETT George fruitierer 3 Coburg place
BARTLETT George grocer & baker 10 Governers lane
BARTLETT John Pitt Linendraper 10 Chesterfield place
BATT William gunsmith New street
BAUTON Edward & sons butchers 7 St Edmund street
BAXTER Robert London Hotel Bond street
BEALE Charles George tailor & woollen draper 83 St Mary street
BEALE Eliza (Mrs) professor of dancing 4 Augusta place
BEALE Joseph Lodging house 16 Brunswick bldgs
BEALE Rebecca (Miss) Dressmaker 10 Bond street
BEALE Sarah Case (Miss) grocer 16 St Albans row
BEALE Thomas William professor of music & music seller 4 Augusta place
BEALE William master mariner 2 Clarence buildings
BECK Thomas shopkeeper 29 Park street
BESSANT Robert agent to the Weymouth & Channel Island steam packet company, & custom house & general agent Custom house quay
BESANT William shopkeeper 2 Park street
BILLETT Henry pork butcher 52 St Thomas street
BILLETT William Frederick Portland Arms Maiden street
BLIN Joseph toy dealer 20 St Thomas street
BOARD James White Duke of Cumberland & boot & shoe maker St Edmund street
BOLD Mary Ann (Mrs) Lodging house 6 Devonshire bldgs
BOLT Alfred butcher 60 St Mary street
BOND James saddler & harness maker 12 Park street
BOND William butcher 4 st Edmund street
BOW Elias shoemaker 8 Maiden street
BOWEN James master mariner 2 Clarence buildings
BOWLING John greengrocer Governers lane
BRAZIER Charles Lodging house 3 Johnstone row
BRIDGE Thomas George solicitor 76 St Mary street
BRIDLE William shopkeeper Cresent street
BROWN John & Thomas Rolls grocer 15 St Alban row
BROWN Andrew M.D. FRCS physician & surgeon 18 Royal terrace
BROWN Edward John builder St Nicholas street
BROWN Edward John cabinet maker & toy dealer 42 St Thomas street
BROWN Henry clock & watch maker 66 St Thomas street
BROWN Stephen builder, contractor & mahogany dealer Edward street
BROWN Wm Patey leather seller 57 St Thomas street
BUCK James Avery stationer & printer 29 St Thomas street
BUCK Thomas John Avery cabinet maker & upholsterer 29a St Thomas street
BUCKLAND Mrs Lodging house 2 Bellevue
BUDD Henry Lodging house 8 Waterloo place
BUGLER Thomas bath chairman Lower Bond street
BULL Samuel grocer 21 St Mary street
BULLEON Ann (Miss) Lodging house 1 Grosvenor place
BURBRIDGE James grocer & provision mer. 73 St Thomas street
BURT Albert Linendraper 17 St Edmund street
BUSSELL William master mariner 102 St Mary street
CALL John Paine livery stables Lower Bond street
CANNING John beer retailer Cresent street
CARTER James Linen & woollen draper 77 St Mary street
CARTER Robert Anchor Inn 50 St Mary street
CARTER Sarah (Mrs) coal dealer & beer retailer & lodging house East street
CARTLEDGE Ann (Mrs) Lodging house 7 Brunswick buildings
CHALKER George cabinet maker 29 St Mary street
CHALKER Jane (Miss) straw bonnet maker 29 St Mary street
CHALKER John joiner 4 Park street
CHARLES Thomas Richard Lodging house 14 Gloucester row
CHUBB John hairdresser 6 Governer's lane
CHUBB John tailor Hartford street
CHICK Samuel honiton lace dealer 91 St Mary street
CHURCH Robert lesee & manager of gas works 15 St Thomas street
CLARE William Lodging house 1 & 2 Augusta place
CLARK George tailor School street
CLARK Matthew boot & shoe maker 71 1/2 St Mary street
CLARK Miss R Lodging house 1 & 3 Bank buildings
CLARK Thomas builder 57 St Thomas street
CLARKE Edwin James watchmaker 20 St Mary street
COHEN Lemon tobacconist &c 90 St Mary street
COLE Walter Thomas chemist 18 St Mary street
COLLETT Daniel engineer & ironfounder Foundry & Iron works
COLLIER William old bookseller 38 St Thomas street
COMMINS Richard upholsterer & cabinet maker 71 St Thomas street
COMPTON Samuel Surgeon dentist 10 Bond street
COOK George Lodging house 3 Victoria terrace
COOPER Charles Jarvis tailor 4 St Mary street
COOPER Eliza (Mrs) juvenile warehouse 4 St Mary street
COOPER James Surgeon 36 St Thomas street
COOPER Sarah (Mrs) beer retailer Great George street
CORNELIUS Alfred Kingsford solicitor 34 East street
COSENS Capt Joseph &Co steamboat owners South quay
COSH James blacksmith Great George street
COUCHER Martin MRCS physician & surgeon 6 Frederick place
COX & Breacher plumbers, glaziers & decorators 79 St Thomas street
COX &Co bathing machine proprietors 1 St Mary street
COX Edgar carver & gilder & photographic artist 1 & 1a St Mary street
COX Edward boot & shoe maker 22 St Mary street
COX Edward Lodging house 5 Pulteney buildings
COX James ironfounder Quebec place
CRESSWELL Sarah (Mrs) livery stables Royal Hotel & mews
CRICKMAY Esther (Mrs) earthenware dealer & man. of stone & pot wares 54 St Thomas street
CRICKMAY George Rackstroll architect & surveyor, & manager of Weymouth waterworks 77 St Thomas street
CROCKER Charles dairyman 17 Maiden street
CROCKER Charles John grocers & provision dealer 67 St Mary street
CROCKER Simon shopkeeper 15 Park street
CROCKER Thomas blacksmith Lower George street
CULLIMORE Attwell Lodging house 2 Devonshire buildings
DAMAN Robert draper & hosier 9 Augusta place
DAMAN Robert corn merchant the Quay
DAUBNEY Frederick Charles carpenter Cresent street
DAVIES Samuel china & glass dealer 55 St Thomas street
DAVIS Jane (Mrs) fishmonger 45 St Thomas street
DAVIS John livery stable keeper Great George street
DEAN Frederick Clarence fancy stationer 77 St Thomas street
DESFOUGERAU Aubin vice consul for France 6 Devonshire bldgs
DEVENISH Matthew wine & spirit merchant 20 St Thomas street
DIESCH Andrew watch & clock ma. & jeweller 87 St Mary street
DIXON & Cardus oil mills & artiticial manure manafacturers &
cake crushers &c (George J Virtue agent)
Quay & Southampton
DOBER Daniel beer retailer 19 St Edmund street
DODSON Phillip &Co timber, coal, slate & stone merchants & saw mill George street
DODSON Thomas builder & contractor West View
DODSWELL Elizbth (Mrs) Lodging house 1 Brunswick bldgs
DOMING George butcher 66 St Mary street
DREW Ann (Mrs) Lodging house 8 Brunswick bldgs
DREW Joseph Victoria Hotel Augusta place
DUNMAN Jane (Mrs) staymaker 14 St Thomas street
DUNMAN John cabinet maker 14 St Thomas street
DUNN Edwin beer retailer King street
DUNNING Thomas Lodging house 15 Brunswick buildings
DYER William King Hotel Maiden street
ECKERSALL William master of British school Bellevue
EDDS Esau stonemason 92 St Mary street
EDMUNDS &Co leathersellers 58 St Mary street
EDNEY George &Co hardwaremen 10 St Mary street
EDWARDS Henry dentist Royal Baths
ELIOT Pearce & Eliot bankers Old Bank, St Thomas street
ELLIOTT Frederick grocer 13 St Thomas street
ELLIOTT Phillip Lodging house 1 Clarence buildings
ELMES John Lodging house 2 Bank buildings
FAIREY James watch & clock maker &c 14 Bond street
FAREY William shoemaker 16 East street
FARWELL Joseph White Horse Hotel 33 St Mary street
FARWELL Rebecca (Mrs) Lodging house 5 Victoria terrace
FARWELL Stephen builder Park street
FERRY James & son wheelwrights St Nicholas street
FERRY James Sailors Return St Nicholas street
FIALOW Edwin professor of drawing Richmond terrace
FIELD William watch & clock maker New street
FLEURY Charles professor of languages 2 Charlotte row
FLISHER Charles master mariner 102 St Mary street
FLOOD Israel tailor Bridge buildings
FLOOD Samuel Lamb & Flag Lower Bond street
FLOWER James accountant 69 St Thomas street
FLOWER James Welcome Home St Nicholas street
FOOKS Henry greengrocer 5 St Mary street
FOOKS Thomas tailor & depot for the society for the promotion 95 St Mary street
FOOT Joram carpenter 25 East street
FOOT Thomas Railway Inn Park street
FOX John surgeon 6 Royal terrace
FOX William wheelwright West street
FROST George Crown Commercial Hotel St Thomas street
FRY George tanner & currier 41 East street
FUDGE George plumber &c 65 St Thomas street
FUDGE Henry academy East street
FUZZARD S &Co auctioneers & ale & porter merchants 5 Coburg place & 106a St Mary street
FUZZARD James Cooper South quay
FUZZARD James Lodging house 7 St Thomas street
GALPIN Charles draper 70 St Mary street
GARSTON Benjamin teacher of french 8 St Thomas street
GIBSON Henry John straw hat maker 30 St Mary street
GIBSON John coal merchant 6 Johnstone row
GIFFORD Jane (Miss) Lodging house 2 Grosvenor place
GILL George Alfred boot & shoe maker 42 East street
GILL Mary (Mrs) Lodging house 3 Frederick place
GILLIARD John Squire Linendraper St Albans row
GILLINGHAM Esther (Mrs) Lodging house 86 St Thomas street
GILLINGHAM John blacksmith Lower Bond street
GILLINGHAM John whitesmith Commercial road
GOODWIN Sarah (Mrs) Lodging house 12 Waterloo place
GOULD Moses marine store dealer 5 Governer's lane
GRACE Mary Ann (Mrs) shopkeeper Cresent street
GRANDY George beer retailer King street
GRANT Thomas shopkeeper 3 Governer's lane
GRAY William George master mariner Quay
GREEN James beer retailer Governers lane
GREEN Henry carver & gilder 14 St Mary street
GREENHAM William greengrocer 28 East street
GRIFFUN Richard surgeon 12 Royal terrace
GRINTER Jane (Mrs) beer retailer & greengrocer 28 East street
GROVES & Son pharmaccutical & operative chemists 8 St Mary street
GROVES Henry grocer Great George street
GUNNING Mary Ann (Mrs) staymaker 10 Bond street
GUY John Antelope 48 St Mary street
HAGLEY William grocer 75 St Mary street
HALLETT Edwin Owen cabinet maker 11 St Mary street
HANGER William tailor 22 St Albans row
HANN Thomas Cross Keys & baker 21 St Thomas street
HARDEY William shopkeeper Wesley street
HARDY Samuel shopkeeper Bellevue
HARPER James H hairdresser & perfumer 8 Johnstone row
HARE Richard solicitor & clerk to the board of guardians &
foreign passport office
Maiden street
HARFORD Andrew shoemaker Lower George street
HARRIS James hatmaker 13 Bond street
HARRISON John Lodging house 80 St Thomas street
HARVEY Sarah (Miss) seminary 23 St Albans row
HATCHER Charles licensed to let horses Great George street
HATTON Frederick butcher 4 Bond street
HATTON Mary Ann Emma (Mrs) straw bonnet maker 11 Bond street
HATTON John saddler & harness maker 59 St Thomas street
HAVELL West Ann (Miss) teacher of music & drawing 38 St Thomas street
HAWKES Thomas upholsterer 39 St Thomas street
HAWKINS Robert fruitierer 3 Bond street
HAYMAN Henry Fox Inn St Nicholas street
HEMINGWAY Elizth. (Mrs) Cambridge Arms 31 St Mary street
HENLEY Mary Elizabeth (Mrs) Lodging house 4 Waterloo place
HIBBS Charles house-decorator &c 72 St Thomas street
HIBBS Sarah Ann (Miss) Lodging house 39 East street
HILL William James jun. solicitor 8 Coburg place
HILLCAR Reuben beer retailer 3 St Thomas street
HINE Martha (Mrs) Lodging house 1 Johnstone row
HODGES John Francis wine & brandy mer. 23 St Thomas street
HOLLEYOAK John Bird grocer 80 St Mary street
HOLLOWAY Eleanor (Mrs) Milton Arms 21 St Albans row
HONEYMAN Jesse boot & shoe maker 49 St Thomas street
HOOD James watch & clock maker 1 Bond street
HOPKINS John & Son millers, bakers & grocers 49 St Mary street
HOSKINS John engineer & beneral smith St Albans row
HOUNSELL George boot & shoe maker Maiden street
HOWARD Richard Nicholas solicitor, commisioner for taking affidavits in common law court, manager to the Weymouth, Portland & county of Dorset benefit building society, & practitioner in insolvent debtors courts, Dorchester 39 St Thomas street
HOWE Edward Coopers Arms 10 Maiden street
HOWE Richard Confectioner 10 Augusta place
HUGHES William boot & shoe maker 10 St Thomas street
HURDLE Elizabeth & Jane (Misses) provision dealers 23 St Edmund street
HURDLE William furniture dealer 56 St Thomas street
HUNT Elizabeth (Mrs) Lodging house 5 Bellevue
HUTCHINGS James basket maker 37 St Mary street

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