Melcombe Regis

Post Office 1859 - Commercial O - Z

Transcribed from the Directories at Dorset History Centre by Jennifer Dando

OLIVER William Dolphin Park street
OSWALD James Lodging house 2 Brunswick buildings
PAGE William collector of water rate School street
PARKER Ann (Miss) straw bonnet maker New street
PAUL Charles shoemaker Little George street
PAUL William carpenter Great George street
PEARCE & Rose stay & dressmaker 78 St Thomas street
PEARCE John Harbour master Quay
PERCY Charles linendraper 32 St Mary street
PERCY George plumber, painter & glazier 26 St Thomas street
PERCY Mary (Mrs) Lodging house Cresent street
PHILLIPS John Drew Wellington Arms St Albans row
PHILLIPS Lewis clothier 47 St Mary street
PHILLIPS Mark clothier 65 St Mary street
PIDGEON Daniel grocer 36 St Mary street
PITMAN George pork butcher St Albans row
PITMAN Frederick Lodging house 3 Brunswick buildings
PLOWMAN Wm John baker & confectioner 94 St Mary street
POTHECARY John Golden Lion Hotel & auctioneer St Edmunds street
POPE Sarah (Mrs) pawnbroker 9 St Mary street
PRATT William Lodging house 9 Gloucester row
PREEDY Eliza (Mrs) Star Park street
PRICE George Lodging house 9 Pulteney buildings
PRIDE William Turk's Head East street
PURKIS Elizabeth (Mrs) Lodging house Commercial road
PURKIS Robert livery stable keeper Great George street
PRITCHARD Edward Francis Surgeon dentist 25 St Thomas street
RABBETTS Joseph butcher 18 Maiden street
RAGGETT Henry stonemason & builder Quay
READ George Richard fancy repository & portmanteau & trunk dealer 55 St Mary street
READ Sarah (Miss) Dressmaker 11 St Thomas street
READ William slater & plasterer 11 East street
REEKS William carpenter 19 St Thomas street
RENDELL Henry Alfred printer & glazier 17 Maiden street
REYNOLDS William & son builders & ship chandlers School street & Quay
REYNOLDS Mary (Miss) grocer 15 St Mary street
REYNOLDS Robert William wine, spirit & Ale & porter merchant, sole agent for
Ind & Coopers, Romford Ales
5 Chesterfield place
RIDOUT Christiana (Mrs) tea dealer 66 St Thomas street
RIDOUT Ann (Miss) Dressmaker 2 East street
RIVA John optician & toy dealer 26 St Mary street
ROBERTS William & Co ship & insurance brokers & ship chandlers & custom house agents South quay
ROBERTS Caroline (Mrs) preparstory school 18 St Thomas street
ROBERTS Martha (Miss) Dressmaker 18 St Thomas street
ROBERTS Phillip butcher 3 St Edmunds street
ROBERTSON James linen draper 16 St Edmunds street
ROBINS James Eaton tailor & outfitter 11 Augusta place
ROGERS Job provision dealer 20 St Edmunds street
ROLLS George & Alfred bootmakers 61 St Mary street
ROLLS Alfred linendraper & fancy repository 1 & 2 Charlotte row
ROLLS Daniel teacher of music 7 York buildings
ROLLS Jane (Mrs) Lodging house 9 Coburg place
ROLLS John Jenkins cigar merchant & fancy repository 6 Augusta place
ROLLS Richard boot & shoe maker 5 Augusta place
ROLLS Richard, jun boot & shoe maker 12 St Mary street
ROLLS Richard George tailor 6 & 7 Chesterfield pl
ROOKE Richard music warehouse 5 Johnstone row
ROSE Joseph leather cutter 4 Governers place
ROSS John linendraper, silk mercer & carpet warehouse 81 & 82 St Mary street
RUSSELL Harriet (Mrs) umbrella maker 92 St Mary street
RUSSELL James ironmomger 63 St Mary street
40 St Thomas street
RUSSELL John Edward Linen & woollen draper 56 & 57 St Mary street
RUSSELL Millicent (Mrs) grocer 18 St Alban's row
SAMSON Alexander Samuel surgeon 3 Devonshire buildings
SAMWAYS William beer retailer Little George street
SANDERS Henry baker & grocer 27 East street
SANDERS John butcher 64 St Mary street
SEAMAN Charles builder Park street
SEAMAN George Baltic Inn Park street
SENIOR George furniture dealer & undertaker Park street
SENIOR James watchmaker & jeweller 7 Coburg place
SEYMOUR Benjamin ironmonger 13 St Edmund street
SHERREN James printer bookseller & stationer 79 St Mary street
SHIELDS Thomas tailor 93 St Mary street
SIMMONDS Samuel ship owner & furniture broker Lower Bond street
SIMS Rebecca (Mrs) dining rooms 1 St Albans row
SLY James Cutter Hotel East street
SLYFIELD Fanny (Miss) bookseller 1 Coburg place
SMETHAM Deborah (Mrs) lodging house 4 Devonshire bldgs
SMITH Charles china & glass dealer &c 72 St Mary street
SMITH Harriet (Miss) seminary 16 St Thomas street
SMITH Richard Thomas draper & fancy repository 70 St Thomas street
SMITH Thomas pastry cook & confectioner 14 St Alban's row
SMITH Thomas station master to great western railway 7 Waterloo place
SMITH William licensed to let horses New street
SMITH William MRCS physician & surgeon 5 Frederick place
SPARSHATT Ellen (Miss) ladies school 13 Royal cresent
SPOONER James & Co grocers 46 St Mary street
SPRECKLEY Edward draper 73 St Mary street
STACE Elizabeth Laura (Miss) --- 6 Gloucester row
STAGG Henry Trunghear music warehouse 6 Coburg place
STAINES James coach painter & beer retailer 30 Park street
STANLEY Michael cutler 2 Bond street
STEGGALL Frederick Charles solicitor, town clerk, clerk to the local board of health
and coroner for the district and island of Portland
New street
STOCKS Daniel pork butcher 6 St Edmund street
STOCKLING Thomas shopkeeper Little George street
STRICKLAND Thomas butcher St Edmund street
STRICKLAND James earthenware dealer Bridge foot
STYLES Thomas coach builder 64 St Thomas street
STYLE Jethro grocer 68 St Mary street
STYLE John boot & shoe maker 1 Bond street
SWATHBRIDGE John shopkeeper Lower Bond street
SYMES George shopkeeper New street
SYMS Henry carver & gilder Royal baths
SUTER George Thomas pastry cook & confectioner 27 & 28 St Mary street
TALBOT John Angel draper 35 St Mary street
TALBOTT Mary (Mrs) Lodging house 3 Bellevue
TASKER Jane (Mrs) Lodging house 3 Cresent
TAYLOR Charlotte (Mrs) Lodging house 18 Brunswick bldgs
TAYLOR Margaret (Mrs) beer retailer Commercial road
TAYLOR Thomas beer retailer New street
TEMPLEMAN Isaac corn & coal merchant 33 St Thomas street
TEMPLEMAN Matthew shoemaker Cresent street
TEWKSBURY Rebecca (Mrs) Lodging house 5 Devonshire pl
TEWKSBURY Thomas Lodging house 5 Clarence buildings
THOMAS Charles Lodging house 4 Clarence buildings
THOMAS Rowland confectioner 14 Bond street
THOMAS William Lodging house Richmond terrace
THOMAS William agent to west of England fire & life office 5 Charlotte row
THOMPSON William solicitor 11 Frederick place
THORNE John cabinet maker 35 St Thomas street
THREDDER William photographist Royal baths
THREDDER William John Lodging house Richmond terrace
THRESHER William fruitierer 24 St Alban's row
THURMAN Elizabeth (Miss) seminary 17 St Mary street
TITE Samuel cornfactor & grocer 9 St Alban's row
TIZARD Edward Fawconer solicitor 76 St Thomas street
TIZARD Henry physician & surgeon MRCS 10 Frederick place
TIZARD James carpenter & shopkeeper East street
TIZARD James Steam Packet South quay
TIZARD John solicitor & commissioner in all the courts 75 St Thomas street
TIZARD Joseph coal merchant 51 St Mary street
TOMLINSON Emma (Mrs) stationer & fancy repository St Andrews square
TOWNSEND Edward pork butcher 7 Maiden street
TRANTUM William smith & farrier Maiden street
TRAVESS Charles shopkeeper 13 East street
TRIM Jane (Mrs) milliner & dressmaker 11 Maiden street
TRIM Elizabeth (Miss) toy dealer 9 Bond street
TUCKER Abraham bookseller stationer and printer 3 Charlotte row
TUCKER William Lodging house 26 East street
VERTUE George Julius ale & porter merchant Quay
VINCENT John Lodging house 11 & 12 Royal cresent
VOSS George private hotel Bank house
VOSS George Riggs grocer 25 St Mary street
VYE Thomas stonemason Lower George street
WALLIS Dorcas Ann (Miss) Lodging house 3 Waterlo place
WALLIS Elizabeth (Mrs) Black Dog 3 St Mary street
WALLIS Mrs Lodging house 9 Waterloo place
WALLIS Thomas Samuel photographic artist & animal painter 2 St Mary street
WALTERS Thomas pork butcher 1 St Thomas street
WAREHAM Marina (Mrs) beer retailer 6 Maiden street
WASHBOURNE Edward Brown brewer 31 St Thomas street
WATERS John leather cutter 2 Maiden street
WATTS James (Miss) straw hat and bonnet maker 9 St Thomas street
WEAKLEY Joseph stonemason Commercial road
WEBB Samuel gas fitter & marine store dealer Maiden street
WELSFORD George Culverwell timber, coal, slate & stone merchant Commercial road
WEL-FORD George R solicitor & notary 32 St Thomas street
WEYMOUTH & Channel Islands Steam Packet Company Joseph MAUNDERS manager & secretary Custom ho. Quay
WHETTON Catherine (Mrs) beer retailer New street
WHITE Sarah (Mrs) lodging house 4 Cresent
WHITE John china & glass dealer &c 84 St Mary street
WHITTLE Charles boot & shoemaker 13 Park street
WICKINS George boot & shoe maker 12 Bond street
WILDES Mary (Miss) lodging house 1 York buildings
WILKINS Robert lodging house 8 Clarence buildings
WILLIAMS Alfed builder & contractor 10 Augusta place
WILLIAMS James lodging house 17 Brunswick buildings

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