1861 Census of Weymouth - Ships in Port - RG9/1349

Transcribed by Jennifer Dando 2004
Corrections and Amendments by Barry Lanning 2006


Dolphin; Cutter/Yacht; 14 Tons; Weymouth; Weymouth Harbour

William TULLIDGE; Unm; 64; m; Master; Sandgate Kent


Ocean Bride; Sloop/Coasting Trade; 34 Tons; Jersey; Weymouth Harbour

Phillip WHALES; Mar; 31; m; Master; Bosham Sussex

George WHALES; Mar; 33; m; Mate; Bosham Sussex

William CANTWELL; Mar; 22; m; AB Seaman; Southampton


Frisk; Smack/Coasting; 17 Tons; Weymouth; Weymouth Harbour

William CAREY; Unm; 40; m; Master; Chichester Sussex


Stormfinch; Yachting; 105 Tons; Cowes; Moored Weymouth Harbour

Thomas HISCOCK; Mar; 34; m; Master; Poole Dorsetshire

Mary HISCOCK; Mar; 36; f; Masters Wife; Poole Dorsetshire

Mary HISCOCK; 5; f; Masters Daughter; Poole Dorsetshire


Pallas (master Wm FUSZARD); Smack/Coasting; 33 Tons; Jersey; Weymouth Harbour

Joseph WADMORE; Unm; 14; m; Boy; Gorey Jersey


Cygnus (master John BRAIKE); Steam Boat – Channel Islands; 133 Tons; Weymouth; Weymouth Harbour

Edward HUSSEY; Mar; 37; m; Ships Steward; Cherbourg France English Subject

Thomas EDWARDS; Mar; 27; m; Seaman; Weymouth Dorset


Wave; Sloop/Coasting; 50 Tons; Shoreham; Weymouth Harbour

Henry MITCHELL; Mar; 25; m; Master; Southwick Sussex

Absalom WOOLGAR; Mar; 28; m; Mate; Bramber Sussex

Benjamin BLANN; Mar; 25; m; Able Seaman; Shoreham Sussex

Thomas MEERS; Single; 19; m; Apprentice; Thakeham Sussex


Desmund; Sloop/Coasting; 30 Tons; Poole; Weymouth Harbour

Thomas HOLLOWAY; Widower; 61; m; Master; Poole Dorset

William HOLLOWAY; Mar; 30; m; Mate; Poole Dorset

Joseph CAPE; 14; m; Boy; Poole Dorset


David (master Thos WATERS); Brig/Home Trade; 150 Tons; Weymouth; Weymouth Harbour

William SOPER; Unm; 17; m; Boy; Devonshire


Sisters (master George SMITH); Schooner/Coasting; 146 Tons; Weymouth; Weymouth Harbour

John JOHNSON; Unm; 22; m; Able Seaman; Harwich Essex

William SOCKER?; Unm; 16; m; Boy; Guernsey Channel Islands


John Wright; Schooner/Coasting Trade; 62 Tons; Hull; Weymouth Harbour

James RAMAGE; Mar; 37; m; Master; Haddington Dunbar

John ARCHIBALD; Mar; 50; m; Mate; Haddington Dunbar

David SOMER; Mar; 27; m; Able Seaman; Haddington Dunbar

William COLLINS; Unm; 37; m; Able Seaman; Haddington Dunbar


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