West Chelborough

1861 Census RG 9/1362

Transcribed by Keith Searson

Schedule Road, Street, No or Christian Name Surname Relationship Single Age Occupation Where Born County Notes
  Name of House       Married.etc          
1 West Thomas BARTER Head Married 48 Farmer Yetminster Dorset Farms 74 acres
  Chelborough Mary BARTER Wife Married 32   East Chelborough Dorset  
    Deborah B BARTER Daughter Single 22   Halstock Dorset  
    Mary Ann BARTER Daughter Single 6   West Chelborough Dorset  
    John CLARKE Servant Single 17 Dairyman Coombe St Nicholas Somerset  
2   Christopher Gundry DAWE Head Married 35 Farmer Corscombe Dorset Farms 66 acres Employs 4 men
    Ann DAWE Wife Married 31   Corscombe Dorset  
    William C G DAWE Son Single 11 Scholar Corscombe Dorset  
    Eliza DAWE Daughter Single 9 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
    Philip G DAWE Son Single 7 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
    Elizabeth DAWE Daughter Single 5 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
    Anne DAWE Daughter Single 3 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
    No Name DAWE Son Single less than 1mth   West Chelborough Dorset  
    Jane WETHEY Servant Single 62 General Servant Yeovil Somerset  
3   Francis DUNCAN Head Married 54 Rector of West Chelborough Weymouth Street Middlesex  
    Mary Ann DUNCAN Wife Married 62   Nowington Oxon  
    Frances Louisa DUNCAN Daughter Single 27   Walford Horeford  
    Mary Ann Carter DUNCAN Daughter Single 23   Ilfracoombe Devon  
    Francis H P DUNCAN Son Single 21 Ensign in the Army Maiden Newton Dorset  
    Malcolm DUNCAN Son Single 17 Pupil with Private Tution West Chelborough Dorset  
    Emma Marisa CROW Niece Single 20 Clergtmans Daughter Alston(?) Warwick  
    Ann COLLINS Servant Single 41 Lady Maid   Somerset  
    Louisa DAMON Servant Single 28 Cook   Dorset  
    Laxinia ADAMS Servant Single 116 Parlour Maid Whitackington (?) Somerset  
4   John STUDLEY Head Married 66 Dairyman Broadwinsor Dorset Manages 30 cows
    Mary STUDLEY Wife Married 71   Burstock Dorset  
    Emma WHITTY Servant Single 17 Dairymaid West Chelborough Dorset  
    John James SYMES Servant Single 16 Dairy Boy Powerstock Dorset  
5   Simon READ Head Single 40 Farmer Beaminster Dorset Farms 350 acres Employs 9 men and 4 boys
    Mary READ Mother Widow 77   Beaminster Dorset  
    Mary Read ACKERMAN Niece Single 8   Netherbury Dorset  
    Mary Ann HUMBER Servant Single 22 General Servant Rampisham Dorset  
6   George WHITTY Head Married 51 Agricultural Labourer East Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary WHITTY Wife Married 55 Agricultural Labourer Corscombe Dorset  
    Mary Ann WHITTY Daughter Single 24 Leather Glover West Chelborough Dorset  
    Ellen WHITTY Daughter Single 22 Leather Glover West Chelborough Dorset  
    Elizabeth WHITTY Daughter Single 19 Leather Glover West Chelborough Dorset  
7   William HARDY Head Married 45 Grocer and Parish Clerk Nether Cerne Dorset  
    Hannah HARDY Wife Married 44   West Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary HARDY Daughter Single 13 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
    Henrietta Humber HARDY Grandaughter Single 11 mths   West Chelborough Dorset  
8   Edward HARDY Head Married 49 Agricultural Labourer Stratton Dorset  
    Mary Ann HARDY Wife Married 48   West Chelborough Dorset  
    William HARDY Son Single 18 Agricultural Labourer West Chelborough Dorset  
    George HARDY Son Single 12 Agricultural Labourer West Chelborough Dorset  
    Thomas HARDY Son Single 10 Agricultural Labourer West Chelborough Dorset  
9   Alfred WHITTY Head Married 25 Agricultural Labourer West Chelborough Dorset  
    Mary WHITTY Wife Married 22 Glover Corscombe Dorset  
10   Caroline IVORY Head Widow 43 Agricultural Labourer Stafford Somerset  
    George IVORY Son Single 18 Groom Corscombe Dorset  
    Charles IVORY Son Single 12 Agricultural labourer Corscombe Dorset  
11   John WHITTY Head Married 53 Agricultural Labourer West Chelborough Dorset  
    Jane WHITTY Wife Married 48 Agricultural Labourer East Coker Somerset  
    Charles WHITTY Grandson Single 4 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
12   James BARTLETT Head Married 52 Shepherd West Chelborough Dorset  
    Charlotte BARTLETT Wife Married 46   Hook Dorset  
    Susan BARTLETT Daughter Single 11 Scholar Corscombe Dorset  
    Sarah Ann BARTLETT Daughter Single 8 Scholar Corscombe Dorset  
    Elizabeth BARTLETT Daughter Single 4 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
13   William BARTLETT Head Widower 82 Retired Carter Sutton Bingham Somerset Blind
    Robert BARTLETT Son Single 43 Farmer West Chelborough Dorset Farms 17 acres
    George GROVES Servant Single 18 Agricultural Labourer Evershot Dorset  
14   John WHITTY Head Married 81 Pauper Retired Labourer Tollerpocorum Dorset  
    Harriett WHITTY Wife Married 61 Pauper Retired Labourer East Chelborough Dorset  
15   James WHITTY Head Married 36 Carter West Chelborough Dorset  
    Charlotte WHITTY Wife Married 27 School Mistress Corscombe Dorset  
    John WHITTY Son Single 7 Scholar Corscombe Dorset  
    Joseph WHITTY Son Single 6 Scholar West Chelborough Dorset  
16 Hemlock John ELLIS Head Married 65 Farmer Not Known Somerset  
    Meria ELLIS Wife Married 59   Corscombe Dorset  
    Mary BEATER Daughter Single 26 Farmers Daughter West Chelborough Dorset  
    Charles BEATER Son Single 25 Farmers Son West Chelborough Dorset  
    Harriett WILLS Servant Single 16 General Servant East Chelborough Dorset  

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