Parish of Walditch

Marriages 1738 to 1812.    

Kindly transcribed for the OPC Project by Peter Collins

NOTE. - The Register before 1754 consists of one large parchment bound volume of twenty-four pages 14 1/2 by 8 inches and contains entries from 1739 to 1780.

After 1754 the Register is in accordance with the Hardwicke Marriage Act.

These Marriages have been copied by the Rev. R. Grosvenor Bartelot by permission of the Rev. C. O. Watson Vicar of Walditch.



Robert MARSH & Joan MARSH married 01-Jan 1738

Joseph GALE & Agnis TRAVET married 08-Mar 1738

Samuel MUNDINS of Loder & Elizabeth MINEVEH of Loder married 04-Aug 1740

Joseph SAMWAYS of Walditch & Catharine ORCHARD of Bridport married 20-Apr 1742

John GUNDRY of Bothinhampton & Ann HINE (?) of Walditch married 11-Feb 1745-6

Caleb KING of Crewkerne Co. Som. Gent & Mrs. STONE of Bridport widow married 19-Jun 1753

Nicholas HANSFORD of Loder & Betty TOWNSHEND married 22-Oct 1753




John EDWAADS of Bradpole & Betty ANNING married 03-Jun 1755

John TRAVERS of Bothenhampton & Elizabeth GALE married 21-Nov 1755

Leonard MORRIS & Elizabeth COSSINS married 05-Jan 1756

Henry ACKERMAN & Sarah BROWN of Bradpole married 11-Jan 1757 by Licence

Henry GREENING of Bradpole & Martha PERROTT married 14-Apr 1759

Robert AISH & Anne DOMMETT married 12-Apr 1762

Thos. HUXTER of Alington & Elizabeth AISH married 12-Apr 1762

Joseph ANNING & Elizabeth TOLLABULL married 05-Oct 1762

Dionis ACKERMAN & Mary BISHOP of Bothenhampton married 26-Jul 1764

Thomas APPLETON of Sunderland Co. Durham & Jenny TUCKER married 06-Jul 1767 by Licence

William STONE & Ann TIZZARD of Milton married 26-Apr 1768

Richard TUCKER & Sarah HAMLYN married 13-Nov 1769

Thomas GUNDRY & Mary ASH married 26-Dec 1770

Richard TUCKER Widr. & Margaret DORSEN of Burton Bradstock married 30-Aug 1772 by Licence

Samuel GARLAND & Frances ACKERMAN married 29-Jun 1773 by Licence

Hugh SAMWAY & Elizabeth COSINS married 26-Sep 1776

Jacob EVERETT of Powerstock & Fortune ACKERMAN married 24-Jul 1779 by Licence

Henry ACKERMAN & Elizabeth COMBORNE married 25-May 1780

Thomas STONE of Burton Bradstock & Ann GUNDRY married 30-Dec 1781

Robert TUCKER Bach. & Elizabeth STONE of Burton Bradstock married 22-Jan 1782

Benjamin BARTLETT of Shipton Gorge & Sarah COZENS married 25-Apr 1783 by Licence

[Here begins the Marriages since the commencement of the Stamp Duty]

Joseph HARDY & Ann COZENS married 25-Oct 1783

John DEAM & Martha COUSENS married 24-Oct 1786

Thomas DONBTON [DOWNTON] of Allington & Martha HYDE married 23-May 1790

William TRAVERS & Ann GUNDRY married 24-Oct 1793

William BISHOP & Elizabeth GUNDRY of Bothenhampton married 18-Sep 1797

Thomas WILLS & Elizabeth SLADE married 20-Jul 1798

Robert PARKER & Elizabeth ASH married 25-Feb 1800

Benjamin NICHOLLS & Hannah SEYMOUR of Bradpole married 14-May 1801 by Licence

John SCADDING & Elizabeth HODDER of Bradpole married 10-Aug 1801

Robert SAVAGE & Susannah ASH married 14-Mar 1803 by Licence

John CHARD & Hannah GAY married 16-Mar 1804

Richard GOSLING & Mary BERRY married 11-Sep 1804

Thomas CHUBB & Mary ROSLER of Bothenhampton married 24-Sep 1805

William BERRY & Mary SANSOM married 03-Aug 1806

Robert HUSSEY of Netherbury Widr. & Harriet HANSFORD Spin. married 07-Apr 1807 by Licence

Thomas GALE of Loders & Elizabeth SAMWAYS married 02-Aug 1808

Samuel GIBBS & Martha ACKERMAN married 13-May 1809

John ASH & Ann PARK of Corscombe married 06-Apr 1810

John COURTNEY & Martha DUNFORD married 15-Apr 1811

Henry ACKERMAN & Martha SAMWAYS married 10-Dec 1811

Thomas HANSFORD & Mary HAYBALL married 28-Dec 1812


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