Walditch, St Mary's Church

This is an abbreviated list of the details transcribed from all the memorials in the burial ground. Memorials commemorating deaths less than 30 years old have not been included to avoid upsetting any relatives of the recently bereaved, details are available on request. Full details of all memorials are available by contacting the MI Coordinator (see contacts page). Please quote the MI reference number, the parish, the burial ground and the surname on all requests. Researchers are asked to please bear in mind that weathering of the stone and lichen growth can make transcription difficult and incomplete or even impossible in some cases.

Everything is transcribed exactly as is, but without capitalisation other than for all surnames.
Items in blue are not actually transcribed on the monument but are deduced and included to allow
sorting and searching by surname. * indicates unreadable information.

34ACKERMAN Stephen1905 74
34ACKERMAN Fanny1915 74
43ACKERMAN Emily1932 77
43ACKERMAN Albert Henry1941 85
43ACKERMAN Sidney William1892 7
43ACKERMAN Ernest Henry1954 69
43ACKERMAN Emily Selina1964 77
43ACKERMAN Cecil1971  
51ACKERMAN Stephen1886 73
51ACKERMAN Sarah North1881 70
147ACKERMAN John1936 81
154ACKERMAN Joseph1878 64
154ACKERMAN Sarah1891 69
155ACKERMAN Stephen1832 90
155ACKERMAN Mary1832 88
155ACKERMAN Ann1815 40
156ACKERMAN Hannah1742 54
157ACKERMAN Henery1713 72
157ACKERMAN Frances1708 47
158ACKERMAN Benjamin1741 24
158ACKERMAN Joseph1741 26
159ACKERMAN Jane1880 65
159ACKERMAN John1902 80
160ACKERMAN Stephen1861 65
160ACKERMAN Maria1865 65
167ACKERMAN Stephen1861  
168ACKERMAN Maria1865  
35ASH Eliza Mary1912 31
35ASH Fanny1924 79
81ATKINSON August William1980  
111BAKER Hannah1903 61
111BAKER Phillip1910 58
150BAKER Mary Ann Bartlett1856 83
59BATTISCOMBE William1849 69
59BATTISCOMBE Elizabeth1878 86
59BATTISCOMBE Ellen1839 16
37BENEDICT E.E. Jean1953 85
64BISHOP Joseph1878  
64BISHOP Charlotte1879 73
65BLACKMORE Alan1980 57
152CAMERON Edward1869 24
50CLARKE Job1876 72
50CLARKE Ann1878 74
137CORNICK Richard Gosling1936 69
137CORNICK Sarah1947 74
140CORNICK William1952 79
140CORNICK Bessie1967 89
165CORNICK Richard   
176COURTNEY Dorothy1967  
138CRABB Alice Ada1958 54
31CROPP William1914 44
31CROPP Emily1948 80
44CURTIS Harry1912  
44CURTIS Jane1929 66
39DAIN Frances E.1912 60
74DAWE Judith E.1948 64
74DAWE Mary1952 67
146DAWE John1944 62
46DRAPER Wilfred1931 47
47DRAPER Maud1961  
141DREW Albert Edward1952 70
141DREW Annie1959 74
125DUNFORD Mildred Hilda May1977  
119DUNVILLE Thomas Edward1924 56
32DYER Frederick John1943 56
32DYER Gertrude Emily1972 81
72EVELEIGH Emma1958 89
72EVELEIGH Vera Edith1946 32
72EVELEIGH Joseph1960 79
29FEA Magnus1908 33
183FLETCHER William   
41FOOKS Laura Fanny1901 50
41FOOKS Elizabeth1903 53
45FOOKS Elizabeth Ann1912 60
45FOOKS Mark William1922 65
63FOOKS Martha1894 42
129FREETH Norah1968  
62GARLAND Richard1872 27
168GARLAND Richard1872  
36GARRETT A.J.1915 18
116GAYNER Mary Neville1970  
75GODDEN Elizabeth1920 44
75GODDEN Florence Emily1941 58
75GODDEN Albert Frederick1946 73
75GODDEN Freda1981 68
49GOSLING Henry1896 50
49GOSLING Merina1901 63
53GOSLING Elizabeth1810  
171GRIST Clara1976 67
153GROVES Dorothy Olive Josphine1969 68
33GUNDRY Joseph1939 70
33GUNDRY Olive Mary1940 68
57GUNDRY Thomas1869 60
57GUNDRY Harriet1885 74
57GUNDRY Harriet Ann1879 39
152GUNDRY Joseph1877 65
152GUNDRY Mary Caroline1882 70
152GUNDRY Joseph Pearkes Fox1891 54
152GUNDRY Ann Tatchell1932 86
178GUNDRY Edward Cameron1869  
179GUNDRY Edward Cameron1869 24
182GUNDRY Jospeh1877  
174GUNNING Frank1970 72
183GUNNING V.F.   
123HANSFORD Daniel1901 79
123HANSFORD Mary Ann1906 80
124HANSFORD Amelia J1921 64
124HANSFORD Robert Frederick1929 68
145HOSKINS Reginald George1944 45
117HOWARD Sydney Edgar1938 60
117HOWARD Beatrice Margarethe1979 94
117HOWARD Thyra Susan Elizabeth1951 2
142HOWE Thomas1950  
39JACKSON Mary E.M.1910 66
133JENKINS Beatrice Alice1954 63
180JENKINS Beatrice Alice1954  
149KELLAWAY Edwin John Stone1849 25
149KELLAWAY Thomas Stone   
149KELLAWAY Henry Stone   
168KELLAWAY Edwin John Stone1849  
121LANE Mary Ann1964  
122LANE George1910 58
122LANE Jane1945 85
131LANE Hester1965  
131LANE George1965  
131LANE Geoffrey1945  
132LANE Robert Edward1964 80
132LANE Miriam1979 90
134LANE Charles John1953  
135LANE Richard William1948 54
135LANE Florence1957 65
183LANE Geoffrey G   
89LEAKER Jack1976  
71LEGG-BAGG Caroline Matilda1949  
162LILLY Susan1867 82
168LILLY Susan1867  
2LUCAS Dorothy  81
144MAHY A1945 51
120MALIM Elsie1920 38
169MAYNE Wilfred Stanley1978  
42MILLER Sarah Ann1900 36
59MILLER Alice Mary1853  
136MILVERTON Mary Ann1941  
136MILVERTON George Arthur1953  
69MILWARD William Eaton1956  
69MILWARD Louise Margaret1964  
163MORRIS Theodosia Laura1920  
163MORRIS Edward Russell1945  
164MORRIS Vivian Buchanan1896 9
164MORRIS Hugh Russell1894 5
73MURR Mary1941  
73MURR William Thomas Skepper1944  
73MURR Christopher1965  
67NEWTON John1978 77
58NICHOLLS Benjamin1829 86
66NICHOLLS Irene Blanche1978  
66NICHOLLS Harold Charles1930  
68OAKLEY Alexander1977 80
68OAKLEY Beryl Mary1977 81
143OSBOURNE Elizabeth1946  
143OSBOURNE Percy W1968  
143OSBOURNE Dorothy B1977  
56PARKER Augustus Frederic1872 57
162PARKER Joseph1874 70
151PEARKES Joseph Vincent1903  
126PENGELLY Ethel Mary1977 90
126PENGELLY Capt Edgar Ambrose1918  
39PERRY Julia A1907 58
40PHILLIPS Reginald Charles1935  
108PHILLIPS Charles Tamar1928 55
108PHILLIPS Annie Eliza1967 91
110PHILLIPS Annie1920 75
110PHILLIPS John1929 85
26RAWLES Ethel Minnie1971 84
27RAWLES Thomas1919 73
27RAWLES Anne1931 81
118RAWLES Fred1948 71
118RAWLES Edith Alice   
21REID Hilda Murray (Denny)1885  
181RICHARDSON William G   
139RICHES Phillip Henry1945 78
61RIDDELL Elizabeth1891 69
3ROGERSON William Martin1968  
4ROGERSON Gertrude Blanche1967  
70ROGERSON Henry1951 58
70ROGERSON Dorothy1975 83
173ROWE Henry Norman1972  
55SAMWAYS Joseph1874 84
55SAMWAYS Mary Ann1869 68
55SAMWAYS Joseph   
109SAMWAYS Joseph1922 79
109SAMWAYS Annie1922 71
130SANDERS Frank Ronald1965 60
128SANSOM Richard Evin1969 63
58SEYMOUR Eliza1840  
73SHARPE Kate Maria1945  
113SHAW-HAMILTON Warham Jemmett1931  
113SHAW-HAMILTON Alice Beatrice1971 91
172SQUIRE William Alfred1973  
139STARTUP Frank1958 73
139STARTUP Ellen Jeanette1967 89
115STONE Laura Neville1925  
116STONE Edward Wellington1936  
148STONE Hannah1849 56
148STONE Joseph1826 6
148STONE Marianna1829 1
148STONE Anne1836 15
148STONE Daniel Joseph1862 32
148STONE Joseph1864 79
148STONE Anne Maria1887 53
168STONE Hannah   
168STONE Anne Maria   
168STONE Joseph   
168STONE Joseph   
168STONE Marianna   
168STONE Anne   
168STONE Daniel Joseph   
184STONE Daniel Joseph1862  
151STUCKEY Mary Phyllis1897  
55SWAFFIELD Emma1891 50
161SWAFFIELD Amelia1893 63
170SWAN Rupert1977  
48TIDBY Daniel1850 60
48TIDBY William H1833 2
48TIDBY Joseph1868 18
48TIDBY Martha1879 88
52TUCKER Richard1751 69
52TUCKER Ann1741 63
52TUCKER Robert1803 54
52TUCKER Elizabeth1823 70
52TUCKER Richard1848 63
53TUCKER Richard1787  
53TUCKER Martha1778 60
54TUCKER Gideon1831 19
60TUCKER John1655  
168TUCKER Richard1751  
168TUCKER Ann1741  
127WARD Beatrice Annie1972 82
77WELCH Judith Marie1966 47
112WELCH Frederick1978 82
114WELCH Sarah Ann1935 79
114WELCH George1941 85
38WHITE John Hamilton1960  
166WHITE Anne1715 64
76WILKINSON Constance Ellen1982  
25WILLIAMS Richard B1930 68
25WILLIAMS Rich1937 48
25WILLIAMS Annie1949 88
30WYATT Mabel Blanche1933 50
30WYATT John1947 76
28ZEALLEY John1918 87


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