1851 Census - HO107 Piece 1859

Transcribed by Geoff Hunt

District 1. The Whole of the Parish of Thornford
Enumerator: Thomas DUNFORD.  105 inhabited houses, 10 uninhabited. I house building 263 males, 254 females, total of 517

Sch Location Forename SURNAME Relationship Marital Age Occupation Where Born Dis Ref
Addressto Head Status Folio/Page
23ThornfordMarkGOULD HeadMarried31ShepherdDorset Nether Compton F119 P 7
23ThornfordMary AnnGOULD WifeMarried33Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
23ThornfordHenryGOULD Son10Ag LabHants Fordingbridge F119 P 7
23ThornfordSusanGOULD Daur8Hants Godshill F119 P 7
23ThornfordWilliamGOULD Son7Ag LabDorset Thornford F119 P 7
23ThornfordJaneGOULD Daur5Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
23ThornfordRichardGOULD Son3Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
23ThornfordJohnGOULD Son1Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
24ThornfordJohnHANN HeadMarried60Road LabourerSomerset Preston F119 P 7
24ThornfordRachelHANN WifeMarried63Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
24ThornfordSarahHANN DaurU22GloverDorset Thornford F119 P 7
24ThornfordEmanuelHANN SonU16LabourerDorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordGeorgeHUNT HeadMarried35Ag LabDorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordSusanHUNT WifeMarried37Dorset Sherborne F119 P 7
25ThornfordEdith MariaHUNT Daur10GloverDorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordSarah JaneHUNT Daur8Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordSansom ThomasHUNT Son6Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordCharlotte RebeccaHUNT Daur2Dorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordGeorge WilliamHUNT Son5mDorset Thornford F119 P 7
25ThornfordEdithHUNT Mother in LawW81Pauper Ag LabSomerset Long Sutton F119 P 7
26ThornfordEableMOORE HeadWid80Pauper Ag LabDorset Sherborne F120 P 8
26ThornfordMaryGREY NeiceU63HousekeeperDorset Sherborne F120 P 8
26ThornfordEdwardGREY Grandson10Ag LabDorset Thornford F120 P 8
26ThornfordCharlesROBERTS LodgerU16Butcher BoyDorset Sherborne F120 P 8
26ThornfordAlfredROBERTS LodgerU13Butcher BoyDorset Sherborne F120 P 8
27ThornfordCharlesMOORE HeadMarried31SawyerDorset Thornford F120 P 8
27ThornfordFannyMOORE WifeMarried33GloverDorset Bradford Abbas F120 P 8
27ThornfordHenry GMOORE Son4ScholarDorset Bradford Abbas F120 P 8
27ThornfordIsabelMOORE Daur1Dorset Thornford F120 P 8
28ThornfordFlora AnnMOORE HeadW47GloverSomerset Misterton F120 P 8
28ThornfordAnnMOORE DaurU22GloverDorset Thornford F120 P 8
28ThornfordJosephMOORE SonU17Ag LabDorset Thornford F120 P 8
28ThornfordMaryMOORE Daur10GloverDorset Thornford F120 P 8
28ThornfordJohnMOORE Brother in LawU64Dorset Thornford DeafF120 P 8
29ThornfordRebeccaGAMES HeadWid64Farmer 50 Acres 2 LabDorset Folke F120 P 8
29ThornfordMary AnnGAMES DaurU36Farmers DaurDorset Holnest F120 P 8
29ThornfordThomasGAMES SonU29Farmers SonDorset Thornford F120 P 8
30ThornfordHenryPEARCE HeadMarried34Ag LabDorset Thornford F120 P 8
30ThornfordSusanPEARCE WifeMarried33GloverDorset Thornford F120 P 8
30ThornfordJamesPEARCE Son9ScholarDorset Thornford F120 P 8
30ThornfordElizabeth SarahPEARCE Daur2mDorset Thornford F120 P 9
31ThornfordJamesTOMS HeadMarried41Collar & Harness MakerSomerset Wyke F120 P 9
31ThornfordRuthTOMS WifeMarried32Dorset Thornford F120 P 9
31ThornfordEdwin JamesTOMS Son9ScholarDorset Thornford F120 P 9
31ThornfordCharles JohnTOMS Son4ScholarDorset Thornford F120 P 9
31ThornfordWilliamTOMS Son1Dorset Thornford F120 P 9
32ThornfordHughANDREWS HeadWid61Thatcher Farmer 12 AcresDorset Frome Quintin F120 P 9
32ThornfordJamesANDREWS SonU27LabourerDorset Thornford F120 P 9
32ThornfordElizabethANDREWS DaurU25DomesticDorset Thornford F120 P 9
32ThornfordJohnANDREWS SonU23Ag LabDorset Thornford F120 P 9
32ThornfordElizaANDREWS DaurU21DomesticDorset Thornford F120 P 9
33ThornfordBazilROBERTS HeadW79Landed ProprietorDorset Rhyme F120 P 9
33ThornfordThomasANDREWS LodgerU23Ag Lab ShepherdSomerset Stafford F120 P 9
34ThornfordThomasCOLLIS HeadMarried56FarmerDorset Longburton F120 P 9
34ThornfordElizabethCOLLIS WifeMarried58Farmers WifeDorset Beerhacket F120 P 9
34ThornfordJamesCOLLIS SonU31Cattle DealerDorset Thornford F120 P 9
34ThornfordThomasCOLLIS SonU27Farmers SonDorset Thornford F120 P 9
34ThornfordElizabethCOLLIS DaurU23Farmers DaurDorset Thornford F120 P 9
34ThornfordMary AnnCOLLIS DaurU20Farmers DaurDorset Thornford F120 P 9
34ThornfordGeorgeCOLLIS Visitor8Farmers SonDorset Holnest F120 P 9
35ThornfordAbelMOORE HeadMarried42Farmer 20 Acres no LabDorset Thornford F121 P 10
35ThornfordMaryMOORE WifeMarried46Farmers WifeDorset Thornford F121 P 10
35ThornfordLydiaMOORE DaurU15Farmers DaurDorset Thornford F121 P 10
35ThornfordJosiahMOORE Son10Farmers SonDorset Thornford F121 P 10
35ThornfordArthurMOORE Son8Farmers SonDorset Wareham F121 P 10
35ThornfordSteaphenMOORE Son6Farmers SonDorset Thornford F121 P 10
35ThornfordSophiaMOORE Daur4Farmers DaurDorset Thornford F121 P 10
36ThornfordRobertCOLLY HeadMarried39Cord WinerSomerset Mudford F121 P 10
36ThornfordCarolineCOLLY WifeMarried29Dorset Thornford F121 P 10
36ThornfordSarah ElizabethCOLLY Daur1Dorset Thornford F121 P 10
36ThornfordHonorCOLLY Daur1mDorset Thornford F121 P 10
37ThornfordGeorgeROBERTS HeadMarried50Farmer 309 Acres 9 LabDorset Rhyme F121 P 10
37ThornfordMaryROBERTS WifeMarried49Farmers WifeDorset Thornford F121 P 10
37ThornfordJaneCHANCELLER Servant12House ServantSomerset Barton St David F121 P 10
37ThornfordWilliamHANNEM ServantU17Farm LabourerDorset Thornford F121 P 10
38ThornfordJamesDRAKE HeadMarried60Farmer 60 Acres no LabDorset Pulham F121 P 10
38ThornfordElizabethDRAKE WifeMarried61Farmers WifeSomerset Queen Camel F121 P 10
38ThornfordJamesDRAKE SonU29Corn DealerDorset Folke F121 P 10
38ThornfordWilliamDRAKE SonU20Farmers SonDorset Thornford F121 P 10
39ThornfordJamesJEFFERY HeadWid64Cattle DealerDorset Thornford F121 P 11
39ThornfordHenrettaJEFFERY DaurU32DomesticDorset Thornford F121 P 11
39ThornfordMary AnnSAUNDERS ServantU16House ServantDorset Thornford F121 P 11
40ThornfordSamuelKING HeadMarried41Ag Lab & Dealer in Skins Dorset ThornfordF121 P 11
40ThornfordMilitor? KINGWifeMarried35Somerset Hartley F121 P 11
40ThornfordWalterKING Son9ScholarDorset Thornford F121 P 11
40ThornfordEmmaKING Daur7ScholarHants Southampton F121 P 11
40ThornfordBrigetKING Daur5ScholarDorset Thornford F121 P 11
40ThornfordSusanKING Daur2ScholarDorset Thornford F121 P 11
41ThornfordGeorgeHATCHER HeadMarried28SawyerDorset Belchawell F121 P 11
41ThornfordAnnHATCHER WifeMarried27Sawyers WifeIreland F121 P 11
41ThornfordAnnHATCHER Daur2Ireland CorkF121 P 11
41ThornfordMaryHATCHER Daur2mDorset Thornford F121 P 11
42ThornfordHenryHANN HeadMarried29Ag LabDorset Thornford F121 P 11
42ThornfordKaziahHANN WifeMarried30GloverSomerset Preston F121 P 11
42ThornfordLuisaHANN Daur7GloverDorset Thornford F121 P 11
42ThornfordSilvonusHANN Son4ScholarDorset Thornford F121 P 11
42ThornfordRachelHANN Daur1Dorset Thornford F121 P 11
42ThornfordMary AnnPERRY LodgerU18GloverDorset Thornford F121 P 11
43ThornfordJohnEYERS HeadMarried45Pauper Ag LabDorset Thornford F121 P 11
43ThornfordMaryEYEARS WifeMarried45Labourer’s WifeDorset Weymouth F122 P 12
43ThornfordJamesEYEARS SonU19Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
43ThornfordAnnEYEARS DaurU17Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
43ThornfordMarkEYEARS SonU14Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
44ThornfordArthurMOORE HeadMarried47Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
44ThornfordMarthaMOORE WifeMarried59WifeSomerset East Coker F122 P 12
44ThornfordMary AnnMOORE DaurU19Dorset Thornford F122 P 12
44ThornfordJeremiahMOORE SonU45Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
45ThornfordRobertBUROW HeadMarried64Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
45ThornfordRachelBUROW WifeMarried84Dorset Thornford F122 P 12
46ThornfordWilliamHUNT HeadMarried67Farmer 12 Acres No LabDorset Thornford F122 P 12
46ThornfordSarahHUNT WifeMarried69Clerk Parish ChurchDorset Thornford F122 P 12
46ThornfordMary AnnMATHEWS ServantU23House ServantDorset Melbery Bub F122 P 12
47ThornfordGeorgePEARCE HeadMarried72CordwinerDorset Sherborne F122 P 12
47ThornfordJanePEARCE WifeMarried72Dorset Littlelinge?lydlinch F122 P 12
48ThornfordJamesEYEARS HeadMarried29Boot & Shoe MakerDorset Thornford F122 P 12
48ThornfordMariaEYEARS WifeMarried32Dorset Alweston F122 P 12
48ThornfordMaryVINCENT Daur6Dorset Alweston F122 P 12
48ThornfordGeorge VincentEYEARS Son4Dorset Sherborne F122 P 12
48ThornfordThomas TaylorEYEARS Son2Dorset Thornford F122 P 12
48ThornfordEmilyEYEARS DaurU1mDorset Thornford F122 P 13
49ThornfordRichardBABSTOCK HeadWid74Proprietor of Houses Somerset Goat HillF122 P 13
50ThornfordHenryABBOTT HeadMarried43Inn Keeper & Farmer 27 Acres Dorset ThornfordF122 P 13
50ThornfordCharlotteABBOTT WifeMarried45Inn Keeper & Farmers Wife Dorset ThornfordF122 P 13
50ThornfordThomasHUNT Servant11Errant Boy & Inn ServantDorset Thornford F122 P 13
51ThornfordDavidGOULD HeadMarried42Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 13
51ThornfordJudithGOULD WifeMarried53Labours WifeDorset Thornford F122 P 13
51ThornfordMary AnnGOULD DaurU16GloverDorset Thornford F122 P 13
51ThornfordCharlesGOULD SonU15Ag LabDorset Thornford F122 P 13
52ThornfordHarriotEDMONDS HeadU22GloverDorset Thornford F122 P 13
52ThornfordElizabethEDMONDS SisterU18GloverDorset Thornford F122 P 13
52ThornfordSarahEDMONDS SisterU11GloverDorset Thornford F122 P 13
2 houses U U
53ThornfordCharles RobtDAMPIER HeadU26Rector of ThornfordSomerset Brewham Bruton F122 P 13
53ThornfordEdwinBOND ServantU21GroomSomerset Mells Frome F122 P 13
53ThornfordMaryDRAKE ServantU29HousekeeperDorset Folke F122 P 13
54ThornfordGeorgeTUCK HeadMarried50Proprietor of Land & Houses Dorset ThornfordF122 P 13
54ThornfordFrancesTUCK WifeMarried49Somerset Crewkerne F122 P 13
54ThornfordElizabethTUCK DaurU21Dorset Thornford F122 P 13
54ThornfordGeorgeTUCK SonU20Solicitor’s Writing Clerk Dorset ThornfordF122 P 13
54ThornfordThomasTUCK SonU15ScholarDorset Thornford F123 P 14
55ThornfordThomasWILCE HeadWid76AnnuitiesSomerset Crewkerne F123 P 14
55ThornfordRebeccaBRYANT DaurMarried51AnnuitiesSomerset Crewkerne F123 P 14
I House U
56ThornfordJohnRUSSELL HeadMarried47Farmer 247 Acres 14 LabDorset Portsham F123 P 14
56ThornfordElizabethRUSSELL WifeMarried45Farmers WifeDorset Stickland F123 P 14
56ThornfordJohnRUSSELL Son12Farmers SonDorset Buckland F123 P 14
56ThornfordEdwin HenryRUSSELL Son10Farmers SonDorset Buckland F123 P 14
56ThornfordEmilyRUSSELL Daur7Farmers DaurDorset Buckland F123 P 14
56ThornfordJosephRUSSELL Son2Farmers SonDorset Thornford F123 P 14
56ThornfordCharlesHAYN CousinU20FarmerDorset Portisham F123 P 14
56ThornfordMatildaTUCKER ServantU16House ServantSomerset Ashington F123 P 14
57ThornfordGeorgePERRY HeadMarried37Ag LabDorset Thornford DeafF123 P 14
57ThornfordSarahPERRY WifeMarried36Dorset Lillington F123 P 14
57ThornfordSarahPERRY DaurU16GloverDorset Thornford F123 P 14
57ThornfordJanePERRY Daur12GloverDorset Thornford DeafF123 P 14
57ThornfordJohnPERRY Son11Ag LabDorset Thornford F123 P 14
57ThornfordCharlotte SophiaPERRY Daur9GloverDorset Thornford F123 P 14
57ThornfordLydiaPERRY Daur6Dorset Thornford F123 P 14
57ThornfordRobertPERRY Son4Dorset Thornford F123 P 14
57ThornfordSusannaPERRY Daur1Dorset Thornford F123 P 15
58ThornfordElizabethANDREWS HeadWid73PauperDorset Mintern Magna F123 P 15
58ThornfordPeterANDREWS SonU36Mason LabourerDorset Thornford F123 P 15
59ThornfordJamesLANE HeadMarried44Ag LabDorset Thornford F123 P 15
59ThornfordKiturahLANE WifeMarried49Lab WifeDorset Halstock F123 P 15
59ThornfordRachelLANE DaurU17GloverDorset Thornford F123 P 15
59ThornfordSusanLANE DaurU15GloverDorset Beerhacket F123 P 15
59ThornfordSarahLANE Daur12ScholarDorset Thornford F123 P 15
60ThornfordThomasMILLER HeadWid55Carpenter Master Employing 2 Dorset HalstockF123 P 15
60ThornfordEliza SusanMILLER DaurU15Carpenter DaurDorset Thornford F123 P 15
60ThornfordFrancesHOLLOWAY NeiceU31HousekeeperDorset Thornford F123 P 15
61ThornfordHenryHELLYAR HeadMarried32Mason Grocer Employing 1 Dorset ThornfordF123 P 15
61ThornfordLouisaHELLYAR WifeMarried31WifeDorset Leigh F123 P 15
61ThornfordEdwardHELLYAR Son5ScholarDorset Thornford F123 P 15
61ThornfordHenryHELLYAR Son2ScholarDorset Thornford F123 P 15
61ThornfordRobertHELLYAR Son6mDorset Thornford F123 P 15
61ThornfordElizabethGOULD Servant14House ServantDorset Thornford F123 P 15
62ThornfordEdwardHELLYAR HeadWid56Mason Master Employing 2 MDorset Redfords? F123 P 15
62ThornfordEmmaHELLYAR DaurU22School MistressDorset Thornford F123 P 15
63ThornfordMarkTAYLOR HeadMarried66Ag LabSomerset Trent F123 P 15
63ThornfordFrancesTAYLOR WifeMarried67Labours WifeDorset Chetnole F124 P 16
64ThornfordFannyMABER HeadWid67Pauper Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
64ThornfordWilliamLANE SonMarried32Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
64ThornfordAnnLANE Daur in LawMarried28Ag LabDorset Bradford F124 P 16
64ThornfordFredricLANE Grandson5Dorset Bradford F124 P 16
64ThornfordEsebela EmilyLANE Granddaughter3Dorset Bradford F124 P 16
65ThornfordJamesBUGLER HeadMarried76Chelsea Pensioner Ag Lab Dorset DorchesterF124 P 16
65ThornfordBettyBUGLER WifeMarried67WifeDorset Thornford F124 P 16
65ThornfordKiziahBUGLER DaurU24Bonet MakerDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordGeorgeLANE HeadMarried49Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordMaryLANE WifeMarried47Labourer WifeDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordRobertLANE SonU24Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordHenryLANE SonU21Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordJamesLANE SonU18Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordMarkLANE Son12Ag LabDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordJosephLANE Son6ScholarDorset Thornford F124 P 16
66ThornfordJaneLANE Daur3ScholarDorset Thornford F124 P 16
67ThornfordSamuelMASTERS HeadMarried41Chelsea Pensioner Ag Lab Dorset ThornfordF124 P 16
67ThornfordFrancesMASTERS WifeMarried37Kent Milton Sylenbourne? F124 P 16
67ThornfordEmmaPERRY Neice5Dorset Thornford F124 P 16
68ThornfordRichardHUNT HeadMarried44Cordwiner Master Employing 2 Dorset ThornfordF124 P 17
68ThornfordElizabethHUNT WifeMarried57WifeDorset Halstock F124 P 17
68ThornfordRichard WHUNT SonU19CordwinerDorset Thornford F124 P 17
68ThornfordSarah ElizHUNT SonU16Dorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordJohnVINCENT HeadMarried60Inn KeeperDorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordMariaVINCENT WifeMarried45Inn KeeperSomerset Chaltnam? F124 P 17
69ThornfordGeorgeVINCENT SonU31Inn Keeper SonDorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordJohnVINCENT SonU18Inn Keeper SonDorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordMarkVINCENT SonU17Inn Keeper SonDorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordLukeVINCENT SonU14ScholarDorset Thornford F124 P 17
69ThornfordJaneWHITTLE ServantU17House ServantDorset Ryme Intrinsica F124 P 17
70ThornfordJohnDAINS HeadMarried26Ag LabDorset Nether Compton F124 P 17
70ThornfordSarahDAINS WifeMarried23Lab WifeDorset Thornford F124 P 17
70ThornfordLebithDAINS Daur3ScholarDorset Thornford F124 P 17
70ThornfordSarahDAINS Daur1Dorset Thornford F124 P 17
71ThornfordSamuelFORD HeadMarried27Ag LabDorset Closworth F124 P 17
71ThornfordElizaFOORD WifeMarried24Dorset Holnest F124 P 17
71ThornfordGeorgeFOORD Son3Dorset Sherborne F124 P 17
71ThornfordWilliamFOORD Son1Dorset Thornford F124 P 17
71ThornfordSelinaJACKSON Visitor1Dorset Yetminster F124 P 17
72ThornfordWilliamGOULD HeadMarried43Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordSarahGOULD WifeMarried46Ag LabSom Charlton Hawthorne F125 P 18
72ThornfordRichardGOULD SonU16Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordCharlotteGOULD Daur9Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordThomas DavidGOULD Son7ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordJohnGOULD Son13Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordCharlesGOULD Son4ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 18
72ThornfordSusanPERRY Mother in LawWid78Pauper Ag LabSom Charlton Hawthorne F125 P 18
73ThornfordAnneGRAY HeadU59PauperDorset Thornford F125 P 18
73ThornfordSelinaGRAY DaurU17GloverDorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordThomasBUROW HeadMarried36Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordHarriottBUROW WifeMarried32Dorset Lillington F125 P 18
74ThornfordWilliamBUROW Son6ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordRobert AgustusBUROW Son5ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordBayles WilliambyBUROW Son3Dorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordEdwordBUROW Son2Dorset Thornford F125 P 18
74ThornfordElizabethORAM Mother in LawWid69Pauper Shool Mistress Dorset LillingtonF125 P 18
75ThornfordCharlesHUMBER HeadMarried33BlacksmithDorset Thornford F125 P 18
75ThornfordElizabethHUMBER WifeMarried32Somerset Dinder F125 P 18
75ThornfordMariaHUMBER Daur6ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 18
75ThornfordEmma CharlotteHUMBER Daur4ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 19
75ThornfordEliza KateHUMBER Daur2Dorset Thornford F125 P 19
75ThornfordMary EllenHUMBER Daur3mDorset Thornford F125 P 19
76ThornfordJamesSAUNDERS HeadMarried64Ag LabDorset Chetenton? F125 P 19
76ThornfordElizabethSAUNDERS WifeMarried55Lab WifeDorset Stoke Abbot F125 P 19
76ThornfordWilliamSAUNDERS SonU25Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
76ThornfordRichardSAUNDERS SonU19Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
76ThornfordSarahSAUNDERS DaurU14GloverDorset Thornford F125 P 19
76ThornfordGeorgeSAUNDERS Daur8ScholarDorset Thornford F125 P 19
77ThornfordGeorgeWAREHAM HeadMarried62Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
77ThornfordCharlotteWAREHAM WifeMarried58Dress MakerDorset Stoke Abbot F125 P 19
77ThornfordWilliamWAREHAM SonU20Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
78ThornfordMaryWAREHAM HeadWid61LaundressDorset Thornford F125 P 19
78ThornfordJohnWAREHAM SonU28Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
78ThornfordCharlesWAREHAM SonU26Journyman Shoe MakerDorset Thornford F125 P 19
78ThornfordJaneWAREHAM DaurU23Dress MakerDorset Thornford F125 P 19
79ThornfordGeorgeEYEARS HeadMarried31Ag LabDorset Thornford F125 P 19
79ThornfordRosannahEYEARS WifeMarried29Labours WifeDorset Lillington F125 P 19
79ThornfordWilliam Tom OramEYEARS Son9Dorset Thornford F125 P 19
79ThornfordElizabeth SusanEYEARS Daur6Dorset Thornford F125 P 19
79ThornfordSusan EllenEYEARS Daur4ScholarDorset Thornford F126 P 20
79ThornfordHarrietEYEARS Daur1Dorset Thornford F126 P 20
80ThornfordJohnEYEARS HeadMarried78Pauper Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 20
80ThornfordAnnEYEARS WifeMarried78Dorset Poorington? F126 P 20
81ThornfordRobertTOMS HeadMarried43Cheese DealerSomerset Wyke F126 P 20
81ThornfordElizabethTOMS wifeMarried50Dorset Benvil Lane F126 P 20
81ThornfordJaneTOMS Daur12ScholarDorset Thornford F126 P 20
81ThornfordPaissons? ?Daur11 ScholarDorset ThornfordF126 P 20
81ThornfordJaneLAIG? VisitorU17GloverSomerset Cheriton F126 P 20
82ThornfordJamesMOORE HeadMarried58Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 20
82ThornfordGraceMOORE WifeMarried57Dorset Thornford F126 P 20
82ThornfordJemimaMOORE DaurU23GloverDorset Thornford F126 P 20
82ThornfordCarolineMOORE DaurU20GloverDorset Thornford F126 P 20
82ThornfordEdwardMOORE SonU18Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 20
83ThornfordJamesBIGGINS HeadMarried73Greenwich Pensioner Ag Lab Dorset ThornfordF126 P 20
83ThornfordSarahBIGGINS WifeMarried74PauperSomerset Adber F126 P 20
84ThornfordEdwardTAYLOR HeadMarried36Ag LabSomerset Adber F126 P 20
84ThornfordAnnTAYLOR Wife30DomesticIreland F126 P 20
84ThornfordFrancesTAYLOR Daur8Scotland Jacks ledge Leet F126 P 21
84ThornfordElizabethTAYLOR Daur1Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
84ThornfordMarkTAYLOR NephewU14Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
84ThornfordSamsonTAYLOR Nephew9Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
85ThornfordSilasGREY HeadMarried26Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
85ThornfordCharlotteGREY WifeMarried26Dorset Leigh F126 P 21
85ThornfordElizabethBARETT Daur inlaw7Dorset Sherborne F126 P 21
85ThornfordMaryGREY Daur4Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
85ThornfordAbsolomGREY Son3Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
85ThornfordAlbertGREY Son3mDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordMarkHUNT HeadMarried44Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordJaneHUNT WifeMarried47Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordJamesHUNT SonU22Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordLuckHUNT SonU20Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordGeorgeHUNT SonU16Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordHenryHUNT Son14Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordMarkHUNT Son11Ag LabDorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordWilliamHUNT Son8Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordElijahHUNT Son6Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
86ThornfordStephenHUNT Son1Dorset Thornford F126 P 21
87ThornfordThomasSMITH HeadMarried73Retired FarmerDorset Stoke Abbot F127 P 22
87ThornfordHonourSMITH WifeMarried69Dorset Marshwood F127 P 22
87ThornfordMary BROBERTS VisitorMarried39Dorset Netherbury F127 P 22
87ThornfordSarah A BBOBERTS VisitorU18Dorset Sherborne F127 P 22
87ThornfordBasilROBERTS Visitor9Dorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordHenryGREY HeadMarried36Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordCharlotteGREY WifeMarried39Dorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordWindomGREY SonU15Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordEmmaGREY Daur12GloverDorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordElizabethGREY Daur10GloverDorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordCharlesGREY Son7Dorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordSusanGREY Daur4Dorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordDavidGREY Son2Dorset Thornford F127 P 22
88ThornfordCharlesROBERTS LodgerMarried41BucherSomerset Stoford F127 P 22
89ThornfordMariaBUCKLER HeadU21GloverDorset Thornford F127 P 22
89ThornfordCharlesHANN LodgerMarried32Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 22
89ThornfordHarrietHANN Wife LodgerMarried25GloverDorset Yetminster F127 P 22
90ThornfordJaneGOULDING HeadMarried27GloverDorset Thornford F127 P 22
90ThornfordJohnGOULDING Son7Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 22
90ThornfordJaneGOULDING Daur4Wilts MereF127 P 22
90ThornfordGeorgeGOULDING Son3ScholarDorset Thornford F127 P 23
90ThornfordEdwardHANN LodgerU20Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordJamesKING HeadMarried53Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordJaneKING WifeMarried49Dorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordEmanuelKING Son15Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordElizabethKING Daur11GloverDorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordJohnKING Son9Dorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordSidnyKING Son6Dorset Thornford F127 P 23
91ThornfordJaneKING Daur2Dorset Thornford F127 P 23
92ThornfordWilliamANDREWS HeadMarried57ThatcherDorset Beerhacket F127 P 23
92ThornfordSarahANDREWS WifeMarried51LaundressDorset Thornford F127 P 23
92ThornfordGeorgeANDREWS SonU26ThatcherDorset Thornford F127 P 23
92ThornfordSimeonANDREWS Sonu24Ag LabDorset Thornford F127 P 23
92ThornfordSusanANDREWS DaurU22Dress MakerDorset Thornford F127 P 23
92ThornfordElizabethANDREWS DaurU17Glover SowerDorset Thornford F127 P 23
93ThornfordAndrewHUMBER HeadMarried64BlacksmithDorset Chetnole F127 P 23
93ThornfordHesterHUMBER WifeMarried60WifeSomerset Yeovil F127 P 23
93ThornfordEliasHUMBER SonU28Journyman BlacksmithDorset Thornford F127 P 23
93ThornfordCharles GeorgeHUMBER Grandson8ScholarDorset thornford F127 P 23
94ThornfordChasFOOKS Head76Pauper CarpenterDorset thornford DeafF127 P 23
94ThornfordJaneFOOKS WifeMarried83Dorset Sherborne F128 P 24
95ThornfordJamesMOORE HeadMarried44TailorDorset Sherborne F128 P 24
95ThornfordSarahMOORE WifeMarried43Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
95ThornfordHenry GeorgeMOORE Son5Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
95ThornfordJames ThosMOORE Son2Somerset FromeF128 P 24
95ThornfordEmily JaneMOORE Daur10wDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordIssacGREY HeadMarried40Ag labDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordSarahGREY WifeMarried37Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordSamuelGREY SonU19Ag labDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordWilliamGREY SonU18Ag labDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordSarahGREY DaurU14GloverDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordGeorgeGREY SonU13Ag labDorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordAbelGREY SonU11Ag labHants Easton F128 P 24
96ThornfordArthurGREY SonU8Surrey Farnham F128 P 24
96ThornfordHerbetGREY SonU6Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordNoahGREY SonU5Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
96ThornfordSusanGREY DaurU3Sussex Didling F128 P 24
96ThornfordFredrickGREY SonU11mDorset Thornford F128 P 24
97ThornfordJamesWEARHAM HeadMarried30Ag LabDorset Thornford F128 P 24
97ThornfordMary AnnWEARHAM WifeMarried27Dorset Thornford F128 P 24
97ThornfordCharlesWEARHAM Son4Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
97ThornfordEliz? WEARHAMDaur2Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
97ThornfordWilliamWEARHAM Son2mDorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordJosephHAMMOND HeadMarried76GardenerDorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordMarthaHAMMOND WifeMarried72Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordElizabethHAMMOND DaurU31Ag LabDorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordCharlotteHAMMOND DaurU28Ag LabDorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordCarolineHAMMOND DaurU21GloverDorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordDorcusHAMMOND Grand Son10Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordCornealisHAMMOND Grand Son4Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordHenryHAMMOND Grand Son1Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
98ThornfordElizabethHAMMOND Grand Daur2Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
99ThornfordEdwardHAMMOND HeadMarried36Ag LabDorset Thornford F128 P 25
99ThornfordJaneHAMMOND WifeMarried27Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
99ThornfordThreesaHAMMOND Daur8Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
99ThornfordJosephHAMMOND Son6Surrey FarnhamF128 P 25
99ThornfordEmilyHAMMOND Daur3Dorset Thornford F128 P 25
100ThornfordWilliamVOWELL HeadMarried35Ag LabDorset Sherborne F128 P 25
100ThornfordElizaVOWELL WifeMarried36Dorset Sturminster F128 P 25
100ThornfordJohnVOWELL SonU15Ag LabDorset Sherborne F128 P 25
100ThornfordMary AnnVOWELL Daur12Dorset Thornford F129 P 26
100ThornfordEllenVOWELL Daur9Nurse GirlDorset Thornford F129 P 26
100ThornfordMarkVOWELL Son6ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 26
100ThornfordEmmaVOWELL Daur3Dorset Thornford F129 P 26
100ThornfordCarlesVOWELL Son10mDorset Thornford F129 P 26
101ThornfordEliasBUDGEN HeadMarried26Ag LabSomerset Barwick F129 P 26
101ThornfordJaneBUDGEN WifeMarried23Dorset Yetminster F129 P 26
101ThornfordAlitheaBUDGEN Daur2Somerset Barwick F129 P 26
101ThornfordCharlotteBUDGEN Daur3mSomerset Barwick F129 P 26
102ThornfordJosephABBOTT HeadWid60Ag LabDorset Halstock F129 P 26
102ThornfordMery AnnABBOTT SisterU30somerset Pendomer F129 P 26
103ThornfordGeorgeFOOKS HeadMarried40Carpenter CompositorDorset Thornford F129 P 26
103ThornfordSarahFOOKS WifeMarried41Dorset Compton F129 P 26
103ThornfordMarkFOOKS SonU16PrinterDorset Thornford F129 P 26
103ThornfordRichardFOOKS Son13ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 26
103ThornfordEliFOOKS Son11ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 26
103ThornfordElizabeth SusanFOOKS Daur5ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 26
104Lake FarmHenry WmCOMPTON HeadMarried37Farmer 300 Acres Emp 14 lab Dorset HandleyF129 P 26
104Lake FarmSarahCOMPTON WifeMarried37Farmers WifeWilts Tollard Royal F129 P 26
104Lake FarmMaryCOMPTON Daur13ScholarHants Eling F129 P 27
104Lake FarmCharlotteCOMPTON daur11ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 27
104Lake FarmCaveCOMPTON daur8ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 27
104Lake FarmMarthaCOMPTON Daur3ScholarDorset Thornford F129 P 27
104Lake FarmSilviaREAD TeacherU21GovernessDorset Sherborne F129 P 27
104Lake FarmMaryCOZENS Visitor10ScholarDorset Sherborne F129 P 27
104Lake FarmSusannahMARSH ServantU17House ServantDorset Buttermere F129 P 27
105ThornfordDanielRIMES HeadMarried44DairymanSomerset Paell? Pylle F129 P 27
105ThornfordMaryRIMES WifeMarried41WifeSomerset West Pennard F129 P 27
105ThornfordWilliamsRIMES Son13ScholarSomerset Evercreech F129 P 27
105ThornfordJamesRIMES Son11ScholarDorset Bratton F129 P 27
105ThornfordJuliaRIMES Daur10ScholarDorset Bratton F129 P 27
105ThornfordSarah AnnRIMES Daur5Dorset Ditchet F129 P 27
105ThornfordEmmaRIMES Daur3Dorset Mudford F129 P 27
105ThornfordMarthaRIMES Daur2Dorset Mudford F129 P 27
105ThornfordElizabethLOADER ServantU22House ServantDorset Beerhacket F129 P 27


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