Announcements & advertisements in regional newspapers mentioning Thorncombe residents

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Extracted from Paul Mansfield’s index of names appearing in the Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury 1773-1778
and the Taunton Courrier 1810-1815. Please see for the complete index.





04-Oct; Bragge Richard - Thorncombe nr Chard: house to let 


11-Apr; Bragge Richard – Thorncombe: sale of house Chard

11-Jul; Chick Robert - Chard and Thorncombe yeoman: debts

11-Jul; Wilkins Hannah - Thorncombe and Charcombe starchmaker: debts

18-Jul; Chick Robert - Chard and Thorncombe yeoman: 2nd notice

18-Jul; Wilkins Hannah - Thorncombe and Charcombe thatch maker: debtor

25-Jul; Chick Robert - Chard Thorncombe yeoman: 3rd notice

25-Jul; Wilkins Hannah - Thorncombe and Charcombe starch maker: debts 


16-Oct; Easton Ann - Fowlers Park tenement Holditch Thorncombe: sale

06-Nov; Barns Amos - Grighay Farm Thorncombe and Hawkchurch: to let


08-Jan; Russell William - deceased Holditch Thorncombe: estate sale

08-Jan; Paul Robert - tenant Holditch Thorncombe: estate sale

18-Mar; Milverton James - deceased 'Sadborow Mill' Thorncombe: to let

25-Mar; Barns Amos - 'Westford' Thorncombe: land sale

27-May; Chick Charles - tenant Holeditch Court Farm Thorncombe

24-Jun; Dummett Samuel - Thorncombe  'Lower Holditch': sale

24-Jun; Phillps John - 'Lower Holditch' Thorncombe: sale


27-Jan; Russel William - decd Holditch in Thorncombe: tenement sale

03-Feb; Russell Thomas - Holeditch Thorncombe: estate to let

03-Feb; Newber John - Holeditch Thorncombe: estate to let

23-Jun; Moore Christopher - Marlen Thorncombe:  harrier sale

22-Dec; Gibbs Rev George - instituted to vicarage of Thorncombe Devon

22-Dec; Hood Samuel - previous incumbent decd Thorncombe

29-Dec; Gibbs Mr - vicar  curate wanted Thorncombe


05-Jan; Gibbs Mr - vicar  Thorncombe Devon:  curate wanted

28-Sep; Dummett Samuel - Thorncombe sale of Lower Holditch

28-Sep; Phelps John - tenant 'Lower Holditch' Thorncombe: for sale

07-Dec; Langford William - 'Portway' Thorncombe: to let

07-Dec; Bowzing Thomas - under tenant Thorncombe: to let





27-Dec; Alford John - Thorncombe 26 flax dresser:  militia deserter


03-Jan; Alford John - Thorncombe flax dresser 26 militia deserter nav

14-Mar; Squire William - bailiff Ford Abbey House Thorncombe: timber


05-Mar; Hitchcock Samuel of Thorncombe married Jane Hardyman of Axmnster

30-Jul; Chaffey Richard - Maudlin in Thorncombe: errata

08-Oct; Welch John of Southchard married Mary Greenhem at Thorncombe


25-Feb; Bowditch Mr - 'Westford Farm' Thorncombe: sale

15-Apr; Welch Mrs - 'Hewood' Thorncombe: for sale


06-Jan; Biddlecombe Joseph of Thorncombe married Mary Phillips

06-Jan; Farranton Robert married Mary Hallett at Thorncombe

06-Jan; Frost Mrs - age 84 died Thorncombe Devon

01-Dec; Aplin Joseph - Thorncombe agent for Commercial Hall Wine


22-Jun; Gey John married Jane Rendall at Thorncombe

13-Jul; Aplin Joseph – Thorncombe:  Commercial Hall Wine Co agent

27-Jul; Adams R - Thorncombe House: dau Sarah Tytherleigh died


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