Weddings 1813 - 1851

Transcribed from the parish registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker.

Residence of the brides and grooms at the time of marriage is Thorncombe, unless otherwise stated. From July 1837 onwards, all are spinsters and bachelors, unless otherwise stated. (The same cannot be stated with absolute certainty pre-July 1837 since some parish clerks were more assiduous than others in recording the marital status of the parties.)


07-Mar-1813; Richard PIGEON & Hannah JEFFERY

witnessed by Aaron JEFFERY, Thomas OUSLEY


11-May-1813; William PIKE & Mary LOVING

witnessed by Robert PAVEY, Thomas OUSLEY


20-Jun-1813; William HAWKER & Mary BAKER

witnessed by Elizabeth APLIN, Abraham STUDLEY


25-Jun-1813; William BARTLETT & Hannah POLTEN

witnessed by George BERRY, John COOMBE


01-Jul-1813; Thomas STUCKEY & Mary BROOKS

witnessed by Samuel GIBBS, Mary COX


20-Jul-1813; Joseph LENTHALL & Esther BRIDEL

witnessed by Mary BRIDLE, Rachel Smith LENTHALL


29-Aug-1813; Obadiah COOK & Mary STANTON

witnessed by William WELCH, Elizabeth APLIN


06-Aug-1813; Samuel HAWKER widower & Frances HAWKINS widow

witnessed by Sarah LONG, John COUCH


14-Oct-1813; Benjamin HARRIS & Elizabeth HOW of Broadwinsor

witnessed by John COLES, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Oct-1813; John HITCHCOCK & Lucy COOK

witnessed by Thomas STUCKEY, Elizabeth APLIN


23-Nov-1813; Thomas LANE of Bloomfield, Somerset & Ann WELCH

witnessed by George WELCH, Meg WELCH


28-Dec-1813, Joseph BIDDLECOMBE & Mary PHILLIPS (with parental consent), by Licence

witnessed by William PHILLIPS, Jesse ELSWOOD


29-Dec-1813; Robert FARRANT & Mary Davey HALLETT, by Licence

witnessed by Joseph COOK, Sarah FARRANT


07-Jan-1814; William HITCHCOCK & Margaret THORNE widow, by Licence

witnessed by James PHILLIPS, Sarah PHILLIPS


24-Jan-1814; John WARREN & Rachel LENTHALL

witnessed by Mary ADAMS, Thomas OUSLEY


31-Jan-1814; Joseph JEFFERY & Mary HAWKER

witnessed by John JEFFERY, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Apr-1814; Thomas PHELPS & Elizabeth HAWKER

witnessed by Sam HAWKER, Elizabeth Lacy COX or FOX


14-Jun-1814; John COUCH & Ann HUMPHRIES

witnessed by Isabella Frances MARKETT, Percy MARKETT


21-Jul-1814; Joseph HALLETT & Sarah WELCH

witnessed by Thomas GILLINGHAM, Thomas OUSLEY


06-Aug-1814; John BRIDLE widower & Jenny WALE, by Licence

witnessed by William BRIDLE, Thomas OUSLEY


04-Sep-1814; James SWEETLAND & Ann LOVERIDGE

witnessed by Joseph COOK, Amelia FARRANT


07-Sep-1814; John COLES & Ann HARRIS

witnessed by Benjamin HARRIS, Thomas OUSLEY


20-Sep-1814; William SAWYER & Mary DIMON

witnessed by Thomas DIMON, Adam HAWKINS


16-Oct-1814; William COOK & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

witnessed by John COOK, Mary MILVERTON


30-Nov-1814; Robert BAILEY & Susannah HAWKINS

witnessed by John SPRAKE, Susan SPRAKE


27-Dec-1814; Samuel BOWDITCH & Jane TUCKER

witnessed by William FOWLER, Thomas BOWDITCH


16-Feb-1815; Richard DENNING of Axminster, Devon & Mercy WILLS

witnessed by Hugh TRENCHARD, Mary WILLS


27-Mar-1815; John LENTHALL widower & Susannah PIGEON

witnessed by William BARKER, Catherine CRODE


30-Mar-1815; Morgan CAINES of Leigh & Hannah WALLBRIDGE

witnessed by Thomas CAINES, Joanna NATION


30-Apr-1815; John BOWDITCH & Mary JEFFERY

witnessed by Samuel CHAFFEY, Jane CHAFFEY


01-May-1815; John FORSEY & Sarah CABBY

witnessed by William MULLENS, James HARDYMAN


02-May-1815; James Collins LIGHTFOOT & Mary HANSFORD of Broadwinsor

witnessed by Elizabeth HANSFORD, James HARDYMAN


12-May-1815; John GAY & Jane RENDALL

witnessed by John BAKER, James HARDYMAN


13-Aug-1815; Benjamin OLD of Winsham, Somerset & Joanna NATION

witnessed by Mary ADAMS, James BOWDITCH


22-Aug-1815; William BONFIELD & Lucy DURANT

witnessed by Ann LAY, Henry FOWLER


21-Sep-1815; Joel EBDON of Hawkchurch, Devon & Susannah BOON

witnessed by Mary STUCKEY, Thomas OUSLEY


20-Oct-1815; John COOK & Esther HANN

witnessed by Joseph COOK, Elizabeth COOK


04-Jan-1816; Samuel PALMER & Ann PAVEY

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth COOK


18-Jan-1816; James GOODLAND of Ilton, Somerset & Mary Ann BOND, by Licence

witnessed by Luttitia BOND, Sarah FARRANT


18-Feb-1816; James BOWDITCH & Mary BRIDLE

witnessed by Elizabeth PAVEY, John COUCH


22-Feb-1816; Andrew BOWYER of Winsham, Somerset & Ann WILLS

witnessed by Silvey BOWYER, Henry FOWLER


08-Mar-1816; Thomas GLYDE & Edith PARKER

witnessed by James FOWLER, Mary COOK


10-Mar-1816; Stephen SHEPARD & Martha HUSSEY widow

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, James HALLETT


02-Apr-1816; Samuel COLLYPRESS & Ann TRENCHARD

witnessed by Samuel GRINTER, Sarah TRENCHARD


29-Apr-1816; John WARREN & Mary ADAMS

witnessed by Anna BRAGGE, Robert PERING


12-May-1816; Heber STANTON & Mary BOWDITCH widow

witnessed by William PHILLIPS, Glender HAWKER


21-May-1816; Samuel COOMBS & Mary HAWKER widow

witnessed by John ADAMS, Kitty DERRY


23-May-1816; Elias FOWLER & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

witnessed by Simon Thomas, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Jun-1816; Richard HOOK & Jane HAYES widow

witnessed by Grace NEWBY, Thomas OUSLEY


30-Jun-1816; Samuel PALMER & Sarah STOKES

witnessed by Mary STOKES, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Jul-1816; James HAWKER & Sarah HITCHCOCK

witnessed by James APLIN, Thomas OUSLEY


07-Jul-1816; Robert ALFORD & Susanna HUSSEY

witnessed by Susanna COOK & Thomas OUSLEY


27-Aug-1816; Timothy HAWKER & Elizabeth POTTEN

witnessed by Susanna PERCY, Thomas OUSLEY


29-Aug-1816; John RAISEN & Mary COOK

witnessed by Jacob HALLETT, Elizabeth COOK


11-Sep-1816; John HALLETT & Diana STUCKEY

witnessed by Jacob HALLETT, Samuel HALLETT


04-Nov-1816; William WELCH of Chard, Somerset & Sarah CARSWELL, by Licence

witnessed by Robert PITMAN, Paul James HARDYMAN


28-Jan-1817; William HITCHCOCK & Sarah BERRY widow

witnessed by Daniel HUNT, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Apr-1817; Aaron FRY & Ann BOWDITCH

witnessed by John SPRAKE, Sarah SPRAKE


08-Apr-1817; James COOK & Mary HUSSEY

witnessed by James DOWN, Thomas OUSLEY


10-Apr-1817; Robert HAYES of Chardstock, Devon & Elizabeth VICAR

witnessed by John HUTCHINGS, Thomas OUSLEY


10-Apr-1817; John HUTCHINGS & Ann HALLETT

witnessed by Robert HAYES, Thomas OUSLEY


27-Jul-1817; Simon ROW & Sarah FORSEY

witnessed by Ann JEFFERY, Elizabeth STROUD


09-Sep-1817; John BOND or BORD & Elizabeth HARRIS

witnessed by Robert KNIGHT, Thomas OUSLEY


16-Oct-1817; Harry FOWLER of Hinton St. George, Somerset & Catherine/Kitty BERRY, by Licence

witnessed by Elizabeth WALL, George BERRY


22-Nov-1817; James FOWLER of Winsham, Somerset & Elizabeth NORMAN

witnessed by Ann COUCH, John COUCH


20-Oct-1818; James DOWN & Elizabeth HUSSEY

witnessed by John DOWN, Thomas OUSLEY


01-Nov-1818; William BULFORD & Elizabeth WHITE

witnessed by Margaret STAPLE, Daniel ROPER


20-Jan-1819; William HOCKEY & Elizabeth APLIN

witnessed by William MILVERTON, Joanna NORMAN


07-Apr-1819; John SAINT & Esther STOODLEY

witnessed by William PHILLIPS, Thomas OUSLEY


09-Sep-1819; John JEFFERY & Elizabeth WELCH, by Licence

witnessed by George BERRY, George WELCH


12-Oct-1819; Joseph LACY & Sarah CHICK

witnessed by Elizabeth WARREN, Thomas OUSLEY


24-Nov-1819; William APLIN & Sarah PAUL

witnessed by Robert HULL


21-Dec-1819; John TROTT & Sarah STEVENS

witnessed by Robert FARRANT, Thomas OUSLEY


25-Dec-1819; Joseph HAWKER & Thomasin BAKER

witnessed by John BAKER, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Apr-1820; George BOWDITCH & Elizabeth BAKER

witnessed by John BAKER, Thomas OUSLEY


12-Apr-1820; Robert DIMOND & Sarah ROW

witnessed by William DIMON, Mary Anna TOMS


27-Aug-1820; Benjamin BOWDITCH & Sarah TRENCHARD

witnessed by Robert BOWDITCH, Thomas OUSLEY


12-Oct-1820; Jacob LARCOMBE & Elizabeth PERING

witnessed by Robert CLARKE, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Oct-1820; Simon POOR & Betty BROOKS

witnessed by John BROOKS, Elizabeth POOR


06-Nov-1820; Joseph BAKER & Hannah COOK

witnessed by Sarah WHILPS, Thomas OUSLEY


25-Dec-1820; William HEX & Mary PHILLIPS (with parental consent)

witnessed by Barnard PHILLIPS, Mary PHILLIPS


19-Apr-1821; Jacob HALLETT & Elizabeth WARRY widow

witnessed by George BERRY, Catherine BERRY


24-Apr-1821; Francis JENNINGS & Joan STOODLEY

witnessed by Thomas COOMBES, Thomas OUSLEY


08-May-1821; Giles WOODLAND & Eleanor HAWKER

witnessed by George BIDDLECOMBE, Ruth APLIN


31-May-1821; Joel WHITE & Mary WELCH

witnessed by Robert MULLINS, Ann WELCH


27-Jun-1821; Robert POTTEN widower & Mary BRAGGE

witnessed by John BOON, Thomas OUSLEY


04-Jul-1821; Robert BEAVIS of Whitechurch & Elizabeth TRIM

witnessed by William HALLETT, Margrett BENETT


05-Aug-1821; John PAUL & Martha LARKEN

witnessed by Nicholas PHIPPIN, Ann SEWARD


20-Aug-1821; James WARREN & Hannah BRYANT

witnessed by Ann FORSEY, Thomas OUSLEY


19-Sep-1821; John HOLT & Elizabeth HODDER

witnessed by Richard BROWN, Hannah HODDER


25-Dec-1821; Thomas BISHOP & Earney (?) HAWKER

witnessed by Thomas APLIN, Robert WHETHAM


06-Jan-1822; Thomas APLIN & Lucy OUSLEY

witnessed by Joseph STANTON, Thomas BISHOP


14-Jan-1822; George MULLINS & Mary STUCKEY

witnessed by Henery TEMPLEMAN, Elizabeth STUCKEY


24-Jan-1822; Thomas COOK & Susannah DIMONT

witnessed by Elizabeth PAVEY, Elizabeth GIRNEN


09-Apr-1822; Nathaniel COX & Elizabeth BISHOP

witnessed by John SWAFFIELD, Mary BISHOP


18-Apr-1822; Thomas LANGFORD & Mary CORNELIUS

witnessed by John LANGFORD, Elizabeth CORNELIUS


25-Apr-1822; Thomas COOMBS & Ann MAJOR

witnessed by Charles HUNT, Mary Ann LANGFORD


18-Jul-1822; Robert SALTER & Mary TURNER

witnessed by Sarah BAGG, John SALTER


30-Jul-1822; James BASTON & Catherine SNELL

witnessed by Thomas BASTON, Thomas OUSLEY


28-Aug-1822; David JENKINS of Winsham, Somerset & Mary Ann LANGFORD

witnessed by Elizabeth HALLETT, John PORTER


16-Nov-1822; William LANDRAY the younger of St. Olaves, Exeter & Anna BRAGGE, by Licence

witnessed by Harriet BRAGGE, Richard BRAGGE


07-Jan-1823; John Collins BRIDLE of Axminster, Devon & Maria WILLS

witnessed by Mercy PERING, John HARVEY


27-Feb-1823; John COX & Elizabeth CORNELIUS

witnessed by Thomas LANGFORD, Susan CORNELIUS


07-May-1823; Samuel BOWDITCH & Mary PARISS

witnessed by Abel BOND, Alice DARE


15-Jul-1823; George HAWKER & Harriet POWELL

witnessed by James HAWER, Thomas OUSLEY


12-Aug-1823; John MUNDEN & Ann HITCHCOCK

witnessed by William WOOKEY, Sarah BAGG


17-Sep-1823; Henry TEMPLEMAN & Elizabeth STUCKEY

witnessed by William TEMPLEMAN, Susannah STUCKEY


05-May-1824; John BROOKS & Hannah STROUD

witnessed by James BAKER, Elizabeth STROUD


09-Aug-1824; Joseph STANTON & Sarah COAT

witnessed by William STANTON, Jane PROSSER


15-Aug-1824; George PHIPPIN widower & Sarah PALMER

witnessed by Samuel PALMER, Sarah PALMER


26-Feb-1825; John CHISLETT of Beaminster & Sarah CHAFFEY, by Licence

witnessed by B. T. CHAFFEY, Anne CHAFFEY


23-Apr-1825; Benjamin CHAFFEY & Susan TRENCHARD, by Licence

witnessed by William DURNFORD, Sarah TRENCHARD


25-Apr-1825; Henry HAWKER & Hannah HITCHCOCK

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, George HAWKER


16-Jun-1825; James BAKER & Elizabeth STROUD

witnessed by Bernard PHILPS, Mary BAKER


20-Jul-1825; Henry RUSSELL of Chard, Somerset & Mary Ann LOCKS

witnessed by John LOCK, Elizabeth LOCKYER


11-Aug-1825; James PIGEON & Sarah SUMMERS

witnessed by Sarah DINING, Thomas OUSLEY


05-Sep-1825; John DUNN & Jane TRENCHARD

witnessed by Simon FROOM, Thomas OUSLEY


09-Sep-1825; James APLIN yeoman & Susan STUDLEY, daughter of Benjamin STUDLEY

witnessed by Peter STUCKEY, Charlot STUDLEY


11-Oct-1825; Daniel HUNT & Elizabeth LOCK

witnessed by Charles HUNT, Elizabeth STONE


01-Dec-1825; Thomas RECORD of Hawkchurch, Devon & Ann HAYES

witnessed by Robert HAYES, Jane HAYES


26-Dec-1825; Joseph FROOM & Esther WELMAN

witnessed by James STANTON, Thomas OUSLEY


19-May-1826; William BAGG & Elizabeth PARKER

witnessed by Henry BAGG, Mary DEAN


05-Jun-1826; Samuel HAWKER widower & Mary APLIN widow

witnessed by Samuel PITCHER, Thomas OUSLEY


05-Jun-1826; John EBDEN & Hannah APLIN

witnessed by Mary HALLETT, Samuel PITCHER


10-Jun-1826; John PARSONS & Grace SAWYER

 witnessed by Mary SAWYER, Thomas OUSLEY


27-Jul-1826; John WINTER of Hawkchurch, Devon & Jemima CHICK

witnessed by John CHICK, Ann CHAPMAN


29-Jul-1826; John WELCH of Wambrook & Martha DUNSTER

witnessed by Robert MULLEN, Elizabeth HARDYMAN


29-Nov-1826; Henry BAGG & Mary DEAN

witnessed by Hearriot BAGG, Thomas OUSLEY


25-Dec-1826; James APLIN & Sarah JEFFERY, by Licence

witnessed by George BIDDLECOMBE, Elizabeth JEFFERY


11-Jan-1827; William HITCHCOCK widower & Elizabeth BAKER

witnessed by William STOODLEY, Mary Ann STOODLEY


22-Feb-1827; David SMITH & Hariot PHILLIPS

witnessed by Bernard PHILLIPS, Anna SMITH


17-Apr-1827; Joseph HOSKINS & Sarah OUSLEY

witnessed by Hannah HOSKINS, Thomas OUSLEY


03-May-1827; John WAY & Martha BOWDITCH

witnessed by Mary JEFFERY, William BOWDITCH


18-May-1827; William CLARKE & Ann COX

witnessed by John CLARKE, Ann CLARKE


07-Jun-1827; James HITCHCOCK & Susan NEWBERY

witnessed by Phoebe NEWBERRY, Thomas OUSLEY


05-Jul-1827; Samuel HAWKER & Elizabeth BEER

witnessed by George HAWKER, Thomas OUSLEY


14-Oct-1827; William LUCEY & Emima HITCHCOCK

witnessed by Robert HITCHCOCK, Thomas OUSLEY


28-Oct-1827; John CROSS widower & Margreat HORDEN

witnessed by Samuel CROSS, Betty DUNSTER


22-Nov-1827; Peter STUCKEY & Charlotte STUDLEY

witnessed by James APLIN, Susannah APLIN


15-Dec-1827; James HAWKER & Ann BAKER

witnessed by John BAKER, Elizabeth HAWKER


25-Jan-1828; Methusaleh SWAFFIELD & Sarah PLAYER

witnessed by Thomas CLARK, George WELCH


29-Jan-1828; Charles HUNT & Sarah COOK

witnessed by John HITCHCOCK, George WELCH


06-Mar-1828; Robert GIBS & Sarah STROUD

witnessed by Elizabeth BAKER, George WELCH


23-Mar-1828; John WHITE & Frances SANDFORD

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Samuel SPARROW


18-Jun-1828; Job RUSSELL & Susan PHELPS

witnessed by Thomas RUSSELL, John RUSSELL


18-Sep-1828; Robert PHILLIPS of Broadwinsor & Sarah TRENCHARD (with parental consent), by Licence

witnessed by Benjamin CHAFFEY, Susan CHAFFEY


18-Sep-1828; William COOK & Ann CLARKE

witnessed by Thomas CLARK, Mary CLARK


11-Dec-1828; Albin LAVERS of St. Mary Magdalene, City of London & Amelia BRAGGE, by Licence

witnessed by John BRAGGE, Harriet BRAGGE


01-Jan-1829; John HALLETT & Mary COPP

witnessed by William STANTON, Elizabeth COPP


21-Feb-1829; Job TURNER of Winsham, Somerset & Sarah BAGG, by Licence

witnessed by William MANFIELD, Mary COLEBERD


18-Apr-1829; John LARCOMBE & Charlotte PHELPS

witnessed by Elizabeth BISHOP, Thomas OUSLEY


14-May-1829; George HOUNCEL & Mary Ann CHICK

witnessed by John LEAVER, Thomas OUSLEY


08-Jun-1829; William STANTON widower & Elizabeth PAUL

witnessed by John HALLETT, Hannah PAUL


04-Sep-1829; Simeon GOOD & Ann BOON

witnessed by Frances HOARE, Thomas OUSLEY


20-Sep-1829; Joseph FUTCHER & Jane HAYES

witnessed by Robert HAYES, Mary Ann HAYES


11-Nov-1829; William MEECH & Sarah TURNER

witnessed by Thomas MEECH, Thomas OUSLEY


24-Jun-1830; William HOOK & Sarah HAWKER, by Licence

witnessed by Hannah HAWKER, George CHICK


23-Aug-1830; John DALLY & Susannah HAYBALL of Crewkerne, Somerset

witnessed by Joseph WELCH, Thomas OUSLEY


29-Aug-1830; William STUDLEY & Ruth BISHOP

witnessed by Peter STUCKEY, Thomas OUSLEY


06-Sep-1830; Joseph COOK & Ann SINGLETON of Winsham, Somerset

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Sam HAWKER


28-Nov-1830; Robert HOUNCELL & Emma DIMON

witnessed by William DIMON, Thomas OUSLEY


16-Dec-1830; Thomas EBDON & Ann HAWKER

witnessed by Thomas STUCKEY, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Feb-1831; John WELLMAN & Maria GILLHAM

witnessed by Joseph HAWKER, Thomas OUSLEY


20-Feb-1831; Joel APLIN & Sarah BROOM

witnessed by Robert DEAN, Sarah APLIN


21-Mar-1831; Thomas POWELL & Mary ROWE

witnessed by Elizabeth PAVEY, William HOCKEY


16-May-1831; William CHICK & Elizabeth BAKER

witnessed by Hariot GENGE, Josiah PALMER


19-May-1831; William HALLETT & Ruth APLIN, by Licence

witnessed by John APLIN, Elizabeth APLIN


05-Jun-1831; William GENGE & Elizabeth STANTON

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


19-Jun-1831; Joseph MAJOR of Winsham, Somerset & Elizabeth HAWKER

witnessed by Benjamin JENNINGS, Henry FOWLER


25-Jun-1831; John CHARD & Harriett BRAGGE

witnessed by Richard BRAGGE, Mary Ann CHARD


05-Jul-1831; Thomas CASE of Whitechurch & Unity HAWKER

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


29-Aug-1831; John STEVENS of Chard, Somerset & Sarah BENNETT

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Benjamin BROUGHTON


25-Sep-1831; John HUSSEY of Bridport & Elizabeth PHELPS of Broadwinsor

witnessed by Thomas NEWBERRY, Amelia FORSEY


19-Sep-1831; William PAUL of Winsham, Somerset & Caroline PEARCE

witnessed by Thomas FRANKS, Thomas OUSLEY


12-Oct-1831; Benjamin GLYDE widower of Yeovil, Somerset & Ann CHAFFEY, by Licence

witnessed by R. J. CHAFFEY, Susan CHAFFEY


22-Nov-1831; John COOMBES of Broadwinsor & Charlotte PROSSER

witnessed by Thomas MEECH, William HOCKEY


21-Dec-1831; Robert BEAVIS of Hawkchurch, Devon & Susannah WELLMAN

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


05-Jan-1832; Aaron HAYBALL of Chard, Somerset & Mary Ann BISHOP

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


06-Mar-1832; Samuel BARNES of Marshwood & Hannah BRIDLE

witnessed by George WELCH, Mary BRIDLE


07-Apr-1832; Thomas FRANKS & Mary Ann APLIN

witnessed by Herbert READER, Martha FRANKS


12-Apr-1832; Jonathan HITCHCOCK & Hannah PAULL of Beaminster

witnessed by Andrew HITCHCOCK, Thomas OUSLEY


14-Apr-1832; Thomas ROWE of Stoke Abbott & Jane BOWDITCH

witnessed by John FOWLER, Thomas OUSLEY


24-Apr-1832; Abraham CHUBB of Chardstock, Devon & Ann HAWKER

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elena LOCK


17-May-1832; James CORNELIUS & Ann WELCH

witnessed by George WELCH, Honour LUMBARD


05-Jun-1832; George CHUBB of Chardstock, Devon & Mary Ann OUSLEY

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


15-Jul-1832; William BEAVIS & Sarah LARCOMB

witnessed by John FOWLER, Thomas OUSLEY


19-Aug-1832; George COOMBS & Mary BERRY

witnessed by John STANTON, Sarah STANTON


30-Aug-1832; John PHILLIPS & Frances TURNER

witnessed by William PURCHASE, William FOOKS


05-Feb-1833; William TURNER & Rachel JEFFERY

witnessed by Job JEFFERY, Susannah TURNER


09-Mar-1833; Thomas NEWBERRY of Winsham, Somerset & Amelia FORSEY

witnessed by John NEWBERRY, Ann FORSEY


28-Mar-1833; James BOON & Hannah HAWKER

witnessed by Mary HAWKER, William MEECH


02-Apr-1833; John FRANKHAM jnr of Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset & Susan CHAFFEY

witnessed by B. CHAFFEY


07-Apr-1833; John COOMBES & Sarah COOMBES

witnessed by Thomas NEWBERRY, Amelia NEWBERRY


13-Apr-1833; William HOCKEY & Eliza STUCKEY

witnessed by Thomas CLARK, Elizabeth WARRY


20-Jun-1833; George HUSSEY & Honor ACKERMAN

witnessed by John HUSSEY, Thomas OUSLEY


21-Jul-1833; Emos PHELIPS & Mary Ann STEVENS

witnessed by John HUSSEY, Thomas OUSLEY


15-Sep-1833; John RAYMOND & Elizabeth HOUSE of Beaminster

witnessed by John OUSLEY, Hannah MEMBERY


01-Oct-1833; William MORRIS & Mary LACEY

witnessed by Thomas MEECH, Thomas OUSLEY


07-Dec-1833; David HITCHCOCK & Sarah HAWKER

witnessed by William WELCH, Mary HAWKER


11-Jan-1834; Thomas GIBBS & Ann GUPPY

witnessed by Mary Ann PIGEON, Thomas OUSLEY


28-Jan-1834; John BAKER & Ann PHELPS

witnessed by Mary POWELL, Thomas OUSLEY


09-Mar-1834; George HOLT of Marshwood & Mary CLEAL of Broadwinsor

witnessed by Job JEFFERY, Thomas OUSLEY


08-Apr-1834; Samuel HUSSEY & Susan JAMES

witnessed by Mary Ann GRANGER, William W. FOWLER


08-Jun-1834; Simon ROWE & Susan EBDON

witnessed by George MULLINS, Thomas OUSLEY


15-Jul-1834; John SYMES of Hawkchurch & Elizabeth JEFFERY, by Licence

witnessed by James APLIN, Sarah APLIN


02-Oct-1834; Henry WOODLAND of Chaffcombe, Somerset & Dorothy TURNER

witnessed by Benjamin HARRIS, Sarah GOTHARD


25-Dec-1834; Charles PHIPPING & Ruth PALMER

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


15-Jan-1835; John STAPLE & Sarah POWELL

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


04-Mar-1835; William JOHNSTON of Broadwinsor & Susan WELCH

witnessed by William WELCH, Mary HAWKER


22-Mar-1835; William HOLT & Harriett MEMBURY

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Robert DIMON


28-Apr-1835; James HARRIS of Tatworth, Somerset & Emma HARRIS

witnessed by Benjamin HARRIS


17-May-1835; Charles WHITE & Harriett MACEY

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, George MULLINS


21-May-1835; Emanuel UNDERTOWN & Mary ELLETT

witnessed by Sarah ELLETT, Thomas ELLETT


13-Jun-1835; Charles FRY of Litton Cheyney & Ann FOWLER, by Licence

witnessed by Robert FOWLER, Jane TRENCHARD, Hannah FOWLER


23-Jun-1835; David GILLINGHAM of Chard, Somerset & Mary STOODLEY

witnessed by Susan EDWARDS, Samuel STOODLEY


03-Dec-1835; Joseph BOON & Ruth BENNETT

witnessed by Samuel HITCHCOCK, Harriett BOON


03-Dec-1835; James BENNETT & Martha STANTON

witnessed by Solomon HITCHCOCK, Susan HITCHCOCK


15-May-1836; Amos ROCKETT & Joanna CRISP

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


01-Jun-1836; Robert HUSSEY & Mary PALMER

witnessed by George COOK, William HOCKEY


03-Aug-1836; George COOK & Ruth HUNT

witnessed by George HUNT, Sarah COOK


08-Dec-1836; Charles ROW & Charlotte ROW

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


30-Jan-1837; William CASE & Amelia SHEPPARD

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


30-Mar-1837; Robert APLIN of Winsham, Somerset & Mary GAYLER

witnessed by Charles LENTERN, Thomas OUSLEY


11-Apr-1837; Samuel APLIN & Hannah PIDGEON

witnessed by Mary Ann PIDGEON & Thomas OUSLEY


21-Jun-1837; George CLARKE of Netherbury & Anne BAGG

witnessed by Thomas CLARK, Thomas OUSLEY


27-Jun-1837; James PHELPS & Mary Ann POOLE of Beaminster

witnessed by Samuel PHELPS, Thomas OUSLEY


22-Aug-1837; Henry GARDNER, Miller of West Ford, & Susan PAUL, of West Ford

Fathers: William Wall GARDNER, Yeoman; Robert Pitman Paul, Miller

witnessed by Elizabeth LARCOMBE, Jenney LARCOMBE


04-Sep-1837; John HUSSEY, Shoemaker, & Mary POTTER widow

Fathers: William HUSSEY, Labourer; Thomas RAYMOND, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


12-Sep-1837; Thomas MEECH, Butcher of Laymore, & Sarah STANTON of Laymore

Fathers: Thomas MEECH, Yeoman; Joseph STANTON, Carpenter

witnessed by John STANTON, Catharine MEECH


12-Oct-1837; Charles LENTHALL minor, Labourer, & Lucy COOK minor

Fathers: Thomas LENTHALL, Labourer; James COOK, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, John WELLMAN


12-Oct-1837; William GILLINGHAM, Wool Sorter of Laymore, & Merina LOCK

Fathers: William GILLINGHAM, Wool Sorter; John LOCK, Shoemaker

witnessed by William BULFORD, Elizabeth LOCK


17-Apr-1838; James MULLINS, Labourer of Holditch, & Elizabeth HUSSEY minor

Fathers: William MULLINS, Yeoman; James HUSSEY, Labourer

witnessed by John WELLMAN, Thomas OUSLEY


02-Jun-1838; Alexander COOK, Weaver, & Anne LACEY

Fathers: Alexander COOK, Spinner; Thomas LACEY, Carpenter

witnessed by Jacob HUGH (?), Ann COOK


30-Sep-1838; George COOK, Labourer, & Asenath JEFFERY of Laymore

Fathers: James COOK, Labourer; blank

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


13-Nov-1838; David HOLT, Labourer of Holditch, & Anne PHIPPEN of Holditch

Fathers: David HOLT, Labourer; George PHIPPEN, Labourer

witnessed by Robert DIMON, Thomas OUSLEY


24-Nov-1838; John BENNETT widower, Baker, & Mary Ann FOWLER of Chafleigh

Fathers: John BENNETT, Baker; James FOWLER, Yeoman

witnessed by Mary Jubila BENNETT, Anne DUNN


29-Nov-1838; James GOSLING, Labourer of Holditch, & Mary GIBBS of Holdich

Fathers: Samuel GOSLING, Labourer; Mark GIBBS, Mason

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Joseph HAWKER


01-Jan-1839; James WELLMAN, Labourer & Mary BOWDITCH of Holditch

Fathers: Robert WELLMAN, Labourer; Samuel BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


22-Jan-1839; John Sprake BUNSTON, Shoemaker of Chard & Mary PINE of Ford Abbey

Fathers: Thomas BUNSTON, Shoemaker; Richard PINE, Labourer

witnessed by Samuel PARREY, Susan EDWARDS


24-Jan-1839; Reuben ROUSELL, Publican of Broadwinsor, & Barbara VINCENT

Fathers: Robert ROUSELL, Peasant; George VINCENT, Servant

witnessed by Louisa Mary GILLARD, John FOWLER


07-Apr-1839; Andrew COOK, Peasant of Laymore & Emma/Emina ATHER of Laymore

Fathers: James COOK, Peasant; John ATHER, Peasant

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY


23-Apr-1839; Thomas STEELE, Chemist of New Bond St., Bath, & Elizabeth MILVERTON of Ford Abbey

Fathers: Thomas STEELE, Yeoman; William MILVERTON, Carpenter

witnessed by Susan ALLEN, William Bryant ALLEN


16-Jun-1839; Jacob HUNT, Tailor, & Ann COOK

Fathers: Robert HUNT, Publican; Alexander COOK, Spinner

witnessed by George HUNT, Jane HUNT


07-Nov-1839; Charles PEARCE, Labourer, & Susanna COOK minor

Fathers: William PEARCE, Labourer; James COOK, Labourer

witnessed by Robert BAKER, Thomas OUSLEY


07-Nov-1839; John WELLMAN, Labourer, & Mary Ann DOWN minor

Fathers: John WELLMAN, Labourer; James DOWN, Labourer

witnessed by Robert BAKER, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Nov-1839; Solomon HITCHCOCK, Labourer, & Hannah WILKINS

Fathers: John HITCHCOCK, Labourer; Philip WILKINS, Labourer

witnessed by Samuel HITCHCOCK, Louisa HITCHCOCK


25-Dec-1839; Thomas DRAN, Labourer, & Thamar PHELPS

Fathers: John DRAN, Labourer; William PHELPS, Labourer

witnessed by Joseph HODDER, Thomas OUSLEY


01-Jan-1840; James EBDON, Labourer, & Eliza BOWDITCH of Holditch

Fathers: Elias EBDON, Labourer; Samuel BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Lazarus EBDON


03-Feb-1840; Thomas HODDER, Labourer & Elizabeth COOK

Fathers: Thomas HODDER, Labourer; Robert COOK, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, George BOWDITCH


04-Apr-1840; William BOWDITCH, Labourer of Laymore & Mary Ann PINNEY of Laymore

Fathers: Samuel BOWDITCH, Labourer; Robert PINNEY, Labourer

witnessed by James SINGLETON, Thomas OUSLEY


02-Jun-1840; John COOK widower, Thatcher, & Sarah POWELL widow of Wootton Fitzpaine

Fathers: Richard COOK, Thatcher; Benjamin DIMONT, Carpenter

witnessed by William POWELL, Susan GENGE


12-Jun-1840; George BOWDITCH, Labourer & Mary PHELPS

Fathers: Matthew BOWDITCH, Labourer; James PHELPS, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth COX


22-Oct-1840; William SAWYER, Labourer of Holditch, & Hannah MITCHELL of Holditch

Fathers: William SAWYER, Carpenter; Thomas MITCHELL, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth STUCKEY


31-Dec-1840; Francis MEECH, Yeoman of Laymore & Mary TURNER of Laymore

Fathers: Thomas MEECH, Yeoman; William TURNER, Yeoman

witnessed by Susan TURNER, George MEECH


15-Jan-1841; John BOWDITCH, Labourer of Holditch, & Elizabeth APLIN

Fathers: Samuel BOWDITCH, Labourer; John APLIN, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Deborah HITCHCOCK


13-Mar-1841; Thomas OUSLEY, Mason, & Maria COOK

Fathers: William OUSLEY, Butcher; John COOK, Blacksmith

witnessed by John COOK, Annat COOK


29-Apr-1841; William FERRY, Labourer of Hawkchurch, & Susannah STUCKEY

Fathers: John FERRY, Labourer; George STUCKEY, Mason

witnessed by Sarah STUCKEY, Samuel Harris WHITE


20-May-1841; Joseph HITCHCOCK, Labourer of Hewood, & Esther WELLMAN of Peashay

Fathers: John HITCHCOCK, Labourer; John WELLMAN, Labourer

witnessed by John WELLMAN, Thomas OUSLEY


14-Jul-1841; John Welman JILLARD, Solicitor of Wincanton, & Elizabeth Grimstead MARSH

Fathers: William Pened JILLARD, Esquire; William MARSH, Clerk

witnessed by Anne MARSH, John BRAGGE


18-Jul-1841; Noah HUSSEY, Labourer, & Ann BOWDITCH

Fathers: Job HUSSEY, Labourer; John BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Mary BOWDITCH


19-Jul-1841; Robert STANTON, Labourer, & Jane GENGE

Fathers: Blank; William GENGE, Labourer

witnessed by Daniel HUNT, Thomas OUSLEY


18-Aug-1841; George WELLMAN, Labourer, & Mary BEER

Fathers: William WELLMAN, Labourer; Robert BEER, Labourer

witnessed by Charles WELLMAN, Mary Ann WELLMAN


01-Jan-1842; John TRENCHARD, Labourer, & Caroline HAYBALL “non age”

Fathers: Blank; Blank

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth COOK


01-Mar-1842; William NORMAN, Labourer, & Sarah HANN “non age”

Fathers: Blank; William HANN, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Henry LOCK


27-Mar-1842; John BOWYER, Labourer of West Ford, & Sarah MORE of West Ford

Fathers: Andrew BOWYER, Labourer; Richard MORE, Labourer

witnessed by John HAWKER, Thomas OUSLEY


14-Jun-1842; Joseph HALLETT, Labourer, & Sarah LONG minor

Fathers: James HALLETT, Labourer; George LONG, Labourer

witnessed by David LONG, Thomas OUSLEY


26-Jun-1842; James NEWBERRY, Labourer, & Ann HALLETT

Fathers: William NEWBERRY, Labourer; James HALLETT, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, John HAWKER


25-Aug-1842; William FOWLER, Labourer, & Eliza DEAN

Fathers: John FOWLER, Game Keeper; John DEAN, Labourer

witnessed by John FOWLER, Elizabeth HARRIS


25-Sep-1842; John HALLETT, Labourer, & Elizabeth PHIPPEN

Fathers: James HALLETT, Labourer; James PHIPPEN, Labourer

witnessed by James HALLETT, Thomas OUSLEY


05-Sep-1842; James HUSSEY, Labourer, & Elizabeth BAG

Fathers: James HUSSEY, Labourer; John BAG, Sawyer

witnessed by Mary HUSSEY, Thomas OUSLEY


24-Jul-1843; Uriah COOK widower, Cordwainer, & Jane COLLINS

Fathers: Robert COOK, Labourer; John COLLINS, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Hannah OUSLEY


27-Aug-1843; Lazarus EBDON, Labourer, & Abigail BOWDITCH minor

Fathers:  Elias EBDON, Labourer; Blank

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth STUCKEY


24-Sep-1843; James ROWE, Labourer, & Ann GOVIER widow

Fathers: Daniel ROWE, Baker; George BUTLER, Labourer

witnessed by William BUTLER, Thomas OUSLEY


25-Oct-1843; John BEVISS, Labourer, & Roseanna APLIN widow of Musbury

Fathers: Robert BEVISS, Dairyman; William COX, Farmer

witnessed by Thomas BRADFORD, Sarah BEVISS


23-Nov-1843; James PAUL, Miller, & Dorcas GUPPY

Fathers: Robert Pitman PAUL, Miller; William GUPPY, Farmer

witnessed by William PAUL, Jane JEFFERY


16-Jan-1844; James HAWKER minor, Labourer, & Anna COOK

Fathers: George HAWKER, Labourer; John COOK, Blacksmith

witnessed by James HITCHCOCK, Mary Ann COOK


11-Feb-1844; John HAWKER, Labourer, & Elizabeth HALLETT

Fathers: William HAWKER, Labourer; James HALLETT, Labourer

witnessed by Frances HAWKER, Thomas OUSLEY


15-Feb-1844; Richard BOWDITCH widower, Dairyman, & Susannah WELLMAN

Fathers: Richard BOWDITCH, Clothier; John WELLMAN, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas PAGE, Elizabeth APLIN


10-Mar-1844; Robert BOWDITCH, Labourer, & Ruth SELLERS minor

Fathers: John BOWDITCH, Clothier; James SELLERS, Shoemaker

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, John APLIN


27-Mar-1844; John HAWKER, Labourer, & Ulalyer [Eulalia] HITCHCOCK

Fathers: Blank; Robert HITCHCOCK, Weaver

witnessed by John MUNDEN, Thomas OUSLEY


15-May-1844; Charles GOVER, Groom, & Sarah COOK

Fathers: Charles GOVER, Labourer; John COOK, Blacksmith

witnessed by Henry WELCH, Elizabeth COOK


30-Nov-1844; Samuel HITCHCOCK, Labourer, & Jane WELCH

Fathers: John HITCHCOCK, Labourer; George WELCH, Yeoman

witnessed by Henry WELCH, Elizabeth COOK


01-Jan-1845; William POOLE, Labourer of Hewood, & Harriet BOON of Hewood

Fathers: William POOL, Labourer; Johnathan BOON, Taylor

witnessed by Joseph BOON, Elizabeth BOON


20-Jan-1845; Thomas BOON, Cordwainer of Laymore, & Hannah COOMBS

Fathers: William BOON, Weaver; Samuel COOMBES, Cloth Dresser

witnessed by Thomas LOUSNEY (?),Thomas OUSLEY


22-Apr-1845; George William WILDE, Tailor of Uplyme, & Sarah STUCKEY

Fathers: Charles WILDE, Tailor; Thomas STUCKEY, Mason

witnessed by George STUCKEY, Susan STUCKEY


11-May-1845; Robert HITCHCOCK widower, Shoemaker, & Marianne KNIGHT

Fathers: Robert HITCHCOCK, Weaver; James KNIGHT, Blacksmith

witnessed by Ulalyea HAWKER, Thomas OUSLEY


13-Jun-1845; Eli OUSLEY, Labourer of Hewood, & Anne NEWBURY of Hewood

Fathers: George OUSLEY, Labourer; Joel NEWBURY, Labourer

witnessed by Daniel HITCHCOCK, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Jul-1845; Richard BRAGGE widower, Yeoman, & Mary Grimstead MARSH

Fathers: Joseph BRAGGE, Yeoman; William MARSH, Clerk

witnessed by Albern SAVORS, Illegible


06-Nov-1845; William FOWLER, Yeoman of Grange Farm, & Elizabeth DAVY widow of Grange Farm

Fathers: Henry FOWLER, Yeoman; John SYMES, Yeoman

witnessed by Hannah DAVY, Francis DAVY


08-Nov-1845; John BRIDLE, Blacksmith of Hawkchurch, & Elizabeth RUSSEL

Fathers: Robert BRIDLE, Cooper; John RUSSEL, Shoemaker

witnessed by William GILLINGHAM, Anna (?) GILLINGHAM


15-Dec-1845; Sampson STEMBRIDGE, Cabinet Maker, & Mary Ann FRENCH minor

Fathers: David STEMBRIDGE, Shoemaker; John FRENCH, Shoemaker

witnessed by George FRENCH, Elizabeth FRENCH


23-Dec-1845; Stephen Greening WALEBORN, Hurdle Maker, & Louisa BOWDITCH

Fathers: John WALEBORN, Hurdle Maker; Samuel BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by William RICE, Thomas OUSLEY


25-Dec-1845; Thomas PAGE, Yeoman & Elizabeth APLIN

Fathers: Richard PAGE, Yeoman; Joseph APLIN, Yeoman

witnessed by William HALLETT, Ruth HALLETT


07-Feb-1846; William HALLETT, Constable, & Ruth HALLETT widow

Fathers: Joseph HALLETT, Yeoman; Joseph APLIN, Yeoman

witnessed by Thomas PAGE, Elizabeth PAGE


02-Apr-1846; Amos PHIPPIN, Labourer of Holditch, & Elizabeth HANN of Holditch

Fathers: James PHIPPIN, Labourer; William HANN, Labourer

witnessed by William HANN, Thomas OUSLEY


04-Apr-1846; Henry WELCH, Yeoman of Hewood, & Elizabeth COOK

Fathers: George WELCH, Yeoman; William COOK, Dairyman

witnessed by William WELCH, Hannah COOK


05-May-1846; William LEAVES minor, Labourer, & Catherine HAWKER

Fathers: John LEAVES, Labourer; Joseph HAWKER, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas CASWELL, Sarah BUDDEN


09-May-1846; George PHILLIPS, Labourer, & Hannah FOWLER

Fathers: Thomas PHILLIPS, Labourer; Elias FOWLER, Labourer

witnessed by John PHILLIPS, Thomas OUSLEY


30-May-1846; Arthur ZEALLEY, Miller of Phelley Mills, & Mary BENNETT

Fathers: Amos ZEALLEY, Miller; John BENNETT, Baker

witnessed by Elizabeth BENNETT, N. R. CHAPMAN


28-Jun-1846; James STANTON, Labourer of Laymore, & Elizabeth COOK

Fathers: John STANTON, Labourer; Alexander COOK, Labourer

witnessed by James (?) STOODLEY, Susan COOK


29-Jun-1846; William HANN, Labourer of Holditch, & Eliza HAWKER of Hewood

Fathers: William HANN, Labourer; Joseph HAWKER, Labourer

witnessed by Robert HANN, Thomas OUSLEY


29-Aug-1846; Samuel GARDNER, Footman of Bradpole, & Mary Ann HAWKER minor

Fathers: William GARDNER, Gardener; James HAWKER, Carpenter

witnessed by John PHILLIPS, Hannah COOK


12-Sep-1846; William Powell EDWARDS of Lyme Regis & Susan STUCKEY

Fathers: Joshua EDWARDS, Builder; Thomas STUCKEY, Mason

witnessed by John EDWARDS, Ann STUCKEY


28-Nov-1846; Joel WHITE, Labourer, & Mercy DOWN

Fathers: Joel WHITE, Labourer; James DOWN, Labourer

witnessed by John WELMAN, Thomas OUSLEY


27-May-1847; Joseph JEFFARD, Labourer, & Ruth SAWYER

Fathers: John JEFFARD, Labourer; William SAWYER, Carpenter

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Eliza JEFFARD


27-May-1847; Robert GUPPY, Labourer, & Maria COOK

Fathers: Blank; James COOK, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth DOWN


29-Jun-1847; Richard BOWDITCH, Shoemaker, & Mary BISHOP

Fathers: George BOWDITCH, Labourer; Thomas BISHOP, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Ann BISHOP


03-Nov-1847; John JENNINGS, Labourer, & Jane BOWDITCH

Fathers: Francis JENNINGS, Labourer; Matthew BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Elizabeth APLIN


28-Nov-1847; Charles WELCH, Farmer, & Elizabeth FREEMAN

Fathers: George WELCH, Farmer; Thomas FREEMAN, Carpenter

witnessed by William WELCH, Sarah BENNETT


13-Dec-1847; David HALLETT, Labourer, & Elizabeth HUSSEY

Fathers: James HALLETT, Labourer; James HUSSEY, Labourer

witnessed by Charles HUSSEY, Thomas OUSLEY


03-Feb-1848; Samuel BENNETT Farmer, & Elizabeth BOON

Fathers: Joseph BENNETT, Farmer; Jonathan BOON, Tailor

witnessed by Frances BENNETT, Sarah BOWYER


20-Apr-1848; John PHILLIPS, Labourer, & Harriet HAWKINS

Fathers: Thomas PHILLIPS, Labourer; Robert HAWKINS, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Hannah PHILLIPS


18-Oct-1848; William WELCH, Farmer, & Mary HAWKER

Fathers: George WELCH, Farmer; William HAWKER, Farmer

witnessed by Thomas OUSLEY, Slena HAWKER


16-Jun-1849; William LARCOMBE, Labourer, & Elizabeth RAYMOND

Fathers: Matthew LARCOMBE, Labourer; Thomas RAYMOND, Labourer

witnessed by John HUSSEY, Thomas Newbury OUSLEY


24-Jun-1849; John BOWDITCH, Carter, & Mary BOWDITCH

Fathers: Matthew BOWDITCH, Carter; William BOWDITCH, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas N. OUSLEY, Simeon WAY


25-Aug-1849; Joseph BRAGGE, Yeoman, & Sarah BENNETT minor

Fathers: Richard BRAGG, Yeoman; John BENNETT, Baker

witnessed by Elizabeth BENNETT, John BENNETT


27-Oct-1849; John LEAVES, Labourer, & Susan WHITE

Fathers: John LEAVES, Labourer; Joel WHITE, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas N. OUSLEY, William Henry (?) COX


01-Dec-1849; Joseph STANTON, Labourer, & Elizabeth FOWLER

Fathers: John STANTON, Labourer; Elias FOWLER, Labourer

witnessed by Thomas N. OUSLEY, George PHILLIPS


26-Jan-1850; Joel WHITE widower, Labourer, & Pheaby READER

Fathers: John WHITE, Labourer; Blank

witnessed by Samuel HITCHCOCK, Thomas N. OUSLEY


27-Mar-1850; Robert SMITH, Yeoman of Sindeford, & Hannah COLEBERD of Sindeford

Fathers: Joseph SMITH, Yeoman; Edward COLEBERD, Weaver

witnessed by Mary EBWOOD, Robert COLEBERD


28-Jun-1850; John WELLMAN widower, Labourer, & Mary MITCHELL

Fathers: John WELLMAN, Labourer; William MITCHELL, Labourer

witnessed by John OUSLEY, Elizabeth OUSLEY


27-Oct-1850; Methuselah PHELPS, Sawyer, & Ruth WELLMAN

Fathers: William PHELPS, Labourer; William WELLMAN, Labourer

witnessed by Henry LOARING (?),Thomas N. OUSLEY


13-Jun-1851; George COZENS, Cordwainer of Charmouth, & Amelia HUNT

Fathers: William COYENS, Cordwainer; Charles HUNT, Labourer

witnessed by Charles HUNT, Thomas N. OUSLEY


02-Dec-1851; James STANTON, Flax Dresser of Laymore, & Susan STUCKEY of Laymore

Fathers: Joseph STANTON, Flax Dresser; Peter STUCKEY, Mason

witnessed by John COOK, David GILLINGHAM



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