Weddings 1691 - 1812


This transcription by Kim Parker has been taken from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages" Volume 2, edited by W. P. W. Phillimore & Edmund Nevill, published in 1908. The extracts were made by Mr. Bartelot and printed by leave of the Rev. Prebendary Bragge.

Transcriber’s Note: Remember that until 1752, when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the year ran from 25 MAR to 24 MAR (known as the Julian calendar), with 1751 being the transition year, running from 25 MAR to 31 DEC. Thus, an entry dated 05 FEB 1560 would be considered to have occurred on 05 FEB 1561 according to our current way of dating. However, it appears the Parish Clerk of Thorncombe was reluctant to switch to the new dating system, and the Julian calendar remained in use until 1754.

In the book, the dates appear on the right hand side and all surnames are in lowercase. I have sorted the entries into chronological order, whereas Phillimore respected the sometime random order of the entries (especially during the 17th century, when parchment was expensive and entries were inserted in any available space). KP



VOL. II. is of parchment, and measures 12 in. by 6-3/4 in.; includes the marriages from 1691-1740.


13-Apr-1691; William BOWDITCH & Susana STANTON

02-Jun-1691; Matthew CRAT & Mary STAPLE

04-Feb-1691; George RICH & Katherin FOLLET

19-May-1692; William PALMER & Christian FOWLER

16-Jul-1692; George SWAFFELL & Jane COOKE

15-Sep-1692; Rhalph COSSENS & Elizabeth COOPER

24-Oct-1692; Thomas GOULD & Elizabeth COCKS

09-Apr-1694; George COMBE & Sarah STAPLEN

29-May-1694; John POOLE & Anne CRAT

26-Jun-1694; William HAINE & Anne BUCKLAN

04-Aug-1694; Mr. John LEIGH & Miss Anne BRAGGE

08-Aug-1694; Robert PAUL & Mary BISHOP

05-Feb-1694; John HODDER & Elizabeth PERREN

02-May-1695; James HODDER & Mary KING

11-Jun-1695; John FOSSIE & Elizabeth CAIRD

27-Jun-1695; Aaron COOKE & Sarah RAWLEIGHT

16-Oct-1695; William RAPSON & Elizabeth TILER

05-Nov-1695; Richard ALLEN & Edeth LUMBARD

22-Jan-1695; Peter BOUROUGH & Mary HODDER

04-Feb-1695; John PIE & Eliner BOWDITCH

30-Apr-1696; John SHEAPARD & Mary HAIN

07-Aug-1696; Matthew BRAGGE & Mary BRAGGE

19-Aug-1696; John SPRAKE & Ann FOSSIE

12-Feb-1696; Thomas BROUGHTON & Susanah WRIGHT

04-May-1697; Robert FOWLER & Elizabeth BRAGGE

14-May-1697; Henry PERING & Joan NEWTON, of Wolescomb

27-May-1697; William BOWDITCH & Mary TUCKER

26-Oct-1697; Francis BURD & Tamson WITTIM

28-Oct-1697; John JAMES & Hanah ZELLE

03-May-1698; William HALLET & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

04-May-1698; Samuell FREAK & Martha LENDNE

11-May-1698; John OWSLY & Martha JENKENS

01-Aug-1698; William WELLMAN & Joan COGGAN

15-Aug-1698; Robert BROWNSIE & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

20-Sep-1698; Robert FOWLER & Joan MAYGER

09-Oct-1698; John ALLEN & Gartered CUMENGS

21-Feb-1698; Joseph STANTON & Winnefritt HILL

10-Apr-1699; Joshua BAKER & Elizabeth PERIE

20-Jun-1699; Anthony FREAKE & Mary GIBBES

02-Jul-1699; John FOSSIE & Dorcas HANCOCKE

06-Feb-1699; Humphry PHELPS & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

12-Feb-1699; William HARDEMAN & Anne BOWDITCH

13-Feb-1699; John FOLLET & Elizabeth FRIE

30-May-1700; Barnard  BOWDITCH & Mary SHEPARD of Crewkerne

27-Jun-1700; William PHELPS & Mary FOWLER

22-Aug-1700; John ROSSE & Ann TRENCHARD

09-Oct-1700; John COOKSEN & Debory LONG

25-Feb-1700; John PROUSE Esq. & Mrs. Margaret BRAGGE

26-Feb-1700; Matthew FOLLET & Debory BENET

27-May-1701; John COLLIER & Mary PINNY

05-Jun-1701; Edward PALMER & Agnes LEE

24-Jun-1701; Samuel COOK & Elianor HAINE

16-Jul-1701; Richard OUSLY & Joan FOWLER

30-Sep-1701; Matthew PHELPS & Ann MILLER

10-Nov-1701; William OUSLEY & Joan FOWLER [sic]

11-Dec-1701; John JUNES & Sarah WALE

30-Dec-1701; John FOWLER & Joan COOKE

17-Feb-1701; William PEI & Joan BAGGE

17-Feb-1701; James PHELPS & Rachell SPRAKE

05-May-1702; Joseph PEEDON & Jane INNETT

12-May-1702; Richard INNETT & Bridget SHIERE

14-May-1702; John HALLETT & Joan JEFFRY

17-May-1702; Edward FORSYE & Mary MICHELL

24-May-1702; John BEDGOOD & Elizabeth PYE

09-Jun-1702; Mathew BRIANT & Elizabeth FOSSYE

30-Jul-1702; Joshua PAUL & Sarah FOSSIE

15-Oct-1702; John LOVERIDGE & Grace NEWTON

02-Feb-1702; Nicholas WALE & Esther STANTON

03-Feb-1702; Anthony HODDER & Grace WILLIAMS

04-Feb-1702; Richard FRACK & Elizabeth BRAGGE

25-Apr-1703; Barnard FOSSIE & Elizabeth BROWNSIE

11-May-1703; John FREAK & Rachell BOWDITCH

26-May-1703; Humphry PHELPS & Magery EGRAN

14-Jul-1703; Joseph COOKE & Ann COCKS

31-Aug-1703; Mr. Claver MORRICE & Mrs. Mary BRAGGE

22-Sep-1703; George FOWLER & Elizabeth RAPSY

14-Feb-1703; Henry PULMAN & Ann COOKE

13-Jun-1704; George COOKE & Hanah FOSSIE

27-Dec-1704; Edward STUCKIE & Hanah DEAN

08-Apr-1705; Abraham SPRAKE & Grace HALLET

12-Apr-1705; William BRIANT & Catheren BRAGGE

26-Apr-1705; Thomas JAFFRY & Susanah HAIN

08-May-1705; Jerimiah COOKE & Ann STANTON

20-May-1705; Barnard PENNIE & Joan BRAGGE

17-Jun-1705; Stephen GRENFILD & Dorcas BUSSELL

19-Jun-1705; Moses HALLETT & Elizabeth SPRAKE

09-Sep-1705; Samuel WAKLY & Ann BAGWELL

25-Sep-1705; Robert BOWDITCH & Francis STAPELL

11-Nov-1705; William SPILLER & Mary OLIVER

13-Nov-1705; Matthew COOKE & Mary BOWDITCH

13-Jan-1705; Richard BRAGGE & Sarah FOWLER

23-Jan-1705; Thomas PAUL & Mary BOWDITCH

03-Feb-1705; Robert HOOPER & Joan BOWDITCH

28-Feb-1705; Thomas BRAITON & Mary BRAGGE

02-May-1706; John GOFFE & Mary PERIE

03-May-1706; Barnard FOSSIE & Elizabeth JENKENS

06-Feb-1706; William STARK & Mary MAJOR

06-Feb-1706; William BOON & Mary BRAGGE

17-Apr-1707; Thomas BRAGGE & Mary COXE

24-Sep-1707; Daniel PHELPS & Mary STAPLE

22-Jun-1708; Giles BOWDITCH & Patience BRIANT

10-Feb-1708; Richard COOKE & Elizabeth HARDYMAN

28-Nov-1709; Samuel COOKE & Mary DUMETT

19-Nov-1709; Robert DAMATT & Mary BOWDITCH

21-Feb-1709; John STEPHENS & Grace CLOATHER

14-Apr-1710; John FOSSE & Benedicta BURD

11-Jun-1710; Thomas HALLETT & Elizabeth STAPLE

21-Jun-1710; John DEAN & Elizabeth JAFFERRY

01-Oct-1710; Simon POOR & Hannah STANTON

30-Nov-1710; John HAWKER & Joan BOND

26-Dec-1710; Joseph RUSSELL & Phyllis BROUN

26-Apr-1711; George PHELPS & Elizabeth STANTON

05-Jun-1711; William STUCKEE & Grace TRENCHARD

09-Jun-1712; George BOWDITCH & Ann COOK

12-Jun-1712; John TURNER & Ann BOND

07-Sep-1712; Samuel STAPLE & Esther LACY

16-Oct-1712; Augustine SWAFFELL & Joan MORRICE

12-Nov-1712; John FOWLER & Ann SWAIN

19-Jan-1712; Robert BRAGGE & Hannah HITCHCOCK

17-Feb-1712; John LENBRY & Mary HALLET

07-Apr-1713; William HAWKENS & Mary HENCOCK

07-Apr-1713; Aaron BUCKLER & Sarah MORGAN of Axminster

07-Apr-1713; Joseph PARTRIDGE & Mary THOMAS of Axminster

09-Apr-1713; Joseph FOSSIE & Alice MITCHELL

09-Apr-1713; John NORTH & Ann ROUSSEL

20-Apr-1713; Robert CHANNING & Catherine SILK

04-Jun-1713; John SUGGER & Alice HOPPER

16-Aug-1713; Robert BROWSIE & Joan OUSLY

17-Aug-1713; John HINE & Christian BONNER

15-Dec-1713; Joshua HITCHCOCK & Frances SUGGAR

03-Jan-1713; Nathanell WATTS & Mary FRENCH

09-Jan-1713; Joseph SHEETON & Elizabeth GRIMUM

29-Jan-1713; Thomas SHEAPARD & Susanah COOKE

04-Feb-1713; John JEFFRY & Joan BRAGGE

09-Feb-1713; John SHEAPARD & Ann COOKE

11-May-1714; Walter HALLETT & Joan BUSSELL

23-Sep-1714; William RAPSY & Ann HALLETT

05-Nov-1714; John HAWKER & Tamsen LIMBRY

14-Dec-1714; Aaron LOVERIDGE & Mary BOWDITCH

02-Jan-1714; William BOWDITCH & Grace BURD

16-Jan-1714; Samuell PHELPS & Susanah BRAMLY

17-Apr-1715; Samuel PAUL & Ellennor COOK

19-Apr-1715; Robert HOLLARD & Ann BUNSIN of Axminster

14-May-1715; Richard PHELPS & Grace BRAGGE

19-May-1715; Hennery STANTON & Martha MORRICE

25-Sep-1715; James CRAFT & Elizabeth STUCKEY

13-Dec-1715; Elias FOSSIE & Catherine JAMES

02-Apr-1716; John MUNDEN & Elizabeth WAKLY

05-Apr-1716; John CRODE & Mary WELMAN

05-Apr-1716; Samuel PROSSER & Joan HALLETT

10-Apr-1716; John SAVAGE & Judith BRIANT

21-May-1716; Anthony FREAK & Mary MUNDEN

21-May-1716; George HITCHCOCK & Elizabeth STANTON

29-May-1716; John HUCKEELBRIDGE & Edith HALLETT

30-May-1716; Thomas FROSS & Mary TURNER

29-Jun-1716; Robert STANTON & Elizabeth CRAFT

19-Aug-1716; John LANE & Mary FOWLER

29-Aug-1716; Matthew BRAGGE & Mary STANTON

22-Nov-1716; John HOOPPER & Elizabeth SWAFFEL

23-Dec-1716; Joseph BOWDITCH & Anne BRAGGE

20-Jan-1716; Richard NORSTER & Joan WHITE

06-Feb-1716; Samson STANTON & Mary MARTHARS

10-Feb-1716; John PARSONS & Ann MITCHEL

21-Feb-1716; Hezekiah BERYE & Susanah BRAGGE

22-Apr-1717; John VERIARD & Ruth WELMAN

10-May-1717; George COMBE & Margret RICHARDS

28-May-1717; Ritchard RITCHARDS & Susanah BAGGE

19-Jul-1717; Joseph STANTON & Tamsen MORE

24-Aug-1717; William BRIANT & Joan COOK

01-Jan-1717; Robert PERIN & Margret VERIARD

25-Feb-1717; John HAWKER & Elizabeth HOOPPER

01-Apr-1718; Laurence COOK & Hannah COOK

01-May-1718; Samuell BOWDITCH & Margret PAUL

06-May-1718; John MORRISS & Martha FOWLER

08-May-1718; John JENKENS & Mary RAPSIE

26-Jun-1718; William PIE & Dorkas COGGAN

20-Jul-1718; Thomas HAINE & Mary GRAY

05-Aug-1718; Henry WELMAN & Ann FOWLER

23-Oct-1718; William COOK & Sarah SELLEE

02-Apr-1719; Samuell MITCHELL & Catharien BROWNSIE

12-May-1719; John SHEAPARD & Mary COOK

11-Jun-1719; John COLMAR & Mary BROUGHTON

12-Dec-1719; John FERITT & Hanah POOR

15-Dec-1719; Andrew HARDIMAN & Hanah VINEE

25-Feb-1719; William HAYCRAFT & Joan PERIN

10-May-1720; George COOMB & Bridget RAPSY

31-May-1720; George GALE & Elizabeth SUGGAR

18-Oct-1720; William LUMBARD & Jane SAWFFELL

05-Nov-1720; John PHELPS & Elizabeth BRAGGE

05-Nov-1720; John LACY & Elizabeth JENKINS

04-May-1721; George SHEPEARD & Sarah BRAGGE

18-May-1721; William COOK & Hanah SWAFFELL

30-May-1721; Samuel HAWKER & Margret BEDGOOD

07-Sep-1721; Abraham BOWDITCH & Tamson BRAGGE

28-Dec-1721; John FURMIDGE & Mary BROWNSIE

01-Apr-1722; John GOOD & Catherine SPRAKE

02-Apr-1722; Henry ALLEN & Vertue SAMSON

17-Apr-1722; Joseph FOSSIE & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

24-Apr-1722; Jeremiah COOK & Ann STUCKEY

30-May-1722; John ORCHARD & Joan SUGGAR

08-Jul-1722; John FOSSIE & Mary FOSSIE

09-Jul-1722; John ATKENS & Elizabeth SHEAPARD

16-Aug-1722; Robert GOUFF & Elizabeth SPRAKE

10-Sep-1722; Richard BROWNSIE & Jane PAUL

15-Nov-1722; Edmund STAPLE & Eleanor PAUL

13-Dec-1722; William STOCKER & Dorothy ROUSSEL

26-Dec-1722; John JEREAD & Mary HINE

27-Dec-1722; Samuel POOR & Joan PAUL

04-Nov-1722; William HUTCHENS & Hannah WOOLMINGTON

14-Feb-1722; John FARTHING & Joan GRAY

25-Feb-1722; John WHEADON & Edith COMB

18-Apr-1723; William PEY & Elizabeth BRAGGE

30-Apr-1723; John HARVY & Martha SOWFFELL

04-Jun-1723; Simon HALLETT & Ann SUGGAR

05-Aug-1723; Samuell LORIN & Tamson HALLETT

21-Jun-1723; Nathan SAWFELL & Mary BURD

29-Mar-1724; Abraham PARKER & Mary COLLENDON

05-Apr-1724; Thomas RAPSY & Sarah COMB

09-Apr-1724; John FOLLETT & Elizabeth HALLETT

17-May-1724; William POOR & Susannah HITCHCOCK

06-Jun-1724; John OUSLY & Mary PAUL

28-Jun-1724; John MASTER & Martha STAPLE

15-Oct-1724; John WHEADON & Sarah HALLETT

05-Nov-1724; Thomas HAIN & Mary STONE

07-Nov-1724; Simon HALLET & Mary FOLLETT

06-Jan-1724; Richard CHURCHELL & Agnes WELLMAN

16-Jan-1724; William MORE & Martha FERITT

08-Feb-1724; Robert HUSE & Margret BRAGGE

31-Mar-1725; Joseph SAVAGE & Elizabeth RUSSELL

01-Apr-1725; Richard SMITH & Elizabeth WELMAN

04-Apr-1725; William BARNS & Elizabeth WAKLY

06-Apr-1725; John TOBY & Joan PARKER

15-Apr-1725; Thomas COOK & Elizabeth OUSLY

25-Apr-1725; James FOSSIE & Joan SPRAKE

04-Jun-1725; John PAUL & Dinah ADAMS

24-Jun-1725; Samuel FREAK & Mary SHEAPARD

05-Jul-1725; Nathanel COPP & Bridget SPRAKE

15-Aug-1725; Thomas COOK & Ann HARBAR

30-Sep-1725; John RAPSY & Mary KENWAY

17-Oct-1725; John COOK & Mary TUCKER

04-Nov-1725; William HARDYMAN & Mary HODDER

16-Nov-1725; Samuel FOSSIE & Sarah SEMENS

04-Apr-1726; John BRAGGE & Sarah HELLERY

11-Apr-1726; William OUSLY & Elizabeth BONNER

13-Apr-1726; Robert HILL & Mary WOOLY

03-Jun-1726; Thomas SANDEVER & Joan PEY

13-Jun-1726; Richard MITCHELL & Mary BROWNSIE

30-Jun-1726; Barnard HODDER & Catherine ADAMS

13-Sep-1726; John MITCHELL & Christian STUDLY

14-Sep-1726; Edward MORRICE & Mary FORD

10-Oct-1726; Robert DAVIE & Susanah COOMB

20-Oct-1726; Samuel LACY & Mary POOR

02-Oct-1726; William RAPSEY & Florance HALLETT

04-Nov-1726; John HAWKER & Elizabeth MORE

05-Nov-1726; Aaron COOK & Hannah BRAGGE

26-Jan-1726; Richard HAIN & Hannah HALLETT

08-Feb-1726; Peter SEBLY & Catherine TURNER

08-Feb-1726; William PHELPS & Mary LOGETT

08-Feb-1726; John MORRICE & Mary HARDY

14-Feb-1726; Matthew ALLEN & Hannah HAWKER

17-Apr-1727; John MITCHELL & Elizabeth SPRAKE

04-May-1727; John BROUNSIE & Mary HAWKER

07-Jun-1727; Simon HALLETT & Joan SHEAPARD

22-Jun-1727; Nicholas WAKLY & Elizabeth NORTH

20-Sep-1727; Henry ALLEN & Agnes SEAWARD

26-Sep-1727; John GATE & Mary TRENCHARD

05-Nov-1727; Richard BRAGGE & Arabella WAKLY

26-Dec-1727; Mr. Edward FORWARD & Mrs. Ann WOOTTON

26-Dec-1727; Henry STANTON & Christian CROD

17-Feb-1727; Samuel STAPLE & Honour FREAK

25-Feb-1727; Edward GODSOUL & Elizabeth PAGE

21-Apr-1728; John SEMES & Jemima RAPSON

23-Apr-1728; Daniel PALFRY & Mary RABENS

24-Apr-1728; Samuel CRAFT & Mary KINSTONE

16-Jun-1728; Richard SMITH & Mary COOK

20-Aug-1728; Edware PAGE & Mary COLLEOR

30-Sep-1728; Joseph PHELPS & Ann JENKINS

05-Nov-1728; Richard HAWKINS & Mary BRAGGE

05-Nov-1728; Samuel PHELPS & Mary PEY

12-Dec-1728; Samuel LOCK & Ann BOWDITCH

07-Apr-1729; Benjamin CRAFT & Elinor HOOPER

14-Apr-1729; John BRAGG & Hannah LOVERIDGE

02-May-1729; Matthew PAUL & Elizabeth DOON

14-Sep-1729; Samuel CATTER & Elizabeth MITCHELL

09-Oct-1729; Abraham HAIN & Mary PUTT

20-Oct-1729; Samuel RAPSY & Sarah VALINETT

03-Nov-1729; Samuel BOWDITCH & Mary CHILCK

30-Mar-1730; Anthony HODDER & Susannah BOWDITCH

31-Mar-1730; Thomas MORRICE & Elizabeth HAWKINS

07-May-1730; John HODDER & Gathery BENNET

10-May-1730; John COOK & Elizabeth STAPLE

28-Jul-1730; Mathew FOLLET & Susannah HALLET

10-Aug-1730; William BROWNSEY & Annah SHAPARD

14-Nov-1730; Richard INNETT & Mary SWAFFELL

02-Dec-1730; Mathew BRYANT & Ann BAKER alias MORISE

19-Apr-1731; Thomas RAPSY & Catherine SCRIVEN

19-Apr-1731; Robert SPILLER & Abigail FOSSIE

20-Apr-1731; George BOON & Betty YATES

06-May-1731; John LENTHALL & Jane SEWARD of Yarcombe

10-May-1731; Job COOK & Joan BEURY

31-May-1731; Benjamin CRAFT & Hester OATS

22-Aug-1731; Benjamin BAGG & Elizabeth BRAGGE

19-Sep-1731; Samuel HAWKENS & Mary TRENCHARD

26-Sep-1731; Thomas WARRY & Sarah HAWKER

25-Oct-1731; Joseph BOWDITCH & Mary MULLETT

16-Nov-1731; Joseph NORMAN & Mary SHEPHERD

28-Nov-1731; John INNETT & Joan HAWKER

02-Dec-1731; Joseph HAWKER & Anna SPARK

01-Feb-1731; John SWAFFELL & Elizabeth HALLET

16-Feb-1731; Richard BOWRING & Mary PAUL of Winsham

09-Apr-1732; Samuel BOWDITCH & Mary COOK

13-Apr-1732; Robert SNOOK & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

29-May-1732; George TRENCHARD & Betty HODDER

30-Jul-1732; William RUSSEL & Elizabeth LARCOMBE

31-Jul-1732; Edward STAPEL & Hannah ALLEN

20-Sep-1732; Nathaniel SMITH of Sturminster Marshal & Margaret VINEY

27-Sep-1732; William HODDER & Phillis MASON

11-Oct-1732; John MITCHELL & Mary DRAKE

06-Feb-1732; Thomas ENGLAND of Wayford & Mary LUMBARD

29-Mar-1733; Tobias PALMER & Joan ROWSEL

01-Apr-1733; William STANTON & Joan BAGG

12-Apr-1733; William BOON & Anna PHILPS

30-Apr-1733; Samuel HORSFORD of Broadwinsor & Mary WALE

16-May-1733; John JEFFERY & Mary BOWDITCH

26-May-1733; William HARDIMAN & Elizabeth WORLIS

03-Jun-1733; Hugh HOLLARD & Elizabeth SWAFFEL

28-Aug-1733; Robert WATERS & Rebecca SWAFFEL

03-Sep-1733; Thomas PHELPS & Hanah TRENCHARD

29-Sep-1733; John HAYBOLL & Jane BENNET

26-Nov-1733; Richard LOVERIGE & Joan PHELPS

26-Dec-1733; Bernard COGAN & Mary THORN

02-Jan-1733; William BOND of Dalwood & Mary JEFFERY

10-Jan-1733; Samuel STANTON & Martha MOOR

05-Feb-1733; George ADAMS & Anne WELLMAN of Eastbay

24-Feb-1733; Samuel STAPLE & Sarah BANSTON

16-Apr-1734; George OUSLY & Mary JESSE

16-Apr-1734; Benjamin COOK & Mary HOOPER

02-Jul-1734; Humphry HITCHCOCK & Grace BONNER

24-Sep-1734; Roger HAWKINS of Seaborow & Ann BRAGGE

08-Oct-1734; William MITCHEL & Susannah LIDDEN

28-Dec-1734; John COMBE & Betty FOWLER

28-Dec-1734; Samuel COMBE & Catherine BOON

02-Jan-1734; James GREGORY & Rebecca RAPSY

17-Jan-1734; Simon HALLET & Joan FORSY

18-Feb-1734; John BARRET & Elizabeth FORSY

08-Apr-1735; Elias FORSEY & Mary BOWDITCH

09-Apr-1735; Robert SNOOK & Grace COLLIPRIEST

28-May-1735; Henry MITCHEL & Hannah HOOD or FLOOD

01-Oct-1735; George FREAK & Mary PHELPS

09-Oct-1735; John COOK & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

06-Nov-1735; George BOWDITCH & Elizabeth SMITH

27-Dec-1735; Robert PAUL & Elizabeth CROAD

31-Dec-1735; John HODDER & Mary ROCKET

11-Jan-1735; Robert HOOPER & Mary JEFFERY

28-Apr-1736; Robert FOORD & Elner SWAFFEL

29-Apr-1736; Robert BAGGE & Elizabeth SWAFFEL

25-May-1736; Thomas BRAGGE & Hannah CLEAMENSAY

03-Jul-1736; Robert SELLER & Mary HITCHCOCK

16-Dec-1736; Benjamin BOWDITCH & Elner FOSSY

02-Feb-1736; George BROUGHTON & Mary FORSEY

22-Feb-1736; John STAPLE & Elizabeth WATS

11-Apr-1737; James MARGARY & Mary HART

11-Oct-1737; John BOWDITCH & Sarah ABBOT

26-Dec-1737; Charles LEE & Ann WAKELY

26-Dec-1737; Henry STANTON & Sarah PERIN

27-Dec-1737; Thomas HARDY & Thomasin NICHOLS

04-Apr-1738; John PHELPS & Anstis VINEY

06-Apr-1738; William HAYCRAFT & Elizabeth BARTLETT of Axminster

22-May-1738; John BURRIGE & Elizabeth BRAGGE

25-May-1738; Edward STANTON & Mary BURRIGE

31-May-1738; Henry HOAR & Esther CHUBB

14-Jun-1738; John BAKER & Ann STANTON

28-Nov-1738; William HOOPER & Susanna HURLE

06-Mar-1738; John NORRIS of Kilmington & Ann MASON

22-Apr-1739; Thomas BRAGG & Mary HAWKINS

17-Jun-1739; Mathew CRAFT & Jane GEARD

24-Jun-1739; John BERRY & Sarah KINGSTONE of Winsham

27-Aug-1739; George HITCHCOCK & Sarah HITCHCOCK

09-Oct-1739; Benjamin COOK & Elizabeth RAPSEY

09-Oct-1739; Joseph TURNER & Betty WATTS

15-Jan-1739; John PYE & Catherine FOSSIE

17-Feb-1739; John RUSSEL & Betty COGAN

12-Apr-1740; Walter HALLET & Betty FORSEY

16-Apr-1740; John CASE & Betty WHITE

10-Jun-1740; Thomas STANTON & Mary PHELPS

22-Jun-1740; John SINGEL & Hannah ATKINS of Cricket

25-Jun-1740; Thomas LASEY & Catherine BERRY

08-Jan-1740; Richard BROWNSY & Betty ALSON

13-Jan-1740; Samuell HITCHCOCK & Jane PHELPS

03-Feb-1740; William DUDENEY & Ruth VINEY



VOL.III., measuring 17 in. by 8 in., fills the period 1741-1754.


03-Apr-1741; John GERRARD & Catherine SHAPCOT

23-Apr-1741; Giles JEFFERY & Betty BARRET

16-Aug-1741; Samson STANTON & Catherine CHANING

03-Sep-1741; John HOAR & Betty PARTRIDGE

13-Oct-1741; John JENKINS & Elizabeth BENNET of Winsham

27-Jan-1741; Nathaniel STEVENS & Elizabeth PHELPS

02-Feb-1741; John HITCHCOCK & Susanna FORSY

21-Apr-1742; George BURRIDGE & Jane HAWKER

09-Jun-1742; Samuel MICHEL & Sarah EPDON

09-Jun-1742; John BURRIDG & Mary BURRIDGE

20-Aug-1742; Bernard PERREM & Martha STAPLE

24-Aug-1742; John COOK & Mary BAKER

15-Sep-1742; Peter FOWLER & Sarah BEAVIS

27-Sep-1742; Henry STANTON & Catherine PYE

04-Dec-1742; Edward ADAMS & Betty SPARK

25-Dec-1742; John LANE & Mary BARRET

19-Dec-1742; Caleb LACEY & Mary BOWDITCH

30-Dec-1742; Samuel MOORREY & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

03-Jan-1742; Samuel ELLIOT & Mary WALTERS

31-Jan-1742; William JAMES & Joan BARRET

14-Feb-1742; William BRYANT & Mary COOMBE

14-Feb-1742; George SHEPHEARD & Sarah COOK

17-Apr-1743; Thomas HAYN & Dianah BARTLET

02-Jun-1743; Thomas FREAK & Susanna SHEPHERD

18-Jun-1743; Anthony HODDER & Mary BRYANT

05-Nov-1743; Nathaniel SWAFFEL & Joan BRYANT

27-Nov-1743; Abraham BOON & Rebecka BROOM

03-Jan-1743; John HINE & Betty BOWDITCH

01-Feb-1743; Richard TOLLY & Elizabeth STUCKEY

17-May-1744; John DEAN & Eleanor MORRISH

04-Jun-1744; Moses FORSEY & Sarah BARRETT

19-Jun-1744; Richard BRYANT & Hannah PROSSER

02-Jul-1744; Peter CHICK & Mary CADEY

05-Jul-1744; William BOWDITCH & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

09-Jul-1744; James TURNER & Sarah CADDY of Winsham

02-Aug-1744; Thomas MARGERY & Hannah BRAGGE

11-Sep-1744; Joseph PECKHAM of Bemister & Martha PHELPS

13-Sep-1744; Thomas COOK & Mary LOVERIDGE

16-Dec-1744; Moses HALLET & Unity SHOWER

02-Feb-1744; Henry SUGAR & Eleanor FORSEY

06-Feb-1744; Robert WILLIS of Hawkchurch & Elizabeth CHICK

24-Feb-1744; William STOODLEY of Broadwinsor & Susanna FORSEY

26-Feb-1744; Samuel BOWDITCH & Thomazin COLMER

27-May-1745; William BRAGGE & Sarah MITCHELL

22-Aug-1745; William HARDIMAN & Elizabeth SWAFIELD

25-Oct-1745; William BAGGE & Elizabeth WHITE

27-Oct-1745; Robert BOWDITCH & Joan BRAGGE

30-Jan-1745; Peter STUCKEY & Betty GALE

09-Oct-1746; Robert BOWDITCH & Joan FORSEY

09-Oct-1746; Thomas BOWDITCH & Mary COSSENS

04-Nov-1746; Robert HAWKER & Eleanor GUDGE

28-Dec-1746; David TRENCHARD & Sarah BOWDITCH

04-Jan-1746; Samuel POOR & Thomasin HOOPER

30-Jan-1746; Robert BERRY & Elizabeth HOOPER

21-Apr-1747; Isaac TRENCHARD & Ann BORIDGE

21-Apr-1747; Samuel PHELPS & Sarrah HODGES

10-May-1747; William WINTER & Margaret HUXFORD

09-Jun-1747; Bernard COGGAN & Elizabeth HAINE

05-Jul-1747; Hugh BRAGG & Florence HALLET

03-Aug-1747; Benjamin WOOD & Martha TRENCHARD of Culmstock

13-Sep-1747; Hugh CHANNING & Mary FOLLET

21-Sep-1747; William HARDYMAN & Ann BAKER

15-Oct-1747; Henry HOARE & Hannah BRAGG

28-Oct-1747; James CUSSENS & Rose COLMER

30-Nov-1747; John FRY & Martha STANTON

23-Feb-1747; Bernard DOWN & Alice BOWDITCH

30-May-1748; Benjamin CRAFT & Hannah COOK

13-Jun-1748; John ALLEN & Ann PEADON

19-Jun-1748; Thomas BRAGG & Eem HEX

26-Jun-1748; John TOLLEY & Joan BENNET

09-Oct-1748; Mathew STAPLE & Ann BROWNSEY

30-Oct-1748; Richard INNET & Jane PHELPS

14-Nov-1748; Thomas SHEPHER & Grace WHITE

26-Dec-1748; Bernard PERRAM & Catherine LACY

29-Jan-1748; Joseph ALLEN & Mary CHINNOCK

29-Jan-1748; John JEFFERY & Tamsen LACY

27-Mar-1749; John APPLING & Sarrah HAWKER

29-Mar-1749; Richard ZEALEY & Mariah FORSEY

16-Jul-1749; Daniel BOWDITCH & Patience FORSEY

24-Jul-1749; Stephen COLLIPREST & Mary PAGE

27-Jul-1749; Giles WELMAN & Martha LOVRIDGE

27-Aug-1749; Charles CHICK & Martha HUXFORD

02-Dec-1749; John WHITE & Betty HAWKER

26-Dec-1749; Ishmael COOMB & Mary STANTON

25-Jan-1749; Phinees BOWDITCH & Amey WAKLEY

24-Feb-1749; William PAULL & Joan FORSEY

18-Apr-1750; Thomas PEADON & Margreit WINTER

20-Apr-1750; John RUSSELL & Amey FORSEY

03-Jun-1750; George GALE & Elizabeth MULLET

21-Jun-1750; William BOWDITCH & Mary FREAK

24-Jun-1750; John HORSFORD & Elizabeth HAWKINS

06-Aug-1750; Benjamin CRAFT & Sarah SWAFIELD

27-Sep-1750; Thomas COOMBE & Mary SHAPARD

25-Dec-1750; Joshua HALLET of Axmouth & Martha FERRET

24-Jan-1750; William WHITTEY & Ann DOGGE

08-Apr-1751; Mathew CRAFFITE & Mary JENKENS

09-Apr-1751; Nathaniel SWAFFELL & Elizabeth STANTON

09-Apr-1751; Richard BROWNSEY & Ann HODDER

15-Apr-1751; John TURNER & Mary PARTRIGE

19-May-1751; William COOMB & Rose GIBS

24-Jun-1751; John APPLEN & Elizabeth OUSELEY

24-Jun-1751; Nathaniel TURNER & Mary FORSEY

07-Jul-1751; Rogger BRYANT & Anne GIBBS

22-Sep-1751; James MARGRE & Elizabeth ARMYE of Crewkerne

09-Oct-1751; William DOGG & Bettey FROOM

10-Nov-1751; Joseph STANTON & Mary FREEK

27-Jan-1751; Samuel STAPLE & Bete INNET of Chardstock

10-Feb-1751; Joseph SILVESTER & Bete LUMBARD of Chard

22-Mar-1751; Thomas LETTLE & Joan PYE of Axminster

31-Mar-1752; Thomas STANTON & Joan WATS

02-Apr-1752; Samuel LACY & Margaret BOWDITCH of Crewkerne

13-Apr-1752; Leonard PAVEY & Martha NORTHAM

05-Jul-1752; George BOWDITCH & Grace HITCHCOCK

08-Oct-1752; Richard HODDER & Bette CRAFFTE

26-Dec-1752; Thomas FITCHET & Bette TEMPELMAN of Crewkerne

06-Feb-1753; Peter HAYBALL & Sarah TURNER

06-Mar-1753; John PAGE & Chrestin KECH

19-Jun-1753; John COOK & Grace HAIN

28-Jan-1753; Abraham TRENCHARD & Bette JERRET

29-Jan-1753; William COOK & Mary BROOM of Haychurch

29-Jan-1754; John STEPHENS & Elizabeth MORISE alias BAKER

12-Feb-1754; Richard DINING & Mary SLADER of Charmouth

16-Apr-1754; Richard COOK & Ann SHUGAR

22-Apr-1754; Thomas HITCHCOCK & Jane BOWDITCH



VOL.IV. is the usual book of printed forms, and extends from 1754-1812.


27-Jun-1754; Jonathan MORRICE alias BAKER & Martha POWELL

21-Jul-1754; Benjamin BOON & Mary READ

11-Sep-1754; Henry STANTON & Joan HITCHCOCK

13-Oct-1754; Aaron TRENCHARD & Betty CHANNING

05-Nov-1754; Simon BOWDITCH & Mary RUSSEL

03-Dec-1754; Thomas COOK & Ann PAGE

26-Dec-1754; Salathiel MITCHEL & Betty FURMIDGE

09-Feb-1755; Edward DALLY, clothworker, & Jane TURNER

18-Feb-1755; Charles CHICK & Catharine SIBLY

03-Apr-1755; Robert HARDY, clothworker, & Ann VOARD

06-Apr-1755; John GODSOLE, husbandman, & Bridget SEAL

13-Apr-1755; Nathan SWAFFELD, clothworker, & Elizabeth SHOWERS

18-May-1755; John FURMIDGE, butcher, & Mary PAUL

17-Jun-1755; Shadrack FOLLETT, clothworker, & Martha OUSLEY

07-Jul-1755; Matthias BOWDITCH, clothworker, & Betty HOCKEY

03-Aug-1755; John PYE of Crewkerne, clothworker, & Mary STOODLEY

26-Aug-1755; Joseph STRODE & Anna PHELPS

28-Aug-1755; Alexander COOK, clothworker, & Mary BOWDITCH

02-Sep-1755; Robert HUSSEY, husbandman, & Ann HAWKER

24-Nov-1755; Thomas BABBEDGE, clothworker, & Martha CHURCHILL

03-Dec-1755; Tobias PHELPS, clothworker, & Mary VINCENT

16-Feb-1756; Joseph BOGLER, clothworker, & Ann PHELPS

06-May-1756; Samuel LOVERIDGE, cordwinder, & Elizabeth CHUBB of Membury

09-Jul-1757; Enoch COX, husbandman, & Mary PROSSER

25-Jul-1757; William BOON, clothworker, & Jenny LUMBARD

11-Oct-1757; Samuel RUSSELL of Broadwinsor, husbandman, & Betty SWAFFIELD

25-Dec-1757; John COOK, husbandman, & Winifrit FORSEY

22-Feb-1757; William PHELPS, cordwinder, & Mary HODDER

12-Jun-1757; William PHILIPS, clothworker, & Mary HITCHCOCK

??-???-1757; John CHICK & Ann BOWDITCH of Hawkchurch

01-Aug-1757; Thomas HUSSY, husbandman, & Betty OWSLEY

27-Dec-1757; Amos LUMBARD, butcher, & Sarah FOLLETT

29-Dec-1757; Robert KINGSTONE, miller, & Joan STANTON

28-Mar-1758; Robert PAUL, clothworker, & Margaret HUSE

15-Aug-1758; John BARRET of Broadwinsor & Patience BOWDITCH

20-Aug-1758; Henry SEAMOOR of Broadwinsor, husbandman, & Mercy POPLER

06-Nov-1758; William BOGLER, clothworker, & Mary MEMBRY

26-Feb-1759; John PHELPS & Elizabeth FOAN

20-Feb-1759; William SWAFFIELD of Broadwinsor & Sarah BAKER alias MORRICE

15-Apr-1759; Robert PAUL, clothworker, & Sarah PARTRIDGE

10-May-1759; Matthew FOSSEY, clothworker, & Triphena BRAGGE

29-Jul-1759; Richard HAWKINS, carpenter, & Edith WHITE

11-Sep-1759; Robert FOSSEY, clothworker, & Alice STANTON

16-Sep-1759; Marmaduke BAGGE & Hannah HAYNE

30-Sep-1759; John SPRAKE & Joan HINE

30-Sep-1759; John COOKE & Elizabeth RAPSY

08-Oct-1759; George PALMER & Elizabeth POYEL

19-Feb-1760; Thomas PAUL of Hawkchurch & Elizabeth MARGARY

03-May-1760; Joseph BOLSH & Mary HALLET

09-May-1760; Robert CHICK & Ruth GARDNER

26-May-1760; John BROWN & Eleanor CRAFT

27-May-1760; Charles PEARCE of Broadwinsor & Betty TRENCHARD

09-Jun-1760; John PERRIN & Betty PALFERY

09-Jun-1760; John BROWNSAY & Sarah SWAFFIELD

22-Jun-1760; Henry GARDNER & Sarah BULL

30-Jun-1760; John COOK & Mary BOON

21-Jul-1760; John WRITE & Elinor COOK

05-Aug-1760; John BOWDITCH & Elizabeth DROWER

11-Oct-1760; John PERRIN & Joan BARRETT

06-Dec-1760; Joshua HITCHCOCK & Mary PHILLIPS

15-Dec-1760; Paul WHITE of Bettiscombe & Sarah COOMBE

26-Dec-1760; George COOMBE & Betty PAUL

28-Mar-1761; Thomas HAWKINS & Ann STANTON

27-Apr-1761; William HALLETT & Dolly PYE, by licence

06-May-1761; Joseph FOLLETT & Jane ADAMS, by licence

13-Sep-1761; John BULL of Axminster & Mary FORSEY

13-Sep-1761; William STOODLEY & Joan PAUL, widow

19-Sep-1761; Lot COOK & Ann MITCHELL

21-Oct-1761; James MOORE & Mary RYALL of Thornford, by licence

21-Oct-1761; Robert COOK & Betty COMB

11-Apr-1762; John HODDER & Rebecca COOK

13-Apr-1762; James LORING & Mary MITCHELL

01-Jun-1762; Peter FOWLER & Mary FERRET

21-Jun-1762; Joseph HARDY of Preston, co. Dorset, & Joan BAGG

07-Nov-1762; John SPRAKE & Betty JEFFERY

03-Apr-1763; Robert BRAGGE & Betty FREAK

07-Apr-1763; John JEFFERY & Catherine FOLLETT

05-May-1763; William APPLIN & Anne PHELPS

30-May-1763; Thomas JEFFERY & Betty PHELPS

13-Jun-1763; Samuel BOWDITCH & Joannah MASTERS

29-Jun-1763; John BRAGG & Christian OUSLEY

11-Jul-1763; Joseph STANTON & Sarah COOK

01-Sep-1763; Thomas MASTERS & Jean SEAMORE

05-Sep-1763; Abednigo FOLLET & Mary HALLET of Bradpole, co. Dorset, by licence

07-Oct-1763; John BRAGG & Betty CHURCHILL of Axminster, by licence

04-Mar-1764; Joseph RUSSELL & Elizabeth SEAMORE of Broadwinsor

10-Apr-1764; John HARRISON & Mary COOPER, by licence

16-May-1764; Henry EBDON & Sarah PHELPS

26-Jun-1764; John HAIN & Tammy LUMBARD

29-Oct-1764; Richard MULLETT of Broadwinsor & Sarah RICHARDS

20-Nov-1764; Richard PEADON & Mary BRIANT

04-Jan-1765; Joseph BOON & Elizabeth GALLEY

01-Feb-1765; Adam FOLLETT & Susanna NEWMAN

12-Feb-1765; Uriah COOK & Joan THOMES

10-Apr-1765; James MARGRY & Mary SPRAKE

11-Apr-1765; Absolom PHILLIPS & Fanny PAUL

15-Apr-1765; John OUSLEY & Sarah HOCKEY

27-Apr-1765; Henry GREGORY & Susanne WAKELY

02-May-1765; William WELLMAN & Joan BAGG

04-May-1765; John COMBE & Joan COOK

30-Jul-1765; John HODER & Rebecca WATTERS

04-Aug-1765; Thomas GARDINER & Sarah WALL

06-Aug-1765; John HARBER & Ann GARDINER

11-Aug-1765; Thomas PEARCE & Rachel BOWDITCH

04-Nov-1765; James COOK & Betty PHELPS

11-Nov-1765; Jonathan ENTICOTT of Axminster & Betty SALLER

31-Mar-1766; Samuel FREKE & Mary JACOBS

01-Apr-1766; William BOON & Mary JEFFERY

06-Apr-1766; John BOON & Mary FONE

10-Apr-1766; John OUSLEY & Elinor SHEPPARD

20-Apr-1766; Robert CHANNING & Betty HARDY

21-May-1766; Bernard PERING & Harriet HITCHCOCK

21-Oct-1766; John HARDIMAN & Catherine BRYANT

14-Dec-1766; Joseph STANTON & Mary SHUGAR

16-Jun-1767; John WHITE & Elinor PHELPS

22-Jul-1767; John BRAGG & Mary BOWDITCH

28-Jul-1767; William SIBLEY & Rachel BUGLAR

20-Oct-1767; Samuel MITCHELL & Mary HAWKER

24-Dec-1767; William FOWLER & Mary WHITE

14-Feb-1768; William DONNE & Mary SELLER

16-Feb-1768; Henry SAINT & Elizabeth HALLET

07-Apr-1768; George BOON & Catherine FROMEGE

10-Apr-1768; William BAGG & Elizabeth PRESSER

09-Aug-1768; Joseph BUGLAR & Sarah FERRET

10-Oct-1768; Daniel BOWDITCH & Betty THOMAS

21-Nov-1768; Robert STANTON & Elizabeth LACEY

27-Dec-1768; Robert HAWKER & Sarah BRYANT

31-Jan-1769; James LORING & Ann NEWMAN

31-Jan-1769; John NULLER & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

08-Feb-1769; John BAGG & Elizabeth SNOOK

03-Apr-1769; John DIMENT & Jenney BAILEY

23-Apr-1769; Joseph CRANTON & Mary BOWDITCH

25-Jul-1769; William SAULL & Betty CULVERWELL

01-Aug-1769; Thomas STUCKEY of Chard & Ann HOCKEY

15-Sep-1769; William KING & Mary LUMBARD, by licence

15-Sep-1769; Thomas BABBEDGE of Axminster & Ann FRENCH [signed May FRENCH]

24-Sep-1769; John STANTON & Catherine BOON

11-Oct-1769; Thomas OUSLEY & Edith HOAR

09-Nov-1769; Andrew HARDIMAN & Maria MOREY

09-Nov-1769; John CHAPPEL & Sarah HAWKINS

11-Dec-1769; John COOK & Joan FREKE

21-Dec-1769; Thomas FOLLET & Deborah RUSSEL of Marshwood, by licence

25-Dec-1769; Joseph TUCKER & Mary HAWKINS

28-Dec-1769; Joseph SEYMOUR & Susanna HARRIS

09-Jan-1770; Samuel CHANNING & Martha HAWKER

11-Jan-1770; John TRENCHARD & Hannah TRENCHARD

21-Mar-1770; William HALLET & Hannah BRYANT

17-Apr-1770; Richard NURTON of Haselbough & Thomasin HITCHCOCK

15-Jun-1770; William MEMBRY & Betty HINE

15-Jun-1770; John CULVERWILL & Elizabeth PERIAM of Winsham

04-Sep-1770; William HITCHCOCK & Elizabeth HARDYMAN

16-Oct-1770; Robert SEAWARD of Chardstock & Mary HAWKINS of Chardstock, sojourner

26-Dec-1770; James HEX & Mary SUGAR

01-Jan-1771; Jonathan HARDYMAN & Martha JEFFERY

05-May-1771; Robert BAKER & Anne BRYANT

28-May-1771; John CHICK & Elizabeth GALPIN

03-Jul-1771; Caleb LUCY & Sarah FORSEY

24-Sep-1771; Thomas PARRIS & Mary RAPSEY

24-Dec-1771; Joseph PAUL & Alice BOWDITCH

27-Jan-1772; John JEFFERY & Elizabeth FOWLER

28-Feb-1772; Joseph PHELPS & Sarah HODGES

??-???-1772; James WARREN & Joan SHUGAR

28-Apr-1772; James HAWKER & Anne BARRET

26-May-1772; Robert SEAL of Winsham & Hannah MEMBURY

30-Sep-1772; Joseph WELCH of Broadwinsor & Joan WHITE

07-Oct-1772; Luke BRYANT & Hannah SWAFFIELD

13-Oct-1772; George CROCKER & Mary SIBLEY

03-Nov-1772; Jonathan OSTLER & Mary SMITH

16-Feb-1773; William BAKER & Hannah HITCHCOCK

19-Feb-1773; Thomas RUSSELL & Edith NORMAN

09-Sep-1773; Richard BRAGG & Mary SUGAR

08-Feb-1774; Samuel BOWDITCH & Mary RUSSEL

15-Feb-1774; James PHILLIPS & Elizabeth JEFFERY

19-Mar-1774; Thomas NEWBURY & Kezia CHICK

07-Sep-1774; John PALMER & Christian FORSEY

07-Sep-1774; John PARRIS & Margaret PHILLIPS

26-Oct-1774; Samuel JAMES & Jone PHILLIPS

03-Nov-1774; John SALTER & Sarah LOVERIDGE

10-Nov-1774; Francis HOARE & Rebecca BUCKLAND

02-Dec-1774; John WALBY of Alonweek, co. Northumberland & Sarah HARDYMAN of Axminster

05-Jan-1775; Joseph RUSSEL & Joan HAIN

10-Jan-1775; Isaac TRENCHARD & Elizabeth PAUL

10-Jan-1775; John HAWKER & Mary TRENCHARD

12-Jan-1775; Joseph COOMBS & Elizabeth OLD

04-Feb-1775; William BRAGG & Mary COOK

21-Feb-1775; Joseph JEFFERY & Jane MILVERTON

27-Feb-1775; Isaac HAYBALL & Mary FORSEY

28-Feb-1775; John BOON & Anne CHANNING

23-Jul-1775; William BAGG of Wayford & Thomazin SOPER of Dunniard [Donyat]

02-Sep-1775; John MEAD & Mary PROSSER

11-Oct-1775; Thomas QUIVER of Teddington, co. OXON., & Elizabeth DEAN

05-Dec-1775; Samuel OSTLER & Elizabeth POOR

31-Jan-1776; Matthias BOWDITCH & Sarah HARDYMAN

09-Apr-1776; Lionel FROOM & Sarah BERRY

29-Apr-1776; Richard BOWDITCH & Catherine PAUL

06-May-1776; John WHITE & Elizabeth HALLET

11-Jun-1776; Amos MULLET & Elizabeth COOK

21-Jul-1776; Thomas BERRY & Jenny FERRET

11-Feb-1777; William BALTCH & Kerenhappuck CHICK

01-Apr-1777; Richard BOWDITCH & Joan COOK

08-Jun-1777; William BRIDLE & Ann PROSSER

20-Oct-1777; Edward STANTON & Elizabeth COOK

20-Oct-1777; George HAWKER & Sarah ADAMS

06-Jan-1778; Thomas BOWDITCH & Betty HAWKER

01-Feb-1778; Jacob HAIN & Honour HITCHCOCK

20-Feb-1778; William NORMAN & Honour HOUNSEL

03-Mar-1778; William SNOOK & Betty HAIN

16-Apr-1778; George BOWDITCH & Ann HOGGIS

20-Jul-1778; James WATTS & Betty HIGDON

03-Nov-1778; Joseph BIDDLECOMBE & Mary HEX

10-Dec-1778; Benjamin BRADDICK & Mary SHERWOOD of Haselbury, widow, by licence

06-Apr-1779; Robert BERREY & Mary HAWKER, by licence

16-Apr-1779; Samuel TRENCHARD & Betty MILLER, by licence

06-May-1779; Thomas ASHFORD of Musbury & Sarah BULL, by licence

31-May-1779; William HANN & Esther BACKALLER, by licence

05-Jul-1779; James STANTON & Mary BROUNCEY

25-Aug-1779; Michael BOWDITCH & Mary DALLY

06-Sep-1779; William STANTON & Betty STUCKEY

07-Nov-1779; William SHEPHERD & Jenny COMBES

06-Jan-1780; James STANTON & Mary BERRY

19-Jan-1780; William BRYANT of Misterton & Elizabeth DAWBNEY, by licence

28-Mar-1780; Ishmael COMBE & Sarah HEX, widow

30-Mar-1780; John DUNSTER of Chaffcombe & Mary COOK, by licence

04-Apr-1780; George BOWDITCH & Sarah LOCKIER

16-May-1780; Robert HUZY & Mary SEYMORE

30-Nov-1780; Thomas BOWDITCH & Mary WRIGHT

25-Dec-1780; Robert RUSSELL & Jemimah DEAN

07-Feb-1781; John POMEROY of Bedminster, widower, & Elizabeth COOK, by licence

11-Feb-1781; Robert BRIDLE & Mary WELCH

18-Feb-1781; John BAKER & Betty HAWKER

02-Apr-1781; James BOWDITCH & Hannah PERHAM

17-Aug-1781; Thomas HAIN & Joan TAYLOR

20-Oct-1781; Richard BOWDITCH & Martha BAGG

25-Oct-1781; John MOORE of Chard & Catherine CHICK

09-Dec-1781; Edward DEAN & Sarah LUMBREY

12-Feb-1782; John HAWKES & Alice PROSSER

12-Feb-1782; William ADAMS & Betty ROWE

20-May-1782; Samuel DUNSTER & Betty COMBE

03-Jul-1782; William PHELPS & Mary STANTON

04-Sep-1782; John WHITE of Hawkchurch & Hannah FORSEY

21-Oct-1782; John PHELPS & Jean CHICK

01-Dec-1782; Thomas PEARCE of Chardstock & Ann CHICK

07-Feb-1783; Charles CLAPP of Combe St. Nicholas & Mary ADAMS

22-Apr-1783; Hugh HEX & Mary MOOR

05-Nov-1783; Thomas SWAFFELL & Elizabeth PHELPS

30-Jan-1784; Samuel POOR & Mercy HOOD, by licence

24-Jun-1784; William GENT & Mary PHELPS

22-Aug-1784; Nathaniel MULLER & Alice HODDER

23-Aug-1784; Isaac HAWKER & Sarah LANE

05-Nov-1784; John SELLEY & Mary BAGG

23-Dec-1784; Robert STEPHENS & Catherine PHELPS

28-Jan-1785; Thomas ALLEN of Winsham & Elizabeth SWAFFIELD, by licence

06-Feb-1785; George STUCKEY & Betty HITCHCOCK

08-Apr-1785; John JEFFERY of Whitechurch & Betty CHICK

17-May-1785; John BERRY & Betty HAWKINS

27-Jun-1785; Thomas HAYNES of Winsham & Sarah ALLEN, by licence

03-Jul-1785; George HITCHCOCK & Jean HITCHCOCK

18-Aug-1785; Joseph SHEPHERD & Catherine JEFFERY

21-Aug-1785; George HAWKER & Mary PAUL

22-Aug-1785; Nathaniel NULLER & Betty HODDER

26-Dec-1785; John COOMBE & Sabra SUMMERS

26-Feb-1786; Aaron GODEN & Joan HARDY

07-May-1786; Abraham BRIDLE & Ann FOWLER

04-Jun-1786; William MANNIN & Mary COOK

06-Jul-1786; Isaac HAWKER & Phebe COOK

08-Jul-1786; James SALISBURY of Dowlish & Sarah BRAGGE, by licence

01-Sep-1786; John COOMBS & Martha PERING

10-Oct-1786; George COSSENS & Ann FOLLETT

12-Dec-1786; William PHILLIPS & Elizabeth PEARCE, by licence

27-Dec-1786; Henry SHILES of Axminster, clothier, & Betty BULL

07-Feb-1787; John Dean COOK & Mary FORSEY

15-Feb-1787; Samuel HUSSEY & Joan RANDLE

10-Apr-1787; John WILLIS & Mary HAWKINS

15-Jul-1787; Robert MOREIN & Mary FOLLETT

26-Aug-1787; Richard POOK & Betty BAGG

05-Feb-1788; William STANTON & Betty PHELP

03-Mar-1788; Charles CHICK & Betty ROW

25-Apr-1788; Thomas CHICK & Joan FARRANT

28-Apr-1788; William APLIN & Susannah BOWDITCH

05-Nov-1788; William HAIN & Hannah HITCHCOCK

09-Feb-1789; Robert FORSEY & Hister BOWDITCH

21-Feb-1789; Tobias PHELPS & Anne MILVERTON

03-Jun-1789; John LUMBERD & Ann HAWKINS

??-???-1789; William COOK & Hannah RUSSEL

11-Aug-1789; Robert COUSENS & Sarah SMITH

27-Nov-1789; Robert SWAFEL & Mary SPRAKE

03-Jan-1790; Samuel MARTIN & Susanah BRIDLE

08-Jan-1790; William TUCKER esq. of Kilmington & Elizabeth BRAGGE, by licence

16-Feb-1790; Thomas GREENING of Marshwood & Joan JEFFERY

28-Jun-1790; Job HILL & Mary DENNIS, by licence

15-Aug-1790; Thomas SHEPHERD & Mary SWAFIELD

06-Sep-1790; Alexander COOK & Betty HEX

06-Sep-1790; Aaron DUNSTER & Meriam COOK

23-Sep-1790; Elias PHELPS & Betty HALLET

19-Oct-1790; Hugh BRICE of Misterton & Susannah FOWLER of Thornbury, by licence

18-Nov-1790; Michael HALE of Hinton St. George & Ann CHICK, by licence

27-Apr-1791; William STEPHENS & Joan STOODLY

31-May-1791; Robert WRIGHT & Joan HITCHCOCK

17-Jun-1791; John DICKENSON & Sarah BAG

29-Jun-1791; Robert COOK & Sarah HAWKINS

13-Sep-1791; James GEARE of Catistock & Joan BRYANT, by licence

13-Oct-1791; Richard LAKE of St. Peter’s Dorchester & Elizabeth QUIVER, by licence

21-Nov-1791; Robert BAGG & Sarah PHELPS

11-Dec-1791; John TURNER & Hannah BOWDITCH

27-Dec-1791; Joseph SAMWAYS of Hinton St. George & Mary CHICK

29-Dec-1791; Joshua HITCHCOCK & Betty BOWDITCH

13-Jan-1792; Richard HODDER & Sarah NIMSON

26-Jan-1792; Thomas PEARCE of Honiton & Elizabeth LUMBARD

06-Feb-1792; William HOARE of Hawkchurch & May FOWLER

14-Feb-1792; John JEFFERY & Anne FOWLER, by licence

15-May-1792; Joseph BISHOP & Mary COOMBE

01-Jun-1792; Josiah LIMBRY & Ann WOODCOCK

01-Aug-1792; James PHILLIPS of Chard & Sarah PHILLIPS

09-Aug-1792; John BRYANT & Mary BRAGGE, by licence

04-Sep-1792; John NEWMAN & Mary JEFFERY

27-Sep-1792; Thomas PEARCE & Susannah FOLLETT

26-Nov-1792; John LANGFORD & Betty PHELPS, by licence

25-Dec-1792; John HAIN & Betty LEMBRY

05-Feb-1793; James PHELPS & Susannah FORSEY

05-Feb-1793; Joseph HUNT & Mary SMITH

02-Apr-1793; Robert HITCHCOCK & Jean DAVY

08-Apr-1793; William BOWDITCH & Martha FOLLET

13-Apr-1793; Andrew HARDIMAN & Sarah STAUNTON

03-Jul-1793; Joseph PHELPS & Betty QUIVER

03-Jul-1793; Richard HALLET & Sarah EPDEN

29-Sep-1793; John BACKALLER & Mary SKINNER of Axminster, by licence

13-Oct-1793; Samuel HAWKER & Grace HAIN

07-Nov-1793; Joseph TAYLOR of Ilebruers, co. Somerset, & Sarah HALLETT, by licence

02-Dec-1793; Stephen SHEPHERD & Betty PEARCE

08-Dec-1793; Thomas BOWDITCH & Eleanor TURNER

17-Dec-1793; John BAULCH of Axminster & Sarah CHAPEL, widow

18-Feb-1794; Isaac MITCHELL & Elizabeth BOON

08-May-1794; Robert HUNT & Catherine FORSEY

28-Oct-1794; Thomas FORCY & Betty COOK

05-Nov-1794; William REED of Hinton St. George & Sarah CROSS, by licence

05-Apr-1795; John PAVEY of Axminster & Elizabeth PAVEY of Axminster

25-May-1795; Samuel CHANNON & Mary BRAGG

16-Aug-1795; Joseph TRENCHARD & Martha BAGG

26-Aug-1795; John COOK & Charity WEBBER

08-Feb-1796; William PHELPS & Betty HAWKER

08-Feb-1796; Benjamin BOON & Mary WOODCOCK

09-Feb-1796; Joseph DUKE of South Bradon & Susannah JEFFERY

23-Feb-1796; James NORMAN & Elizabeth HOPKINS, by licence

23-Jun-1796; William James VINCENT of Chard & Elizabeth OLD, by licence

19-Jul-1796; Thomas JEFFERY & Mercy BOON

03-Aug-1796; John BENNETT & Betty OUSLEY

16-Aug-1796; John HITCHCOCK & Mary HARDIMAN

02-Nov-1796; Joseph PHELPS, widower & Sarah HAWKER

13-Dec-1796; John WELLMAN & Betty COMBE

26-Dec-1796; Joseph HAWKER & Mary WRIGHT

23-Feb-1797; William MAJOR or Axminster & Mary GLYDE, by licence

29-Mar-1797; William HARRINGTON of Winsham & Mary GENT, by licence

05-Apr-1797; George DUNSTER & Susannah TURNER of Winsham, by licence

05-Jun-1797; Robert APPLIN of Lyme Regis & Frances LIGHT, by licence

24-Aug-1797; John PRING & Prudence BOND

03-Oct-1797; Robert HARRIS & Mary CRANTON

16-Oct-1797; Richard BRIDLE & Elizabeth OLIVER

02-Nov-1797; Joseph STANTON & Joane DEANE

13-Nov-1797; William COOK, widower, & Mary PHILLIPS

19-Dec-1797; John BROWN & Mary FORSEY

25-Dec-1797; Robert ROW & Betty PARIS

23-Jan-1798; James DRAYTON & Rachel KNIGHT, by licence

24-Jan-1798; James BOON & Elizabeth CRANTON

12-Feb-1798; John STOODLY & Mary FORSEY

13-Feb-1798; Thomas BOWDITCH & Jane MITCHELL

02-May-1798; William HARRIS & Jenny GARDNER

08-May-1798; John DALLY & Mary FROST

17-May-1798; Jonah Robert WALE & Susannah SMITH

28-May-1798; Robert WELLMAN & Susannah GEE

12-Jun-1798; Samuel MITCHELL & Joan BAGG

19-Jul-1798; Richard CHAFFEY of Stoke, co. Somerset, & Ann TRENCHARD, by licence

30-Jul-1798; Samuel PHILLIPS & Mary PHILLIPS, by licence

22-Aug-1798; James BOWDITCH & Ann MACEY

13-Oct-1798; William HALLETT & Jane VINES

23-Oct-1798; Henry PHILLLIPS & Ann BAGG

22-Nov-1798; Robert COOK & Hannah HUSSEY

30-Jan-1799; William TUCKER & Hannah FATHERS, widow

21-Feb-1799; William COOK & Elizabeth LEGG, by licence

13-Mary-1799; Thomas FARNHAM & Susannah LARCOMBE

27-Jun-1799; William HALLETT & Mary PEARCE, by licence

16-Jul-1799; Samuel PITCHER & Keturah WALE, by licence

19-Jul-1799; John COPP & Joan SMITH

29-Oct-1799; Hugh CRABB & Martha COOK

13-Nov-1799; George WELCH & Susannah LANGFORD

06-Mar-1800; John PEARSE & Eleanor ADAMS, by licence

02-Jul-1800; John BENNETT & Mary HAWKER

01-Nov-1800; James LEMAN & Mary HAWKER

25-Dec-1800; William BAKER & Sarah ROPER

21-Jan-1801; John CHICK & Charity COLLINS

12-Mar-1801; Joseph COOK & Mary FARRANT

06-Apr-1801; William WALDEN & Sarah PARRIS, by licence

04-May-1801; John HAWKER & Mary DEAN

22-Aug-1801; John STROUD & Maria HITCHCOCK, by licence

29-Sep-1801; William MAJOR & Catherine STANTON

25-Oct-1801; Robert HAWKER & Ann BRYANT

30-Nov-1801; Samuel COOMBE & Diana COOK

15-Dec-1801; William HIX & Tamasin FROOME

28-Feb-1802; John HAIN & Margaret WHITE

03-May-1802; Robert HUSSEY & Martha BAKER, by licence

27-Jun-1802; Joseph APPLIN & Mary BIDDLECOMBE, widow, by licence

30-Jun-1802; George OUSLEY & Mary SIMS

28-Jul-1802; James KIMMINS of Stockland & Hannah FEATHERS

19-Oct-1802; James APPLIN & Ann ALFORD

19-Oct-1802; Joseph HODGE & Susannah BRAGGE

20-Oct-1802; Mathew FORSEY & Tamasin STANTON

02-Nov-1802; Joseph PAVEY & Jane SUGAR

10-Nov-1802; John BAGG & Ann CLARK

21-Dec-1802; Robert STOODLY & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

23-Dec-1802; Richard BRADFORD of Winsham & Mary JEFFERY, by licence

14-Feb-1803; James WAY & Mercy HUSSEY

17-Feb-1803; Thomas LACY & Betty MORRIN

22-Feb-1803; Samuel HAWKER & Mary HIX

21-Mar-1803; George PHIPPIN & Susanna PERET of Axminster

13-Apr-1803; John DEAN & Ann BRIANT

06-May-1803; William HALLETT & Betty MATHERS

31-May-1803; Robert HUNT & Martha STANTON

28-Jun-1803; George WELLMAN & Sarah STANTON

29-Jun-1803; Elias EBDEN & Ann HAWKER

29-Jun-1803; William WHEDON & Elizabeth HUSSEY

24-Jul-1803; Samuel SMITH & Susanna STANTON

26-Jul-1803; Joshua HITCHCOCK & Betty STANTON

14-Sep-1803; John PERING & Mary SPARK

02-Nov-1803; Job RUSSELL & Ann TRENCHARD

11-Jan-1804; Richard BOWDITCH & Sarah HALLETT

24-Jan-1804; Nehemiah LANE & Betty SIMS

19-Apr-1804; Samuel FARRANT junior & Hannah HARRIS

28-Jun-1804; John ADAMS & Mary OUSLEY, by licence

04-Jul-1804; Joseph WELLMAN & Betty HEX

21-Aug-1804; John BAKER & Sarah KIRKLAND

23-Aug-1804; James HARRIS & Hannah PARKER, by licence

04-Sep-1804; Joseph CROSS & Ann BOON

06-Nov-1804; Robert DUNN & Susannah HITCHCOCK

12-Nov-1804; Robert FROOM & Elizabeth DYKE

03-Dec-1804; John COOK & Mary MORY

07-Mar-1805; John HAYS & Mary BRADFORD

16-Apr-1805; Charles WILLIAMS & Hannah PIDGEON

30-Apr-1805; James SYMES & Rachael BOON

30-Apr-1805; Jonathan BOON & Betty BETHELL

05-May-1805; William STOODLY & Susannah MUMFORD

05-May-1805; Thomas PAUL & Betty STUCKEY

04-Sep-1805; William HOLLAND & Peggy PEADON

24-Sep-1805; William HAWKINS, widower, & Frances BAKER

20-Nov-1805; Samuel WHITE & Jennie NORMAN

13-Feb-1806; Robert BULFORD & Rachel WHEDON

17-Apr-1806; John CHAFFEY of Bampton & Sarah TRENCHARD, by licence

12-Jun-1806; William HAYBALL of Chard & Tamasin RICHARDS

30-Sep-1806; Robert BERRY & Sarah BOWDITCH

12-Nov-1806; Joseph HARRIS & Molly BOWDITCH, by licence

23-Nov-1806; Samuel MULLETT & Mary STANTON

16-Dec-1806; Samuel FARENT & Sarah RIDGLEY

01-Jan-1807; Thomas OWSLEY & Catherine NEWBERRY

01-Feb-1807; Robert PARKER & Mary BOON

01-Mar-1807; William BULFORD & Mary COOK

16-Aug-1807; James AYRE of Kenton & Sarah WELCH, by licence

09-Sep-1807; William HUSSEY & Maria HAWKINS

04-Oct-1807; Isaac HAWKER & Mary HARDIMAN

01-Feb-1808; James WHITE & Elizabeth LOCK

17-May-1808; William HAUN & Martha LARCOMBE

06-Dec-1808; Henry COUCH & Ann WIVELL, by licence

13-Dec-1808; Samuel BULFORD & Mary GUPPY

26-Dec-1808; William HAWKER & Ann CHANNING

14-Feb-1809; David HOLT & Susannah CLARK

23-Mar-1809; William LANE of Dinnington & Joan WELSH, by licence

17-Apr-1809; John BRADFORD & Elizabeth FARRANT, by licence

29-May-1809; John COUCH & Patience RUSSELL of Broadwinsor, widow, by licence

05-Nov-1809; Simon FROOM & Hannah HITCHCOCK

22-Nov-1809; James PAULL of Plymouth & Jone STANTON, by licence

30-Nov-1809; John BOWDEN of Staverton & Hannah BANKS

21-Dec-1809; Joseph WHITE & Susannah HODGES

25-Dec-1809; Richard HAWKINS & Ann CHICK

08-Feb-1810; William COX & Christian BULFORD

27-Feb-1810; William WELLMAN & Hannah TRENCHARD

28-Mar-1810; Jonathan BENNETT & Ann MATTHEWS

28-Mar-1810; Joseph BENNETT & Esther HARDIMAN

03-Apr-1810; Robert COOK & Mary HAWKER

24-Apr-1810; James HUSSEY & May BOWDITCH

02-May-1810; John APLIN & Mary PHELPS

13-Jun-1810; John PHILLIPS & Susana BERRY, by licence

25-Dec-1810; William PHILLIP & Sarah SWAFFIELD

16-Apr-1811; William COOK & Sarah PHELPS, widow

16-Apr-1811; James HARDYMAN & Mary FARNHAM

21-Oct-1811; James HALLETT & Elizabeth POOK

25-Dec-1811; John GENT & Sarah WILLS

05-Feb-1812; John FRENCH & Hannah ENGLAND

25-Feb-1812; John DEANE of Chardstock & Sarah GREENING, by licence

12-May-1812; William LANE & Lucy HUSSY

29-Sep-1812; John WELCH of Chard & Mary GREENING, by licence

28-Oct-1812; William SWAFFIELD & Mary HANN

24-Dec-1812; William CURTIS & Elizabeth WILLS

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