Weddings 1552 – 1690


This transcription by Kim Parker has been taken from "Dorset Parish Registers - Marriages"
Volume 2, edited by W. P. W. Phillimore & Edmund Nevill, published in 1908


Transcriber’s Note: Remember that until 1752, when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, the year ran from 25 MAR to 24 MAR (known as the Julian calendar), with 1751 being the transition year, running from 25 MAR to 31 DEC. Thus, an entry dated 05 FEB 1560 would be considered to have occurred on 05 FEB 1561 according to our current way of dating.

In the book, the dates appear on the right hand side and all surnames are in lowercase. I have sorted the entries into chronological order, whereas Phillimore respected the sometime random order of the entries (especially during the 17th century, when parchment was expensive and entries were inserted in any available space). KP


VOLUME I. (of Thorncombe Parish Register)

NOTE.- This parish was formerly in Devonshire, but is now included in Dorset. The parish registers which begin in 1552, are contained in eight volumes.

VOL. I. is of parchment, measuring 13-1/2 in. by 7-1/4 in., and covers the period, 1552-1690.


07-Feb-1552; John COSENS & Marye TUCKER

12-Nov-1559; George PINSON & Agnes PINNEY

22-Oct- 1559; Richard FRANCKLINE & Ann BOWDICH

05-Feb-1560; John CHIDLEY & Johane KELWAIL

06-Feb-1560; Wylliam HUNDALLER & Margery HADAMS, vid.

24-Nov-1560; John SHERELAKE & Mary ALLISWORTHE

19-Jan-1560; Peter FOWLER & one RAWLINE

16-May-1561; John TANNER & Alice BOWDITCH

01-Oct-1561; Thomas COXE & Julyan COPERS

19-Oct-1561; Wylliam WHEDON & Anne BAGGE

23-Nov-1561; John COKE & Mary VNCUM

25-Nov-1561; Christofer PHELPES & Margery KNIGHTES

29-Nov-1561; Antony DENBOWDE & Christian MONY

16-Jun-1562; George DEMET & Sibelle WEBBER

22-Aug-1562; John HILL & Mary [omitted]

25-Oct-1562; John PINNEY & Julyan HUNDALLER

29-Jun-1563; George WYLLIAMS & Johane HEDGECOCKE

16-Sep-1563; Wylliam TRYVET & Agnes BOWDYCH

14-Nov-1563; Wylliam BRAGGE & Amize WYLLIAMS

27-Nov-1563; Thomas GOLLOPPE & Margery BOWDICH

29-Aug-1565; James TREMORE & Helene SPRAKE

21-Oct-1565; John ROCKETH & Dorothie PARKER

22-Nov-1566; Richard BARTELET & Mary PINNEY

06-Oct-1567; Robert BRAGGE & Agnes ORCHARD

13-Jun-1568; Walter GAPPY & Johane GOODMAN

19-Oct-1568; Wylliam PHELPES alias COLMER & Elizabeth MUTTLEBURY

15-Jan-1569; Wylliam HANCOCK & Johan SPRAKE

21-Jan-1569; Walter WARRY & Elise CANDIFFE

25-Nov-1570; James MEADE alias CARVER & Johane HEDGECOCKE

11-Feb-1570; Thomas COLMER & Johane GILES

12-Aug-1571; Wylliam CLARKE & Eliza PINNEY

20-Sep-1571; Tremor WILSE & Agnes ASELBAR

17-Jul-1572; Thomas SANFORD & Johane, his w.

26-Oct-1572; Robert GRANGE & Alyce HANDALLER

02-May-1573; John FORSEY & Agnes HELIAR

31-Oct-1574; John HANCOCKE & Mary HAYNE

18-Jan-1574; John WILLS & Elizabeth EDGAR

26-Sep-1575; John COOKE & Agnes COOKENEY

14-Oct-1575; George LUMBARD & Grace BOWDICH

24-Jan-1575; John OSBORNE & Dorothy KYNGE

07-May-1576; Robert TUCKER & Anne WIKES

07-Jul-1576; John BEKE & Mary BRAGGE

14-Jul-1576; Richard HILL & Alyce DOLYNGE

31-Jul-1576; Vincent LANGDON & Alyce SPELLER

24-May-1578; Alexander HEDGECOCK & Margaret GOODMAN

26-May-1578; Henry RABBINS & Anne BAKER

10-Jun-1578; Thomas BAKER & Anne PARKER

09-Nov-1578; Wylliam SOPER & Elizabeth SPRAKE

16-Nov-1578; John COGGAN & Christian DOWNE

27-Nov-1578; Richard JONES & Johan FOWLER

12-May-1579; Henry KNOTT & Elizabeth FARDIN

04-Jul-1579; John TUTCHIN & Johane CARVER

26-Jul-1579; John STONE & Christian BONIFANT

28-Oct-1579; George SMYTH & Garthred MONY

22-Nov-1579; John LANGDON & Alyce PARISHE

05-Jul-1580; Robert SELLER & Eleanor HEDGECOKS

24-Oct-1580; John HOPER & Anne BAKER

30-May-1581; Abraham DOWNE & Avis PITTS

31-May-1581; Edward SIMONS & Margaret GRENTER

15-Jul-1581; Mathew BRAGGE & Susana EDGAR

30-Jul-1581; John EDGAR & Elizabeth BIDLECOMBE

06-Aug-1581; Thomas BALE & Johane FOWLER

18-Sep-1581; Robert COOKE & Mary WIAT

15-Oct-1581; William TUCKER alias PARKER & Mary BAYLYE

28-Nov-1581; Robert LANE & Alyce TRETUIN

30-Nov-1581; George POLLARD & Margery SYMES

28-Jan-1581; Robert PINNEY & Johane BAKER

28-Jan-1581; Thomas BELLET & Purnell DOLYNGE

08-May-1582; John CHAMBERLAYNE & Anne BAKER

27-May-1582; Thomas POWNDCET & Benet CRABBE

01-Jul-1582; Richard HILLARY & Anne DOWNE

03-Oct-1582; Wylliam GIBBS & Elizabeth BOWDICH

10-May-1583; John BICKNELL & Susan HOLCOM

10-Jun-1583; Andrewe WOLMINGTON & Sybill STEVENS

07-Jul-1583; John SPRAKE & Jone KICHE

14-Jul-1583; Wylliam BRAGGE & Margaret BEKE

03-Nov-1583; Richard BRAGGE & Alyce COSENS

30-Nov-1583; John FOWLER & Elizabeth HAWKER

30-Apr-1584; John WARDALL & Dorothy WURDYNTON

03-May-1584; Austen BENET & Dorothy HOLLARD

10-May-1584; Robert CRABBE & Mary DADE

10-May-1584; Richard COOKE & Margerie HAYBALL

04-Jul-1584; John COLMER alias PHELPES & Elizabeth FILLY

27-Jul-1584; John FRYE alias ANDROS & Christian WILSE

03-Aug-1584; John CARVER & Anne HOSKYNS

20-Sep-1584; Richard STEPHENS & Johane FOWLER

30-Sep-1584; Edward MONDAYE & Elizabeth BURTON

02-Dec-1584; George SPEAKE, esquire, & Phillippa ROSEWELL

17-Jan-1584; Wylliam SWEETE & Alyce PAWLE

19-Apr-1585; John SPRAKE & Tamesine ROWE

29-Apr-1585; Robert BONIFANT & Johan FYPPYN

08-Jun-1585; William PARISHE & [omitted]

08-Jun-1585; William MEFFELD & [omitted]

08-Jul-1585; George SMYTH & Margaret STONE

17-Oct-1585; Richard GRAYE & Johane BISHOPP

27-Nov-1585; John HASSEBBERE & Anne COOKE

19-May-1586; Nicholas STOCKHAM & Margaret GIBBES

11-Jun-1586; James HEDGECOCKE & Elizabeth WARDELL

09-Nov-1586; William SYMES & Annis COOKE

23-Jan-1586; Wylliam TOUCHING & Johane COOKE

04-Nov-1587; Robert ELLIS & Annis JASPER

23-Jan-1587; Peter HOLLARD & Christable COOKE

02-Jun-1588; Walter FOLLET & Elizabeth LAUD

21-Sep-1589; Wylliam HOSKYNS & [omitted] DOWNE

02-Mar-1589; Thomas PARKER & Katherine [omitted]

27-Jul-1590; John CHALKWAY & Cycilye KARN

21-Aug-1590; Edward SYMONS & Dorothy BRONSSELL

08-Sep-1590; William BARNES & Mary EDGAR

27-Sep-1590; Robert BOWDYCH & Johan CLEVE

25-Oct-1590; William KEYE & Mary MONY

30-Nov-1591; Peter ADAMS & Salamy HAYNE

03-Oct-1592; James HITCHCOCKE & Johane STEVENS

08-May-1593; William STAGGE & Agnes SKYNNER

14-May-1593; William DEANE & Isabell DOWNE

09-Jul-1593; William PARRYS & Emme MARSHALL

26-Jul-1593; John COOKE & Margarett SMYTH

06-Jul-1594; George PINNEY & Johan BOWDYCH

13-Jul-1594; John TOLLY & Grace LUMBERT

13-Aug-1594; Robert PINNEY & Edith WARDALL

20-Nov-1594; Maury WILSE & Agnes DIPPISDALE

16-Jan-1594; Robert SYMMONS & Johane RAYE

26-Jan-1594; Walter LANE & Dorothie SYMMONS

07-Feb-1594; Mathew BRAGGE & Margaret COOKE

29-Dec-1595; Thomas PAULL & Elizabeth HUDDY

10-Jan-1595; John COLMER & Grace GAYE [see also 23-Jan-1596]

04-Jun-1596; John ERLON & Honor DOLLIN

04-Jun-1596; Wylliam STAUNTON & Susan HITCHCOCKE

16-Sep-1596; John BROWNINGE & Elizabeth BOWDYCH

04-Oct-1596; Wylliam GRAYE & Johane SWEETE

09-Oct-1596; Leonard COLMER & Agnes MEADE

02-Nov-1596; George LARKCOM & Johane HOSKYNS

23-Jan-1596; John COLMER alias PHELPS & Grace GAYE [see also 10-Jan-1595]

08-May-1597; John KETE & Agnes BRAGGE

05-Jul-1597; Nicholas DOLYNGE & Elizabeth PARRYS

13-Aug-1597; Robert BOWDYCH & Johane HAMLYN

05-Sep-1597; John STUCKEY & Margaret ROBYNS

20-Dec-1597; Wylliam SPRAKE & Agnes KYNGMAN

29-Jan-1597; Walter GATE & Anne HITCHCOCKE

17-Aug-1598; Edward MUTTELBURY & Susan VAUGHN

24-Oct-1598; John MUTTELBURY & Elizabeth WILLS

27-Nov-1598; Hugh HUTCHINS & Johane BAKER

03-Feb-1598; James PHELPS & Salamy COOKE

…-May-1598; George WILSHE & Johane BULL

03-Sep-1600; Richard LUMBART & Brigett COOKE

20-Nov-1600; Tristram LUMBART & Elizabeth ERWOOD

08-Jan-1600; John BOWDITCH & Elianor SPRAKE

23-Feb-1600; Henry HENLEY & Susan BRAGGE

03-May-1601; Thomas WEBBER & Elizabeth WYATT

29-Nov-1601; Thomas STORKE & Elizabeth DALLY, widow

29-Nov-1601; Thomas SLADE & Elizabeth COOKENEY, widow

01-Feb-1601; John BRAGGE & Sara HILL

[omitted] 1602; Barnard COGARS & Mary COOKNEY

26-Jul-1602; Thomas WAYN & Elizabeth ROGERS

25-Nov-1602; Thomas DUNHAM & Annis SNOOKE

25-May-1603; John LOVINGE & Alyce FOULER

19-Jul-1603; Simon SHOYER & Elizabeth BOWDYCH

14-Sep-1603; Richarde GREENE & Johan HARVYE

15-Sep-1603; Robert BOWDYCHE & Alyce HARRIS

15-Jan-1603; William BAYLYE & Anne WHEDON

12-May-1604; John BEARDE & Johan WILSHE

23-Sep-1604; Thomas FELPES & Christian FRYE

05-Nov-1604; Philippe COLMER & Anne PARKER

14-Nov-1604; Baldewine LARCOM & Mary JOLLYFF

31-Jan-1604; Henry DRAKE, gent., & Lady Amie CHAMPERNOWNE

30-Sep-1605; William BOWDITCH & Mary SPRAKE

08-Oct-1605; Thomas OSBORNE & Anne HAZARD

21-Feb-1605; George BALIE & Margerys WYATE

18-May-1606; John BIRDE & Barbara WILLCE

13-Jul-1606; Georg DIPSDALLE & Mamat FRANCUM

16-Jul-1606; Abraham PERAM & Eyddeth COOKE

20-Jul-1606; James SYNDAME & Anne PYNNYE

08-Oct-1606; Thomas CASWILLE & Annys FRANCUME

06-Dec-1606; Thomas PITTE & Precilla SEARELLE

11-Jan-1606; John PITT & Florence DUNHAM

31-Jan-1606; Robte HART & Susan COLMER

26-Apr-1607; Robert COLMAR & Margerye MEADE alias CARVER

26-Apr-1607; John OSBORNE & Mary DICKE

03-Jun-1607; John PARRIS & Mary DOWNE

04-Aug-1607; William FILLY & Margerye COOKENEY

22-Aug-1607; John JAMES & Annys SALTAR

23-Aug-1607; John FARTHINGE & Margaret GRAUNGE

20-Sep-1607; John COLMER & Barbara SELLAR

28-Sep-1607; John BOWDIDGE & Mary MABER

27-Jan-1607; John MACY & Susan BOWDIDGE

01-Feb-1607; Nicholas COOKENEY & Johan COLMER

02-May-1608; John JAMES & Jane VINCINE

03-May-1608; Edward DOWNTON & Dorothy GIBBES

24-May-1608; Thomas WYAT & Elizabeth COOKENEY

25-Jul-1608; William RAPSEY & Elizabeth BOWDIDGE

08-Nov-1608; Robert BONIFANT & Johan COCKS

11-Jan-1608; Nicholas DUNNIN & Alice PINNY

22-Jan-1608; Robert AVARD & Anne PINSON

08-Feb-1608; George BAKER & Elizabeth TRAYTE

09-Feb-1608; Wylliam WEBBER & Katheryne POORE

11-Jul-1609; Henry HUDDY & Johan LUMBART

16-Jul-1609; Edmund CARVER & Julyan EVERET

29-Sep-1609; William WIAT & Anne BAYLIFFE

01-Oct-1609; William WILCE & Deans BEARD

17-Jan-1609; Thomas SYMMES & Agnes PINNY

30-Apr-1610; Nicholas WHETHAM & Brigit WALTER

30-Apr-1610; Christofer CUSSENS & Rubythe HITCHCOCKE

12-Jun-1610; Robte BAKER & Johan BRAGGE

02-Sep-1610; Aaron COOKE & Elizabeth CHARDE

02-Oct-1610; Robte COLMER & Alyce ROWLANDE

07-Oct-1610; William EDWARDS & Susan TREISE

16-Feb-1610; John STEVENS & Alice BAKER

26-Aug-1611; William LACIE & Barbara TUTCHIN

16-Sep-1611; John BIRDE & Mary BEARDE

29-Jun-1612; John JENEKINS & Mary HOOPER

06-Jul-1612; Robte TRIVETT & Margaret GIBBES

28-Jul-1612; William CORNER & Johan SWEETE

27-Oct-1612; William COLMER & Elizabeth MUTTLEBERYE

19-Jan-1612; Nicholas CHUBBE & Susan PYNYE

25-Jan-1612; George HAWKER & Anne FRENCHE

30-Jan-1612; John LACIE & Christian PENINGTON

08-Feb-1612; Roger PRIEST & Elizabeth COGAN

26-Apr-1613; Richard WATTS & Katherin LOMBART

08-May-1613; Edward SALTER & Jane DOWNTON

20-Jun-1613; Hamlet BRAINE & Ellen STEVENS

06-Jun-1613; John FELPES & Alice SELLAR

03-Nov-1613; John MILLER & Anne BOWND

07-Feb-1613; Richard WHITTEY & Alice TUTCHIN

26-Nov-1614; John POYNTER & Elizabethe FELPES

22-Jan-1614; Paull COOKE & Avis WAGLON

30-Jan-1614; George HICHCOCKE & Tomasine BRAGGE

02-Feb-1614; Roger FOLLETT & Catherine FOWLER

25-Apr-1615; Mathew COOKENEY & Johan COOKENEY

04-May-1615; Nicholas STAPELL & Rubeth COSENS

16-Jul-1615; Davye HAWKENS & Katheryne TUTCHIN

25-Jul-1615; Edward LANE & Elizabeth MARTYN

14-Aug-1615; John MULLIN & Ellen BLACKEMORE

21-Sep-1615; Augustine BENNETT & Grace BALE

11-Oct-1615; George OWSLEY & Elizabeth CRABBE

13-Nov-1615; John MICHELL & Rebecca HITCHCOCKE

07-Jan-1615; John COOPER & Elizabeth BENNET

07-Jul-1616; William FRENCH & Alce FOWLER

02-Sep-1616; Phillip MESARUEIS & Mary PEPEN

17-Sep-1616; James HANCOCKE & Joane WIETTE

16-Oct-1616; Robert COOKENEY & Margery LANE

18-Oct-1616; Henry THORNE & Joane BUCHERE

01-Dec-1616; Roberte PATTINE & Mary PINNEY

15-Jan-1616; Thomas CROADE & Saray SCWIBBE

20-Jan-1616; Roberte STANTON & Katherne WATTES

05-Feb-1616; Thomas LONGE & Agnes WOLMINGTON

05-Feb-1616; Roberte BRAGGE & Mary PINNEY

10-Feb-1616; John BANCKES & Elizabeth HALLETTE

05-May-1617; Robert MITCHELL & Margerye LANE

01-Jul-1617; John HANCOCKE & Anne BICKNOLL

20-Jul-1617; George PYE & Emme HOOPER

12-Aug-1617; Robert WHETTAM & Sara FOWLER

07-Sep-1617; George HAWKER & Margery COLINDON

01-Oct-1617; Henry ADAMS & Mawde GIBBES

14-Oct-1617; Nicholas FOWLER & Mawdlin BOWDITCH

30-Nov-1617; William SELLEY & Johan CARVER

07-Jan-1617; Stephen KNIGHT & Margery BROWNSEY

22-Jan-1617; Benjamin FERRET & Elianor SELLAR

20-Apr-1618; Thomas FORSEY & Johan CLAPPE

03-May-1618; John GILL & Ellen PETORD

31-May-1618; Henry WELLMAN & Alyce NORTON

01-Jun-1618; John CHALKWAY & Agnes WHETCOM

07-Jun-1618; Silvester GRAY & Thomasine ROWE

14-Sep-1618; Alexander FYVIAN & Susan FELPES

11-Oct-1618; Amias HOOPER & Grace ELLIS

21-Nov-1618; John FOWLER & Anne FOOKES

28-Nov-1618; John FELPES & Thomasine HOOPER

23-Jan-1618; Thomas CHARD & Johan PINSON

24-Jan-1618; John DOWNE & Alyce FRYE

11-Apr-1619; John FRYE & Agnes BENNET

16-May-1619; Robert DENFORD & Agnes PALMER

16-Jul-1619; William PALMER & Susan COOKE

25-Jul-1619; Sebastian BROWNE & Johan GRAY

24-Nov-1619; William TUCKER & Elizabeth FOWLER

24-Nov-1619; John PINSON & Elizabeth PINNEY

10-Jan-1619; John COWPER & Ysebe BENNETT

07-Feb-1619; Thomas WHITTLE & Mary TYBBS

24-Apr-1620; Paull CARVER & Ostrea SANSON

15-Jun-1620; Markes STOKES & Ursula PORE

27-Jul-1620; John BOND & Margery ALLEN

06-Aug-1620; Edmond STORKE & Grace BENNETT

24-Jan-1620; John CRANDEN & Margery WILSE

25-Jan-1620; John LANE & Elizabeth COLEFORD

16-Apr-1621; John NEWMANE & Elizabeth ELLISSE

01-May-1621; William STEVENES & Susanne GRAY

05-May-1621; James HANCOCKE & Elnore WIBBER

28-May-1621; Richard COOKE & Susanne PALLMER

17-Jul-1621; Walter GIBBES & Anne STEVENNS

22-0ct-1621; Silfister POORE & Anne KEYE

22-Oct-1621; Bartholomew FRYE & Elizabeth MOGGE

05-Nov-1621; William TOCKER & Joann COOKNY

11-Nov-1621; Edward SIMMINES & Agnis SOPER

01-Dec-1621; John SIMES & Joane BAGGE

31-Jan-1621; John TERRY & Jhoan EDGAR

06-Aug-1622; Abraham DAVES & Eideth PETTE

16-Aug-1622; William DOBELL & Sewsan NORTH

20-Sep-1622; Hugh SOPE & Elizabeth STARKE

03-Oct-1622; Nathaniell SHAUE & Honor MICHELL

08-Oct-1622; William BRUER & Dowryty FOWLEY

27-Nov-1622; William BANDE & Annes WEILLES

27-Nov-1622; John HAYNE & Joane DOLEN

21-Apr-1623; John WEBBER & Joan MUNDAY

21-Apr-1623; John PYNNEY & Anne TURNER

29-Apr-1623; Richard WOOD & Marie GIBBES

01-May-1623; Thomas WHITE & Marie GOODMAN

17-Jun-1623; Thomas WHITTLE & Elizabeth EDGAR

30-Jun-1623; William FILLEY & Anne PAICEMORE

11-Aug-1623; William HITCHCOCKE & Elizabeth BRAGGE

18-Aug-1623; Thomas CHALKEWAY & Margery ADDAMS

10-Sep-1623; Michaell BRAGGE & Edith MEAFELL

19-Oct-1623; Richard MARKES & Precilla LONGBRIDGE

26-Nov-1623; John FELPES & Alice JOYE

24-Jan-1623; Josias LYMBREY & Elnor SPRAKE

06-Apr-1624; Ambrose THOMAS & Phillip [sic] GIBBES

15-Apr-1624; Jefferie STEVENS & Bridgett LORINGE

05-Mar-1624; William LARDER & Elizabeth BRAGGE

31-Jul-1625; William OSBORNE & Johan SPRAKE

01-Nov-1625; Richard ADDAMS & Margery LANE

06-Jan-1625; John ELLIS & Gillian PALMER

16-Jan-1625; John WOLMINGTON & Margery HITCHKOCKE

01-Mar-1625; Robert SHINDLER & Ibitt TELMAN

25-Apr-1626; John COOLBURD & Mary LONGE

26-Apr-1626; John JENKINS & Elizabeth WHEDON

27-Apr-1626; John TRENCHARD & Mary STEPHENS

21-May-1626; Robert FORSEY & Elioner GRAY

17-Jul-1626; John STONE & Jane EDWARDS

03-Oct-1626; John MAYNE & Julain FOWLER

14-Nov-1626; John COOKE & Mary BAGG

24-Nov-1626; Robert FELPES & Margarett COLINS

26-Feb-1626; Alexander EVERY & Mablen BRAGG

08-Apr-1627; Robert CRAFT & Elizabeth WILLES

16-Sep-1627; Petter FOWLER & Christian SELLAR

30-Jan-1627; Robert ALLEN & Sara BRAGG

09-Jun-1628; Hercules DOBLE & Elizabeth VENUS

25-Jun-1628; Edward MOORE & Joane GATT

13-Aug-1628; Henery HINE & Agnes SYMONS

28-Jan-1628; Hennery TUCHENNER & Anne FREAKE

06-May-1629; John HALLETT & Anne TUCKER

10-Jun-1629; William HITCHCOCKE & Joane LANE

16-Jul-1629; John BENNETT & Anne HASILBERY

17-Jul-1629; James HAWKER & Elizabeth PHELPES

24-Aug-1629; Robert STARK & Mary COLE

14-Oct-1629; Jeffrey HELLYER & Thomazin PENNINGTON

28-Oct-1629; William SPRAKE & Susan MEFIELD

28-Oct-1629; Bartholomew WHEDON & Dyonisia GRINTER

18-Nov-1629; Alexander HICHCOK & Joan HAYN

26-Nov-1629; John BALL & Jane HAINE

…-Dec-1629; Hugh HODDER & Honor WEBER

20-Jan-1629; William FOWLER & Elizabeth HITCHECOCKE

21-Jan-1629; Thomas MOORE & Katharine BRAGG

23-Jan-1629; John WILLIS & Joane HITCHCOCKE

03-Apr-1630; William FREEKE & Mary DOLMAN

15-Apr-1630; Robert FORSY & Mary LOVERING

31-May-1630; William CARVER & Joane LOMBERD

02-Jun-1630; Stephen LANE & Elizabeth CHARD

02-Jun-1630; William CASE & Mary LINCOLNE

02-Jun-1630; Thomas BYRD & Mary COOKE

18-Oct-1630; Thomas PITT & Susan SOPER

27-Oct-1630; Richard GIBBS & Joane STEVEN

30-Apr-1631; John NORTON & Joane BUTCHER

29-Jun-1631; Hugh WILLS & Joane KERLEY

19-Jul-1631; Stephen GRENFEILDE & Elizabeth HODDER

13-Oct-1631; George COSENS & Susan ELLIS

02-Nov-1631; Morgan BANKS & Mary COXE

23-Nov-1631; William PHELPS & Sarah SPRAKE

14-Apr-1632; John BYRD & Judeth FEVER

19-Jul-1632; John PITTS & Ellen BRAGG

30-Aug-1632; Richard GRINTER & Amy GATE

30-Jan-1632; Lancelot HARDY & Elizabeth HOSKINS

01-May-1633; Joshua HITCHCOCKE & Katerine MITCHELL

22-May-1633; William GOODRIDGE & Mary LYDE

19-Jun-1633; Peter PAUL & Elizabeth WHEDON

10-Jul-1633; William FOLLETT & Elizabeth ELWELL

20-Oct-1633; John STANTON & Jane JAMES

02-Nov-1633; Richard WHITTEY & Mary SHAVE

10-Nov-1633; John TUCKER & Joane PHELPES

26-Nov-1633; Miles or Giles LUMBERT & Edith PHELPES

15-Jan-1633; George BOWDIDGE & Ann JAMES

25-Jan-1633; William STANTON & Anastasia BROWNE

11-Jun-1634; Lendell JENKINS & Edith CLUTTERY

03-Jul-1634; John SPRAKE & Margery PYKE

08-Jul-1634; George PHELPES & Margery PHELPES

12-Aug-1634; John BARGERY & Joane ATTWELL

17-Sep-1634; John GOFF & Joane STEVENS

16-Oct-1634; Thomas SPRAKE & Margery BOWDIDG

26-Nov-1634; Robert PERRIN & Avice LINCOLNE

01-May-1635; Thomas HAWKINS & Avies DOUCH

08-Jul-1635; John GATE, junr., & Agnes HALLAT

15-Aug-1635; John GIBBS & Suson LUMBARD

04-Nov-1635; Geiles HALLATT & Tamsen ROWLAND

12-Nov-1635; George DRINGE & Agnes FOWLER

18-Nov-1635; John LINKOLE & Joan FELPS

26-Apr-1636; Richard ADIN & Alce HOSKEN

04-May-1636; John DOSSE & Kateren LACY

18-May-1636; Rogar KNITE & Jone BRAIGGE

12-Oct-1636; Isake DEANE & Margre SMETHE

19-Jan-1636; John MANDAR & Mary LIGE

19-Apr-1637; Michael HAYNE & Elisabeth BAGWIL

07-Jul-1637; George GARE & Charity WHEDON

22-Sep-1637; William PYE & Elizabeth EMMETT

18-Oct-1637; Thomas CHANON & Elizabeth MASON

15-Nov-1637; William BAKER & Agnes WEBBER

31-Jul-1638; Gidean BANKES & Flurance CHAULKWAY

01-Sep-1638; Phillip FELPS & Susan CUZANES

03-Oct-1638; Robert COLMER & Mary PHELPS

06-Feb-1638; Edward BROWNE & Mary VAHAM

24-Apr-1639; John ROCKETT & Mary ROCKETT

15-May-1639; Simon WHITTEY & Susana LAMBARD

28-Jun-1639; Christopher HART & Anne CARVER

10-Oct-1639; Walter HALLETT & Grace SHIRE

22-Jan-1639; William BOWDITCH & Johan ASHTON

28-Jan-1639; Nicholas BOWDITCH & Julian BOWDITCH

15-Apr-1640; Thomas PHILPES & Sarai RICHARDS

25-Apr-1640; James PHILPES & Joane FACE

03-Jun-1640; John BOWDITCH & Amie HICHCOKE

25-Nov-1640; William COSONES & Anne LARCOM

27-Jan-1640; Nicholas HICHCOKE & Joane CARVER

07-Feb-1640; Rogger WETHERELL & Katharan CARVAR

24-Feb-1640; John COURTE & Katharan HOUCHENS

06-May-1641; Nicholas STEVENS & Elianor NORTON

26-May-1641; Robert HITCHEOCKE & Johan SELWOOD

14-Jun-1641; Roger BRIANT & Ann SPRAKE

24-Jun-1641; Mathew ROWLAND & Amy SPRAKE

18-Oct-1641; Phillip BOWDITCH & Margery ADAMS

31-Dec-1641; John ADAMS & Anne DACKHAM

04-May-1642; John SPRAKE & Mary MEYFEILD

08-Jun-1642; Roger HOOPER & Alice HOOPER

10-Aug-1642; William PHELPES & Mary JAMES

06-Jan-1642; Michaell HAYNE & Elizabeth PYE

05-May-1643; John PHELPES & Julian BUCKNOLL

31-Jul-1644; John JAMES & Katherin HARDY

14-Aug-1644; Anthony WELLMAN & Grace PHELPES

26-Aug-1644; Trustrim LUMBARD & Dorothy PAULL

18-Feb-1644; Hugh WILLS & Elizabeth MORRIS

13-Mar-1644; John FRY & Johan HACKMAN

no further entries until:

23-Jun-1648; Hanniball ROWE & Elizabeth NEWBERY

27-Jul-1648; William COOK & Elizabeth BLAZE

15-May-1649; John NEWMAN & Alice GAMON

22-May-1649; Robert WELLMAN & Avis FELPHS

22-Jan-1650; John HILL & Dorothy WAKELEY

04-Jun-1650; Nicholas WELCH & Ane BRAGG

[omitted]; George LEGGE & Susan [omitted]

[omitted]; John BRAGGE & Eade ATTWELL

[omitted]; George BOWDITCH & Catharine PHELPS

10-Jun-1651; Matthew COLMER & Sarah BRAGGE

29-Sep-1651; Alexander COOKE & Elizabeth GOULD

01-Jan-1651; Joseph DARBY & Joan COOK

11-Feb-1651; Nicholas BOWDITCH & Elizabeth BAKER

17-Mar-1651; Richard ADAMS & Catharine BROWNE

07-Apr-1652; John PAVY & Mary HITCHCOCKE

20-May-1652; John BOWDITCH & Margarett PAULL

28-Sep-1652; Edward HOOPER & Elizabeth HAYNE

26-Dec-1652; Edward COLMER alias PHELPS & Hana LACY

23-Mar-1652; James CARVER & Sarah SYMES

27-Mar-1653; Stephen PERRYE & Anne FRENCH

26-Dec-1653; Roger ROBERTS of Crockethorne & Mary PUMFREE

16-Mar-1653; Robert COLMER of Broad Winsor & Mary CRAFT

14-Mar-1654; Thomas COOKE & Joane HITCHCOCKE

01-Apr-1654; Christopher HEART & Thomazin HITCHCOCKE

20-Apr-1654; John WOOLINGTON & Ursula COBB

10-May-1654; Leonard PHELPS & Elizabeth HALLETT

15-May-1654; Edward BAGG & Margaret GATE

15-May-1654; George STONE & Anne SAMPSON of Hauckerch [Hawkchurch?]

16-May-1654; John CHURCHILL, esq., & Miss Susana PREADUAX

25-May-1654; John ROCKETT & Jeane WARRY of Chard

28-Jun-1654; William FRENCH & Judeth GREENEWAY

29-Jun-1654; John BRAGGE & Anne TIBBS of Axminster

16-Sep-1654; Job LACY & Hester LYMBRE

[omitted]; George RECKMAN & Elizabeth DEY [appears between entries for June
28 & September 27 in a section where chronological order is not respected

27-Sep-1654; John FORSAY & Joane SHINDLER of Crewkerne

05-Oct-1654; Mathew CRAFT & Mary PHELPS

05-Oct-1654; John ELLIS & Elizabeth POORE

16-Oct-1654; John FORSAY, son of Robert FORSAY, & Ellinor LIMBRY

23-Nov-1654; William MITCHELL & Mary RAPSIE

10-Jan-1654; Thomas BOND & Anne HALLETT of Corscombe

24-Jan-1654; John MACY & Awedry PHELPS

11-Apr-1655; Anthony WELLMAN & Frances KING of Winsham

[omitted]; Henry KING of Winsham & Jhoane LUMBARD [appears between entries
for 14 MAR 1654 & 16 MAY 1655 in a section where chronological order is not respected

16-May-1655; Giles PHELPS & Ann BIRD

19-Jun-1655; John LUMBARD & Katherin PINNEY of Wayford

26-Jul-1655; Thomas SMITH of Chard & Ann COOKE

31-Jul-1655; William HALLATT & Joan HUTCHINGS

01-Aug-1655; Henry LUSH & Joane KENDER of Winsham

24-Aug-1655; Edward BRAGG & Mary PAINTER of Beaminster

05-Sep-1655; John PARRICKE of Chardstock & Ellianor COOKENEY

18-Sep-1655; Richard BARBER of Hawkchurch & Elizabeth DOBLE

24-Sep-1655; Stephen BENNETT of Hawkchurch & Amye STEPHENS

04-Dec-1655; Michaell BOWDITCH & Ann PINSON

26-Dec-1655; William FOWLER & Edeth HAWKER of Crewkerne

02-Apr-1656; John HODDER of Wootton Fitzpaine & Benedicta BRAGG

[omitted]; Edmund PRIDEAUX the younger, esq., & Miss Amy FRANCIS of Combe Florry [appears between
entries for 26 DEC 1655 & 21 APR 1656 in a section where chronological order is not respected

21-Apr-1656; Alexander WARRALL & Ruth BAGG of Broadwinsor

06-May-1656; Thomas HAINE & Mary NEWMAN

17-May-1656; John STARKE & Anne HANCOCKE

07-Jul-1656; Steven PAULL & Elizabeth HUTCHINS

28-Aug-1656; George WOLMINGTON & Joan CARPENTER of Chard

08-Oct-1656; Abraham PERREN & Joane MOORE

21-Oct-1656; John RAY & Elizabeth STARKE

30-Dec-1656; John BEER & Prissia HILL

06-Apr-1657; Walter GATE & Mary EVERRET

19-May-1657; Robert STARKE & Mary BURD

25-Dec-1657; Thomas WATTS & Julian STEVENS

05-Jan-1657; Andrew CUSSENS & Joan CHALKWAY

10-Mar-1657; Lawrence PHELPES & Susanna OSBORNE of Chardstock

23-Apr-1658; Henry HYNDE & Elizabeth MARKES

23-Jun-1658; Robert FOWLER & Jane WEBB of Crewkerne

30-Jun-1658; John TURNER of Hawkchurch & Barbara PHELPES

04-Aug-1658; John BURD & Joan STARKE

27-Oct-1658; Robert WELMAN & Thomazin HALLET

29-Mar-1659; Robert ABBAT & Mary OSBORNE

04-Apr-1659; Abraham CARVER & Luce KNG

14-May-1659; Richard MITCHELL & Agnes MAINE

26-Oct-1659; John FREAKE & Margaret ZEALWOOD

27-Jun-1660; Robert HOPPER & Reubith STANTON

15-May-1661; John STANTON & Mary GREENWAY

03-Jun-1661; Nicholas GOODMAN & Elizabeth PHELPES

05-Dec-1661; John HAYNE & Mary WHEDON

07-Dec-1661; William PHEVEN & Susanna PHELPES

26-Dec-1661; Walter WYAT & Mary BOND

20-Jan-1661; Nicholas HOMAN & Mary SPRAKE

26-Jun-1662; William COLLIER & Elizabeth HYND

07-May-1663; William PAUL & Elizabeth BRAGGE

14-Jul-1663; Peter BLACKHALLER & Mary NORRICE

25-Jul-1663; John MASEY & Elizabeth ELLIS

09-Feb-1663; James CLOAD & Mary CHALKWAY

18-Feb-1663; John WEBBE & Susan BEARD

09-Jun-1664; John GOUGH & Joane LINCOLL

09-Aug-1664; Roger BRIAN & Joan BOWDITCH

30-Aug-1664; Samuell BOWDITCH & Elizabeth BAGGE

20-Sep-1664; William PAULL & Ursula COPPLESTON

27-Sep-1664; William BEARD & Edith BOND

28-Sep-1664; Richard PROSSER & Mary CARVER

27-Mar-1665; Samuell PIKE & Sarah HARTE

04-May-1665; John BAKER & Ellenor HATTER

15-May-1665; William PHEVEN & Ane SHAUE

16-May-1665; William HANCKOTT & Melior ABOTT

25-Jan-1655; John PHELPS & Mary WIATT

15-Feb-1655; Peter FOWLER & Joan TUCKER

01-May-1666; William BOWDITCH & Joan GIBBS

05-Jun-1666; William HODDER & Anstice ATTWOOD

07-Aug-1666; John SPRAKE & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

02-Sep-1666; Jonathan DRAKE & Alice MARKES

26-Dec-1666; Roger CHAPPLE & Joan COGGAN

14-Jan-1666; William OUSLYE & Amye BOND

09-Feb-1666; John STANTON & Mary HOOPER

22-Apr-1667; John SHEPHARD & Anne CARVER

29-May-1667; William BURD & Elizabeth DAVIE

05-Sep-1667; Robert PHILLY & Mary LEGGE

12-Sep-1667; Edward PHELPES & Hannah PROSER

17-Sep-1667; John PROSSER & Joane HAUKINS

04-Feb-1667; Samuell PULMAN & Elizabeth LARCOMBE

31-Mar-1668; Richard BOWRIDGE & Mary FRENCH

11-May-1668; Robert FORSIE & Margery CHALKWAY

09-Jul-1668; Joshua STANTON & Joane FRY

28-Oct-1668; Giles PHELPS & Ane HITCHCOCK

12-Apr-1669; John JENKINS & Ane RAPSY

14-May-1669; Robert SEARLE & Alice PHELPS

15-Jun-1669; Richard INNETT & Elizabeth FRY

03-Aug-1669; Henry WATTS & Joane JAMES

04-Oct-1669; John BEARD & Elizabeth BOUDDITCH

16-Nov-1669; Gyles LUMBARD & Susan PHELPS

01-Jan-1669; Nicholas LATHE & Alice GRAY

04-Apr-1670; George HALLETT & Eadith HITCHCOCKE

07-Jul-1670; William STOODLY & Mary ANNING

06-Oct-1670; Edward YARD & Ellen COGGAN

29-Dec-1670; John BRAGGE & Joane CLARKE

16-Feb-1670; James PULLMAN & Thamozin HALLET

23-Feb-1670; George HITCHCOCKE & Anne LANE

23-Feb-1670; Leonard PHELPES & Margaret BAGGE

23-Feb-1670; John SANSOME & Mary ALFORD

02-Mar-1670; William MITCHELL & Joane KNOT

07-Mar-1670; Richard BRAGGE & Sarah EATTON

13-Jun-1671; Nicholas BOWRIDGE & Elizabeth SPRAKE

30-Jul-1671; William HARDIMAN & Mary ROWLAND

30-Apr-1672; John MILLER & Elizabeth HITCHCOCKE

02-May-1672; Robert BROWNSIE & Avice COOMBE

14-May-1672; Michaell BOWRIDGE & Joane ZEALWOOD

05-Dec-1672; John HALLETT & Joan HITCHCOCKE

11-Jan-1672; Robert STANTON & Elinor HAIN

12-Jan-1672; Ames PHELPS & Margaret HOOPER

11-Feb-1672; William DAVY & Frauncis LANGDON

18-Jun-1673; Walter LANE & Margery HODDER

29-Jul-1673; Robert MERIFIELD & Anne BRAGGE

18-Dec-1673; Nicholas GATE & Elizabeth ROCKET

18-Dec-1673; Thomas JEFFERY & Elizabeth SHIPPICKE

28-Apr-1674; Andrew COSINS & Joane BOWRIDGE

04-Nov-1674; William FOSSIE & Elizabeth HAWKER

09-Dec-1674; Anthonie WELMAN & Susanna PAUL

06-Apr-1675; Edward FOSSIE & Mary COOKNEY

21-Apr-1675; Nicholas FREAKE & Mary STANTON

27-Apr-1675; Edward MITCHELL & Jane MATHEWS

13-May-1675; Samuell WITHERELL & Hannah FOWLER

25-May-1675; James STARKE & Hannah TURNER

12-Aug-1675; Thomas FOSSIE & Mary PHELPS

02-Nov-1675; William WEECHALSE & Hannah BRANKER

10-Nov-1675; George SPILLER & Anne INNATE

24-Nov-1675; Samuell STAPLE & Alice WILLS

03-Jan-1675; Edward MARTIN & Alice WOOSLEY of the city of Exeter

01-Feb-1675; Thomas PHELPS & Mary WILLIS

[no entries in 1676]

16-Apr-1677; William BOWRIDGE & Sarah HEARTHFIELD

19-Apr-1677; Richard STAPLE & Elizabeth HODDER

07-May-1677; John HAYNE & Mary PROSSER

19-Nov-1677; George GIBBS & Deborah BULL

21-Nov-1677; Phillip GRINFIELD & Bridget BULL

27-Nov-1677; Richard HANCOCKE & Arminell CATE

03-Apr-1678; William MASIE & Mary FREAKE

24-Aug-1678; John BOWRIDGE & Hester HOOPER

24-Aug-1679; Daniell BRYANT & Anne FERRETT

15-Jan-1679; Mr. Charles VAHAN & Mrs. Margaret DREW

03-Feb-1679; Benjamin BRAGGE & Elizabeth BROWN

12-Apr-1680; Samuel PHELPS & Joane FOWLER

15-Apr-1680; George BOWRIDGE & Amye HITCHCOCK

04-May-1680; John PHELPS & Mary FOWLER

07-May-1680; Samuell STAPLE & Hannah KNIGHT

01-Jun-1680; William BOWRIDGE & Grace DODGE

28-Sep-1680; Mr. John LOVERING & Mrs. Elizabeth COOPER

17-Nov-1680; John BRAGGE & Dorcas BOWRIDGE

03-Dec-1680; Samuell HITCHCOCKE & Elizabeth OWSLY

06-Jan-1680; Robert MITCHELL & Joane MUTTLEBURY

06-Jan-1680; Richard RICHARDS & Margaret POUND

13-Jan-1680; Simon SPRAKE & Joane CARVER

08-Dec-1681; Laurence COOKE & Susanna HART

19-Apr-1682; William BRAGG & Jone BISHOP

20-Apr-1682; Thomas PAULL & Ane HANKOCK

28-Apr-1682; Robbart MANEN & Judieth COSENS

18-May-1682; Henery FRY & Tamsen HOOPER

15-Jun-1682; Thomas ODEN & Hanah HATTER

17-Jul-1682; Jafry FORD & Eme HITCHCOCK

17-Aug-1682; Thomas PHELPS, the son of Gilles, & An ANCELL

18-Sep-1682; John OUSSELY & Deborah DOLEN

09-Oct-1682; Ritcheard COOK & Frances SHIPPARD

17-Oct-1682; Robart CRAFT & Johanah HARDIMAN

19-Oct-1682; Olliver TRENCERD & Mary HOOPER

24-Jan-1682; Ritcheard BRAGG & Grace SWEET

28-Jan-1682; William SANSUM & Ann POLDEN

02-Feb-1682; William PHEVIAN & Mary HAINE

21-Feb-1682; John GRAY  Elizabeth SWEET

20-Jun-1683; Robart RAPCY & Mary COOK

26-Jan-1683; Robart FORSSY & Jane PAULL

26-Jan-1683; Robart MITCHELL & Judith WELLMAN

23-Apr-1684; John PRINCE & Edeth BRAGG

11-Dec-1684; Thomas BRAGG & Mary RAPCY

22-Apr-1685; Thomas GALLE & Dianah COERTICE

01-May-1685; Augustan SWAFFIELL & Joan LUMBARD

10-Dec-1685; Joseph TRANCHER & Ann HOOPER

[no entries in 1686]

28-Mar-1687; Daniell BRIANT & Judith LEEVES

26-May-1687; Edward BRAGG & Sarah COOKE

01-Jun-1687; John COWER & Mary JAFRY

09-Feb-1687; John FURMEDGE & Seyestine FOLLETT

16-Feb-1687; Nathannell SWAFFEL & Mary PUMFRY

13-Oct-1687; James COLMER & Mary BRAGG

05-May-1688; Samuell JAMES & Sarah BRAGG

05-Nov-1688; Nicolas BOWDITCH & Judeth BURD

08-Nov-1688; Emanuell BRAGG & Elizabeth SHIPPARD

07-Feb-1688; William BRAGG, esq., & Edeth LADER

22-Aug-1689; William BOWDITCH & Mary SPRAIKE

26-Dec-1689; John FREAK & Margaret SPILLER

31-Dec-1689; John COUKE & Mary MEARN

25-Apr-1690; Thomas HAINE & Ann PENNI

10-Jun-1690; Nicholas PHIPPIN & Joan JAFFRY

22-Nov-1690; John BRAGG & Mary NEWMAN

21-Nov-1690; Samuel HAWKER & Elizabeth CORAM

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