Burials 1813 - 1851

Transcribed from the registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the OPC Project by Kim Parker.

Place of abode at time of death was Thorncombe, unless otherwise stated.




13-Jan-1813; Mary STANTON 28

31-Jan-1813; Mary TURNER 87, of Maudlin

20-Mar-1813; Huldah WALE 2, daughter of Jonah & Susannah WALE

28-Mar-1813; John HAWKINS infant, son of Isaac & Mary HAWKINS

02-Apr-1813; John TURNER 91

10-Apr-1813; William BOWDITCH 53

11-Apr-1813; Rebecca PEADON 55

23-May-1813; Uriah COOK 70

20-Jun-1813; Amos MULLETT 64

02-Jul-1813; Martha LONGMAN 84, of Holditch

15-Aug-1813; John ALFORD 33

07-Nov-1813; John HICKS 37

25-Dec-1813; John PHILLIPS 86


02-Jan-1814; James EBDON 1, son of Elias & Ann EBDON

16-Jan-1814; Thomas CALLY 93

27-Jan-1814; Samuel JEFFERY 1, son of Thomas & Mary JEFFERY of Broadwinsor

03-Feb-1814; Joseph HUNT 1, son of Robert & Martha HUNT

09-Feb-1814; James RYDER 5, base born son of Charlotte RYDER

13-Mar-1814; Mary PARIS 80, wife of Thomas PARIS

29-Mar-1814; Thomas FOLLETT 82

29-Apr-1814; Susannah APLIN 50, wife of William APLIN

08-May-1814; Love HAWKER infant, daughter of Isaac & Sarah HAWKER

13-May-1814; Mary BAULCH 24, of Charcombe, Somerset

04-Aug-1814; Robert BAKER 55

04-Sep-1814; John FOWLER 40

25-Sep-1814; Hannah BAULCH infant, of Chard

30-Sep-1814; Ann APLIN 72, widow

04-Nov-1814; Charlotte JEFFERY 1, daughter of Thomas & Hannah JEFFERY of Holditch

15-Nov-1814; William HOOD 77, of Synderford

13-Dec-1814; Elizabeth MULLETT 73, of Laymore

25-Dec-1814; John DEAN 2, son of John & Ann DEAN


08-Jan-1815; Elizabeth PERHAM 84, widow of Holditch

22-Jan-1815; Abraham APLIN 7, son of John & Hannah APLIN of Chitmore

31-Jan-1815; William HAINE 56, Clothier

10-Feb-1815; Elizabeth BENNETT 39, widow

05-Mar-1815; Tryphena FORSEY 78, widow

19-Mar-1815; Ann BAKER 1, daughter of John & Ann BAKER

26-Mar-1815; Betty SIBLEY 88, wife of John SIBLEY

14-May-1815; Susanna GOOD 47, wife of Levi GOOD of Winsham

30-Jul-1815; Mary WILLS 24

27-Aug-1815; Sarah COOMBS 84

21-Sep-1815; Mary COOK 87, widow

08-Oct-1815; James BOWDITCH 67

31-Oct-1815; Samuel JEFFERY infant, son of Thomas & Mercy JEFFERY of Broadwinsor

12-Nov-1815; James HICKS 23

27-Nov-1815; John SIBLEY 87

13-Dec-1815; William LUMBARD 67


14-Jan-1816; Mary LIGHTFOOT infant, daughter of James Collins & Mary LIGHTFOOT

22-Feb-1816; Mercy POOR 79, wife of Samuel POOR of Netherbury, Dorset

23-Feb-1816; Elizabeth WHITE 65, wife of John WHITE

03-Mar-1816; John BAKER 60

25-Apr-1816; Thomas BOWDITCH 68

05-May-1816; James CULVERWELL 6

12-May-1816; John BENNETT 42

19-May-1816; William PHILLIPS 83

02-Jun-1816; Ann BAKER 26, wife of John BAKER

18-Aug-1816; Elizabeth BOWDITCH 17

23-Sep-1816; George BOWDITCH 22, of West Ford

20-Oct-1816; William TURNER 53, of Crewkerne

20-Oct-1816; Edward OUSLEY 8m, son of William OUSLEY

25-Oct-1816; Mary PHILLIPS 86, widow

03-Nov-1816; Ruth BOWDITCH 71, of Broadwinsor

15-Dec-1816; John BAKER 1

22-Dec-1816; Joan RUSSELL 84


19-Jan-1817; William BAKER 50, of Broadwinsor

16-Jan-1817; Sarah TRENCHARD 39

16-Feb-1817; Sarah BACKALLER 12

23-Feb-1817; Mary SAWYER 53, of Holditch

19-Mar-1817; Elizabeth LOVERIDGE 17

23-Mar-1817; Sarah BOWDITCH 29

30-Mar-1817; John STANTON 73

25-Apr-1817; Catherine JEFFERY 1, of Holditch

08-Aug-1817; Thomas JEFFERY 39, of Holditch

24-Aug-1817; Mary MITCHELL 61, of Laymore

14-Sep-1817; Kezia NEWBERRY 60, of Hawkchurch

24-Sep-1817; Susanna PEADON 63

19-Oct-1817; Joseph COUSENS 26

02-Nov-1817; John LUMBARD 57

13-Nov-1817; John COUCH 65

18-Nov-1817; Jane JEFFERY 69, wife of Joseph JEFFERY

21-Nov-1817; Joseph SMITH 7, son of Joseph SMITH

07-Dec-1817; Hannah HAWKER 1, daughter of Samuel HAWKER

25-Dec-1817; Hannah COOMBS 63


02-Jan-1818; Edith OUSLEY 1, daughter of Thomas OUSLEY

13-Jan-1818; Elizabeth RUSSELL 52

18-Jan-1818; James CHANNING 1

11-Feb-1818; Catherine BOWDITCH 9m, daughter of John BOWDITCH

13-Feb-1818; Thomas JEFFERY 7m

20-Feb-1818; James FARRANT 3, son of Robert FARRANT

08-Mar-1818; Christian COX 18m, daughter of William COX of Chard

29-Mar-1818; James BRAGGE of Hawkchurch

20-May-1818; Elizabeth BOWDITCH 38

22-May-1818; Mary PHILLIPS 49, widow

29-May-1818; Mrs. Elizabeth DAUBNY 77

11-Jun-1818; William HITCHCOCK 73

09-Jul-1818; William HOW 23

02-Aug-1818; Ann HUSSEY 57

09-Aug-1818; William WILLS 2, son of Lawrence & Anstis WILLS of Axminster

27-Nov-1818; Robert COOK 84

29-Nov-1818; Samuel HITCHCOCK 36 of Tatworth

06-Dec-1818; Robert CHANNING 75

08-Dec-1818; Mary TURNER 5, of Crewkerne


10-Jan-1819; Martha BOWDITCH 10

12-Feb-1819; Susan PERRING 63, of Axminster

28-Feb-1819; Henry COX infant

07-Mar-1819; Joan HODDER 74

07-Mar-1819; John STROUD 7, son of John STROUD

07-Mar-1819; Matthias BOWDITCH 84, of Whitchurch [probably W. Canonicorum]

24-Mar-1819; John MATTACOTT 79

09-Apr-1819; Susanhah BURT 18, of Holditch

25-Apr-1819; Mary BROUGHTON 86, of Broadwinsor

16-May-1819; John SAWYER 16

16-May-1819; Elizabeth HALLETT 37, wife of William HALLETT

29-May-1819; Marina MILVERTON 4, daughter of William & Sarah MILVERTON

08-Jun-1819; Thomas PARIS 78

13-Jun-1819; Betty TRENCHARD 65, widow

22-Jun-1819; Rosanna TRENCHARD 4

14-Jul-1819; John HAWKER infant, son of William & Mary

15-Jul-1819; Keziah OUSLEY 1, daughter of Thomas & Catherine OUSLEY

05-Sep-1819; Mary BOLTON 60, wife of Robert BOLTON

24-Sep-1819; Thomasin HICKS 59, wife of William HICKS

11-Oct-1819; Elias PHILLIPS 65

26-Oct-1819; Eleanor CHINNOCK 76, widow

27-Nov-1819; Phillip BAKER 27

04-Dec-1819; Richard BOWDITCH 74


01-Mar-1820; Mary ROW infant, daughter of Simon ROW

15-Mar-1820; Elizabeth SPRAKE 85, widow

01-Apr-1820; Martha PULLMAN 93, widow of Winsham

19-May-1820; David OUSLEY 1, son of Thomas & Catherine OUSLEY

04-Jun-1820; Robert RUSSELL 60

05-Jun-1820; William COOK 59

11-Jun-1820; Ann BOWDITCH 69, wife of George BOWDITCH of Maudlin

29-Jul-1820; Abednego FOLLETT 86

13-Aug-1820; Ann HODGE 1, daughter of Joseph & Susannah HODGE

05-Sep-1820; George TURNER 18, of Laymore, Crewkerne

24-Sep-1820; Susannah COOK 21, daughter of Robert COOK

29-Sep-1820; Hannah APLIN 51, wife of John APLIN of Marshwood

01-Oct-1820; George BOWDITCH 70

26-Nov-1820; Mary COOK 70, wife of William COOK

05-Dec-1820; Mary BERRY 72, wife of Robert BERRY

10-Dec-1820; Maria HARDYMAN 78, widow of Winsham

20-Dec-1820; Robert HAWKER 70

20-Dec-1820; Joseph BRAGGE 21, son of Joseph BRAGGE of Holditch


15-Jan-1821; Jane COX 40, wife of Eli COX

23-Feb-1821; John COOMB 76

24-Mar-1821; Samuel HARVEY 1

08-Apr-1821; Ann Brooks POOR infant, daughter of Simon POOR of Broadwinsor

20-May-1821; Mary Ann SAINT 1, daughter of John SAINT

02-Jun-1821; Samuel HALLETT 76

10-Jun-1821; James ROWE infant, son of Simon ROWE

13-Jun-1821; Meschach FOLLETT 93

14-Jul-1821; Sarah SALTER 74, of Holditch

10-Aug-1821; Joan GREENING 63, wife of Thomas GREENING

14-Sep-1821; Joan PHILLIPS 36

21-Oct-1821; Samuel MITCHELL 79

04-Nov-1821; John DUNSTER 13, of Marshwood

02-Dec-1821; William COOK 71, of Winsham

07-Dec-1821; Mary JEFFERY 46, of Broadwinsor

16-Dec-1821; Mary ADAMS 39, wife of John ADAMS

16-Dec-1821; Mary PIDGEON 4, daughter of Richard PIDGEON of Holditch


05-Jan-1822; Robert HONEYBONE 33

24-Jan-1822; Sarah COOK 10

26-Jan-1822; Giles WOODLAND 5, son of Samuel WOODLAND

13-Feb-1822; Mary COOK 38, widow

25-Feb-1822; Mary Ann LOCK 3, daughter of John LOCK

06-Mar-1822; Thomas BOWDITCH 65

07-Mar-1822; Benjamin WATTS 58

17-Mar-1822; Samuel FOLLETT 62

07-Apr-1822; Samuel POOR infant, son of Samuel POOR of Blackdown

21-Apr-1822; David HARRIS infant, son of Joseph HARRIS of Blackdown

28-Apr-1822; Elizabeth HOCKEY infant, daughter of William HOCKEY

28-Apr-1822; Hugh STANTON infant, son of John STANTON

19-May-1822; Joseph WOODLAND infant, son of Giles WOODLAND

26-May-1822; Mary SMITH 10, daughter of Samuel SMITH

28-Jul-1822; Thomas HALLETT 78, of Hewood

08-Aug-1822; Job COOK 52

18-Aug-1822; Caleb LACY 75, of Crewkerne

27-Oct-1822; Fanny HAWKER 53, wife of Samuel HAWKER of Broadwinsor

17-Nov-1822; Sarah CHANNING 66

12-Dec-1822; John HAWKER 68


17-Jan-1823; John PHILLIPS 51

19-Jan-1823; Hannah COOK 6, daughter of William COOK

22-Jan-1823; Mary HAWKER 71, wife of John HAWKER

02-Feb-1823; Rachael PIGEON 2, daughter of Richard PIGEON of Holditch

09-Feb-1823; George SHEPHERD 15, son of Stephen SHEPHERD

12-Feb-1823; Samuel HAWKER 1, son of Timothy HAWKER

16-Feb-1823; Charles WOODLAND infant, son of Giles WOODLAND

18-Feb-1823; Sarah HAWKER 68, widow

23-Feb-1823; Martha HARDYMAN 77, of Hewood

07-Mar-1823; John MILLER 77, of Marshwood

14-Mar-1823; Eli COX 65

30-Mar-1823; Maria COOK infant, daughter of James COOK

13-Apr-1823; Robert APLIN infant, son of James APLIN

30-Apr-1823; John SWAFFIELD 57, of Broadwinsor

11-May-1823; Elizabeth HAWKER 4, daughter of Timothy HAWKER

13-Jun-1823; John COOK 1, son of John & Esther COOK

15-Jun-1823; John Turner TRENCHARD infant, base born son of Susan TRENCHARD

27-Jul-1823; Mary HAWKER 45, wife of Isaac HAWKER

27-Aug-1823; George LENTHALL 12, son of Thomas LENTHALL

31-Aug-1823; Mary STANTON 80

29-Sep-1823; John BRIDLE 71, of Broadwinsor

02-Nov-1823; Robert BOWDITCH 65

11-Nov-1823; Elizabeth MULLETT 77, widow of Broadwinsor

26-Nov-1823; George OUSLEY 50, of Axminster

05-Dec-1823; Thomas GREENING 64, of Holditch

07-Dec-1823; James HICKS 77

09-Dec-1823; Elizabeth COX 2, daughter of Nathaniel COX


03-Jan-1824; George PHILLIPS 34

09-Jan-1824; Edith OUSELEY 81

09-Jan-1824; William PHILLIPS 13, son of William PHILLIPS

11-Jan-1824; Rachel PIGEON infant, daughter of Richard PIGEON of Holditch

11-Jan-1824; Miriam GALE 84, widow of Crewkerne

30-Jan-1824; Ann BRIDLE 69, wife of William BRIDLE

30-Jan-1824; William BAKER infant, son of Joseph BAKER

02-Mar-1824; Thomas HOW 60

10-Mar-1824; Charles JEFFERY 19, of Holditch

11-May-1824; Absalom JEFFERY 43

29-May-1824; Elizabeth WELCH 26, of Broadwinsor

17-Jun-1824; James BERRY 30, of Winsham

24-Jun-1824; Sarah MABY 40

27-Jun-1824; Samuel HAWKER infant, son of William HAWKER

19-Sep-1824; Margaret HITCHCOCK 74, wife of William HITCHCOCK

25-Sep-1824; Hannah HAINE 57, widow

27-Oct-1824; John PHILLIPS 9, son of John PHILLIPS

02-Nov-1824; Edith OUSLEY 1, daughter of Thomas OUSLEY

19-Dec-1824; Ann STUCKEY 79, widow


06-Mar-1825; James SWEETLAND 2, son of James & Ann SWEETLAND of Chard

08-Mar-1825; Betty STANTON 73, wife of William STANTON

22-Mar-1825; Henry NORMAN 23, of Winsham

27-Mar-1825; Mary Ann PAUL 2, daughter of Thomas PAUL

30-Mar-1825; Job HITCHCOCK 4, son of John HITCHCOCK

03-Apr-1825; Michael BOWDITCH 69, of Winsham

07-Apr-1825; Charles OUSELEY infant, son of Thomas OUSELEY

08-Apr-1825; David HITCHCOCK 2, son of John HITCHCOCK

08-Apr-1825; Mary HOW 59, widow

10-Apr-1825; Charles FRENCH 1, son of John FRENCH

10-Apr-1825; Ann Davy PHILLIPS 9, daughter of Thomas PHILLIPS

20-Apr-1825; Samuel PHILLIPS 25, of Chard

20-May-1825; John JEFFERY 89

22-May-1825; Charles EBDON infant, son of Elias EBDON

22-May-1825; Sarah BOON 58

25-May-1825; Elizabeth FOWLER infant, daughter of Elias FOWLER

29-May-1825; Robert BERRY 79

05-Jun-1825; Amelia HUNT 17, daughter of Robert HUNT

12-Jun-1825; John COOK 20

17-Jun-1825; George HAWKER 5, son of William HAWKER

06-Jul-1825; Samuel Bennett BARKER infant, son of William BARKER of Holditch

22-Apr-1825; Charles HARRIS 8, son of Benjamin HARRIS

24-Aug-1825; Elizabeth MOREY 26, of Charmouth

31-Aug-1825; Ruth APLIN 1, daughter of John APLIN

18-Sep-1825; Mary PAUL 15, daughter of James PAUL of Broadwinsor

31-Oct-1825; Elianor BOWDITCH 70, widow

18-Dec-1825; Ann JEFFERY 39

20-Dec-1825; Joseph BIDDLECOMBE 90

25-Dec-1825; Joseph HODGES 44

25-Dec-1825; Mary APPLIN infant


06-Jan-1826; Elizabeth BENNETT infant, daughter of John BENNETT

15-Jan-1826; Ann DEAN 45

29-Jan-1826; Peter PARK 68

01-Feb-1826; Elizabeth TRENCHARD 46

08-Feb-1826; Elizabeth COOK 65

28-Feb-1826; John WHITE 76

16-Apr-1826; Ruder ROW 1

30-Apr-1826; Martha COOMBS 77, widow

21-May-1826; Amelia SWEETLAND infant, daughter of James SWEETLAND of Tatworth

16-Jun-1826; James BAKER 23

09-Jul-1826; Joseph TRENCHARD 72

10-Aug-1826; John BRIDLE 44

22-Aug-1826; Elizabeth LANGFORD 55, wife of John LANGFORD

04-Sep-1826; William BOWDITCH 55, of Whitchurch [probably W. Canonicorum]

07-Sep-1826; James NORMAN 56, of Winsham

24-Oct-1826; Susanna PHILLIPS 62, wife of James PHILLLIPS

01-Nov-1826; Stephen SHEPHERD 37

05-Nov-1826; Anne HAWKER 76

18-Nov-1826; Prudence WINSOR 75, of Chard

29-Nov-1826; Grace APLIN 29, of Marshwood

03-Dec-1826; William BRIDLE 70, of Chardstock


18-Jan-1827; George BOWDITCH infant, son of James BOWDITCH

19-Jan-1827; Phineas OUSLEY infant, son of Thomas OUSLEY

28-Jan-1827; Elizabeth HUNT 25, wife of Daniel HUNT

06-Feb-1827; Elizabeth BAKER 61, widow

16-Feb-1827; Job HAWKER 11, son of Robert HAWKER

29-Feb-1827; Martha HAWKER 44, wife of Joseph HAWKER

01-Mar-1827; William HAWKER 86

08-Mar-1827; Martha SMITH 10, daughter of Joseph SMITH

19-Mar-1827; Sarah LUMBARD 64

05-Apr-1827; Edward DEAN 82

09-Apr-1827; Edward HANSFORD 76, of Broadwinsor

14-Apr-1827; Ann COOK 14

28-Apr-1827; Charles COX 23

03-May-1827; Ann SPARKS 47

03-May-1827; Ann HAWKER 1, daughter of Timothy HAWKER

20-May-1827; Edith STANTON 28, wife of William STANTON

27-May-1827; Joan BOWDITCH 79, wife of Richard BOWDITCH

07-Jun-1827; Mary WELLMAN 89

17-Jun-1827; Robert FORSEY 65

01-Jul-1827; Catherine OUSLEY 42, wife of Thomas OUSLEY

08-Jul-1827; Sarah MITCHELL 49, wife of William MITCHELL

15-Jul-1827; Stephen BRIDGE 17, of Chard

25-Jul-1827; Joseph HAWKER 3, son of Joseph HAWKER

31-Jul-1827; Elizabeth HAWKER 60, widow

04-Aug-1827; Elizabeth BRAGGE 27, wife of Richard BRAGGE

10-Aug-1827; Mary BOON 90, widow

16-Aug-1827; Joseph PITCHER 2, son of Samuel PITCHER

02-Sep-1827; Mary CHANNING 83, widow

16-Sep-1827; Mary Ann SHEPERD infant, daughter of Thomas SHEPERD

30-Sep-1827; Ann COLYPRESS 30

11-Oct-1827; Sarah BOWDITCH 28, wife of Benjamin BOWDITCH

17-Oct-1827; Sarah FORSEY 7, daughter of Matthew FORSEY of Chard

11-Nov-1827; Mary JENNINGS 2, daughter of Francis JENNINGS

02-Dec-1827; John HAWKER 73, of Chard

09-Dec-1827; Sarah STANTON 3, daughter of John STANTON of Crewkerne

30-Dec-1827; John LOCK 24


22-Jan-1828; Jane TURNER 18

17-Feb-1828; Robert ROWE 1, son of Simon ROWE

23-Mar-1828; Amos PHILLIPS infant, son of Thomas & Elizabeth PHILLIPS

28-Mar-1828; George HARRIS 3, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth HARRIS

30-Mar-1828; Phillis SMITH 69, of Broadwinsor

11-May-1828; Jane DAUBENY 78, of Winsham

20-May-1828; Mary HANSFORD 65, widow of Broadwinsor

20-May-1828; Joan GENGE 44, wife of William GENGE of Winsham

25-May-1828; Mrs. Hannah HAINE 83, of Broadwinsor

25-Jun-1828; Sarah HODDER 23

07-Jul-1828; Sarah BOWDITCH 54, wife of Richard BOWDITCH

09-Jul-1828; John OUSLEY 83

13-Jul-1828; Mary BROWN 70

28-Jul-1828; John SHEPERD 84

10-Oct-1828; Jane COOK 20, daughter of John COOK of Charmouth

11-Oct-1828; Elizabeth PHILLIPS 68, widow

02-Nov-1828; George SHEPHERD infant, son of Thomas SHEPHERD

16-Nov-1828; Sarah PIGEON infant, daughter of Henry & Elizabeth PIGEON

17-Nov-1828; George PIGEON 3, son of Henry PIGEON

17-Nov-1828; Richard PIGEON 5, son of Henry PIGEON

23-Nov-1828; Amelia PIGEON 7, daughter of Henry PIGEON

23-Nov-1828; George STUCKEY 72

14-Dec-1828; William FROOM infant, son of Joseph FROOM


18-Jan-1829; Alice HAWKER 73, widow

21-Jan-1829; Mary Anne COOK infant

22-Jan-1829; Phoebe HODGES 11, of Laymore

25-Jan-1829; Elizabeth PHILLIPS 83, widow of Crewkerne

08-Feb-1829; Richard HAWKINS 95

12-Mar-1829; Joseph HITCHCOCK infant, son of John HITCHCOCK

22-Mar-1829; Sarah HITCHCOCK 48, wife of William HITCHCOCK

01-Apr-1829; William STANTON 77, of Broadwinsor

12-Apr-1829; Richard BOWDITCH 85

06-May-1829; Fanny PEADON 63

19-Jun-1829; Prudence HICKS 84, widow

12-Jul-1829; Hannah TRENCHARD 82, widow

11-Aug-1829; William JAMES 58, of Chard

30-Aug-1829; Sarah LACY 84, widow of Crewkerne

11-Oct-1829; John PERRY 63

29-Oct-1829; James STANTON 74

01-Dec-1829; James SAWYER 71, of Holditch

30-Dec-1829; John BRAGGE 26, of Holditch


17-Jan-1830; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK 81, widow

17-Jan-1830; Robert COOK 29

24-Jan-1830; Francis HOARE 85

31-Jan-1830; Thomas JEFFERY 91

02-Feb-1830; Elizabeth COOK 6

20-Feb-1830; Hannah TUCKER 77, widow

02-Mar-1830; Elizabeth LEG 52, wife of Henry LEG

28-Mar-1830; John BAGG 1

04-Apr-1830; Robert PARKER 60

04-Apr-1830; William LOCK 64

30-May-1830; Mary RENDALL 83, of Crewkerne

20-Jun-1830; Hannah BROOKS 28, wife of John BROOKS

27-Jun-1830; Susannah FOWLER 9m

20-Jul-1830; Henry COOK infant

01-Aug-1830; Mary Anne HAWKER infant

25-Oct-1830; John COX 2

31-Oct-1830; Mary STANTON 5m

12-Dec-1830; John JEFFERY 67, of Broadwinsor


04-Jan-1831; Mary BIDDLECOOMBE 76

06-Jan-1831; John STROUD 58

16-Jan-1831; Robert ROWE 61

20-Jan-1831; George CHICK 66

24-Feb-1831; John COLBERD 11

25-Feb-1831; Hannah HODDER 65

26-Feb-1831; Robert HALLETT 20

13-Mar-1831; Sarah Phelps PITCHER 1

26-Mar-1831; Edward HANSFORD 28, of Birdsmoor Gate

01-Apr-1831; Ann COX 65, of Spearhay

09-Apr-1831; Sarah WELCH 15, of Ford Abbey

25-Apr-1831; Mary TURNER 35, of Laymore

17-May-1831; Sarah ROWE 39

26-May-1831; Hannah BAKER 39, wife of John BAKER

30-Jun-1831; Dinah GWYN 44, wife of John Francis GWYN Esq. of Ford Abbey

01-Jul-1831; Elizabeth NORMAN 59, of Whattey Mills, Winsham

26-Jul-1831; Sarah TRENCHARD 44

04-Aug-1831; Isaac HAWKER 10

04-Aug-1831; Sarah ROW infant

08-Aug-1831; George HITCHCOCK 75

13-Aug-1831; Samuel HAWKER 52

13-Aug-1831; William BAKER infant

24-Aug-1831; Elizabeth PITCHER 7

11-Sep-1831; James PHILLIPS 81

30-Sep-1831; Juliana WARREN 4 weeks

09-Oct-1831; Amelia Merana OUSLEY 2 weeks, base born daughter of Hannah OUSLEY

21-Oct-1831; Mary Ann PHILLIPS 14

30-Oct-1831; Robert PHILLIPS 8

08-Nov-1831; Ann BOON 84, of Laymore

09-Dec-1831; Ann HAWKER 53

10-Dec-1831; George BAKER 6

21-Dec-1831; Joan WELCH 83, of Wambrook


15-Jan-1832; William HAWKER infant

29-Jan-1832; Henry PARKER 5 weeks

03-Feb-1832; Matthew PHELPS 4

08-Feb-1832; George SWAFFIELD 2

12-Feb-1832; Sarah HAWKER 87

19-Feb-1832; Catherine CHANNING 81

19-Feb-1832; Mary STANTON 3 weeks

29-Mar-1832; Martha BUGLER 70

01-Apr-1832; Matthew FORSEY 9, of Perry Street

01-Apr-1832; Dinah GOOD 9m

12-Apr-1832; Elizabeth WHITE 1

25-Apr-1832; Sarah BOWDITCH 75, of West Ford

15-May-1832; Eliza PEARCE 16

23-May-1832; Ann COOK 80

16-Jun-1832; Harriet STANTON 1

24-Jun-1832; Elizabeth WHITE infant

26-Jul-1832; Elizabeth HOCKEY 39

22-Sep-1832; William HANN 83

18-Oct-1832; Eleanor BRYANT 83

29-Nov-1832; James PHILLIPS 52, of Easthay


27-Jan-1833; Mary BOWDITCH 80

03-Feb-1833; John PROSSER 87

10-Feb-1833; Thomas COOMBS 82

03-Mar-1833; Mary BULFORD 63, of Marshwood

07-Mar-1833; Joan COOK 89

21-Apr-1833; Betty PHILLIPS 81

24-May-1833; William COOK 67

01-Jun-1833; George Louis HALLETT 26

29-Jun-1833; William PARKER 72, of Crewkerne

30-Jun-1833; Reuben GOOD 6m, of Stoney Napps, Crewkerne

14-Jul-1833; John HAWKER 1

21-Jul-1833; Samuel WHITE 51

10-Sep-1833; Mary HAWKER 80

01-Oct-1833; John HUTCHINGS infant, of Drimpton

16-Oct-1833; Hester COOK 38

04-Nov-1833; Elizabeth TURNER 43, of Laymore

10-Nov-1833; Thomas SHEPHERD 68

28-Nov-1833; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK 86, of Hewood


10-Jan-1834; John FORSEY 25

15-Jan-1834; Mary MILLER 43, of Marshwood

16-Jan-1834; Ebenezer COX infant

31-Jan-1834; Mary STROUD 25

06-Jan-1834; Fanny HODDER 68, of Whitechurch

14-Mar-1834; Thomas HITCHCOCK 1

20-Mar-1834; Elizabeth TRENCHARD 78

22-Mar-1834; Hugh Welch Chard [sic] CHARD infant

11-Apr-1834; Elizabeth PHELPS 1

10-May-1834; Kerenhappuch BAULCH 79, of Beaminster

05-Jun-1834; Elizabeth SWAFFIELD 86

19-Jul-1834; Eli COOK 1

17-Aug-1834; Ann HODDER 79, of Batehams

21-Aug-1834; Jacob TROTT 2

14-Sep-1834; Sarah HODDER 69

17-Sep-1834; Mary STANTON 80

12-Oct-1834; Sarah BOWDITCH 80

31-Oct-1834; William HALLETT 77

02-Nov-1834; Lionel FROOM infant

12-Nov-1834; Joseph ROCKETT infant

21-Dec-1834; Ruth APLIN 1


01-Jan-1835; Mary BENNETT 32

10-Jan-1835; Marianne POWELL infant

12-Jan-1835; Hester COOK infant

12-Jan-1835; John HAWKER infant

14-Jan-1835; Hannah HITCHCOCK 77

28-Jan-1835; Benjamin BOON 65

01-Feb-1835; Matthew HITCHCOCK 39

01-Feb-1835; Hannah BOWDITCH 78

01-Feb-1835; George COOMBS infant

06-Feb-1835; Alfred BOON infant, of Stony Nap

12-Feb-1835; Susan APLIN 1, of Ford Abbey

15-Feb-1835; George MILLS 7

18-Feb-1835; Rebecca HANN 2, of Holditch

18-Feb-1835; Rosanna HITCHCOCK 1, of Hewood

20-Feb-1835; Anne HAWKER 38

22-Feb-1835; George ROCKETT 2

01-Mar-1835; Job HITCHCOCK 5

08-Mar-1835; Mary HUSSEY 77

08-Mar-1835; Mary COOK infant

11-Mar-1835; Elizabeth COOK 35

11-Mar-1835; William COOK infant

12-Mar-1835; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK infant

15-Mar-1835; Charles EBDON 2

15-Mar-1835; Elizabeth BAKER 10

19-Mar-1835; Amey HAWKER 4

22-Mar-1835; Matthew HITCHCOCK infant

26-Mar-1835; George HAWKER 5

29-Mar-1835; William SEWARD 1

29-Mar-1835; Charles GENGE 2

03-Apr-1835; John COOK 10

03-Apr-1835; Charles HITCHCOCK 16m

09-Apr-1835; Ann LOVERIDGE 71

09-Apr-1835; Priscilla COOK 7

30-Apr-1835; Charles HUSSEY infant

27-May-1835; George APLIN 5

07-Jun-1835; Thomas BOWDITCH 56

19-Jun-1835; George SWAFFIELD 3

21-Jun-1835; Elizabeth HODGE 20

26-Jun-1835; Ann BRAGGE 74, of Sadborow

03-Jul-1835; Elizabeth DEAN 1

18-Jul-1835; Maria GOOD infant

09-Aug-1835; Mary PHILLIPS 79

18-Oct-1835; Thomas RAYMOND 9

01-Nov-1835; Maria BOYER 14

03-Nov-1835; John Groves WOODLAND 16

10-Nov-1835; Elizabeth BOWDITCH 78

13-Dec-1835; Elizabeth ENTICOTT 5m


08-Jan-1836; Sarah DEAN 80

29-Jan-1836; John BERRY 79, of Ammerham

31-Jan-1836; Mary BOWDITCH 89

31-Jan-1836; Hannah HICKS 72

10-Feb-1836; George MILLER 16, of Hatheridge

21-Feb-1836; Jonah DIMON 3, of Holditch

25-Feb-1836; Elizabeth CLARKE 66

13-Mar-1836; Betty HAWKER 54

13-Mar-1836; Ruth PHIPPEN 1

20-Mar-1836; Mary SHEPPARD 90

27-Mar-1836; Ann COOK infant

15-May-1836; Robert ROWE 2

19-May-1836; Thomas STOODLEY 10 weeks

11-Jun-1836; Joseph BRAGGE 68, of Holditch

25-Jul-1836; Hannah FRENCH 46, Paynesdown

23-Aug-1836; Ruth STOODLEY 30

27-Aug-1836; Mary Bridge BAGG 32

06-Oct-1836; Sarah TURNER 66, of Laymore

17-Oct-1836; Joseph BAKER 36

23-Oct-1836; Betty JAMES 70

26-Oct-1836; Sarah JEFFERY 10, of Perry Street

08-Nov-1836; Susannah BENNETT infant

11-Nov-1836; Elizabeth PHILLIPS 75, of Synderford

11-Dec-1836; George STAPLE 1, of Hawkchurch

21-Dec-1836; Sarah APLIN 23, of Chard

31-Dec-1836; John HITCHCOCK 63, of Hewood


01-Dec-1837; Alexander COOK 80

03-Jan-1837; James PHELPS 68

11-Jan-1837; Amey FREAK 93

03-Feb-1837; Ruth SPEED 27

03-Feb-1837; Charlotte READER 66

11-Feb-1837; Mary Ann NORMAN infant, of Watley

13-Feb-1837; William FORSEY 80

19-Feb-1837; Samuel BOWDITCH 52, of Laymore

19-Feb-1837; Sarah COOMBS 60

21-Feb-1837; Diana HAWKER 72

26-Feb-1837; Anne COOK infant

05-Mar-1837; John SALTER 54, of Holditch

16-Apr-1837; William HODDER 83, of Batehams

23-Apr-1837; Elizabeth HALLETT 82

10-May-1837; Catherine MAJOR 60

20-May-1837; Henry PARKER 2

19-Jun-1837; James KNIGHT 68

07-Jul-1837; William BARKER 57, of Heridge

27-Jul-1837; Susannah WELCH 15m, of Horton

17-Aug-1837; Elizabeth SMITH 23, of Chard

12-Sep-1837; Samuel TRENCHARD 81

29-Sep-1837; Robert COOK 83

01-Oct-1837; George OUSLEY 3, of Hewood

15-Oct-1837; William BEAVIS 28, of Netherhay

15-Oct-1837; Daniel SWAFFIELD 44

26-Oct-1837; Elizabeth BOWDITCH 72

05-Nov-1837; James VINCENT 15m, of Marshalsea

12-Nov-1837; Sydney FROOM 1

03-Dec-1837; John SAINT 1 week

15-Dec-1837; John APLIN 7m, of Ford Abbey

31-Dec-1837; Robert ROWE 4m, of Hewood


28-Jan-1838; Richard CASWELL 79, of Holditch

28-Jan-1838; Elizabeth STANTON 79

28-Jan-1838; John KNIGHT 31

09-Feb-1838; Sarah COOK 68

17-Feb-1838; Elizabeth Bennett NORMAN 3, of Winsham

04-Mar-1838; Mary COOK 69

04-Mar-1838; Robert LARCOMBE 4

06-Mar-1838; Anne COOK 35

11-Mar-1838; Sarah APLIN 14 weeks

29-Mar-1838; Eunice HITCHCOCK 21, of Hewood

01-Apr-1838; William APLIN 73

15-Apr-1838; John HICKS 18

28-Apr-1838; James COX 83, of Bevor Farm in the Parish of Axminster

05-May-1838; Ann CHANNING 87, of Drimpton

11-May-1838; Martha LOVERIDGE 80

22-Jun-1838; George BOWDITCH infant

01-Jul-1838; William HALLETT 37, of School House

09-Sep-1838; Hugh HALLETT 3

26-Sep-1838; John COOPER 63

23-Oct-1838; Thomas JEFFERY 66

25-Oct-1838; Joseph PHILLIPS 60

04-Nov-1838; Mary BOWDITCH 83

07-Nov-1838; John TURNER 49

23-Nov-1838; John COOMBES 76

09-Dec-1838; Joan FORSEY 67

09-Dec-1838; Joan HAWKINGS 74

16-Dec-1838; Ann BROOKES 79

19-Dec-1838; John ROWE 83

25-Dec-1838; William LEGG 1, of Crewkerne


10-Feb-1839; James LANE infant

10-Feb-1839; Charles HUSSEY 1

24-Feb-1839; William HICKS 78, of Burstock

05-Mar-1839; Catherine Berry WALL [age omitted], of Knapp Mill

22-Mar-1839; Mary CULVERWELL 59

24-Mar-1839; Susan HUSSEY 30

02-Mar-1839; Nanny OUSLEY 90

28-Mar-1839; Sarah Nelems BOWDITCH 1, of West Ford

31-Mar-1839; John APLIN 34

05-Apr-1839; Johah Robert WALE 64, of Marshalsea

08-Apr-1839; Frederick PARKER 2

09-Apr-1839; Elizabeth SYMES 32, of Castle Hawkchurch

16-Apr-1839; Sarah APLIN 69

21-Apr-1839; James APLIN 57, of Chard

28-Apr-1839; Anne HUSSEY 67

07-May-1839; Samuel STANTON 73

12-May-1839; Anne OUSLEY 9m, of Hewood

21-Jun-1839; Elizabeth HICKS 72

10-Jul-1839; William SEWARD 3, of Chilson

17-Jul-1839; Sarah Roper BERRY 13, of Newhouse

24-Jul-1839; Mary HALLETT 37, of Sheltich

01-Aug-1839; Charles STOODLEY infant

03-Aug-1839; Thomas Walter PITCHER 12, of Marshalsea

09-Aug-1839; Francis William Phillips WALL infant, of Broadwinsor

21-Aug-1839; Susan HUSSEY 5

28-Aug-1839; Elizabeth MILVERTON 89

12-Nov-1839; John DUNN 69

19-Nov-1839; Joan HUSSEY 93

01-Dec-1839; Sarah APLIN 42


15-Jan-1840; Joan MITCHELL 87

18-Jan-1840; Elizabeth PAUL 69, of West Ford Mill

26-Jan-1840; Sarah HALLETT 88

26-Jan-1840; Mary HUSSEY 36

09-Feb-1840; Catherine BOWDITCH 89

24-Feb-1840; Elizabeth WELCH 83, of Blackdown

28-Feb-1840; Matthew FORSEY infant, of Tatworth

04-Mar-1840; Robert HITCHCOCK 71

05-Apr-1840; Sarah LARCOMBE infant, of Holditch

12-Apr-1840; Charles FORSEY infant, of Tatworth

19-Apr-1840; John LANGFORD 48

19-Apr-1840; Robert BROOKS 78

26-Apr-1840; Mary BISHOP 71

28-Apr-1840; Joseph JEFFERY 91, of Hewood

23-May-1840; John WELLMAN infant, of Axminster

03-Jul-1840; Mary CLIFT 26, of Blackdown

23-Aug-1840; William HALLETT 74

08-Oct-1840; Mary HAWKER 7, of Stoke Abbot

18-Dec-1840; Elizabeth TUTCHER infant, of Sadborow

20-Dec-1840; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK infant, of Hewood


07-Jan-1841; Esther BARNES 3, of Courtwood

31-Jan-1841; Eliza OUSLEY infant, of Hewood

14-Feb-1841; Sarah FROOM 87

06-Mar-1841; Catherine BRAGGE 72, of Holditch

11-Mar-1841; Lazarus HAWKER infant

31-Mar-1841; George BERRY 80, of Hewood

09-Apr-1841; Caroline HITCHCOCK 17

09-Apr-1841; Elizabeth HUTCHINGS infant

12-Apr-1841; Susanna SMITH 62, of South Chard

02-May-1841; Elizabeth COOK 83

13-May-1841; Jabez STANTON infant, of Laymore

14-May-1841; John APLIN 6m, of Ford Abbey

15-May-1841; Amelia OUSLEY 27, of Hewood

30-May-1841; Richard HALLETT 86

30-May-1841; Ann APLIN 65, of Chard

24-Jun-1841; Susan JOHNSTON 34, of Coker

01-Jul-1841; John PAULL 23

13-Jul-1841; Charles PHELPS 1

05-Aug-1841; Frances CASWELL 60

18-Aug-1841; James LANE 22, of Chard

17-Oct-1841; William STAUNTON 76

24-Oct-1841; Matilda HUNT 2

04-Dec-1841; Mary LOCK 58

11-Dec-1841; Henry WELLMAN infant

12-Dec-1841; William LANE 58, of Winsham

16-Dec-1841; Esther BENNETT 58

29-Dec-1841; James SHEPHERD 7, of Tatworth


23-Jan-1842; George HAWKER 3, of Hewood

05-Jan-1842; Ann BAKER 50

06-Feb-1842; William BOWDITCH 22

20-Feb-1842; William OUSLEY 61

18-Mar-1842; Mary BAKER infant, of Axminster

10-Apr-1842; Elizabeth WHITE infant, of Hewood

17-Apr-1842; Catherine BOWDITCH 21

01-May-1842; John PHIPPEN infant, of Hewood

03-May-1842; Diana COOMBS 77

24-May-1842; Ann STOODLEY 5

23-Jun-1842; Sarah APLIN 18

02-Jul-1842; Mary Ann COOK 23, of Winsham

12-Jul-1842; Anna WELLMAN 3

26-Jul-1842; Sabra COOMBS 77

29-Jul-1842; John BIDDLECOMBE 66

03-Aug-1842; Charles HUSSEY 6m

25-Aug-1842; Mary BUTLER 26

26-Aug-1842; James PHELPS 24

29-Aug-1842; William BOWDITCH 65, of Beaminster

02-Oct-1842; Elizabeth STUCKEY 84

12-Oct-1842; Jane PAULL infant

12-Oct-1842; Mary Ann PAULL infant

16-Oct-1842; Charles PITCHER infant, of Marshalsea

30-Oct-1842; Thomas FRANKS 30

03-Nov-1842; John STANTON 58

12-Nov-1842; Ann BRIDLE 46

16-Nov-1842; Ann EBDON 1

12-Dec-1842; Sarah MEECH 38, of Laymore

14-Dec-1842; James SAINT infant

17-Dec-1842; Mary DICKSON 78, of Winsham

18-Dec-1842; Augusta Matilda OUSLEY 2

30-Dec-1842; John HITCHCOCK infant


09-Jan-1843; Francis BOON 18, of Laymore

10-Jan-1843; Mary WELLMAN infant

22-Jan-1843; Jane WELLMAN 3

22-Jan-1843; Elizabeth HUSSEY 5

11-Feb-1843; James Hawker HALLETT infant

12-Feb-1843; John WILLS 80

19-Feb-1843; Hannah PIDGEON 53

26-Feb-1843; Susanna HALLETT 73

09-Mar-1843; Eliza SAWYER 21, of Holditch

17-Mar-1843; Elizabeth WILMOTT infant, of Axminster

25-Mar-1843; Sarah COOK 76

17-Apr-1843; Sarah HUSSEY 87

13-May-1843; Thomas OUSLEY 66

14-Jun-1843; Thomas COOK 23, of Laymore

18-Jun-1843; Louisa COOMBS 1, of Laymore

19-Jun-1843; Martha BURRIDGE 73, of Lambret’s Castle

23-Jun-1843; John BRAGGE 80, of Sadborow

12-Jul-1843; Mary HAWKER 61

15-Jul-1843; Samuel SMITH 68, of Perry Street

19-Jul-1843; Elizabeth BOON 63, of Hewood

04-Aug-1843; Champness Pleydel BRAGGE 50, of Sadborow

06-Oct-1843; Sarah WARD 12

26-Oct-1843; Elizabeth HAWKER infant

03-Nov-1843; Elizabeth WELLMAN 68

03-Nov-1843; Jane BOWDITCH 62, of Laymore

26-Nov-1843; William MITCHELL 68

09-Dec-1843; Joseph STROUD 84

31-Dec-1843; John WHITE 38, of Hewood


28-Jan-1844; Benjamin William APLIN infant, of Axminster

09-Feb-1844; Mary STUCKEY 49

11-Feb-1844; Ann FIELD 40, of Chard

17-Feb-1844; Jane GAY 67

27-Mar-1844; Robert HUSSEY 91, of Schoolhouse

05-Apr-1844; Elizabeth APLIN 5, of Ford Abbey Farm

20-Apr-1844; Ellen Julia HUNT 1

25-Apr-1844; Mary Ann COOK 2

03-May-1844; Elizabeth TURNER 2

07-May-1844; Samuel DEAN infant or 14 [faded]

11-May-1844; Hannah TURNER 74, of Laymore

19-May-1844; Eliza FOWLER 26

24-May-1844; Mary Ann HITCHCOCK 38

26-May-1844; Ruth COOMBES infant

30-May-1844; Anne BOON 27, of Laymore

16-Jun-1844; William WELLMAN 69

19-Jun-1844; Mary WILLS 82

15-Jul-1844; George COLEBERD infant, of Lyme Regis

31-Jul-1844; John FRENCH 28

27-Aug-1844; Lucy DAVEY 79, of Axminster

21-Sep-1844; Charles HAWKER infant

20-Oct-1844; Susanna HODGES 63

24-Oct-1844; James SAINT infant

03-Nov-1844; George HAWKER 83

16-Dec-1844; Jane HUNT 32, of Blackdown

31-Dec-1844; Susan FRENCH infant


06-Feb-1845; Mary BAGG 37

25-Feb-1845; Elizabeth COOK 85, of Axminster

26-Feb-1845; William BOON infant, of Schoolhouse

07-Mar-1845; Susan KNIGHT 20

23-Mar-1845; Hannah COOK 85

25-Mar-1845; Elizabeth HALLETT 2

08-Apr-1845; Abraham BOWDITCH 84

11-Apr-1845; Frederic ADNEY 28, of Chard

07-May-1845; Ellen APLIN 1

15-May-1845; Sarah HITCHCOCK 47, of Hewood

30-May-1845; Thomas HODDER 75

03-Jun-1845; Frank STOODLEY infant

15-Jun-1845; Susan DEANE 23

20-Jun-1845; Sarah MORRIS 70

13-Jul-1845; William WELLMAN 47

17-Jul-1845; Henry HAWKER 48

06-Aug-1845; Samuel WELLMAN 43

17-Aug-1845; Mary HAWKER 65, of Chard

08-Sep-1845; Robert COOK 76

13-Sep-1845; John COOK 52

17-Oct-1845; Thomasina HAWKER 54, of Hewood

29-Oct-1845; William CLARKE 45, of Chetmoor

02-Nov-1845; Joseph APLIN 69

13-Dec-1845; Robert MULLINS 53, of Easthay

25-Dec-1845; Joan BIDDLECOMBE 85


18-Jan-1846; Catherine BERRY 81

22-Jan-1846; Steven SHEPPARD 86

05-Feb-1846; John TURNER 84, of Laymore

15-Feb-1846; Samuel PHILLIPS 27

20-Feb-1846; John LANGFORD 77

14-Mar-1846; John Fraunecis GWYN 84, of Ford Abbey

29-Mar-1846; Henry RESTWICK 14, of Hewood

24-Apr-1846; Joan WRIGHT 84

10-May-1846; Ann HAWKER 62

14-Jun-1846; Susanna DUNN 83

19-Jun-1846; Harriet WELLMAN 47

10-Jul-1846; George HAWKER 14, of Axminster

05-Sep-1846; Samuel PHIPPEN 3

27-Sep-1846; Thomas SHEPPERD 49, of Holditch

10-Oct-1846; Joseph LOVERIDGE 3, of Holditch

14-Oct-1846; Ann BAGG 67

18-Oct-1846; Matthew HAWKER 10

20-Oct-1846; Elizabeth HALLETT 11m

26-Nov-1846; Rachael VERYARD 81, of Holditch

29-Nov-1846; Hannah GENGE 21, of Axminster

03-Dec-1846; Clarissa BENNETT infant, of Hewood

17-Dec-1846; Sarah LINTERN 64, of Schoolhouse

19-Dec-1846; Elizabeth SHEPHERD 30, of Axminster

19-Dec-1846; Joseph HITCHCOCK 3, of Axminster

23-Dec-1846; Ann LOVERIDGE 28


23-Jan-1847; Rebecca CLARKE 3, of Axminster

29-Jan-1847; Susan CORNELIUS 79

04-Mar-1847; Betsy PHIPPEN infant, of Holditch

21-Mar-1847; Ann DOWN 88, of Batems

30-Mar-1847; Maria HAWKER 30

11-Apr-1847; Henry ROWE infant

11-Apr-1847, William BOWDITCH 73

04-May-1847; William SOUTHARD infant

17-Jun-1847; Susanna WELCH 69, of Hewood

18-Jun-1847; William PHILLIPS 44

20-Jun-1847; John BEVIS 44, of Holditch

20-Jun-1847; Mary Ann BOWDITCH 3, of Holditch

08-Jul-1847; Harriet WELMAN 8, of Schoolhouse

17-Jul-1847; Joseph FROOM 47

27-Jul-1847; Sarah SOUTHARD 24

15-Aug-1847; Valentine READER 34, of Holditch

31-Aug-1847; Robert HAWKER 77

12-Sep-1847; Mary WHITE 47

27-Sep-1847; Joseph WELCH 38, of Hornsbury

09-Oct-1847; Methuselah SWAFFIELD 44

10-Oct-1847; John WELLMAN 2, of Hewood

30-Oct-1847; Elizabeth STROUD 55

30-Nov-1847; Matthew HAYNES 67, Union House

24-Dec-1847; William PHILLIPS 57, of Synderford

25-Dec-1847; Robert MORRIS 36, of Schoolhouse


02-Jan-1848; Mary PERING 80, of Holditch

15-Jan-1848; Henry HUNT infant

30-Jan-1848; Mary PEASE 84

17-Feb-1848; Augusta Selina Charlotte MACDONALD 29, of Lympstone, Devon

20-Feb-1848; Sarah PHIPPEN 68, of Holditch

28-Feb-1848; Ebenezer MITCHELL 2, Union House

11-Mar-1848; Benjamin BENNETT 73, of Hewood

06-Apr-1848; Mary HUNT infant, Union House

21-Apr-1848; Samuel BISHOP 18

11-May-1848; Thomas BOND infant, of Laymore

19-May-1848; John WELLMAN 81, of Hewood

31-May-1848; Joshua CHICK [no age given]

06-Jun-1848; Elizabeth COOK 3

14-Jun-1848; Mary HAWKER 76

15-Jun-1848; Sarah HITCHCOCK infant

18-Jun-1848; Frederic SMITH infant, of Hewood

20-Jul-1848; William SMITH 27, Union House

31-Jul-1848; Sarah COOK 6, Union House

13-Aug-1848; Mary HITCHCOCK 72, of Hewood

09-Dec-1848; Frances BURRIDGE 32, of Sadborow

31-Dec-1848; Mary BOON 69 or 89 [inkblot], of Hewood


13-Jan-1849; Susanna WELMAN 75, of Hewood

21-Feb-1849; Robert BOWDITCH 71

27-Feb-1849; Henry Brown TURNER 7, of Laymore

06-Mar-1849; Richard BRAGGE 51, of Holditch

13-Mar-1849; John PHILLIPS 84, Union House

22-Mar-1849; Frederic BOWDITCH 33, Union House

25-Mar-1849; George WHITE infant, of Whitchurch

24-Apr-1849; Susanna WALE 79

25-Apr-1849; Hannah COOK 83, Union House

08-May-1849; Martha COOK 18

13-May-1849; James HUSSEY 62, of Schoolhouse

14-May-1849; Sarah HALLETT 64

30-May-1849; Ann HAYNES 54, Union House

11-Jun-1849; John MORRIS 88, of Schoolhouse

12-Jul-1849; Mercy WHITE 25, of Hewood

19-Jul-1849; Samuel HAWKER 82

25-Jul-1849; David HITCHCOCK 37, of Hewood

30-Aug-1849; Mary Ann WELLMAN 30, of Hewood

11-Aug-1849; John JEFFERY 54, of Greenham [Chard]

12-Aug-1849; Eliza BAGG 19

22-Sep-1849; Hannah BOON 29

26-Sep-1849; William FROOM 16

07-Oct-1849; Hugh OUSLEY infant, of Laymore

27-Oct-1849; William HAWKER 69, of Hewood

03-Nov-1849; Elizabeth PHILLIPS 59

05-Nov-1849; Samuel HUSSEY 85, Union House

30-Nov-1849; Mary POOR 72, of Broadwinsor

29-Dec-1849; George WELCH 76, of Hewood

31-Dec-1849; John STANTON 14, of Laymore


06-Jan-1850; Henry LEGG 16, of Laymore

15-Jan-1850; Edward COLEBERD 76

10 or 16-Jan-1850; Joseph TUTCHER 50

24-Feb-1850; George William HOOKEY infant

21-Mar-1850; Maria HITCHCOCK 30, of Hewood

27-Mar-1850; Robert Pitman PAUL 66, West Ford Mills

30-Mar-1850; Elizabeth MICHIE infant, of Grighay

23-Apr-1850; William HICKS 80

25-Apr-1850; Matthew BOWDITCH 60

25-Apr-1850; Elizabeth STANTON 25, of Stony Knapp

08-May-1850; John Marsh BRAGGE 3, of Shepton Beauchamp

21-May-1850; William HINDMARSH 19, of Ford Abbey

25-Jun-1850; Carolina PEARCE infant, of Holmebush

09-Jul-1850; Benjamin BOWDITCH 62

24-Jul-1850; James BOWDITCH 5

19-Jul-1850; Martha HAWKER 71, of Hewood

20-Jul-1850; Mary Ann LANE 9, of Schoolhouse

29-Aug-1850; Susan PEARCE 30, of Holmebush

21-Sep-1850; Robert COOK 86

24-Sep-1850; Susan HITCHCOCK 10, of Hewood

24-Sep-1850; Ann HITCHCOCK 7, of Hewood

25-Sep-1850; Mary COOK 54

21-Oct-1850; Joseph BRAGGE 24, of Uplyme

22-Oct-1850; Sarah WELLMAN 8

07-Nov-1850; Ruth WELLMAN 6

28-Dec-1850; Elizabeth MAJOR 48

28-Dec-1850; Kitty MAJOR 10


12-Jan-1851; Samuel MAJOR 12

26-Jan-1851; Martha MAJOR 4

02-Feb-1851; Robert DUNN 70

01-Mar-1851; James DOWN 58, of Schoolhouse

08-Mar-1851; Elizabeth WELCH 27

04-Apr-1851; Hester BENNETT infant, of Little Park

27-Apr-1851; John STOODLEY 84

03-May-1851; Ellen LINTERN 6

16-May-1851; Jonathan BENNETT 73, of Hewood

22-May-1851; Joseph WHITE 61, of Holditch

29-Jun-1851; Eliza HOLT 2

02-Jul-1851; Frank GOVIER 1

13-Jul-1851; Hugh NEWBURY infant

25-Jul-1851; Susan TURNER 49

13-Sep-1851; Elizabeth PAVEY 72

19-Oct-1851; Martha HUNT 71

01-Nov-1851; Merina BOON infant

09-Nov-1851; Champ PHILLIPS infant

16-Nov-1851; Thomas PHILLIPS 66

14-Dec-1851; William HOOK infant

24-Dec-1851; Elizabeth LINTERN infant


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