Burials 1784 - 1812

Transcribed from the registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the OPC Project by Kim Parker.

Towards the end of 1791 a new parish clerk began to keep the register. Up until 1795 he recorded the letter P in the margin next to some of the entries. It is unclear what this stands for. In Tudor times it had been used to indicate victims of the plague, meaning any epidemic with a high death toll. Many historians think that from 1783-93 it was used to indicate those who paid the stamp duty on church ordinances, or those who were paupers and thus excused from doing so. (Note that in the case of the Thorncombe registers, it is only used in the burial register.)

From February 1797, ages are stated.



04-Jan-1784; Ann WELCH, daughter of Joseph WELCH

11-Jan-1784; Robert BACKALLER

25-Jan-1784; Thomas BOON, son of John BOON

30-Jan-1784; Charles CHICK

04-Feb-1784; Sarah MITCHELL

08-Feb-1784; Betty BOWDITCH, daughter of George BOWDITCH

15-Feb-1784; Samuel BOWDITCH

15-Feb-1784; Sarah HEX

14-Mar-1784; Ann BOWDITCH widow

04-Apr-1784; Edeth COOMBE

02-May-1784; Betty BOWDITCH

02-May-1784; Joan BOWDITCH widow

07-May-1784; Noah COOK

23-May-1784; Betty BAGG widow

30-May-1784; Martha HALLETT widow

16-Jul-1784; Jenn BOWDITCH widow

08-Aug-1784; Mary ALLEN, wife of Joseph ALLEN

01-Sep-1784; Nathan SWAFFELL

05-Sep-1784; Bengeman BOWDITCH

05-Sep-1784; Mary WRIGHT, wife of Robert WRIGHT

12-Sep-1784; Samuel PEARCE, son of Charles PEARCE

24-Sep-1784; William LACY, son of Calep LACY

01-Nov-1784; William STORM

11-Nov-1784; Thomas STUCKEY

14-Nov-1784; Betty ARMER

28-Nov-1784; Hanah HAWKINS

28-Nov-1784; Sarah INETT

18-Dec-1784; Mary NORMAN, wife of Joseph NORMAN

23-Dec-1784; Betty PERHAM widow

23-Dec-1784; William BOWDITCH


02-Jan-1785; Thomas BOWDITCH

09-Jan-1785; Cathrine BOWDITCH

08-Mar-1785; Joseph PHILPS

13-Mar-1785; John RUSSELL

13-Mar-1785; Sarah HAWKER, wife of Isaac HAWKER

23-Mar-1785; John BRIDLE, son of Robert BRIDLE

23-Mar-1785; Mary MARGREY, wife of James MARGREY

23-Mar-1785; William BOON

31-Mar-1785; Phenias COOK

03-Apr-1785; Mary STANTON, wife of Edward STANTON

24-Apr-1785; Mary BRAGGE

22-May-1785; Job COOK

22-May-1785; Sarah BOWDITCH

22-May-1785; Ann SEAMORE

29-May-1785; Hanah BRIDLE, wife of William BRIDLE

29-May-1785; Marey SEAMORE, wife of Henry SEAMORE

02-Jun-1785; Jean HITCHCOCK, wife of Samuel HITCHCOCK

06-Jun-1785; Richard MITCHELL

12-Jun-1785; Allis MILLER, wife of Nathanel MILLER

15-Jun-1785; Thomas BROUGHTON

26-Jun-1785; Elias PHILPS, son of Elias PHILPS

03-Jul-1785; Mary APLIN, wife of Robert APLIN

16-Jul-1785; Sarah BOON

24-Jul-1785; Mary PHILPS

30-Oct-1785; Mary MILLER, daughter of Nathanel MILLER

11-Sep-1785; James MARGREY

18-Sep-1785; William OULSELY

12-Oct-1785; Mary LUMBERD, wife of Joseph LUMBERD

02-Nov-1785; Mary DENIN, wife of Richard DENIN

27-Nov-1785; Ales FORCY widow

16-Dec-1785; Henry HOAR


01-Jan-1786; James COOK

06-Jan-1786; Susannah PHILPS

10-Jan-1786; Betty RUSSELL

13-Jan-1786; Samuel PHILPS

17-Jan-1786; Ann HEARDEMAN

17-Jan-1786; Betty BOWDITCH

22-Jan-1786; Martha STANTON, daughter of John STANTON

29-Jan-1786; Thomas KINGSTONE, son of Robert KINGSTONE

19-Feb-1786; John SHEPHERD, son of Joseph SHEPHERD

28-Feb-1786; Robert SNOOK, son of William SNOOK

28-Feb-1786; Betty TURNER, base daughter of Elnor TURNER

23-Mar-1786; Eleazabath TUCKER

10-Apr-1786; Thomas FISHER

09-Apr-1786; Jemimah BAULCH, daughter of Willliam BAULCH

11-Apr-1786; John BRAGGE Esquire

12-May-1786; Robert MUNDEN

21-May-1786; William BAULCH, son of William BAULCH

21-May-1786; Thomas WHITE, son of John WHITE

28-May-1786; Ann BRYANT

18-Jun-1786; Hannah BAGG, wife of Robert BAGG

06-Aug-1786; William STANTON

20-Aug-1786; Joan FORCY

23-Aug-1786; Sarah BOWDITCH, daughter of Thomas BOWDITCH

15-Oct-1786; Henery BURT, son of Henery BURT

22-Oct-1786; Isaac TRENCHARD

19-Nov-1786; William HEARDEMAN

29-Nov-1786; John BOWDITCH

13-Dec-1786; Mary PEARCE


21-Jan-1787; Mary TRENCHARD, daughter of Isaac TRENCHARD

18-Feb-1787; Thomas COMBE, son of George COMBE

11-Mar-1787; William CHANON

29-Mar-1787; Henery SEAMORE

08-Apr-1787; George HITCHCOCK, son of George HITCHCOCK

15-Apr-1787; Susannah GUPPY, daughter of John GUPPY

13-May-1787; Sarah HITCHCOCK, daughter of William HITCHCOCK

13-May-1787; Annah BOON, daughter of Joseph BOON

20-May-1787; John BAKER, son of John BAKER

10-Jun-1787; George HAWKER, son of George HAWKER

15-Jul-1787; Agness SUGER, daughter of William SUGER

22-Jul-1787; Samuel HAWKER

16-Aug-1787; William SWAFFELL, base son of Mary SWAFFELL

24-Aug-1787; Thomas HITCHCOCK

24-Aug-1787; Samuel HAWKER, son of Isaac HAWKER

26-Aug-1787; Cathrine BOWDITCH, daughter of Richard BOWDITCH

07-Sep-1787; George OUSLEY

23-Sep-1787; James SEAMORE, base son of Ann SEAMORE

07-Oct-1787; William HAWKER

21-Oct-1787; Grace HITCHCOCK, wife of Humphrey HITCHCOCK

27-Oct-1787; John Pinney PILE

10-Nov-1787; Ann PILE

11-Nov-1787; Bengemen COOK

25-Nov-1787; Robert BAKER

23-Dec-1787; James STANTON

23-Dec-1787; Susannah COOK, daughter of Uriah COOK


05-Jan-1788; John PHELPS

08-Feb-1788; Mr. Abraham BRAGGE

20-Feb-1788; Joseph BUGLER

22-Feb-1788; Hannah GALLER, wife of Thomas GALLER

06-Mar-1788; Frederick BOWDITCH

21-Mar-1788; Ann HALLETT, wife of William HALLETT

13-Apr-1788; Robert FORSEY

20-Apr-1788; Tamer [Thamar] PHILPS, daughter of William PHILPS

27-Apr-1788; Edward ADAMS

22-May-1788; Joseph NORMAN

28-May-1788; Jonathan HARDEMAN

04-Jul-1788; Betty BERRY, wife of John BERRY

03-Aug-1788; Joseph STANTON

24-Aug-1788; Hister HAWKER, daughter of Isaac HAWKER

05-Sep-1788; Henery RUSSELL

25-Sep-1788; Betty COMMER

26-Sep-1788; Sarah PERIAM

05-Oct-1788; William PHILPS

05-Oct-1788; Thomas HITCHCOCK

23-Oct-1788; Ann HUSSEY

19?-Nov-1788; Ann APLIN, daughter of William APLIN [date blotted]

12-Dec-1788; Walter HALLETT

25-Dec-1788; Cathrine SHEPHERD

26-Dec-1788; Lettes HODER, daughter of George HODER


04-Jan-1789; Jean BOWDITCH, daughter of Michael BOWDITCH

16-Jan-1789; James Walters BOON

29-Jan-1789; Mary LACY, daughter of Caleb LACY

01-Feb-1789; Sarah HAWKER widow

14-Feb-1789; Sarah WATTS, base daughter of Ann WATTS

15-Feb-1789; Betty OUSLEY widow

22-Feb-1789; Elnor BRADFORD, wife of James BRADFORD

04-Mar-1789; Susannah MILVERTON, wife of William MILVERTON

28-Mar-1789; Jean DABNY, base daughter of Jean DABNY

29-Mar-1789; John BRIDLE, son of Abraham BRIDLE

29-Mar-1789; John BURT

05-Apr-1789; Betty GALE

05-Apr-1789; Sarah HEX

12-Apr-1789; Joseph HAIN, son of William HAIN

12-Apr-1789; Ann HITCHCOCK, daughter of Henery HITCHCOCK

08-May-1789; Sarah STAPLE

10-May-1789; Betty BOWDITCH

19-May-1789; Robert SELER

02-Jun-1789; Samuel Hallett FORCY, base son of Betty FORCY

29-Jun-1789; William HARDEMAN

07-Jul-1789; Auther HOOD

12-Jul-1789; John BOWDITCH

14-Jul-1789; Betty BOON

02-Aug-1789; Samuel BRADFOARD

__-Aug-1789; Michael BOWDITCH, son of Michael BOWDITCH

21-Sep-1789; Sarah HITCHCOCK, daughter of George HITCHCOCK

27-Sep-1789; Cathrine FOLLETT

04-Oct-1789; William BRIDLE, base son of Susannah BRIDLE

11-Oct-1789; Thomas OUSLEY

25-Oct-1789; John BOWDITCH

01-Nov-1789; Joseph BOWDITCH, son of John BOWDITCH

14-Nov-1789; Betty HALLETT widow

14-Nov-1789; William DUNN

27-Nov-1789; Humphry HITCHCOCK

15-Dec-1789; Samuel CHANON

27-Dec-1789; Samuel HITCHCOCK, base son of Sarah HITCHCOCK


07-Jan-1790; Ann MORIS

22-Jan-1790; Mary BARTLETT, daughter of Bengemen BARTLETT

12-Feb-1790; Miss ADAMS

12-Feb-1790; John COOK

21-Feb-1790; John HITCHCOCK, son of Humphery HITCHCOCK

28-Feb-1790; Joseph RUSSELL

11-Mar-1790; George TRENCHARD

15-May-1790; Betty SNOOK, wife of William SNOOK

16-May-1790; Richard POOK

18-May-1790; Robert CHANON

23-May-1790; Abraham BARTLETT, son of Bengeman BARTLETT

30-May-1790; Sarah BARTLETT, daughter of Bengeman BARTLETT

25-Jun-1790; John CHAPLE

08-Jul-1790; Mr. William BRAGGE Vicar

24-Oct-1790; Elnor HAWKER, wife of Robert HAWKER

19-Dec-1790; Ann BREWNEY


16-Jan-1791; Sarah STANTON

10-Feb-1791; Betty TRENCHARD widow

24-Feb-1791; Alice CHANON

20-Mar-1791; Hannah BARTLETT, wife of Bengeman BARTLETT

03-Apr-1791; Betty STANTON

03-Apr-1791; George BOON, son of John BOON

14Apr-1791; James HAWKER, son of Robert HAWKER

15-May-1791; Richard ADEMS

17-Jun-1791; Joan COOK widow

16-Jun-1791; John HODER

17-Jul-1791; Joseph ALLEN

10-Aug-1791; William ADEMS

18-Sep-1791; Henery ENGLAND, son of Samuel ENGLAND

25-Sep-1791; Mary CHANON widow

16-Oct-1791; Bernerd PERING

16-Oct-1791; Edith WHITE, daughter of John WHITE

30-Oct-1791; Catharine STANTON widow (P)

01-Nov-1791; Mary PERRING

17-Nov-1791; Martha SWAFFIELD (P)

11-Dec-1791; Betty BOWDITCH, wife of Richard BOWDITCH (P)

28-Dec-1791; Bernard GAPPER


05-Feb-1792; Mary STANTON (P)

04-Mar-1792; Mary COOK, daughter of William & Mary COOK (P)

25-Mar-1792; James WOODMORE (P)

01-Apr-1792; Peter CHICK (P)

01-Apr-1792; Mary QUICK widow (P)

04-Apr-1792; Betty CHANON (P)

15-Apr-1792; Elizabeth BOON (P)

04-May-1792; John WHEADON, son of Henry & Mercy WHEADON

08-May-1792; Betty POOK widow (P)

13-May-1792; John JEFFERY

06-Jul-1792; Joan HEX (P)

12-Jul-1792; Robert CHAMBERS

15-Jul-1792; Richard HAWKINS

26-Aug-1792; Mary PHELPS, daughter of George & Martha PHELPS

09-Sep-1792; Henry BRIDLE, son of William & Ann BRIDLE

09-Sep-1792; Ann APPLIN, daughter of William & Susannah APPLIN

09-Sep-1792; Eleanor HAWKER, daughter of John & Mary HAWKER (P)

16-Sep-1792; Harriet FOLLETT, base daughter of Susannah FOLLETT

18-Sep-1792; Henry NORMAN

30-Sep-1792; Diana STUCKEY, daughter of George & Betty STUCKEY

14-Oct-1792; Sarah HAWKER, daughter of George & Mary HAWKER

28-Oct-1792; Betty COOK widow (P)

30-Oct-1792; Jemima STOKES, wife of Samuel STOKES

31-Oct-1792; Betty HALLETT widow

11-Nov-1792; Sarah SWAFFIELD, daughter of Thomas & Betty SWAFFIELD

11-Nov-1792; Charlotte LEMBRY, daughter of Josiah & Ann LEMBRY

09-Dec-1792; John COOK (P)

09-Dec-1792; John COOK [sic]

16-Dec-1792; John HUSSEY, son of Robert & Mary HUSSEY

23-Dec-1792; Thomas PRADON (P)

23-Dec-1792; Betty MORENE, daughter of Robert & Mary MORENE

25-Dec-1792; Mary HODDER, base daughter of Joan HODDER (P)


10-Jan-1793; Sarah BAKER

13-Jan-1793; John BRAGGE

27-Jan-1793; Betty HUSSEY, daughter of Samuel & Joan HUSSEY (P)

03-Feb-1793; Betty BRAGGE widow (P)

05-Feb-1793; Alice PAUL widow (P)

15-Feb-1793; Mary STANTON (P)

03-Mar-1793; John FOSEY, base son of Mary FORSEY

31-Mar-1793; Betty WOOD (P)

05-Apr-1793; Joseph LUMBARD

12-Apr-1793; Betty PEARCE, wife of John PEARCE

14-Apr-1793; Martha WELLMAN widow (P)

14-Apr-1793; Diana HAIN, wife of Thomas HAIN (P)

21-Apr-1793; Grace BOWDITCH, wife of George BOWDITCH

26-May-1793; John NORMAN (P)

04-Jun-1793; Betty BOWDITCH widow (P)

09-Jun-1793; Hannah STANTON (P)

23-Jun-1793; Betty BAGG, wife of John BAGG

28-Jun-1793; Mary Ann HITCHCOCK, daughter of Samuel & Catharine HITCHCOCK

11-Aug-1793; Mary BERRY, daughter of Robert & Mary BERRY (P)

25-Aug-1793; Samuel HICKS, base son of Joan HICKS (P)

29-Sep-1793; Ann WAKELY

29-Oct-1793; Priscilla HANN, daughter of William & Ruth HANN

29-Oct-1793; Phinias BOWDITCH (P)

17-Oct-1793; William HITCHCOCK, son of Joshua & Betty HITCHCOCK

19-Nov-1793; Betty PERHAM, daughter of John & Betty PERHAM

16-Nov-1793; William FORSEY

09-Dec-1793; Samuel PINNEY

22-Dec-1793; Mary FREEK (P)

29-Dec-1793; John PERHAM (P)


12-Jan-1794; Lionel BRIDLE (P)

12-Jan-1794; Sarah HAWKER, daughter of George & Sarah HAWKER (P)

22-Jan-1794; William BAKER

26-Jan-1794; Elizabeth MANLY, daughter of Robert & Mary MANLY

06-Feb-1794; Peter LANE, son of Thomas & Betty LANE

09-Feb-1794; Richard BRIDLE, son of William & Ann BRIDLE

16-Feb-1794; John MURLY, son of Robert & Mary MURLY

16-Feb-1794; Betty HITCHCOCK, base daughter of Susannah HITCHCOCK

09-Apr-1794; John BURT, son of John & Mary BURT

15-Apr-1794; Betty COOMBS, daughter of John & Sabra COOMBS

27-Apr-1794; Martha CHANNON, wife of Samuel CHANNON

27-Apr-1794; Susannah STANTON

09-May-1794; Thomas JEFFERY (P)

11-May-1794; Robert HAWKER (P)

31-May-1794; Betty JEFFERY, wife of Thomas JEFFERY

31-May-1794; Sarah HITCHCOCK, wife of George HITCHCOCK

01-Jun-1794; John HODDER, son of William & Ann HODDER

01-Jun-1794; Joseph BAKER, son of John & Betty BAKER (P)

01-Jun-1794; Mary PARKER, wife of John PARKER

20-Jun-1794; Martha JEFFERY widow (P)

01-Jul-1794; George HANN, son of William & Esther HANN

20-Jul-1794; William BOWDITCH, son of Thomas & Mary BOWDITCH

29-Jul-1794; Anna STROUD widow (P)

03-Aug-1794; Betty STADWICK, daughter of James & Sarah STADWICK

31-Aug-1794; Samuel BOWDITCH, son of Lidia BOWDITCH

07-Sep-1794; Betty BOON, wife of Joseph BOON (P)

20-Sep-1794; Samuel PHILLIPS, son of William & Betty PHILLIPS

04-Oct-1794; Srjt. William HALLETT

12-Oct-1794; Alice BOWDITCH, daughter of Michael & Mary BOWDITCH

16-Oct-1794; John BRYANT, son of John & Mary BRYANT

28-Oct-1794; Mary BRAGGE, daughter of John BRAGGE Esq. & Ann his wife

09-Nov-1794; John HAWKER, son of William & Ann HAWKER

04-Dec-1794; Betty PHILLIPS, wife of Joseph PHILLIPS

06-Dec-1794; Mary MILVERTON

14-Dec-1794; Catherine JEFFERY, daughter of John & Ann JEFFERY

14-Dec-1794; Mary PHILLIPS, wife of William PHILLIPS

28-Dec-1794; Betty BAGG, base daughter of Ann BAGG

30-Dec-1794; Betty GAPPER widow

30-Dec-1794; Mary BOWDITCH widow


04-Jan-1795; Moses FORSEY

25-Feb-1795; Charles NEWBERRY, son of Thomas & Kezia NEWBERRY

08-Mar-1795; Richard LUMBARD, son of John & Ann LUMBARD

15-Mar-1795; James HODDER, son of George & Hannah HODDER

22-Mar-1795; Richard HODDER, son of George & Hannah HODDER

19-Apr-1795; Maria PHILLIPS, daughter of William PHILLIPS

24-Apr-1795; Andrew HARDIMAN

26-Apr-1795; William PHILLIPS, son of Joseph PHILLIPS

28-Apr-1795; Mary WELSH, daughter of Joseph & Joan WELSH

30-Apr-1795; Ann PEARCE, daughter of Charles & Betty PEARCE

30-Apr-1795; Robert WOODCOCK, son of Robert & Tamazin WOODCOCK

15-May-1795; Betty COOK, daughter of Robert & Betty COOK

07-Jun-1795; Catharine MUNDEN

23-Jun-1795; Samuel DUNSTER

03-Jul-1795; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK, daughter of William & Hannah HITCHCOCK

05-Jul-1795; Betty BOWDITCH, wife of John BOWDITCH

02-Aug-1795; Ann HAWKER, wife of Thomas HAWKER

05-Aug-1795; Robert WRIGHT

15-Aug-1795; Henry WHEADON, son of Henry & Mercy WHEADON

28-Aug-1795; William HITCHCOCK

30-Aug-1795; Simon PARIS

20-Sep-1795; John LEMBRY, son of Josiah & Ann LEMBRY

27-Sep-1795; Mary KINGSTONE, wife of Robert KINGSTONE

18-Oct-1795; John CHICK

18-Oct-1795; Henry EPDEN

25-Oct-1795; Joseph BAGG

29-Nov-1795; Tamazin BOWDITCH

11-Dec-1795; John HOARE

18-Dec-1795; Moses HALLETT

27-Dec-1795; Edith BRIDLE, daughter of William & Ann BRIDLE


08-Jan-1796; Charles EGERTON, son of Charles & Mary EGERTON

17-Jan-1796; Betty HITCHCOCK, wife of Joshua HITCHCOCK

24-Jan-1796; Samuel STOKES

16-Feb-1796; Mary COX widow

21-Feb-1796; John GALE

27-Feb-1796; William APPLIN

28-Feb-1796; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK, daughter of George & Jenny HITCHCOCK

13-Mar-1796; Thomas RUSSELL

13-Mar-1796; Jane SWAFFIELD, wife of Nathan SWAFFIELD

31-Mar-1796; John FORSEY

15-Apr-1796; Ann BAGG

17-Apr-1796; Thomas HAIN

24-Apr-1796; Joseph HAWKER, son of Samuel & Grace HAWKER

14-May-1796; John PEARCE

15-May-1796; Mary SELLAR, wife of John SELLAR

15-May-1796; Agnes SUGAR, wife of William SUGAR

29-May-1796; Betty BAGG, wife of William BAGG

28-Aug-1796; Mary BRAGGE, daughter of John BRAGGE Esq. & Ann his wife

04-Sep-1796; Betty MOREY widow

28-Sep-1796; Charity COOK, wife of John COOK

23-Oct-1796; Charlotte LEMBRY, daughter of Josiah & Ann LEMBRY

09-Nov-1796; Mary HOWELL

20-Nov-1796; Robert BARTLETT, base son of Mary BARTLETT

17-Dec-1796; Mary BOWDITCH

31-Dec-1796; Thomas BOON


01-Jan-1797; Betty FORSEY widow

15-Jan-1797; William LANE, son of Thomas & Betty LANE

17-Jan-1797; Samuel LOVERIDGE

22-Jan-1797; Tamazin JEFFERY widow

25-Jan-1797; Catharine JEFFERY, wife of John JEFFERY

05-Feb-1797; Betty WATERS 55

03-Mar-1797; John COOK 28

09-Mar-1797; Tobias PHELPS 38

17-Mar-1797; Joan TUCKER widow 73

19-Mar-1797; Phoebe HAWKER 35, wife of Isaac HAWKER

09-Apr-1797; Elizabeth COOK 1, daughter of John & Charity COOK

30-Apr-1797; John COOK 4m, son of Alexander & Betty COOK

24-May-1797; Eleanor WRIGHT 70, wife of John WRIGHT

28-May-1797; Betty COOMBS 58, wife of George COOMBS

04-Jun-1797; Ann SHEPARD 40

11-Jun-1797; Maria BRAGGE 10, daughter of Richard & Mary BRAGGE

25-Jun-1797; Elias OLIVER, age unknown, about 50

25-Jun-1797; Sarah HAWKER 2, daughter of George & Sarah HAWKER

02-Jul-1797; Joan FERRET 60

02-Jul-1797; Hester FORSEY 37, wife of Robert FORSEY

02-Jul-1797; Hannah BAULCH 16, daughter of William & Kerenhappuch BAULCH

18-Aug-1797; Jenny BOWDITCH 70

15-Sep-1797; Mary STANTON widow 78

20-Sep-1797; Samuel HITCHCOCK 77

21-Sep-1797; William SWAFFIELD 63

05-Oct-1797; James BAKER 8m, son of Robert & Elizabeth BAKER

15-Oct-1797; Thomas STANTON 79

10-Nov-1797; Sarah PERHAM 64, wife of Thomas PERHAM

31-Dec-1797; Ann DEAN 13, daughter of Edward & Sarah DEAN

31-Dec-1797; George COOMBS 62


07-Jan-1798; Benjamin FROST 63

11-Feb-1798; Thomas HAWKINS 61

23-Feb-1798; Esther OUSLEY 25

28-Feb-1798; Martha MITCHELL 64, wife of Samuel MITCHELL

03-Mar-1798; Betty OLIVER 57, wife of James OLIVER

21-Mar-1798; Richard PRING 2m, son of John & Prudence PRING

23-Mar-1798; Robert PAUL 64

25-Mar-1798; Hannah HICKS 18, daughter of James HICKS

25-Mar-1798; Eleanor SUGAR widow 80

01-Apr-1798; William WILLS 7m, son of John & Mary WILLS

02-Apr-1798; Eleanor PERHAM widow 62

02-Apr-1798; Elizabeth STANTON 12, daughter of William & Betty STANTON

15-Apr-1798; Betty RUSSELL widow 81

26-Apr-1798; Ishmael COOMB 71

06-May-1798; Joseph BIDDLECOMBE 29

10-Jun-1798; James BOON 2m, son of James & Betty BOON

14-Jun-1798; Catharine CHICK widow 72

25-Jun-1798; Ann WHEADON 59, wife of John WHEADON

01-Jul-1798; Sarah DUNSTER 21, daughter of John & Sarah DUNSTER

22-Jul-1798; Catharine BOON 64, wife of George BOON

22-Jul-1798; Mary DUNSTER 8, daughter of Aaron & Miriam DUNSTER

22-Jul-1798; Mary COOK 1, daughter of William & Mary COOK

05-Aug-1798; Betty BARRATT widow 83

10-Aug-1798; Betty COOMBS 3-1/2, daughter of John & Sabra COOMBS

15-Aug-1798; Sarah HARDYMAN 18, daughter of Jonathan & Martha HARDYMAN

16-Aug-1798; John TRENCHARD 61

18-Oct-1798; Ann STUCKEY 24

24-Oct-1798; William COOMBS 33

11-Nov-1798; Mary MITCHELL 51

23-Nov-1798; Joel HAWKER 23, son of William & Betty HAWKER

13-Dec-1798; William HITCHCOCK 67


06-Jan-1799; Abraham BROWNSEY 71

03-Mar-1799; John WILLS 8, son of John & Mary WILLS

24-Mar-1799; Sarah BAGG 30, wife of Robert BAGG

24-Mar-1799; Joseph HAWKER 1, son of Samuel & Grace HAWKER

14-Apr-1799; Robert DUNSTER 2, son of Aaron & Miriam DUNSTER

26-Apr-1799; James MILVERTON 21

26-May-1799; Richard COOK 48

16-Jun-1799; John BENNET 1, son of John & Betty BENNET

23-Jun-1799; Jemima RUSSELL 42, wife of Robert RUSSELL

20-Oct-1799; John PIDGEN 10, son of Richard & Sarah PIDGEN

27-Oct-1799; Ann LOCK 3, base daughter of Grace LOCK

27-Oct-1799; Mary JEFFERY 1, daughter of Thomas & Mary JEFFERY

17-Nov-1799; Sarah BUGLER 2m, base daughter of Martha BUGLER

08-Dec-1799; Mary COOK 18, daughter of Uriah & Joan COOK


05-Jan-1800; Mary FERRETT 80

14-Jan-1800; Charles PEARCE 66

26-Jan-1800; James PHELPS 1, son of James & Susannah PHELPS

02-Feb-1800; Jenny BERRY 53, wife of Thomas BERRY

12-Mar-1800; Betty HARDIMAN widow 74

23-Mar-1800; Betty BRIDLE widow 76

13-Apr-1800; Sarah HAWKER 13, daughter of Robert & Sarah HAWKER

24-Apr-1800; Susannah BENNET 58, wife of Jonathan BENNET

04-May-1800; John LOCK 10, base son of Grace LOCK

11-May-1800; Mary COOK 23, daughter of Robert & Ann COOK

28-May-1800; Joanna NORMAN widow 57

01-Jun-1800; Nathanial SWAFFIELD 73

08-Jun-1800; Mary BROWNSEY widow 75

22-Jun-1800; Penanah LEMBRY 71, wife of John LEMBRY

16-Jul-1800; Eve PHELPS 70, wife of John PHELPS

18-Jul-1800; Samuel SMITH 72

26-Jul-1800; Susannah HITCHCOCK 80, wife of John HITCHCOCK

17-Aug-1800; George HITCHCOCK 84

24-Aug-1800; Mathew FORSEY 72

03-Oct-1800; Thomas EDENS 66

02-Nov-1800; Elias HUNT 1, son of Robert & Catharine HUNT

30-Nov-1800; William BAGG 79


25-Jan-1801; Thomas ASHMENT infant, son of Henry & Susannah ASHMENT

01-Feb-1801; Maria PHILIPS 3, daughter of John & Susannah PHILIPS

08-Mar-1801; Betty HAIN 44, wife of John HAIN

15-Mar-1801; Sarah WATTS widow 75

18-Mar-1801; Mary TURNER widow 80

18-Mar-1801; Ann BOON 3, daughter of John & Ann BOON

22-Mar-1801; Tamazin WOODCOCK 63, wife of Robert WOODCOCK

25-Mar-1801; Ann CHANNING 22, daughter of William & Ann CHANNING

25-Mar-1801; Betty COOMBS 80, wife of Thomas COOMBS

03-Apr-1801; Betty BERRY 85, wife of Robert BERRY

12-Apr-1801; Betty HAWKINS 22, daughter of Richard & Edith HAWKINS

14-Apr-1801; Mary COOK 86, wife of Thomas COOK

16-Apr-1801; Ann SALTER 22, daughter of John & Sarah SALTER

19-Apr-1801; Robert HUSSEY 74

19-Apr-1801; Betty APPLIN 74

22-Apr-1801; John BOWDITCH 52

30-Apr-1801; William BRYANT 86

__-May-1801; Mary BOWDITCH 22, daughter of Richard & Joan BOWDITCH

__-May-1801; Thomas COOMBS 78

31-May-1801; George HAWKER 1, son of Samuel & Grace HAWKER

10-Jun-1801; Mary HALLETT 34, wife of William HALLETT

05-Jul-1801; Joseph BUGLER 69

19-Jul-1801; Ann COOK 5, daughter of Robert & Sarah COOK

18-Aug-1801; Thomas RUSSELL 62

22-Nov-1801; Edward STANTON 82

08-Dec-1801; Robert WOODCOCK 68

13-Dec-1801; John HAIN 42


08-Jan-1802; Robert VINCENT infant, son of William James & Elizabeth VINCENT

30-Jan-1802; Richard BRAGGE 68

14-Mar-1802; John OTEN 60

14-Mar-1802; Mary FORSEY 1, daughter of Robert & Joan FORSEY

21-Mar-1802; Samuel CHANNING 52

28-Mar-1802; William BAGG 55

09-Apr-1802; Robert BERRY 80

11-Apr-1802; Charles BOWDITCH 1-1/2, son of Thomas & Jenny BOWDITCH

22-Apr-1802; Catharine HUNT 35, wife of Robert HUNT

24-Apr-1802; Mercy DUNSTER widow 63

21-May-1802; Ann RUSSELL widow 71

23-May-1802; Robert BAGG 2, son of Robert & Betty BAGG

30-May-1802; Tamazin HITCHCOCK infant, daughter of Mathew & Hannah HITCHCOCK

10-Jun-1802; Ann LENTHALL 44, wife of John LENTHALL

13-Jun-1802; Grace SHEPERD widow 76

17-Jun-1802; Peggy PEADON widow 82

21-Jul-1802; Lucy DOLPHIN 3y 9m, daughter of Thomas Vernon DOLPHIN Esq.

01-Aug-1802; John PHELPS infant, son of John & Susannah PHELPS

02-Sep-1802; John SALTER 55

02-Nov-1802; Richard HODDER 75

13-Nov-1802; John COOK 3, base son of Mary COOK

23-Nov-1802; Mary PINNEY 31, daughter of Robert & Mary PINNEY

03-Dec-1802; Joseph PIGEON 30

10-Dec-1802; Mary PAVEY 1, daughter of James & Sarah PAVEY


03-Jan-1803; George BOWDITCH 76

03-Jan-1803; Betty COOK 4, daughter of James & Susannah COOK

[NB: the Clerk has inverted the names of the mother & daughter; this entry should read “Susannah COOK 4, daughter of James & Betty COOK”]

05-Jan-1803; Margaret LOCKET 67

23-Jan-1803; Mary BRAGGE 63

26-Jan-1803; John HALLETT 72

01-Feb-1803; Keziah COX 38, wife of James COX

27-Feb-1803; Fanny BOON 2, daughter of Benjamin & Mary BOON

13-Mar-1803; Robert STANTON infant, base son of Phoebe STANTON

10-Apr-1803; Edward PHELPS infant, son of Henry & Ann PHELPS

10-Apr-1803; William HAWKER 15, son of John & Mary HAWKER

24-Apr-1803; Edward STANTON 63

24-Apr-1803; Elizabeth BAGG infant, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth BAGG

08-May-1803; Samuel DUNSTER 72

08-May-1803; Elizabeth BAGG infant, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth BAGG

11-Jun-1803; John KITCHEN 21

19-Jun-1803; Mary BOON infant, base daughter of Mary BOON

26-Jun-1803; William COOK 80

03-Jul-1803; Catharine STANTON 59, wife of John STANTON

03-Jul-1803; Tamazin PHELPS 20, daughter of James & Betty PHELPS

22-Aug-1803; Elizabeth SHEPPERD 53

04-Sep-1803; Mary BRIANT 26, daughter of Luke & Hannah BRIANT

18-Sep-1803; Sarah BAULCH 55, wife of John BAULCH

18-Sep-1803; Robert KIRKLAND 2, son of Robert & Sarah KIRKLAND

22-Sep-1803; Sarah LANE 3, daughter of Thomas & Betty LANE

27-Sep-1803; Betty HAWKINS 70, wife of William HAWKINS

19-Oct-1803; Mary COOK widow 73

21-Nov-1803; William HAWKER 82

20-Dec-1803; John JEFFERY 40


01-Jan-1804; Mary APPLIN 7, daughter of William & Susannah APPLIN

13-Jan-1804; George BAKER 8, son of Robert & Elizabeth BAKER

31-Jan-1804; Humphry HITCHCOCK 64

02-Feb-1804; Sarah FORSEY widow 80

24-Feb-1804; John PHILLIPS infant, son of Samuel & Mary PHILLIPS

06-Mar-1804; Betty TRENCHARD, wife of Abraham TRENCHARD

11-Mar-1804; Thomas MITCHELL 3, son of Isaac & Betty MITCHELL

23-Mar-1804; Henry HOARE 93

03-May-1804; Martha STANTON 58

06-May-1804; Betty BAKER 48, wife of John BAKER

27-May-1804; Hannah HITCHCOCK 9, base daughter of Betty HITCHCOCK

29-May-1804; Ann BERRY 39, wife of John BERRY

24-Jun-1804; Ann MITCHELL 1, daughter of Isaac & Betty MITCHELL

21-Jul-1804; George HAWKER, son of Robert & Ann HAWKER [no age given, christened 03-Jun-1804]

17-Aug-1804; Mary BARRETT widow 71

19-Aug-1804; Hannah BRIANT 70, wife of Luke BRIANT

24-Aug-1804; Robert PINNEY 72

30-Aug-1804; Hannah FARRANT 21, wife of Samuel FARRANT

06-Sep-1804; John PEARCE infant, son of Thomas & Betty PEARCE

06-Nov-1804; Susannah CHANNING 21, daughter of William & Ann CHANNING

16-Nov-1804; Edith HAWKINS 68, wife of Richard HAWKINS

26-Nov-1804; Susannah PHELPS 38, wife of John PHELPS

18-Dec-1804; George BOON 68


11-Jan-1805; Mary FOLLETT 66, wife of Abednego FOLLETT

22-Jan-1805; Mary PHELPS 71, wife of Tobias PHELPS

25-Jan-1805; Dolly HALLETT 73, wife of William HALLETT

27-Jan-1805; Ann HUNT 40, daughter of Thomas & Ann HUNT

27-Jan-1805; William HAWKER 1, son of Isaac & Sarah HAWKER

10-Feb-1805; James NORMAN 33

19-Feb-1805; Sarah BRIDLE 55, wife of John BRIDLE

07-Apr-1805; Sarah BOWDITCH 20, daughter of John BOWDITCH

28-Apr-1805; Robert STANTON 63, Sexton

12-May-1805; Joan STOODLY 79

26-May-1805; Sarah COOK 82

14-Jul-1805; Grace LOCK 2, base daughter of Grace LOCK

24-Jul-1805; Sarah STADWICK 38, wife of James STADWICK

11-Aug-1805; Sarah TRENCHARD widow 81

25-Aug-1805; John JAMES 77

01-Sep-1805; Ruth JAMES 77, wife of the above John JAMES

25-Oct-1805; John HITCHCOCK 89

01-Nov-1805; Joan BAKER 46

17-Nov-1805; Samuel DUNSTER 1-1/2, son of Aaron & Miriam DUNSTER

31-Dec-1805; Martha BATAR widow 80


05-Jan-1806; Robert BRIDLE 86

10-Jan-1806; Betty DAVY 10, base daughter of Lucy DAVY

09-Feb-1806; Jonathan MORRIS 79

16-Feb-1806; Susannah BOWDITCH 68

21-Feb-1806; Martha COX 44, wife of Eli COX

04-Mar-1806; Sarah COX infant, daughter of Eli & the late Martha COX

22-Jun-1806; Mary COOK 77, wife of William COOK

03-Aug-1806; Thomas NEWBERRY 57

__-Aug-1806; Joseph BISHOP 38 [day not given]

09-Nov-1806; William STUCKEY 9, son of George & Betty STUCKEY

09-Nov-1806; George HAIN 7, son of William & Hannah HAIN

03-Dec-1806; Joseph BRAGGE 70

14-Dec-1806; John HAWKINS 33

28-Dec-1806; Samuel SMITH 1, son of Samuel & Susannah SMITH


04-Jan-1807; Sarah STANTON 55

04-Jan-1807; Sylvia SMITH 4, daughter of Samuel & Susannah SMITH

11-Jan-1807; Samuel POOR 82

11-Jan-1807; Joan BOWDITCH 22, daughter of Richard & Catharine BOWDITCH

13-Jan-1807; Ann COUCH 69, wife of John COUCH

18-Jan-1807; Shadrac FOLLETT 80

18-Jan-1807; Amelia HUNT 2, daughter of Robert & Martha HUNT

08-Feb-1807; Samuel MAJOR 3, son of William & Catharine MAJOR

01-Mar-1807; Mary BRIDLE widow 82

06-Mar-1807; Christian HODDER 11

17-Mar-1807; William COOK 77

24-Mar-1807; Francis TURNER infant, son of William & Sarah TURNER

05-Apr-1807; Grace SNOOK 27

05-Apr-1807; Joseph HAWKER 9, son of John & Mary HAWKER

23-Apr-1807; Hannah HITCHCOCK 77

25-Apr-1807; Mary EWENS widow 67

29-Apr-1807; William TUCKER 54

07-May-1807; Esther HANN 51, wife of William HANN

14-May-1807; Charlotte COOK 2, daughter of William & Mary COOK

24-May-1807; John DEAN 1, son of John & Ann DEAN

05-May-1807; Eleanor ADAMS widow 70

05-Jun-1807; Mary Ann COOK 4, daughter of Joseph & Mary COOK

05-Jun-1807; John COOK 1, son of Joseph & Mary COOK

30-Jun-1807; Hannah KIMMINER 27, wife of John KIMMINER

03-Jul-1807; William HAWKINS 78, Clerk of ye Parish

02-Aug-1807; Martha BAKER widow 84

05-Aug-1807; Ann STUCKEY 26, wife of John STUCKEY

21-Aug-1807; John WHEADON 84

06-Sep-1807; William PHELPS 5m, son of John & Mary PHELPS

01-Oct-1807; Elizabeth GWYN 36, wife of John Fraunceis GWYN Esq., buried at Ford Abbey

24-Dec-1807; Mathew JOBY 78


13-Mar-1808; Thomas COOK 81

15-Mar-1808; Elizabeth COOK 70, wife of Robert COOK

16-Mar-1808; Richard STUCKEY 1, son of John STUCKEY

31-Mar-1808; Mary FREAKE alias BOWDITCH 76

03-Apr-1808; John BAULCH 72

27-Apr-1808; Joseph PHELPS 37

08-May-1808; Betty MITCHELL 89

26-May-1808; Ruth HALLETT 35

03-Jun-1808; Ann SMITH widow 72

22-Jun-1808; Richard COOK 5, son of Robert & Sarah COOK

31-Jul-1808; David NORMAN 1, son of James & Elizabeth NORMAN

07-Aug-1808; Abraham TRENCHARD 80

12-Oct-1808; Lionel FROME 58

06-Nov-1808; George GIBBS 1, son of Mark & Ruth GIBBS

16-Nov-1808; Mary LUMBARD 56

13-Nov-1808; Edward HODDER 11

18-Dec-1808; Mary Ann Hicks HITCHCOCK 2, base daughter of Susannah HITCHCOCK

25-Dec-1808; Ann PARKER infant, daughter of Robert & Mary PARKER


01-Jan-1809; Robert PERHAM 3, son of John & Mary PERHAM

05-Jan-1809; James POOR infant, son of John & Mary POOR

20-Jan-1809; Joseph WELCH 58

05-Mar-1809; Ann BOON 31, wife of John BOON

21-Mar-1809; Joseph FOLLETT 73

03-May-1809; Elizabeth MILLER 63, wife of John MILLER

10-May-1809; Elizabeth HAIN 72

10-May-1809; John BOWDITCH 32, son of Richard & Joan BOWDITCH

11-May-1809; Abednego FOLLETT 28, son of Abednego FOLLETT

21-May-1809; Mary PHELPS 64, wife of James PHELPS

21-May-1809; Maria HODDER 9, daughter of William & Ann HODDER

21-May-1809; William BULFORD infant, son of William & Mary BULFORD

04-Jun-1809; Robert DEAN 5, son of John & Ann DEAN

23-Jun-1809; Eleanor DEAN widow 86

27-Jun-1809; Grace HAWKER 47, wife of Samuel HAWKER

28-Jun-1809; Mary HICKS 3, daughter of William & Elizabeth HICKS

30-Jun-1809; Ann BRIDLE 31, daughter of William & Ann BRIDLE

02-Jul-1809; Sarah BACKALLER 34, wife of John BACKALLER

02-Jul-1809; Sophia TRENCHARD infant, base daughter of Elizabeth TRENCHARD

18-Aug-1809; William PHILLIPS 48

27-Aug-1809; James THORN 14

14-Sep-1809; Martha HANN 30, wife of William HANN

01-Dec-1809; William DAUBENY 78

03-Dec-1809; Richard BOWDITCH 65


04-Jan-1810; John LEMBRY 78

07-Jan-1810; George HAIN 52

09-Feb-1810; Jane BOWDITCH 35, wife of Thomas BOWDITCH

18-Feb-1810; James BOWDITCH 35

18-Feb-1810; Esther COOK 79

25-Feb-1810; Betty BOWDITCH 79, wife of Matthias BOWDITCH

13-Mar-1810; Jane FORSEY 83

01-Apr-1810; Betty PROSSER 65, wife of John PROSSER

26-Apr-1810; Tobias PHELPS 79

22-Jun-1810; David ENGLAND 80

09-Aug-1810; Rosanna HAWKINS 1, base daughter of Ann HAWKINS

11-Aug-1810; John WHITE 33

17-Aug-1810; Elizabeth PEARCE widow 76

14-Oct-1810; Mathew FORSEY 49

18-Oct-1810; John BENNET 35

21-Oct-1810; Joseph BOON 76

28-Oct-1810; Sarah BAKER 53

06-Nov-1810; Henry COOK 1, base son of Sarah COOK

14-Nov-1810; Henry DAVIS 10, base son of Nancy DAVIS

14-Dec-1810; Jenny FOLLETT widow 81


11-Jan-1811; Sarah PAUL widow 83

05-Feb-1811; John PEARCE 74

10-Feb-1811; John CHURCHILL infant, base son of Ann CHURCHILL

26-Feb-1811; Betty COOK 64

17-Mar-1811; John BOON 66

27-Mar-1811; George HAWKER 55

27-Mar-1811; Joshua HITCHCOCK 68

28-Mar-1811; Martha CLARKE infant, daughter of Joseph & Martha CLARKE

15-Apr-1811; Richard BOWDITCH 66

05-May-1811; Sarah STANTON widow 75

23-Jun-1811; Sarah SAWYER 4, daughter of James & Mary SAWYER

14-Jul-1811; Andrew HARDYMAN 63

17-Jul-1811; Luke BRIANT 63

25-Aug-1811; Robert ROW infant, son of Robert & Elizabeth ROW

08-Sep-1811; Joan WELLMAN widow 75

13-Oct-1811; Ann PHILLIPS 48, wife of Henry PHILLIPS

18-Oct-1811; Jane BOWDITCH 16, daughter of Michal & Mary BOWDITCH

23-Oct-1811; Mary FOLLETT 90, wife of Meshach FOLLETT

08-Dec-1811; Betty BOWDITCH widow 78

22-Dec-1811; George COOK 1-1/2, son of James & Betty COOK


26-Jan-1812; Martha FOLLETT widow 81

02-Mar-1812; William WOOD 75

19-Apr-1812; Mary BOWDITCH 27, daughter of Thomas & Mary BOWDITCH

03-May-1812; Maria STROUD 29, wife of John STROUD

09-Jun-1812; Martha BOWDITCH widow 78

28-Jun-1812; William SNOOK 68

05-Jul-1812; Jane CUTT 64

04-Aug-1812; Thomas BERRY 66

22-Aug-1812; John PERHAM 76

09-Sep-1812; William HALLETT 83

27-Sep-1812; Jane JEFFERY infant, daughter of James & Ann JEFFERY

01-Nov-1812; Mary Ann BOWDITCH 7, daughter of Richard & Sarah BOWDITCH

08-Nov-1812; Amelia WILLIAMS 1, daughter of Charles & Hannah WILLIAMS

10-Nov-1812; Samuel PHILLIPS 42

22-Nov-1812; Mary Ann STOODLY 5m, daughter of John & Mary STOODLY

04-Dec-1812; Richard FOWLER 6, son of John & Martha FOWLER

13-Dec-1812; Elizabeth COOMBS 66, wife of Thomas COOMBS

17-Dec-1812; Ann DATON widow 69


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