Burials 1741 - 1783

Transcribed from the registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the OPC Project by Kim Parker.

Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

From mid-1745 to 1748 the burial register contains the name of a person swearing an affidavit and before whom. This probably refers to burials in woollen. (Various Acts of Parliament were passed between 1666-80 requiring the dead, except plague victims and paupers, to be buried in pure English woollen shrouds. It was a requirement that an affidavit be sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace - usually by a relative or some other credible person – confirming burial in wool. Non-compliance attracted a £5 fine. The law remained in force until 1814, but was largely ignored by the 1770s.)

The register is very faded in places, so researchers are urged to use this transcript only as a guide and to check the original in Dorchester.



19-Apr-1741; Mary MARGRIA

03-May-1741; Patience BRYANT

03-May-1741; Betty JEFFERY

06-May-1741; Walter HALLET

06-May-1741; William BROWNSEY

10-May-1741; Samuel STANTON

10-May-1741; John HARDY

24-May-1741; Joan TAYLOR

12-Jun-1741; Mr. John GWYNN

26-Jun-1741; Betty FROST

19-Aug-1741; John FOLLET son of Susan FOLLET

30-Aug-1741; Catherine SHEPHERD

30-Aug-1741; Catherine MITCHEL

02-Sep-1741; Joan SANDIVER

05-Sep-1741; Margery BURRIGE

05-Sep-1741; Sarah SHEPPARD

17-Sep-1741; Susan SEWARD

24-Sep-1741; Briget INNET

26-Sep-1741; Ann CLARK

06-Oct-1741; Thomas BROUGHTON senior

06-Oct-1741; Joan PALMER

08-Oct-1741; William PYE

11-Oct-1741; Mary BRAGGE

16-Oct-1741; Mary BRAGGE

18-Oct-1741; Sarah BRAGGE

20-Oct-1741; William COOK

23-Oct-1741; Elizabeth BOWDITCH

24-Oct-1741; John COOME

04-Nov-1741; Mary OUSLEY

13-Nov-1741; Mary RUSSEL

13-Nov-1741; Jane ROBERTS

14-Nov-1741; Mary BOON wife of Abraham BOON

14-Nov-1741; Ann GALE wife of Thomas GALE

17-Nov-1741; Richard COOK

19-Nov-1741; Edward BRAGG

20-Nov-1741; Frances BOWDITCH wife of Robert BOWDITCH

02-Dec-1741; Elizabeth PAUL

15-Dec-1741; Sarah GREENFIELD wife of Stephen GREENFIELD

15-Dec-1741; Elizabeth CATER

17-Dec-1741; Edith HOAR

20-Dec-1741; Richard BRAGGE


02-Jan-1741/2; Richard BROWNSY

02-Jan-1741/2; Samuel BAKER son of John BAKER

03-Jan-1741/2; Isamar HARDY son of John HARDY

06-Jan-1741/2; Robert COOK son of Aaron COOK

06-Jan-1741/2; Thomas COOK son of Aaron COOK

09-Jan-1741/2; Mary LIMBRY wife of John LIMBRY

12-Jan-1741/2; Robert BRAGGE

12-Jan-1741/2; Sarah NEWMAN

12-Jan-1741/2; Ann HARRIS wife of Henry HARRIS

14-Jan-1741/2; Bridget COOM

15-Jan-1741/2; William GALE

15-Jan-1741/2; Aaron COOK

16-Jan-1741/2; Susannah BROUGHTON

16-Jan-1741/2; Edith HOAR daughter of Henry HOAR

16-Jan-1741/2; Joshua BAKER son of John BAKER

19-Jan-1741/2; Susannah WIAT

19-Jan-1741/2; Elizabeth BAKER

21-Jan-1741/2; Samuel HAWKER

22-Jan-1741/2; Elizabeth PHELPS

23-Jan-1741/2; Mary FOWLER and her daughter

23-Jan-1741/2; Edith COOMB

23-Jan-1741/2; Hannah HART

26-Jan-1741/2; Benjamin SHEPHERD son of George SHEPHERD

28-Jan-1741/2; George FOWLER

28-Jan-1741/2; Mary BOWDITCH

08-Feb-1741/2; Lionel BROWNSY

08-Feb-1741/2; Richard SMITH

13-Feb-1741/2; Mary FOSSY widow

13-Feb-1741/2; Mary PHELPS base daughter of Mary PHELPS

13-Feb-1741/2; Mary PEARCE daughter of Samuel PEARCE

17-Feb-1741/2; Betty CHICK daughter of Charls CHICK

18-Feb-1741/2; John OUSLEY

20-Feb-1741/2; Mary PHELPS of Crewkerne

21-Feb-1741/2; Elizabeth ALLEN wife of Robert ALLEN

21-Feb-1741/2; Jane Freak FREAK [sic]

21-Feb-1741/2; Elizabeth COOK wife of Richard COOK

26-Feb-1741/2; Mary MITCHEL

27-Feb-1741/2; John PYE

04-Mar-1741/2; Amos MULLETT

04-Mar-1741/2; Sarah LIMBRY wife of Benjamin LIMBRY

09-Mar-1741/2; John FORSEY

11-Mar-1741/2; Joan SWAFFELL widow

14-Mar-1741/2; Amy BOWDITCH

14-Mar-1741/2; William PHELPS

14-Mar-1741/2; Grace SPRAKE

21-Mar-1741/2; Elizabeth FREAKE

22-Mar-1741/2; Sarah LIMBRY

28-Mar-1742; Joshua HITCHCOCK

30-Mar-1742; Mary PHELPS widow

02-Apr-1742; Antony FREAK

04-Apr-1742; Dianah BRAGGE

17-Apr-1742; Mary LANE widow

30-Apr-1742; Ann HALLET daughter of Simon HALLET

07-May-1742; Sarah STANTON wife of Henry STANTON

13-May-1742; Amos PHELPS son of Amos PHELPS

22-May-1742; Elizabeth HARDY

23-May-1742; Dianah BOON daughter of William BOON

01-Jun-1742; Joan MINSON daughter of John MINSON

01-Jun-1742; Elizabeth PALMER daughter of Joan PALMER

06-Jun-1742; William PAUL son of John PAUL

07-Jun-1742; Samuel FREAK

13-Jun-1742; Joseph JEFFERY and Mary JEFFERY his wife

11-Jul-1742; Joan NOSCITER

18-Jul-1742; Martha BUGLER daughter of Joseph BUGLER

25-Jul-1742; Ruth COOK

15-Aug-1742; Hugh SILK

22-Aug-1742; Mary INNET

29-Aug-1742; John BERRY son of John BERRY of Winsham

29-Aug-1742; Thomas BERRY son of John BERRY of Winsham

29-Aug-1742; Richard BOWDITCH son of Thomas BOWDITCH

30-Aug-1742; Thomas FROST junior

31-Aug-1742; William JEFFERY son of John JEFFERY

05-Sep-1742; John BRAGG

09-Sep-1742; Hannah HAIN

19-Sep-1742; Thomasin STANTON daughter of Joseph STANTON

27-Sep-1742; Mary SWAFFELL

21-Oct-1742; Betty PAGE widow

20-Nov-1742; Richard NOSCITER

21-Nov-1742; William PAUL son of William PAUL

16-Dec-1742; Francis HOAR son of John HOAR

19-Dec-1742; William BRAGG son of Thomas BRAGG

21-Dec-1742; Samuel BOWDITCH

23-Dec-1742; Mary HODDER

24-Dec-1742; William BRAGG


03-Jan-1742/3; Betty BURRIDGE

23-Jan-1742/3; John HAYBALL

06-Feb-1742/3; Elizabeth PHELPS

19-Feb-1742/3; Elias PHELPS son of Samuel PHELPS

20-Feb-1742/3; John MITCHEL

20-Feb-1742/3; Charity HAYNE

06-Mar-1742/3; Jane BURRIGE

23-Mar-1742/3; John TURNER

25-Mar-1742/3; Betty MITCHEL

27-Mar-1743; Dinah ADAMS

03-Apr-1743; Henery STANTON

03-Apr-1743; Betty BORIDG

10-Apr-1743; Robert PHELPS son of John PHELPS

10-Apr-1743; Martha FREKE

17-Apr-1743; Thomas TRENCHARD of Winsham

24-Apr-1743; William STAPLE son of Benjamin STAPLE

27-Apr-1743; William ADAMS

01-May-1743; Richard BROWNSY

05-May-1743; John TRENCHARD

10-May-1743; Leonard PHELPS

10-May-1743; Martha HART

15-May-1743; Hannah HAYN

22-May-1743; John HARDIMAN

27-May-1743; Rachel SHEPHERD

29-May-1743; Joel COOK

03-Jun-1743; Mrs. Lucy BRAGGE

11-Jun-1743; Daniel FREKE

26-Jun-1743; Mary COOK

14-Jul-1743; Hester WALE

21-Aug-1743; Joan BRAGGE daughter of Thomas BRAGGE

07-Sep-1743; John TURNER

20-Sep-1743; Martha STANTON

20-Nov-1743; Mary BROWNSY

19-Dec-1743; Mary BROWN


17-Jan-1743/4; Thomas SMITH

21-Feb-1743/4; Thomas HALLET

16-Mar-1743/4; Sarrah ATKINS

28-Mar-1744; Betty HARDYMAN wife of William HARDYMAN

01-Apr-1744; Betty HUCKSTER

13-May-1744; Samuel BOWDITCH

17-Jun-1744; W_____ HALLET

01-Jul-1744; Samuel PROSSER

15-Jul-1744; John SNOOK; affidavit by Sarah BOWDITCH before Mr. ROYCE 15-Jul

20-Sep-1744; Grace BAGGE; affidavit by Catherine HODDER before Mr. GWYN 26-Sep

29-Nov-1744; William MINSON

29-Nov-1744; Fortune PHELPS

09-Dec-1744; Robert FERRET; affidavit by John FERRET before Francis GWYN Esq. 16-Dec


15-Jan-1744/5; Joshua BAKER; Mary BAKER before Mr. ROYCE 15-Jan

20-Jan-1744/5; Mary CRODE

29-Jan-1744/5; Mr. WELLMAN

10-Mar-1744/5; John BOWDITCH child of Winsham

10-Mar-1744/5; Thomazin STANTON

04-Apr-1745; Robert BOWDITCH

07-Apr-1745; Elizabeth HIND; affidavit by Jone SWAFIELD before Mr. ENGLAND 14-Apr

12-Apr-1745; Margaret STANTON

17-Apr-1745; Thomas HART junior

10-May-1745; Mary COOK

08-Jun-1745; Betty HOARE; affidavit by Eliz BOONE before Mr. ENGLAND 16-Jun

11-Jun-1745; Jane SWAFIELD

06-Jul-1745; Mary CHICK; affidavit Mary COOK before Francis GWYN Esq. 12-Jul

07-Jul-1745; Mary CRAFT

14-Jul-1745; William COOK

22-Jul-1745; Mary BRAGGE; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Francis GWYN Esq. 27-Jul

25-Jul-1745; John SHEPHERD; affidavit by Mary LACY before Francis GWYN Esq. 31-Jul

30-Jul-1745; Oliver TRENCHARD; affidavit by Mary ROPER before Francis GWYN Esq. 2-Aug

06-Oct-1745; Thomas GALE

24-Oct-1745; Mr. WAKELY; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. ROYSE 01-Nov

27-Oct-1745; Mary CROFT

02-Nov-1745; Richard MITCHEL; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. ROYSE 09-Nov

14-Nov-1745; Sarah STEPHENS; affidavit by Joan LOVERIDGE before Mr. ROYSE 20-Nov

01-Dec-1745; Habakkuck HALLETT

28-Dec-1745; Winifride STANTON

28-Dec-1745; George HOWE; affidavit by Joan SWAFIELD before Francis GWYN Esq. 06-Jan


05-Jan-1745/6; Sarah HUCKSFORD; affidavit by Ursula WOODLAND before Francis GWYN Esq. 13-Feb

26-Jan-1745/6; Ann HUCKFORD; affidavit by Ann HUXFORD before Francis GWYN Esq. 02-Feb

30-Jan-1745/6; Susannah DERIAM; affidavit by Grace STEPHENS before Francis GWYN Esq. 01-Feb

02-Feb-1745/6; Elizabeth BOWDITCH; affidavit by Joan BRAGGE before Francis GWYN Esq. 07-Feb

05-Feb-1745/6; Martha HARDY; affidavit by Ann HARDY before Francis GWYN Esq. 11-Feb

23-Feb-1745/6; Hester CROFT; affidavit by Margaret ROPER before Francis GWYN Esq. 24-Feb

25-Mar-1746; Margaret WELMAN

02-Apr-1746; Richard PALFRY; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. ROYSE 05-Apr

16-Apr-1746; Susannah ADAMS; affidavit by Mary BOON before Mr. GIBBS 21-Apr

18-Apr-1746; Hannah HUTCHINGS; affidavit by Mary BOON before Mr. GIBBS 21-Apr

27-Apr-1746; [blank] LACY

26-May-1746; William BAGGE

11-Jun-1746; Daniel FREKE

14-Jun-1746; John HUCKLEBRIDGE

15-Jun-1746; Grace BOWDITCH

15-Jun-1746; Elizabeth STANTON

05-Jul-1746; Mary PROSSER

09-Jul-1746; Ann PAUL; affidavit by Mary BOON before Mr. PEARSON 12-Jul

17-Jul-1746; Hester HOARE; affidavit by Mary BOON before Mr. ROYSE 22-Jul

27-Jul-1746; Elizabeth PHILPS

03-Aug-1746; Joannah PROSSER; affidavit by Mary HAWKINS before Francis GWYN Esq. 07-Aug

24-Aug-1746; Mary HAWKER

14-Sep-1746; Giles WELLMAN

21-Sep-1746; Sarah BOONE

04-Oct-1746; Joan WHITE; affidavit by Elizabeth GALE before Francis GWYN Esq. 06-Oct

06-Oct-1746; John PAUL; affidavit by Elizabeth MULLETT before Francis GWYN Esq. 13-Oct

22-Oct-1746; Sam LOCK

28-Oct-1746; Mary PHELPS

29-Oct-1746; John MORE

02-Nov-1746; John HAWKINS; affidavit by Margaret ROPER before Francis GWYN Esq. 09-Nov

23-Nov-1746; Thomas FREKE; affidavit by Susan FREKE before Francis GWYN Esq. 06-Dec

25-Dec-1746; William DAUBENY son of William DAUBENY

28-Dec-1746; Hannah HARDYMAN daughter of William HARDYMAN


28-Jan-1746/7; William COLLINDON; affidavit by Elizabeth RAPSEY before Mr. HARE

24-Feb-1746/7; Francis BIRD

08-Mar-1746/7; Caleb LACY; affidavit by Ann LACY before Mr. HARE 15-Mar

15-Mar-1746/7; Martha PERRIN; affidavit by Elizabeth MULLETT before Mr. HARE 19-Mar

22-Mar-1746/7; Thomas BRAGG; affidavit by Catherine HODDER before Mr. HARE 29-Mar

01-Apr-1747; Thomas MARGERY; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. HARE 01-Apr

26-Apr-1747; Sarrah BAGG daughter of Benjamin BAGG; affidavit by Joan SWAFFIELD before Mr. HARE 26-Apr

17-May-1747; Edith HITCHCOCK daughter of Samuel HITCHCOCK; affidavit by Hannah BRYANT before Mr. HARE 24-May

12?-Jul-1747; Moses HALLET son of Moses HALLET; affidavit by Moses HALLET? before Mr. HARE 12-Jul

12-Jul-1747; Esther CHINNOCK; affidavit by Ann PROSSER before Mr. HARE 12-Jul

30-Aug-1747; Habacuc HALLET son of Simon HALLET;

20-Sep-1747; Mary BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH; affidavit by Mary INNET before Mr. HARE 20-Sep

20-Sep-1747; Mary DOLLING; affidavit by Ann LOOS before Mr. HARE 20-Sep

04-Oct-1747; Thomas BOWDITCH

15-Oct-1747; Grace HAIN; affidavit by Jane HAWKER before Mr. HARE 15-Oct

18-Oct-1747; Ann SPRAKE; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. HARE 18-Oct

18-Oct-1747; William WENTER; affidavit by Gedeon COOK before Mr. HARE 18-Oct

20-Oct-1747; Mary BOWDITCH; affidavit by Benedicta FORSEY before Mr. HARE 20-Oct

22-Oct-1747; Elizabeth FRY; affidavit by Catherine RAPSEY before Mr. HARE 25-Oct

25-Oct-1747; Elizabeth COOMB

04-Nov-1747; James SOYER

25-Dec-1747; William MILVERTON


30-Jan-1747/8; William POOR; affidavit by Betty MULLET before Mr. HARE

02-Feb-1747/8; The Reverend Thomas COOK; affidavit by Mary BOON before Mr. GIBBS 07-Feb

28-Feb-1747/8; Mary HAWKER

01-Mar-1747/8; Joan ROUSSEL; affidavit by Mary FREAK before Mr. ROYES 06-Mar

06-Mar-1747/8; William MITCHEL; affidavit by Mary SHEPHERD before Mr. ROYES 12-Mar

24-Apr-1748; Thomas METTELTON

07-May-1748; John PAUL

15-May-1748; William CHANNING

22-May-1748; Susanah HALLET

22-May-1748; Elizabeth STANTON; affidavit by Benedicta FORSEY before Mr. ROYES 28-May

29-May-1748; John PAUL

13-Jun-1748; Jane HAWKER

24-Jun-1748; Edward PALMER

29-Jun-1748; Joan WALSH

07-Jul-1748; Elizabeth MEACO

04-Sep-1748; Susanah RUSSEL

15-Sep-1748; John SOLLEY

16-Oct-1748; John BOWDITCH

30-Sep-1748; Grace STEPHENS; affidavit by Grace LOVERIDGE before Mr. ROYES

11-Dec-1748; John BOWDITCH


22-Jan-1748/9; John CHANNING

15-Feb-1748/9; Samuel COOMB

26-Feb-1748/9; Martha STANTON

12-Mar-1748/9; Elizabeth PHELPS

19-Mar-1748/9; Joseph COOMBE

24-Mar-1748/9; Abram GAPPER

30-Apr-1749; Jane BOWDITCH

07-May-1749; Joan BOWDITCH

14-May-1749; Catherine STANTON

27-May-1749; Robert Willie STANTON

29-May-1749; Thomas PEARSE son of Samuel PEARSE

30-May-1749; Robert SNOOK

06-Aug-1749; Abram GAPPER

13-Aug-1749; Elizabeth HAIN

16-Aug-1749; Samuel PERREM

23-Aug-1749; Isaac TRENCHARD

23-Aug-1749; John BRAGG Esq.

29-Aug-1749; Hannah CRAFFT

31-Aug-1749; Mary WATTS

04-Sep-1749; Joan SAMSON

26-Sep-1749; Sarah APLIN

28-Sep-1749; Joseph PHELPS

30-Sep-1749; Ann FREAK

30-Sep-1749; Mary STAPLE

08-Oct-1749; Henery OUSLEY

__-Oct-1749; Bernard son of Bernard [no surname given; probably Bernard son of Bernard GAPPER christened 17-Aug-1743]

09-Oct-1749; Paul GAPPER

09-Oct-1749; Mary PHELPS

12-Oct-1749; Mary SHEPHERD

23-Oct-1749; Sophia HALLET daughter of Walter HALLET

23-Oct-1749; Betty HALLET daughter of Walter HALLET

24-Oct-1749; Tamsen STANTON

28-Oct-1749; Mary LANE

05-Nov-1749; Robert COOK

26-Nov-1749; Elnor CHANNING

29-Nov-1749; Richard REASEN

10-Dec-1749; Amos HALLET

11-Dec-1749; Sarah CRAFFT

17-Dec-1749; John MITCHELL

24-Dec-1749; Richard PROSSER


14-Jan-1749/50; Elizabeth MULLETT

14-Jan-1749/50; Sarah BOWDITCH

17-Jan-1749/50; Luke PHELPS

01-Feb-1749/50; Elizabeth FOLLETT

15-Feb-1749/50; Betty EXOLL or ETTOLL

20-Feb-1749/50; Elizabeth BRAGG

25-Feb-1749/50; Simon RAPSEY

25-Feb-1749/50; Ann COOMB

18-Mar-1749/50; Betty BOWDITCH

29-Mar-1750; Sarah SWAFIELD

01-Apr-1750; Rebeccah COOMB

13-Apr-1750; Samuel PALFRY

14-Apr-1750; Elizabeth COOK wife of John COOK

19-Apr-1750; John COOK Himself

20-Apr-1750; George BOWDITCH son of George BOWDITCH

29-Apr-1750; Martha WELMAN

02-May-1750; Joseph FORSEY

11-May-1750; Frances HITCHCOCK

20-May-1750; Frances NORMAN

20-May-1750; Robert WALTERS

29-May-1750; John PEARSE? son of Samuel PEARSE

03-Jun-1750; Joseph STANTON

21-Jun-1750; Abraham SPRAKE

08-Jul-1750; Bette WHITE daughter of John WHITE

15-Jul-1750; Robert BOWDITCH

15-Jul-1750; Sarah HOOPER

17-Jul-1750; Elizabeth GALE

11-Oct-1750; Henry HINE

26-Oct-1750; Chrestian HITCHCOCK widow

30-Oct-1750; John LOWRIGE son of John LOWRIGE

04-Nov-1750; George STUCKEY son of Petter STUCKEY

09-Nov-1750; Martha PROSSER widow

18-Nov-1750; Martha CHICK wife of Charles CHICK junior

25-Nov-1750; Hannah BRAGG daughter of Thomas BRAGG

10-Dec-1750; Grace FREEK

29-Dec-1750; Benjamin LEMBURY


06-Jan-1750/1; Abraham PERREN

27-Jan-1750/1; Hannah PERREN

27-Jan-1750/1; Grace LOVRIGE widow

28-Jan-1750/1; Lora GWYN wife of Francis GWYN Esq.

01-Feb-1750/1; John WOOD

20-Feb-1750/1; William WRITE son of Robert WRITE

14-Apr-1751; Sarah PHELPS daughter of Joannah PHELPS

05-May-1751; Hannah COOK wife of William COOK

05-May-1751; Robert HITCHCOCK son of George HITCHCOCK

22-May-1751; John HINE

22-May-1751; Jenne TRENCHARD daughter of George TRENCHARD

02-Jun-1751; John SHEPHARD son of John SHEPHARD

23-Jun-1751; Catherine TURNER

07-Jul-1751; Mary MARGRE wife of James MARGRE

28-Jul-1751; Daniel SWAFFELL son of Nathaniel SWAFFELL

08-Aug-1751; Thomas HARRIS son of Henry HARRIS

03-Sep-1751; Mary STARKE widow

08-Sep-1751; Thomas WALTERS son of Robert WALTERS

03-Nov-1751; Benjamin BRAGG son of Thomas BRAGG

10-Nov-1751; John HINE

25-Dec-1751; Richard COOK


05-Jan-1752; Samuel BOWDITCH son of John BOWDITCH

11-Jan-1752; William ADAMS son of Joseph ADAMS

12-Jan-1752; Elizabeth BRAGG daughter of Hugh BRAGG

12-Jan-1752; Mary BRAGG daughter of Hugh BRAGG

26-Jan-1752; Ann HARDY widow

12-Apr-1752; Joan GOSLING wife of Samuel GOSLING

12-Apr-1752; Henry BOON son of George BOON

12-Apr-1752; Samuel HARDIMAN son of William HARDIMAN

03-May-1752; Alles HODDER daughter of Anthony HODDER

07-Jun-1752; John STAPLE son of Matthew STAPLE

19-Jun-1752; Susannah PAUL daughter of John PAUL

19-Jul-1752; Bette COOK daughter of Jeremiah COOK

26-Jul-1752; Joan PALMER widow

02-Aug-1752; Joseph BOWDITCH son of John BOWDITCH

28-Aug-1752; Ann TRANCHARD daughter of Aron TRANCHARD

30-Aug-1752; Ruth KITTLE widow

22-Sep-1752; Joan HALLET widow

15-Oct-1752; Bette BAGGE wife of William BAGGE

18-Oct-1752; George SHAPARD

22-Oct-1752; Elizabeth BAKER wife of Thomas BAKER

10-Nov-1752; Daniel BOWDITCH

26-Nov-1752; Samuel BROWNSEY son of Richard BROWNSEY


11-Jan-1753; Henry NORMAN

17-Jan-1753; Absalom SWAFFELL

17-Jan-1753; Sarah BOWDITCH daughter of John BOWDITCH

04-Feb-1753; Catherine SILVESTER

14-Feb-1753; John BOON son of William BOON

19-Feb-1753; Samuel BOWDITCH son of Benjamin BOWDITCH

25-Feb-1753; John COOK son of John COOK

25-Feb-1753; Joseph DUKE son of Samuel DUKE

04-Mar-1753; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Phenias BOWDITCH

18-Mar-1753; George SHEPERD son of John SHEPERD

21-Mar-1753; Susannah BERRY widow

27-Mar-1753; William PYE senior

01-Apr-1753; Sarah HARDIMAN daughter of William HARDIMAN junior

29-Apr-1753; George BOWDITCH son of Samuel BOWDITCH

13-May-1753; Humphery PHELPS

20-May-1753; Ann FREAK widow

27-May-1753; Amors HALLET son of Amors HALLET

24-Jun-1753; Grace BOWDEN

08-Jul-1753; Mary COOMBE wife of Thomas COOMBE

08-Jul-1753; Elizabeth SNOOK daughter of Grace SNOOK

10-Aug-1753; Mary POOR daughter of Simon POOR

19-Aug-1753; Samuel POOR son of Samuel POOR

26-Aug-1753; George FREEK

26-Sep-1753; Bette BOWDITCH daughter of Daniel BOWDITCH

31-Oct-1753; Ann PEADON daughter of Tom PEADON

04-Nov-1753; Edward BRAGGE son of William BRAGGE

25-Nov-1753; Samuel PHELPS son of Sam PHELPS

03-Dec-1753; Bette JAMES daughter of Robert JAMES

09-Dec-1753; Ann BAKER wife of John BAKER


05-Jan-1754; James COOK

20-Jan-1754; Sarah RUSSELL widow

15-Feb-1754; Seddle HODER widow

19-Mar-1754; Robert HUSE

31-Mar-1754; John HAWKER

31-Mar-1754; Joannah LUMBARD daughter of Joseph LUMBARD

01-Apr-1754; Grace COOK wife of John COOK

14-Apr-1754; Elizabeth HAWKER wife of John HAWKER

14-Apr-1754; Ann WAKLY widow

01-May-1754; Elizabeth BAGG wife of Robert BAGG junior

05-May-1754; Mary BAKER daughter of John BAKER

13-May-1754; Mrs. Joan PAUL

18-May-1754; Cathrine STANTON wife of Henry STANTON

02-Jun-1754; William HUCKSFORD

10-Jun-1754; Eideth SEMOR wife of Henry SEMOR

29-Jun-1754; Robert WELLMAN

30-Jul-1754; Bety FOWLER daughter of Joan FOWLER

30-Jul-1754; Rose FOWLER daughter of Joan FOWLER

02-Aug-1754; Daniel WALTERS

05-Aug-1754; Joan HALLET wife of Simon HALLET

11-Aug-1754; Sarah HALLET daughter of Amos HALLET

01-Sep-1754; Thomas RAPSEY

24-Sep-1754; Mary COOK wife of Samuel COOK

25-Sep-1754; Susannah PHELPS widow

20-Oct-1754; John MITCHELL base son of Cat MITCHELL

03-Nov-1754; Elizabeth SILK

15-Nov-1754; Joan SWAFFIELD wife of Nathan SWAFFIELD

22-Dec-1754; Benjamin DUKE son of Jane DUKE


11-Jan-1755; William DOMMET of the Parish of Broadwinsor

19-Jan-1755; Jeremiah COOK

09-Feb-1755; Mary COOPPER widow

18-Feb-1755; Mr. John BRAGGE Gent.

20-Feb-1755; Hannah JAMES

23-Feb-1755; Betty NORMAN daughter of Joseph NORMAN

16-Mar-1755; Hugh BAGG son of William BAGG

03-Apr-1755; Sarah WHITE daughter of John WHITE

27-Apr-1755; Simon HALLET

11-May-1755; Mary HITCHCOCK

15-Jun-1755; Anna BOON wife of William BOON junior

22-Jun-1755; Daniel SWAFFIELD son of Nathan SWAFFIELD

13-Jul-1755; Ledia BOWDITCH daughter of Abraham BOWDITCH

10-Aug-1755; Joan COOK wife of Job COOK [Corrected 25 Feb 2014, changed Joan to Job]

17-Aug-1755; John BOON son of Abraham BOON

31-Aug-1755; Thomas JAMES son of Robert JAMES

01-Oct-1755; Jane INNIT

02-Oct-1755; Mary STUCKEY daughter of Peter STUCKEY

18-Nov-1755; Thomas PALLER son of Thomas PALLER

06-Dec-1755; Esther HARIS wife of Henry HARIS

28-Dec-1755; Martha JAMES wife of Robert JAMES


08-Jan-1756; William HAWKINS

11-Jan-1756; William CHANINGS son of Samuel CHANINGS

13-Jan-1756; Matthew BRYANT senior

18-Feb-1756; Hannah FERRET wife of John FERRET

25-Jan-1756; George BOWDITCH son of Samuel BOWDITCH

06-Feb-1756; Matthias BOWDITCH son of Matthias BOWDITCH

09-Apr-1756; Robert ALLEN aged 93

25-Apr-1756; Annah BROWNSEY widow

04-Jun-1756; Elizabeth PAUL wife of Robert PAUL

13-Jun-1756; William COOMBE

11-Jul-1756; Edward BRAGGE son of William BRAGGE

09-Oct-1756; Mollier RUSSEL

17-Oct-1756; Robert RUSSEL son of John RUSSEL

31-Oct-1756; Sarah BERRY widow

24-Nov-1756; Thomas PHIPPON base son of Ester PHIPPON


16-Jan-1757; Ann PEDON wife of Jos PEDON

30-Jan-1757; John HARDI son of Robert HARDI

11-Feb-1757; Maray FORSEY

20-Feb-1757; Mary POOR daughter of Simon POOR

10-Apr-1757; Richard STAPLE

10-Apr-1757; John MOORY

17-Apr-1757; Joseph JAMES

20-Apr-1757; Chrestine JAMES widow

24-Apr-1757; William BROWNSEY son of Abraham BROWNSEY

15-May-1757; Timothy HAWKER

15-May-1757; Mary DUKE base daughter of Jane DUKE

29-May-1757; Fanney COOMBE daughter of William COOMBE

08-Jun-1757; Sarah COOK widow in Parish House

12-Jul-1757; Mrs. Ann PINNEY widow

24-Jul-1757; Cathrine CHANNING

03-Aug-1757; Thomas HAIN

15-Sep-1757; William PHELPS at Batams

01-Oct-1757; Ann STANTON base daughter of Moll STANTON

30-Oct-1757; Thomas BAKER son of Jonathan BAKER

01-Nov-1757; George COOMBE senior

13-Nov-1757; Bennedecter FORSEY widow

20-Nov-1757; Anna TURNER widow

18-Dec-1757; Mary HAWKER

21-Dec-1757; Richard PALFFREY

25-Dec-1757; Mary SMITH widow in Parish House


01-Jan-1758; Thomas JEFFERY

02-Jan-1758; James HITCHCOCK

08-Jan-1758; Geiles WELLMAN

08-Jan-1758; Amey WITE

23-Feb-1758; William PAGGE

12-Mar-1758; Elizabeth STANTON daughter of Henry STANTON

19-Mar-1758; Florince RAPSEY

26-Mar-1758; Joannah LUMBARD

11-May-1758; Hannah MITCHELL daughter of Hannah MITCHELL

24-May-1758; Betty RUSSELL daughter of Thomas RUSSELL

04-Jun-1758; Robert MITCHELL

07-Jun-1758; Robert BRYANT

16-Jul-1758; Noah COOK son of Noah COOK

25-Jul-1758; Phoebe COOK daughter of Noah COOK

08-Sep-1758; Joseph HEX in Parish House

09-Sep-1758; Sarah BOWDITCH widow

13-Sep-1758; Robert GUPLY son of William GUPLY junior

08-Oct-1758; Honnor STAPLE wife of Samuel STAPLE

29-Oct-1758; Aron HAIN son of Aron HAIN

05-Nov-1758; John WHITEY

19-Nov-1758; Betty PROSSER daughter of William PROSSER of the Parish of Crewkerne

03-Dec-1758; Martha BUGLER daughter of Joseph BUGLER junior

29-Dec-1758; Ann PAUL daughter of William PAUL

31-Dec-1758; John BOWDITCH son of Matthias BOWDITCH


11-Jan-1759; Peter STUCKEY

31-Jan-1759; Mary FURMAGE widow

11-Feb-1759; Henry HALLET son of Moses HALLET

08-Mar-1759; Elizabeth PALLFERY widow

05-Apr-1759; Betty MINSON daughter of John MINSON

27-May-1759; Sarah CHAIN daughter of Samuel CHAIN

10-Jun-1759; Salathiel MITCHELL

10-Jun-1759; Sarah LUMBARD daughter of Joseph LUMBARD

09-Sep-1759; John DEAVY

16-Sep-1759; Elizabeth HALLETT wife of Thomas HALLETT

12-Oct-1759; Joan WELCH wife of John WELCH

14-Oct-1759; Robert PAULL son of William PAULL Clerk

15-Dec-1759; Hanah SWAFIELD


05-Jan-1760; Joan STANTON wife of Henry STANTON

24-Jan-1760; William BRAGG Parish House

27-Jan-1760; Mary PHELPS daughter of Tobias PHELPS

03-Feb-1760; Ann PERING wife of John PERING

17-Feb-1760; Samuel COOK Parish House

17-Feb-1760; Tamsen BRIDLE daughter of Lindel BRIDLE

03-Mar-1760; Joan BRIANT wife of William BRIANT

09-Mar-1760; Betty PHELPS daughter of William PHELPS

16-Mar-1760; John BOWDITCH son of George BOWDITCH

06-Apr-1760; Sarah DODGE daughter of William DODGE

18-Apr-1760; Mary STANTON daughter of Henery STANTON

20-Apr-1760; Moses TRENCHARD son of Aaron TRENCHARD

24-Apr-1760; Elizabeth PYE widow

23-May-1760; Betty PHELPS of Batems

15-Jun-1760; William COLLIER

17-Jun-1760; Sarah STANTON

22-Jun-1760; Jane MELVERTON widow

27-Jul-1760; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK widow

29-Jul-1760; Susanah STUDLY wife of William STUDLY

14-Aug-1760; Grace PHELPS daughter of John PHELPS

15-Oct-1760; Sarah MARGRE

25-Oct-1760; Elzebeth RUSSEL wife of Thomas RUSSEL

02-Nov-1760; Mary BOWDITCH widow

18-Nov-1760; The Reverend Mr. FRENCH

28-Nov-1760; Mr. Joseph ADAMS

14-Dec-1760; Ann RUSSEL daughter of Thomas RUSSEL

14-Dec-1760; Richard BLEWART son of Mrs. BLEWART of Chard


22-Feb-1761; Mary HAWKENS widow

29-Mar-1761; Thomas WATS son of Thomas WATS

07-Apr-1761; John HITCHCOCK

09-Apr-1761; Amos BARNS son of Amos BARNS

26-Apr-1761; Mary HITCHCOCK daughter of John HITCHCOCK

03-May-1761; Susannah HITCHCOCK daughter of John HITCHCOCK

10-May-1761; Joseph BAGG son of William BAGG

15-May-1761; William PAUL Clerk

26-May-1761; Betty RUSSEL daughter of John RUSSEL

31-May-1761; Robert BOWDITCH son of John BOWDITCH

31-May-1761; Joan PAUL daughter of William PAUL

11-Jun-1761; Ann BOON daughter of George BOON

11-Jun-1761; Jonathan PROSSER

14-Jun-1761; Febe BOWDITCH

21-Jun-1761; Ann BROWNSEY daughter of Ann BROWNSEY

28-Jun-1761; John DEAN

28-Jun-1761; Catherine BAKER daughter of John BAKER

02-Jul-1761; old Mary PAUL

04-Jul-1761; Elnor WAKLY

05-Jul-1761; Betty CHURCHILL

05-Jul-1761; Tamsin BERRY daughter of Robert BERRY

08-Jul-1761; Lawrence COOK

12-Jul-1761; Mary BROWNEY daughter of Ann BROWNEY

19-Jul-1761; Ann POOR daughter of Samuill POOR

19-Jul-1761; William BOWDITCH son of Simon BOWDITCH

23-Jul-1761; Kezia TURNER daughter of Nathaniel TURNER

26-Jul-1761; Samuel SPRAKE son of John SPRAKE

09-Aug-1761; Betty JEFFERY daughter of Giles JEFFERY

09-Aug-1761; James JEFFERY son of Giles JEFFERY

09-Aug-1761; Sary JEFFERY daughter of Giles JEFFERY

13-Aug-1761; Giles JEFFERY son of Giles JEFFERY

23-Aug-1761; Joan JEFFERY daughter of Giles JEFFERY

23-Aug-1761; Joan SMITH daughter of Samuel SMITH

30-Aug-1761; Thomas BOON son of Bengeman BOON

03-Sep-1761; Thomas JEFFERY son of Giles JEFFERY

03-Sep-1761; old Moses COOK

10-Oct-1761; old Grace STEPHENS

11-Oct-1761; Ann PAUL daughter of John PAUL

01-Nov-1761; Ann PHELPS wife of Joseph PHELPS

22-Nov-1761; Betty BOWDITCH daughter of Simon BOWDITCH

22-Nov-1761; Sarah FOWLER wife of Petter FOWLER

29-Nov-1761; Dianah GEALE daughter of George GEALE

06-Dec-1761; Mary CHURCHELL

06-Dec-1761; Mary HODER wife of John HODER

13-Dec-1761; Hannah LIMBERY

27-Dec-1761; Petter FOWLER son of Petter FOWLER


09-Feb-1762; George HODER

29-Feb-1762; Jane HITCHCOCK daughter of Humphry HITCHCOCK

14-Mar-1762; Sarah SAWFELL daughter of William SAWFELL

21-Mar-1762; Patience HODER

28-Mar-1762; Ann HUXTER

04-Apr-1762; Meriah SAWFELL daughter of William SAWFELL

18-Apr-1762; Ann HAWKINS daughter of Richard HAWKINS

25-Apr-1762; Cathrine HODDER wife of George HODDER

02-May-1762; Tamsen BOWDITCH wife of Samuel BOWDITCH

02-May-1762; Henery GALLER son of Thomas GALLER

02-May-1762; Betty PHILPS daughter of Tobias PHILPS

12-May-1762; William HALLETT son of William HALLETT

20-May-1762; Betty COOK daughter of John COOK

23-May-1762; George BOWDITCH

28-May-1762; William WHEADON son of John WHEADON

13-Jun-1762; John FORSEY son of Robert FORSEY

15-Jun-1762; Robert COGGING

02-Jul-1762; Sarah PINNEY wife of Master John PINNEY

05-Jul-1762; Daniel WALLE son of John WALLE

08-Aug-1762; James JEFFERY son of William JEFFERY

13-Aug-1762; Master William PYE

22-Aug-1762; George PHILPS base son of Susannah PHILPS

03-Sep-1762; Marther DEAVEY

17-Sep-1762; John PEDEN son of Thomas PEDEN

10-Oct-1762; Mary TRENCHARD daughter of Abraham TRENCHARD

10-Oct-1762; Mary BOWDITCH daughter of Simon BOWDITCH

10-Oct-1762; Mary FORSEY wife of Moses FORSEY

19-Oct-1762; John COOK son of Robert COOK

05-Nov-1762; Robert BOWDITCH son of John BOWDITCH

05-Nov-1762; Hannah BOWDITCH daughter of John BOWDITCH

05-Nov-1762; Susannah POOR

21-Nov-1762; John PHILPS son of John PHILPS

26-Dec-1762; Mary BOON wife of William BOON


09-Jan-1763; Betty LACEY

23-Jan-1763; Joseph BIDELCOMBE son of Joseph BIDELCOMBE

30-Jan-1763; Marget PERING wife of Robert PERING

05-Feb-1763; Ann COOK wife of Thomas COOK

20-Feb-1763; Thomas COOK son of Thomas COOK

21-Feb-1763; Mary SHEPHERD wife of John SHEPHERD

25-Mar-1763; Thomazine PARKER widow

03-Apr-1763; Robert LOVERIDGE son of Samuel LOVERIDGE

03-Apr-1763; Joseph COOK son of John COOK

13-Apr-1763; Bridgit INNIT daughter of Richard INNIT

13-Apr-1763; Charles CHICK

19-Apr-1763; Samuel BOWDITCH

21-Apr-1763; Jean CHICK

13-May-1763; Mrs. Ann PYE

29-May-1763; Jean HAYBALL

29-May-1763; Hannah BRAGG daughter of Thomas BRAGG

10-Jun-1763; Nickolis SHEPHERD

18-Jun-1763; Ann HALLET daughter of Moses HALLET

26-Jun-1763; William BAGG son of William BAGG

06-Jul-1763; William JAMES

10-Jul-1763; Ann COOK

18-Jul-1763; John RICHARDS

01-Sep-1763; Mary HEARDIMAN

11-Sep-1763; Mary HITCHCOCK

12-Sep-1763; Joseph HAWKER

13-Nov-1763; Betty MARGREY wife of James MARGREY

13-Dec-1763; William CHANNING son of Hugh CHANNING


20-Jan-1764; Betty HALLETT daughter of William HALLETT

22-Jan-1764; William BRIANT

29-Jan-1764; John BARRET son of John BARRET

05-Feb-1764; John COOK son of Richard COOK

05-Feb-1764; Mary BRAGGE daughter of Robert BRAGGE

12-Feb-1764; Joseph COOK son of John COOK

12-Feb-1764; John FRY

14-Feb-1764; Unity HALLET wife of Moses HALLET

26-Feb-1764; Ann COOK wife of Richard COOK

15-Mar-1764; Edward WOODCOCK

15-Mar-1764; Henery WELLMAN

12-Apr-1754; Mary PROSSER

13-May-1754; Joseph BOWDITCH son of Matthias BOWDITCH

22-May-1764; John FOLLETT son of Abednego FOLLETT

16-Jun-1764; Betty FOLLETT daughter of Meshach FOLLETT

17-Jun-1764; John HARDY

10-Jul-1764; William BOON

19-Jul-1764; Hew CHANON

29-Jul-1764; John COOK son of Robert COOK

31-Jul-1764; Mary CRAFT

05-Aug-1764; Betty LORING daughter of James LORING

30-Aug-1764; John SUGER

04-Sep-1764; William RAPSEY

14-Oct-1764; Abraham BOWDITCH

14-Oct-1764; Joseph BROWNEY son of John BROWNEY

28-Oct-1764; Sarah HODER daughter of Richard HODER

07-Nov-1764; Sammuel GAPPER son of Bernard GAPPER

08-Nov-1764; William BAKER son of John BAKER

08-Nov-1764; Sammuel STAPEL

25-Nov-1764; Cathrine PERING wife of Barnerd PERING

10-Dec-1764; John BROWNEY son of John BROWNEY


17-Feb-1765; Mary HODER daughter of Richard HODER

28-Mar-1765; Joan LYDALL wife of Thomas LYDALL

09-Apr-1765; Gertrude HODDER wife of John HODDER

24-Apr-1765; John SHEPHERD

17-May-1765; Elizabeth FOLLETT widow

19-May-1765; James BOWDITCH son of John BOWDITCH

23-May-1765; Anne TRENCHARD

25-Jul-1765; Mary COMBES daughter of John COMBES

18-Aug-1765; Robert BAGG son of Benjamin BAGG

23-Aug-1765; Thomas Follett RUSSELL base son of Hannah RUSSELL

24-Aug-1765; Elizabeth COMBES wife of John COMBES

12-Sep-1765; Betty WHITE wife of John WHITE

27-Oct-1765; Mary SWAFELL daughter of John SWAFELL

01-Dec-1765; Mary LOARING wife of James LOARING

01-Dec-1765; John HAIN son of John HAIN

06-Dec-1765; Susannah LUMBARD daughter of Agnes LUMBARD


16-Feb-1766; Charles CHICK son of Charles CHICK

20-Feb-1766; Alice SHUGER widow

23-Feb-1766; Alice BOWDITCH widow

30-Mar-1766; William COOK

27-Apr-1766; Mary LOVERIDGE widow

22-May-1766; Margaret SWAFELL

01-Jul-1766; Michael BOWDITCH

13-Jul-1766; Mary MULLETT daughter of Richard MULLETT

27-Jul-1766; William BRIDLE

29-Jul-1766; Thomas HALLETT

03-Aug-1766; Sarah FORSEY

07-Aug-1766; George BRAGG son of John BRAGG Esq.

28-Aug-1766; John BOWDITCH Gent.

21-Sep-1766; Susannah GREGORY

05-Oct-1766; Charlotte BABAGE daughter of Thomas BABAGE

06-Oct-1766; James GREGORY son of Henry GREGORY

08-Oct-1766; Sarah LOVERIDGE wife of John LOVERIDGE

19-Oct-1766; Agnis MITCHELL

23-Oct-1766; Robert JAMES

__-Oct-1766; Mercy HOOD wife of Isaac HOOD

11-Nov-1766; Elias FORSEY

30-Nov-1766; Mather BABEDGE

02-Dec-1766; Robert BRAGG


07-Jan-1767; Mrs. COOK

10-Feb-1767; Sarah BERRY daughter of John BERRY

14-Feb-1767; Mary LARKEM wife of Samuel LARKEM

15-Feb-1767; Sarah SHEPHARD

22-Feb-1767; James BOON son of William BOON

06-Mar-1767; Darkas GREENFIELD

08-Mar-1767; John RANDALL base son of Rebecca RANDALL

15-Mar-1767; Barbara WOODCOCK

22-Mar-1767; Hannah COOK

30-Apr-1767; Edward MORRIS

05-May-1767; Mary CHUB

11-May-1767; Susannah STANTON

11-May-1767; Maria HARDEMAN daughter of William HARDEMAN

06-Jun-1767; Betty WHEADON wife of John WHEADON

07-Jun-1767; Joseph BOWDITCH son of Simon & Mary WHEADON

19-Jul-1767; Susannah INNET wife of Richard INNET

26-Jul-1767; Betty COOK wife of Benjamin COOK

11-Aug-1767; Hannah HAWKER widow

13-Aug-1767; Mary DAUBNEY daughter of Robert DAUBNEY

23-Sep-1767; Susannah FOLLETT widow

18-Oct-1767; Rebeckah GREGERY

24-Oct-1767; Thomas MEMBERY

13-Nov-1767; Charles PEARSE son of Charles PEARSE

20-Nov-1767; Catharine ALLEN

29-Nov-1767; Jane DALLY daughter of Edward & Jane DALLY

16-Dec-1767; Joan FOWLER


03-Jan-1768; Martha BUGLAR wife of Joseph BUGLAR

10-Jan-1768; Susanah BAGG wife of Robert BAGG

21-Jan-1768; Benjamin CRAFT

21-Feb-1768; James PHELPS son of William & Mary PHELPS

01-May-1768; Amelia OUSLEY daughter of John & Elenor OUSLEY

08-May-1768; Daniel MULLET son of Richard & Sarah MULLET

22-May-1768; George CHICKE son of Charles & Joane CHICKE

26-May-1768; Francis HOARE

19-Jun-1768; Roger BRIANT son of William & Joan BRIANT

19-Jun-1768; John FORSEY son of Moses & Sarah FORSEY

03-Jul-1768; Robert BOWDITCH son of Benjamin & Eleanor BOWDITCH

13-Jul-1768; Isabella PEADON widow of Joseph PEADON

17-Jul-1768; Mary HAIN daughter of Thomas & Dinah HAIN

24-Jul-1768; Robert PAUL

10-Aug-1768; Joan TOBY widow of Hole Farm near Lyme

28-Aug-1768; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK wife of George HITCHCOCK

28-Aug-1768; Mary COOK wife of John COOK

28-Aug-1768; Maria HARDIMAN daughter of William & Elizabeth HARDIMAN of the Parish of Axminster

19-Oct-1768; James MILVERTON

21-Oct-1768; Mary COOKE

20-Nov-1768; Dorothy JAMES wife of William JAMES

20-Nov-1768; William SWAFFIELD son of William & Sarah SWAFFIELD of the Parish of Broadwinsor

25-Dec-1768; Mary HAWKINS wife of Richard HAWKINS

25-Dec-1768; Susanna SEAL wife of Robert SEAL


01-Jan-1769; Elizabeth PHELPS daughter of William & Mary PHELPS

15-Jan-1769; Sabra DEAN bastard daughter of Elinor DEAN

25-Jan-1769; Jane FOLLET daughter of Joseph & Jane FOLLET

29-Jan-1769; Mary MITCHEL wife of Richard MITCHEL

02-Feb-1769; Samuel PEARSE

05-Feb-1769; Peter FOWLER

05-Feb-1769; Elizabeth TURNER

05-Feb-1769; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Thomas & Jane BOWDITCH

12-Feb-1769; John HAWKER son of Robert & Sarah HAWKER

26-Mar-1769; George HITCHCOCK

07-Apr-1769; William JAMES

16-Apr-1769; Andrew HARDIMAN

17-May-1769; Mary PEARCE daughter of Samuel & Sarah PEARCE

21-May-1769; Robert SNOOK son of Robert & Grace SNOOK

31-May-1769; John TOBY of the Parish of Broadwinsor

09-Jun-1769; Mary PROSSER

11-Jul-1769; Amey BOWDITCH wife of Phineas BOWDITCH

23-Jul-1769; Bernard PERHAM son of Bernard & Sarah PERHAM

20-Aug-1769; Mary FREKE

10-Sep-1769; Richard INNET

24-Sep-1769; Susanah COOMBE daughter of John & Elizabeth COOMBE

12-Nov-1769; Samuel DALLY son of Edward & Jane DALLY

14-Nov-1769; Anne HANNING wife of Doctor Charles HANNING of the Parish of Crewkerne

17-Dec-1769; Samuel HEX son of James & Sarah HEX

31-Dec-1769; Mary RUSSEL daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth RUSSEL


02-Jan-1770; Anne PYE

29-Jan-1770; John BARRET

11-Feb-1770; Benjamen BRIDLE son of Robert & Mary BRIDLE

18-Feb-1770; George BAGG son of William & Elizabeth BAGG

04-Mar-1770; Anstis PHELPS wife of John PHELPS

08-Mar-1770; Mathew FORSEY

17-Mar-1770; Elizabeth BARRET wife of Robert BARRET

23-Mar-1770; Charles PEARCE son of Charles & Elizabeth PEARCE

22-Jul-1770; Ann BOON daughter of Benjamin & Mary BOON

28-Jul-1770; Joan KINGSTONE wife of Robert KINGSTONE

12-Aug-1770; Moses COOKE

19-Aug-1770; Amy PAUL

26-Aug-1770; Robert CHANNING

09-Sep-1770; Elizabeth TRENCHARD wife of Aaron TRENCHARD

23-Dec-1770; Samuel BOWDITCH son of Daniel & Elizabeth BOWDITCH


27-Jan-1771; Anne PINNEY daughter of Robert & Mary PINNEY

10-Feb-1771; Elizabeth SAINT daughter of Henry & Elizabeth SAINT

22-Feb-1771; Mary GREENFIELD daughter of Steven & Mary GREENFIELD

24-Feb-1771; Mary WOOD

17-Mar-1771; John FERRET

31-Mar-1771; John COOK

07-Apr-1771; Hannah DAVY

07-Apr-1771; William HITCHCOCK son of William & Elizabeth HITCHCOCK

13-May-1771; Sarah BOWDITCH daughter of Robert & Joan BOWDITCH

13-May-1771; Joseph POOR son of Samuel & Thomasin POOR

24-May-1771; Samuel BOWDITCH

28-Jul-1771; Elinor LUMBARD daughter of William & Jane LUMBARD

18-Aug-1771; Jane LUMBARD wife of William LUMBARD

18-Aug-1771; Betty BAGG daughter of William & Betty BAGG

27-Aug-1771; John PINNEY

07-Oct-1771; Ann BAKER daughter of John & Sarah BAKER

26-Oct-1771; Joseph STANTON son of Joseph & Sarah STANTON

13-Nov-1771; Thomasin BAKER daughter of John & Sarah BAKER

08-Dec-1771; Edward WOODCOCK son of Robert & Thomasin WOODCOCK

22-Dec-1771; Hannah MAGERY


19-Jan-1772; Robert BAGG

26-Jan-1772; Mary OUSLEY wife of George OUSLEY

08-Mar-1772; Elizabeth LOVE wife of William LOVE

08-Mar-1772; Joseph SWAFFIELD son of William & Sarah SWAFFIELD

22-Mar-1772; Anne STANTON daughter of John & Catherine STANTON

05-Apr-1772; Anne BIDDLECOMBE daughter of Joseph & Anne BIDDLECOMBE

05-Apr-1772; Mary ADAMS daughter of John & Elinor ADAMS

14-Apr-1772; Hannah TRENCHARD wife of Richard TRENCHARD

14-Jun-1772; John BOWDITCH

28-Jun-1772; Fanny MOREY daughter of Elizabeth MOREY

03-Jul-1772; Elizabeth FOLLET

12-Jul-1772; James FORSEY

26-Jul-1772; Robert ARMYT of Coombe Pine Parish

26-Jul-1772; Mary? BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel & Joanna BOWDITCH

26-Jul-1772; David HITCHCOCK son of Joshua & Mary HITCHCOCK

10-Oct-1772; Hannah BAGG daughter of Marmaduke & Hannah BAGG

25-Oct-1772; John HODDER

01-Nov-1772; John SHEPHERD

13-Nov-1772; Mary BOWDITCH wife of Samuel BOWDITCH

28-Nov-1772; Richard Corp HALLET bastard son of Ann HALLET

29-Nov-1772; Benjamin CRATE bastard son of Joanna CRATE

11-Dec-1772; Anne TRENCHARD daughter of John & Hannah TRENCHARD

16-Dec-1772; Isaac BOWDITCH son of Samuel BOWDITCH

19-Dec-1772; Benjamin BOON son of Benjamin & Mary BOON

23-Dec-1772; Elizabeth WHITE wife of John WHITE

26-Dec-1772; Martha HARDYMAN

26-Dec-1772; Thomazin STANTON daughter of Joseph & Sarah STANTON


01-Jan-1773; John MITCHEL

03-Jan-1773; Mary BOON daughter of Benjamin & Mary boon

22-Jan-1773; Catharine BROWNEY daughter of Anne BROWNEY

23-Jan-1773; Anne HAWKINS

23-Jan-1773; Deborah FOLLET wife of Thomas FOLLET

24-Jan-1773; Anne TRENCHARD daughter of Aaron TRENCHARD

28-Jan-1773; William BOWDITCH son of Benjamin & Thomazin BOWDITCH

09-Feb-1773; Susana FOLLET daughter of Thomas FOLLET

09-Feb-1773; Samuel SWAFFIELD son of William & Sarah SWAFFIELD

14-Feb-1773; Margaret COMBES

15-Feb-1773; Robert FORSEY

15-Feb-1773; William FORSEY son of Alice FORSEY

19-Feb-1773; John TUCKER son of Joan TUCKER

20-Feb-1773; James HEX

07-Mar-1773; Elizabeth BAGG daughter of William & Elizabeth BAGG

13-Mar-1773; Mary COOK daughter of Alexander & Mary COOK

16-Mar-1773; William COOK son of Alexander & Mary COOK

25-Mar-1773; Hannah HOAR wife of Henry HOAR

25-Mar-1773; Thomas FOLLET son of Thomas FOLLET

28-Mar-1773; Grace BRIDLE daughter of Lionel & Elizabeth BRIDLE

04-Apr-1773; Elizabeth HARDYMAN wife of William HARDYMAN

06-Apr-1773; William FORSEY bastard son of Mary FORSEY

09-Apr-1773; Elizabeth FOLLET daughter of Abednego & Mary FOLLET

18-Apr-1773; Edward GODSHOLE

18-Apr-1773; Joan WRIGHT daughter of John & Elinor WRIGHT

02-May-1773; Anne BRIDLE daughter of Lionel & Elizabeth BRIDLE

16-May-1773; Susanna WATTS daughter of Thomas & Sarah WATTS

27-May-1773; Anne LACY daughter of Caleb & Sarah LACY

07-Jun-1773; Henry PERRING son of Robert & Elizabeth PERRING

13-Jun-1773; Mary OUSLEY daughter of George OUSLEY

18-Jun-1773; Peter PERRING son of Robert & Elizabeth PERRING

29-Jun-1773; Mary HALLET wife of Joseph HALLET of the Parish of Broadwinsor

01-Aug-1773; William STUDLEY Clerk

31-Aug-1773; Robert WATTS

05-Sep-1773; Elizabeth RUSSEL wife of Joseph RUSSEL

28-Sep-1773; Elizabeth SWAFFIELD wife of Nathaniel SWAFFIELD

31-Oct-1773; Catherine HODDER of Hawkchurch Parish

31-Oct-1773; Mathew FOLLET son of Joseph & Jane FOLLET

07-Nov-1773; Anne MITCHEL

07-Nov-1773; Elizabeth COOK daughter of Uriah & Joan COOK

17-Nov-1773; John FOLLET son of Joseph & Jane FOLLET

27-Nov-1773; Giles WELMAN

09-Dec-1773; William DARE son of George & Sarah DARE of the Parish of Sherborne


02-Jan-1774; Anthony HODDER

09-Jan-1774; Mary HARDY daughter of Benjamin & Mary HARDY

16-Jan-1774; Anne HITCHCOCK

23-Jan-1774; John COOMBE son of George & Elizabeth COOMBE

01-Feb-1774; Joseph STANTON

06-Feb-1774; Hannah HALLET daughter of Joshua & Martha HALLET

10-Feb-1774; Daniel HODDER son of George & Catherine HODDER

20-Feb-1774; Benjamin BOON son of Benjamin & Mary BOON

27-Mar-1774; Thomas HODDER son of Richard & Elizabeth HODDER

27-Mar-1774; Joseph HALLET base son of Sarah HALLET

29-Apr-1774; Samuel PEARCE of the Parish of Broadwinsor

17-May-1774; Amos LUMBARD

17-May-1774; Elizabeth BAGG wife of William BAGG

18-May-1774; Mary COOK daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth COOK

12-Jun-1774; Jonathan HARDYMAN son of Jonathan & Martha HARDYMAN

26-Jun-1774; Meriam HITCHCOCK daughter of Joshua & Mary HITCHCOCK of the Parish of Crewkerne

29-Jun-1774; Martha FRY

08-Jul-1774; John LOVERIDGE

12-Jul-1774; Grace HITCHCOCK wife of Humphry HITCHCOCK Clerk

17-Jul-1774; Elizabeth ADAMS daughter of John & Elinor ADAMS

20-Jul-1774; Martha FORSEY

10-Aug-1774; Joseph STANTON

18-Aug-1774; Mary LANE wife of John LANE

11-Sep-1774; William RANDALL base son of Rebecca RANDALL

13-Nov-1774; John LANE son of John & Mary LANE

13-Nov-1774; Betty PROSSER daughter of John & Betty PROSSER

14-Nov-1774; Mary SELLER wife of Robert SELLER

04-Dec-1774; George BIDDLECOMBE son of Joseph & Anne BIDDLECOMBE

09-Dec-1774; John TRENCHARD base son of Mary TRENCHARD


01-Jan-1775; John BOWDITCH

20-Jan-1775; Agnes MUNDEN wife of Robert MUNDEN

23-Feb-1775; Martha STAPLE wife of Benjamin STAPLE

26-Feb-1775; Mary BAKER

26-Feb-1775; Anne HARTH

01-Mar-1775; Anne NORMAN daughter of Henry & Joanna NORMAN

05-Mar-1775; Winefred COOK wife of John COOK

05-Mar-1775; Mary STANTON wife of Joseph STANTON

21-Mar-1775; William FOWLER

26-Mar-1775; Susanna COOK daughter of James & Elizabeth COOK

28-Mar-1775; Moses FORSEY

28-Apr-1775; Elizabeth WATTS

28-Apr-1775; John RAPSON

30-Apr-1775; Elizabeth CHICK wife of John CHICK

12-May-1775; Mary FROST wife of Thomas FROST

14-May-1775; Samuel STAPLE

21-May-1775; John HEX son of James & Prudence HEX

28-May-1775; Betty BOON daughter of Benjamin & Mary BOON

04-Jun-1775; Joan STANTON daughter of William & Joan STANTON

20-Jun-1775; Mary FOLLET daughter of Abednego FOLLET

30-Jul-1775; Margaret BOWDITCH widow of Samuel BOWDITCH

04-Aug-1775; Thomas LUMBARD son of Amos & Sarah LUMBARD

13-Aug-1775; John SWAFFIELD

03-Sep-1775; Loucy HAWKINS daughter of Richard & Edeth HAWKINS

17-Sep-1775; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth BOWDITCH

22-Sep-1775; John HAWKER

26-Sep-1775; John WALSH

22-Oct-1775; John CHANNING son of Samuel & Martha CHANNING

19-Nov-1775; Betty STANTON daughter of Sarah STANTON

19-Nov-1775; Robert CHANNING son of Samuel & Martha CHANNING

23-Dec-1775; Betty BOWDITCH daughter of William & Margery BOWDITCH

23-Dec-1775; Sarah SWAFFIELD daughter of William & Sarah SWAFFIELD


07-Jan-1776; Joan JEFFERY

14-Jan-1776; Mary COOK of Hawkchurch

21-Jan-1776; Prudence BOWDITCH

04-Feb-1776; Henry NORMAN son of Henry & Joanna NORMAN

04-Feb-1776; Rebecca RANDAL

11-Feb-1776; John PHILLIPS son of Tobias & Mary PHILLIPS

11-Feb-1776; William BOON son of William& Anna BOON

10-Mar-1776; Elizabeth BAGG wife of Robert BAGG

17-Mar-1776; Samuel HAWKER son of John & Mary HAWKER

26-Mar-1776; Benjamin STAPLE

07-May-1776; Richard Hillary HOOD

01-Jun-1776; Ann BIDDLECOMBE wife of Joseph BIDDLECOMBE

02-Jun-1776; Dinah MITCHEL

16-Jun-1776; Benjamin BAGG of the Parish of Netherbury

23-Jun-1776; Joan COOK

23-Jun-1776; Sarah SWAFFIELD daughter of William & Sarah SWAFFIELD

24-Jun-1776; Samuel STANTON son of Henry STANTON of Winsham

25-Aug-1776; Robert JAMES son of Samuel & Jane JAMES

25-Aug-1776; Thomas SHEPHERD

08-Sep-1776; James HAWKINS son of Thomas & Ann HAWKINS

13-Oct-1776; John GERRADE

13-Oct-1776; Richard TRENCHARD

13-Oct-1776; Henry STANTON son of John & Catherine STANTON

17-Oct-1776; John WHITE

27-Oct-1776; Anne PROSSER

03-Nov-1776; John BAKER

08-Dec-1776; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Daniel & Elizabeth BOWDITCH


14-Jan-1777; John WHITE of Easty

19-Jan-1777; Robert CHANNING son of Samuel & Martha CHANNING

26-Jan-1777; John SEAGAR son of John & Elizabeth SEAGAR

09-Feb-1777; Robert BOWDITCH

16-Feb-1777; Mary PROSSER base daughter of Ann PROSSER

23-Feb-1777; Betty SWAFFIELD wife of Nathan SWAFFIELD

23-Feb-1777; Margaret PAUL

04-Mar-1777; Betty FOLLET daughter of Meshach & Mary FOLLET

16-Mar-1777; John GALE son of John & Meriam GALE

21-Mar-1777; Christopher PERRIAM

13-Apr-1777; Joseph STANTON

01-May-1777; Joseph ALLEN son of John & Ann ALLEN

10-May-1777; Elizabeth TRENCHARD wife of Isaac TRENCHARD

18-May-1777; Sarah SWAFFIELD wife of William SWAFFIELD

04-Jun-1777; Anne TRENCHARD wife of George TRENCHARD

22-Jun-1777; Rebecca HODDER wife of John HODDER

13-Jul-1777; Joan FORSEY wife of Matthew FORSEY

27-Jul-1777; Ann SNOOK daughter of Robert & Grace SNOOK

27-Jul-1777; Sarah CHANNON daughter of William & Anne CHANNON

03-Aug-1777; Bernard HODDER son of John HODDER

07-Sep-1777; Thomas MORRIS son of Joshua MORRIS

10-Oct-1777; Agness BLUETT wife of William BLUETT

11-Oct-1777; Joan BRAGG daughter of John BRAGG

12-Oct-1777; Mercy HAWKER daughter of John & Mary HAWKER

14-Oct-1777; Mary PAUL wife of John PAUL

20-Oct-1777; George BOON son of William BOON

02-Nov-1777; Grace SNOOK


25-Jan-1778; Zarah SWAFFIELD base daughter of Elizabeth SWAFFIELD

25-Jan-1778; Edward BOWDITCH base child of Mary BOWDITCH

08-Feb-1778; Pharez SWAFFIELD base child of Elizabeth SWAFFIELD

22-Feb-1778; Jenney BOWDITCH daughter of Matthias BOWDITCH

08-Mar-1778; Ann COLVERWELL daughter of John COLVERWELL

05-Apr-1778; Betty ADAMS wife of Edward ADAMS

19-Apr-1778; Samson STANTON

26-Apr-1778; Sarah HALLETT daughter of Amos HALLETT

10-May-1778; Alexander COOK son of Job COOK

12-May-1778; Catherine HODDER wife of Bernard HODDER

12-May-1778; Anthony HODDER base son of Joan HODDER

24-May-1778; Betty BOWDITCH daughter of Matthias & Sarah BOWDITCH

31-May-1778; Betty BAGG daughter of Marmaduke & Hannah BAGG

28-Jun-1778; Sarah WHITE base daughter of Elizabeth WHITE

17-Jul-1778; John STAPLE

19-Jul-1778; Betty COOK

29-Jul-1778; Mercy HAWKINS daughter of William HAWKINS

02-Aug-1778; John COMBE

24-Aug-1778; Betty PROSSER

14-Sep-1778; John COLVERWELL

11-Oct-1778; Henery SUGER

27-Nov-1778; Samson HAIN

25-Dec-1778; Sammuel MITCHELL

27-Dec-1778; Martha SHEPHERD daughter of John SHEPHERD


16-Mar-1779; Margrey BOWDITCH

02-Apr-1779; Sarah HALLET

04-Apr-1779; Sarah MORIS

14-Apr-1779; Mary COMBE wife of Ishmael COMBE

16-Apr-1779; Mr. John HALLET MENSON

02-May-1779; Mary STROUD daughter of Joseph STROUD

05-May-1779; William HAWKINS son of William HAWKINS

09-May-1779; Joan BOWDITCH widow

16-May-1779; Mary CHANON daughter of Samuel CHANON

23-Jun-1779; John BERNARD base son of Sarah BARNARD

03-Jul-1779; Betty RICHARDS daughter of John & Sarah RICHARDS

25-Jul-1779; Betty BOWDITCH daughter of Simon BOWDITCH

01-Aug-1779; Robert STANTON son of Robert STANTON

14-Aug-1779; Joan INNET widow

22-Aug-1779; Martha COOK daughter of Uriah COOK

26-Aug-1779; Catherine RAPSON widow

27-Aug-1779; Sarah TRENCHARD daughter of Mr. Hugh TRENCHARD

29-Aug-1779; Bety PHELPS

29-Aug-1779; Joan HAWKINS daughter of Thomas HAWKINS

01-Sep-1779; Ann PROSSER widow

12-Sep-1779; Sarah CRAFT widow

12-Sep-1779; Jeney COSTIN daughter of Joseph COSTIN

22-Sep-1779; Joan STANTON wife of William STANTON

04-Nov-1779; John LANE

04-Nov-1779; Mary EDWARDS wife of Stephen EDWARDS of the Parish of Whitechurch

14-Nov-1779; Honour BOWDITCH wife of Thomas BOWDITCH

28-Nov-1779; William LUMBARD

28-Nov-1779; Joel BOWDITCH

11-Dec-1779; Betty BOWDITCH wife of John BOWDITCH

12-Dec-1779; Betty HEX

29-Dec-1779; Mr. William BRAGG


02-Jan-1780; Betty COLVERWELL widow

23-Jan-1780; Susannah BAGG daughter of William BAGG

25-Jan-1780; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Daniel BOWDITCH

06-Feb-1780; William PAUL

06-Feb-1780; Jenny COMBE

27-Feb-1780; Robert PERHAM

27-Feb-1780; Henry HALLETT

05-Mar-1780; Sarah SHEPHARD widow

07-Mar-1780; Betty HOAR wife of John HOAR

14-May-1780; Ann SIMINS

22-Jul-1780; Dianah BERRY daughter of John BERRY

28-Jul-1780; Johnathan HARDEMAN son of Johnathan HARDEMAN

13-Aug-1780; Matthew BRYANT

13-Sep-1780; Sarah TRENCHARD daughter of Hugh TRENCHARD

20-Sep-1780; Mary BOWDITCH widow

29-Sep-1780; George CHINOCK

27-Oct-1780; Ann BROUGHTON wife of Thomas BROUGHTON

05-Nov-1780; Robert COMBE son of George COMBE

03-Dec-1780; John PAUL

17-Dec-1780; Mary DOMETT daughter of Samuel DOMETT

31-Dec-1780; Mary INETT


21-Jan-1781; Benjamin BOWDITCH

28-Jan-1781; Thomas QUICK

18-Feb-1781; Thomas FROST

18-Mar-1781; Joshua HALLETT

18-Mar-1781; Betty SMITH daughter of Samuel SMITH

18-Mar-1781; Mary BOWDITCH daughter of Matthias BOWDITCH

08-Apr-1781; John BAKER

08-Apr-1781; Betty BOWDITCH daughter of Matthias BOWDITCH

29-Apr-1781; John ADAMS

28-May-1781; Sarah BRAGG widow

28-May-1781; Samuel BOWDITCH son of George BOWDITCH

03-Jun-1781; Joannah BOWDITCH wife of Samuel BOWDITCH

10-Jun-1781; John COOK

26-Jun-1781; Betty JAMES

12-Jul-1781; William COOK

15-Jul-1781; Betty COOK widow

15-Jul-1781; Hannah COOK daughter of Thomas COOK

19-Jul-1781; Betty FROST wife of Benjamin FROST

09-Sep-1781; Joseph STROUD

18-Nov-1781; Betty CULVERWELL daughter of John CULVERWELL

02-Dec-1781; Grace STANTON wife of John STANTON

09-Dec-1781; Elenor WHITE wife of John WHITE

26-Dec-1781; Mr. Isaac HOOD


14-Jan-1782; John JAMES base son of Jenny JAMES

17-Jan-1782; Richard COOK

24-Feb-1782; William CHANNON son of William CHANNON

10-Mar-1782; Mary LACY

26-Mar-1782; Sarah BUGLER wife of Joseph BUGLER

26-Mar-1782; John STANTON

31-Mar-1782; Mary ­­­­HODER widow

07-Apr-1782; Ann FORSEY widow

18-Apr-1782; George TRENCHARD

29-Apr-1782; Betty BRAGGE wife of John BRAGGE

05-May-1782; Mary PEADON wife of Richard PEADON

05-May-1782; John EVERETT son of John EVERETT

28-May-1782; Abraham BOON

02-Jun-1782; James STROUD son of Joseph STROUD

16-Jun-1782; Betty COOK

16-Jun-1782; Elizabeth PARTRIDGE widow

30-Jun-1782; Amelea COOMBE

11-Jul-1782; Jenney SHEPHERD wife of William SHEPHERD

23-Aug-1782; Harriet HOPKINS daughter of Reverend M. H. HOPKINS & Elizabeth PRYOR his wife

30-Aug-1782; Mary PHELPS wife of Samuel PHELPS

07-Nov-1782; William JEFFERY son of John JEFFERY

10-Nov-1782; John WOODCOCK son of Robert WOODCOCK

15-Dec-1782; William SHEPHERD

15-Dec-1782; Joan WELLMAN daughter of William WELLMAN

27-Dec-1782; Sarah CHINNOCK


05-Jan-1783; Samuel BOWDITCH

21-Jan-1783; Sarah OUSLEY wife of John OUSLEY

31-Jan-1783; Elizabeth BRAGGE wife of John BRAGGE Esq.

02-Feb-1783; John HODDER

28-Mar-1783; Edward DALLY

28-Mar-1783; Ann LOVERIDGE wife of Samuel LOVERIDGE

06-Apr-1783; John NORMAN son of Joseph NORMAN

19-Apr-1783; Joan STANTON wife of Thomas STANTON

11-May-1783; Amy PHELPS wife of Richard PHELPS of ye Parish of Crewkerne

25-May-1783; George BOWDITCH son of George BOWDITCH

08-Jun-1783; Jeney BOWDITCH daughter of Michal BOWDITCH

21-Jun-1783; Bengeman HARDY of the Parish of St. Bride London

29-Jun-1783; John BOWDITCH son of Matthias BOWDITCH

07-Sep-1783; Thomas RAPSON son of Thomas RAPSON

25-Sep-1783; Betty STUCKY daughter of Thomas STUCKY

19-Oct-1783; William PHELPS

__-Oct-1783; Susanah BAGG base child of Joan BAGG

06-Nov-1783; Elizabeth BACKALLER daughter of Robert BACKALLER

23-Nov-1783; Margaret PAUL

14-Dec-1783; William MITCHELL

14-Dec-1783; Adem FOLLETT


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