Burials 1691 - 1740

Transcribed from the registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the OPC Project by Kim Parker.

Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The register is very faded in places, so researchers are urged to use this transcript only as a guide and to check the original in Dorchester.


13-Apr-1691; John MITCHELL son of Robert MITCHELL

21-Apr-1691; Mr. Matthew BRAGGE

26-Apr-1691; John RAPSIE

07-May-1691; Margery MITCHELL

07-Jun-1691; John JENKINS son of John JENKINS

07-Jun-1691; Ledy GUNES wife of Giles GUNES

14-Jun-1691; Mary PYE

__-___-1691; Ann MITCHELL daughter of John MITCHELL

__-___-1691; Ann TRINGER daughter of John TRINGER

30-Jul-1691; Joan COPPEN widow

04-Aug-1691; Mary BOWDITCH wife of William BOWDITCH

27-Aug-1691; Elizabeth SLAPT widow

23-Oct-1691; Elizabeth WAKELY wife of Samuell WAKELY

29-Oct-1691; Thomas ROUSEL son of Robert ROUSEL

30-Oct-1691; Jane SPILLER daughter of George SPILLER

05-Nov-1691; Gellen NEWMAN daughter of Thomas NEWMAN

12-Nov-1691; John FRIE

__-Dec-1691; Elizabeth EATON widow

15-Dec-1691; George SPILLER

19-Dec-1691; Emellie FORD wife of Jafry FORD

24-Dec-1691; Philip FORD son of Jafry FORD


06-Jan-1691/2; Joan HODER wife of John HODER

07-Jan-1691/2; Jaffry FORD

04-Feb-1691/2; Elizabeth STAPLE daughter of Matthew STAPLE

07-Feb-1691/2; Joan LUMBARD daughter of Tristram LUMBARD

10-Feb-1691/2; William WELLMAN

12-Feb-1691/2; Mary SANDIE

14-Feb-1691/2; Peter FOWLER

06-Mar-1691/2; Elizabeth JAMES daughter of John JAMES

27-Mar-1692; Mary STRAKE widow

27-Mar-1692; Robert FOSSIE

28-Mar-1692; Ann STRAKE wife of John STRAKE

17-Apr-1692; Elizabeth HAWKER daughter of Sammuell HAWKER

22-Apr-1692; Elizabeth BOWDITCH wife of Robert BOWDITCH

01-May-1692; Joane HALLET daughter of Thomas HALLET

24-May-1692; John JAFFRY

09-Jun-1692; Ann COLMER daughter of James COLMER

12-Jun-1692; Margery MITCHELL daughter of Richard MITCHELL

12-Jun-1692; Alles LACY daughter of John LACY of the Parish of Crewkerne

14-Jun-1692; Joane PHIPPIN wife of Thomas PHIPPIN

16-Jun-1692; Elizabeth WEBBE daughter of John WEBBE

08-Jul-1692; Richard BAKER

05-Aug-1692; Elizabeth COGGAN daughter of Thomas COGGAN

13-Sep-1692; John SANDIFORD

13-Oct-1692; Michaell BOWDITCH

16-Oct-1692; Zechariah BRAGGE son of Zechariah BRAGGE

13-Nov-1692; Robert SWAFFELL son of Nathanell SWAFFELL

07-Dec-1692; Agnes STANTON widow

11-Dec-1692; Joseph LACY son of Josias LACY


01-Jan-1692/3; Margery COOKE daughter of Larance COOKE

08-Jan-1692/3; Joan MICHILL daughter of Robert MICHILL

08-Jan-1692/3; Jane HOPPER daughter of Robert HOPPER

02-Jan-1692/3; Alexsander HICHCOCK

16-Jan-1692/3; Prideaux GWYN eldest son of Francis GWYN Esquire, died January 5th

02-Feb-1692/3; Matthew BRAGGE second son of William BRAGGE vicar, died January 26th

09-Feb-1692/3; Ann FOWLER

21-Feb-1692/3; Richard BOWDITCH

05-Mar-1692/3; John MURO (?)

07-Mar-1692/3; Joane DOWN wife of George DOWN

08-Mar-1692/3; Mis Mary BRAGGE wife of William BRAGGE Esquire, died February 26th

26-Mar-1693; William CARVER

22-Apr-1693; Thomas WITHERIEL son of Thomas WITHERIEL

23-Apr-1693; Edmond STAPLE of ye Parish of Crewkern

28-Apr-1693; Joane COOKE daughter of Alexsander COOKE

05-May-1693; Elleanor (?) OUSLY daughter of William OUSLY

14-May-1693; Joan CRAT wife of Robert CRAT

11-Jun-1693; Abigall STAPLE widow

25-Jun-1693; Elizabeth HAINE daughter of John HAINE

12-Jul-1693; Augustine SAWFFELL son of Nathanell SAWFFELL

20-Aug-1693; William FOSSIE son of William FOSSIE

27-Aug-1693; Beniamin COOKE

31-Aug-1693; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of George BOWDITCH

31-Aug-1693; Joane WALKLY daughter of John WALKLY

31-Aug-1693; Ann WITHERIEL widow

03-Sep-1693; Mary BRAGGE wife of John BRAGGE

05-Sep-1693; Andrew RAPSON

17-Sep-1693; Edeth PHELPS wife of Henery PHELPS

05-Oct-1693; Edward GILES

30-Nov-1693; John ALLEN son of Robert ALLEN

30-Nov-1693; Mary PARKER daughter of Henery PARKER

10-Dec-1693; Joane FOWLLER base daughter of Joane FOWLLER

17-Dec-1693; Timothy HAWKER son of Timothy HAWKER

18-Dec-1693; John BOWDITCH Yeoman

29-Dec-1693; Elizabeth COOK wife of Alexander COOK


21-Jan-1693/4; Sammuell BOWDITCH son of Sammuell BOWDITCH

23-Jan-1693/4; Ann ELLOT wife of Robert ELLOT

28-Jan-1693/4; Prudence FOWLLER wife of Robert FOWLLER

20-Feb-1693/4; Robert TREVITT

23-Feb-1693/4; James CARVAR

04-Mar-1693/4; Joan BOWDITCH widow

07-Mar-1693/4; Maudlin SPILLER daughter of George SPILLER

11-Mar-1693/4; Joan LUMBARD daughter of Tristram LUMBARD

15-Mar-1693/4; John FOWLLER son of John FOWLLER

27-Mar-1694; Nicholas BOWDITCH

28-Mar-1694; Katherin JAMES daughter of Sammuell JAMES

08-Apr-1694; John FERRETT base son of Jane FERRETT

11-Apr-1694; Robert HOOPPER

22-Apr-1694; Robert FERRETT base son of Jane FERRETT

04-May-1694; Katherein SILVESTOR widow

23-May-1694; Thomas WELMAN son of Robert WELMAN

29-May-1694; Sarah WELMAN daughter of William WELMAN

30-May-1694; Mr. Thomas BOWDITCH Gentleman

15-Jul-1694; Robert CRAT son of Matthew CRAT

17-Jul-1694; Edward COOKE

29-Jul-1694; Sally POORE wife of Simon POORE

02-Sep-1694; Agnes DOGGE wife of Thomas DOGGE

21-Oct-1694; Susanah ORCHARD widow

11-Nov-1694; Nicholas FREAKE

13-Nov-1694; Mary GOFFE daughter of John GOFFE

22-Nov-1694; Mary TRENCHARD wife of Oliver TRENCHARD


03-Jan-1694/5; Katherein DEMANT daughter of Robert DEMANT

03-Jan-1694/5; Deborah OUSLY wife of Sammuell OUSLY

27-Jan-1694/5; John ALLEN son of John ALLEN

27-Jan-1694/5; Beniamen BRAGGE

01-Feb-1694/5; Mary WHITTY widow

10-Mar-1694/5; Dinah MICHELL daughter of Robert MICHELL

14-Apr-1695; George ROUSSEL son of Robert ROUSSEL

24-Apr-1695; John LACY

24-Apr-1695; Thomas BOWDITCH

24-Apr-1695; Nicholas FILE

28-Apr-1695; Thomas PHELPS son of Giles PHELPS

02-May-1695; Joane SMITE widow

05-May-1695; Elizabeth HINE wife of Henery HINE

09-May-1695; Elizabeth FOWLER daughter of Elias FOWLER

23-Jun-1695; Elizabeth HAINE daughter of George HAINE

23-Jun-1695; Jane FERRITT

14-Jul-1695; Jane PAULL widow

15-Jul-1695; Mary GOULD daughter of Thomas GOULD

28-Jul-1695; John BRAGGE son of Richard BRAGGE

04-Aug-1695; Elizabeth HAWKER wife of Sammuell HAWKER

04-Aug-1695; Elizabeth BRAGGE daughter of John BRAGGE

10-Aug-1695; Agnes COGGAN widow

22-Aug-1695; Jane MICHELL wife of Edward MICHELL

06-Sep-1695; Francis Prideaux GWYN second son of Francis GWYN Esquire, died 30-Aug-1695

18-Sep-1695; William HALLET son of Water HALLET

09-Oct-1695; William WILMAN

08-Dec-1695; John STANTON son of Robert STANTON

18-Dec-1695; Joan STAPLE wife of Beniamen STAPLE


15-Jan-1695/6; Ales HICHCOCK widow

06-Jan-1695/6; an unbaptised child of Alexander COOK [Corrected 25 Feb 2014]

13-Jan-1695/6; Elizabeth COOK [Corrected 25 Feb 2014]

21-Jan-1695/6; Thomas COOKE

09-Feb-1695/6; John BAKER

04-Mar-1695/6; Joan STRAKE wife of Nicholas STRAKE

13-Mar-1695/6; Joseph TRENCHARD son of John TRENCHARD

01-Apr-1696; Mr. John EDGER

03-Apr-1696; Mary PHELPS widow

08-Apr-1696; Joan JAMES daughter of Robert JAMES

19-Apr-1696; Sammuell SAWFFELL son of Nathanell SAWFFELL

12-Jul-1696; William LACY son of John LACY of the Parish of Crewkern

17-Sep-1696; Martha SHEAPARD daughter of George SHEAPARD

29-Sep-1696; Robert FELLE son of Robert FELLE

04-Oct-1696; John OLIVER

06-Sep-1696; William MICHELL [either out of sequence or clerk mistakenly recorded month as Sep instead of Oct]

08-Oct-1696; Henery WATS

15-Nov-1696; Elias FOWLLER

05-Dec-1696; Joan WELMAN daughter of William WELMAN

20-Dec-1696; Margery LANE wife of Water LANE


07-Jan-1696/7; James COLMER

15-Jan-1696/7; Joseph SPRAKE son of John SPRAKE

26-Jan-1696/7; Francis HART

07-Feb-1696/7; Joane PHELPS daughter of John PHELPS

09-Feb-1696/7; Elener JAMES wife of John JAMES

12-Feb-1696/7; Thomas HARDY

28-May-1697; William OUSLY

01-Apr-1697; Aness PEREM widow

01-Apr-1697; John HAINE

11-Apr-1697; John STANTON

11-Apr-1697; Joan BORD wife of John BORD

13-Apr-1697; William SHEAPARD

18-Apr-1697; Elizabeth FREAKE daughter of John FREAKE

25-Apr-1697; Elizabeth HICHCOCK wife of Samuel HICHCOCK

25-Apr-1697; Sarah HAWKER daughter of William HAWKER

02-May-1697; Joseph TRENCHARD son of George TRENCHARD

02-May-1697; Elner STANTON wife of Robert STANTON

09-May-1697; Hannah COSENS wife of Isaac COSENS

09-May-1697; Joan DOMET daughter of Emmanuel DOMET

20-May-1697; Bridget BRAGGE wife of William BRAGGE

26-May-1697; Mary SAWFFEL daughter of Thomas SAWFFEL of Broadwinsor

29-May-1697; Thomas SAWFFEL of Broadwinsor

02-Jul-1697; Joan LIMBRY wife of Joseph LIMBRY

03-Jul-1697; Margret GWYN second daughter of Francis GWYN Esquire, died 02-Jul-1697

29-Jul-1697; Elizabeth HELLERY widow

03-Sep-1697; Thomas CLARK

09-Sep-1697; Mary GOFFE daughter of John GOFFE

12-Sep-1697; William PROSSER son of John PROSSER

01-Oct-1697; Thomas DORGE son of Thomas DORGE

18-Oct-1697; Elizabeth LEAVS

21-Oct-1697; Joan MICHELL widow

28-Oct-1697; William COMBE

07-Nov-1697; Joan WAKLY daughter of Nicholas WAKLY

12-Dec-1697; Thomas LUSH son of Henery LUSH

17-Dec-1697; Mary GEERLS (?) widow

19-Dec-1697; Mary COOKE daughter of Sammuell COOKE


06-Jan-1697/8; Ann HART

06-Jan-1697/8; John FOWLER

09-Jan-1697/8; Charles FREAK

20-Feb-1697/8; Thomas FREAK son of Samuel FREAK

25-Feb-1697/8; Elizabeth ADAMS

27-Feb-1697/8; Ruth FOSSIE daughter of John FOSSIE

08-Mar-1697/8; Elizabeth FREACK wife of Beniamen FREACK

13-Mar-1697/8; ye son of John MICHELL (name not given)

27-Mar-1698; Joan WELLMAN wife of William WELLMAN

29-Mar-1698; Samuell RAPSY son of Simon RAPSY

08-May-1698; Elizabeth FOWLER wife of John FOWLER

29-May-1698; John HAWKER son of John HAWKER

15-Jun-1698; Susanah COMBE widow

15-Jun-1698; Susanah BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

04-Jul-1698; William FESUEIC (?)

10-Jul-1698; Mary PHELPS wife of John PHELPS

11-Jul-1698; John HOPPER

22-Jul-1698; John TRENCHARD Gen

31-Jul-1698; Elizabeth FOSSIE wife of William FOSSIE

01-Aug-1698; Ann PHELPS widow

21-Aug-1698; John GOFFE

04-Sep-1698; Joan FOWLER

05-Sep-1698; John HICHCOCK

11-Sep-1698; Elizabeth BOWDITCH wife of Barnard BOWDITCH of Crewkern Parish

24-Sep-1698; Isaac COSSENS

24-Sep-1698; Henry FRIE

25-Sep-1698; John HANCOCK son of William HANCOCK

25-Sep-1698; William FOSSIE son of Thomas FOSSIE

25-Sep-1698; William HALLS son of Thomas HALLS

25-Sep-1698; Joan HAWKER daughter of George HAWKER

09-Oct-1698; Elizabeth FOSSIE wife of John FOSSIE

09-Oct-1698; Barnard BOWDITCH

16-Oct-1698; Elizabeth HANCOCK widow

20-Oct-1698; Alees TRENCHARD widow

23-Oct-1698; Mary FOLLET wife of John FOLLET

28-Oct-1698; William STANTON son of John STANTON

13-Nov-1698; Mary HOPPER daughter of Robert HOPPER

22-Nov-1698; Mary STANTON wife of John STANTON

25-Nov-1698; Job ­­­­PHELPS son of Mr. John PHELPS

01-Dec-1698; John EGGAR


29-Jan-1698/9; Mary FREAK

10-Feb-1698/9; Hanah STAPELL daughter of Matthew STAPELL

19-Feb-1698/9; James FREAK

05-Mar-1698/9; Elizabeth FOWLER wife of Robert FOWLER

05-Mar-1698/9; Mary FOWLER daughter of Robert FOWLER

17-Mar-1698/9; Tamson BOURD wife of Francis BOURD

16-Apr-1699; Hennery PHELPS

16-Apr-1699; Nathanel SAWFFELL son of Nathanel SAWFFELL

20-Apr-1699; ye wife of John REE (no name given)

28-Apr-1699; Robert BRAGGE son of Robert BRAGGE

21-May-1699; Mary ROULEN widow

11-Jun-1699; Elizabeth TRENCHARD daughter of John TRENCHARD

__-___-1699; Sarah BRAGGE wife of John BRAGGE (full date not given)

29-Jun-1699; William HANCOCK

23-Jul-1699; Susanah FREAK daughter of Samuel FREAK

27-Aug-1699; George DOWN son of George DOWN

27-Aug-1699; Asten CANNIG

24-Sep-1699; Susanah PAUL daughter of Robert PAUL

05-Nov-1699; William COOK son of William COOK

05-Nov-1699; Joan COOK daughter of William COOK

08-Nov-1699; Elizabeth BALL daughter of John BALL

12-Nov-1699; Elizabeth BOWDITCH widow

25-Nov-1699; John COGGAN

28-Nov-1699; Robert WAKELY

12-Dec-1699; Elizabeth FOSSIE wife of Edward FOSSIE

31-Dec-1699; George HAWKER


31-Jan-1699/1700; Mr. John BAKER

11-Feb-1699/1700; John PHELPS

16-Feb-1699/1700; Joan FREAK

23-Mar-1699/1700; Robert JAMES son of Robert JAMES

24-Mar-1699/1700; Rebeckah BRAGGE daughter of Zechariah BRAGGE

29-Mar-1700; Mary PENNIE daughter of John PENNIE

31-Mar-1700; Mary TRENCHARD daughter of George TRENCHARD of the Parish of Broadwinsor

19-Apr-1700; Matthew HICHCOCK

21-Apr-1700; Ann HALLET daughter of Water HALLET

08-May-1700; Cathere HODDER daughter of James HODDER

16-May-1700; Ann BAKER daughter of John BAKER

13-Jun-1700; Elizabeth BAKER daughter of John BAKER

23-Jun-1700; Ann HANCOCK

27-Jun-1700; John GATE son of John GATE

30-Jun-1700; Katheren ADAMS

14-Jul-1700; John STAPLE

12-Aug-1700; Elizabeth HALLET wife of William HALLET

31-Aug-1700; Amy BOWDITCH wife of George BOWDITCH of ye Parish of Chardstock

08-Sep-1700; Mary SAWELL daughter of Nathanell SAWELL

12-Sep-1700; Elizabeth FOWLER daughter of John FOWLER

13-Sep-1700; Hester ROCKETT (?)

19-Sep-1700; Mary MAIN

28-Sep-1700; Hannah GROVE daughter of John GROVE

29-Sep-1700; Margret FREAK daughter of John FREAK

19-Nov-1700; George BURD son of William BURD

20-Nov-1700; Debory DOLING daughter of Silvanus DOLING

01-Dec-1700; Ann RICHARDS daughter of Richard RICHARDS

06-Dec-1700; Joan FREAK widow

08-Dec-1700; Edeth FOWLER wife of William FOWLER

15-Dec-1700; Elizabeth TRENCHARD daughter of John TRENCHARD

20-Dec-1700; Amy OUSLY wife of William OUSLY

22-Dec-1700; ye daughter of John FURMEDGE

27-Dec-1700; Hanah COSSENS

27-Dec-1700; Catheren ALLEN daughter of Robert ALLEN


01-Jan-1700/1; Nicholas SHEAPARD

01-Jan-1700/1; Robert JAMES son of John JAMES

30-Jan-1700/1; Watter LANE

09-Feb-1700/1; Margrett FREAK daughter of John FREAK

02-Mar-1700/1; Joannah CASTE daughter of Robert CASTE

27-Mar-1701; William BOWDITCH

30-Mar-1701; Hester BOWDITCH wife of John BOWDITCH

01-Apr-1701; Henery PARKER son of Henery PARKER

04-Apr-1701; Margret PHELPS wife of Lenoard PHELPS

06-Apr-1701; John FREAK

09-Apr-1701; Thomas ODDEN

09-Apr-1701; Henry FRIE son of Henry FRIE

04-May-1701; Silvester POOR son of John POOR

11-May-1701; Hanah HANCOCK daughter of John HANCOCK

18-May-1701; John RAY

27-May-1701; Jane CASE daughter of John CASE

30-May-1701; Joane HALLET wife of John HALLET

10-Jun-1701; Winifred HICHCOCK daughter of Samuel HICKCOCK

15-Jun-1701; Ann RASE wife of John RASE

24-Jun-1701; Joan BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

29-Jun-1701; Mary FOSSIE wife of Thomas FOSSIE

30-Jun-1701; Phillip JAMES

04-Jul-1701; James COLMER son of James COLMER

07-Jul-1701; Tamason COOK daughter of Larence COOK

10-Jul-1701; Ann HICHCOCK daughter of Samuel HICHCOCK

11-Jul-1701; Mr. Matthew BRAGGE

14-Jul-1701; John CROD son of John CROD

18-Jul-1701; John WELLMAN

03-Aug-1701; Elizabeth SPRAKE daughter of John SPRAKE

06-Aug-1701; Hanah PHELPS daughter of Edward PHELPS

17-Sep-1701; Elizabeth WAKLY daughter of John WAKLY

12-Oct-1701; Susannah FREAK wife of Samuel FREAK

17-Oct-1701; Mary PHELPS

23-Oct-1701; Prudence BOWDITCH widow

09-Nov-1701; Elizabeth SAWFFEL daughter of Nathanel SAWFFEL (appears twice)

12-Nov-1701; Mr. John PHELPS

19-Nov-1701; John WILCH son of Mr. Thomas WILCH


20-Jan-1701/2; Elizabeth PHELPS wife of Mr. John PHELPS

15-Feb-1701/2; Sarah FREAK

19-Feb-1701/2; Humphry PHELPS son of Edward PHELPS

24-Feb-1701/2; Edward HOPPER

24-Feb-1701/2; Matthew BRAGGE son of Matthew BRAGGE

12-Mar-1701/2; Robert BRAGGE

15-Mar-1701/2; Daniell PROSSER son of Richard PROSSER

15-Mar-1701/2; Richard PROSSER son of Richard PROSSER

25-Mar-1702; Mary THORN daughter of Thomas THORN

27-Mar-1702; Robert PERAM

29-Mar-1702; Jane WAKLY daughter of Nicholas WAKLY

14-Apr-1702; Ursula BRAGGE widow

26-Apr-1702; Edward WAYE

03-May-1702; Sarah SHEAPARD daughter of Thomas SHEAPARD of ye Parish of Crewkerne

19-May-1702; John WELMAN of ye Parish of Broad Winsor

07-Jun-1702; Elizabeth BRAGGE daughter of William BRAGGE

05-Jul-1702; Mary BOURUGH wife of Peter BOURUGH

05-Jul-1702; Zacariah BRAGGE

16-Aug-1702; Matthew FOSSIE son of John FOSSIE

02-Sep-1702; Silvanus DOLING

11-Oct-1702; Grace WEY

31-Oct-1702; Ann COOKE daughter of Alexander COOKE

03-Nov-1702; Edmond PRIDEAUX Esquire, died 15-Oct-1702

14-Nov-1702; William MERO

29-Nov-1702; Tristram SPILLER

01-Dec-1702; Hanah RAPSON

20-Dec-1702; William BRAGGE Vicar

27-Dec-1702; Mr. William BOWDITCH Gent.


03-Jan-1702/3; Thomas BOND

21-Jan-1702/3; Joan PENNY wife of Barnard PENNY

31-Jan-1702/3; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of Richard BOWDITCH

12-Feb-1702/3; Nicholas WALE

14-Feb-1702/3; Henry HINE

14-Feb-1702/3; Jane FREAK daughter of Samuel FREAK

26-Feb-1702/3; Elizabeth HOPPER widow

10-Apr-1703; Joan FOWLLER wife of Robert FOWLLER

18-Apr-1703; Robert FOWLLER son of Robert FOWLLER

02-May-1703; Simon POORE

30-May-1703; Elizabeth OLLNER widow

08-Jun-1703; John PINNY senior

20-Jun-1703; Susanah BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH Gent.

11-Jul-1703; Sarah FOWLERE daughter of Edward FOWLERE

15-Jul-1703; Samuel STAPLE

29-Aug-1703; Charls FREAK son of Richard FREAK

01-Sep-1703; George STONE

12-Sep-1703; John PENNY son of John PENNY

26-Sep-1703; Judith BOWDITCH wife of Mr. Nicholas BOWDITCH

10-Oct-1703; Ann HART wife of William HART

24-Oct-1703; William BROWNSIE son of William BROWNSIE

26-Oct-1703; Catherine ALLEN daughter of Robert ALLEN

07-Nov-1703; Susanah HALLETT

14-Nov-1703; Robert SUGAR

14-Nov-1703; Elizabeth TRENCHARD daughter of John TRENCHARD

26-Nov-1703; Richard PHELPS

05-Dec-1703; Agness MICHELL wife of Richard MICHELL


09-Jan-1703/4; Mary RAPSYE widow

25-Jan-1703/4; Mary HELLERY daughter of Richard HELLERY

01-Feb-1703/4; Mrs. Amy PRIDEAUX widow

13-Feb-1703/4; Thomas HARDY son of Robert HARDY

27-Feb-1703/4; Elizabeth FOSSIE daughter of Joseph FOSSIE

01-Apr-1704; John CRO

09-Apr-1704; Margaret PHELPS daughter of Mathew PHELPS

14-Apr-1704; Thomas HAIN

17-Apr-1704; Mary FOSSIE wife of William FOSSIE senior

30-Apr-1704; John BURD

30-Apr-1704; Elizabeth BRAGGE

06-May-1704; Elizabeth HOWME daughter of John HOWME (?)

02-Jun-1704; Isaack TRENCHARD

22-Jun-1704; Sarah CROE widow

30-Jun-1704; John SHEAPARD

03-Aug-1704; Mary LOVRIDGE daughter of Aaron LOURIDGE

06-Aug-1704; Richard LOVRIDGE son of Aaron LOURIDGE

22-Aug-1704; Elizabeth FOSSIE wife of Barnard FOSSIE

07-Sep-1704; Jane FOSSEY widow

10-Sep-1704; William STEAVENS

10-Sep-1704; Thomas FOSSIE son of Barnard FOSSIE

22-Oct-1704; William OUSLY

01-Nov-1704; Mary WAKLY widow

26-Nov-1704; Thomas PAUL

24-Dec-1704; Ann HICHCOCK wife of George HICHCOCK

24-Dec-1704; John MICHELL

28-Dec-1704; Robert FOWLER


09-Jan-1704/5; John BULL

30-Jan-1704/5; Sarah FOSSIE daughter of Joseph FOSSIE

01-Feb-1704/5; Robert WELLMAN

18-Feb-1704/5; Richard MICHELL

23-Feb-1704/5; Alice LACY wife of John LACY

25-Mar-1705; Catherein MICHELL daughter of John MICHELL

08-Apr-1705; William FOWLER son of George FOWLER

27-Apr-1705; Hanah PHELPS daughter of John PHELPS

29-Apr-1705; Ann FOSSIE wife of Joseph FOSSIE

27-May-1705; Rebeckah BRAGGE widow

27-May-1705; Florance FOWLER widow

17-Jun-1705; Sarah ALLEN daughter of Robert ALLEN

17-Jun-1705; Mary HODDER wife of John HODDER

17-Jun-1705; William PHELPS

19-Jun-1705; Mary BISHOP widow

01-Jul-1705; Mary FOSSIE

08-Jul-1705; Thomas FOSSIE

13-Jul-1705; Peter WAKLY

14-Jul-1705; Margret BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

29-Jul-1705; George TRENCHARD

29-Jul-1705; [blank] TRENCHARD son of Oliver TRENCHARD

09-Aug-1705; Richard COOKE son of Larance COOKE

18-Aug-1705; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Samauell BOWDITCH

09-Sep-1705; Edith PINNYE widow

07-Oct-1705; Mary BRAGGE wife of Matthew BRAGGE

14-Oct-1705; Robert BRAGGE son of Matthew BRAGGE

11-Nov-1705; Judith BURD

18-Nov-1705; Justine FURMEDGE daughter of John FURMEDGE

02-Dec-1705; Simon HAWKER son of William HAWKER


08-Jan-1705/6; Joan HOOPPER

08-Jan-1705/6; Thomas BOWDITCH son of Samuel BOWDITCH Gent.

13-Feb-1705/6; William HICHCOCK

14-Feb-1705/6; Margrett FOLLETT widow

03-Mar-1705/6; John COOKE

07-Mar-1705/6; Barnard PINNIE

10-Mar-1705/6; Elnor MORRICE widow

13-Mar-1705/6; Ursula JAFFRYE daughter of Joseph JAFFRYE

14-Apr-1706; Daniell BRIANT

18-Apr-1706; Samuell JAMES son of Samuell JAMES

23-Apr-1706; Letisa GWYN daughter of Francis GWYN Esquire

04-May-1706; John BOWDITCH Gent

04-May-1706; Ann BOWDITCH wife of John BOWDITCH Gent

15-May-1706; Joan COOKE widow

04-Jun-1706; John GILBS

09-Jun-1706; Edward PHELPS

19-Jun-1706; Robert GRAFT

23-Jun-1706; Joseph STANTON son of Joseph STANTON

13-Jul-1706; Joan GOFFE widow

16-Aug-1706; Elinnor BRAGGE daughter of Edward BRAGGE

28-Aug-1706; Elnor COOKE wife of Samuel COOKE

09-Oct-1706; Mr. John BAKER


17-Jan-1706/7; Katheren CORKER wife of John CORKER

02-Feb-1706/7; Joan HANCOCK widow

05-Feb-1706/7; Barnard PINNIE

09-Feb-1706/7; Elizabeth MICHELL daughter of John MICHELL

16-Feb-1706/7; William BURD

__-Mar-1706/7; Rebeckah FRY

13-Apr-1707; Abigale COOKE daughter of George COOKE

24-Apr-1707; Hennery NORMAN

24-Apr-1707; Elizabeth PHIPPING wife of Thomas PHIPPING

11-May-1707; Joana FOSSIE daughter of George FOSSIE

01-Jun-1707; Abraham ABBATT son of John ABBATT

12-Jun-1707; Mary COOKE daughter of Mr. Thomas COOKE Vicar

21-Jun-1707; Susanah LANE

28-Jun-1707; Mary BRIANT daughter of Matthew BRIANT

06-Jul-1707; Richard INNETT

20-Jul-1707; Margery SPRAKE daughter of John SPRAKE

03-Aug-1707; Joan BAKER widow

10-Aug-1707; Robert FOSSIE

28-Sep-1707; Joan COOKE widow

05-Nov-1707; William JAMES

23-Nov-1707; Ann BURD

23-Nov-1707; Sarah HAWKER widow

07-Dec-1707; Leonard PHELPS

27-Dec-1707; Elizabeth COSENS widow


11-Jan-1707/8; Joan FOWLER widow

18-Jan-1707/8; Alexander COOKE

__-Feb-1707/8; Alice WALTERS daughter of William WALTERS (?)

__-Feb-1707/8; Susanah BRAGGE daughter of Richard BRAGGE

05-Apr-1708; Sarah ALLEN daughter of Richard ALLEN

05-Apr-1708; William WELMAN

13-Apr-1708; Gellen WATTS wife of Thomas WATTS

25-Apr-1708; Mary STONE widow

29-Apr-1708; Joan FOWLLER widow

06-May-1708; Samuel BOWDITCH

07-May-1708; Simon HAWKER son of William HAWKER

20-Jun-1708; Thomas WATTS

20-Jun-1708; Mary SPILLER

04-Jul-1708; Joan BRAGGE wife of William BRAGGE

11-Jul-1708; Robert HARDY son of John HARDY

15-Aug-1708; Thomas COOK

20-Aug-1708; William BOWDITCH son of Micaell BOWDITCH

09-Sep-1708; Mary BRAGGE

20-Sep-1708; Robert MORRICE

__-___-1708; Robert BAKER

17-Oct-1708; John JENKENS son of Thomas JENKENS

05-Nov-1708; Thomas PHELPS son of Humphry PHELPS

__-___-1708; Sarah TRENCHARD

09-Nov-1708; Grace TRENCHARD daughter of Oliver TRENCHARD

20-Nov-1708; John HODDER son of James HODDER

28-Nov-1708; Jane MITCHELL daughter of William MITCHELL

29-Dec-1708; George HICHCOCK


23-Jan-1708/9; Ann JENKENS widow

07-Feb-1708/9; Joseph BOWDITCH son of Giles BOWDITCH

13-Feb-1708/9; Catheren SHEAPARD of the Parish of Crewkerne

14-Mar-1708/9; Mrs. Margaret GWYN wife of Francis GWYN Esquire

18-Mar-1708/9; Edward FOSSIE

10-Apr-1709; William OUSLY

17-Apr-1709; Thomas PHIPPEN

29-Apr-1709; John SANDYE

04-May-1709; Daniel PHELPS

11-May-1709; William BRAGGE son of William BRAGGE

15-May-1709; Mary HARDY daughter of Robert HARDY

02-Jun-1709; Simon WOOLMINGTON

05-Jun-1709; Joan HANKENS daughter of Christopher HANKENS of the Parish of Crewkerne

17-Jun-1709; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of Mr. John BOWDITCH

19-Jun-1709; James STAPLE son of John STAPLE

20-Jun-1709; Grace STANTON daughter of Robert STANTON

30-Jun-1709; Joan COGGAN widow

05-Jul-1709; Elizabeth BULL widow

29-Jul-1709; Ritchard SHEAPARD

16-Oct-1709; Ann BOND widow

30-Oct-1709; Mary BURD

18-Nov-1709; John HAINE son of George HAINE

18-Dec-1709; Elnor FOSSIE widow


27-Jan-1709/10; Mary HALLETT daughter of John HALLETT

30-Jan-1709/10; Martha HAWKER wife of John HAWKER

05-Feb-1709/10; Sarah PHELPS

19-Mar-1709/10; Deborah OUSLY widow

19-Mar-1709/10; Thomas HALLETT base son of Joan HALLETT

07-May-1710; Joan STANTON widow

07-May-1710; Joan MICHELL daughter of John MICHELL

21-May-1710; Samuel FREAK

28-May-1710; William FOSSIE

28-May-1710; Nathanell POOR son of John POOR

01-Jun-1710; Jane WAKLY widow

12-Jun-1710; Robert PHELPS

17-Jun-1710; Alice HICHCOCK wife of Samuell HICHCOCK

23-Jun-1710; Mary BRIANT daughter of William BRIANT

30-Jul-1710; Elizabeth BURD base daughter of Benadictta BURD

16-Aug-1710; Samuel HICHCOCK

10-Sep-1710; Margret PHELPS daughter of Matthew PHELPS

24-Sep-1710; Hannah STAPLE widow

01-Oct-1710; Elizabeth COLLIER widow

15-Oct-1710; Sarah PINNY wife of John PINNY

21-Nov-1710; Elizabeth DEAN wife of John DEAN

22-Nov-1710; Honner BOWDITCH wife of Mr. John BOWDITCH

10-Dec-1710; William BISHSOP


12-Jan-1710/1; John CRARKER

18-Jan-1710/1; Ann SHEAPARD widow

28-Jan-1710/1; Emanuel DUMET

08-Feb-1710/1; Elizabeth COSSEN widow

18-Feb-1710/1; Margaret FREAK widow

24-Feb-1710/1; Susanah JAMES

27-Mar-1711; Elizabeth DOLLEN widow

27-Mar-1711; John ABBOTT

01-Apr-1711; William COOKE son of Jerimiah COOKE

08-Apr-1711; Sarah APLEN wife of Richard APLEN

15-Apr-1711; Ann SHEAPARD wife of Joshua SHEAPARD

09-May-1711; William HART

27-May-1711; Elizabeth SPRAKE wife of John SPRAKE

27-May-1711; Job MITCHELL son of John MITCHELL

10-Jun-1711; George HAWKER son of William HAWKER

13-Jun-1711; Simon FOWLER

17-Jun-1711; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

17-Jun-1711; Thomas JENKENS

11-Jul-1711; William LUMBARD

18-Jul-1711; Robert RAPSEY son of Robert RAPSEY

19-Jul-1711; John PALFRY

22-Jul-1711; John MITCHELL

26-Jul-1711; Hugh WELLMAN son of William WELLMAN

29-Jul-1711; Elizabeth RAPSEY daughter of Robert RAPSEY

29-Jul-1711; Ann CHANAN

05-Aug-1711; Sarah LACY daughter of John LACY

23-Aug-1711; Elizabeth MORRICE daughter of Joshua MORRICE

01-Sep-1711; Elner BRAGGE daughter of Edward BRAGGE

02-Sep-1711; Thomasin PHELPS

06-Sep-1711; Edward BRAGGE son of Edward BRAGGE

16-Sep-1711; Thomas FOLLETT son of John FOLLETT

20-Sep-1711; Martha SHEAPARD daughter of George SHEAPARD

04-Oct-1711; Joseph GOFFE

09-Oct-1711; Elizabeth SPILLER

10-Oct-1711; Elizabeth BURGES

13-Oct-1711; John LAMBERT

14-Oct-1711; Richard ROCKET

16-Oct-1711; Hannah BULL

21-Oct-1711; Richard BRAGG son of Richard BRAGG

25-Oct-1711; Mary OLIVER

01-Nov-1711; Samuel SELLY

02-Nov-1711; Samuel ALLEN son of Robert ALLEN

02-Nov-1711; Martha ALLEN daughter of Robert ALLEN

03-Nov-1711; William HICHCOCK son of Samuel HICHCOCK

05-Nov-1711; Beniamen FRENCH

06-Nov-1711; Catherine BRIANT wife of William BRIANT

07-Nov-1711; Barnard MICHELL

09-Nov-1711; Frances BUSSELL

18-Nov-1711; Catherine BRAGGE daughter of Matthew BRAGGE

18-Nov-1711; Benjamin BOWDITCH son of Robert BOWDITCH

25-Nov-1711; Abraham BROWNSEY son of Robert BROWNSEY

27-Nov-1711; Robert BOWDITCH son of William BOWDITCH

27-Nov-1711; Joan MITCHELL wife of Robert MITCHELL

27-Nov-1711; Caleb BOWDITCH son of Joseph BOWDITCH

16-Dec-1711; Robert WAKLY son of Samuel WAKLY

20-Dec-1711; Ann COOK daughter of Joseph COOK

23-Dec-1711; Ann MITCHELL daughter of Robert MITCHELL


13-Jan-1711/2; Agnes DUMET widow

15-Jan-1711/2; Elizabeth HICHCOCK

20-Jan-1711/2; Martha COOK

20-Jan-1711/2; Elmo (?) HAWKE son of Henry HAWKE

20-Jan-1711/2; Elizabeth COOK

27-Jan-1711/2; George HODDER son of John HODDER

24-Feb-1711/2; Emanuel BRAGGE son of John BRAGGE

04-Mar-1711/2; James HODDER

08-Mar-1711/2; Mary APLEN daughter of Ritchard APLEN

14-Mar-1711/2; Joan PINNEY widow

23-Mar-1711/2; Laurence COOK

24-Mar-1711/2; John GOFFE Gent. of the Parish of Barten (?)

30-Mar-1712; Sarah APLEN daughter of Ritchard APLEN

02-Apr-1712; Ursula WOOLMINGTON widow

04-May-1712; David TRENCHARD son of John TRENCHARD

04-May-1712; Ann PARKER wife of Henry PARKER

08-May-1712; Matthew CRAFT

08-May-1712; John PERIN

11-May-1712; Mary BOWDITCH wife of Barnard BOWDITCH Gent

23-Jun-1712; William BOND

12-Jul-1712; Joseph RUSSEL son of Joseph RUSSEL

23-Jul-1712; Catheren GEAL daughter of Thomas GEAL

03-Aug-1712; Mary FREAK wife of Anthony FREAK

10-Aug-1712; Elizabeth FOSSEY daughter of John FOSSEY

20-Aug-1712; Frances HART

25-Aug-1712; Joan BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

25-Aug-1712; John FOWLER

19-Oct-1712; Martha MITCHELL daughter of John MITCHELL

14-Dec-1712; Joan HAWKER wife of John HAWKER


18-Jan-1712/3; Mary JENKENS daughter of Thomas JENKENS

30-Jan-1712/3; John FOWLER

22-Feb-1712/3; Elizabeth DEAN daughter of John DEAN

24-Mar-1712/3; Matthew BRAGGE Esquire

04-Apr-1713; Grace JENKENS daughter of Thomas JENKENS

06-Apr-1713; Elizabeth BROWNSIE wife of Robert BROWNSIE

12-Apr-1713; Joan HINE

13-Apr-1713; Susanna FOLLET wife of Robert FOLLET

04-May-1713; Sarah BRAGGE daughter of Giles BRAGGE

22-May-1713; Mary HAINE widow

31-May-1713; Jane PEEDON wife of Joseph PEEDON

05-Jun-1713; Amy FREAK daughter of Samuel FREAK

14-Jun-1713; George HAWKER

02-Jun-1713; Robert FOLLEE

02-Jun-1713; Robert FOLLET 

05-Aug-1713; Mary FREAK

09-Aug-1713; Frances COOK daughter of Ritchard COOK

23-Aug-1713; Samuel FREAK

25-Sep-1713; Josias LACY

27-Sep-1713; Sarah HODDER daughter of John HODDER

09-Oct-1713; Susanah HALLET wife of Walter HALLET

11-Oct-1713; Alexander COOKE

28-Oct-1713; John BOND

30-Oct-1713; Hennery FINEE son of William FINEE

13-Dec-1713; Dinah BURD daughter of William BURD

20-Dec-1713; Elizabeth MORRICE daughter of Robert MORRICE

20-Dec-1713; Barnarde BOWDITCH Gent. of the Parish of Crewkerne

24-Dec-1713; William HELLERY son of Ritchard HELLERY


31-Jan-1713/4; Elizabeth BEDGOOD wife of John BEDGOOD

24-Feb-1713/4; William BURD

14-Mar-1713/4; Leonard PHELPS son of Matthew PHELPS

19-Mar-1713/4; Susanah LOVERIDGE wife of Aaron LOVERIDGE

29-Jul-1714; Joan HITCHCOCK widow

08-Aug-1714; William COOK son of Jerimiah COOK

29-Aug-1714; John SHEAPARD of the Parish of Crewkerne

05-Sep-1714; Joshua POOR son of Simon POOR

09-Nov-1714; Mr. Nicholas BAKER

21-Nov-1714; Matthew PAGE son of Edward PAGE

12-Dec-1714; George HAWKER son of William HAWKER

15-Dec-1714; Robert MITCHELL

19-Dec-1714; Amy BOWDITCH daughter of John BOWDITCH

26-Dec-1714; Deborah SPILLER widow


25-Jan-1714/5; Elizabeth SAWFFELL widow

27-Jan-1714/5; George COOK

04-Mar-1714/5; Robert HOOPPER son of Robert HOOPPER

19-Mar-1714/5; Patience COOK wife of John COOK

31-Mar-1715; Hannah SAVAGE wife of Joseph SAVAGE

17-Apr-1715; Stephen PAUL son of Thomas PAUL

18-Apr-1715; Darotie BOWDITCH wife of Joseph BOWDITCH

28-Apr-1715; Mary HITCHCOCK

03-May-1715; Ritchard BRAGGE

14-May-1715; Margret INNITT widow

19-May-1715; Ritchard BRAGGE

21-May-1715; Joan FOWLLER widow

27-May-1715; Joseph SANFORD

26-Jun-1715; Ann STONE

26-Jun-1715; Ritchard FREAK son of Ritchard FREAK

10-Jul-1715; Robert WAKLY son of Nicholas WAKLY

17-Jul-1715; Elizabeth ADAMS

17-Jul-1715; Elizabeth HARDY son of John HARDY

21-Aug-1715; John STANTON

25-Aug-1715; Elizabeth PEERIN

18-Sep-1715; Alice STANTON wife of Robert STANTON

25-Sep-1715; Ms Priscilla BOWDITCHE

30-Oct-1715; Joseph STANTON son of Robert STANTON

16-Nov-1715; Martha PERIN

20-Nov-1715; Thomas TRENCHARD son of Thomas TRENCHARD

14-Dec-1715; Ann RAW widow


17-Jan-1715/6; Joan GIBBS widow

20-Jan-1715/6; Hanah BOWDITCH daughter of Joseph BOWDITCH

02-Feb-1715/6; Deborah GIBBS widow

03-Feb-1715/6; John BAKER

12-Feb-1715/6; Tamson FRY widow

29-Feb-1715/6; John BULL

04-Mar-1715/6; Ellinnor COOK widow

04-Mar-1715/6; Simon POOR son of Simon POOR

06-Mar-1715/6; Stephen GRINFIELD

25-Mar-1716; John HODDER

11-Apr-1716; Ann TURNER wife of Thomas TURNER

20-Apr-1716; James SMITH

22-Apr-1716; Ann BRAGGE widow

22-Apr-1716; Agnes COGGAN daughter of John COGGAN

06-May-1716; John ALLEN

20-May-1716; Bridgit GRINFIELD widow

03-Jun-1716; Ritchard ADAMS

15-Jul-1716; Rachell FREAK wife of John FREAK

12-Aug-1716; John SPRAKE

12-Aug-1716; Mary FEUEN widow

26-Aug-1716; Simon POOR son of John POOR

09-Sep-1716; Ann BOWDITCH daughter of Samuel BOWDITCH

28-Sep-1716; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK widow

18-Dec-1716; Mary BRAGGE wife of Matthew BRAGGE

20-Dec-1716; John BOWDITCH son of Michael BOWDITCH


02-Jan-1716/7; Thomas GALE

13-Jan-1716/7; John HINE

24-Jan-1716/7; William HAINE son of George HAINE

03-Feb-1716/7; Christian HINE wife of John HINE

17-Feb-1716/7; John FOWLER

17-Mar-1716/7; Margret TRENCHARD wife of George TRENCHARD

17-Mar-1716/7; Joan BROWNSY wife of Robert BROWNSY

31-Mar-1717; John HOOPPER son of John HOOPPER

28-Apr-1717; Venson PETTARD

09-May-1717; John COGGAN

26-May-1717; John HANKENS son of Christopher HANKENS

26-May-1717; Hennery HANKENS son of Christopher HANKENS

09-Jun-1717; Trustrum LUMBARD

16-Jun-1717; Simon POOR son of ye late Simon POOR

16-Jun-1717; Elizabeth BOWDITCH daughter of John BOWDITCH

23-Jun-1717; William HALLETT son of Mosses HALLETT

21-Jul-1717; Elizabeth STAPLE wife of Ritchard STAPLE

21-Jul-1717; John POOR son of ye late Simon POOR

28-Jul-1717; Mary TURNER daughter of John TURNER

18-Aug-1717; William RAPSY son of William RAPSY

24-Aug-1717; Sarah COOK wife of William COOK

22-Sep-1717; Edith FOWLER wife of Christopher FOWLER

20-Oct-1717; Joan COOK daughter of Jerimiah COOK

29-Oct-1717; William FOSSIE

03-Nov-1717; Timothy HAWKER son of Hennery HAWKER

15-Nov-1717; Robert BLEA

17-Nov-1717; John NORTH son of John NORTH

01-Dec-1717; John BOWDITCH son of Michael BOWDITCH

20-Dec-1717; John HALLETT

27-Dec-1717; Mary SHEAPARD widow


19-Jan-1717/8; Mary HALLETT daughter of Mosses HALLETT

16-Mar-1717/8; __________ HUCKOLBRIDGE

__-Mar-1717/8; _____ STAPLE

31-Mar-1718; Elizabeth FRIE

23-Apr-1718; Mr. John BOWDITCH Gent.

27-Apr-1718; Walter HALLETT

08-Jun-1718; Matthew COOK son of Samuel COOK

06-Jul-1718; Mary VINNE daughter of William VINNE

03-Aug-1718; Joseph FOSSIE

07-Aug-1718; Ann BROUNSIE wife of William BROUNSIE

10-Aug-1718; Susanah STANTON

22-Aug-1718; Sarah WALE daughter of James WALE

27-Aug-1718; Joan GRINFIELD daughter of ye late Stephen GRINFIELD

31-Aug-1718; Ann HAINE widow

07-Sep-1718; Mary COOK daughter of Joseph COOK

18-Sep-1718; Patience BOWDITCH wife of Giles BOWDITCH

12-Oct-1718; Hannah WITT widow

12-Oct-1718; Robert MORRICE

15-Oct-1718; Job PHELPS

15-Oct-1718; William PHELPS son of Laurence PHELPS

19-Oct-1718; Giles BRAGGE son of William BRAGGE

16-Nov-1718; Susanah MITCHELL

25-Nov-1718; Sarah HELLERY wife of Ritchard HELLERY

30-Nov-1718; John FOWLER

16-Dec-1718; Elizabeth PAUL daughter of Samuel PAUL

27-Dec-1718; Margret RITCHARDS widow


22-Feb-1718/9; Mary RITCHARDS daughter of Ritchard RITCHARDS

22-Feb-1718/9; Ann FOSSIE daughter of Joseph FOSSIE

03-Mar-1718/9; John STARK

25-Mar-1719; Ritchard HELLERY son of Ritchard HELLERY

12-Apr-1719; Matthew COOK son of ye late Matthew COOK

26-Apr-1719; John STANTON [a later note in different handwriting: “John Trenchard in 2A”]

06-May-1719; Margret COMBE wife of George COMBE

10-May-1719; Mary FROSSIE daughter of Thomas FROSSIE

25-May-1719; John STARK

31-May-1719; George HAWKER son of Hennery HAWKER

__-___-1719; Nicholas _____

__-Jul-1719; Samuel PAUL

22-Jul-1719; Mrs. Elizabeth BRAGGE

16-Aug-1719; Ann COOK daughter of Jerimiah COOK

23-Aug-1719; Sarah COMBE base daughter of Ann COMBE

01-Nov-1719; John NORTH son of John NORTH

13-Nov-1719; Martha PERIN daughter of Robert PERIN

06-Dec-1719; George TRENCHARD

25-Dec-1719; Barbar TRENCHARD widow


10-Jan-1719/20; Joan RAPSY widow

10-Jan-1719/20; Mary STAPLE

07-Feb-1719/20; William WOLMAN

28-Feb-1719/20; Samuel BOWDITCH son of Giles BOWDITCH

10-Apr-1720; Robert BROWNSIE son of William BROWNSIE

01-May-1720; Elizabeth FOWLER wife of George FOWLER

22-May-1720; Nicholas WAKLY

07-Aug-1720; Agness PALMER daughter of Edward PALMER

25-Sep-1720; Dorothy BURD

27-Sep-1720; Katherein DARE daughter of John DARE

04-Oct-1720; William HARDYMAN

01-Nov-1720; William STARK

11-Dec-1720; Joseph MITCHELL base son of Hanah MITCHELL

18-Dec-1720; Eem HERKS daughter of William HERKS


01-Jan-1720/1; Daniel SAWFFELL son of Daniel SAWFFELL

07-Jan-1720/1; Elizabeth FOSSIE wife of Joseph FOSSIE

19-Feb-1720/1; Joan HAWKER wife of Timothy HAWKER

19-Feb-1720/1; John LUMBURD son of William LUMBURD

19-Feb-1720/1; Felis RUSSELL daughter of Joseph RUSSELL

21-Feb-1720/1; Joan BRIANT wife of Rogger BRIANT

26-Feb-1720/1; Mary COOMBE daughter of George COOMBE

04-Mar-1720/1; Samuell BOWDITCH son of Samuell BOWDITCH

28-Mar-1721; Ann COOK wife of Joseph COOK

09-Apr-1721; Ann COOK wife of Jerimiah COOK

23-Apr-1721; Elizabeth MUNDEN wife of John MUNDEN

30-Apr-1721; Elizabeth SHEAPARD wife of Nicholas SHEAPARD

30-Apr-1721; Joan MITCHELL widow

07-May-1721; Samuel PAUL

02-Jul-1721; Joan TUCKER widow

10-Sep-1721; John PIKE

10-Sep-1721; Christopher FOWLER

10-Sep-1721; Ann COOK wife of Samuel COOK


07-Jan-1721/2; Jonathan MORRICE son of Joshua MORRICE

10-Feb-1721/2; Robert ROUSSELL

15-Feb-1721/2; Abraham BROUNSIE

18-Feb-1721/2; Elizabeth PEY daughter of John PEY

04-Mar-1721/2; Mary HAWKENS daughter of William HAWKENS

04-Mar-1721/2; Sarah BARRATT daughter of John BARRATT

08-Mar-1721/2; Robert BROUNSIE

06-Apr-1722; Nicholas BOWDITCH

17-Apr-1722; Hennery WATTS

22-Apr-1722; Dorcas FOSSIE wife of John FOSSIE

22-Apr-1722; Solomon STANTON son of Samuel STANTON

06-May-1722; Samuel HALLETT son fo Thomas HALLETT

10-May-1722; John FURMIDGE son of John FURMIDGE

12-May-1722; Moses FOSSIE son of Moses FOSSIE

13-May-1722; Pedigreen PHELPS son of Samuel PHELPS

20-May-1722; Jane COMB wife of Joseph COMB

27-May-1722; Susanah HANCOCK

07-Jun-1722; Matthew PHELPS

21-Jun-1722; John PARKER son of Hennery PARKER

15-Jul-1722; Joan HAYBALL wife of John HAYBALL

12-Aug-1722; Hanah MUNDEN daughter of John MUNDEN

19-Aug-1722; William HARDYMAN son of Andrew HARDYMAN

11-Nov-1722; Virtue ALLEN wife of Hennery ALLEN

15-Nov-1722; Robert WOLMAN

16-Nov-1722; Joan ORCHARD wife of John ORCHARD

25-Nov-1722; Rogger LIMBRY

25-Nov-1722; Dorcas PEY wife of William PEY

15-Nov-1722; Robert WHITE son of William WHITE

17-Nov-1722; Mary HAINE wife of Thomas HAINE

30-Nov-1722; Elizabeth LUMBURD widow

15-Dec-1722; Robert RAPSY son of William RAPSY

19-Dec-1722; Ann RAPSY wife of William RAPSY


01-Jan-1722/3; Samuel HARDEMAN

15-Jan-1722/3; John NORTH son of John NORTH

20-Jan-1722/3; William PEY son of William PEY

27-Jan-1722/3; Sarah PAUL widow

03-Feb-1722/3; Ann PEY daughter of William PEY

10-Feb-1722/3; Sarah HAIN wife of George HAIN

17-Feb-1722/3; Abigale FOSSIE widow

19-Feb-1722/3; Ritchard PALFFRY son of Ritchard PALFFRY

01-Mar-1722/3; Julian (?) SHEAPARD wife of Thomas SHEAPARD of the Parish of Crewkern

03-Mar-1722/3; Grace JENKENS widow

10-Mar-1722/3; William SHEAPARD son of Thomas SHEAPARD of the Parish of Crewkern

17-Mar-1722/3; Sarah FREAK daughter of Anthony FREAK

24-Mar-1722/3; Sarah BRAGGE wife of Ritchard BRAGGE

24-Mar-1722/3; Edward BRAGGE son of Ritchard BRAGGE

24-Mar-1722/3; William HUCHENS son of William HUCHENS

14-Apr-1723; Robert FOWLLER

14-Apr-1723; Matthew STAPEL son of Samuel STAPEL

05-May-1723; Ann FOSSIE

26-May-1723; William RAPSIE son of William RAPSIE

02-Jun-1723; Sammuel COOK son of Sammuel COOK

09-Jun-1723; Joseph COOK son of Sammuel COOK

09-Jun-1723; Susanah HAWKER daughter of ye late Hennery HAWKER

30-Jun-1723; Robert MORRISE son of John MORRISE

07-Jul-1723; Thomas GOULD

14-Jul-1723; Franciss COOK daughter of Ritchard COOK

21-Jul-1723; Elizabeth LACY

28-Jul-1723; Hennery STANTON son of Ritchard STANTON

28-Jul-1723; Samuel RUSSEL son of Joseph RUSSEL

10-Aug-1723; Ann MITCHELL daughter of Samuel MITCHELL

17-Aug-1723; Betty FOSSIE daughter of Joseph FOSSIE

25-Aug-1723; Elizabeth FRENCH

25-Aug-1723; Edith WHEADON wife of John WHEADON

01-Sep-1723; Tamson SAWFFEL daughter of George SAWFFEL

01-Sep-1723; Joseph HALLETT son of Thomas HALLETT

11-Sep-1723; Beniamine ANDEVENS

29-Sep-1723; Beniamine COOK

29-Sep-1723; John PHELPS

29-Sep-1723; Thomas COMBE son of George COMBE

29-Sep-1723; Phenias BOWDITCH son of Robert BOWDITCH

04-Oct-1723; Rebeckah COMBE daughter of George COMBE

17-Oct-1723; Tamson HITCHCOCK daughter of George HITCHCOCK

29-Oct-1723; Beniamin STORKER

27-Oct-1723; Joan FOWLER

02-Nov-1723; George COMBE son of George COMBE

03-Nov-1723; Hannah ODDEN widon

13-Nov-1723; Jane ADAMS daughter of Joseph ADAMS

01-Dec-1723; Elizabeth HANKENS wife of Christopher HANKENS

03-Dec-1723; Samuel STAPLE son of Samuel STAPLE

03-Dec-1723; Samuel COOK son of William COOK

07-Dec-1723; Prudence BOWDITCH daughter of Michael BOWDITCH

09-Dec-1723; Hennery PARKER

15-Dec-1723; Sarah LACY daughter of John LACY

27-Dec-1723; William HOAR son of Francis HOAR

30-Dec-1723; Edward FOSSIE


01-Jan-1723/4; Peter BALL

04-Jan-1723/4; Mary WARRIE wife of George WARRIE

05-Jan-1723/4; Martha ADAMS daughter of William ADAMS

21-Jan-1723/4; John RETTLE

21-Jan-1723/4; Elizabeth PROSSER wife of Ritchard PROSSER

22-Jan-1723/4; Ritchard ADAMS son of William ADAMS

09-Feb-1723/4; Joan WATTS widow

01-Mar-1723/4; George PAUL son of Thomas PAUL

08-Mar-1723/4; Samuel PAUL son of Thomas PAUL

08-Mar-1723/4; Mary HART wife of Jonmanuel HART

08-Mar-1723/4; Catherein BRIANT daughter of William BRIANT

11-Mar-1723/4; Rogger BRIANT

15-Mar-1723/4; Joan COOK daughter of William COOK

22-Mar-1723/4; Hanah STANTON daughter of ye late Hennery STANTON

05-Apr-1724; Thomas FREAK son of Anthony FREAK

06-Apr-1724; Joan HALLETT widow

07-Apr-1724; Joshua SHEAPARD

12-Apr-1724; William BOWDITCH son of William BOWDITCH

15-Apr-1724; Elizabeth WOLMAN daughter of William WOLMAN

16-Apr-1724; John FOLLETT

26-Apr-1724; Catherein HARDY daughter of Robert HARDY

30-Apr-1724; Ann HALLETT wife of Simon HALLETT

09-May-1724; William JAFFRY son of John JAFFRY

18-Jun-1724; Thomas WAKLY

12-Jul-1724; Catherein CASE wife of Joseph CASE

19-Jul-1724; Sarah FOWLER daughter of George FOWLER

28-Jul-1724; Joan WAKLY

02-Aug-1724; William BOWDITCH

05-Sep-1724; Edward FOSSIE base son of Joan FOSSIE

11-Sep-1724; Ellennor BRAGGE daughter of Ritchard BRAGGE

20-Sep-1724; George HITCHCOCK son of George HITCHCOCK

21-Sep-1724; Robert BRAGGE son of Ritchard BRAGGE

04-Oct-1724; James PHELPS

07-Oct-1724; Ann SHEAPARD wife of John SHEAPARD

12-Oct-1724; William WOLMAN

08-Nov-1724; Mary SHEAPARD daughter of John SHEAPARD

15-Nov-1724; Mary COLMOR wife of John COLMOR

06-Dec-1724; Mary STANTON wife of Hennery STANTON

20-Dec-1724; Mary HAIN widow

22-Dec-1724; Grace BRAGGE widow

30-Dec-1724; Alexander COOK


09-Jan-1724/5; Mary PARKER wife of Abraham PARKER

22-Jan-1724/5; Mary RUSSELL daughter of William RUSSELL

30-Jan-1724/5; Aaron LOVERIDGE

14-Feb-1724/5; Ann TRENCHARD daughter of John TRENCHARD

16-Feb-1724/5; Judith SAVGE wife of Joseph SAVGE

07-Mar-1724/5; Joseph COOK

04-Apr-1725; Nathanel COOK son of Ritchard COOK

11-Apr-1725; Samuel COOK

13-Apr-1725; Hanah HITCHCOCK daughter of Joshua HITCHCOCK

18-Apr-1725; Sarah HOOPPER wife of Robert HOOPPER

27-Apr-1725; Joan HODDER daughter of John HODDER

02-May-1725; Catherine HANCOCK

09-May-1725; Samuel STAPLE son of Samuel STAPLE

11-May-1725; William BRIANT

18-Jul-1725; Joseph PEEDON

18-Jul-1725; Martha OUSLY daughter of John OUSLY

08-Aug-1725; Esther STAPLE wife of Samuel STAPLE

15-Aug-1725; Joan BROUNSIE widow

20-Aug-1725; John WATTS

30-Aug-1725; Joseph TRENCHARD son of Oliver TRENCHARD

12-Sep-1725; Elizabeth COOK daughter of Jerimiah COOK

19-Sep-1725; Hanah HAWKENS

03-Oct-1725; William LUMBURD son of William LUMBURD

03-Oct-1725; Elnor MORRICE daughter of Joshua MORRICE

05-Oct-1725; William MOOR   

10-Oct-1725; Mary STANTON wife of Samson STANTON

10-Oct-1725; John MERICK

07-Nov-1725; William HALLETT son of Thomas HALLETT

14-Nov-1725; Ann ENLANG daughter of Paskey ENLANG

18-Nov-1725; Rhalph HAYWARD

24-Nov-1725; Mary HALLETT wife of Thomas HALLETT

28-Nov-1725; Sarah HALLETT daughter of Simon HALLETT

05-Dec-1725; Sarah ARKENS widow

05-Dec-1725; James FROST son of Thomas FROST

12-Dec-1725; John BROWN

12-Dec-1725; Prudence BOWDITCH daughter of Michael BOWDITCH

19-Dec-1725; Mary HALLITT wife of Simon HALLITT

19-Dec-1725; John SUGGAR son of John SUGGAR

25-Dec-1725; Elizabeth PAGE wife of Edward PAGE


09-Jan-1725/6; William HAWKER

16-Jan-1725/6; John FURMIDGE

16-Jan-1725/6; Martha SHEAPARD daughter of Thomas SHEAPARD

23-Jan-1725/6; Mary PHELPS wife of William PHELPS

30-Jan-1725/6; Ann MULLETT daughter of Amoss MULLETT

08-Feb-1725/6; William VINEE

13-Feb-1725/6; John POOR son of John POOR

19-Feb-1725/6; John COOK

13-Mar-1725/6; Daniel SAWFFELL son of Nathanel SAWFFELL

13-Mar-1725/6; John LIMBRY son of Beniamine LIMBRY

27-Mar-1726; Ann PHELPS daughter of Samuel PHELPS

01-Apr-1726; Joan PHELPS widow

03-Apr-1726; Elizabeth HAWKER wife of John HAWKER

05-Apr-1726; Joseph LUMBURD

17-Apr-1726; Mr. George WAXRY

17-Apr-1726; John TOLLEE

01-May-1726; Thomas CROOD

01-May-1726; Joel COOK son of Jerimiah COOK

14-May-1726; Matilda BOARD wife of John BOARD

15-May-1726; Joan LOVRIDGE daughter of John LOVRIDGE

05-Jun-1726; Joan HAIN wife of George HAIN

05-Jul-1726; Joan COOK widow

10-Jul-1726; Ritchard BROUNSIE

10-Jul-1726; Ursula WALCH wife of John WALCH

31-Jul-1726; Susanah PROSSER daughter of Samuel PROSSER

12-Aug-1726; Mary HELLERY daughter of Ritchard HELLERY

14-Aug-1726; Barbar ENLANG wife of Paskey ENLANG

28-Aug-1726; Elizabeth JAMES daughter of John JAMES

11-Sep-1726; Robert CHICK son of John CHICK

09-Oct-1726; John OUSLY

20-Oct-1726; William BRAGGE Esquire

21-Oct-1726; Joan BUSSEL widow


05-Jan-1726/7; Susannah BOWDITCH widow

13-Feb-1726/7; John FURMIDGE son of John FURMIDGE

05-Mar-1726/7; William OUSLEY son of William OUSLEY

19-Mar-1726/7; Elizabeth SMITH wife of Ritchard SMITH

06-Apr-1727; Robert FOSSIE son of Matthew FOSSIE

26-Apr-1727; Mary STAPLE wife of Samuel STAPLE

04-Jun-1727; Mary FREAK widow

27-Jul-1727; Betty COOK daughter of Thomas COOK vicar

06-Aug-1727; Robert TAYLER son of John TAYLER

02-Aug-1727; Thomas COGGAN

29-Aug-1727; William RUSSELL son of Thomas RUSSELL

22-Oct-1727; Tamson HAWKER wife of John HAWKER

29-Oct-1727; Sarah HALLETT daughter of Simon HALLETT

05-Nov-1727; Robert JAMES

11-Nov-1727; John FREAK

12-Nov-1727; Martha OUSLY widow

19-Nov-1727; Robert FOSSIE

03-Dec-1727; John HAIN son of Ritchard HAIN

03-Dec-1727; Sarah PAGE daughter of Edward PAGE


03-Jan-1727/8; Elizabeth WOODMAN widow

21-Jan-1727/8; Thomas COOK son of Thomas COOK vicar

07-Feb-1727/8; Robert HOOPPER

22-Feb-1727/8; William ALLEN

23-Feb-1727/8; Gatree ALLEN

12-Mar-1727/8; John GOUFF

31-Mar-1728; Silvester POOR son of John POOR

31-Mar-1728; Ann PAUL

21-Apr-1728; Mary HARDYMAN widow

12-May-1728; Eem SMITH daughter of Ritchard SMITH

11-Aug-1728; Jennie BOWDITCH daughter of Abraham BOWDITCH

01-Sep-1728; Joan SHEAPARD widow

12-Sep-1728; Robert BOWDITCH son of Robert BOWDITCH

15-Sep-1728; Mary RAPSIE wife of Robert RAPSIE

22-Sep-1728; Joan MITCHELL daughter of Ritchard MITCHELL

25-Sep-1728; Elizabeth NORMAN widow

29-Sep-1728; Mary PHELPS widow

03-Nov-1728; John COOK

08-Dec-1728; Thomas SUGER

15-Dec-1728; Hanah PERINE

15-Dec-1728; Samuel COOK son of Thomas COOK

29-Dec-1728; Mary STANTON wife of Ritchard STANTON


12-Jan-1728/9; Mary HINE widow

12-Jan-1728/9; William PHELPS son of Samuel PHELPS

24-Jan-1728/9; Dorcas PENNIE

26-Jan-1728/9; Sarah RAPSIE wife of Thomas RAPSIE

02-Feb-1728/9; Ritchard STAPLE

02-Feb-1728/9; John HANCOCK

02-Feb-1728/9; Ann BROME widow

24-Feb-1728/9; John FOSSIE

01-Mar-1728/9; Sarah FREAK daughter of Anthony FREAK

09-Mar-1728/9; John TRENCHARD

09-Mar-1728/9; Mary GOFFE widow

23-Mar-1728/9; Elizabeth HODDER wife of John HODDER

23-Mar-1728/9; Anthony HODDER

30-Mar-1729; John HODDER

01-Apr-1729; Mr. George BOWDITCH Gent

03-Apr-1729; William PYE son of William PYE

04-Apr-1729; Ruth ALLEN daughter of Robert ALLEN

06-Apr-1729; Matthew BRAGGE

16-Apr-1729; Elizabeth JEFFRY wife of Thomas JEFFRY

24-Apr-1729; Elizabeth FORSSEY widow

11-May-1729; Mr. George BOWDITCH junior

25-May-1729; Timothy HAWKER

01-Jun-1729; Mary HODDER widow

04-Jun-1729; Mary LUMBURD widow

22-Jun-1729; Mary DAMETT wife of Robert DAMETT

06-Jul-1729; Samuel STAPLE son of Samuel STAPLE

13-Jul-1729; Tamson WOOLMINGTON wife of Thomas WOOLMINGTON

20-Jul-1729; Jane HODDER widow

31-Aug-1729; Barnard FOSSIE

07-Sep-1729; Betty HUNTT daughter of Thomas HUNTT

28-Sep-1729; Samuel PHELPS

01-Oct-1729; Thomas WOOLMINGTON

08-Oct-1729; Martha FREAK widow

28-Oct-1729; Jane HARDEMAN

15-Nov-1729; Francie FOWLER wife of Robert FOWLER


04-Jan-1729/30; Martha HAWKER daughter of Timothy HAWKER

18-Jan-1729/30; Robert BOWDITCH of Ialthaye (?)

18-Jan-1729/30; Robert FOWLER

01-Feb-1729/30; Robert HITCHCOCK son of George HITCHCOCK

05-Feb-1729/30; Tamme PARKER daughter of Abraham PARKER

17-Feb-1729/30; Alexander COOK son of Ritchard COOK

17-Feb-1729/30; Ann COOK daughter of Ritchard COOK

01-Mar-1729/30; Elizabeth BRAGGE widow

08-Mar-1729/30; Samuel FREAK

15-Mar-1729/30; Elizabeth TRENCHARD widow

15-Mar-1729/30; Matthew ALLEN

15-Mar-1729/30; Joan HAWKER widow

17-Mar-1729/30; John MICHELL son of John MICHELL

19-Mar-1729/30; Ann STANTON wife of Sam STANTON

19-Mar-1729/30; William STANTON son of Sam STANTON

__-Mar-1729/30; Mary POOR wife of John POOR

__-Mar-1729/30; John POOR [husband of the above-mentioned Mary POOR]

08-Apr-1730; Eideth HITCHCOCK

11-Apr-1730; Joan BOWDITCH wife of Samuel BOWDITCH

16-Apr-1730; Sarrah OCEAR (?) a maid, ye Lived with Simon HALLETT

18-Apr-1730; Joan JEFFERY widow

18-Apr-1730; Annek LAKE

19-Apr-1730; Samuel CRAFFTE

19-Apr-1730; Richard STANTON

23-Apr-1730; Joan FOWLLER wife of John FOWLLER

23-Apr-1730; Betty GALE

26-Apr-1730; Dinah WELLMAN

30-Apr-1730; William HALLETT

30-Apr-1730; Elizabeth FRY daughter of John FRY

03-May-1730; Eve FOLLETT daughter of John FOLLETT

06-May-1730; John HOOPPER

13-May-1730; Mary HARDY daughter of John HARDY

14-May-1730; Benjamin ADDAMS son of Joseph ADDAMS

16-May-1730; Joshua SHAPARD son of John SHAPARD

18-May-1730; Daniel SWAFFELL son of Daniel SWAFFELL

23-May-1730; John HARDY

28-May-1730; Betty PALFRY daughter of Ritchard PALFRY

31-May-1730; Mary CRAFT wife of Benjamin CRAFT

07-Jun-1730; Mary PHELPS daughter of William PHELPS

14-Jun-1730; Betty BRAGG daughter of John BRAGG

21-Jun-1730; Grace BIRD widow

28-Jun-1730; Nathannel WOODMAN son of Nathannel WOODMAN

04-Jul-1730; Joan SHUGGER daughter of John SHUGGER

20-Jul-1730; Mary HARDIMAN daughter of Andrew HARDIMAN

31-Jul-1730; Margret JAMES wife of John JAMES

01-Aug-1730; Simon BOWDITCH son of Michael BOWDITCH

29-Aug-1730; Martha FREEK daughter of Samuel FREEK

30-Aug-1730; Annah FORSEY daughter of Moses FORSEY

20-Sep-1730; William ALLEN son of Robert ALLEN

09-Oct-1730; Frances HITCHCOCK daughter of Joshua HITCHCOCK

22-Nov-1730; Richard HAWKENS

06-Dec-1730; Cathrein FORSEY wife of Elias FORSEY

27-Dec-1730; Amey FREEK daughter of Samuel FREEK


01-Jan-1730/1; Joan COOK

03-Jan-1730/1; John PHELPS son of Joseph PHELPS

06-Jan-1730/1; Aaron LOVRIDGE

09-Jan-1730/1; Margret FREEK

10-Jan-1730/1; John LOVRIDGE

10-Jan-1730/1; John FOWLER son of George FOWLER

10-Jan-1730/1; Martha FOWLER daughter of George FOWLER

24-Jan-1730/1; William HEX

24-Jan-1730/1; Jonathan PROSSER

28-Jan-1730/1; Bette INNET daughter of Richard INNET

30-Jan-1730/1; Magre STREAT

30-Jan-1730/1; Mary HEX wife of William HEX

01-Feb-1730/1; Mary MITCHELL wife of William MITCHELL

11-Feb-1730/1; Ann SEWARD daughter of S. SEWARD

14-Feb-1730/1; Manuell HEART

14-Feb-1730/1; Joan MITCHELL

27-Feb-1730/1; Robert HITCHCOCK son of George HITCHCOCK

28-Feb-1730/1; John HEART son of Manuel HEART

28-Feb-1730/1; Susanah BOWDITCH daughter of Abraham BOWDITCH

07-Mar-1730/1; Honnor FRENCH widow

07-Mar-1730/1; Mary LAKE base daughter of Anness LAKE

14-Mar-1730/1; Mary SPILLER wife of William SPILLER

14-Mar-1730/1; Elizabeth CRAFFT widow

21-Mar-1730/1; Eideth COMBE wife of William COMBE

30-Mar-1731; Hannah GALE widow

04-Apr-1731; Susanah ALLEN daughter of Matthew ALLEN

07-Apr-1731; Barnard PINNIE son of John PINNIE

15-Apr-1731; Mr. Ritchard BOWDITCH

18-Apr-1731; Mr. John BOWDITCH ye younger, Gent.

18-Apr-1731; Ellnor STAPLE wife of Edmund STAPLE

24-Apr-1731; John PINYE

25-Apr-1731; Thomas PAUL

26-Apr-1731; John CASSWEL

29-Apr-1731; William HITCHCOCK

23-May-1731; James FROST son of Thomas FROST

25-May-1731; Abraham PARKER

26-May-1731; Thomas WHEATAM

30-May-1731; Mary COOK widow

13-Jun-1731; Joseph STANTON son of Joseph STANTON

20-Jun-1731; Joan SHAPARD wife of Thomas SHAPARD

22-Aug-1731; Susanna ALLEN daughter of Henry ALLEN

03-Oct-1731; Joan NORTH daughter of John NORTH of Cricket

10-Oct-1731; Hannah STAPLE daughter of Sam STAPLE

27-Oct-1731; Elizabeth GOULD widow

07-Nov-1731; William WAKELY son of William WAKELY

05-Dec-1731; William WHEADON son of John WHEADON

19-Dec-1731; Samuel COOK


02-Jan-1731/2; Abraham BOWDITCH son of Abraham BOWDITCH

09-Jan-1731/2; Matthew CRAFT

02-Feb-1731/2; Robert CHAMP son of Edward CHAMP

13-Feb-1731/2; Betty TEMPLEMAN daughter of Thomas TEMPLEMAN

20-Feb-1731/2; Samuel TEMPLEMAN son of Thomas TEMPLEMAN

27-Feb-1731/2; Martha POPLER of Crewkern

04-Mar-1731/2; Robert MITCHEL

04-Mar-1731/2; Mary FOWLER

05-Mar-1731/2; Joan PROSSER

07-Mar-1731/2; Susannah HARDY

19-Mar-1731/2; Lawrence COOK

19-Mar-1731/2; Betty HITCHCOCK

16-Apr-1732; Mary HARDYMAN wife of William HARDYMAN

19-May-1732; Susanna COOK widow

21-May-1732; Mary STANTON alias TAYLOR of Pilsdon

08-May-1732; Sarah TEMPLEMAN

10-Jun-1732; Margery PHELPS wife of Humphry PHELPS

09-Jul-1732; John FREAK

08-Aug-1732; Mary SWAFFEL

13-Aug-1732; Robert STANTON

13-Aug-1732; Thomas BERRY son of Ezekiah BERRY

17-Sep-1732; Hannah PROSSER of Crewkern

13-Oct-1732; Samuel TRENCHARD

15-Oct-1732; Elizabeth HALLET

29-Oct-1732; Richard APLIN

19-Nov-1732; Mary HARDIMAN

19-Nov-1732; Mary JARRETT

23-Nov-1732; John CHURCHEL son of Richard CHURCHEL of Easthay

26-Nov-1732; Emma STAPLE wife of Richard STAPLE


04-Jan-1732/3; Mr. J. BOWDITCH

13-Jan-1732/3; Margaret VINEY widow

21-Jan-1732/3; Jane BROWNSY widow

21-Jan-1732/3; Thomas TURNER

28-Jan-1732/3; Rick MITCHEL son of Richard MITCHEL

28-Jan-1732/3; Betty Fry COOK base daughter of Elner COOK

28-Jan-1732/3; John Jeffery BOWDITCH base son of Mary BOWDITCH

25-Feb-1732/3; Betty COOK daughter of John COOK

08-Mar-1732/3; Christopher PERIN

08-Apr-1733; Justine FURMIGE

22-Apr-1733; Robert HARDY

05-May-1733; Joan CARSWELL

20-May-1733; Susanna PROSSER daughter of Samuel PROSSER

03-Jun-1733; Betty HAIN daughter of George HAIN

10-Jun-1733; Dorcas SILK

22-Jun-1733; Edmund GWYN Esquire

24-Jun-1733; John NORTH

[an entry erased: Ann the daughter of John…]

12-Aug-1733; Elizabeth STANTON

__-___-1733; [entry smeared, names of Robert WATTS and Rebecca SWAFFEL legible]

04-Sep-1733; Joan HALLET wife of Simon HALLET

09-Sep-1733; Ann HARDIMAN

26-Sep-1733; Hezekiah BERRY

30-Sep-1733; John CRAFT son of Benjamin CRAFT

30-Sep-1733; Elizabeth BIRD

14-Oct-1733; Elizabeth SNOOK

28-Oct-1733; Mary COOK daughter of William COOK

16-Nov-1733; Edith COOK

02-Dec-1733; Mary MITCHEL

30-Dec-1733; John ENGLAND of Burstock


20-Jan-1733/4; Barbara BOND widow of Crewkern

20-Jan-1733/4; George FOSSY

20-Jan-1733/4; George COOMS son of William COOMS

15-Mar-1733/4; Joan SHEPHERD

31-Mar-1734; Samuel WAKELY

14-Apr-1734; Christopher PERRAM

21-Apr-1734; Hannah MITCHEL daughter of Samuel MITCHEL

30-May-1734; Joan COOK widow

02-Jun-1734; William ADAMS son of Joseph ADAMS

12-Jun-1734; Francis GWYN Esquire

16-Jun-1734; Nathaniel HARDIMAN son of William HARDIMAN

12-Jul-1734; Sarah TEMPLEMAN

21-Jul-1734; John FOWLER

21-Jul-1734; John FROST

18-Aug-1734; George HITCHCOCK son of Humfrey HITCHCOCK

25-Aug-1734; Elner LUMBARD daughter of widow LUMBARD

08-Sep-1734; Mary LACY of Crewkern

15-Sep-1734; Joan HALLET daughter of Simon HALLET

06-Oct-1734; Martha HAWKER daughter of Timothy HAWKER

31-Oct-1734; Henry ALLEN

03-Nov-1734; Samuel STANTON

17-Nov-1734; Martha PERRAM

24-Nov-1734; Joan PHELPS

08-Dec-1734; William PHELPS son of Joseph PHELPS

22-Dec-1734; David BOWDITCH son of Samuel BOWDITCH

22-Dec-1734; Mary MOORE daughter of William MOORE

23-Dec-1734; Hannah STAPLE


05-Jan-1734/5; Rebecca COOK widow

05-Jan-1734/5; Elizabeth FORSEY daughter of James FORSEY

25-Jan-1734/5; Prudence FORSEY

02-Feb-1734/5; Betty SANDIVER

09-Feb-1734/5; Betty SNOOK daughter of Robert SNOOK

25-Feb-1734/5; Miss Lucy PYTT

27-Feb-1734/5; Mary PAUL

02-Mar-1734/5; Alice MECOW (?)

13-Apr-1735; Susan MUNDEN

20-Apr-1735; Ann BURRIGE

24-Apr-1735; Betty HALLET

27-Apr-1735; Betty FOSSY base daughter of Elner FOSSY

04-May-1735; Joan SHEPHERD base daughter of Joan SHEPHERD

06-May-1735; John HAWKER

25-May-1735; Sarah STANTON

22-Jun-1735; Ann BISHOP wife of Nathaniel BISHOP of Maperton

06-Jul-1735; Joan STANTON

20-Jul-1735; Hannah HARDIMAN

17-Aug-1735; Robert STANTON

17-Aug-1735; Robert PROSSER

19-Oct-1735; Elizabeth PINNEY

23-Nov-1735; Mary COOK wife of Benjamin COOK

17-Dec-1735; Joseph CASE

17-Dec-1735; Hannah JAMES

28-Dec-1735; Mary MICHELL


04-Jan-1735/6; Hanah BRAGG wife of Thomas BRAGG

07-Jan-1735/6; John FURMIGE

08-Jan-1735/6; John SHEPHERD son of John SHEPHERD

18-Jan-1735/6; George HITCHCOCK son of Humphry HITCHCOCK

01-Feb-1735/6; Ann MITCHEL

10-Feb-1735/6; Susannah LOARING

22-Feb-1735/6; Joseph COOME

22-Feb-1735/6; Brigid RAPSIE daughter of Thomas RAPSIE

07-Mar-1735/6; Ann PAUL widow

21-Mar-1735/6; Joseph BOWDITCH of Crewkern

28-Mar-1736; Nicholas WALE

11-Apr-1736; Thomas COOK

15-Apr-1736; Betty ADAMS daughter of George ADAMS of Easthay

25-Apr-1736; John SHEPHERD

30-Apr-1736; Edward Prideaux GWYN Esquire

30-May-1736; Thomas Templeman BENNET

06-Jun-1736; Peter BURROW

06-Jun-1736; Josias FORSEY son of Matthew FORSEY

06-Jun-1736; Joan WOOD daughter of John WOOD

20-Jun-1736; Mary SWAFFELL daughter of Nathan SWAFFELL

27-Jun-1736; Susana SHEPHERD of Crewkern

29-Jun-1736; Mary BOWDITCH daughter of George BOWDITCH

25-Jul-1736; Mary HARDY daughter of John HARDY

27-Jul-1736; Sarah SHEPHERD daughter of George SHEPHERD

01-Aug-1736; John JAMES

29-Aug-1736; Abraham BURRIGE

02-Sep-1736; Joan BAKER

16-Sep-1736; George BOON son of George BOON

05-Oct-1736; Hannah PHELPS wife of Thomas PHELPS

10-Oct-1736; Ann BOWDITCH wife of George BOWDITCH

14-Nov-1736; Richard COOK son of Thomas COOK

21-Nov-1736; John INNET

02-Dec-1736; John FOSSEY

04-Dec-1736; Elizabeth HUTCHINS of Hinton St. George

09-Dec-1736; John PINNEY

12-Dec-1736; Betty PHELPS

25-Dec-1736; John STEVENS


02-Jan-1736/7; Nathaniel HARDIMAN son of William HARDIMAN

30-Jan-1736/7; Mary MITCHEL

01-Feb-1736/7; Dorothy BRYANT widow

11-Feb-1736/7; Sarah PHELPS daughter of Mr. Lawrence PHELPS

13-Feb-1736/7; William BUGLER son of Joseph BUGLER

16-Feb-1736/7; Ann ADAMS of Easthay

19-Feb-1736/7; Elizabeth WAKELY

20-Feb-1736/7; Samuel HAWKER

20-Feb-1736/7; Joan STAPLE

13-Mar-1736/7; Elizabeth FOSSEY

29-Mar-1737; George HAIN

10-Apr-1737; Amy BARRIGE

24-Apr-1737; Ann COOK

08-May-1737; Joan PROSSER widow

08-May-1737; Edith COOK daughter of John COOK

15-May-1737; John PROSSER

19-May-1737; Thomas BAKER son of John BAKER

29-May-1737; Daniel DRAKE

29-May-1737; Richard MITCHEL

03-Jul-1737; Betty Rabins MASON a base child

03-Jul-1737; Matthew CRAFT

08-Jul-1737; Mary BAKER

13-Jul-1737; Ann FOSSY

16-Jul-1737; Mary BURRIDGE

28-Aug-1737; Sarah BOWDITCH

06-Sep-1737; Ann TURNER

06-Sep-1737; Sarah HITCHCOCK

11-Sep-1737; Thomas JEFFERY

18-Sep-1737; Elizabeth FORSEY

01-Oct-1737; Mary PERRAM

01-Oct-1737; John SHEPHERD

09-Oct-1737; Joel COOK son of Jeremy COOK

16-Oct-1737; George BUGLER son of Joseph BUGLER

30-Oct-1737; Samuel ALLEN son of Robert ALLEN

30-Oct-1737; Sarah KITTLE

03-Nov-1737; Richard HILLARY

05-Nov-1737; Elizabeth Davy PETERS

13-Nov-1737; Alice FOSSIE

20-Nov-1737; Margaret HAWKINS

20-Nov-1737; Arabella BRAGGE

27-Nov-1737; Susanna JEFFREY

10-Dec-1737; Moses TRENCHER


17-Feb-1737/8; Mary STAPLE

02-Apr-1738; Elizabeth COMBE

23-Apr-1738; Sarah JAMES

07-May-1738; John BOWDITCH of the Parish of Chardstock

21-May-1738; Hanah MITCHEL

15-Jun-1738; Joana TRENCHARD wife of Oliver TRENCHARD

03-Sep-1738; Mary RAPSY widow

08-Oct-1738; Jane FERRET

22-Oct-1738; Anna FELPS

29-Oct-1738; Thomas SHEPHERD of Crewkern

05-Nov-1738; Elizabeth BRIANT


05-Jan-1738/9; Elizabeth HITCHCOCK widow

07-Jan-1738/9; Edith HUCKLEBRIDG

07-Jan-1738/9; Mary BARRET

07-Jan-1738/9; Robert COLMER

23-Jan-1738/9; John BRAGGE

23-Mar-1738/9; Mary SHEPHERD

23-Mar-1738/9; Margaret FREKE

30-Mar-1739; Mary COOK daughter of John COOK

20-Apr-1739; John FOLLET

23-Apr-1739; Robert RAPSEY

30-Apr-1739; Uriah COOK

03-May-1739; Mary SHEPHEARD wife of John SHEPHEARD

18-May-1739; Sarah BOON daughter of William BOON junior

20-May-1739; Susannah HARDY

27-May-1739; Mary SHEPHERD

03-Jun-1739; George SWAFFELL

03-Jun-1739; Jane FREAK widow

27-Jun-1739; Mary MASON

17-Jul-1739; Matthew FOLLET

22-Jul-1739; Christopher SIBLY

29-Jul-1739; Hannah COLLIER

31-Jul-1739; Joan HALLET wife of Walter HALLET

02-Sep-1739; John FOSSEY

02-Sep-1739; Elizabeth PHELPS

23-Sep-1739; Robert BRYANT

28-Oct-1739; Samuel HITCHCOCK

11-Nov-1739; Samuel BOWDITCH

11-Nov-1739; Joan OUSLEY

18-Nov-1739; Catherine SHEPHERD

18-Nov-1739; Elner PYE widow

30-Dec-1739; Betty COOK daughter of Job COOK


06-Jan-1739/40; Richard PERRIN

27-Jan-1739/40; Jane BARRIGE

31-Jan-1739/40; Betty HALLET daughter of William HALLET

03-Feb-1739/40; Elizabeth STANTON daughter of Henry STANTON

08-Feb-1739/40; Jane CHICK widow

16-Feb-1739/40; Ann COOK daughter of John COOK

28-Feb-1739/40; Thomasin HITCHCOCK

02-Mar-1739/40; Amy JAMES

03-Mar-1739/40; William WALTERS

09-Mar-1739/40; John MASON

10-Mar-1739/40; Anna Maria HARRIS daughter of Mr. HARRIS

16-Mar-1739/40; Ursula Bragg LUMBARD daughter of William LUMBARD

16-Mar-1739/40; Agnes PALMER

16-Mar-1739/40; Sarah INNET

18-Mar-1739/40; Emm BAKER widow

06-Apr-1740; Honour HALLET daughter of Simon HALLET

24-Apr-1740; Tobias PALMER

27-Apr-1740; George HAIN

27-Apr-1740; William BOWDITCH

27-Apr-1740; Mary STANTON daughter of Henry STANTON

01-May-1740; Martha BURD

02-May-1740; Sarah COMBE

11-May-1740; Dorothy PALMER

19-May-1740; Mary JESSE wife of Marmaduke JESSE

25-May-1740; Sarah PAUL

15-Jun-1740; Robert NORTH

22-Jun-1740; Jacob TRENCHARD

03-Jul-1740; Sarah BRAGG wife of Mr. John BRAGG

06-Jul-1740; Christian STANTON

27-Jul-1740; Richard HAIN

02-Aug-1740; Elizabeth SPRAKE

14-Sep-1740; Hannah MITCHEL

22-Oct-1740; Mary FOLLET

25-Oct-1740; Joel COOK

30-Nov-1740; Jane PROSSER of Crewkern

14-Dec-1740; Mary (?) HAWKINS


24-Jan-1740/1; John PYE son of William PYE

01-Feb-1740/1; William BURRIGE son of Thomas BURRIGE

01-Feb-1740/1; Thomas BOWDITCH of Chardstock

04-Feb-1740/1; Augustine SWAFFIELD

04-Feb-1740/1; Mary PERRUM

11-Feb-1740/1; Marmaduke JESS

25-Feb-1740/1; Mrs Joan WAKELY

28-Feb-1740/1; Sarah HART

13-Mar-1740/1; Sarah PALFRY widow

13-Mar-1740/1; Thomas WEBBER

17-Mar-1740/1; Ann PHELPS



Mrs Elizabeth Bragge of Sadborrow, in the year 1719, gave fifty shillings per Annum forever to be paid yearly by the occupier of Ashcombe Farm in the parish of Wayford to the Minister and Churchwardens of Thorncombe, to keep poor children to school.

In the year 1734 Thomas Cook Vicar of Thorncombe gave the great house, now known by the names of the School and workhouse, to the Parishioners of Thorncombe, the great Hall and two batteries on the right side of the entry, with the three chambers over them, for a schoolmaster to teach six poor children, together with the orchard and plot in the garden which poor children and master are to be nominated by the vicar for the time being all the rest of the house for the use and better maintenance of the poor, to be kept in good repair by the overseers of the parish.



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