Parish of Tarrant Rushton

MARRIAGES 1732 - 1841

These records have been transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts by Christine Crawford

1732 John BUNGEY  Eliz: BYLES  were married Jul-09

1732 Thomas DUNGEY  Joan SIBLY  were married Dec-21

1733 Thomas SIBLY of Rushton Mary FRY of Rushton were married Oct-13

1734 William ROGERS  Eliza: LAWRENCE were married Sep-31

1734 William BARTLETT Eliza: STRANGE were married Oct-01

1734 Will: PARKER  Eliza: RYALL  were married Nov-23

1736  NONE       

1738 Henry LACEY  Martha ADAMS  were married Oct-07

1738 William STURMY  Mary YOUNG  were married Mar-27

1738 Rev. Mr. R. LAWENCE Eliz. MORECRAFT were married Nov-13

1740 Thomas HANCOCK Sarah KIDGELL  were married Oct-01

1741 Robert ALWELL  Betty PARKER  were married Apr-13

1742 John DAVIDGE  Eliza. HILL  were married Sep-04

1742 James SYBLY  Mary BYLES  were married Oct-28

1742 Tho. MAIDMENT Eliz. MOORES  were married Nov-22

1743 Thomas STARK  Martha HOOPER  were married Nov-14

1745 John MAIDMENT of Buckthorne Weston Mary LACY Pool were married Sep-08

1745 John KIDGELT  Eliz. HANCOCK were married Nov-14

1746 William BRAMBLE of Wset Parrly Mary LAWRENCE Tarant Rushton were married Dec-02

1749  NONE       

1759  NONE       

1764 Richard ANSTY Bachelor Mary BARTLETT Spinster were married Feb-13

1765 John HAMES  Susanna WADDEN  were married Feb-14

1766 Edward CUTLER Parish of Handley Ann EVANS  were married Jun-16

1767 Robert TUBBS of Witchampton Ann HANCOCK were married Nov-03

1768 James BLANFORD Eliz; ROGERS  were married Feb-16

1769  NONE       

1770 Marshal STEDMAN Martha LAWRENCE were married Jan-01

1770 Jonathan GREEN  Eliz: LAWRENCE were married Jul-16

1771 Thomas LANGDOWN of Winterborne Kingston Elizabeth DREW  were married May-20

1771 William PARKER  Prudence HUNT  were married Dec-09

1772 Thomas SIBLEY  Jane LAWRENCE were married Jan-30

1772 John JAMES  Mary MAIDMENT were married Nov-05

1773 William MAIDMENT Honour HAYWARD were married Jul-29

1774 John BARTLETT Mary SIBLEY  were married Oct-16

1775 John GIFFORD  Elizabeth MAIDMENT were married Jul-06

1776 Thomas HOLLOWAY Eleanor SIBLEY  were married Jan-11

1777 William MACKRELL Catherine KIDGELL  were married Jan-08

1777 John JEFFERD  Mary LILLY  were married Jul-31

1777 James WOODMAN Ann LILLY  were married Oct-21

1778 Frampton ROGERS  Jane PEIRCE  were married Jan-05

1778 Bryer ASH  Sarah SEBLEY  were married Apr-20

1778 John HARRIS  Prudence PARKER  were married Aug-11

1778 William ROWDEN  Mary SEBLEY  were married Oct-18

1779 James HIBBERD Witchampton Melior HART  were married

1780 John SEBLEY  Lydia MITCHELL were married Oct-18

1780 Henry WHEELER Martha SEBLEY  were married Dec-26

1783 Thos.  Jnr. MITCHELL Hannah MOORE   were married Jul-07

1783 Luke WATERMAN Jane MAIDMENT were married Dec-30

1784 William SHINNER  Mary MITCHELL were married May-20

1785 Thomas MAIDMENT Elizth. WOODMAN were married Mar-07

1785 William MITCHELL Jane MITCHELL were married May-22

1785 James HAYWARD Jane MITCHELL were married Jul-12

1785 Charles VINCENT  Mary KEARLEY were married Aug-04

1786 Thomas MITCHELL Susanna DIOT  were married May-22

1787 William HUNT  Hannah OATES  were married Oct-17

1787 John PITMAN  Mary STRANGE were married Oct-25

1788 Thomas ALLEN  Jane FRAMPTON were married May-12

1790  NONE       

1791  NONE       

1792 Charles ADLAM  Jane LILLY  were married Oct-16

1793  NONE       

1795 Samuel BURDEN  Ann ROGERS  were married Oct-01

1796 John JAMES  Susannah PRINCE  were married Aug-01

1796 Luke JAMES  Hannah COFFIN  were married Sep-24

1797  NONE       

1799  NONE       

1800 James LEAF  Edith CUTLER  were married May-22

1800 Samuel CROWTER Mary SEBLEY  were married Aug-31

1800 George CULL  Elizabeth KERLY  were married Sep-07

1800 Stephen BURDEN  Elizabeth STRANGE were married Nov-12

1801 John COFFIN  Mary CUTLER  were married Apr-13

1801 George KAIL  Elizabeth GOVER  were married Oct-12

1801 Thomas WHEELER Betty DREW  were married Nov-05

1803 Matthew ROGERS  Hannah MAIDMENT were married Feb-14 Banns

1803 James TRIDGILE  Margaret STRANGE were married Feb-15 Banns

1803 Robert MOORE of Darweston Mary Ann SIBLEY  were married Feb-17 Licence

1803 John LAMBERT Christian   FOSLER  were married May-10 Banns

1804 James LUKIN  Susannah WADDON  were married Oct-10 Banns

1812 Thos.    WHITMARSH Keynston Maria CUTLER  were married Oct-24 Banns

1812 Thos. COURAGE Mary DANIELS Rawston were married Dec-26 

Date of Marriage Grooms Fore & SURNAME Abode Bride's Fore & SURNAME Notes   Witnesses
1814 Jul-26 Charles ANSTIE Keynston Jane OATMAN   Banns James HAYWARD Willm. MITCHEL
1814 Nov-08 Thomas ROGERS (X)   Rebecca MAIDMENT   Banns Jane HUNT Willm. MITCHEL
1816 Apr-08 Thomas GILBERT (X) Widower, Moor Critchel Mary BUDDEN (X)   Banns Luke FARLEY Willm. MITCHEL
1816   James MITCHEL (X)   Hannah DREW (X)   Banns Thomas MITCHEL Willm. MITCHEL
1817 NONE                 
1818 Jun-17 Thomas PARSONS (X) Widower,  Witchampton Ann HUNT sighed Hannah Banns Rebecca ROGERS George HAYWARD
1818 Dec-22 John WILLIAMS (X) Widower,  Witchampton Elizabeth FIANDER (X)   Banns George ADAMS Hannah JAMES
1819 Feb-02 William MITCHEL Widower Jane RABBITS Spinster Banns Sarah RABBITS Richard Lawrence ROGERS
1819 Jun-09 John SIBLY (X) Gussage, St.Michael Sarah VINCENT   Licence Richard Lawrence ROGERS Mary VINCENT
1819 Jul-19 Samuel GOMER (X)   Ann WATERMAN   Banns Thomas WHITE Willm. MITCHEL
1820 Feb-26 John PICKFORD (X) Wimborne Minster Martha KAIL (X)   Licence Silas KEARLEY Willm. MITCHEL
1821 NONE                 
1822 Aug-13 John EMERIT Sturminster Marshal Mary HAYWARD   Banns Hannah Priestley HARRIS John CO (X)
1823 May-07 Charles HANCOCK Tarrant Monckton Hannah Priestly HARRIS   Banns Jane KEARLEY Willm. MITCHEL
1824 Dec-16 Mark WATERMAN   Elizabeth WATERMAN   Banns John WATERMAN John KEARLEY
1825   John HICKS   Elizabeth JEANS       
1826 Mar-27 John Nunn MITCHEL Kinston Sarah BUSH (X)   Banns Mary MITCHELL John KEARLEY
1826 Mar-28 William GIBBS Blandford Forum Maria WHITE   Banns Samuel STICKLAND Edward WHITE
1826 Nov-28 John WATERMAN   Sarah MAIDMENT (X) Banns Ann WATERMAN Willm. MITCHEL
1827 Oct-14 James HISCOCK   Ellen LEAF (X)   Banns John LEAF Stephen MART
1828 Jan-26 Henry GILBERT Moor Critchel Ann ROGERS   Banns Willm. MITCHELL
1829 Jun-15 Edward WHITE Tarrant Keynston Louisa KIDDELL (X)   Banns William KIDDELL Elizabeth KIDDELL
1830 NONE                 
1832 May-09 James WHITE (X)   Jane KERLY   Banns Lydia BAVERSTOCK James BAVERSTOCK
1832   Charles ROGERS   Elizabeth SWEETMAN   Banns Robert ALEXANDER
1832 Sep-24 Lewis Aloysius SLADE Widower Jane MITCHELL Widow Banns William RABITTS Elizabeth LEGG
1832 Dec-11 Stephen HART   Elizabeth WHITMARSH   Banns James HART Mary Ann TRIPP
1833 Apr-22 Charles BRINE Blanford Town Amelia Martha CARR   Banns Elizabeth EDWARDS Richard   HARDING
1833 Aug-07 John WELSH ( (X))   Jane HUNT   Banns Hannah   HEW Robert ALEXANDER
1833 Aug-07 Elias MAIDMENT   Louisa KENT ( (X)) Witchampton Banns Richard   HARDING Robert ALEXANDER
1833 Aug-19 William McKENZIE   Eliza JAMES   Banns Richard HARDING Robert ALEXANDER
1834 Apr-05 George COOMBS Witchampton Mary MAIDMENT ( (X)) Banns Robert SANDERS Charles MAIDMENT (X)
1834 Aug-10 George NEWTON ( (X)) Ann WATERMAN   Banns Rebecca ROGERS John WATERMAN
1835 Jul-19 Thomas TROWBRIDGE Witchampton Mary SQUIRE   Banns Isaac COWARD (X) Robert ALE (X)ANDER
1836 Mar-07 Francis HORLOCK (X) Jane WATERMAN (X) Banns Ann NEWTON Robert ALEXANDER
1836 May-24 Charles ARNOLD Great Crawford (Chapelry Kinston) Eliza KIDDLE   Banns William KIDDLE Martha KIDDLE
1841 Jan-30 Elias ROGERS ( (X)) 32, Labourer Ann ANDREWS 24, Farm Labourer Robert ALEXANDER Maria SWEETMAN
1841 Oct-07 Stephen ROGERS (X) 28, Labourer Maria SWEETMAN 28, Servant Emma Shepherd FORD Robert ALEXANDER