Tarrant Keyneston



Michael Gilbert de Shaston, Clerk, presented to the Rectory of Tarent Kaynes, inst 14 October 1317
John Leve pbr. 5 December 1361
John Wymondeswolde pbr. 9 September 1382
Nicholas Haddam pbr. 3 May 1393
John Coket pbr. 26 May 1400
William Toftesbury, exchanged with
John Orum, de Rode, dioc Bath & Wells, 20 April 1414
Adam Bristowe, Rector of Studland, 11 June 1414
John Reve, chaplain, on the resignation of Bristowe, 11 august 1428
Robert Newton pbr. on the death of Reve, 27 May 1440
John Knytche, chaplain, on the dismission of Welverton, 2 June 1457
John Best, clerk, on the resignation of Knyght, 20 March 1493
John Briand, Abbot of Bindon, on the death of Best, 7 February 1510
John Meryk pbr on the death of Briand, 31 March 1528, ob 1564
John Clutterbuck, 1564
Thomas Gomene, 1569
William Millins, 1618
William Evelyn MA, 1636, May 28
John Bishop, 23 March 1693
Sam Basket MA afterwards Vicar of Shapwick & Rector of Owre
John Justamond MA, 1760 ot 1761 on the death of Basket
John Austen MA, February 13, 1806, died September 7, 1856
Henry Austen MA, on the death of his father, on his own presentation.


Memorial Inscriptions

Transcribed from Hutchins History of Dorset 1870 by Dorinda Miles

TARENT KAYNESTON (as it was spelt in 1861)

The Church is dedicated to All Saints, there are no monuments in the church, but in the churchyard are the following memorials:



to the memory of


who died february 10, 1828

aged 66 years



betty, wife of the above

who died march 5, 1844

aged 80 years


Sacred To The Memory Of John William Clapcott, Son Of John & Betty Clapcott, Of Whitchurch, & Fellow Commoner Of Wadham College, Oxford, Who Died July 4th, 1805, Aged 17 Years.


Sacred To The Memory Of The Rev John Austen MA Upwards Of 50 Years Rector Of This Parish, Who Died Sept 7, 1856, Aged 91 Years.


Also To The Memory Of Martha Cooth Austen, The Beloved wife Of The Above, Who Departed This Life December 13, 1847, Aged 76 Years.


Sacred Also To The Memory Of The Rev Charles Austen MA, RECTOR of Tollard Royal, Wilts, Son Of The Rev John & Martha Cooth Austen, Who Died May 31, 1860, Aged 66 years.


And others to:

Thomas Bastard Of Blandford Forum, Who Died July 11th, 1731, Aged 45; & William, his Son, Who Died Young.

John Bastard, Eldest son of Thomas Bastard Of St Mary-le-bone, Middlesex, Who Died August 14, 1778, Aged 56.

To The Memory Of john clapcott, gent. Who Died January 17, 1789, Aged 66.

Also In Memory Of Elizabeth, Wife Of John Clapcott, Who died January 4, 1800, Aged 76.


Dorset Poll Book for 1807

At the turn of the 19th Century the ownership of land was a prerequisite of an entitlement to vote.
The 1807 poll book records all those voting and the situation of their freehold.

Freeholder’s Name


Situation of Freehold 

Occupier’s Name

Page No

ANSTY George

Tarrant Keingston

Tarrant Keingston



AUSTEN John Rev’d

Tarrant Keingston

Tarrant Keingston

& others


HILEY William Esq

Tarrant Keingston


SMALL William


HOOPER    William

Tarrant Keingston

Monkton Up W.