Tarrant Keyneston

Burials 1737 to 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

29Jan1737/8Jane LAWSwife of William LAWS
14Apr1738Mary GOMERwife of Samuel GOMER
06Aug1738Mary COOKEwife of John COOKE
12Nov1738Thomas ANDREWSan infant
04Feb1738/9Anne POPEan infant
07Feb1738/9Catharine BULLan infant
18Feb1738/9Hannah POPEwife of Richard POPE
06Jun1739Mary MITCHELwife of Edward MITCHEL senior
28Oct1739Mary BULLwife of George BULL
06Jan1739/40Elizabeth HAYWARDwidow
07Feb1739/40Anne ANDREWSan infant
08Mar1739/40Francis BRYANclothier
15Mar1739/40Sarah ROSEtwin
15Mar1739/40Susannah ROSEtwin
18Jun1740Mary SEAMERwife of Richard SEAMER
19Aug1740Dinah BULLan infant
20Aug1740Joshua SEAMERan infant
18Dec1740Anne PALMERwidow
04Jan1740/1Mary MITCHELwife of Edward MITCHEL junior, died in ye small pox
15Jan1740/1Susannah COOKwife of William COOK
28Mar1741Anne BRYANa child, died in ye small pox
30Mar1741Mary BRYANwife of Francis BRYAN junior)
07Apr1741George JEWKESShepherd, died of ye small pox
17Jun1741Samuel ADAMSinfant
31Dec1741Robert ROSEShepherd
10Apr1742Elizabeth PONDa vagrant girl
29Sep1742Anne CHALKdaughter of John & Mary CHALK
03Oct1742John CHALKson of John & Mary CHALK
02Dec1742Christian FRYwife of George FRY
- -Feb1742/3Anne EATWELLan infant
21Jun1743Amie ROSEdaughter of Elizabeth ROSE
25Sep1743Nicholas BULLclerk of ye Parish
20Oct1743Elizabeth BULLwidow of ye said Nicholas BULL
23Oct1743Mary BULLdaughter of Thomas & Mary BULL
25Dec1743Anne HOMERwidow
07Mar1743/4Betty WILLIAMSan infant
18Mar1743/4Thomas LAMBERTlabourer
13Aug1744Betty MARSHwife of Myddleton MARSH
05Apr1745Mary GOMERwidow
13Sep1745Francis BRYANjunior, yeoman
13Oct1745Mary CIBLEYa child
27Nov1745Isaac WILLIAMSan infant
05Aug1746William LAWSyeoman
29Nov1746George ROSEdied in ye small pox
16Dec1746Samuel GOMERlabourer
22Dec1746John ADAMSson of John ADAMS, died in ye small pox
03Jan1746/7George BULLlabourer, died in ye small pox
15Jan1746/7Daniel BURDENdied of ye small pox
12Jun1747Elizabeth MITCHELan infant
06Aug1747Isaac WILLIAMSan infant
01Sep1747Edward MITCHELlabourer
24Oct1747Mary FALLinfant twin
24Oct1747Susannah FALLinfant twin
09Dec1747John BULLyeoman
11Apr1748Robert POPE 
04May1748John COOKEson of John COOKE
16May1748Thomas LAMBERTa youth
28Jul1748John STROUDof Under Ham near Yeovil [Somerset], a rigger in ye Dock at Portsmouth [Hampshire]
- -Mar1749Mary WILLIAMSan infant
11Jun1749Jane CIBLEYinfant
19Jul1749George FRYlabourer
20Aug1749George EATWELLan infant
15Jan1749/50Anne BEALwidow
29Apr1750Mary HAYWARDwife of Joseph HAYWARD
05May1750Susannah TIZZARDa child
15May1750James TIZZARDan infant
28Jun1750Henry DIBBENlabourer
14Aug1750George BULLyeoman
15Aug1750Thomas MITCHELlabourer
05Mar1750/1Martha BULLwidow
14Apr1751Elizabeth EATWELLwife of Robert EATWELL
21Jun1751Mary DIBBENspinster
05Jul1751Mary ROGERSwidow of Blandford
05Dec1751John BRYANa youth
13Mar1752John ADAMScarpenter
13Mar1752Betty EATWELLan infant
14Mar1752Ralph MEWyeoman
15Apr1752Robert OATESlabourer
08Jun1752Joseph HAYWARDlabourer
06Mar1753John COOKyeoman
22Jun1753Susannah CHALKwife of Thomas CHALK
13Sep1753Christian FRYspinster
- -- -1753John COOKan infant
08Mar1756Francis BRYANyeoman
08Dec1756John CHALKlabourer
04Jan1757[blank] FALLan infant
21Feb1757James CIBLEYof Preston Farm
25Dec1757John MITCHELlabourer
04Jan1758John COXpauper
22Jan1758Susan BRYANwidow
26Feb1758Thomas BULLlabourer of Shapwick
26Mar1758Anne HINDdaughter of John & Catharine HIND
30Mar1758Mary CHALKdaughter of Thomas & Mary CHALK
25Apr1758Elizabeth BURDENpauper
03May1758Mary BULLwidow
06Aug1758Elizabeth OATESspinster
07Aug1760Sarah ADAMSspinster
22Feb1761John Palmer HERVEYan infant
05Oct1761George EATWELLa child
05Oct1761Hannah EATWELLan infant
17Oct1761Martha DIBBENwidow
13Jun1762Betty PALMERwife of John PALMER
04Jul1762Elizabeth ROSEwidow
26May1763Elizabeth BROOKMANwidow
04Feb1765Jane WHETTONwife of John WHETTON
31May1765Robert GOVERson of Robert & Anne GOVER
07Aug1765Susanna CHAPPELdaughter of David & Jane CHAPPEL
19Sep1765Thomas STARKEhusbandman
11Feb1766Priscilla RUSSELwife of Samuel RUSSEL
01Apr1766Elizabeth GOVERdaughter of Samuel & Mary GOVER
30May1766Thomas HAMESlabourer
24Jan1767William BULLlabourer
02Apr1767Mary MEADERdaughter of William & Elizabeth MEADER
07Apr1767John MEADERson of William & Elizabeth MEADER
09Apr1767Christian OATESwidow
14Apr1767Mary MEADERdaughter of William & Elizabeth MEADER
26May1767Jane WHITEwidow
04Jun1767Elizabeth CHAPPELdaughter of David & Jane CHAPPEL
09Jul1767George PITMANson of John & Sarah PITMAN
12Jun1768John ESSEXson of George & Sarah ESSEX
06Sep1768Elizabeth EATWELLwife of Robert EATWELL
05Jan1769George BARTLETTa stranger
22Jan1769Anne EATWELLspinster
12Dec1769Richard SEAMER 
02May1770Thomas ARNOLDhusbandman
12Jun1770Mary ARNOLDdaughter of Thomas & Elizabeth ARNOLD
07Dec1770Thomas ARNOLDlabourer
22Nov1771Robert GREENlabourer
22Mar1772Mary STARKdaughter of Mary STARK
24Aug1772Mary SEAMERwidow
11Oct1772Sarah LAMBERTdaughter of James & Jane LAMBERT
31Jan1773Elizabeth MEWwidow
14Mar1773William HAMESlabourer
07Sep1773Joseph FALLson of Richard & Ann FALL
10Sep1773Jane COWARDdaughter of John & Elizabeth COWARD
30Jan1774Thomas KERLEYson of John & Elizabeth KERLEY
11May1774Edmund MITCHELa taylor
10Dec1775Ann MITCHELwidow
24Dec1775Elizabeth TRIMwidow
01Jan1776Mary TOOMARwife of Thomas TOOMAR
23Jan1776Thomas TOOMARson of Thomas TOOMAR
26Jan1776Edmund WILLIAMSyeoman
24Mar1776Thomas KEARLEYson of John & Elizabeth KEARLEY
13May1776James MITCHEL 
29Jun1776Sarah WESTwife of John WEST
28Sep1777William KEATESof Abby Milton
22Oct1777John CHAPPLEson of David & Jane CHAPPLE
20Dec1777John BARFOOTof Wimborne
08Jun1778William COOK 
20Aug1778Hester BARRATdaughter of John & Sarah BARRAT
26Aug1778Elizabeth BARRATdaughter of John & Sarah BARRAT
09Sep1778Mary BARRATdaughter of John & Sarah BARRAT
25Aug1778John BASTARDMr, from London
17Jan1779Susanna ANSTYdaughter of George & Susanna ANSTY
19May1779Deborah BULLfrom White Mill
30Nov1779Mary CHALK 
21Dec1779Mary SIBLEYfrom Preston Farm
18Jan1780Elizabeth HOMER 
20Feb1780Mary GOULDwife of Thomas GOULD
20Feb1780John TIZZARDJohn & Sarah TIZZARD
19Apr1780Elizabeth ADAMSwidow
09May1781Mary PRINCEdaughter of Josias & Elizabeth PRINCE
11May1781Sarah FALLwife of George FALL
16Dec1781Richard TIZZARD 
27Dec1781John BEAVENa sojourner
02Mar1782Esther GREENdaughter of Joseph & Hannah GREEN
20Mar1782Anne FALLwife of Richard FALL
22Mar1782John BAUCH 
10Jul1782Amy COOKE 
23Jul1782Catherine BULLwidow
28Oct1782Mary GREEN 
15Dec1782Joseph CLENCHson of George & Mary CLENCH
01Jan1783Samuel RUSSEL 
25Mar1783Mary BARTLET 
22Jul1783Joseph CROSS 
09Nov1783Stephen KERLEYson of Richard & Elizabeth KERLEY
26Oct1784John WEST 
17Jan1785Sarah LAWS 
03Apr1785John FRYER 
22Dec1785Mary MEW 
08Mar1786George ANSTEY 
20Mar1786Joseph GREEN 
16Jan1787Martha STORK 
28Jan1787Richard FALL 
17Feb1788Thomas TOOMER 
20Apr1788James ANSTEYson of George & Susanna ANSTEY
21Jul1788Edward MITCHEL 
23Jul1788Samuel GOVER 
05Sep1788John EBBSson of John & Mary EBBS
08Sep1788Mary LAMBERT 
29Sep1788Midleton MARSHa pauper
14Jan1789John CLAPCOTTMr
24May1789William LAMBERTson of William & Mary LAMBERT
24Oct1789Joseph RUSSELmiller
28Mar1790Elizabeth GOVER 
30Mar1790James ANSTEYson of George & Susanna ANSTEY
12Apr1790Silas AINSWORTHson of Stephen & Joanna AINSWORTH
09Oct1790Mary GOVER 
21Dec1790Martha VATCHER 
10May1791[not given] KAINESMrs, of Wimborne, widow
14Jul1791Martha KAIL 
03Nov1791Edith FRY 
20Dec1791William ESSEX 
04Dec1792James Frederick BENJAFIELDson of Mr Nathaniel & Elizabeth BENJAFIELD
31Mar1792Barbara MAYOMiss, from Wimborne
27Aug1792George FALL 
21Nov1792Martha MARSHwidow, poor
12Jun1793Sarah HINESwife of John HINES
17Nov1793Susanna WILLIAMS 
30Mar1794Mary FRYER 
10Apr1794William LAMBERT 
22Apr1794Martha COOKspinster
27Nov1794Frances SIBLEYdaughter of James & Elizabeth SIBLEY of Preston Farm
11Jan1796Philip HEWET 
02Feb1796Thomas DUNGY 
12Aug1796William ROBBINSsojourner
10Jan1797Charles LONGMANson of George & Ann LONGMAN
05Mar1797Betty CHAPEL 
06Mar1797Susanna MITCHELwidow
14Sep1797Betty CHAPELdaughter of William & Betty CHAPEL
26Oct1797Richard KERLEYtwin son of Silas & Elizabeth KERLEY
26Oct1797Jane KERLEYtwin daughter of Silas & Elizabeth KERLEY
11Nov1798Robert AILES 
02Dec1798Joan DUNGYwidow
21Jun1799Sarah COLLINSwife of Thomas COLLINS
17Aug1799Mary LOVELdaughter of William LOVEL from [Tarrant] Ruston
08Jan1800Elizabeth CLAPCOTTMrs, widow
04Mar1800Henry MAYOinfant son of the Revd James MAYO of Wimborne
28Sep1800Sarah DUKEspinster
19Apr1801Charles Rose LAMBERTson of Mary LAMBERT
07May1801Eleanor HOLLOWAY 
17Jul1801Samuel COOK 
02Aug1801Sarah MITCHELdaughter of John & Betty MITCHEL
28Nov1801Samuel MAYOMr, of Wimborne
04Jul1802William ORAMson of Andrew & Fanny ORAM
12Apr1803Bethia MOORS 
08May1803William SWYERson of William & Sarah SWYER
02Jun1803Ann HUETT 
21Jul1803Mary INKPEN 
28Dec1803James LAWRENCE 
24Jan1804Mary ANSTY 
24Jan1804Mary LEAF 
13Jun1804Edward SMITHreceived his death by a fall from a carriage on the down between Blandford & Keynston
11Oct1804Mary BARFOOTMrs, widow
26Oct1804Jane ANSTEYwidow
12Feb1805John BARTLETTfrom Duller Farm
03Mar1805Elizabeth KERLY 
03Mar1805Henry SANEYson of Edward & Elizabeth SANEY
08Jul1805John CLAPCOTjunior, Mr, from Whitechurch
24Jul1805John COWARD 
08Sep1805Ann BUTT 
30Mar1806Prudence PIKEdaughter of Peter & Susannah PIKE
19May1806Elizabeth HOOPERwife of William HOOPER
08Dec1806Anna KERLY 
04Jan1807Ann ARNOLD 
10Feb1807Betty ARNOLDwidow
09Sep1807James VATCHER 
24May1809William MEADER 
24Jul1809Elizabeth COWARD 
01Aug1810George ESSEX 
05Nov1810Charles SQUIRE 
30Nov1810Mary BURDONwife of Daniel BURDON
20Mar1811Rebecca COURAGEwife of Thomas COURAGE
11Oct1811William Lovel SWEATMANson of John & Mary SWEATMAN from [Tarrant] Rushton
24May1812Betty MEADER 

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