Sutton Waldron

Burials 1678 to 1753

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Brian Longman
[additional information added by Jon Baker]


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

*The Burial in Woollen Acts 1666-80 were Acts of the Parliament of England which required the dead, except plague victims and the destitute, to be buried in pure English woollen shrouds to the exclusion of any foreign textiles. It was a requirement that an affidavit be sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace (usually by a relative of the deceased), confirming burial in wool, with the punishment of a 5 fee for noncompliance. Burial entries in parish registers were marked with the word "affidavit" or its equivalent to confirm that affidavit had been sworn; it would be marked "naked" for those too poor to afford the woollen shroud. The legislation was in force until 1814, but was generally ignored after 1770. The 1666 Act was repealed by the Statute Law Revision Act 1863.

 Date ForenameSurnameAffidavit*Notes
14Aug1678John Dennet  
15Dec1678Ellen CombesYes 
13Feb1678/9Mary AndrewesYesDaughter of Robert & Mary
?????1678/9Margaret SmithYes 
9Mar1678/9William DibbenYesSon of William and Joan his wife
25Apr1679William TuffinYes 
26Oct1679Frances BrowneYes 
26Dec1679Joan BowdenYes 
12Jan1679/80Henry BarretYes 
4Jun1680Elenor Tuffen  
24Jun1680Alice Mihel  
2Aug1680Robert Poulden  
25Oct1680Mr Arthur Barret Rector of Sutton Waldron
24Jan1680/1Christopher Andrews  
6Feb1680/1Margaret Bread  
12May1681Thomas Bowden  
14Jun1681Mathew Andrews Son of Richard & Jane his wife
6Aug1681Robert Brown  
5Sep1681Christopher King  
3Oct1681Joseph Kiver  
13Mar1681/2Ellen Tuffin  
21Mar1681/2Thomas Combes  
23Mar1681/2Robert Mighell  
5Dec1682John Brown  
21Feb1683/4William Dibben27 Feb 1683/4 
23May1684John Dibben23 May 1684 
4Jun1684William Brown11 Jul 1684 
13Aug1684Vertue Poulden19 Aug 1684 
19Sep1684John Mighell29 Sep 1684 
23Dec1684George Forest27 Dec 1684 
5Mar1684/5Walter Mohan7 Mar 1684/5 
29Sep1685Avice Harris3 Oct 1685Wife of Robert Harris
6Nov1685Joseph Elam13 Nov 1685 
18Jan1685/6Mary Bowden23 Jan 1685/6 
25Apr1686Thomas Brown25 Apr 1686 
12Sep1686Richard Andrews19 Sep 1686Son of Robert & Mary
12Mar1686/7Edward Mihill21 Mar 1687Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowle
25May1687Eliz Brickle30 May 1687Affidavit before Mr Willm Morris
29Dec1688Thomas Randall4 Jan 1688/9Affidavit before Mr H Bowle of Ffuntmill Mag
13Aug1689Joan Dibbin17 Aug 1689Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowle of Ffuntmill Mag
16Jun1690Richard Barret20 Jun 1690Son of Hen Barrett & Judith his wife. Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
20Aug1690Willm Dibbin24 Aug 1690 
12Nov1690Mary Brown17 Nov 1690Affidavit before Mr William Crabb of Child Okeford
3Jun1691Tristram Still8 Jun 1691Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
2Feb1691/2Richard Brown6 Feb 1691/2 
23Jun1692John Daggle30 Jun 1692Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
18Jan1692/3William Stout24 Jan 1692/3Affidavit before Mr Richard Stephens Curate of Hinton St Mary
15Oct1693Mary Squibb22 Oct 1693Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
8Nov1693Mary Andrews8 Nov 1693Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
28Nov1693John Morriss30 Nov 1693Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
29Dec1693Robert Brown30 Dec 1693Affidavit before Mr H Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
1Jan1693/4Susana Brown7 Jan 1693/4Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
11Jan1693/4George Burtram13 Jan 1693/4 
11Jan1693/4George Barrett14 Feb 1693/4Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
27Feb1693/4Dorothy Stickley2 Mar 1693/4Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
24Jun1694Jane Dibbin30 Jun 1694Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
16Dec1694Robert Dibbin18 Dec 1694Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
28Apr1695Robert Hilgrow7 May 1695Affidavit before Mr Walter Byrt of Iwern
16May1695Mrs Mary Napier18 May 1695Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
4Jun1695Mary Bowden4 Jun 1865 
16Jun1695Joan Brown19 Jun 1695Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
28Oct1695John Harriss31 Oct 1695Son of Robt Harris. Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
21Dec1695Robert Dibbin26 Dec 1695Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
26Dec1695George Still29 Dec 1695Son of William Still.
10Mar1696Christopher Barret18 Mar 1696 
18Apr1697John King  
12Jan1697/8Alice Mighill16 Jan 1697/8Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
6Mar1697/8William Dibben7 Mar 1697/8Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Ffuntmill Mag
26Oct1698Edward Harriss31 Oct 1698Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Fontmell Mag
23Feb1698/9Robert King2 Mar 1698/9Junior. Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Great Fontmill
11Mar1699/1700Sara Holgrove17 Mar 1699/1700Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Fontmell Mag
16Apr1700Edward Harriss20 Apr 1700Affidavit before Mr Hen Bowles of Fontmell Mag
21Jul1700William Meach28 Jul 1700Affidavit before Mr Bowles of Gt Ffontmell
15Dec1700Thomas Dibben23 Dec 1700Affidavit before Mr Bowles of Gt Ffontmell
23Mar1700/1Elizabeth Dibben  
5Apr1701Richard Andrews10 Apr 1701 
11Apr1701Rebeccah Dibben12 Apr 1701 
13Apr1701Thomas Tuffen14 Apr 1701 
4May1701Margaret Tuffen12 May 1701 
18May1701Thomas Skeard18 May 1701 
25May1701Mary Harriss27 May 1701 
3Aug1701Sara Mighill9 Aug 1701 
7Dec1701Mary Barrett8 Dec 1701 
20Feb1701/2Robert Andrews21 Feb 1701/2 
20Mar1701/2Nicholas Barrett23 Mar 1701/2 
9Apr1702Elizabeth Dibben23 Mar 1701/2[These dates do not make sense, affidavit before burial]
13Sep1702Robert Brown  
28Feb1702/3Elizabeth Forrest7 Mar 1702/3 
21Mar1702/3Mary Mighill21 Mar 1702/3 
25Aug1703John Daggle28 Aug 1703 
27Mar1704Robert Andrews27 Mar 1704 
5May1704Anne Poulsen7 May 1704 
23May1704Mary Clark3 Jun 1704 
13Jun1704Anne Brown  
7Jul1704Eliz South  
9Jan1704/5Margery Dibben16 Jan 1704/5 
11Feb1704/5John Dibben15 Feb 1704/5 
16May1705Anne Mitchell21 May 1705 
12Jun1705Christopher Andrews18 Jun 1705 
26Jun1705Thomas Daggle1 Jul 1705 
15Jul1706Robert King22 Jul 1706Affidavit by Joan Dibben
10Aug1706Thomas Tuffen12 Aug 1706Affidavit by Alice Dibben
14Nov1706Richard Mighill14 Nov 1706Oath by Margaret Tuffen
26Feb1705/6Avice Ware27 Feb 1705/6of Hanley. Oath by Joan Dibben
10Aug1707Robert Clark12 Aug 1707Oath by Joan Dibben
10Sep1707Judeth Poulden18 Sep 1707Oath by Alice Dibben
7Dec1707George Clark18 Dec 1707Oath by Joan Dibben
5Apr1708Thomas Skeard7 Apr 1708Oath by Anne Brown
14May1708Matilda Stout20 May 1708 
3Oct1708John Bridle10 Oct 1708 
19Nov1708John Skeard24 Nov 1708 
30Oct1709Joan Harriss3 Nov 1709Oath by Alice Dibben
16Nov1709Mary King19 Nov 1709 
17Feb1709/10Jane Dibben18 Feb 1709/10[Out of sequence?]
21Dec1709Ellen Dibben24 Dec 1709 
25Jun1710Nicholas Daggle30 Jun 1710 
6Aug1710Judeth Barret10 Aug 1710 
3Dec1710Hanah Mighill4 Dec 1710 
9Feb1710/11Sussana Jeffery15 Feb 1710/11 
13Apr1711Rose King17 Apr 1711 
9May1711Jane Clark13 May 1711 
25Oct1711John Poulden31 Oct 1711 
5Nov1711Willm Dibben7 Nov 1711 
28Feb1711/12Thomas Andrews9 Mar 1711/12 
18Mar1711/12Robert Andrews19 Mar 1711/12 
10Apr1712Amie Hiscock12 Apr 1712 
20Apr1712John Batt23 Apr 1712alias Brown
23Apr1712Thomas Hyscock26 Apr 1712son of Amie
18May1712Elizabeth Brown20 May 1712 
6Sep1712John Harriss11 Sep 1712 
   Henry Barrett17 Jan 1712/13 
2Feb1712/13Abigall Mighill7 Feb 1712/13 
23Apr1713Mrs Grace Napier23 Apr 1713 
6May1713Joan Dibben6 May 1713 
22Mar1713/14Mrs Mary Mohun22 Mar 1713/14 
11Aug1715James Lock11 Aug 1715of Lyninton
30Nov1715Richard Skeard30 Nov 1715 
13May1716Henry Barret17 May 1716 
15Jun1716Robert Harriss16 Jun 1716 
3Jul1716Edward Mighill7 Jul 1716 
5Aug1716Judeth Mighill7 Aug 1716 
10Jun1717Thomas BrookmanJun 1717 
5Aug1717Willm Clark7 Aug 1717 
27Feb1717/18Margaret Hilgrow3 Mar 1717/18 
23Mar1717/18Thomas Bridle28 Mar 1717/18 
28Dec1718Anne Brookman4 Jan 1718/19 
2Feb1719/20Thomas Scard2 Feb 1719/20Junior
6Mar1719/20John Mighill6 Mar 1719/20 
21May1720Eliz Harriss  
1Nov1720William Dibben  
31Mar1722Thomas Hiscock3 Apr 1722 
17Jul1722Revd Nathaniel Napier17 Jul 1722Rector
16Oct1722Susana Polden20 Oct 1722 
25Nov1722John Michael2 Dec 1722 
5Jan1722/3Mr Peter King12 Jan 1722/3 
29Jan1722/3Mary Scarde4 Feb 1722/3Widow
3Jul1723John Harris10 Jul 1723of Shaston H Trinity
7Nov1723Elizabeth Bridle13 Nov 1723 
20Feb1723/4Mary Brown26 Feb 1723/4 
20Sep1724Ruth Tuffen29 Sep 1724Twin of Sarah. Dau of James Tuffen
20Sep1724Sarah Tuffen29 Sep 1724Twin of Ruth. Dau of James Tuffen
16Dec1724Mr Robert Poulden23 Dec 1724 
29Jul1726Thomas Dibben5 Aug 1726 
24Jun1727Frances Tuffin30 Jun 1727Widow of Shroton
31Dec1727Margaret Tuffin4 Jan 1727/8Widow
3Mar1727/8Willm Still30 Mar 1727/8Junior
23Mar1727/8Alice Dibben29 Mar 1728Widow
11Jun1729Christian Mial16 Jun 1729Widow
4Jul1729Thomas Davis of Shillingston
12Aug1729Ann Lodge19 Aug 1729of Shaston H Trinity
24Aug1729Mary Bridle1 Sep 1729of East Orchard
21Dec1729Margaret Mial24 Dec 1729Wife of John Mial
3Jan1729/30Mary Mial7 Jan 1729/30 
26Aug1731William Dibben30 Aug 1731 
23Apr1732Ann Brown27 Apr 1732Wife of John Brown
23Apr1732Amie Hiscock27 Apr 1732of Fontmell Magna
19Aug1732Ann Waterman23 Aug 1732Wife of James Waterman
26Oct1732William Brown2 Nov 1732 
30Oct1732Mr William Colmer2 Nov 1732 
24Nov1732Margaret Mial10 Dec 1732Widow
7Jan1732/3Robert Barrett14 Jan 1732/3 
8Apr1733Edwd Mial16 Apr 1733Son of Edward Mial & ?? His wife of West Stower
23Sep1733Mary Andrews29 Sep 1733 
4Nov1733Susanna Martin21 Nov 1733Dau of Wm & Ann
7Jan1733/4Elizabeth Skinner13 Jan 1733/4 
3Feb1733/4Mary Dibben10 Feb 1733/4Wife of Joseph
21Mar1733/4Joan Mial21 Mar 1733/4Wife of Richard ??? Mial
11May1734Anna Martin Wife of Willm.
11Aug1734Jane Still9 Aug 1734Wife of William
16Oct1734Mary Brown23 Oct 1734Wife of William
26Oct1734Sarah Applin3 Nov 1734Wife of Rich.
29Dec1734Sarah Tuffin2 Jan 1734/5 
18May1735Anna Martin18 May 1735Wife of Willm Martin
16May1735William Brown18 May 1735 
17Jun1736John Broadway20 Jun 1736Son of John & Maria
27Dec1736Peter Mial28 Dec 1736of Stower Provost
16Oct1737Hugh Bridle23 Oct 1737 
26May1738John King2 Jun 1738 
21Jul1738John Polden23 Jul 1738 
29Oct1738Constance Hargrove4 Nov 1738 
22Dec1738Ann Daggle27 Dec 1738 
21Mar1738/9Hannah Dibben24 Mar 1738/9 
11Sep1739Mary Dibben13 Sep 1739 
23Dec1739William Seymor26 Dec 1739 
24Dec1739Harry Rogers27 Dec 1739 
23Mar1739/40Rebecca Brown  
15Apr1740Jane Dibben  
12Oct1740Eadith Burt  
14Oct1740John Broadway  
11Dec1740Ann Dibben Widow
8Mar1740/41Martha Waterman  
19Jun1741Elizabeth Abbot21 Jun 1741 
26Oct1741Harry Dibben  
19Feb1741/2John Drayton19 Feb 1741/2 
7Mar1741/2Thomas Daggle12 Mar 1741/2 
16Apr1742David Mial20 Apr 1742 
   George Seymor12 May 1742 
13Jun1742Martha Dibben18 Jun 1742 
27Jan1742/3Mary Brown  
12Apr1743John Brown  
17Apr1743Sarah Stape22 May 1743 
17Apr1743Mary Dibben  
19Sep1743Joseph Hilgrove  
12Feb1743/4Elizabeth Mial of Stower Provost
1Jan1744/5Thomas Duffet25 Jan 1744/5 
10Mar1744/45Ann Poulden18 Mar 1744/5 
3Jan1745/6Elizabeth Mial4 ??? 1745 
   Thomas Vining24 Mar 1746 
19Jul1747Ann Dibben Widow
23Feb1747/48Richard Polden29 Feb 1747/48 
3Jul1748Elizabeth Brown10 Jul 1748Wife of Walter Brown
9Nov1748Ann Mial17 Nov 1748Wife of Robt Mial
23Feb1748/9Sally Polden2 Mar 1748/9 
  1749    No bodies buried
15Apr1750Betty Polden23 Apr 1750 
22Apr1750Richard Polden23 Apr 1750 
22Apr1750William Still3 Apr 1750 
23Jun1750Judith Polden28 Jun 1750 
10Sep1750Elizabeth Seamour18 Sep 1750Wife of Robt Seamour
19Sep1750William Beamont27 Sep 1750 
5Oct1750Mary Brown  
15Nov1750Edward Mial19 Nov 1750 
3Feb1750/1Samuel Mial8 Feb 1750/1 
20Jun1751Thomas Vining Son of John & Jane
13Dec1751George Burt18 Dec 1751 
20Jan1751/2Peter Polden27 Jan 1751/2 
22Nov1752John Mial28 Nov 1752 
5Dec1752Robert Mial12 Dec 1752 
10Jan1752/3Asher Polden16 Jan 1752/3 
2Oct1753James Durnford7 Oct 1753 
21Nov1753James Tuffin27 Nov 1753 

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