Stoke Abbot

Register of Residence and Occupation Electors 1921

Transcribed by Eddie Hann

Dorset History Centre Reference - QDE(R): 3/34/4

HO Qualification through husband’s occupation
NM Naval or Military voter
O Occupation qualification
R Residence qualification
(+) County Council elections only
(a) Absent voter

No Franchise Name Residence or property occupied/
Parliament Local Govt. abode of non-resident occupier
865R-ACKERMAN Ernest Cottage
866ROACKERMAN Frank Blacksmith’s shop
867OOACKERMAN Mary Ann Cottage
868RRANDREWS Thomas David The Union
869ROBALSON William Henry Chartnole House
870R-BARTLETT George Cottage
871ROBARTLETT Henry Cottage
872HOHOBARTLETT Charlotte Cottage
873R-BARTLETT Levi Cottage
874OOBARTLETT Matilda Cottage
875R-BARTLETT William Cottage
876ROBOWDITCH John Manor Farm
877HOHOBOWDITCH Jane Manor Farm
878ROBOWDITCH John The Beeches
879HOHOBOWDITCH Kathleen The Beeches
880ROBOWDITCH Samson Manor Farm
881-OBOWDITCH Robert Barrett Land (Abode - North Bowood, Netherbury)
882OOBUCKLAND Ellen (Miss) Cottage
883ROBUGLER Harry Guy Venn Farm
884HOHOBUGLER Ellen Agnes Venn Farm
885ROBURROWS William Henry Laverstock Dairy
886HOHOBURROWS Amy Gertrude Laverstock Dairy
887ROBUSSELL Ben Blackney Farm
888HOHOBUSSELL Lucy Blackney Farm
889ROCADDY Thomas Villa
890HOHOCADDY Fanny Villa
891OOCADDY Isabella Cottage
892OOCADDY Abigail Jane (Miss) Cottage
893ROCANTERBURY John George Cottage
895ROCANTERBURY John Cottage
896ROCANTERBURY Sydney Cottage
897ROCANTERBURY George Benjamin Cottage
898HOHOCANTERBURY Ada Rebecca Cottage
899ROCHURCHILL Ernest Edward Stoke Knapp
900HOHOCHURCHILL May Louisa Stoke Knapp
901R-CHURCHILL James Cottage
902NM-CLARKE Alfred Samuel (a) New Inn
903OOCLARKE Beatrice Lucy New Inn
904ROCOX Alfred George The Union
905ROCURTIS Charles Jesse Pattimore Cottage
906HOHOCURTIS Helen Cottage
907RODANIELS John Brimley Cottage
908HOHODANIELS Henrietta Bessie Brimley Cottage
909OODAVEY Elizabeth Cottage
910OODENSLOW Edith The Mill
911OODORMAN Julia (Miss) Lower Farm
912OODUNHAM Mary Ann Cottage
913R-DUNHAM William Cottage
914RODUNSBY Abner Cottage
915HOHODUNSBY Jane Cottage
916OOELLIOTT Fanny Cottage
917ROGALPIN Charles Critchell The Stores
918OOGALPIN Mary Ann (Miss) The Stores
919ROGARRETT Eli Horse Hill Farm
920HOHOGARRETT Mary Horse Hill Farm
921OOGATES Lucy (Miss) The Laurels
922ROGILLINGHAM Frederick James The Dairy
923HOHOGILLINGHAM Mary Jane The Dairy
924R-GILLINGHAM John Henry Coombe Farm
925ROGODDARD Edward Joseph Stoke Knapp
926HOHOGODDARD Annie Maria Stoke Knapp
927R-GREEN Francis Bowden Bucks Head
928ROGREEN Sydney Bucks Head
929HOHOGREEN Ellen Bucks Head
930ROGUPPY Robert Cottage
931HOHOGUPPY Emma Cottage
932ROGUY Herbert Tom Yardley
933HOHOGUY Ada Louisa May Yardley
934ROHALLETT Charles Cottage
935HOHOHALLETT Mary Ann Cottage
936ROHALLETT Ernest William Cottage
937R-HALLETT Edgar Charles Cottage
938R-HALLETT Frederick George Cottage
939R-HALLETT Herbert Charles Cottage
940R-HALLETT Reginald Albert Cottage
941OOHANSFORD Elizabeth Ann Cottage
942R-HANSFORD John Blackney
943ROHANSFORD Joseph Edwin Blackney
944=OHARRIS Richard Land (Abode - Monkwood, Marshwood)
945ROHAWKES Lionel Hugo The Bungalow
946ROHAWKINS Archibald Stephen Blackney
947ROHAWKINS Stephen Cottage
948HOHOHAWKINS Emily Cottage
949ROHAWKINS George Park The Bakery
950HOHOHAWKINS Susan The Bakery
951OOHINCHLIFFE Ellen (Miss) The Mount
952OOIVORY Ellen Cottage
953ROLANCASHIRE George Blackney
954HOHOLANCASHIRE Frances Blackney
955OOLANCASHIRE Blanche Mary (Miss) Blackney
956ROLANCASHIRE Jack Cottage
957OOLATHAM Beatrice Rhoda (Miss) The Union
958ROLATHEY William John Barrowfield Dairy
959ROLENTHALL John Henry Laverstock Farm
960HOHOLENTHALL Alice Hannah Laverstock Farm
961ROLENTHALL Eli John Henry Laverstock Farm
962ROLOARING William George Cottage
963HOHOLOARING Mary Ann Cottage
964OOLUMBY Emma The Mount
965R-MEECH Alfred Thomas Cottage
966R-MEECH Charles William Frank Cottage
967ROMEECH Frank Cottage
968HOHOMEECH Mary Ann Cottage
969ROMEECH Tom Stoke Abbott
970OOMORGAN Annie Cottage
971RONORRIS William Henry Cottage
972OONORTHOVER Kate Cottage
973OONOTTON Elizabeth (Miss) Cottage
974-OORCHARD James Land (Abode - Monkwood, Marshwood)
975ROOLIVER John Cottage
976-OPILE John Francis (+) Abode - Misson Farm, South Wraxall, Wilts
977RORENDELL Charles Cottage
978HOHORENDELL Annie Agnes Cottage
979R-RENDALL [Rendell] Henry The Croft
980RORENDELL Reginald Stoke Abbott
981RORENDELL Samuel The Croft
982HOHORENDELL Flora The Croft
983RORENDELL Samuel Anchor Inn
984HOHORENDELL Florence Louisa Anchor Inn
985RORODGERS George Hamilton House
986HOHORODGERS Mary Jane House
987OORODGERS Sarah Cottage
988ROROWE Edwin Laverstock Dairy
989ROROWE George Walter Swellett’s Farm
990HOHOROWE Jane Swellett’s Farm
991R-ROWE Walter William Swellett’s Farm
992ROROWLAND James Walter The Mount
993HOHOROWLAND Winifred Ada The Mount
994OOSANSOM Sarah Cottage
995OOSANSOM Mary (Miss) Cottage
996ROSLADE Albert Edward Horse Hill Farm
997HOHoSLADE Fanny Horse Hill Farm
998ROSLADE Henry Cottage
999NM-SMITH Alexander John (a) Lower Farm
1000OOSMITH Elizabeth Lower Farm
1001ROSMITH Edward Collard Higher Farm
1002ROSPARROW Hugh Cuthbert Beridge Chartnole House
1003HO HOSPARROW Evelyn Lucy Margaret Chartnole House
1004ROSPENCE Hamilton Robert Hill View
1005HO HOSPENCE Constance Alina Hill View
1006ROSPILLER George Higher Dairy
1007HO HOSPILLER Annie Forsey Higher Dairy
1008ROSPILLER George Glitney Dairy
1009HO HOSPILLER Kate Caroline Glitney Dairy
1010R-STAPLES James Anchor Inn
1011ROSTONE Arhur John Coombe Farm
1012HO HOSTONE Mary Ann Coombe Farm
1013ROSWAFFIELD Tom Cottage
1014HO HOSWAFFIELD Ellen Cottage
1015ROSWAFFIELD Frederick James Cottage
1016HO HOSWAFFIELD Alice Maud Vicary Cottage
1017ROSWAFFIELD John New Inn
1018HO HOSWAFFIELD Mary Jane New Inn
1019OOTHORNE Ethel Vivienne (Miss) The Mount
1020ROTOLLEY John Stoke Knapp
1021ROTOLLEY Baldwin Pedard Brimley Cottage
1022HO HOTOLLEY Mary Brimley Cottage
1023ROTOOGOOD Edgar John Wall Farm
1024HO HOTOOGOOD Eva May Wall Farm
1025ROVINCENT Daniel James Brimley Dairy
1026HO HOVINCENT Amy Brimley Dairy
1027ROVIRGIN Heny Tom Brimley Mill
1028ROWAY John William Cottage
1029HO HOWAY Emily Jane Cottage
1030ROWAKELEY [Wakely] Frederick George Fern Cottage
1031HO HOWAKELEY [Wakely] Ellen Fern Cottage
1032R-WAKELEY [Wakely] Frederick William Fern Cottage
1033ROWAKELEY [Wakely] Harry Cottage
1034HO HOWAKELEY [Wakely] Margaret Cottage
1035-OWAKELY John Matthew Coombs (+) Land (Abode - Beaminster)
1036-OWARREN Charles Larcombe (+) Land (Abode - Horn Park, Broadwindsor)
1037OOWATERHOUSE Clara (Miss) The Mount
1038ROWEAVER John Lewesdon Cottage
1039HO HOWEAVER Eliza Lewesdon Cottage
1040NM -WEAVER Walter (a) Lewesdon Cottage
1041OOWELCH Elizabeth Cottage
1042R-WELCH Herbert John Cottage
1043ROWOLMINGTON [Woolmington] George Post Office
1044HO HOWOLMINGTON [Woolmington] Jane Post Office
1045ROWOLMINGTON [Woolmington] Frederick George Post Office
1046HO HOWOLMINGTON [Woolmington] Ethel Mary The Mount
1047ROWYATT Robert John Brimley Farm
1048HO HOWYATT Dorothy Mary Brimley Farm


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