Notes from Sherborne Almshouse Minutes Book including masters of the Almshouse 15 – by Joseph FOWLER
Dorset History Centre D/FOW/A32
Notebooks of Joseph FOWLER

Transcribed by Caryl Parsons


Notebook starts “Anno 1590, primo die Decembris”, order as given in the notebook.


1st Dec 1590
Anthony LYNE refusing the benefit of this house, being one of the poore men of the Town, was by the assent of the Brethren dismissed the same, and order taken by the whole company that from henceforward whosoever should do the ?leek should never be received again.

Jan 1595
Mr Baron EWENS advise delivered to Mr U/VREDALL and John WYNNYFF was that Richard COUTH coulde not fell trees under his lease.

6th Sep 1602
That a letter be written to Mr Parson ?BLOBOLL of his carelesse consideracion of his distressed mother, that if good order be not taken presently, to complain unto ordinary.

12th Jun 1596
John MEERE is directed to procure from Sir Walter RALEGH a confirmation of the feast and copyholds of the fayers, markets, standings and shamells as he hath promised.

19th May 1579
It is ordered that Katheryn SYMONDS for her misdemeanment doen to the master and brethren of this house, that she shalbe exempted from the meales in the hostale for Sundaie, Mondaye and Tuesdaie next and to take onely one meale of such as shall be (shalbe) delivered by the Pryor in the Chapel. And if she shall offend in like manner, to be like state punished for sixe daies. And upon the third offense to be expelled upon lawful profe made.

That John WYNNYFF or Thomas SWETNAM, or one of them shall go to London on Mondaye next to sue for the commission of a dedimus potestatem to take the answere of the Mr and brethren of this house to the Bylle of Sir Walter RALEYGH exhibited in Chancerye againste them.

15th Mar 1602
Mr Richd: WRIGHT and Mr DOLBERY….. And also to followe by like proceedings the suites begun in Chancery by Sr Walter RALEGH and Mr MEER against us concernying Mr Wm: KNOYLES deceased Lands. So far forth as Sr Walter be made acquainted with out good and lawful purpose therein.

William MICHELL and John LEGOSE towe of the pore men of this house, being ….. reproved for their misdemeanors, and especially in working at their occupacions, the said John LEGOSE promised to reforme hym; but the said MICHELL rather chose to departe the house then to forbeare his said working at another house where he hyred a rome amongst people of uncleanes.

John ?HIXE, on of the pore men of this house, for that he entered into a house infested with the sickness of the plague, and toke thereout certen goods from the same house, which he offered to bring with him into this house and for other misdemeanours formerly by him committed, was sequestred from this house, with allowance of dyett and fyerwood…. And is now absolutely expelled to take with him all his wearing apparel and such his bedding as he brought into the house, and his old gowne of the livery of this house to be cutt up into other use by him and not otherwise to be worne.

….John Lord DIGBY and Baron of Sherborne, and Lady Beatrix his wife and Georgis filis eorum…by the fine vij? In Reversion of the Lady Elizabeth RALEGH.


Masters of the Almshouse

Inside cover inscribed –
 C.H. MAYO, M.A., D. Litt
Long Burton, Sherborne
Note Book No. 2

1588 John COWPER
1589 Henry STEVENS
1590 Jasper FRIDLOCK
1591 Ambrose BANWELL
1592 George UDALE
1593 Edward ?KNOZELL
1594 Robert ASHEBURNE
1595 John GARDNER
1596 John WYNNEFF
1597 James COMPTON
1598 John THORNE
1599 George UDALE
1600 Henry STEVENS
1601 John THORNE
1602 John WINCHELL
1603 Walter ALBYN
1604 John WYNNYFF
1605 Richard COWTHE
1606 John FOSTER
1608 Walter RYDOUTE, chosen 4th July 1608
1609 John CUPPER
1610 Robert WHETCOMBE
1611 Robert WHETCOMBE, continued
1612 Laurence SWETNAM
1613 Joseph FORREST
1614 Richard FOSTER
1615 George MORGAN
1616 Walter ALBYN
1617 William FISHER
1618 blank
1619 John CHETMILL
1620 John FOSTER
1621 Richard COOTH
1622 John JEANES
1623 blank
1624 Jonathan PENNEY
1625 Robert HODDYNOTTE
1626 blank
1627 Arthur HOOPER
1628 Robert SAUNDERS, elected 17 July 1628
1629 blank
1630 blank
1631 John CHETMILL, the elder
1632 Jonas COOTH
1633 Richard SPEEDE
1634 William SAMPSON
1635 John MASTIN
1636 Richard VOAKES
1637 John CHETMILL jun
1638 Richard COOTH
1640 Nicholas ROMAYNE
1641 Robert SAUNDERS
1642 James WALLIS
1643 Robert WHETCOMBE
1644 William EYRES
1646 Henry DURNEFORD
1647 Thomas SANSOM (or SAMPSON)
1648 Richard SPEEDE, who appears to have died in office
1648 William SAMSON
1649 Jonas COOTH
1650 William HEARNE
1651 John MARTEN (or MORTEN)
1652 Walter LAMBERT
1653 John CHETMILL
1654 John EASTMOND
1655 Richard VOAKES, the elder
1656 Dr Nathaniel HIGHMORE
1657 Hugh HODGES
1658 John HORNE
1660 Richard OLDIS
1661 William SANSON
1662 William THORNETON
1663 James WALLIS
1664 John WILLIAMS
1665 Thomas SAMPSON
1666 John COOTH
1667 (?) Dr Nathaniel HIGHMORE
1668 George CUNNINGTON
1669 John WHETCOMBE junr
1670 Valentine SMITH
1671 John WHETCOMBE senr

1672 Robert AVOKE
1673 William THORNTON
1674 John FISHER junr
1675 Wm. MARTIN
1676 John HORNE
1677 John EASTMENT
1678 William SANSOM
1679 Roger WHITE
1680 Dr Nathaniel HIGHMORE
1681 William FISHER
1682 George CONNINGTON
1683 Robert WYER
1684 John SAUNDERS
1685 John OKE
1687 Harry DURNFORD
1688 Robert AVOKE
1689 Raynold POND
1690 John FISHER
1691 Alexander WILLAMS
1692 John EASTMONT
1693 John LUCKIS
1694 William FISHER
1695 Baruch FOX
1696 Robert WYER
1698 John OAKE senr
1699 Samuel NAPPER
1700 Robert AVOAKE
1701 John PLOWMAN
1702 John FISHER
1703 Abraham FORRESTER
1704 Raynold POND
1705 Thomas MANSELL
1706 Cary BOUCHER
1707 John OKE junr
1708 John EASTMONT Esq
1709 William SAMSON
1710 John LUCKIS
1711 Thomas CRANE
1712 Baruch FOX
1713 Samuel LAMBERT
1714 Samuel NAPPER
1716 Thomas MANSELL
1717 James LACY
1718 Abraham FORRESTER
1719 Robert AVOAKE
1720 William SAMSON
1721 John WICKHAM
1722 Samuel LAMBERT
1723 Joseph STAVELEY
1724 Dr Abraham FORRESTER
1725 Carew Henry MILDMAY Esq
1726 Elias HOSEY
1727 Thomas MANSELL
1728 Baruch FOX
1729 John GLOVER
1730 Henry OKE
1731 John COOKE
1732 Samuel NAPPER
1733 Rev James LACY
1734 Thomas POOLE
1735 John WICKHAM senr
1736 John PARSONS
1737 Elias HOSEY
1738 William SAMPSON
1739 William FOOTE
1740 John WICKHAM junr
1741 John GLOVER
1742 William TOOGOOD
1743 Henry OKE
1744 George PARSONS
1745 John COOKE
1746 Thomas LAMBERT
1747 Richard WICKHAM, died in office. Place taken by his brother.
1748 John WICKHAM
1749 John TOOGOOD
1750 Rev Mr Digby SHUTTLEWORTH
1751 Isaac TOOGOOD
1752 Elias HOSEY
1753 John KING
1754 Thomas RODBER
1755 Rev Peter SMITH
1756 John GLOVER

“The foregoing list is Masters taken of a folio paper book of Minutes. The next Minute Book,
Oct 1756 to July 1813, does not record the election or succession of Masters.”

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