1881 CENSUS RG11/2117

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Terry Smith

Enumerator: George Allen Cook

235CastletonMOODY ThomasHeadU58MNight Watchman West Tytherleigh, Hants2951[West Tytherley]
236CastletonDOWDING GeorgeHeadM42MDomestic Serv Valet Dorchester2951 
 CastletonDOWDING Annie M.WifeM33FWife of Domestic Serv Valet Croydon, Surrey2951 
 CastletonDOWDING Annie M.Daur 9FScholar Castleton, Dorset2951 
 CastletonDOWDING FannyDaur 8FScholar Castleton, Dorset2951 
 CastletonDOWDING LouisaDaur 6FScholar Castleton, Dorset2951 
237CastletonSISMAN WilliamHeadM35MCoachman Sherring, Essex2951 
 CastletonSISMAN ElizabethWifeM40FWife of Coachman Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN William H.Son 10M ScholarSherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN Charles SSon 8MScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN ElizabethDaur 6FScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN GeorgeSon 5MScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN ArthurSon 4MScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN Gertrude M.Daur 3F  Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonSISMAN Ada  1F  Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonPALMER ElizabethAuntU73F  Cadbury, Somerset2951 
238CastletonWAKEHAM Edward J. M35MTailor Foreman Denbury, Devon2951 
 CastletonWAKEHAM Sarah A. M30FTailor Foremans Wife Torquay, Devon2951 
 CastletonWAKEHAM Harriet  9FScholar Torquay, Devon2951 
 CastletonWAKEHAM Alice  5FScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonWAKEHAM Ethel  3FScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
239CastletonEDMUNDS JohnHeadM31MAuctioneers Clerk Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonEDMUNDS SusanWifeM31FWife of Auctioneers Clerk Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonEDMUNDS Edwin LSon 5MScholar Sherborne, Dorset2951 
 CastletonEDMUNDS Mabel ADaur 2F  Sherborne, Dorset2951 
240CastletonLIDYARD FrancisHeadM36MButler South Hackney, Middlesex2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD EllenWifeM34FWife of Butler Henfield, Sussex2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Catherine ADaur 12F  Brighton, Sussex2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Ellen FDaur 10F  Sherborne, Dorset2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Frank T.Son 9M  Sherborne, Dorset2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Annie L.Daur 7F  Sherborne, Dorset2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Herbert H.Son 4M  Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonLIDYARD Gertrude PDaur 2F  Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonTUPPEN Frances A.Mother in Law 58 F Brighton, Sussex2952  
 CastletonWINSOR LouisaServW19FDomestic Servant Queen Camel, Somerset2952 
241CastletonGOODDEN Edward W.HeadM34MCurate Over Compton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonGOODDEN Georgina M.WifeM32FCurate Wife Bradfield, Berkshire2952 
 CastletonHEADON Sarah A.CookU25FCook Domestic Serv Newbury, Berkshire2952 
 CastletonRICHARDS Mary J.ServU23FLadies Maid Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Wales2952 
 CastletonGAYLORD Mary AServU22FParlour Maid Long Sutton, Somerset2952 
 CastletonROBINS Leopold G.G.VisitorM34M Barrister In PracticeItaly (British Subject) 2952 
 CastletonROBINS Sydney E.VisitorM27M  Ireland2952 
242CastletonIRONSIDE JohnHeadM71MGeneral Labourer Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonIRONSIDE JaneWifeM70F  Sherborne, Dorset2952 
243CastletonQUINTON HenryHeadM46MGardener Yeovil, Somerset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON Mary A.WifeM41FGardeners Wife Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON Robert W.SonM19MGeneral Labourer Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON HenrySon 14MFarm Labourer Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON FrankSon 6mM  Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON Fredk B.Son 9M  Castleton, Dorset2952 
 CastletonQUINTON Emma J.DaurU15FSilk Winder Castleton, Dorset3053 
 CastletonQUINTON Louisa E.Daur 11F ScholarCastleton, Dorset3053 
 CastletonQUINTON Annie EDaur 3F  Castleton, Dorset3053 
244CastletonCOOPER James C.HeadM31MHeadmaster Fosters School Chichester, Sussex3053 
 CastletonCOOPER Julia H.WifeM42MWife of Headmaster Islington, Middlesex3053 
 CastletonCOOPER Sabina B.EDaurU3F  Sherborne, Dorset3053 
 CastletonFRENCH Henry M.AssistantU19MSecond Master School Marton, Yorkshire3053 
 CastletonSMITH Morrice A.W.Assistant 18M Third MasterCamberwell, Surrey3053  
 CastletonLAVER ThomasBoarder 13MScholar London, Middlesex3053 
 CastletonMARRINER William WBoarder 12M ScholarSilsdon, York3053 
 CastletonATKINSON John C.Boarder 13M Scholar???? (British Subject)3053  
 CastletonKNOWLES Alfred BBoarder 13M ScholarKingsland, Norfolk3053 
 CastletonPOMEROY WallaceBoarder 13MScholar Queen Camel, Somerset3053 
 CastletonTHOMAS HenryBoarder 14MScholar Babbicombe, Devon3053[Babbacombe]
 CastletonGARE JohnBoarder 14MScholar Queen Camel, Somerset3053 
 CastletonGARE George HBoarder 11M ScholarButleigh, Somerset3053 
 CastletonBENNETT Anne AServU43FCook Domestic Serv Puddinwye, Somerset3053 
 CastletonDAVIS Emily J.ServU20FNurse Domestic Serv Piddletrenthide, Dorset3053 
245CastletonBENNETT Frank EHeadM35MTeacher of Languages Salisbury, Wiltshire3053 
 CastletonBENNETT Marion EWifeM34FTeachers Wife Salisbury, Wiltshire3053 
 CastletonBENNETT Humphrey J.Son 2M  Castleton, Dorset3053 
 CastletonDAWE LucyServU24FCook Domestic Serv Tavistock, Devon3053 
 CastletonGILLINGHAM KateServU20FNurse Domestic Serv Esher, Surrey3053 
 CastletonCARPENTER AgnesServU15FHousemaid Domestic Serv Horningsham, Wiltshire3053 
246CastletonKNATCHBULL WadhamHeadM49MLibrary Service Private Secretary MA Fritwell, Oxford3054 
 CastletonKNATCHBULL Maria H.WifeM42FWife Cropthorne, Worcester3054 
 CastletonRUTLEY PriscillaServW47FCook Haytesbury, Wiltshire3054 
 CastletonEYRES EmmaServU15FHousemaid Thornford, Dorset3054 
247CastletonPARSONS JamesHeadM74MFarm Labourer Sherborne, Dorset3054 
 CastletonHEATH AnnLodgerW49FHousekeeper Sherborne, Dorset3054 
 CastletonHEATH JohnLodgerU17MGlove Cutter Sherborne, Dorset3054 

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